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The best movie Dreamworks has ever made.

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>>1174125382 > 1 > 3

>>117413904How did this happen when 2 and 3's director was the same one? 3 was absolutely mediocre on all aspects


I'm more of a Shrek guy personally

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>>117413962Wait I thought it was 1 and 2 that had the same director and 3 was the one with a different director.


>>117414640Me too. Shrek 2 was a perfect sequel. It was even better than the first movie in some ways. The Soundtrack was unforgettable.

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>>117413904>No Oogway>Barely any Shifu>Action is more repetitive and has worse choreography>Second half is unappealing because of the lack of visibility>Humor is worseOG film was better. Po becoming a warrior and earning Shifu's respect was more compelling that him getting told his backstory by a random toothsayer

>>117414802The great thing about 1 is realizing it wasn't about Po's journey but it was more about Shifu. You very rarely see a story from the masters perspective.

>>117412538You forgot the 2

>>117412538I don't remember a panda in Road to el Dorado

>>1174146891 was directed by John Stevenson/Mark Osborne while 2 and 3 was directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson

>>117414825that makes me wonder if we'll eventually get a movie with a now ancient Po training the new dragon warrior

>>117415029I mean wasn't that sort of the idea of 3? Him teaching the other pandas.

>>117412538>>117414640for me, Its Megamind

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dreamworks > pixar

>>117413904I even genuinely like 3 still, it!s a sweet film, but I agree. 2 is so fucking good.

>>117415046Sure but I want to see Po, of all people, trying his very best to sound like the font of ancient wisdom infront of a brash young martial artist

>>117415115I liked J Kai Simmons a lot.


>>117414766This fucking sequence cracks me everytime, a shame they shat the bed with the third movie.

>>117415066Based and evil-pilled

>>117413904>>117415115Kai was such wasted potential

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Tai Fu cross over when

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>>117414920Yep. 1's story was also written by Ethan Reiff and Cyrus Voris, who didn't return for the sequels

>>117415066Great film, but i wish it wasn't made by the PDI branch. Their character animation is simply too stiff. Glendale branch is better ( they did KFP and HTTYD )

>>117415115Shrek 3 was peak soulless. Even the character animation was a downgrade ( 2 had James Baxter as one of the supervising animators, so it looked better )

>>117415188The third and fourth ones weren't too bad. To me, they were just mediocre compared to the first and second one.

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>>117415293thats a matter of direction

>>117415564Shame how people forget how brilliant Shrek was because of the sequels, which were all inferior. OG film is the perfect combination of edge and heart, yet Dreamworks was never able to recapture that mix

>>117416070Glendale branch was the one which did the hand drawn films like PoE and Dorado. Plus, all of their members came from Amblimation ( Fievel Goes West, We're Back and Balto ) They're all 2D alumniPDI waa just a visual effects company, so their stabs at CG were more stiff and not as authentic. Even when they tried to aim for bouncy animation, like in Madagascar, it still looked off and fake

>>117413904I used to think that because of pic related, but looking back I think 1 is overall better

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>>1174162441 is definitely better. It's just a superior script. If you removed Shen from 2, no one would say it's better than 1

>>117412538Wrong pic OP

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>>117412538Kung Fu Panda 2 is better.

>>117416333Easily the most soulful Dreamworks CG film

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>>117416328Even his motivation was a little wobbly, but even still that nigga was a joy to watch every time he was on screen

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>>117416333>>117416515I don't get this new meme

>>117416515Soul? He's a fucking asshole. Can't believe people unironically bring this movie up.No I take that back: That ONE special snowflake user who does.

>>117414825I think the characters cartoons are best at writing nowadays are almost always old people. Iroh, Tenzin, Shifu, Stan, Hop-Pop, Eda, the guy from Up. It's a consistent thing.

>>117416333>Dreamworks will never make another film like this again, since nearly all of the important people behind it, director included, left shortly afterIt's not fair

>>117416520Based Gary Oldman

>>117416520I felt his motivation was okay. >>117416553Someone pointed out some of the technical animation in Shark Tale is really good, and then extrapolated that the film must be really good, somehow

>>117416558>Flawed = assholeHe was great. You can't help but feel endeared by his confidence and childlike enthusiasm

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>>117416626Gary is always good, I've probably watched him in 30 movies now.

>>117416663>Director was an animator on All Dogs go to Heaven, Fievel Goes West, Ferngully and A Goofy MovieYou can say whatever you want about the writing or designs, but character animation was excellent for the time

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>>117416973I hate Will Smith

>>117416663>I felt his motivation was okay.It wasn't the worst, but him acting like he was the victim for being banished makes him look like a massive shithead.The only way he could say the punishment he got for attempted genocide was disproportionate is if he was 100% amoral, which he kinda was. This is fine, but it means all his inner turmoil comes from him being a spoiled psychopath having a tantrum.He would be more sympathetic if his actions before his banishment were done to fulfill his parent's expectations instead of saving his own skin, or if he at some point showed some regret for his past fuckups.

