Is this really so offensive? When a white artist draws a character from a different race, it ends up looking white...

Is this really so offensive? When a white artist draws a character from a different race, it ends up looking white. Things like this happen many times in Japanese media too. They become very Japanese. Its a natural thing among every race and not something that should be forced or "reeducated". Back in the old days, I was quite aware of it and even loved/enjoyed those "naturally white washed" coloured characters. Im a coloured person but Ive personally never been offended by that. Its fucking sad if all such characters have to be cancelled.Fans accuse Marvel of whitewashing Storm in ‘Future Fight’

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>>117415916Normally I'd say "ah, she just looks like an Ethiopian, plenty of Africans look like her", but she specifically looks like a white woman with brown skin here. While it would be more realistic if she didn't look like a brown white woman, isn't she descended from a fictional race of Africans who have all the traits of humanity in them? Blue eyes from Europeans/West Eurasians, slanted/monolid having eyes from East Asians and the Khoisan, dark skin from Black Africans? If anything, just give her a short wide nose and you're back on track.

>>117415916Storm always had white features, she used to have slitted pupils, it was all part of her mutation, normies don't read comics tho so this must be some big conspiracy! Fuck off with bait threads.

>>117416394Normies should be shot.

>>117415916There are black people that look like that.

>>117415916What does it matter? She is a fictional character whose features change from artist to artist.Photorealistic style is rarely used in comic, so there is no specific face to refer, just some guidelines universally accepted.

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>>117415916Fuck you and your twitter drama. Discuss comics, you thunder faggot.

>>117415916Even black artists draws black characters like that, you will only see ugly black characters by tumblr artists.

>>117415916What the fuck are you talking about? Japanese media commonly makes their characters look white.

>>117416787The comic industry IS twatter drama in a way no matter how many times you deny it. They have super big influence on the directions of modern comics.

>>117415916Why did you make another thread about this? This is spamming.

>>117415916Was the artist american? If so, it is hard to blame them for drawing a full blooded black african with white features since people who even have 1/4 black blood is considered black in the US.

Posting the best Storm outfit

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>>117415916I don’t think it’s particularly good when it happens in Japanese media eitherI think the biggest thing for me with Japanese media is that they don’t really draw caucasians as looking that different from Asians. Sometimes they do (usually with more hard cut features ala AllMight) but usually they depict white people and Asians as looking identical in terms of face structure and features. Same goes for South Americans who are usually presented as dark skinned Asians/whitesOnly blacks are really depicted with particularly different racial facial features

>>117415916This looks like the artist used Taylor Swift as a reference.

>>117415916Isn't the artist for that Korean?

>>117415916She looks black to me. Also there have been plenty of times when Marvel has drawn a person of character as such.>>117416394Im just going to use this thread to post cool Marvel characters of color that SJWs apparently ignore when they say there needs to be more diversity

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>>117416201Do you think all black girls look the same?

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>>117416851>>117416930This is what anime REALLY looks like

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>>117415916My only problem is that her skin tone should be a little darker.

>>117416201All black people dont look the same

>>117417085I really don't get these people if you draw them lije the average black girl then thats wacist, if you don't then that's wacist. You literally can't win, Whats even funnier is that they are complaining about this with Marvel which has leaned on the progressive side since the 60s

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>>117417366I used to think I was super liberal. Like all the way left. Then I went to college. Im still liberal but holy hell more of us gotta admit that there is a far left and unchecked they are dangerous.

>>117417416Oh no im with you, the thing is being progressive was fine before they won, in the 60s until 80s it was about civil rights and female rights (which Marvel stood by as its had many strong female types and people color). But now they are just pushing for more and more crazy shit without end, while also playing the victim card even though they've won. What I find funny is that SJWs at Marvel think people don't like their shit because they are "alt right" when in reality many people just hate it because their stories and characters are shit(for the most part). Which is why i could never understand how they could push for diversity in comics when the Marvel was pretty diverse since nearly the beginning.

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>>117415916>When a white artist draws a character from a different race, it ends up looking white.No, only mediocre artists who show that they do not know what they are doing

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>>117416787in comics she also suffered whitewashing

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>>117416895There's only one

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>>117415916Anon, here's a free tip: every opnion on twitter is wrong and doesnt matter >>117416201Some black woman have white features, storm herself never had strong african features besides the obvious skin color

>>117416201>we need more representation>NOOOO NOT LIKE THAT YOU DID IT WRONGwhat the fuck do these people want

>>117416787Unironically this. I'm getting sick and tired of hearing about racist blacks, and whites with black dick in their mouths fucking reach for something to feel victimized about


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I've never ever confused Storm for a white woman. Ever. Are there actual people out there that aren't just trolling that actually are confused about her ethnicity?

