Will Marvel recast T’Challa or do Shuri Panther?

Will Marvel recast T’Challa or do Shuri Panther?

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They should make M'Baku the Black Panther. Shuri is an annoying cunt.M'Baku will make whitebois the world over bow to the supremacy of the Big Jabari Cock.

Why is Stan thanking Chad? Shouldn't it be the opposite?

>>117413290Jack Kirby created Black Panther and Stan Lee is in Hell

>>117413290>Jews>in Heaven>ever

>>117413398I can see it as him thanking him for making the character more popular than ever but I get what you mean

>>117413290Reveal T'Challa had a child with Shuri who is just coming of age and will assume the mantle of the Black Panther. It's indisputably the best solution.

>>117413290No one can be.Killmonger destroyed the Black Panther's herb and so no one can become Black Panther again.

>>117413791Man, there will be more special herb in a baggie hidden under a couch cushion.

Disney needs to make John Boyega happy for side-lining him in the SW movies, make Boyega Black Panther.

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>>117413868Boyega can fuck off Pacific Rim 2

>>117413791>>117413844>dude>the art shaped erb>lmao

>all this Christian imagery fanart>that one cringetastic tiktok videoNo one ever stops to think "what faiths do Wakandans, or even non-fictional Africans, follow?" The only times Christianity is relevant is in times when it becomes easy to virtue signal, and when those same virtue signallers choose to shit on the religion instead.

>>117413290Imagine dying and people care more about the persona than your real self.

>>117413290>Sells his company to Disney>Somehow goes to Heavenlmao

They won’t recast, they’ll try to give him some kind of emotional sendoff

>>117413290Miles.>Oh no! I'm late to watch the wakanda olympics with Mr M'baku!


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>>117413868But, but he’s a terrible actor

>>117413868he can fuck of.

I fucking love memorial art. It's a special kind of cringe you can't make up.

>>117413290The Black Panther has fallen, now is the time of the WHITE GORILLA

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>>117413290Black Panther February 16, 2018Stan Lee death Date of death: November 12, 2018

>>117413290Stan "cover that nigger's face we want to sell this down south" Lee.

>>117413791Shuri will be a technology only Panther with impostor syndrome. Writes itself.

>>117413290No worry, the diverse alternative is always ready.

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Recast.It makes no sense to put an entire billion dollar franchise on hold because of the actor's death plus people have short attention spans and will be ok with the recast.

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>>117413290I say asspull Killmonger back to life and have him be the new BP

>>117413421Technically neither Kirby nor Lee were saved, barring some deathbed conversion we don't know about. At least Lee gave a positive blurb about Serenity so maybe that will get him some good boy points.

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>>117413290Probably Shuri since there's a sense that females don't have the same claim to the throne, so this would allow them to have a legacy using an existing character, while also stressing female empowerment. You get to carry on the whole rivalry with M'Baku bit, who I imagine won't be pleased.It's definitely workable within the existing framework without having to add any new characters and risk the wrath of a recast.

>Black Panther?>Yeah, I think I remember him. Stan said he hated the name and made me redo the costume. He said it showed off too much. He "didn't wanna start trouble">I gotta get back to these pages now

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>>117413290>T’Challa passes>Killmonger survived somehow or is reborn through flower magic>charged by his ancestors to take up the role before he can be buried with them >has a reluctant mentorship with Shuri who he a,so protects and wants to make into the next Panther >rivalry with M’Baku but they eventually see eye to eye after a good ol bout of physical and verbal fisticuffs>bring in Namor, have some Bucky/White Wolf, Malice Nakia after T’challa’s death>Killmonger redemption arc and Wakanda opens it’s arms more fully as T’Challa had wanted

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>>117413977Because Chadwick was Christian you insufferable cunt

Plan B: CAPTAIN FALCON PANTHER!Black Widow movie has a post-credits scene where Sam with Cap's shield, Panther claws, Iron Man's boots, and cinching on Widow's belt and wrist shooters as he hungrily eyes a picture of Thor's hammer.

>>117415262He has to be balls deep in Wanda at the same time.

>>117414589Give it a few years and make a reboot with a new lead.

Really Disney?

