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>>117415198What the fuck is this even about?

This thread has been claimed by the voireformation Only deleted chapters 1-3 are canon

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>>117415198Wait, what? Did they...???

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Shes back bitches

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Jesus now that's what i call an update. Even more convinced now that the pashusta cult is gnostic inspired.

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Blue sounds like a fucking asshole to be honest.

wolf girl and Towdi's old look make reappearances. Is this supposed to be the back of green-Owen's head? Doesn't look quite right for that, there's none of the segmentation around the eyes. A Greener we haven't yet met who uses Towdi's old look, similar to how Emeri's brother now looks like the guy who pulled him out of the pit? A younger Towdi who gets mentored by his older self in a self-stable time loop?I wonder what the significance of the blue square around Original Flavor Towdi could be. Can't imagine it's there for no reason

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the teff is blue's tulpa and voihon is his mind palace theory is only getting strongeryou add coma dream to the mix and it all fits in perfectly

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>>117415198Fuck yeahAbout time, I was starting to get worried again.

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>>117415484Think the blue square is like an altar or podest where blue preaches from. Would explain wolfgirl and her book

i miss the cute one-off gags

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what the fuck is going on

imagine if you had a lambwife that was this funny

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This was a really good chapter, the prose and art were top notch.

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So Blue is fucking dead?

>>117415816Always was

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>>117415198>Font0Psilon256>The last part in WinterPlan video was "FONTY"So it did mean something after all.That said what the fuck was this chapter?

Is teff's blue dress supposed to imply blue is... well doing the closest thing he can do in his form to take advantage of her?

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>>117416125It's the dress from the flashback chapter. I think he's just remembering how she used to look before.

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Did the description change? I think it was a RGB value of something before but now it's>Here's a doll and an eye. There's a lamb and a robot.

>>117415484Yeah and theres not that eyebrow/forehead thing that owen has.Personally I think it's Reality Towdi, like the Pointy Towdi we've been seeing is like a dreamy on steroids kind of Towdi Kwar, but regular round headed Towdi is what Towdi Kwar just looks like normally (who panics and shoots people).

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>>117415816It sounds like he had been stuck in a hospital for the past 10 years or so, but now something's changed, so he decided to awaken Teffina. Maybe he was discharged, or he fell into a coma, or he finally lost all semblance of sanity, who knows what happened.

Just wanted to let you guys know that our friends over at hispachan translated the deleted version of the first episode into spanish, don't know how progress is going on updating it and translating the rest though. hispafiles.ru/ac/res/100885.html#101477

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>>117415198i think ive finally figured out how this reads to me.reminds me of religious texts/stories with how its worded and flows.an odd mix of story and spirituality.

>>117415385Waiting for best wolf to make his debut aswell

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>>117416264Fuck, which chapter was that? I don't recall this panel at all.

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>>117415198>>117415357v-voibros....it's nothing..

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>>117415484arent they just Owen and Towdi? the third greener is Mekia but he hasn't appeared proper in the comic, only in that one pic of him smoking voikush with blueif he died as a kid how come he gets to look like an adult on later appearances?

>>117415512where do Tobio and Yagnie come into that then

>>117417984Like >>117416602 pointed out, it just looks way too different than green!Owen, who just looks like Owen but green. Notice that green!Owen has round eyes and the head ridge, whereas the old version of Towdi has his almond-shaped eyes and a flush forehead

>>117415391I thought Bluevoi hated and rejected god? So its really strange to hear him saying with pride as part of the foundation of his beliefs that he's one of god's kids.

>>117415484>I wonder what the significance of the blue square around Original Flavor Towdi could be. Can't imagine it's there for no reasonI thought they were all gathered around a table.

>>117418491i think he meant his biological father, but its still pretty odd

>>117418491Exactly my point. I have the feeling the whole "procreation is sinful" theme is completely in line with gnostic "creation is evil" thought. "God" isnt truly god but a arrogant creator - the demiurge - making his own version of divinity. Bluevoi seems to see himself aware of that, hence him rejecting his physical form and greeners being the agents of this false god (the Archons).

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This man is afraid of grass, laugh at him.

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>>117418491I think he was referring to himself. Blue is a truly self-made man.

>>117415391>>117418491A central tenet of Gnosticism is that material creation is evil and "salvation" is found by the transcendence of the material world. It was declared heretical by the early Church and thoroughly suppressed, but every now and then the heresy pops up again.The story seems to be told from the POV of someone who is deathly ill and seeking some form of Gnostic "salvation".

