This episode kind of made me think that Francis is gay

This episode kind of made me think that Francis is gay

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>>117411522All Bully characters are gay.

>>117411548For Timmy? Francis could do better. Like those two popular twinks Chad and Tad

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>>117411522Trixie had such a beautiful voice.

>>117411780Expensive though, her script needed to be translated to braille.

>>117411866That's cool

>>117411522this episode made me like francis

>Trixie going on a non-magical date with TimmyThis episode made no sense to me.

>>117411522And Trixie became straight

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>>117411522All men are gay for the God of the Beach, but the God of the Beach is gay for no man.

>>117412010I liked the comedian episode where Trixie kept going on dates with Tad and Chad and all they did was run around the mall while interlocking arms with her.


>>117412275Dionne Quan is blind.

>>117412275Nvm, looked it up

>>117412304then replace her

>>117412441She retired and that's why Trixie disappeared from the show.

>>117411548I kind of agree on that. I always thought that Nelson from the Simpson, Buford from phineas and Ferb might, Nurf from Camp Camp might have been. I know that they have been shown to have their own female love interests but their relationships with the kids they bully makes wonder at times.

>>117411522What made you think that?

If anyone is gay, and attracted to Timmy specifically, it's Sanjay. Maybe Chester too.

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>>117411522I can't disagree with that

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>>117411522What would happen if two kids wished to be the strongest person on the beach?

>>117413121Unending competitive growth until one of them yields.

>>117412958Didn't he date a girl that look exactly like Timmy>>117413009That's a dude

>>117413121The wish wouldn't be granted. Only one can wish that, Otherwise it could cause a tsunami

>>117412830Was Buford even a bully? He always seemed pretty based

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>>117412020She was really into him. it was impossible to resist his huge beef

>>117413434Maybe in the early season. Besides being a big kid Buford pretty on board with everything. I'm struggling to find example of him actually bullying someone.

>>117413801>Besides being a big kid Buford pretty on board with everything.That's the best kind of friend

>>117413434I've never watched this show but Buford seems dangerously based, is there a best episode list?

>>117412275She was deaf

>>117411548Yep. Also Chester and Sanjay were canon gay

>>117413239>>117414860Sanjay definitely, but I don't recall anything about Chester.

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>>117411522cartoons dont have gender , they are ... cartoons .

>>117414943Imma just say he’s growing up in a trailer park, with nobody but his dad in his boxers and theyre poor...He tends to be more into guys into girls if you really been watching since s1. Then also him cross dressing

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>>117412020Mr. Bickles should've been there instead Trixie

Why does he look like a cartoon version of Micky from Shameless?

I completely forgot about this character's existence

>>117411669>chada brad in rich boy clothing

>>117413434How can 1 kid be so powerful

>>117413625She still thought he was totally hot even after he broke her back. Imagine if she'd lasted long enough to see his third phase.

>>117417107It must have felt like a Great Khali´s hugging

>>117415056In the boy who would be queen he acts straight

>>117412958>He replaced us with an actor with a well oiled chest!>What? Did no one else see the well oiled chest? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!Yeah Sanjay was gay

>>117412958>>117414860>>117415056Why Chester?

>>117412020>Jonathan Joestar and Erina

This kind of reminds me of a french film I've seen once on Netflix which I can't remember the name; it was about two guys who used to be bullied in highschool having their "revenge" on the school bullies (who are somewhat more successful than them), the main plot being one of them getting accidentally confused with the main bully guy that used to be the popular kid since they both shared the same first name (said bully being his crush's ex and the guy that made highschool a living hell to him). Some chick who shows up in the film then starts helping (and bonding with) him for no reason, even making a convincing fake tattoo with a black pen because the bully used to have it the twist being that the chick is said bully as a post-op; revealed by the tattoo showing up just as he's about to bang her

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>>117413434>help us put her back togetherw-what happened to Candace?

>>117419080Just found it, its called Back To School

>>117419080>The bullied fucks the bullyThis could make a good fetish

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>>117419080 >spoilerthat's somehow so much worse and more disgusting than if he had simply resumed bulling him, please tell me he kills him

>>117419342>Implying you wouldn't dick the bully to show your dominance by making it cum and then blackmailing to do your biddingYou fucking simpleton

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>>117413434He was probably intended to be a bully, but I’m so glad they just made him a based and friendly straight man on of the group.

>>117419594>post opHe wouldn't cum, but you could fill up his ass with your dominance.

>>117412010what would be a magical date!

>>117414148Did they have to air the episodes using braille subtitles too?

>>117420194She knew what was going to happen

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>>117413801In one of the earlier episodes he challenged Phineas to a fight or something.

>>117415056>that picFuck, I forgot how hot that was

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>>117421521Yeah he dropped ice cream on his shirt, and then at the end ice cream dropped on Phineas' shirt, and he decided that they were even.

>>117413434>Buford's got molds of all of us honeyJust nonchalantly chill

>>117411522Francis should be thankful Timmy didn't smash him like that giant fighter

>>117419662Hes particularly fun because its really unusual for the straight man of the group to be also be an idiot, while the smart people are all nutjobs

>>117412830Nurf is the only actually canon gay (or bi I dont recall exaclty) and cc plays a lot with it, its fun