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Any opinions on goofy-headed Mariner?

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>>117416464Is this how the writing normally is?

>>117416488Well written? Absolutely. and episode 5 was the best.

>>117416488No, usually the black chick talks a lot faster and acts more manic.

>>117416464This is like rick and morty did a parody of Star Trek.

>>117416527Bitch sounds like she's on speed. Who is this shit FOR

>>117416450I like puffy hair Mariner.

>>117416516>Well written>Star trek has a dozen shapeshifting species and it just makes one that makes no sense up on the spot.Why would a shapeshifting monster just transform and attack simply because the name of it's species is mentioned, It's fucking HORRIBLE writing.

>>117416516Its like a tryhard version of final space. And final space was not exactly good.

>>117416464h-holy shitI was NOT expecting it to end like that

>>117416565Possibly because he panicked what made him accidentaly drop his disguise.

>>117416642That's dumb user.

>>117416557I'm pretty sure Mariner is literally written for the entertainment of the chick who voices her.

>>117416668He got to suck face, so win for him!

>>117416464So the events they're referencing happened in 2369, the Uniform change happened in DS9 in 2373. Maybe a bit earlier in other parts of the Federation, so let's say that scene plays around 2370-71 where the news about Data could still be considered "new". That's around ~10 years prior to when LD plays in 2380. How fucking old is Mariner supposed to be? Especially considering that Boilmer has been only one year out of the academy and from what I can find they're both supposed to be the same age.

>>117416752i literally don't know, it feels like they keep changing their minds on how old she is.

>>117416450any chance of a mega?

>>117416752She always talks about all this on-the-job experience she has and how she's been demoted four times. She's probably in her 30's, not the same age as enthusiastic rookie Boimler at all.

>>117416752>>117416938They like to namedrop events from TNG, but if I were to hazard a guess I'd say that scene is post Dominion war, around 2376, and she's fairly fresh out of the Academy it'd only be 4 years before her stint on the Cerritos. And if she's around 20 at the time that'd make her 25 by Lower Decks. Though namedropping an event that happened 6 years earlier is a bit weird, maybe the stuff stays classified for a while before it becomes widespread knowledge for protection purposes.

>>117416464Is this shown on CBS, that's nuts a show like this is on that channel

>>117417021It's only on their streaming service.

>>117416752I didn't get the sense that the rumor was new just that it was another crazy story that was making the rounds.

>>117416977That would make sense, but Boimler straight up says she’s the same age as him.

>>117417091That doesn't even make sense with their backstories. He's fresh out of the academy and clearly isn't the kind of person who would sit on his ass for years after high school before deciding that he wants to be some career-minded go-getter and get the captain's chair.

There is nothing Kurtztrek can do anymore. I don't feel outrage. I don't feel sadness. I don't even get the cheapest thrill of nostalgia or references. I feel absent, both emotionally and mentally disjointedStar Trek is nothing now. It doesn't inspire people to be better. It doesn't have anything meaningful to say. But its corpse is propped up by CBS All Access and hoisted around for all to see

>>117416464But why? Does realizing he is a shape-shifter cause him to change? it's not like the jig was up.

>>117417091Boimler could just be mistaken

>>117417172Comedic timing.

>>117416752The flashback takes place in 2379, one year before the events of Lower Decks. Mariner was also clearly raised on a starship considering both of her parents are Starfleet officers.

>Boimler gets cucked by a space parasite>Mariner gets to laugh at him and suffers no consequences for her insane murderous behavior

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>>117417298She wants him for herself.

>>117417308If she were a "potential mate" the pheromones would've effected her

>>117417372If she already likes him then the pheromones wouldn’t make a difference. I think this was intentional.

>>117417298Just another day in LD, where Biomler is the whipping boy for reasons.

The flashback was a nice touch, we actually see why Mariner's being annoying instead of being told she's right with no evidence.

>>117417404No, if she were compatible with his pheromones she'd have been uncontrollably attracted to him. She reacted to him naked with revulsion.

>>117417140Boimler isn't fresh out of the academy though. Plus even if they're the same age doesn't mean they attended or graduated the Academy at the same time: Wesley applied for entrance at age 16 and Nog received a full promotion to ensign after 2 years due to his field experience. Given her background, Mariner is probably a Wesley.

>>117417621Nothing about compatibility is mentioned in this episode. The pheromones didn’t make Barb uncontrollably attracted either.

>>117416464Vore? In my Star Trek?

>>117417794Yes, they didIt's why she thought he was "sexy as hell" despite the retarded outfitYou're not very observant

when is mariner just going to get it over with and rape bradward

>>117416450This show is fucking horrid, stop making threads about it. Good fucking god I wish we could separate cartoons and comics into their own boards.

>>117417794>Nothing about compatibility is mentioned in this episode.The pheromones only impact potential mates

>>117417964Episode confirmed she finds his dick repulsive so neverBoimler is an incel like early Barclay

>>117417970>Stop talking about a cartoon because I don't like the structure of this board! RRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

>>117417235>The flashback takes place in 2379Where was that mentioned? In the episode itself she just talks about it without giving a specific date.


>>117416464Smile and Optimism, yadayada.

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>>117417140He's been serving on the Cerritos as his first assignment for a year when LD starts. Tendi is the one fresh out of the academy.

>>117417849As someone almost completely ignorant of the franchise I'd be more shocked if it WASN'T commonplace

>>117416752It's possible Boimler just assumes they're the same age because they're the same rank. Boimler isn't the kind of guy to check his assumptions.

>>117418179A year is still fresh in comparison to someone who's been promoted and demoted FOUR times.

