Death Battle

Who cares about Sonic vs Flash. The question is how would their fanbases fare against each other in a death battle.Who'd take the win? Walylfags or Sonicfags?

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>>117415807Sonic fans have furry suits to shield them

Anyway posting the strongest fictional character

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>>117415807Sonicfags, because I'm pretty certain with how thin their skins are, DCfags have never been in a fight in their lives.

>>117415807Sonic fans win by sheer numbers.

>>117415807>Wally and Sonic decide to hop in and abandon this silly fight

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>>117416047Lobotomychads coming in once again!

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so it's a general?

>>117416143Yes. I am honestly wondering how it hasn't been banned to /trash/ yet.

Let’s focus on calculable feats instead of >Moving faster than the speed force>Moving in stopped time>Crossing the multiverse highwaySo for Sonic’s best feat we have the water ball panel BUT! We need to consider that SUPER Sonic is stated as being one thousand times faster than base! Can Flashfags top this with actual feats, not meme statements?

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Where's the leak?

>>117416256>Can Flashfags top this with actual feats, not meme statements?No.

>>117416256How fast was the big bang? Wally outran it twice.

>>117416256Speed steal.

>>117416256Couldn't be seen by pre-Crisis Superman who broke infinity with is speed.

>>117415807I think Sonic fans will come out on top here. Most Sonic fans know that both they and their franchise are already a meme punching bag for the internet, and have come to terms with that, so they aren't expecting a win.

>>117416531>>117416541Oh boy here we go.

>>117415807Pic related is a Sonic fan.

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>>117416525They calculated Ben 10’s Big Bang at 13 trillion times FTL or so>>117416531Not exactly a feat but an ability>>117416541Not a feat or something really calculable

>>117416525Only sol lol>>117416541Another meme statement>>117416531What is the fastest calculable speed Flash has stolen from?

>>117416525Sonic outran a bigbang in the AoSTH

>>117416728Oh and btw AoSTH is canon in Archie.

The DB wiki, the G1 prediction blog, and Otto are all leaning Wally.Where does VSBW stand?

>>117416617Why is it a meme statement?

>>117416820It cannot be calculated, meaning you can’t scale it to any feats

>>117416820It's not finite. Sonicfags can't wrap their heads around infinity.

>>117416829But you can calculate it.Superman once went so fast he busted infinity and God had to step in through the Specter who told him to chill.Wally went faster than that.

>>117416617That’s not really how speed steal works. He can steal speed from anything no matter how fast. His highest speed steal showing was after he took speed from two planets worth of people. He was able to outrun a ship that teleported from the edge of the universe to Earth instantaneously.

>>117416617Probably Professor Zoom.

>>117416728The universe in AoStH is far smaller than the DC universe which at minimum is 1075x larger than our own.

>>117416814Where’s the prediction blog?

>>117416814Leaning towards Sonic I believe

>>117416862> He was able to outrun a ship that teleported from the edge of the universe to Earth instantaneously.>>117416882DC universe which at minimum is 1075x larger than our own.Delicious, finally some good fucking featsDo we know how far the DC Earth is from the edge of the universe? I’m assuming near the centerIf this is true I’ll kneel to Wallychads

>>117416882the fuck being larger has to do with anything? A big bang always expands at the same rate.Our universe is relativelly young and it's still expanding.

>>117417084Wouldn't a universe with more mass have needed to expand faster?

>>117416330We posted them are you faggots just screamed outlier

>>117417129They always do.

>>117417124what if the DC Universe is older?

>>117417129Post them againI don’t care about outliers since pretty much everything here is oneAs long as it is calculable

>>117417154It it was, their stars would be small and cold from the greater metallicity in the universe.

>>117417161>The Speed force is all the kinetic energy in the multiverse>Flash went faster>INCALCULABLE THROW IT OUTGod please let the Sonicfags lose. I'm so tired of your games.

>>117417196If we don’t know how fast he went, what do you want from us? To say he’s faster based on that statement that shows he’s really fast but doesn’t clarify how fast?

He's already here

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>>117417283He’s already dead in a black hole lmao

>>117417154Why would it be?Earth in DC is still around, as is the sun, every other planet in the solar system, and Proximal Centauri, in pretty much the same state as in real life. It's more of a reach to suggest it's older than suggest it isn't.

>>117417309Sure he is sucker

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>>117417310Krona made the universe be born old through his experiments

>>117417333The classic chess piece disguising trick.

>>117417310It's way more of a reach to suggest their big bang was faster.

>>117417196>>117417267Yeah man. Even we don't know if Archie Sonic has a limit to his speed. But it's seemingly implied he doesn't at all.

>>117416882This was proven to be bullshit in a previous thread.


>>117417370>He doesn't at allConsidering Eggman's computers can't get up with light speed, using that one "incalculable" panel is bullshit akin to taking statements that characters cannot be harmed and are invincible at face value.If there was no limit to Sonic's speed, Super Sonic wouldn't be a 1k multiplier. It would be infinite speed. But that's not what we observe. If Sonic's speed was infinite, he wouldn't run out of power in his supermodes. But he does. And the timer runs out faster the more he exerts himself. That implies he cannot access the entirety of the chaos force and has a limit. That's not so for Wally who CAN access the speed force and whose only fear was going TOO FAST until his Flash Forward upgrade.

>>117417478Of course he can't access all the chaos force. He's fought enough guys that also use the chaos force to show that he can't. He can't even access Enerjak levels of the chaos force.

>My lady, they're throwing out meme statements again.>Contact Ben and prepare the OST. Throw brain coral at them to confuse them.

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>>117417523Quick rundown on brain coral?

>>117416882>BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEPFuck, forgot to turn my fraud detector off.The DC universe is only about 8.69x larger than our own, as far as we know. The unobservable universe has been estimated to be around 23 trillion light years in diameter, and could even be bigger, whereas DC's is 200 trillion light years.>

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>>117417588It's important to note that isn't the edge of their universe they're looking at. So DC is likely far bigger.

>>117417558>batkek is the bogdanoff of vs threads>everyone who has some insane dbz feat kneels to him>brain coral is his opposite, a non-believer in a world of the devout, he cares not for feats, he is the sminem

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>>117417588You know that isn’t them measuring their observable universe right? That’s just some distance inside it, nowhere near talk about the size of the diameter. Also DB is kinda sticking with it since Beerus vs Galaxia

Why the fuck would you even want to include Ultra Sonic? Isn't Super Sonic when Flynn was writing actually stronger than the Ultra Sonic we got in the comics?

>>117415807They're both autistic fanbases, so it makes sense they're both autistic powerlevelfags

>>117417629Do you have any hard numbers?Even an educated guess on how much bigger?

>Sonic was in his base form in the preview was able to get a hit on Wally.>Sonic in his base form can casually move at light speed.>Super Sonic according to the comics, is much faster and strongerI strongly feel that they're gonna have Super Sonic go Ultra Instinct on Wally's ass.

>>117417658That's the biggest number we've seen so far.If you have any evidence to the contrary, feel free to post scans.

>>117417658>Also DB is kinda sticking with it since Beerus vs GalaxiaThey're also retards. King Yemma's palace is not the size of a fucking galactic supercluster.