Black widow's post credits shows Taskmaster was a mind controlled zombie Killmonger. Now that he's a free man (slavery allegories go here) he goes back to Wakanda to find redemption.

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>>117415660>>117415067I like this

>>117413290>Will Marvel recast T’Challa or do Shuri Panther?Neither. Disney won't ever recast him out of fear of being accused of racism because if they did they'd be seen as treating Boseman as disposable and disrespecting his legacy. And Shuri can't become a new Black Panther because there's no more hart shaped herbs and their monarchs are selected through ritual combat with no power-ups. There's no way a scrawny child like her could best Man-Ape in a fair fight. The only logical answer is to just sideline T'challa and write him out as saying he's too busy ruling Wakanda to take part in superhero shit anymore and to have BP characters be guest/supporting characters in other movies.

Recast Black Panther with Terrence Howard. Have War Machine look at him awkwardly when they're on screen together.

>>117413329>bow down>implying M'Baku ain't our boyLmao, sit down, cuck.

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>>117415861>And Shuri can't become a new Black Panther because there's no more hart shaped herbsThat's really easy to write around though: just make part of the plot to hunt down and secure the heart-shaped herbs that are still somewhere out in nature.

>>117416061>T’Challa is gone>the heart shaped herbs sprout from the site of his burial

>>117416085>the heart shaped herbs sprout from the site of his burialCool imagery, but maybe too narratively easy.

>>117415861>Killmonger is being kept in a coma>however, he’s also the only one left who has eaten the herbs>receives a quest from his ancestors and the passing T’Challa>now he must restore the herbs, protect Shuri, find redemption and face M’Baku to gain his respect and make Shuri queen

>>117416061>just make part of the plot to hunt down and secure the heart-shaped herbs that are still somewhere out in nature.There wouldn't be. After however many thousand years the asteroid crashed and the panther tribe began harvesting them, I'd think they'd regularly make sure that there wouldn't be any other sources so that the other tribes could get an advantage over them. They deliberately concentrated that shit in one place to prevent that. If there were any wild growing herbs, then there's no excuse to why the panther tribe had exclusive access to them the whole time.

Simple:> T'challa has left for some ritual labyrinth a while ago and hasn't yet come back.> Some days have passed and he has not returned.> Shuri wants to go into the labyrinth to find T'Challa, asks M'Baku for advice, so he encourages it, so that she can have the same fate and he can get the throne.> She goes into the labyrinth with full panther gear> Labirynth has illusions projected by Brother Voodoo, panther suit does nothing against them, and some Mysteryo/Dr. Strange shit happens to Shuri's mind demonstrating that she's not ready to accept her brother's possible death. Could even include killmonger, if it fits thematically. Write your own second act, I don't really care. Just rip-off the guru episode from avatar and give her a set number of trials or something.> Shuri defeats brother voodoo's illusion using some vibranium wood or some shit> She finally reaches some clearance where Panther's suit is calmly sitting down, dead, next to Killmonger or something.> T'Challa just knew he was dying and he went there, it is actually a graveyard> Borther Voodoo is Wakanda's or M'Baku's sorcerer/court wizard, but not really a bad guy, and ultimately means no harm. M'Baku asked him to help Shuri > After all of it Shuri understands that her brother was dying and that he wanted it to be hidden (irl parallels) to never show weakness to his people> Shuri cries and goes through the whole "what will our people do without him, how can anyone fill his shoes" rigmarolle to the camera> T'Challa had confided in M'Baku to help guide/train Shuri as a last favour> Shuri accepts her brother's death, thanks M'Baku, and internalises that technology can't do everythingThey can rake in all the money/good will if they do it tastefully, especially if the morals are:1. don't take your life for granted just because you leave in the richest place ever2. sometimes shit happens and you need to step up to the plate3. no black-on-black villains but illusions4. the mouse cannot lose

>>117416477Meanwhile, the black chicks and Bilbo have been playing cards or something. the story doesn't really need more than the 3/4 characters I mentioned.

>>117416282Shuri uses her super special modern Wakandan technology to locate the ones that had been missed.

