JSA Storytime: Astro City

Good evening owls and robofuckers,We missed this one so let's read a bit before I go back to trails

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>>117417755Hello, Storyteller. Yo, Nintendo can fuck off with that artificial scarcity shit they're pulling with the anniversary stuff. That said, 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy, fuck yes. No Galaxy 2 though, which is fucking weird. Also, Ted Cruz really needs to stop talking. Wow.

Hi thread! Do we know the lady in this issue?CBR had an article about Busiek saying new GNs were coming but I have no idea how old the sourced tweets were

>>117417882I'm sorry this just made me think of that line from that one comics nerd video, "do you think the Human Torch flames on during sex?"

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>>117417755Hey OP. Never forget, it's legal to vote twice, so long as you aren't voting Democrat

>>117417755YES thanks as always OP

>>117417910oh it's the not FF little girl, not reading in real time made me not realize she was older


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>>117417912This world is a nightmare. I was just telling my partner I'd vote Lex Luthor into office in 2020.>>117417831Y'know I didn't care much for the Fursts but I'm optimistic that having Astra be older could make them more interesting.


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>>117417885The Zodiac Killer should have never started talking.


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>>117417831Did Astra inherit her Grandmother's ability to grow BIGG? Asking for a friend who definately doesnt have a giantess fetish.

>>117417912>"MUH MAIL FRAUD!!!!!" "By the way make sue to vote twice!"Can't make this shit up. >>117417988>This world is a nightmare. I was just telling my partner I'd vote Lex Luthor into office in 2020.Y'know, at least with Luthor, we'd have all manner of wacky supertech.


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>>117417885The steel book Metroid Prime trilogy will always be one of my prize possessions


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>>117418149this is the shittiest date ever

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>>117418161It certainly is for him.


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So Astra is the Valeria expy, yes? Possibly a bit of Franklin? >>117418027>pregnancy isn't a life threatening conditionAgain, cannot make this shit up.


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>>117418220Pretty sure she predates Valeria


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>>117418161Holy shit, let a girl get some dick already! >>117418260Then it's a pretty funny coincidence.


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>>117418430>>117418446Huh. Yeah, this seems like a questionable idea for a date.

>>117418446so odds on this ending well versus cynically

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>>117418473Poor guy will be traumatized.

>>117418473BRB dog wants walkies

>>117418473Bittersweet. Seems to be how these things usually go. Say, what are we reading after Astro City?

>>117417755I know it's kinda the point but this cover is too busy.

>>117417911Astra's Black Friend was, I assume, a mature student. She looks about 49 in the first panel.

>>117417882It's weird when this series references real celebrities. Very Mark Waid.

>>117417911That sounds like it would use up New York's entire supply of Vagisil.

>>117418708That's one of the problems with more realistic artstyles, everyone tends to randomly look older than they should be.

>>117418072Further, at least Luthor is a competent evil capitalist.

I still want my book about the Luthor presidency focusing on Waller and EIling doing shit in the cabinet

>>117418473My money is on him being freaked.


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>>117418314>>117418324Imagine every time you had to interact with your girlfriend's parents, you had to stare down a 6+ foot dinosaur with no lips


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A Dr. Psycho presidency would be more poignant desu


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>>117418186How do you know he doesn't have a humiliation fetish?


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>>117418820Who'd be his running mate?

>>117418194Tearaway's power is rapid disrobing, isn't it?

>>117418859a slightly damp sponge


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>>117418864I dunno, isn't Pence already taken?

>>117418881no, this sponge is just damp with water, not semen


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>>117418847These comics have some really unattractive art. >t. Artbitch user.

>>117418907f o r e s h a d o w i n g

you dumb libcucks bring politics into these threads and then get upset when a real american calls you out for being triggered babies who are gonna get trump reelected because you cant stop fighting yourselves over who is more pure. meanwhile we just want to trigger you so we win no matter what

>>117418958You seem triggered.


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>>117418983im not the one bitching whenever a republican does something


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>>117418958Touched a nerve?

>>117418324>>117418816Who wanted to know what you were doing with that dog.

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>>117418999Hey man, Democrats aren't the ones who spent the last Eight years screaming about Voter Fraud, then turned right around and encouraged their constituents to "Vote Twice."

>>117419019LOL oh no, no crossing the streams

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>>117419036and republicans are the ones who use fake news and quotes taken out of context to make the other side look bad



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>>117419065I believe the phrase at the time was "Alternative Facts."

>>117418859Max Lord

so the guy's secretly selling her location to the tabloids, right? Thats how this is going to go.

>>117418907>>117418928Yeah, that's a bit of a give away. >>117418958>we don't care if the world is literally dying, we just want to trigger youWhatever helps you sleep at night.

>>117419120You really think Max would settle for VP?