>>117417670No and Ultra Sonic has more shit like adapting new power forms on the fly and linking zones etc

>>117417670I actually don’t know >>117417692Meh. Fourarms was able to tap Hal. Goku was able to Superman, transformations don’t always make or break the win

>>117417692Yes, but see, Sonic attacked first. So he's fucked.

>>117417670>>117417718Yes but you have to understand what they're going to do.Because a super sonic form showed up as Sonic transformed into Ultra, they're going to argue that Ultra>Super Sonic and that Ultra can do everything Flynn super can do but more.>>117417692They probably will and then have Wally break out the cosmic colored Flash Forward lightning. Then they might, MIGHT have Ultra kill Wally.

>>117417692Based on the ost art thing Wally is going to juice up with speedforce but Sonic wi also be pulling Ultra out of his ass so habe to wait and see

>>117417729Does it count if it's provoked.

>>117417729There have been several matchups where characters who attack first actually won. Static for instance.

>>117417729Zuko didn't attack first in the previous battle. It was an accident.

>>117417729Mob VS Tatsumaki says hi

>>117417729Didn't save the good guy anime character in the ice fight.>>117417478>>117417497This is an excellent point. Sonic cannot access all the chaos force. There have even been characters that have accessed more of the chaos force than he has. Wally on the other hand CAN channel all the speed force.

>>117417744>They will unironically scale Sonic's old Ultra form to modern Flynn Super even when modern Flynn Super is clearly Sonic at his maxThis is such fucking bullshit.

>>117417558Quick rundown on it:>Rothschilds bow to the brain coral>in contact with Atlanteans>rumored to possess the secret to immortality>controls the seven seas with an iron fist>owns seaports and aquariums all over the world>direct descendant of the ancient Cambrian bloodline>will bankroll the first cities on Mars (Braindangrad will be the first city)>in the process of terraforming Earth as their personal waterpark (71% complete)>owns basically every coral conservation facility on Earth>first designer polyps will be Brain Coral polyps>said to have an immeasurable IQ>ancient Atlantean scripture tell of a colony of millions of polyps who will descend upon the Earth and bring an era of enlightenment and unprecedented intellectual progress with them>This is the giant brain coral colony>They own Nanopolyp R&D labs around the world>You likely have Nanopolyps inside you right now>Every child has the mark of the Brain implanted in them at birth>The giant brain coral colony is in regular communications with the Archangels Gabriel and Michael, forwarding the word of God to the Orthodox Church>Discovered the RMS Titanic>Learned fluent dolphinspeak in under a week>Trump is rumored to be an agent of the colony>Nation states entrust their gold reserves with the colony. There is no gold in Ft. Knox, only Ft. Coral>The colony is over 900 years old, from the space-time reference point of the base human>In reality, it is a timeless collective being existing in all points of space and time from the big bang to the end of the universe>We can only hope their intentions are benevolent.

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>>117417792It is. But why are you surprised? Flynn gave us the 1k multiplier for Super Sonic and he outright stated his base Sonic cannot run around the world and that all his old cartoon feats don't exist. That's not stopping them from taking the water ball feat and slapping at 1K multiplier on it. It's been clear from the start that they're cooking the books for Sonic. Whether they're doing it just enough to make things look fair like in Carol vs Billy or whether they're going to go all the way and pull a Link vs Cloud remains to be seen.Yes, the Ultra Sonic that fought Naugus twice is incredibly weaker than the Super Sonic Flynn gave the ability to use chaos control to. If you asked Flynn, he would tell you Super Sonic is Sonic at his peak.But they're going to scale Ultra past Flynn's Sonic. They shouldn't. But they will just to make their Franken-Sonic all that much more powerful.

>>117416525Some guy calced it at 3 sextillion times FTL

>>117417894>all his old cartoon feats don't existI don't think he retconned the classic comics, I think he said they were an alternative canon or something like that.

>>117417792>>117417894They're literally compositing everything. We knew this, you knew this. Stop bitching and jumping at shadows.

>>117415807If focused? Sonicfags. However they'd most likely be too busy tearing into each other so Wallyfags win in that scenario.

aren't we also getting an Arceus match up this season?

>>117417997We already got a pokemon match so no

>>117417997No? Nothing official form what I have heard

>>117417997No not that I know of. People thought he was going up against Beerus.

>>117417947If that was true than they need to cop to it and admit what they're doing. They aren't using a specific version of Sonic. They're combining several different Sonics to create a Sonic that doesn't actually exist and who is vastly more powerful than any Sonic ever seen.And on Wally's side...he doesn't get his Metronhattan boost because I don't know, that breaks compositing rules and they apply to you if Ben doesn't like you.Under the rules they've set, they need to either decomposite Sonic or give Wally his pimp chair.>>117417997>>117418025I'm honestly not sure now that the Beerus train has sailed. We might very well not get Arceus.

>>117418007oh yeah that.I don't even remember which one it was lmaoLucario vs Blaziken?

>>117418061Them saying "composite Archie Sonic vs Wally West" would tip their hand too hard. They're trying to be as sneaky as possible with the Sonic wank.

>>117418064Machamp vs Goro

>>117418064Lucario vs Blaziken was DBXWe got Goro vs Machamp for DB.Goro vs Machamp is good animation wise but I think Lucario vs Blaziken blew it out of the water

>>117418061Wallyhattan, and say it with me kids, LITERALLY HAS NO FUCKING FEATS. It's not even his goddamn chair, so it can't be given as part of his powerset either.Stop being a retard Otto.>>117418098Same goes for you.

>>117417919fuck some guy. i will calc it right now>200 trillion light years (diameter of DC universe at minimum) = 1892146155423912000000000000000 meters>13.8 billion years (age of the universe) = 435196800000000000 seconds>1892146155423912000000000000000 meters / 435196800000000000 seconds = 4347794274737 m/s>4347794274737 m/s / c = 14502.68 times the speed of light

Just for the record I saw the DB cast where Ben says Wally probably won’t win. He says that he probably won’t win based on having more issues. He even stuttered when he said it. It’s a nothingburger.

>>117416256How far would you say is the distance between Sonic and that bird? 10 meters or 10 feet?

>>117418061>They're combining several different SonicsBro it's just Archie Sonic. Every crazy OP thing he's done in that series, especially the spin-offs comics, will be a feat.

>>117418112>Literally has no featsWhat are Manhattan's and Metron's feats?

>>117418141Flynn retconned Sonic to be unable to run around the planet.



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>>117418218>The references should be taken as easter eggs at bestOh fuck. Screwjob confirmed.

>>117418156Not Wally's, that's for damn sure.

>Tripfag is still preemptively coping >tfw if Sonic wins DCfags will be trolled nonstop no matter what excuses they throw>tfw if Sonic loses nobody will care and at worst we just get some Wallyfags popping into the one thread that shows up here and even they shit on the comic anyway so its empty>tfw Sonic literally can't lose in any meaningful way but can win in the most hilarious of ways

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>>117418204>>117418218Never doubt Otto.

>>117418218>if it egregiously contradicts what comes later, you can discount it.That doesn't sound like retconning. It feels like Flynn said it's up to the reader if it should be canon or not.

>>117418218Death Battle is fucking cheating at this point.

>>117418274Suck his dick faster why don't you?

