Would Bruce be a good husband to Zatanna?

would Bruce be a good husband to Zatanna?

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>>117416294Fuck no, while yes they are cute together batman isn't stable enough for a relationship she's have to use magic to force him to not be autistic for once in his life

>>117416294Bruce wouldn’t be a good husband to anyone.

>>117416294What would their kids be like?

>>117416294Remember that time Zatanna held a performance in Gotham, leading The Joker to slit her throat - an act she only survived because the writers bullshitted up a new ability for her to cast spells by writing them in her own blood? Now imagine that but with his entire rogues gallery once a week every week for a rest of her life. Batman wouldn't want that for her.

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>>117416294She's too good for Bruce

Nah bruce is too dower and worldly to get with a magical character. I never got the wonderbat shipping for this reason either. He just needs a normal person who can mother him when his trauma flares. Zee wouldn't want to be around him like that

>>117416294I wish. I like them.

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>>117416423>He just needs a normal person who can mother himhe doesnt need a mother he already has a dead one he needs someone tough enough to kick his shit and and force him to face his shit not to baby him he needs an equal not a doormat

>>117416334This, he's doomed to never hold on to true love, See mask of the phantasm

>>117416423Batman's had several "normal girlfriends". Joker stabbed one, Onomatopeia killed the next one, Mad Hatter killed the next one.

Selina is the only woman for Bruce because she's the only one capable of putting up with his shit

>>117416465>>117416547Maybe if he wants to be Batman forever but an equal like batcat is just gonna go wild and fuck off when they get old and bitter and retired. Guy needs someone stabler than him in the end

>>117416580>Maybe if he wants to be Batman foreverSo entirely in character? Bruce will never stop being Batman, regardless if the promise is made in sadness or with hope

>>117416547>>117416580I remember when Selina was set to marry him and his entire rogues gallery formed a coalition just to manipulate her into leaving him at the altar. Whatever the woman they're inevitably going to end up being targeted as a way to hurt the Bat.

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>>117416649Look it doesn't matter who the hero is or who the spouse they're involved with, the danger will ALWAYS be a thing. It's a storm they're both willing to weather through

>>117416608yeah exactly. he necessarily is gonna ride it out until it kills him. the tragedy is that it can't, so he's gonna have to get old enough to retire like in beyond

>>117416547Selina is trash because while she does put up with his shit she doesn't push him to be better

>>117416712Most people take it as given from the DCAU stance that he refuses romance specifically for this reason, but then again that never stopped him from recruiting Robins.

>>117416740Not entirely accurate. If she didn't want Bruce to be better, she wouldn't have stayed around this long and preferred the cat/mouse game they had. That, and she wouldn't have changed so much either.Look we get it, we all hate Tom King, but lets not do the kneejerk reaction thinking Selina is the problem.

>hey Mrs. Zatanna, please say "eht rekoj steg depar ot htaed yb sih nwo nemhcneh". you'll be doing this city a huge favor...

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>>117416423>Nah bruce is too dower and worldly to get with a magical character. I never got the wonderbat shipping for this reason either. He just needs a normal person who can mother him when his trauma flares.I'm not sure I get where you're even coming from. Diana has shown a great understanding and patience of Bruce, and vice versa throughout the years. It's why they were so close pre-new52, and then when they brought back their friendship in Rebirth. Even DC knew they fucked up their friendship so when Rebirth came through, you had a Trinity book, a Brave and Bold series with WW, that Tom King crossover faggotry and such to re-establish that the bond those two shared. If you want someone to mother him, you think a goddess renown for her empathy and compassion can't do it, but some regular chick can keep up with him mentally?

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>>117416460>the face of rejection

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>>117417463I'm too familiar with that sentence and face

>>117417303>It's why they were so close pre-new52no that was because bruce pushed the ship in DCAU. Any ship that gains traction for any retarded reason in an animated/live action medium is pushed into the comics assuming the series didn't tank.

>>117416294>Bruce>being a good husband>to anyone

>>117416294If you want your answer just watch batman beyond. Trust me, you'll understand if you do.

>>117416649whyw as gotham girl helping bane again?

>>117417732Psycho Pirate brainwashed her

>>117416941backwards LOL

>>117416294I have an irrational hatred for blue eyes on Bruce

>>117416827Selina is part of the problem, yes.

>>117416334>>117417699At least we know he can be a somewhat decent father if that counts for something.

>>117417671>no that was because bruce pushed the ship in DCAUThis is from the 70s. They've been friends for decades.

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>>117417839>somewhat decent father>has let every single kid he’s raised wear tights and fight supervillains

>>117417866That's a given in cape-comics.

>>117416712>It's a storm they're both willing to weather throughDidn't Selina leave him high and dry?

>>117417866Batman would've been a model parent in Sparta.

