It's Eleven O'Clock. Do YOU know where your children are?

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>>117412920I told you last night NO!


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>>117414379wow that sad.

>>117414379Who is artist?And also, Luz's mom is off down the street, confident her daughter is fine, ignoring the obviously different handwriting on the letters and the calls from the camp about her not showing up.

>>117414588Eda called the camp impersonating Luz' mom and gave them an excuse for Luz not showing up.

>>117415270Still, blissfully unaware.(and probably not checking the handwriting close enough)I REALLY want a full fanfic based on that above image though


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>>117414379Between 400,000 and 800,000 children go missing in the United States each year99% of them will return home. Of the 115 children on average abducted by strangers each year, 57 will return home, 40 will be found dead, and the rest will remain unsolved open cases.

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>>117414588And her daughter's texts. Though now that the portal is dead, that's gonna take a sharp turn south.

>>117415443WTF?! user...

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Tulip was legit missing for months.

>>117414379Only annoying inaccuracy here is the photo of Anne with the frog, when Anne hating frogs is plot important. Otherwise good.

>>117415586She doesn’t HATE frogs.

>>117415443Thanks, factanon.

>>117415443Is that a garabatoz reference?

>>117414379It's pretty fucked. I got the impression Tulip got off the train fairly quickly but how long has Anne been missing?

>>117414379At least she got her kid back. Simon's mom won't be so lucky.

>>117412920in the basement chained to the radiatorwhere they always are

>>117415443>and the rest will remain unsolved open mean dead

>>117415652She is disgusted by frogs to the point that Sasha and Marcy make a big deal about the frog music box

>>117416014Assuming no time passage fiasco when she gets back home, maybe three months I think? Four?

>>117416219Not always. Sometimes dead is better.

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>>117416242I was under the impression she was disgusted by potentially disecting one

>>117416284any cases of people found after like 5 years plus or something like that?

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>> a fun read.

>>117416870Yes. Do you really want to know what that entails? Youtube search Shawn Hornbeck or Sabrina Allen.

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>>117416968>>117417042i actually listen to a lot true crime so feel free to drop anything

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>>117415567Anne's been gone for at least two in canon

>>117417521We don't know how toime works in Amphibia yet.

>>117417583True, but we at least know on Anne's end it's been months.

>>117417728>>117417583>>117417521Been missing for three months at this point, give or take 2 or 3 weeks. Still missing>>117416266>>1174160145 months, give or take a week, but she came back.

>>117415443They just found 39 missing children in Georgia this week, and somewhere in Texas they just raided a sex trafficking ring.

That brings me an idea of a edgy Cartoon crossover inspired by Marvel ruins where this detective is solving the cases of these missing children

>>117416185What would be worse, losing your little boy forever or said boy coming back a psychotic glowing man ranting about trains.

>>117417915>The police questioning the parents >some of them think one of them killed their children >Weeks of missing children reports go out>eventually they just except that their babies are dead or worse

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>>117414379>Anne’s parents are already concerned 15 minutes after she’s supposed to be homeWholesome

>>117418136That “signal can’t be received” message must be terrifying

>>117418136>If they're already worried 15 minutes after, then god knows how bad they'll be when Anne continues to be missing after monthsNot Wholesome.

>>117417915>>117418075Is birthright still on hiatus or has it started back up again?

>>117416870I remember one miracle story on Unsolved Mysteries where a baby had been abducted decades prior, and an adult woman living a fairly average life saw the episode and said “Wait a minute. That’s me.” And called in and was reunited with her long lost family. That was an especially rare case.

>>117418075I'd go crazy if Tulip was my daughter and got lost. It'd be understandable cause she's so cute (I mean look at her, who wouldn't want to abduct her?) but I'd still want to protect her smile.

>>117418393It's really bad cause you just KNOW during those month's she was missing Tulip's parent's blamed themselves. Probably thinking the divorce made her run away. I wish we got to see her return home. It must have been VERY emotional.

>>117418456>thinking the divorce made her run awayThat kind of is what happened. They just might not have been sure she was trying to walk to camp.

>>117418456i wanna know what she told the police.

>>117418638It's not like they would believe her either way

>>117418638>>117420366Considering the battle/scenario swap thread is on it's death bed, I wanna discuss how that initial search went, along with some other things later.(Atleast for the first two, we'd have to get theoretical with Luz's mom as ATM she thinks Luz is fine)I really wanna know how Mrs. Boonchuy and Megan reacted to their kids what the picture depicted, just perhaps not togethers............I wanna know what they most liekly did

>>117420883well in amphibia its more of an isolated incident, people are probably assuming all three of them are in the back of someone's van. in infinity train, however, train abductions happen all the time and the real world probably has train survivors so its possible police are aware of it.

