Boomer comic thread

Boomer comic thread

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>>117418738Why would she want to do that when her body is perfect?

>>117418738>>117418900Muh boi, flat with booty is perfect

>>117418701is that dr bigfire?

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>>117418900Because a boomer wrote it

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>>117419042Is it considered cheating if you fuck an animal?

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>>117419375He was looking at her eyes.

>>117418659How many of these do I need to understand to be a boomer?

>>117418659I know it's been a while butt I'm embarrassed at how horny this art style is getting me.

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I love vintage smut.

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>>117419559If a dude is into fat chicks, the world is his oyster.

>>117418659I hate my wife

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I guess being horny is something everyone from any time period can subscribe to.

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>>117419619>manlets>they finally learned

>>117419778Golly what a woman!

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>>117420060Did she piss herself?


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>>117418989I do not understand

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>>117419707Savage. I can't even decide if he's a bro for letting the groom know or a piece of shit for nuking the marriage.

The whole chubby chaser thing is beyond my understanding.

>>117420193That succubus fucked fire out of that poor man.


>>117420359It's a caveman thing.

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>>117420276Reminds me of the Triplettes of Belleville.

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been looking for a panel that has a father and son walking and they see coming from an opposite direction a woman and her daughter. the father imagines the daughter nude, while the son imagines the woman nude.

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>>117420676Shit I know which one you're thinking of. Shame I never saved it.

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>>117419375Is this the artist that does Blondie?

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Is this all some next level fat shaming?

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>>117418659>"a-are those t-t-t-t-t-TITS!!">"aaWOOOOOOGA!!!"That's the essence of all of these

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>>117420918Don Decarlo it looks like.

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>>117421203A good chunk are "This is a huge bitch" >>117420918Dan Decarlo, Did some Archie and Blondie comics.

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>>117421203Well being honest it's also the essence of at least 90% of men throughout history (not counting fags)

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>>117420797cool. i'm glad i wasn't crazy. i remember it from a thread like this, but lost it in the great crash of 2017. been looking for it ever since.

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>>117420338No bro, definitely. Past fucks are past, you gotta tell your bro when the ho is at it again after marriage.

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>>117421392It should be in the archives somewhere, I saw it not that long ago. Search for shit like "based father" and other such shitposts and you might run into it. By I can at least confirm you're not crazy, the comic is real.

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>>117420941>>117420960these are not boomer made.

>>117421586I get what you're saying, but this is beyond her just having a couple of ex-bfs, from what he's saying she was (and possibly still is) a massive slut so the warning might be valid.

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>>117421696I don't know about the other guy but Dave Sim is a literal Baby Boomer.

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>>117421203Nah, most of them are look at this little guy and the ham planet.

>>117420338You have to be a pretty shitty friend to not tell your friend that you fucked his girlfriend. Shitty on her if she didn't tell him she fucked his friends.

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>>117421742oh well, I meant, boomer comics for boomers, not by one.

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>>1174197781. Make a million dollars2. Pay Gisele Lagace to draw an entire comic book about her

>>117420338you're a pretty shit bro if you waited until the marriage to tell your bro that everybody at the table has fucked your wife

not sure if this is a stealth fatty thread, but since I'm here why must all fat girls be short as fuck? Maybe I'm just too tall for fat chicks but who gets off to a little greaseball when they could have an Amazonian-style beast woman?

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>>117421711Yeah but who cares, past is the past. Are you the same person when you were in high school?

>>117421203The eternal milkhound

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>>117422155 "I got a big fat wife and nine kids at home, and I gotta feed 'em!" - Stan Hansen

>>117420102sweat>>117420142based brapchad>>117420555Hey its Christina Hendricks

>>117421085Just people jelly of breeding hips>>117421421

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>>117422052I get what you're saying but I like both, short fatties have their perks as well.

>>117420941How are manga more "illiterate" than mainstream American comics? What does the importance of the train-commuter market on manga have to do with anything/.

>>117421278A proto-Buxley. Nice.

>>117421085>fat shaming >when most of these are just well drawn fatty porn


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I approve of this thread.

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Fucking a fat girl is like riding a segway. It can be really fun but you don't want anyone to know you ride one.

Thought the art in this '40s typewriter ad was cute.

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>>117422349perhaps as a fuck buddy but more or less they just have terrible personalities. These old comics are probably fatty propa but I'm sure chicks only got fat when getting with a man.

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Cute bespectacled housewife in a cheese ad

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>>117422055>Yeah but who cares, past is the past.You can't undo all those years of dicksucking dude.

>>>117422575If you're a coward, maybe.

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I bought a cartoon humor book from 1950 on ebay. If it's good maybe I'll make the effort to scan it and post it.