>>117416416Doesn't she fight demons, evil wizards, gods, etc on a daily basis? How dangerous could Batman's rogue gallery really be to her

>>117417936Joker impersonated her childhood friend, shot her in the throat, then locked her in a tank of water to drown/bleed while he electrocuted Batman as he watched. I'd say they'd be pretty darn dangerous.

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>>117417354Why would a normal chick work best though? A normal chick does not have the patience of a benevolent goddess. A normal chick is vulnerable and a very real distraction to the never ending mission of Batman. A normal chick wants normal chick attention unlike a goddess who enjoys gallivanting around the world putting out magical bush fires. Like I don't have anything against him dating anyone really, even Clark or Barbara if he wants, but what about Bruce tells you he needs normal when that rarely ever works without something crazy happening like his character is changed.>>117417671You think they were only friends because the Justice League show? Lol. Then they shouldn't have made an effort to reestablish those two with Rebirth because there was no Batman and Wonder Woman anything in the cartoons in 2016 onward. And yet, DC knew damn well they strained their relationship in the New 52.

>>117416294This is the only batship that I like

>>117417866Bruce is doing his best, it's not like he ever had a decent father figure

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>yssup eht em wohs

>>117416294>Paul Dini married the real life equivalent of her

>>117417983To be fair Batman told her not to use magic and she complied to regain his trust.

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>>117418082That's a shit ship bro

>>117418082This. Batman needs to have nasty angry sex in dirty alleyways and hardcore BDSM sessions in sex dungeons.None of this flowery bullshit.>>117418157Shut up.

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>>117418087youtube.com/watch?v=VLPUsUg2ZgUlucky fucker

>>117418174>ywn have a milfgician to disappear your cock into

>>117416294Anyone but Selina is retarded and just people self inserting as the bat

>>117416460And they also look awesome.

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>>117418154I think it was more the fact she didn't expect her childhood friend to draw a gun on her before she was rendered mute. Zatanna's strong, but she's not fast and she's not bulletproof either.

>>117418235Selinafags are the worst self-inserters there are.

>>117418035Bruce needs someone who can relate to him and his problems. What does Diana know about loss, or having physical limits, or getting old?

Bruce is for Justice

>>117418264>What does Diana know about loss, or having physical limits, or getting old?How many friends have she seen die? How many times have she lost her powers? How many people have she seen get old?


>>117418279>>117418300Bruce is for PAIN, GRIEF, MISERY.

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>>117418290I dunno dude you tell me


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>>117418171>>117418082Go back to bed Brian Azzarello and take your Amazon rapists with you.


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>>117418401I don't normally use this language, but that right there is a Cutie Patootie

>>117416423>>117417303So you guys want Bruce to get a Manic Pixie dreamgirl?

>>117418513Selina is the Manic Pixie Dreamgirl.

>>117418529She's not trying to fix him or be his savior tho, she's just enables him or puts up with him and acts like trash.

>>117418513I want Bruce to be sad and alone, driving away all his family and friends so that in his dying moments only his enemies are there to accompany him

>>117418545>She's not trying to fix him or be his savior thoThat's all she does. She always complain about him being Batman and trying to get him to give up the cowl to go live large with her in some fairway country. She does it in comics, cartoons, movies, games.

>>117418264She knows pain and loss. She doesn't have to know every last thing first hand because the most important part is that she's patient and empathetic towards him and others, even beyond reason at times (see: Cheetah and her).That's how she knows Bruce. But really she wouldn't ask him to leave Batman behind. She's not forcing him to fix himself and move on, she has great compassion for a man so haunted by his past. Hell she understands his mission more than the rest because Wonder Woman at her peak is also a woman on a lifelong mission that she might not ever complete.

>friendzoned by Batman>Constantine cucks her with anything that movesWhy is Zatanna so unlucky?

Andrea Beaumont is by far the love interest that I've liked the most in the DCAU and the one person who could have made Bruce happy. But in the end she was too much like him in what drove her to be the Phantasm with the exception that she had no problems about crossing the line.She's also the one woman who turned him down, and even in the Batman Beyond comic he still wanted to be with her.I'm upset at the fact that King is going to destroy her for BATCATBATCAT can we Batshippers agree that King and BATCATBATCAT are trash?

>>117418649>I'm upset at the fact that King is going to destroy her for BATCATBATCAT can we Batshippers agree that King and BATCATBATCAT are trash?We've agreed about that since the bullshit started.

>>117418593Yeah but that's her being selfish and wanting him to be more like her not her trying to help him or accomodating herself for him.

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>>117418513Manic Piexie dreams aren't motherly

>>117418618At least she married Paul Dini?

>>117416294Superman would be better

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>>117418087You can be based. But you can never be "Magick your magical waifu and marry her" based. Like Paul Dini. How does he do it, lads? Is he hung like a horse or something?

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>>117418706They 100% look like they met at a renaissance festival

>>117418692based post>>117418706damn she's stacked

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>>117418706Holy tits

>>117418279Bruce is for Clark.