>>117415484>Is this supposed to be the back of green-Owen's head?pic related is Owen from behind>>117418491>>117418668"Father" doesn't have to mean God, and it probably isn't Blue's biological father because "man's testicles"

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>>117419471A fun thing to note is that there has been a plethora of sacraments in gnostic christian sects revolving around the dying. While i doubt bluevoi willingly chose his sickly fate, it's plausible he chose not to receive treatment (rejecting injections and being hostile towards doctors) in an attempt to transcend faster/ at all. In his mind his body is what is keeping him shackled to the world. The endura was a sacrament in gnostic christianity that involved a severly ill or dying disciple to refuse any nourishment or medical treatment to accelerate his death in order to leave behind the physical form. Usually, this was seen as an extraordinary deed allowing a faithful to cleanse himself of sin even before he reached "perfection" in his lifetime. Seems oddly fitting imo

>>117419041I don't blame him, it's full of gross stuff.>>117419471>"salvation" is found by the transcendence of the material worldSounds like Buddhism.

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>greeners are canon nameHell yeah!>Wolf girl's video is deleted>Wolf girl is in blue lightThis is either a retcon or more proof greeners are the true victims here.

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>>117419806Buddhism isnt dualist, there is no clear cut, real "good" and "evil". Gnosticism on the other hand sees creation and physical matter as irredeemably undivine, with merely humans being the only thing containing even remotely inherent divinity, trapped in the unfortunate circumstance of material existence. It even goes as far to declare some as lost causes, unable to see the truth and not capable of transcending, as they are too obsessed with their carnal, physical desires. As i said, too many parallels to ignore

>>117417976Peace be with you, Voi'Doomer.

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>>117419976greeners are meaniesWolf girl is cute

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She´s canon now.

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>>117420157I hope that the Predator ends up with his nose deep in her guts and hates every second of it.

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>>117419041we need an edit of this, im extremely sure itll be relevant later on

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>>117420377No, fuck you, You wojackfag.

>>117418019Not him, but:Tobio is Blue's nephew, Yagnie is Tobio's tulpa. It's possible that Tobio and Blue are staying in the same hospital, and/or they're both in coma, so it could be that they have a shared coma dream, or everything is happening in Blue's head and Voihon!Tobio doesn't really exist, he's actually just another tulpa/alter ego/hallucination of Blue.

>>117420653isnt Yagnie a younger greener and Mekia´s sister though? She is in a similar role to Teff but a different species. That and we know Blue physically messed with Tobio as a baby.Even if it's established that you can interact with inner worlds and sleeping people coma theories are always super lame.

I know nothing about this comic, only that it led to the creation of my favorite reaction image.

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>>117415198Weather forecast for the next 100000 years:Absolutely perfect with a 100% chance of smugness, with scattered gloating and patches of comfy.Night will see some light sprinkles of seething greeners and Towdi crying himself to sleep like the bitch he is.

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Blue is cruisin' for a bruisin'

>Owen was the good guy all along.

>>117415198What's wrong with Blue's hand? Is he having a frostbite? Because that could be related to the "winter plan" mentioned issues ago, also who the hell is "Father"?>>117416773Thanks for reminding me that I've got to ask Voifont for the name of the font to make a better translation, negro.

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>>117421555Seems to be the same color as the shadow condom blue. I think it might be him becoming the Ubermonshtrum since he is smiling.


>>117420734>She is in a similar role to Teff but a different speciesAnd what's Teff's species supposed to be? Or Yagnie's for that matter? They're similar in that they keep changing their species/physical forms.Teff used to be a mousegirl before she was turned into a robot, which may or may not have been her first form, and just as Yagnie, she seems to have a human form as well. It's also probable that both of them can change their size at will.>isnt Yagnie a younger greener and Mekia´s sister though?Yagnie's origin story is kind of shady. She's apparently Mekia's sister, but she didn't look that much like a frog when she was a kid, though she did have the same headshape as him. Now she's a lamb for some reason, and at some point she also had a winged, tailed, evil? form that she doesn't want to talk about, or so she says. None of this really makes much sense, and it doesn't have to, because if we're going by the theory that Teff is Blue's tulpa, it would be logical to assume that Yagnie is made up as well.The same goes for:>That and we know Blue physically messed with Tobio as a baby.Blue either dreamt it all up, or it was a dream-like distortion of a real event.

>Blue is still in mouse-modeAtleast I think he is, might still give an opening for Towdi or some other madman to go Mouse-Trap-Monday on his ass. Granted it's hard to predict anything with Voihon with how bizarre each update tends to be.

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>>117422461Phenomenal work, I really want to punch him right now.


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