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>>117417028I don't mind his design. He's kinda cute

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>>117416663Fun fact : Angie is the only dreamworks character supervised by reinassance animator Ken Duncan, who once animated Belle, Meg and Jane. This is why her character animation is the best one in the film by far.

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>>117417130I just mean in general. Also fuck off

>>117417130Not him, but the hype machine for this movie was super annoying, because they were constantly touting it like "Hey, get this! We made the animated characters in the movie... LOOK LIKE the high-priced celebrities who voiced them! Wow! Isn't that amazing?" Like I could give two shits. Also taking work away from veteran voice actors I like

>>117417285tell me about it. Sometimes it works, like the case of KFP but far too often it's just stunt casting. Fuck even KFP has this problem because you know the Furious Five only exist for the poster.>Lets get Jackie Chan to record three lines and slap his name on the marquee

>>117417486At least Lucy Liu was based enough to voice Viper even in the Legends of Awesomeness TV series that nobody else signed up for.

>>117417622Well I think Lucy Liu was probably happy to get work. Not to badmouth her but her biggest roles were already TV level stuff.

>>117417682Some truth to that, but she was still a pretty big name for the LoA tv show.

>>117417285Shark Tale needed to be sucessful. It couldn't afford to fail, especially after the combined failures of Spirit and Sinbad almost bankrupted the company. They knew Shrek 2 would make bank, yet a new successful IP was required as well. I'd the hype was justified in this caseyoutu.be/f58LNLjFdwchttps://youtu.be/vPOD8PsXKp4

>>117417285When it comes to Toy Story, Antz, Ice Age and Shark Tale, you gotta go easy on them. They were the first CG films of their respective companies / branchs, so amateurish animation was to be expected. It was inevitable

>>117418250Of those I like Toy Story and Ice Age, would rewatch Antz if there was nothing else on, and actively dislike Shark Tale.

>>117418296Fair enough. Shark Tale is more soulful than Antz tho, even if the latter has the better scriptI wish i could let Chicken Little off the hook as well, but it was 2005 and Disney already did that CG Dinosaur film in 2000, so CL looking so amateurish had no excuse

>>117413962Unironically executive meddling, 2 wasn't the breakout hit they were expecting so they attributed all the problems to be the film was too "Dark", thus the much much much lighter tone in the sequel. We traded in Po and Shen talking to each other, trying to understand the other at the end of the film before Shens final acceptance of his fate at the end for... "Chitty Chitty Chat Chat" and the same old "Oh you want my power, let me give it all which will be too much for you even though you've shown no such problem holding massive amounts before this point." cliche that seems to always bank on the villains exploding, hell of a gamble when it could just as easily give him what he wanted since this was his goal the entire movie.Between that and making Po an actual chosen one instead of the much better message of the first movie was a pretty shitty move. Its like they went out of their way to not do everything that worked about the first two.

>>1174139623 shows signs of executive meddlingNobody was allowed the chance to create something with meaning, at least.>>117414802This. Shifu stole the whole franchise and then has nothing to do in KFP2. That ruins it.

>>117417101Agreed. This is why i never got invested in his inner conflict. Maybe if he showed some regret or if they properly showed his backstory or his life before going evil, it could've worked. Still better than the HTTYD 2 villain tho


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>>117418535Not every villain needs to be some conflicted good boy who made bad choices. Some people are just cunts. This goes for real life and it goes double for A LOT and I MEAN A LOT of Chinese rulers. And I think they did show some emotional depth to him, especially when he just let the Soothsayer go.

>>117418793Letting the toothsayer was literally the only good thing he did in the whole film. Besides, keeping her or letting her go made no difference at that point

>>117418919Yes. Because he was a badguy. He was a very classic badguy. He didn't seek forgiveness. He didn't want to change. But he still in one instance showed a small mercy to someone who was trying to reach out to him. A good villain ins't one who's complicated a good villain only needs charisma.

>>117418919I thought he only let her go just to spite her prediction (see how he rises to power when he should've been dead according to prophecy)?

>>117418793>>117418966Yeah, the problem with him being an unrepentant cunt is that then there's no reason for him to have an inner conflict. In his eyes he's cool as a cucumber and it's everyone else whos at fault, he would have been so at peace with himself he should have been able to chuck the cannon balls right back at po.

>>117419043He has plenty of reason for inner conflict. Anger, hatred, rage, abandonment, etc. He was a miserable angry bastard. That's not inner peace. Inner peace isn't about right and wrong. It's Tao.

