>Alright Mac time for us to get naked!

>Alright Mac time for us to get naked!

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>>117413755>>117413788This was a quick and efficient thread.

>>117413755I always liked to believe that Mac won Frankie when he got older

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>>117414220Didn't Craig admit a while back that that more or less had to be the case, since he couldn't really say they don't end up together because they're based on himself and Lauren?

>>117414220>when he got olderwhy wait

She's gonna teabag him!

>>117413755You just know.

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>>117416916Know what?

A woman raping a little boy Isn't funny.


>I will never be /ss/'dWhy continue living if I don't have that memory

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>>117414220Shotas rising to conquer the onee-sans who just saw them as little brothers is cool.

>>117414564I don't really understand that when they're nearly the same age (with him being a few years OLDER than Faust)

>>117418207You're right, it isnt funny, its hot as hell

>>117418259In my early 20s when backpage still existed i hired a prostitute in her late 50s early 60s and went to her house for nude massages and blowjobs, never fucking. I called her mom a lot. Probably spent like $400 total over a year or so. Your dream is out there and you can achieve anything.

Just dropping by to say that while Frankie was nice, /ss/ is dogshit for gays, people with small dicks and fags into femdom.>inb4 I don't self insert as the shotaYes, yes you do>inb4 it's just about the age gap, the tabooWe both know that isn't true, and there's a very specific reason why most shot artists make them as girly-looking and effeminate as possible.

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>>117418852Ok how old are you?

>>117418259Why would they sell child sized condoms

>>117418953I think they do sell legit child condoms IRL:.

>>117418648>In my early 20sThat's not /ss/ you actual retard, you just have a fetish for old people

>>117418648>Late 50's or early 60'sNani the fuck?!

>>117418875Old enough to not have shit taste.

>>117413755>A-alright Frankie

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>>117418852>>117419096>t. too ugly for a woman to risk prison for

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>>117418276That doesn't mean they can't enjoy ageplay RP/MDLB.

>>117418953I think you might want to take a second look user.Maybe scan a bit closer this time.

>>117419125>risk prison Lmao no. They barely get anything compared to a male doing the same. Oh and newsflash, the women who fuck little boys don't do it because the kids are good lays or because they're cute, they do it to feel superior and to enjoy manipulating and emotionally dominating someone. It's all abut the rush of doing something forbidden + the feeling of being in control.But go ahead and enjoy your fantasies of being humiliated, dominated and pegged.

>>117419106Who did this?


>>117419096absolutely seethin'

>>117420189>a """virtuous pedophile""" complaining about how much less virtuous women areNow this is gold

>>117418852This is just projection


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>>117419106as if it needed to be censored.

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>>117420852wrong, >>117420833 is projection. I mean it's either that or he's genuinely retarded.

>>117421002That's both projection

>>117414220>She'd be in her late 20's or early 30's by the time he's 18. Sounds good to me!

>>117421147First one isn't really projection, it's just bashing the fetish.

>>117421202She'd be 32 to be precise. In-show, they're 22 and 8 respectively.

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>>117419300What's behind the box?

>>117421232>18 year old Mac and Hot Cake FrankieYes!

>>117421228It's placing a certain set of presumptions

>>117413755>>117413788I didn't know Frankie and Mac sold real estate

>>117421390this made my day

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>>117421317Frankie's red unshaven vagina.

>>117421317Frankie's box.


>>117421652That wordplay, however, does amuse me.

>>117421232>No pixie hairTrash

>>117418953I pray to God you mean condoms the size of children, not condoms for children.

>>117418207I think it's funny

>>117422194What about condoms for men with penises that aren't much bigger than a child's penis for some reason or another?Not the user you replied to, just throwing another alternative interpretation out here.

>>117418648I feel sorry for her

>>117422295they probably don't need condoms, user

>>117422437People have been buying things they didn't need ever since money was a thing, user