>>117418289Way to not read>Sonic running laps around the world without some kind of assistance doesn't ever come up again. The references should be taken as easter eggs at best

>>117418103>who wins, the fire type or the steel typewhat a stupid fight

>>117418112>>117418218>Sonic gets to scale his power off fucking easter egg level continuity>But Wally can't get Manhattan power because it's "too vague"Fuck you furfag.

>>117418218Except this doesn't matter because DB composites everything to begin with.Why are Otto and his cronies always the most malicious shitposters and liars in these threads?

>>117418331>applying logic to DBXThis is the same channel that had a Halo Warthog win a Death Race because it glitched through the air right to the finish line.

>>117418331it's win by voting. Of course the furries would vote for the dog and not for the chicken.

>tfw fate hax

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>>117418218>>117416256If you don't think this is rigged against Wally you are an autistic CWC level furry.

>>117418351Wally got raped OFFSCREEN by the BWL. He has no feats and he has no scaling. He may as well be a cumdumpster for how useful he is in an actual vs debate.

>>117418368>tfw his fate hax is also meta

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>>117418357Except they don't. Give Wally his goddamn chair if you're going to invent a Sonic that doesn't exist by combining retconned versions.


>>117418392None of these characters exist. They're fictional.

>>117418379Sonic got raped on screen by Eggman in a broken robot.

>>117418392The Mobius Chair has never been a part of Wally's powerset until extremely recently. And then he immediately lost it. He does not scale to it nor does he get its power.

>>117418402sorry if I have good taste and prefer Blaziken to your shitty furry bait.

>Wally can't get an in-canon powerful>Sonic can use retconned scalingHow is this fair?

>>117418419Still better than Wally getting fucked by a man who jobs to a gravestone :^)

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>>117418114The expansion of the DC universe was 120 trillion light years in one second


>>117418425Sonic's old powerlevels don't exist to his chaos control super sonic form and he's getting them. There is no reason why Sonic gets to use a retcon base form for modern powerup scaling while Wally can't get something he legit had in canon. Composite them both or not at all.

>>117418438Not his power. Same reason why batman didn't get a green lantern ring

>>117418445>jobbing to a gravestoneAll according to keikaku.

>>117418392>>117418425I don’t know if the chair actually gives Wally anything. It just teleports and gives you knowledge of DC

>>117418459[citation needed]

>>117418466DB has always composited feats between different versions of a character, no matter their status relative to that character's history or other abilities. It's how these dumb matches even pass the 10 minute mark.

>>117418467What part of composite rules don't you understand? If Sonic can get everything Wally should get everything to.>>117418483It has source powers.


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>>117418459>Source: my ass.

>>117418483Source powers, infinite knowledge, mental abilities, and a counter to "stranded in the zone of silence" hax.


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You just know that once the reboot series is done, we're gonna get a 3D animated Ben 10 vs. Green Lantern sequel for a season finale.

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Archie Sonic is gonna win not because he's getting wanked to hell and back or because the researchers and Ben are big fanboys.Archie Sonic is gonna win because they don't want Ken Penders to sue them and make them lose money from legal'_legal_cases

>>117418542Oh god. Could this be the reason?

>>117418553Possibly, I mean Ken likely wouldn't win the case but it would still be a win for him since he could make DB waste fuck tons of money on legal shit.

>>117418526So is it expansion at a constant rate?

>>117418542If he can’t stop fan art of Sonic getting turned into a toilet, he has no power here

>>117418542>Sonic's meta hax actually workOkay so Wally loses legit anyway

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>>117418459So uhhhh how did you get that from >>117418526?

>>117418526If this isn't a constant continuous expansion at that rate then it's meaningless.>>117418581DC wank.

>>117418581Traveling sxty trillion light years in a half second is probably the same as120 trillion light years in a full second

>>117418542Ken Penders owns a bunch of Sonic OCs. He doesn't own the rights to the concept of Sonic losing. I don't know where you morons are getting that from.

>>117418218retcons dont fucking matter when the continuity is dead and done with

>>117418615But he thinks he does.

>>117415807sonicfags, pure unbridled autism, screeching and shitting themselves in furyno self respecting Flash fan would stand a chance

>>117418537buts theres no real decent ben models or gl models

>speedsters can travel at 120 trillion lightyears per second>Deathstroke can hold out his sword and kill one with ease

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>>117418711Clearly Deathstroke is far surpassing 120 trillion light years per second.

>>117418711>Catwoman can also btfo three of em at the same time

>>117418711>or get thwacked by catwoman

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>>117418650And really that's all that matters. He would be stupid enough to sue DB if Archie Sonic lost.

>>117418711the shit posting about that panel almost makes identity crisis worth italmost

>>117418711>>117418745>Can survive getting hit with Solar System level explosions>Gets knocked out via weights and held down by chains. Pathetic

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>>117418794That's because Fang/Knack is way cooler than Sonic.

>>117418778Don’t forget the rape

Post fights you guys want to see:>Billy Butcher vs Stain>Marco Rossi vs Bill Rizer>Marshal Law (Marshall Law comics) vs Garou (OPM)>Rick Taylor vs Solomon Grundy>Jason Voorhees vs Pyramid Head>Jill Valentine vs Regina (Dino Crisis)>Earthworm Jim vs The Tick>Alucard (Castlevania) vs D (Vampire Hunter D)>Simon Belmont vs Sir Arthur>Vash the Stampede vs Brandon Heat (GunGrave)>Magneto vs Accelerator>Rocky Balboa vs Joe Yabuki (Ashita no Joe)>Kazuma Kiryu (Yakuza series) vs Kingpin>Jax vs Guile>Ash Williams vs Buffy>Hellboy vs Devilman

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>>117415807But they're the same thing. It would just be an autistic kid hitting himself.

>>117418940I really want to forget the rapedr light deserved better then being dr rape

>>117418940I try to forget the rapelight deserved so much better then becoming the token rape villain

>But Wally can Sonic’s spee-

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>>117419169Sonic doesn't move by being the Shrike with his own personal timeline. Sonic moves via kinetic energy which Wally can absorb.

>>117419194Jay didn’t specifically say kinetic energy, he said Speed Force

>>117419194Wally can't absorb chaos force.

>>117419212>Different element than the speed force, he's tapping into timeAgain, Zolomon couldn't get his speed stolen because when he moves, he's not actually "moving" he's fucking with time. There's no actual motion and nothing to steal. Non-speedsters like Superman and Cheetah have had their speeds stolen.

>>117419218Why can't he? Sonic isn't unique in being empowered by it.

>>117418941>The Shadow vs The Punisher>Zatch Bell vs Pikachu>Billy Butcher vs Stain>Universal Monsters battle royale>Galactus vs Unicron>Bugs Bunny vs Micky Mouse>Dinobot vs Ecliptor

>Chaos force has been absorbed and used by two hedgehogs, a mutant bioweapon hedgehog, a metal hedgehog, a human wizard, a panda, a mammoth, and Sally's computer dildoExactly why can't Wally steal Sonic's rings for himself?

>>117419317Because the fight is rigged.

>>117419244If he can’t move, how can he hit supposedly harder than Superman as stated by WW?

>>117419317who's the mutant bioweapon hedgehog?

>>117419344He's hitting with time. He bends his own timeline to create a pseudo-motion.