>>117419086touche, by that point he was driven mostly by anger, resentment and fear. Just wish there was more depth to those emotions other than him being a little shit

>Ooh Child. Things are gonna get easier>Ooh Child. Things'll get brighterSOUL

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>>117419144The movie made it very clear why he felt that but the ultimate point is that the reasons aren't excuses. He needs to let go. This is the problem people look for in villains. They always want some EXCUSE.

>>117419157Shark Tale using that song almost 10 years before GotG is kinda funny. Oscar's dad got there before Star Lord

Kino editing. Stylish, and a great way to start the horse race scene, which is one of the best ones in the film

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Lionel Gallat left Dreamworks too soon. I love Oscar's animation. That little glance to make sure Lola isn't watching him is adorable

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>>117416129Nah, that isn't the case for Shrek 2. Although for the other two I completely understand.I encourage you to watch guy's critique on the movie, to know why. And maybe even re-watch the movie too.youtu.be/9Nk7y6c1Towhttps://youtu.be/9Nk7y6c1Tow

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>>117419441It's harder to explain why big/recurring villains that don't have an excuse for villainy keep getting leniency.You can get it why capybaraman punishes the egret with just broken bones because his backstory involves stealing to fund for his sister's various plastic surgeries but if bloodstork the schoolgirl butthole defiler gets the same treatment despite having no excuses but "for the lulz" it calls into question why deal the same level of punishment if one does greater crimes out of a whim.

Cute scene. Just a few moments ago, Sykes didn't let Oscar sit next to him and didn't even want to be touched by him, yet when the horse is about to win, Oscar in excitement does both things and Sykes doesn't mind

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God I can't fucking stand the shark tale faggot. I actually LIKED shark tale and watched it repeatedly as a kid, but this guy is seriously making me wonder if I just got autist filtered.

>>117420451It's just kinda hard to talk about Dreamworks without bringing up ST sooner or later. You can't ignore the elephant in the room

>>117420451Maybe if Dreamworks's films were more memorable, then ST wouldn't be one of the more discussed ones. Like, a film like Over the Hedge, Madagascar 2 or Turbo is forgotten by the time you reach the parking lot, whereas ST lingers in the memory for much longer

>>117420562>ST lingers in the memoryNot really.


>>117415066based and truthpilled

>>117420615Still more memorable than those i mentioned, plus a bunch more. The thing about Dreamworks films is that the majority of them are banal and disposable. Shark Tale, for better or worse, is neither of those things. It has its own table in the lunchroom of animation.

>>117420671No shit, sherlock. If you haven't noticed, Dreamworks threads are some of my fav things in Holla Forums

>>117420784I appreciate the enthusiasm, but you kind of ruin these threads for everyone else.

Mario 64 reference. You can't tell me otherwise

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>>117415151lol just watch school of Rock but instead of rock and roll its kungfu

>>117420937Not like they last very long anyways. Same goes for Pixar threads. Holla Forums just prefers to discuss cartoons over films, so i try to get some use out of these theads while they last.

>>117420159Well that's just bad writing regardless and not really an applicable point here consider Shen gets fucking killed crushed by his own anger both metaphorically and quite literally.

This one moment is trippy. Took me a while to figure out the perspective. Pretty neat tho

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>>117420562>whereas ST lingers in the memory for much longerJust because some retards here want to push it as a meme doesn't mean people remember the actual movie. I could post a screen shot from Home on the Range everyday for a month but that doesn't mean the movie will suddenly be going through a resurgence if moron meme posters follow suite.

>>117421351Eh, it's kinda popular on Twitter. Early 2000s nostalgia is becoming a thing, you know ?

>>117421408I refuse to accept that because even that aside the movie was shit then it's shit now. I really doubt any millennial douchebag has fond memories of Will Smith's retard fish face.

You can really tell this wasn't made by the Antz / Shrek 1 and 2 team. The editing is different, more fast paced and stylized. Doesn't feel as live action in its cinematography as its predecessors, and that's a good thing.

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>shark tale user

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cute tigress. Not to say anything bad about the CGI in these films but man that 2D stuff

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>>117421513Come on Po. Your franchise wouldn't exist without Shark Tale. It's the same team, and ST was their first CG project

It's so dense. Every single image has so many things going on

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>>117421230It's more in general rather than just for this instance. It's also a problem with established villains becoming darker and edgier but the heroes still have to maintain the old ways of justice and chivalry. You can excuse the apprehend -> arkham formula for wacky mostly public nuisance joker but that doesn't work for baby killer joker.

>>117420978Damn. I never noticed the connection in Shark Tale.

>>117422227shut the fuck up

According to director commentary, this one scene was one of the hardest ones to make. Took them weeks. It's an over 40 seconds long take of Frankie and Lenny talking while the color of the sea changes from dark blue to greenish as they go along

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Holy shit, i never realized how many of these fast paced scenes there were. Geniunely surprised

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