I'm storytiming something every day in September, starting with the Scott Pilgrim series! Today: Book 3: Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness. College Scott! Fighting a Vegan! Haircuts! Let's go!Scott Pilgrim Part 1: >>117364327 Scott Pilgrim Part 2: >>117388870

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and we're off!

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scopilg ttrim

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ayy thanks op

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>>117414103Sigh time to cringe at myself more

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poor knives

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there's the joke!

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>>117414493Sthepen stills is the coolest SP character

>>117415161for sure

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did anyone storytime the entirety of Bone back when the Netflix adaptation was announced? I know it's one long-ass ride and it would take a few days plus many threads but man would that be worth it

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>>117415215I actually did that last summer! It might be cool to do it again, I still haven't decided what I'm going to do for days 18-30.

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>>117414934scott needs to get his arms broken

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>>117415401I've been here. Had my own Knives. Just last year. Maybe I'm still Scott after all this time.

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>>117415284the life and times of Scrooge McDuck is a classic to storytime around fall but it's a long ride as well. Just what comes to mind

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>>117415217I take it back Michael coumeau is the coolest SP character followed by Wallacce

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>>117415284Okay I was super wrong of course Joseph is the best SP character by a Canadian mile

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>>117415351Probably Scott's best moment not bitching out of talking to knives when he knows it would be awkward

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>>117415426We all are despite ourselves, bless you user I hope life works out for you

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>>117415594Okay I was super double wrong Wallace is the best boy now and forever

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It's interesting to see how some jokes were adapted in the movie.

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I like the art this comic has, but the dialogue can be really annoying sometimes.

>>117416532it's definitely of its time.

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poor kim.

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>>117416590Since so much of SP is based off of O'Malley's real life I wonder if he had a shitty roommate situation.

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>Scott would be a jaded boomer in his 40s right nownow I kinda wanna see how their whole universe is faring in 2020

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>>117414964She's in her underwear

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>>117416797Ask O'Malley. Pretty sure he divorced his wife who he dated back when drawing SP a while ago.

>>117416837very observant

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>>117416880knives butt

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It's weird that SP got so popular when the drawings are so simple, I guess if your style factor is strong enough you can get away with everyone being drawn at like one angle.

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>>117416969I think that's part of why it got so popular, it's extremely easy to read.

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That's it for today, see you tomorrow with book 4!

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>>117416997book 4 is my favourite. can't wait

>>117416997Thanks so much for your storytime, I was really looking forward to today's and will be looking forward to tomorrow's too.


Fuck Scott pilgrim

>>117414103>Watch Scott Pilgrim film other week>Fucking love it>Really want to read the comics>Was about to get on whatever shady online comic site I can find them on>See this insteadHoly shit. Gonna do some reading, thank you OP for storytiming and probably preventing my PC from getting an STD

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>>117418291Ey, fuck you buddy!!!

>>117414493>Hair: Art SchoolIt's like Bryan knew the memes that would come out of this.

>>117418771I'm not your buddy, simp!

>>117415136Scott of the past doesn't know how good he has it. 2020 means it's tricky to get a haircut depending on where you live.

I never realized that todd is a total school shooter conspiracy nut

>>117415748>back of the knee, maybe

>>117416297Scott would get the drink with -1 int

Christ, this is fucking terrible. How did this shit get a movie?

>>117414367Kinda wack that O'Malley had Knives date a 23 and a 20 year old. Just really shitty.

>>117414493Honestly, Julie being the same person out of college that she was in college is on brand to a lot of the bitchy girls that I know.

>>117414572>>117414581This is actually really depressing. Seeing someone who gets rid of who she was for money and is also really distant. It sucks.

>>117415172Holy Bendis speak!

>>117415217Since I'm retarded, it says Stacy is rarin to go. For like a decade, I didn't know what it meant. But it means she wants to fight, right?

>>117416179>>117416190Weird how different his hair is here compared to volume 6.

>>117421468pretty much, yeah. if you're raring, you're enthusiastic about something. see the phrase "ready and raring to go"

>>117416156i thought this story was gonna get dark and gritty cause of this page

>>117414184Hello again, Envy

>>117415426>Had my own Knives. Just last year.How so?

>>117415390>>117415401>>117415415Scott sucks, but Knives comes off as super creepy too

I was a lot less sympathetic towards Knives when I was in my early twenties but now it's pretty obvious she's just a kid who fell into older kids' drama just because a boy got horny and decided to screw her and got her confused about where she's at in life.

>>117422414>because a boy got horny and decided to screw herHer and Scott never fucked. But I get what you're saying