Flashfags have yet to create any cursed artifacts or symbols of power so I'd have to say Sonicfags would win.

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>>117419317>Wally steals the chaos force and fucks Sonic into oblivionI like where this is heading.


>>117419390will i get a gf in my lifetime

>>117419390Will Flash win?

>>117419317Sonic, Scrooge, Shadow, Ixis Naugas, Feint, Mogul Mommath and Nicole.right?

>>117419390Will sonic win

>>117419317All of which are Mobians. Tell me, is Wally a Mobian? No? Then he can't access the Chaos Force and fucking dies.

>>117419390Is Sonic too OP?

>>117419444Forgot Scourge. I meant Silver. You can add him and probably others I'm forgetting to the list. The point is that unlike the Speed Force, anyone can use chaos force. It's not like Wally absorbing energy from things outside the speed force hasn't happened already.

>>117419317he probably wouldn't even know how to use it

>>117419439>Just jerk off>>117419451>YesNot looking good for Wally.

>>117419484Wally isn't a Mobian, so why would he know how to use it or even be able to access it? He couldn't even mess with Zolomon who is only doing fucking time manipulation.There's so many holes in this idea that it may as well be swiss.

>>117419474NICOLE isn't a mobian. She's a computer. Walter Naugus isn't a mobian either. He's a Pancardinian.Mega Man used chaos force and he's a robot from another universe.

Hey remember when Amy killed god because she wanted to be physically older then what she normally was?

>>117419487>>117419540Mega Man only needed instructions on how to use chaos control, not amp from chaos force. NICOLE also instinctively knew what to do.

>>117419317That wizard wasn’t a Mobian

>>117419547>NICOLE isn't a mobian. She's a computer. Walter Naugus isn't a mobian either. He's a Pancardinian.And yet they're all a part of the same multiverse, governed under the Prime Zone which all others are mere reflections of, which is centered on Mobius. You also forget so much context that you are basically making shit up at this point.

>>117419602Mega Man isn’t from that that Multiverse either

>>117419602>Sonicfag nervousA robot boy from another universe outside the Zone system could use chaos force. Wally who figured out how to tap into metapowers just by touching Dr. Manhattan spunk should be able to figure out that the rings and emeralds are juicing Sonic.

>>117419380that sounds so retarded i gotta see it for myself, whats the issue?

>>117419317Occam's Razor.You can't work with that. There's no way could make it seem anything other than a terrible fanfic written by you.Limit the characters to what they have been shown to be able to do.

>>117419671Who said Manhattans Spunk wasn’t just like an instant grilled cheese maker where you just had to add the bread and cheese and then you’re done while the Chaos Force was like making one manually with a stove

>>117419739Do what now?

>>117419716Comicvine plus Hunter Zolomon.

>>117419760Grilled Cheese

>>117419720Why can't it work?If Wally can see Sonic is powering up on his bling and Wally can move fast enough to grab it, why can't Wally boost his power?

>>117419790i want a BLT though.

>>117419639And he couldn't use Chaos Control until he entered Sonic's mutliverse. Glad we settled this.>>117419671>A robot boy could [delusions]Wha?


>>117419822Just sounds like headcanon. Cope. Wally would just use it himself. Any idiot apparently can

>>117419873>Just sounds like [actual fantasies]Huh?

>>117419893That’s what headcanon means, yeah

>>117419804how would wally know how to use it though? can you just grab the ring and get an instant amp?

>>117419822>Until he entered Sonic's multiverseThey were outside both their universes when he used it.

>>117419893Can Sonic use the Speedforce?

>>117419920>That's [mental illness]Wuzzah?


>>117419390Will we see Chris-chan go on a shooting spree if Sonic loses?

>>117419804Because it's fanfic and they would have nothing to work with, no multipliers, no super forms for wally, no feats of him ever doing something like that, absoltely nothing. Just pure unadulterated fanfic that would lead to a non satisfatory ending that would piss off everyone.That's the same as saying that Sonic can tap into the speed force because he can go fast.

Attached: AcceptableResponsibleElectriceel-size_restricted.gif (480x272, 1.47M)


>>117419994But literally anybody can use the rings while the Speed Force has to choose you

>>117419942I dont see why not


Attached: SOON.jpg (150x150, 5.44K)

>>117420027Who would be a good opponent for the Too Many Cooks guy?

>>117419942No. Being fast isn't enough to use the speed force. See Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.


Attached: 1520120000790.jpg (358x358, 72.44K)

>>117420021anybody can use it but how the fuck would wally know what to do with it?

>>117419994The requirement for using chaos force is that you touch a plot device.The requirement for using the speed force is that it chooses you.

>>117420021Ok, imagine he could absord one ring.Now what you dumboYou're going to turn Flash into Super Flash? Use your head please.

>>117420058Hyper analyze shit. Barry can do the same. Even figured out how to use a GL ring in a second.

>>117420048Too much of a stomp for Xavier, plus everyone would rather see Xavier destroy Rick.

>>117420058his magic chair!that he never uses

>>117420058You don't need to know about the chaos force for it to make you stronger. Just touch the emerald.

>>117420067Sounds like a big cope to me

>>117420068ok but hal knows how to use a ring and hes legally retardedits pretty idiot proof

>>117420066>>117420068>>117420090This is some extremely desperate shitposting.

>>117420066>implying the speed force isn't a plot device

>Everyone complaining about who gets what>Not wanting Chaos Force Speed Wally VS Ultra Speed Force Sonic EXIt is like you people hate fun

Attached: Wally vs Sonic.jpg (2048x949, 487.46K)

I like how this has gone from "Wally can beat the AM so he wins!" to Wally needing to enter turbo fanfiction mode and theoretically catch one of the Emeralds, theoretically harness the Chaos Force through it, and theoretically use it to win. The DCfags have literally admitted Wally has no way to win this on his own and need to string along literal fanfic to justify him somehow taking Sonic's stuff to use against him just to have a chance.

>>117420302Just go fast

Saw it, Sonic wins

>>117418218Different writers, different editors, etc is the standard for Cape comics why is it hax for Sonic?

>>117420321Tell us more.

>>117420321Based. Who’s coming up next?

Attached: fate hax.png (424x374, 311.68K)

>>117420320You're too slow.

>>117420299>touching an emerald let wally go super>>going ultra allows sonic to use the speed forceI'd be game

>>117420321Damn, I should have done this shitpost earlier.

>>117420302Wally doesn't need it to win, it just cements his win. It's like his speed clones. He doesn't need them, but its a viable tactic.

>>117420462How does he kill Sonic?

>>117420330Because officially the same Wally from COIE is the same Wally now. You don't have writers saying "Yeah COIE era Wally's feats don't count anymore."

>>117420462>"h-he doesn't need it!" says clearly panicked DCfagIf that were the case, you'd have posted actual feats he can use to take out Sonic rather than relying on literal fanfiction and needing to take Sonic's own power.

>>117420472Cobalt Blue'ing him. Alternatively, using his molecularly destructive vibrations. It'll only not work on Sonic if they wank the inorganic molecule control Ultra gives him for all its worth and then some.

Is next DB going to be Red Hood vs. Winter Solider?