>>117421074Well then Amphibia is probably the simpler to discuss, let's go with that first

>>117421074I don't know. People in real life claim to have been abducted by aliens all the time too, but that doesn't necessarily mean people would believe them

>>117421211Actually you know what, discussing the conversation that occurs WHEN they get home is probably more fun.Let's simplify with Amphibia, because IT has alot of variables regarding the world and what it knows.Let's say, eh, all three of them(Anne, Marcy, and Sasha) are gone for 6 months, all return at the same time, and keep the gear on them. How does that conversation play out?

>>117415771it dates back to XJ-9"HOLY SHIT MOM DID YOU KNOW BOYS HAVE DICKS"

if your daughter dissapears for months and then comes back with out a reflection, thats a ghost. your daughter is dead. amphibia is probably the one most likely to catch on that something magical is going on. Every one who leaves the train alive is a well adjusted human being or lake. they aren't going to be having break downs or raving about a magical train. occasional you'll hear murmurs about it but nothing thats provable with evidence or not immediately dismissible.Amphibia on the other hand is three close friends, being abducted for years and then coming back scarred, toned, with equipment not of this world and with nothing but stories of a frog land that are consistent to each other. They'd be used to eating bugs as well so whoever was holding them must have been really fucked in the head. Alternatively because the ecosystem is so radically different it wouldn't be hard to prove amphibia existed. All three girls would have internal and external micro-biomes unlike anything that exists on earth.

I am the BLT killer.

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>>117412920If we don't have children, does that mean someone wiped our memories so we wouldn't go looking for them?

>>117421697Oh, link to that image please.

>>117412992Where is she anyway?Her dinner's getting all cold and eaten.

>>117421767Yeah Infinity Train has too much to consider to weigh....for now....(although the ghost conclusion is funny)Also I don't know where you got years from, it's been a little over 3 months in 2 seasons, so let's say, eh, 9 weeks a season or so, assuming the show goes on another two seasons 7 months seems reasonable.Although yeah, three girls who vanished 7 months ago with no witnesses aside from maybe a thrift store employee, all return in peak physical condition with their gear and stories.I wanna know how that meeting goes. (Also the mircobiome is interesting to consider)

>>117422084I can only imagine Megan saying this because she's also yellow.That and now I can't help, but imagine it took her an entire day or two to notice Tulip had actually left.....which would probably make her feel worse

>>117416185Didn't think about his mom until no, why did you have to do it, user, now I'm sad

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>>117422474There are thousands of mothers......fathers...brothers....sisters....perhaps even sons and daughters, who lost family members to the train.....many never came back

>>117417521At least three months in the first season and an additional month in Season 2.

>>117422533Let's say she's been gone 6 or 7 by the time the three of them get to return home, and they get to keep their gear.How's that first meeting gonna play out?

>>117416219It doesn't. To be precise, dead mean that the body was found and it was confirmed an specific person has passed away, missed or missing in action means that we just don't know or we can't know if the person is dead or not, for instance have you ever noticed that when fire occur sometimes the number of missed people is listed next to the number of dead ones? In this case, the people got so much reduced to ashes that we just can't point who it was. Then again, "missing" is rather an impossibility to know if the person is alive or not rather than straight up dead.

>>117414379>suspicious islandIt's on the details.

>>117416219Not always. Some kinda move on

>>117418136Asian Moms are like that. They hate that you are a couple minutes late and in reality, want you there before the event happens.

>>117418456>>117418498I'd imagine they'd find a trail in the snow just stopping in the middle of the woods. remember that she was walking in a middle of a snow storm

>>117418205Oh it's tears streaming down, screaming and wailing on the floor asking "Why God" tier to the point they can't speak anymore.

>>117422589Yeah if the kids return after vanishing for 7 months looking like THIS, and suddenly knowing alot about fighting and farmwork, a few questions would be asked

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>>117422675Reminds me of this Criminal Minds episode I saw

>>117422673Assuming there's a bunch of other people on Earth who this has probably happened to, I imagine the online "Train Theorists" will probably jump on the pattern?>>Trail mysteriously ended, you say?>>No trace of any vehicle you say?>>Had unresolved issues, you say?>>This can only be the work of....INFIN-IT-YTRAIN!

>>117422720Feels like that overlaps with alien abduction conspiracies