>>117418159It was a white lieShe's with the slug now

>>117418377So it was a cucking episode after all.

>>117418390It absolutely was

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>Holla Forumsfags thought she'd get blacked>she actually got slugged

>>117416450I wish this was her normal hair. Then she would be perfect.

>>117416450Her left arm is clipping through her chest. Might be passable as an awkward pose, if not for the combadge. That's clearly supposed to be on her chest, not floating in limbo.

>>117417794>literally inhaled his scent before declaring how.much she missed him>calling his atrociously awful outfit "sexy as hell">was ready to commit actual murder to protect himOh yes, completely within her right mind, that girl

>>117418824youve never smelled a sexy bug before

>>117416582Why would anyone listen to you if you expose your shit taste in the same sentence?

>>117417298That’s not what cucking is, Data.

Just finished the episode and it feels like a mix of my worst and best expectations from the trailer.>Mariner was wronggood>Boimler wasn't cuckedgood>Mariner still contributed to Boimler losing the girl, and they humiliate him further by making it clear the attraction was never legitvery very bad, also doesn't hold up to the slightest bit of scrutiny plot-wiseNext episode trailer doesn't look much better. Just reminds me of the Jack Black episode of Community done unironically. Guess 3 and 4 being so good was an outlier, but I'll still give the rest of the season a shot.

>>117418824I don't understand the parasite. It's been on Boimler for like a month, and he sleeps in a open air hallway surrounded by all the other ensigns, and the only person they seem to affect doesn't even live on the ship. It seems like this episode should have been more like that episode of Buffy with Xander having a love spell backfire and every single woman in Sunnydale tries to fuck him.

>>117419913The parasite seems like it might be sapient, so maybe it just attracts one mate and could recognize his host is in a long distance relationship.

>>117420054how was it functioning if she wasn't AROUND him for long periods of time

>>117420072It permanently altered her brain chemistry, that’s why she cucked Boimler for the bug as soon as it was out of his head.

>>117416450I love black women, I fetishize them

>>117420072Presumably the pheromones made Brad irresistible when they were together and the relationship coasted on the memory until they were together again and she got the big sex for boim-boim.

>>117416464Lore and the Borg happened while Starfleet was still using the TNG uniforms on ships. They're in the First Contact/late DS9 uniforms here. The Voyager/early DS9 uniforms were used on ships between that.How exactly is Lore and the Borg supposed to news?

>>117420410Mariner's remembering the wrong uniform?That's the best I got.

Gimme more screencaps of Tendi being adorable.

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Barbara is either going to fuck that bug or use it for evil purposes.

>>117420410Lore's information was only recently declassified.

>>117420504I'm pretty sure all of Starfleet would be quickly informed of any shenanigans with THE BORG. If the uniforms are correct, the Borg have tried to directly attack Earth three times already.

>>117419064>>Boimler wasn't cucked>goodHe got cucked by a slug.

>>117418770>Disliking fluffy hairScrub

>>117420410>How exactly is Lore and the Borg supposed to news?I assume that existential threats like the Borg have an information blackout. Likely they hear about it a few years after it happens through the grapevine.

>>117416450Lol so over the top, I love her...


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>>117420955>user demands pics of tendi being adorable>user posts nothingHA!

>>117419913I think its 'potential mates' meaning for humans there are some people that are and aren't responsive to their pheromones. At the very least, it suggests that Barbara or others suffering to the bug's effects could naturally find the host attractive under normal circumstances.

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>>117420569>Hey people, its ya bois in the federation council here! There is a race of machines that have a massive gestalt intelligence, ships that can wipe out a small armada, and nearest we can tell literally no one ever has been able to stop them for long. Oh, btw, they eat people and learn all their secrets so don't let them capture you, ever.I could see some grounds to not disclose everything to everyone.

>>117416464>It's like a new thing every week with those guysFuck you that's corny but I laughed

>>117419064I thought her jumping an airlock and shuttles to get to Boilmer was nice. She was genuinely scared and desperate for Boilmer. You don't actually see those emotions in a Mary Sue.

>>117417952Hey, we established last week that humanity lost all its fashion sense after world war three and the giant shoulder padded quilt look swept the galaxy.

>>117417849It's not vore if it isn't sexual, it's just someone dying like a bone filled packet of ketchup.

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>>117420846You couldn't blackout something like Wolf 359 or Sector 001

>>117421481buddy, cubes have been in Earth orbit. Starfleet got very publicly REKT, TWICE, by the Borg. People know.>Although the outcome of the invasion could have been much worse, the result of the battle was nothing short of disaster. The loss of such a large number of starships left the Federation unprepared for any new sustained conflict. (TNG: "The Wounded") Commander Shelby took command of a special task force to rebuild Starfleet, but returning the fleet to previous deployment levels was expected to take up to a year. (TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II") >In 2372, Benjamin Sisko's father, Joseph Sisko, remarked to his son that the threat of a Dominion invasion of Earth had frightened the population of the planet to a degree not seen since the Borg scare. (DS9: "Homefront")

>>117416450Instantly more appealing, the ponytail is literally a cope

>>117416557>Who is this shit FORnot for you aperently go watch something slow if this is to fast for you, watch paint dry


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>>117421713That's true, she's not at all a mary sue because in universe people point out her problems and instead of changing she double downs

>>117416717you made me giggle. My cat judged me silently for it.

>>117416717And a free meal.

>>117421144I forgot the pic and reposted >>117420985Sorry to disappoint.

>>117420803No, I'm saying I wish the fluffy hair was her normal hair.

>>117421912Did you see that alien's bulge?

>>117420427she's always adorable user