>>117420485He said it was fuzzy not that it didn't count or happen

>>117420517>Furfag upset that Wally can not only steal Sonic's speed but his powerHope you're prepared for UltraWally shoving an IMP up a frozen and helpless Sonic's asshole.

>>117420548>Alternatively, using his molecularly destructive vibrations.Eaten by the ZoS/Void. Try again.

>>117420558The very next line is him discounting Sonic moving around the world without aid.

>>117420572>DCfags falls into increasingly insane delusionsSterilizing you would be a net boon for humanity at this point.

Doesn't OST usually come out like two days prior? Will we know the result of this by tomorrow?

>>117420358The green gods

Attached: w_w_hulk__marvel__vs_broly_db__by_marvelmania_ddrgg4i-fullview.jpg (1024x727, 212.25K)

>>117420612not unless its super obvious like jack vs afro

>>117420612Probably, assuming it leaks in full.

>>117420626I only see one god

>>117420650based brolybro

>>117420626Immortal Hulk actually makes this relatively even instead of a stomp in Broly’s favor.

>>117420577Sonic would have to throw a portal ring at Wally for that to work, and its not standard equipment. Wally just has to touch Sonic to frag him.

>All these wallyfags seething that wally might get outwanked by sonic

Attached: download (1).jpg (296x170, 6.78K)

>>117420321Tell us how it ends. Screenshot if possible

>>117420751Ultra Sonic can open gateways between Zones. Literally just open one in front of Wally and voila. A soon-to-be-dead chump.

>>117420796Too slow. Just phase.

>>117420321How did you see it? Is there anything you can show us?

>>117420820Too durable. Into the Void you go.

>>117420796Flash Fact: Access to the Speedforce allows Wally to travel to different universes and dimensions.

>>117420321Dude, honest to god give me the fight early so we can dab on these Wallyfags. I want to see the salt. Don’t fuck with me like that At least a screenshot of the end man, I can’t wait 3 days.

>>117420828He’s shitposting.

>>117420321>People being gullible

>>117420845Flash Fact: Wally loses his access to the Speed Force if he's in different cosmologies/settings.

>>117420321Please man I want this to end, I want the debate to endI want to suffer no longerGive me truth Give me fucking PEACEPLEASE TELL ME.

Attached: 51562521-298A-45F3-91F7-108E40AF64DB.jpg (640x325, 29.35K)

>>117420321screenshot or gtfo

>>117420893The only time that was ever a thing was JLA/Avengers.

Flash Fact: This post will end in a 6 and wally dies

>>117420321Suuuuure. Give us the fight or a screenshot with its ending.

>>117420914>Thinking that will give peaceFool. That will just open the flood gates for the insanity to come

Attached: Peter Pan grin.gif (375x249, 485.12K)

>>117420936OH FUCK

>>117420934Which is canon.

>>117418218This is like saying Wally being impaled by Slade means he can’t tank Sonics hits because different writers

>>117420936Dem chaos hax

Attached: Sonic dance.gif (500x400, 603.1K)

>>117420936Happening in progress.

>>117420796Doing that as Ultra burnt him out, and he gets one shot at catching Wally with it. Still no as likely as several Wally clones Cobalt Blue'ing his ass to death.

>>117420321I will literally eat a bag of sugar free gummy bears and shit out my soul with screenshots of this dude delivers. Screencap it.

Attached: 18DD6816-984C-400C-B1B2-581D918ABC40.png (206x244, 11.7K)

>>117420893Not always.

>>117420893That’s why Barry was able to use it in the Power Rangers crossover, right?


Attached: Ah shit!.png (209x278, 37.92K)

>>117420991>MUH COBALT BLUEDCfags are such broken records, shit.>>117421010Yes, always.

>>117420969if I was superstitious I'd seriously think all of the gets sonic has had these pass few threads would mean somethingas is it's pretty fucking funny

>>117421021>Doesn’t debunk his argument and instead results to name calling.Seethe

>>117421011Barry generates it, you fucking retard. Wally doesn't.Holy shit, do DCfags not read the goddamn comics they wank?

>>117421021>Why do DCfags bring up the time Wally channeled all the kinetic force of a multiverse to kill a guy that absorbed kinetic force?The world may never know.

>>117420991>Cobalt BlueThat was just because CB can absorb the speed force. Sonic isn't a SF user so he won't get overloaded with it

>>117421039>implying he had an argument beyond sperging over headcanonCope.

>>117421048Barry would have noticed if he was the only speed force source in the setting. He would have said something.

>>117420321I swear to god this bait is killing me. I just want the full fight now.

>>117421065That actually gives Sonic less of a chance at surviving it. Wally is still blasting a guy with Speed Force. That’s like saying overheating someone who has fire absorption powers with REALLY hot fire means that same fire will be harmless to anyone else

>>117421061Cobalt Blue literally absorbs the Speedforce. That's EXPLICITLY why he could be killed specifically by overloading him. You don't read the comics.>>117421084Barry generates the Speed Force. He can be the only user of it in whatever setting because it originates from him.

>>117421107But it's a special force specifically tied to speedsters in his setting. How would giving him SF juice effect Sonic in any way?

>>117421107Except Cobalt Blue wasn't immune to what happened to him and it literally only worked because he could tap into the Speed Force to drain it. Sonic doesn't interact with the Speed Force at all. You'd need to prove Wally can overload someone using that same technique despite the specific circumstances being entirely different.If Sonic absorbed Chaos Force like Cobalt absorbed SF, maybe you'd have a point. But he doesn't, so you don't.

>>117421124>>117421166>Wally can funnel so much of the speed force that even a guy that amped up off of absorbing it was killed>Somehow, in your warped brain, this means getting force-fed raw kinetic energy won't hurt you unless you have the ability to become stronger off itAre you retarded?

>>117421065>>117421124>>117421166>DCfags lied and took specific feats out of context to powerwank their verse>againEvery damn time.

Attached: 1598946295571.jpg (430x300, 16.02K)

>>117420936sonicbros i think wally's fate is marked in stone.just in case,7 and sonic is without a doubt the winner

Attached: naga-the-serpent-gif-11.gif (500x377, 723.67K)

>>117421124>>117421166What do you think happens to someone not Cobalt Blue that eats raw speed force?

>>117421210>Furcunt lying>AgainYiff in hell

>>117421196>>117421218Cobalt only died because 1) he was connected to the Speed Force by necessity in order to drain it, and 2) because his connection means he literally couldn't turn himself off once he started draining, causing him to explode. Sonic has none of these issues and so you have no goddamn point. You're an autist taking the story out of context to jerk off literal fanfiction.

>>117421215Sorry sonicbro you dropped it.Here's the real 7

Attached: 1599103318408.jpg (409x413, 62.82K)

>>117421215>2 offDamn.>>117421231>DCfag lying>againGo fuck Otto before he shoots his brains out.

>>117421247oh fuck


Attached: __lina_inverse_and_naga_the_serpent_slayers_drawn_by_choroli_chorolin__523c5ea07f2c32407b3089769cb17a32.png (800x600, 711.34K)


Attached: Laughing Sonics.jpg (2000x1333, 349.27K)

>>117421247Oh shit.

So I heard that Wally West actually wins, he uses the Speedforce to reflect Sonic's speed and power back at him, he kills Sonic by kicking his head in a wall a bunch of times.