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>>117415916storm wasn't originally black. claremont made her a mix of all races, wasn't until 2005ish that she became black woman.

>>117417654How much blacker could they possibly make her? I'm confused.

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>>117417737>what the fuck do these people wantNormies don't actually care about comics

>>117417654Unrecognizable by pretentious (((journalist)))

>>117417840Giant lips, nose, and afro I guess. Just make her look like Foxy Brown and slap a cape on her.

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>>117417840Its the old dilemma

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>>117415916>a handful of tweetsSo what? She looks black. What, do they want her to be some racist cariacture or some shit?

>>117416201I agree with you. Africans can be angular but there's just something about her facial features that looks more European than African.

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>>117417953Its probably the blue eyes, but this aint the first time she had those

>>117416201>If anything, just give her a short wide nose and you're back on track.Storm was never defined by African features aside from her brown skin. You're retroactively inserting ethnically stereotypical features onto her in order to satisfy what you deem to be "appropriately" African. You're as bad as the twitteratti.

Well if you all don't mind me im going to post more Luke Cage

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>>117417975No. The pic I posted is an African with blue eyes.I think it's her lips and nose that looks European. She shouldn't have caricature-like nose and lips but more like the pic I posted

I honestly thought they always just tried to make her look like Tina Turner.

>>117417975Africans can have blue eyes. Also she’s a mutant.

I miss when she use to look like a cat girl.

>>117418378Storm looking like pic related would be cool

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>>117417635This is the only accurate take on the matter

>>117415916Forget about the “whitewashing”, this art is just uncanny.

Yup Storm was TOTALLY always dark ever since her inception

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I think the main problem is that too many artists are giving storm a cool skin tone, when she originally had a warm skin tone.

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>>117417832Storm was written as being from Kenya in the Giant Sized X-men #1.

>>117417840Like this

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>>117415916>draw character normally>it's racist because they don't look black enough>draw character that "looks black">it's racist because it's a stereotypical charicatureThere's no winning.

>>117417654Here's the panel people were talking about since user wants to be disingenuous.

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>>117420347>Aa, ano hi no yume

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>>117419563Would've been pretty hot if it wasnt for that retarded tatoo on the shoulder

>>117415916>woke people are more racist than actual racistsWow who could have thought. An attractive black female character? Nope it's racist because she has "white features". Fucking lmao at these mentally insane spergs.

>>117420347God damn, yeah the first panel isn’t storm at all.>>117420414second panel I can make the argument for lightning I guess but it would be a stretch. Shit colorings.

>>117420283No winning. Only whining.

>>117420508>Would've was the last time someone here saw Storm with these curves?

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>>117420600>complaining about a cartoon makes you more racist than driving two states over just to shoot niggersThe people whining about cartoons are racist, sure, but don't try to make yourself look good in the process, cuck.

>>117420347>disingenuousdude she looks like a black barbie here>>117417654it's not just the color of the skin, is the facial features

>>117417019Man, small time celebrity problems. People only see the act, not the person behind it. Hell, not even "the act", it's be like a fireman being treated like an actor.

>>117420821His point is they were bitching about this >>117420347 coloring and that was a random image for the article. Storm has constantly looked like a fucking Black Barbie since inception to the point that it was supposed to be a design trait rather than not being able to draw stronger negroid features.

>>117420793I'm simply incapable of feeling attracted by a woman that marks her skin with a motherfucking brand. Thats actually subhuman, no matter how hot she looks

>>117415916I mean Ororo was originally supposed to look like a black lady with creepy Cat looking eyes. She was suppose to be Claremont's fetish. And her skin tone always varied.That said if she looks white or has white features that's mostly because the artists can't draw more than one face for women.

>>117420909Angry Negro Luke Cage ain't gonna be a dancing monkey for a bunch of white girls.Can ya dig it.

>>117420414Shit depiction of Storm but it's not the first nor the last time it will happen. That said it's obvious people who got angry at Duggan's Marauders because Kitty didn't get a proper Jewish burial have a bone to pick with Duggan so they will pirate the comic and hate read to make a scene and complain until he's cancelled.

>>117415916what's wrong with doing the nose or the mouth correctly?

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>>117415916there are no brown or darker white people, just because she isnt smacking her lips and wearing fake hair doesnt mean she looks white

>>117416851I don't think so, look at Cloud for example, while he looks "white" he and all the other FF characters have a Japanese person's facial features. This is the most idealized, perfect face, if he was drawn as more white he'd have a disgusting huge nose, deep set eyes and ugly masculine jaw.

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>>117421224Pretty much. Even the more traditionally masculine characters look Japanese. It's jarring.

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