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>>117418928Yeah. I’m out. That’s weak sauce.

>>117419134>>we don't care if the world is literally dying, we just want to trigger you>Whatever helps you sleep at night.the world is only dying because we are being dragged down out of our place


>>117419142he's a behind-the-scenes type of guy, I doubt he'd even want to be VP


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>>117419172w e w

>>117419166Yeah. He'd want to be the boss of some Alphabet Agency or a Cabinet member. Or a lobbyist.


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>>117419197Thats basically what he was for the JLI. Unappointed Lobbist slash PR Man.

>>117419237Aaaaand here we go

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So how's everyone today? Holding up in the face of the, well, everything?


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>>117419276fuck you, Matt

>>117419276what a total fuckup

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>>117419307nice work, retard

just wanted to pop in to say the pastel horses/gay robots crossover is still fun, dragon and grimlock got to bond and beat devastator


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>>117418958Thanks for reminding me of some thing.Why the fuck are Pepes still a fucking thing? Remember when memes would die off and get replaced?

>>117419293>>117419307Nah I'm with Matt on this one. Its like with The Doctor's companions, once you had that experience are you just supposed to go back to regular life knowing you'll never get to do anything like that again? Fuck that.


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>>117419361because we lost the ability to meme by going so abstract we wheeled around to recycling pepe and wojak for infinity

>>117419404christ, what an asshole

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>>117419433Man, that was pretty cynicalWe'll be back thursday! thanks for reading!back to trails

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>>117419007Ah, her old boyfriend, Korean Goat Namor.

>>117419446Life at best is bittersweet.-Ninja Turtles

>>117419172My man Matt has his priorities set.

>>117419361I think people hating frogposting is part of the reason it's still around. It's easy (You)s.

>>117419539I see less pushback against frogs than against Wojaks these days

>>117419588because pepe has some originality in the reply with wojak you just need to greentext and use a wojak with a dumb face

i go eat and miss the whole second issue :(y'all ever get into the crusader kings? 3 hype is getting me back into trying to learn 2

>>117419446Thanks for posting as always, Storyteller. I like Astra, she's cool. Matt can go fuck himself.

>>117419256I've been sinking hours into Trails in the Sky. Great distraction. I love Estelle>>117419361I remember when reddit was the boogeyman here purely because they used copypaste meme faces instead of original content

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>>117419638>I remember when reddit was the boogeyman here purely because they used copypaste meme faces instead of original contentwell after moot left reddit came her to Holla Forums and everywhere else from /r/ the donald

>>117419189Astra SPACE FUCKS.

>>117419256Not well enough. Lonely and depressed, and it ain't even the Pandemics fault.

>>117419620I'm a big fan, sank hundreds of hours into 2 in college when I was supposed to be working on the classes I was putting myself into lifelong debt for.What's especially fun is that even after all those hours, I still never had any idea what I was doing.

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>>117419620I picked up ck3 but haven't tried it out yet.I had a lot of fun making a custom trait to throw on characters that was overpowered and then let the game run in observer mode for a hundred years to see what happened.

Hey any super powered ladies who are all "I just wanna date a normal dude" I am ready and willing and totally ok just being nobody in a world of gods and monsters and super apes.

Revolting how Astro City isn't easily collected in TPBs.


>>117419446But she gets to hang out with chill demons.


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>>117419446Thanks for running, OP.

>>117419834Just this week, busiek was promising more stuff. I'm guessing away from DC/Black Label

Fuck the new Mulan movie. >Mulan now has magic chi powersNo, seriously, fuck all the way off with that. >>117419638>I love EstelleFrom what I can gather, Estelle is one of those protagonists who is arguably the best thing about the work she's in. Which is always a good thing. ... Mulan was the best part of the original Disney movie, as an aside. Yes, I mad as hell.

>>117420046She's my fav, but the whole party is great so far.Great world building too

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>>117420104Tits too small


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>>117420046>Mulan was the best part of the original Disney movie, as an asidethats not mushu

There are game-rules in CK2 to turn the entire world mostly straight, mostly bi, mostly gay/lesbian, or mostly asexual.Time to change that and run an observation game (which you can do without console commands) to see what the world looks like in 250 years

>>117420417*CK3, my bad

>>117420417it's crazy in depth looking

>>117421345nothing really changes in the 100 years I ran as a sim.Opposite sex characters who are married together do still have a small, small chance of producing kids, so the world kept going.

>>117420417>mostly gay/lesbian, or mostly asexual.For a game about dynastic politics, that seems like a good way to make it very hard to continue bloodlines.

>>117421383people still fuck, but at a lower chance

>>117421383Life, uh, finds a way

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>>117420417>game is out for two days>already has "beginners tutorials!" videos that are three hours longhahahaha