>>117421237I think you need to re-read the comic. Wally channeled the speed force. Even Swan's post on Ultra's blog recognizes this fact. victory theme4

>>117421247sonicbros we just keep winning

Attached: 400.jpg (403x400, 114.14K)

>>117421288>Swan>biggest DCfag amongst that research team and the source of "400 novemdecillion is a LOW END gayz"Yeah, no. You have no argument. Fuck off.

Sonic is gonna clutch

>>117421313He didn’t say that, stop misquoting people. He said the quintillion feat was a low end

>Nero vs Hellboy>CYCLOPS WHEN>Taskmaster vs Deathstroke>Jackie Estacado vs Venom knockoff #325434

Attached: EWC0AWWU0AYZ_Qh.jpg (1200x934, 161.16K)

>>117417478To be fair, that "incalculable speed" panel is about Super Sonic, not base form.

>>117418597That’s why I said “was” as in during the Big Bang

>>117421288>>117421348t. increasingly nervous DCfag.

>>117421312knuckles still lost, I don't care if Omega and Silver wins their fight

>>117421284>wall>in the cosmic interstate

>>117420299>>117420421This is how you manage to reduce the salt, by going full What If and making the battle fucking crazy

Dubs and sonic wins by using chaos control to erase the speed force from his universe

>Sonicfag thinks Cobalt Blue, who got more powerful the more speed force he ate, was somehow vulnerable to

I saw the fight early guys, Sonic and Wally both die to CHADku and then Goku proceeds to slaughter Superman along with the rest of the DCverse.

Attached: GODku.png (541x723, 752.61K)

>>117417283Ham & Steak would be great for a soundtrack if this fuck ever got into DB

>Sonic plot armor is headcanon

Attached: 7BC73810-64D1-4C9A-B73E-479E326735C2.png (320x555, 376.67K)


Attached: watching.png (171x142, 60.23K)

>>117421411Holy shit.


>>117421391Oh its just what I heard, how do you know its on the cosmic interstate?

>>117421419If he got more powerful the more he ate, he would not have died.

>>117421459The preview has the battle on the cosmic interstate

If this post ends in 3 this confirms what >>117421425 is saying

Attached: smugku.jpg (341x512, 81.94K)

So dumb shit, have you guys thought of any good battles against OCs like saySonichu vs Coldsteel

>>117421459>>117421484If it’s the Cosmic Interstate and Wally can still run, will they ignore JLA/Avengers?

>>117421476The point was that the speed force was so strong and so infinite that even if you ramped off it having it all shot through you at once would kill you.

>>117421284>>117421459>namefag is an absolute retard who can't even lie rightLmao.>>117421494Fail.

>>117421502I guess so.Also considering a wall was mentioned, I'll fucking laugh if it turns out the cosmic interstate leads to the fucking Source Wall.

>>117421502Looks that way. UH OH SONICBROS.

>>117421514>The point was [headcanon]Uh huh. Good job contradicting yourself, I guess.

>>117421515Here's the REAL 3

Attached: dragon-ball-ssj3-defense-1193940-1280x0.jpg (1280x723, 89.2K)


>>117421515Thats a mean thing to say, dont ya think?

>>117421523>actually believing a namefag's lies in lieu of actual argumentsIs this what DCfags are reduced to now?

>>117421563go back

>>117421543Sonic's fatehax is stronger than expected. >>117421563But not inaccurate.

>>117421579>go backgo back

>>117421237>Sonic can survive having a multiverse’s worth of kinetic energy flowing through his body because he can’t absorb it.Wat

>>117421567Anything is possible. Considering Wally’s running in Archie Sonic Cosmology, I wouldn’t be surprised

>>117421528How is it a contradiction?


Attached: Sonic Boom scene.jpg (1200x630, 121.75K)

>>117421543OH SHIT

>>117421543Now it's time to go even further beyond

Attached: goku-ssj4-dbh--1119497-1280x0.jpg (1280x704, 79.05K)

>>117421608I love how you continue to ignore context and what was said in previous posts to shitpost.

>>117421378What, literally no one besides Hal has pulled that off, not even the Speedsters

>>117421675Which is why it should not be used to scale anyone.

If this post ends in 5, Sonic kills Wally for all eternity.

>>117421699Maybe but if probably will

Dubs and Otto gets sent to the sanitarium after breaking down over Sonic dabbing over Wally


>>117421731Seems you dropped your dubs there, my friend.

Attached: Sonic275.jpg (953x953, 154.59K)

5 and these threads will get nuked INSTANTLY

Attached: Freeezer.png (2172x1544, 1014.92K)

>>117421776Hah>>117421785Not instant

>>117421785Thank you god.


>>117421833There we go

>>117421833It's happening.

>>117421731Trips and Otto never shows his face in these threads again if Sonic wins.

>>117415807Wallyfans are in their 40sBut sonicfans are extremely obese and can't walk more than 5 feet.I would go with Wallyfans.

>>117416071It was already explained why Wally would Stomp them

>>117416256Yes.>Beating Instant teleportation>Moving in stopped time but better>Surviving a fucking retcon

>>117416256>>117416330>>117417161Instant teleportation

>>117421944No it wasn't. All that was given were retarded shitposts and meme statements. The one thing DCfags are good at.

>>117416829Wally runs at infinite speed. He beat instant teleportation.

>>117421929Whoops, you dropped em. Here you go

>>117416579Except Wally has been DC's punching bag for decades

>>117421999You’re really good at this

>>117421957>>117421961>Beating Instant teleportationNeeded help from two planets for that.>Moving in stopped time but betterRequires context.>Surviving a fucking retconExplicitly did not survive. He's only still around because Manhattan couldn't be assed to go make sure that he kept deleting him until it stuck.

>>117421731>>117421776>>117421929>Thinking you can defeat Otto>Thinking you can defeat the Power of StardustKneel before your king.

Attached: They Hated Otto 2.png (316x339, 172.06K)

>> would work well for certain parts of a battle track.

>>117421999OH MY

>>117422018Sorry, I can't hear you over your furious slurping of that tripfag cock in your mouth over there. Would you mind speaking up?


Attached: SAVAGE.jpg (1280x720, 47.17K)

Ultra Sonic has been shown to take on new forms on the fly based on what's in his vicinity. What's stopping him from becoming Speedforce Sonic due to Wally's presence? It's fanfic as fuck, but there's precedent.Meanwhile Wally loses his connection to the speedforce outside of DC. If they really wanna rub it in, they can basically let Sonic steal the speedforce from Wally and then just toss him into the zone of silence. Now that's speedstealing.

>>117422073I don’t know, there’s no real precedent. He can adapt to like a forest or desert or tundra but an entire weird dimension? I don’t know if that tracks.

>>117418711You people know that Speedsters aren't always at their max speed right? Speed counts both movement and perception. It's why Professor Zoom can get shot through the head when standing still and not noticing.

>>117422093Not that weird if it's just DC's kinetic energy. But yeah, obviously I was just trying to conceive of the scenario that would make the seething go nuclear.

>>117422127>You people know that Speedsters aren't always at their max speed right? Except when it comes to Wally because reasons, right?

>>117422016Except he is faster than he was when he did that. In his latest issue he ran faster than that feet.Also he could just absorb sonic's speed and do it again.

