DCeased - Dead Planet 003 Storytime

Late since nobody has bothered

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>>117411326I was tired of zombies over two zombie events ago.

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>>117411326Marvel Zombies >>dcrap

>>117411584I am now shipping this and there is nothing you can do to stop me

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>>117411613I would say that this is all we've got, buuuuuuuut Marvel Zombies started up again this week.

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>>117411716Dceased Bros...

>>117411350Wait hold the fuck up. Do we see this happening at all? Because the end of last issue had Zatanna (and co) getting absolutely fucked by Plastic Man. How did Blue Devil turn the tables?>>117411608Why would they make up new 'rich bastard' character? Couldn't DC have used one of the myriad of smug asshole millionaires they have in the woodwork?

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>>117411744>Dceased Bros...We should have been cocky when we had the chance.

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>>117411788Won't Amazo's just get infected like everything else?It's a logic plague.

>>117411825RobotIsn't even human

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>>117411841Didn't stop it from infecting the internet

>>117411841It infects machines too. A lot of people got it from their smart phones.

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>>117411584>>117411620first Damian and Cassie, now Jon and Mary...homobros went so wrong...

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>>117411846>if there is an anti-life equation there must be a life equationWait a minuet, isn't the life equation already known? I seem to remember something about the search for the anti-life equation was just trying to find something to counter cat the life equation.

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Oh wait, I guess that's it

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>>117411620Not just you.

>>117411915It's basically willpower IIRC

>>117411943That was a much less violent issue than I have come to expect from this flagship title.

>>117411536Hugging your big brother who you thought is dead is one thing, but this? Come on, Taylor.

>>117411943Do we know who "he" will be?


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>>117411613>>117411716>>117411744What are you talking about? Marvel Zombies is nothing more than character A fighting character B who is zombie now while ignoring their powersets, DCeased is way better than that.

>>117411326Thanks for the storytime

This could easily be the real DC Universe. all they have to do is travel to the past once Cyborg finds the cure or life equation and then save everybody before it becomes a pandemic.

>>117411754I think what happened with Zatanna was Plastic Man was starting to stick himself into Z when Blue Devil slashed and painted himself the bigger target for Anti-Life Plastic Man to focus on which he did.

>>117411865But we haven't seen actual machines affected. Cyborg was patient zero and he's still unphased with it.


>>117411754>Why would they make up new 'rich bastard' character?..What?

>Trigon>Amazo>Anti life zombiesWhat else could go wrong also on another note I don't think we see Beast Boy yet would be cool to see how he works with the setting since he can transform into animals who are stated to be immune to the anti life virus.

>>117411350how did this happen? last issue showed Plastic Man pushing Blue Devil's brains out through his eyes while Zatanna was being skullfucked. How could Blue Devil have saved them?

>>117411536>steph fucked the grumpy and awkward out of DamienI can dig it.

>>117414609This Maxwell Lord guy. There are literally dozens of existing characters that you could have used for that role and a bunch of them don't get used very often anyway. Creating a new character (one they kill off in the same issue) and presenting him like some big badass is just pointless and feels cheap.

>>117411483Man the apocalypse did wonder for his figure.

>>117414806be cool to see him in an issue permanently stuck in a form of a tiger or ape, since if he turns back to his human form he'll turn

>>117415133It's okay user, Maxwell Lord is just messed with your mind, just remember Ted Kord was killed by Maxwell Lord not by committing suicide

>>117412029Yeah this feels wrong. But no one is going to call him out for it.

>>117411620Same here. This might leak over to the main universe for me. She also comes with less shipping baggage.

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>>117411627First off Etrigan's Rhyme is a sign of his power and something he can't turn off, John should know that. Second off, isn't it supposed to be cawn-stan-thine not cawn-stan-teen?

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>>117415133He's not a new character. Cringe

>>117411326Cassandra Cain in the story!

>>117412128's got no style and he's got no grace?

>>117411557Jon is the only character in this universe with plot armor, no way he could have survived his fight with his zombie dad or get stabbed with a kryptonite sword and sprayed with zombie WW blood.

>>117418297No, she is not, and probably won't appear for another two more issues.

>>117415133I assume you are trolling but I'm gonna take the bait anyway just in case you don'tread comics, which wouldn'tbe uncommon on this board. Max Lord has been around for a long time, I believe since the late 80s. He's responsible for killing Ted Kord and he almost took out the Justice League by mind controlling Superman, but Wonder Woman snapped his neck(ironically making this not the first time he has died of a neck related injury). He's one of the leaders of Checkmate along with Amanda Waller and a couple other characters. He used to essentially be the media manager for the League until they decided he was a supervillain and had psychic powers.


>>117417286Etrigan hasn't been a rhymer for quite some time. He's a lord of hell, he is not required to rhyme and hasn't been for quite some time. It's been pretty well established by now that he continues to rhyme because he knows it annoys people.

>>117419580Huh. The more you know. Thanks user.

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>>117411483No fucking way Penguin survived this long, I call bulshit right here.

>>117411712I'm always good for seeing Maxwell Lord die again.

>>117412783ehhhhhh 4/10

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>>117411518>Damian sewing Jon's capeOK that's adorable

>>117411620I don't want to stop you, as a matter in fact I want to join you.>>117411881Cassie and Damian came out of nowhere, at least it looks like Taylor will be building Jon and Mary and taking his time and they look cute.But yeah Fujos will cry.

What happened to Mr Terrific?

>>117422267Torn in half by Barda I think

>>117422267Died in the Halloween special featuring the JLI. Booster gets unborn and fades while Waverider gets torn apart by zombies because Constantine was pissed at him for preventing them from traveling back in time and stopping all of it.