>>117413329Rent free

>>117415975>implying M'Basedku wouldn't shove his throbbing gorilla cock down your throat>implying he wouldn't nut his massive load of man-ape seed into your mouth and make you swallow it>implying he wouldn't rub his big, black balls all over your face>implying he wouldn't scream "GLORY TO HANUMAN" as he pillages your pale, supple boipucci with his massive brown staff and fills you to the brim with his superior jabari penis cream>implying he wouldn't spank your ass hard and make gorilla noises as he cums>implying he wouldn't cook you a nice vegetarian meal afterwards and tell you stories of the jabari tribe as you cuddle under the stars in his mountain homeGlory to Hanuman, user.

>>117413290Retire it please.

>>117413290Maybe they'll pull a Rogue One Peter Cushing

>>117413290If they're smart they'll do a shuri side story, say a quest of her exploring the world and btfoing some #colinizers, and if the hype is strong take their time recasting for tchalla for a sequel.

Killmonger killed Uncle Phil and one of Okoye's girls in gruesome ways. Dunno if the fans will receive him with open legs. Maybe in a supporting role but as king? I'll take the gorilla man.

>>117416948>Killmonger killed Uncle Philforrest whittaker did not play uncle phil

>>117414820You’re not going to make a billion dollars with Shuri.Oh, wait, you’re not going to make a billion dollars anyway, because nobody’s going to the theatre for the next decade.

>>117416061I like this. If Namor is the villain just put in a backstory that Atlantis invaded Wakanda many years ago and stole a heart shaped herb. Make up a dumb reason for why they can't use or replicate it. Now charge Shuri, M'Baku, Okoye, and Nakia with going to Atlantis to retrieve it accidentally start a war.Climax of the movie is the four arguing over who gets the herb because they need to defeat Namor. They all agree Shuri needs to be the one to take T'Challa's place, she eats it, and fights Namor.

>>117415090That image is clearly depicting Black Panther. Unless you want me to believe Stan Lee is Chadwick's creator.

>>117413290No, I got a better idea.

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>>117416085It's a devil fruit?

They'll make the entire movie about who should take over as Black Panther and ruler of Wakanda, yaddayaddayadda petty in-fighting over it all bla bla bla, movie ends with them deciding that the ruler of Wakanda doesn't have to also be the one wearing the Black Panther's suit and that the name should represent more than just Wakandan royalty.

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>>117413290Shuri Panther for those black girl magic points.

>>117413868Terrible actor who deserves nothing.

>>117416085I actually like this. It's comic-booky, but in sort of a comfy way. May be just me but this is the sort of thing I actually want out of the MCU. Well that and Cap vs. the IRS. Can't get that storyline soon enough.

>>117414772Even Buzz Dixon is cringing hard at your post

>>117413290They’ll just say he got into some serious fight offscreen between movies and damaged his voice scarred him up so he never takes off the costume or talks now. Opens it up for them to keep using a stunt double or cgi and having Panther still onscreen.

>>117415067>Killmonger, an American black who is completely corrupted and ruined by American black politics, to the extent that even in the moment of death he repeated black American narrativesNobody's gonna charge him with shit, he rejected his Wakandan ancestors and in turn they rejected him. Even when he ate the herb he just went back to that apartment.

>>117415861> Disney won't ever recast him out of fear of being accused of racism because if they did they'd be seen as treating Boseman as disposable and disrespecting his legacyLol you think Disney has shame. This is the same company that didn't allow a dad to put Spider-man on his dead son's grave. They are a soulless company that don't give a shit about legacy and only want money and can't afford to sideline black panther. They will recast.

>>117413868Don't you fucking put him in the same thread as a real actor. Fucks like Boyega are why we can't have good Black leads in films. Dude doesn't deserve the breaks he got, and he sure as hell doesn't deserve to ride any wave of "black so yeah" to the top. Fucking Bendis of cinema.

>>117415861They'll recast him. Nobody wants to see a shuri black panther movie.

>>117413868I've not seen many of Boyega's films. Has he been good in anything aside from Attack the Block?

>>117421531>Killmonger, an American black who is completely corrupted and ruined by American black politics>American black politicsYou mean living in a ghetto engineered by white politicians, enlisting in a military run by white people, and engaging in special forces training instilled into him by white commanders?