>>117422127He literally ran into the blade speeding at him though, not comparable to zoom's headshot at all.

>>117422158I don’t know, seems more like what that one Pokemon Castform does

Attached: CFD60BBF-9E74-45F8-AA1D-40813872CE27.jpg (360x360, 31.48K)

>>117421983No retard. It was explained using comics why CENSORED couldn't touch Wally. His brain is immune to it as shown in his latest run.

>>117422165No. I never said that retard. It applies to all speedsters.

>>117422073Or Wally just steals his fucking speed and rapes his ass making all sonicfags jelly.

>>117422185While I agree personally, I wouldn't put it past DB to go there with a straight face.

Flashfag here. I wont be upset when Wally loses because even that wont be as bullshit as Masterchief beating Doomguy. Anything after that just let's me know not to take anything seriously.

>>117422180>Can Flashfags top this with actual feats, not meme statements?Read the original post you were replying to again. Slowly this time.>>117422191Wouldn't matter if he was immune to some random mind control shit. He'd still die. A manifestation of the Well like CENSORED is too much for DC.

>>117422254It has no feats. It’s just not impressive

>>117422222Put your trip back on, Otto.

>>117422257Wally has no feats. He's just not impressive

>>117422222>Still can't see sonicbros are just shitposting because they know Wally has everything to lose.Outside of maybe a few grand autismos, we'd be fine with that outcome. That's why a possible Sonic win is so hilarious.

>>117422222I-Is this the true power of Otto?

>>117422283>>117422254>Beating instant teleportation isn't impressivelol

>>117422254Holy shit you are a fucking retard. It's not mind control you stupid shit. Being able to survive the Mobius chair means censored would be no issue. Fuck off you stupid casual

>>117422269>>117422312>>117422317You are just jelly that Wally will get to fuck sonic and you wont. Admit it

>>117422222What a waste of quints.

>>117422330>immediately and instantly jobbed to Batlmao afterCry more DCfag.

Made a comp of all the evidence we have that sonic is being rigged to win. I'm not a Flashfag, I have hated Death Battle since the Chief vs Doomguy. Let me know if i'm missing any

Attached: Death Battle 2020.png (1740x2448, 670.91K)

>>117422222>QuintsFurry hax BTFO

>>117422319Can't even do it on his own.

>>117422330>getting a wiki beamed into your head is comparable so a being so unmentionable its fucking sound effects have to be censored

>>117422354Has nothing to do with CENSORED retard.>>117422222Quints confirmed. Sonic is fucked until someone can beat the quints. Sonicfags MAD

>>117422367And is also an extension of a force that covers and transcends multiple multiverses.

>>117422367Nigger, it was elder god cthulu shit, cosmic truths that the mind can't comprehend. >>117422376Just like the mobius Chair

>>117422362none of that is evidence

>>117422373Put your trip back on, Otto.>>117422383>The Mobius Chair>encompassing multiple multiverses, let alone transcending them"No!"

>>117422222>quintspretty based wallyfag. let's just wait and see

>>117422312This.It's rare for sonic threads to even start on Holla Forums. If Wally wins, then what? They shitpost in that 1 sonic thread where nobody even gives a fuck about Archie to begin with? Or they go to Holla Forums where they also wouldn't give a shit?But if Sonic wins, DC threads are fucked permanently. There's no coming back. Sonicfags have nothing to lose and every (You) to gain. It'd be fucking glorious to see the shitshow if Sonic wins. With all the GET posting that's been happening it might already be set in stone.

Attached: 1598984365470.jpg (3294x4096, 794.85K)

>>117422376>>117422367I love this fucking butthurt goalpost moving. They are the same shit except the Mobius chair is even more powerful. >>117422391Yes you fucking retard. Read the fucking comics. Mobius chair does AT LEAST 2 multiverses and transends them by looking at all possible futures of each multiverse and past. Get fucked casual.

>>117422018He can

Attached: FF4A6A80-5D60-4A4D-8EA4-9FE46B41583D.jpg (640x343, 45.36K)

>>117422376>>117422383yeah you know what else does thatwikipedia

>>117422341>Not Bunnie RabbotAnon you had one job.

>>117422400or you could just, try to make archie comic sonic threads more of a thing on the board?

>>117422391>>117422383>>117422373>>117422376>Kids that clearly doesn't read comics just spamming bullshitThis is sad.

>>117422362>Flashfags are in full meltdown over nothingAs an outsider to both your fandoms all of this is fucking hilarious.

>>117422385It literally is. The fucking discord screenshot and screenshot of the writer definitely is

>>1174224022 multiverses is positively miniscule compared to the Well. Nice try, though.

>>117422423It's about DB being fucking retarded yet people still taking it seriously.

>>117422362It was confirmed RJ faked a leak. But that needs the original leak comparing Wally to Galaxia. That was the big one along with Ben gushing about Sonic on the podcast and admitting they're trying to kill DC.

>>117422409why botherit'd just be retreads of the same shit since there will never be any new content

>>117422428Give a source then retard. The DC universe includes an infinite amount of universes and the dark multiverse is literally cosmic horror shit. You are a fucking retard that needs to keep moving the goalpost.


>>117422436Care to post them?

>>117422409You're missing the point. Wallyfags won't really get to shitpost as hard outside of these threads because there's barely any Sonic threads to begin with.

>>117422447>Give a source then retard. Library of Ruina.>The DC universe includes an infinite amount of universes and the dark multiverse is literally cosmic horror shit.Only 'infinite'? How tiny.

>>117422428>IT DOESN'T MATTER THAT IT'S A BUNCH OF INFORMATION IT'S THAT IT'S LE HORROR AND LE LOVECRAFT>"Actually mobius chair includes lovecraft shit">I MEAN IT'S THAT IT IS A LOT OF INFORMATIONlol. Either way you lost.

>>117422409Literally no reason to, it's dead and never coming back. Nothing to lose, everything to kek.

>>117422465That's not a source you fucking retard.

>>117422452Yes. Now put your trip back on.

>>117422424>one guy going they're gonna kill wally after being told reread the comics is proof>>that stupid fucking retcon shit is proof when the appeal of archie sonic battle boarding is all the insane shit he's done over the course of the runnono it really isnt

>>117422484Yes it is faggot. If they are going to include non cannon shit then Wally should get his Kingdom Come feets.

>>117422429Jesus christ, user. Control your autistic rage. Just because your favorite fake person is about to die in a pointless debate.


>>117422467>>117422475>pictured: DCfag having a schizophrenic meltdown

>>117422465This shitposter probably didn't even play the games. He is just trying to make CENSORED seem bigger than it is.

>>117422500My favorite fake person died a long time ago in the Chief vs Doomguy battle. Now i'm just wondering why people take it seriously.

>>117422505>Get BTFO>"H-ha y-you are mad"lol.

>>117422495>non cannonwhat's non canon to archie sonic? he's always been the exact same sonic through every issue.

>>117422222Shame you didn't say Wally was going to win though

Attached: Laughing cats.jpg (360x360, 18.3K)

>>117422505>I was only pretending to be retardedSure thing Furry.

>>117422423As an insider to both, agreed. Some of these people are treating it as if it's a legit Archie/DC crossover event with stakes that matter, and that is just hilarious.

