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>>117413934I know its shit but I liked Faust. it was weird but had charm

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Remember me? No?Neither did I until you just reminded me.

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Attached: dylan-dog-dead-of-night-movie-poster.jpg (540x800, 50.54K) wonder if Harvey Korman preferred this or the Star Wars Holiday Special

>>117414290always bittersweet as I wondered if Routh and Sam Huntington (Jimmy from Superman Returns) sort of took this job and just rolled the dice.

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>>117414542>Dog's just laying there confused with a blurr effect done in photoshop

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>>117414228Oh I remember it. I fell asleep.

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>>117414542I was just thinking about this the other day.

I know its from 2020, but not even knowing the movie came out is the same as forgetting it.

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>>117414719When are we nuking Brazil?

>>117414615All star is brought up daily

>>117414719In b4 Yogi Bear.

>>117414424This was OK, I like me some Scott Adkins. It unfortunately came off like a low-rent John Wick though.

>>117414045>runs for over 40 years>incredibly popular in its heyday>now no one cares about itDamn...

Pixar competitor.

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Keep seeing it whenever I scroll netflix.Haven't watch it yet but apparently reviews for it are mixed. Might check it out tho

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>>117413786there's like a dozen movies of the Manara comic where the invisible dude bangs bitches

Cemetery Man

>>117414953Butterscotch? What movies?

>>117414936>SLAM EVIL!

>>117414828Sorry I didn't read the OP correctly. Let me try again.>Get Boned!Cringe.

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>>117415024Greatest tagline of all time

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I bet this is less discussed these days than Steel or Howard the Duck.

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Too soon?

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>>117414394This is based on a comic? I was only gonna watch it because Hemsworth is cute.

>>117415305For what? What is this?

>>117414394I've heard its actually good for what it is. Didn't know its based on something.

>>117415354Ande Park's Ciudad.

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>>117415267I unironically love this movie.

I laugh everytime.The "From the writers of Batman Begins" tagline makes it even funnier now.

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Not really Holla Forums but I just had to add it.

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Finally a thread where noone is whining about how the old one is better.

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>>117415030am I allowed to like this movie

props to this thread for having so many movies I've legitimately never heard of

>>117415589Oh god what...

>>117415628This thread isn't "shitty movies that are forgotten". Just movies that are forgotten.

Saw this one during the RLM video where they show the DVDs they own and I'm still baffled.

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I'm trying to remember a movie I saw in the 90s. The main character was a female reporter, I think, and she was on adventures. For some reason I thought I was Modesty Blaise, but no.Can anyone help a poor user?

Swamp Thing from friggin Wes Craven.It's not good.

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>>117414542That's going straight on my list.I love all this kind of shit.

>>117415628You can like whatever you want. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, it matters what you think


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What? Are you guys trolling me, are all real? The only ones I recognize are:>>117414488>>117414936>>117415192I have a lot to watch now. Probably super great movies too

I knew Supergirl. I didn't know this one.

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>>117416051Yeah. "Awesome."They held my interest for like 2 minutes as a kid.

>>117416051Varies greatly. Some have aged more gracefully than others.

>>117413786Do tv movies count?

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>>117416115Well the Batman movies are TV movies, Justice League too, why not.

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They made 28 movies based off the Blondie comic strip, in fact I'm pretty sure the two lead actors hold a record for playing the same characters in the most movies in a franchise

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>>117414542Whats his powerlevel?


>>117413786>Lucky Luke got a movie and never knew about it until 11 years laterthanks pal gonna watch this ASAP>>117414228I unironically still watch it every now and then, yeah they butchered my boi but i'm o thirsty for a Jonah Hex movie that I take anything at this point>>117414427>>117414936"Defenders of the Earth Initiative" crossover when?>>117414647this may be some kind of Mandela effect but everyone I know who remembers this movie remembers it with Macaulay Culkin>>117414864>Steelas in DC's Steel? dammit son thanks for posting this user>>117415532this is fake... right?>>117415864there's no way this is real, looks like some kind of porn parody

>>117416115Painkiller Jane had an entire tv series.

>>117415532It is silly to say "one of the writers" when it's more professional to say "the co-writer"Besides, knowing it's Goyer, I wouldn't trust him with anything.>>117415919It was some cheesy fun

>>117418115Jonah Hex isn't a good movie, but it has some cheesily entertaining scenes. Everyone things Dennis the Menace had Culkin because how many other blonde child actors can you name from that period. Nick Fury and JLA are real, JLA is actually a tv pilot while Nick Fury was a tv film.

>>117416011pure kino

>>117416011Best Spider-Man besides the Raimi movies

>>117418137Yeah, one season. But the TV movie came out two years before, also on the Scifi Channel.

>>117415267>>117415461it's a great movie. the snobs that try to tear it down are joyless and sad.

>>117414344They probably just shared agent/manager. Usually when you see people in a lot of the same projects together it's just that they're a bulk booking rate to make it cheaper for the studio to hire names.


>>117415194this one's fucking great unless you're one of those DeNirofags who can't accept that he just wanted to make movies for his grandkids to watch

>>117415919acting and story telling wise, it's great. Adrienne Barbeau is pretty kick ass.special effects wise, it's very cheapthe sequel is reversed. it's still watchable, though

>>117414290I checked out when they went to the grocery store.

>>117414565It would have been cooler as a animated Gennedy-esqe thing.

>>117414455It had an understandable plot. For that it sucks!

>>117415864>watch the JLA act like the JSA!

>>117415912My Name Is Modesty is a pretty good movie as I recalljust because you said 90s and adventures, Darkman? (I know, it's not Darkman)Brenda Starr?

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>>117416052Oh, that's just the pilot for the tv show. They recast her with Lynda Carter and retooled the show. Then they retooled it again, twice, over three seasons. It was not a good show.

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>This happened before "Joker" and "Venom" were a Thing.

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>>117418115The Hasselhoff Nick Fury and Justice League ones are real. They were both made-for-TV movies. The Fury one aired on Fox around the same time as the Generation X TV movie. Justice League never aired in the US but was aired in a few other countries, it was supposed to be a pilot for a Lois & Clark style action comedy show but the network didn't pick it up because it was awful and L&C's ratings had already started to slip.>>117414936I think what's notable about this movie was it was the first superhero movie where the lead actor went through a ridiculous diet/exercise regiment before filming. Zane did months of weight and balance training prior to filming.

>>117418826What snobs? Dick Tracy was nominated for 7 Oscars and won 3 of them.

>>117419386With a couple of tweaks Meteor Man would have a pretty great costume.

>>117420327All of its nominations were in technical categories (which is... actually what the Academy is for) except Best Supporting Actor, but it only won in technical categories, which aren't even televised because they're boring.


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>>117414821we did that musical in high school - it's actually pretty fun

>>117421087holy kek

>>117421087>VerotikDidn't that Misfits guy make a Verotik film?

>>117421222The Verotik line is run by Glen Danzig who hasn't been a that Misfits guy for 30 years.

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>>117421914not forgotten or forgiven

>>117417733Under 9000.


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>>117414727On sunday.Wanna come?