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I kinda like Batman/Zatanna Zatara, but the way i see it there's no happy ending for either of them. Both characters are at their best when they're fucking things up and grieving about past mistakes and tragedies.It'd be fun to see them trying to be a couple only to realize that they're too damaged and messy to ever be that "someone" to either of them. If there is indeed that certain "someone".

>>117418783>>117418279He is for Nightwing

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>>117418279>Bruce is for JusticeHe met the Lady Justice and she thanked him for his work. But he was busy rescuing Diana.

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>>117418783>>117418844Fuck off

>>117418513how do you get "manic pixie dream girl" from "normal person"? bruce was totally game for giving up the whole crimefighting idea with andrea beaumont and she was in every way an entirely normal peer of his. that is what I think his best match would be.>>117418611diana is an immortal demigod and will maintain her youthful vigor long past bruce's death. the final answer to this topic is no

>>117419107Andrea Beaumont isn't a recurring character in canon, retard, nor would she be a good addition because that'd require a total retcon of Bruce's past

>all his kids have normal relationships>he can'tBruce's life is pain

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>>117416420She really isn't. I love Zee, but in her own ways she as much human garbage as Constantine.

>>117419168you're a little slow with reading comprehension aren't you

>>117419227Surely you aren't implying DCAU Bruce acts like canon Bruce, despite the fact canon Bruce has had multiple civilian love interests and continued his crusade nonetheless?

Bruce is destined to die alone.Zatanna gets Paul Dini.

>>117419107>diana is an immortal demigod and will maintain her youthful vigor long past bruce's death. the final answer to this topic is noThat's tragic and thus kino.

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>>117419107>the final answer to this topic is noExcept it's not, retard. Clearly you don't get her level of empathy, love and compassion towards others if that's your answer.

>>117416294I can dig it

>>117419258>Zatanna gets Paul Dini.youtu.be/PcMUCcW6LdEDini gets to fuck this all the time

>>117419173>he can'tI'm fairly sure it's more that he doesn't want to because actually being happy and committing to a happy married life would mean letting go of his past and anger and would kinda break his whole persona. It's kinda like sunk cost, he's already given so much to the batman life that backing down from it for real, even for a bit, isn't an option nor is it a lifestyle he can really believe in. He's spend every moment waiting for it to be ruined instead of just enjoying it.

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>>117419333Or in the case of Generations, they both become immortals and are together for a Century until Diana gets bored and goes back to Themyscira and Bruce gets with Clark's eternal loli grandaughter.

>>117418706He knew what he wanted, found it, and made her love him.

>>117416294"eb a doog dnabsuh"

>>117419844Something something 'Bruce triggers a hidden personality to go back to normal'.

>>117419333That's cool and all but let's be real, DC will let Bruce be Batman forever if they must anyways - forever and ever if it came to it. Like we tried the whole "Batman and Robin are forever," here's Dick the heir, and then it was all undone because Bruce is forever the night, he'll never surrender the cowl and he's so crazy he might even clone himself and transplant his memory to be Batman to continue his crusade. That's where we are with him as a character.

>>117419844impossible problems require magical solutions

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Didn't know Paul Dini was on here

>>117416294I'd like to see it.

>>117418082Bruce doesn’t need a bi slut

>>117419953No shit, these character won't have an ending an ending unless it's an Elseworld or an "official ending" for a previous continuity. But people can still choose and speculate.

>>117418783Clark only loves Bruce like a bro and only has eyes for Lois. Dunno about Bruce he's always been weird about Clark.

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>>117420501So we all agree she's the hottest girl in comics, right?

>>117420585second hottest behind Power Girl but ahead of Black Canary and Wonder Woman

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>>117420585>>117420629Yup as far as DC goes, It's like a Zatanna, Dinah and PG that get my dick hardest. Just off the top of my head.

>>117420731>Zatanna, Dinah and PG that get my dick hardestMy nigga

>>117420731insanely based

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>>117417908They're fine now

>>117418982You know I once tried to request Batman and Justice shipping art in the drawthread before and got ZERO takers.

>>117418279Perfect then

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>>117416294didn't zatanna mindfuck him really hard one time?

>>117420922Threesome it is.

>>117420951>Dr. ThirteenReally?

>>117418982Wish that episode would have ended with Bruce fucking pigDiana

>>117421190He's the guy she's dating at the start of Seven Soldiers and then burns to death immediately

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>>117421226prior to the burning

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>>117421261and a year or two later Giffen made a joke about it

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>>117421226>>117421261I know he's Traci 13's dad but I didn't know he dated Zatanna nor that he was burned to death.>>117421286Oooh

>>117422057I would have to read the entire thing again, but I think he was alive again by the end of Seven Soldiers.Either way, he and Traci were so rarely used that it almost didn't matter.Come to think of it, he also burned himself in that Azz backups story

>>117418706i mean at first he got his head bashed in

>>117422442Holy shit!

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>>117422651Great fucking book too.Also has the outline for a tossed out idea for an episode of BTAS with Morpheus and Death.