>>117422523The writer himself said his base feats weren't cannon. Read the image.>>117422527Don't care. Will get to jerk off anyways.

>>117422500It's just the one DCfag having a spergout. He's the same cunt throwing a shitfit over the Lobotomy Corp memes.>>117422504Otto had a mental breakdown over MOP. Now MOP-posting is used to make Ottofags seethe.


>>117422409Not much reason to. They already shit on the one thread they do make anyway. Wallyfags have nothing to gain but everything to lose here and the Sonicfags are just enjoying the ride at their expense

>>117422523They don't want the multiversal feats from the megaman crossover even though it's canon to the universe. Funny part is there's strong stuff in Sonic Universe than that.

>>117422508CENSORED is not the msot powerful Aleph, but it's pretty strong. Stronger than Wally at least.

>>117422545MOP? I think I might have missed what happened.

>>117422553It’s more universal. >>117419602

>>117422545Takes your pills schizo

>>117422522>>117422529So mad.

>>117422569Lobotomy corps fanboy keeps insisting his game is the most powerful ever then gets butthurt when people explain why it's not. This is like his 4th thread trying to get people to buy his shitty game.

>>117422222>obvious seething gets quints/co/ really is the worst board

>>117422569Otto went batshit over Flatland and the Monarch of Pointland, had a 4-post mental breakdown, and now people use Monarch shitposting of troll him and his cult of fanboys.>>117422573Seethe.

>>117422362>he compiled a bunch of shit that literally got disproven>a lot of it is also nothing burgersAt this point if Wally wins sonicfags STILL take the W.Somebody PLEASE make a screencap for all the conspiracy schizo posting wallyfags. We can't have you guys rewriting history and acting smug and shit if Wally ends up winning. We have to remind you of the panic attacks Sonic gave you

Attached: 1598836143033.png (2565x2245, 1.03M)

>>117422593Stay butthurt furry. Only one seething is you.

>>117422601Post sauce

>>117422591>doesnt even know which diacussion he should be replying toDCfaggot absolutely SHAKING right now.

>>117422600>Seething labo fag is also the schizolol

>>117422600>Otto used 3 posts of information from the book to debunk that MOP could solo DC like not-Numbers claimed>O-Otto BTFOSure.

>>117422565>tfw Whitenight would just make Speed Force not a thing anymore>tfw Blue Star would get Wally to join the party>tfw Melting Love would cause Wally to accidentally fuck up his entire multiverse unwittingly>CENSORED would cause him to explode>Apocalypse Bird itself no sells all kinetic damage on top of anything else. Though Wally could banish it he simply can't kill it or stop it with steal>Nothing There is the same way only limited to just physical and kinetic fuckery. Still makes Wally helpless thoughCould Wally deal with Mountain of Smiling Bodies, Orchestra, and Army In Black though?

Attached: Blue Star coming.gif (512x384, 155.54K)

>>117422622The only schizo here is you, DCuck.

>>117422632Doctor Manhattan tried same thing. Didn't work

>>117422636>OTTO OTOO OTTOOOLol

>>117422632>Estoy el fin, Labo Cuck

Attached: 06-page.png (810x1268, 555.79K)

I remember when people used to say something like Star vs Steven would be needed to break Holla Forums. This has truly astonished me.

>>117422632>Could Wally deal with Mountain of Smiling Bodies, Orchestra, and Army In Black though?Mountain? Yeah probably. They contained it by nuking one of their facility wings, so Wally might be able to simply bruteforce it. Orchestra and Army In Black are maybes.>>117422649>>117422650Delusional samefag.

>>117422652To be honest, literally anything that pose a threat to an above planet tier DC hero would cause Holla Forums to break

>>117422601>>117422616>>117422636>All 1 minute apartThis fucking rage is amazing

>>117422652Furfags will be shown no mercy when their autism awareness idol gets smashed

>>117422670Lol butthurt Labo faggot

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>>117422670Go back to playing with your cardboard labo cuck

>>117422672This. DC is the one thing of worth these faggots have in their miserable lives. The instant it gets FRAUD DETECTED, they will probably collectively kill themselves.>>117422674>>117422676>>117422681Case in point.

>>117422674>>117422674Dubs and you're a faggot (even though you're one regardless)

FlashfagI hold no ill will towards sonicfans. I know they aren't the ones shitposting and falseflagging, it's just outsiders that don't even read comics.Still think Wally would win though

Attached: c7849b3e95f1952ea83e7d4a4b01a021[1].jpg (640x960, 91.4K)

>sonicfags >have been getting multiple gets just from shitposting alone>made their own memes >literally laughing over how stupidly busted archie sonic is>risk nothing simply do to Holla Forums never getting sonic threads and Holla Forums not giving a fuck>even if sonic loses, they know they broke dc and wallyfags to the point where they started saying the fight is rigged from the very start>wallyfags are crying right now. even the one that posts underneath me>wallyfags>are gay

>>117422676Again you will be barking at nothing silly Wallyfag. You will have on thread to work with that only gets posted once a month or two. All DC threads will be bombarded if Wally loses. You played yourselves by showing how much you cared about this


>>117422602>Only one seething is you.>Oh yeah well Wally will rape him!Sure he is.

>>117422674forgot image

Attached: Screenshot_4.png (444x158, 6.84K)

>>117422699cant argue with that logic

Attached: 1589346515464.png (681x354, 516.3K)

>>117422699>>117422694Lol, now it's just butthurt name calling. This is amazing. Keep going

>>117422712Wally got Quints. Sorry sonicfags.

>>117422725>So fucking mad he can't even remember to post his imagesHilarious.


>>117422728>>117422736This is just Otto without his trip, for any thinking this is a real poster. 3 confirms.

If dubs,Bomberman gets to have a rematch

>>117422736What do those 5 faced fucks have to do with this fight?

>>117422737If this post ends in 7 you suck cock

Attached: 1598816720334.jpg (963x750, 122.36K)

>>117422699These threads have been so fucking wacky and are reaching overdrive levels now. I can't wait until the result drops just to see how much more insane it will get. The only thing that would be better than Sonic winning for maximum salt is if they do a Homestuck match straight after. I don't think Holla Forums would survive the sheer raw force of autism

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>>117422736>wally got quintsnever said he won though. sonic will come back and win in the end. 3

>>117422713This.>>117422754So close.

>>117422758So close

>>117422754If he does then it’s going to be the biggest stomp in DB history, universal to multi universal level vs wall level

>>117422736>Didn't even declare Wally would win like the others>Sonic got numerous more and triple combo 9 posts for the first GETWhich one will win out though is amusing to think about from a meta standpoint though

>>117422725Nice, shitty shop. The red line doesn't extend that far.Yeah you mad

>>117422758Fail and gay post. If 5, Sonic rapes your face in your sleep.

>>117422362I can't imagine there being some high IQ shit that expands the cosmology of Archie that no one else found within the pages of the comic

>>117422751Lol take your meds

These dubs will negate Wally's quints

If dubs,all the researchers have autism confirmed. Ben Singer, too. Also, your mother will die in her sleep tonight if you don't reply to this post.

>>117422757>>117422761>>117422773Lol butthurt that Sonic will get his speed stolen and raped in video.