>“The 2020 Mulan introduces the concept of chi, or life force...

>“The 2020 Mulan introduces the concept of chi, or life force. Though everyone possesses chi— it exists everywhere— Mulan is overflowing with it, and that excess of chi is what makes her special, rather than her resolve in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.”

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>>117410724Live action Disney movies belong in a landfill drenched in gasoline and set alight

>>117410724If we have chi energy and animal transforming witch why no pet dragon? FFS

>>117410724Wow, cultural appropriation much? Also that's not how chi works even, excess chi should be a liability, not an asset.


>>117410724where are all those morons that defended the movie's existence because it was a "faithful" recreation of the original mulan tale

>>117410724>Dragons aren’t realistic for our realistic Chinese movie>But Chi Hocus Pocus is

>>117410724Ironic. The plot of the movie Hercules was that heroics aren't real if you are over-gifted with the ichor. They've erased any idea that Mulan might be brave, by making her specially gifted to overcome her situation.

>>117410724>Ripping off basic kung fu,wuxia martial arts film tropes>Calling it introducingAre these people that stupid?Also, there is no chi/ki/lifeforec magic in the original source material.

>>117410843>>117410797Chi is good Chinese medicine you buyDragon and ghost is capitalist magic you go to jail

>Mulan isn't just a common girl who boldly decided to go to war for the sake of her family>She just has a really big numberWhat happened?

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>>117410759That's kind of a waste of perfectly good gasoline...

Sounds like shonen manga with generic and boring protagonist.

>>117410724...Please tell me that you're just baiting, user. Fuck, and I thought the live-action Aladin was bad.

>>117410870Ironically Chi practicers are legal medical workers in China and Korea so I guess Force is scientific subject for them

>>117410724So they transformed a story about anyone being able to do what they want as long as they put their mind to it into a "choose one" narrative?Wtf Disney

>>117410759what about half live action half animation disney movies like Mary Poppins?

Wasn't this advertised as the "realistic" Mulan or something?I guess the kungfu backflips weren't enough

>>117410724I'll only watch this movie if her hair turns gold and spiky and she does a Kamehameha.

>>117410901women aren't allowed to have any hardship and need to be undefeatable YASSSS QUEENS in all media or else the femnazi's will bitch and moan

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Seeing this film fail gives me great enjoyment

Did even a single one of the Disney live action remakes turn out to be even somewhat decent? I heard some people thought Aladdin was okay.

>>117410944It's now widely considered as superstition in Korea at least.It's in the same spirit of your aunt learning yoga meditation from the internet or something.You wouldn't go to a "chi practitioner" or something if you have cancer.

>>117410833Those morons obviously never read the original source. It's been very easy to tear apart that statement whenever they throw it out. The new Mulan film isn't anymore accurate to the source material, just inaccurate in different ways to the animated film.

>>117410724It is Rey all over again.

>>117411017>no midriff bearing Jasmine>forced plot about Jasmine wanting to be "Sultan", apparently ignorant Sultanas actually exist.It's crap

>>117411017Jungle Book was fun

>>117411017>Jaffar didn't turn into snake0/10

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>>117410724 We have shapeshifting and Chi Magic but a dragon is too much for this GROUNDED REALISTIC movie.

>>117411116i have a friend who is nearly thirty years old and sent our group chat a video of her crying when some star wars thing was announced a few weeks ago

>>117411017I thought the 101 Dalmatians one was okay. Although that was decades ago.

>>117410724oh wow its an anime

>>117411017Jungle Book at least was its own thing.

>>117411155Legit curious, what Star Wars thing?

>>117410901>>Mulan isn't just a common girl who boldly decided to go to war for the sake of her familyTo be fair she was minor nobility in the first movie, unsure about the original story

>mfw wuxia shiit has to be explained why attractive Chinese actors are flying in the air and shit via FUCKING CHIIt’s like Disney doesn’t know that audiences can actually suspend their disbelief during wuxia movies

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>>117411023That's because Korea has superior wacky cult in control over the government. They don't want the competition.

The fact that someone came up with this idea, I can handle.What I can't understand is that nobody in the team said this kinda sounds retarded?

>>117411243wasn't the cultish president impeached already?

>>117411240Blame the age of nitpickers online making studios paranoid that they have to keep everything logical or else "HA HA! FILM IS STUPID BECAUSE __________!" For fuck's sakes, remember how everyone was going on about how Rose could have let Jack onto the debris, but the film explicitly showed the debris tip when Jack tried to get on?

>>117411256That's just what the cult wants you to think. OPEN YOUR EYES, SHEEPLE!

>>117410724We were supposed to have a movie night at work and all go see Mulan... i fucking miss the old days

>>117410759This But Enchanted, that was really entertaining.

>>117411221i just dug through my texts to see, it was the Sims 4 star wars expansion pack

>>117411243>Western medicine is more prevalent and considered credible over some chi bull shit>it's because of a cultShouldn't it be the opposite

Watch as white libs praises this but all Asians rightly point out how retarded this is.

>>117411260Thank you. Thank you for saying the truth.

Absolutely detrimental to the whole character of Mulan and even womyns in general.She's supposed to be a flag bearer, Joan of Arc type character that actually fights, but not fucking rice Rambo. Now she's only as good as a man because of some mystic shit. There was no need for this capeshit-like crap.

>>117411240what the fuck is wuxia???!?!?!?!

>>117411369Please tell me those were tears of anger. Most sims players were pissed as hell that this pack got made despite being in last place on the requested pack poll.

>>117411432really? thats surprising, i'm the only one in my friend group that doesnt give a rat's ass about star wars so I wouldn't know. all my friends seemed to be as enthusiastic as she was, just no crying videos at least.What packs were more requested?

>>117411403This. It defeats the whole point of the message the story was trying to send.

>>117411240I mean, doesn’t wuxia use chi too?

>>117410724>Grace Randolph supports this movie>the devout youtube feminist claiming to be a fan of Disney classics>she recommends seeing it twice and plans to watch it more than five timesWhat went wrong bros?

Just a reminder that Disney is temporarily charging $30 for people to see this. On a streaming service that already costs money.Just think about all the stuff you can get for $30 instead of this clusterfuck.

>>117411466Literally, everything else on the list. Hotels, Schools, Worlds, Farming, Cars. Even a fucking Veganism pack beat out Star Wars by 1k votes. No one who regularly plays the sims wanted this pack.

>>117411369that is fucking hilarious why the hell did she send that to other people

>>117411538And that got such a huge backlash they had to come out and say that in a couple weeks it’ll just be free on the app

>>117411422Chinese martial arts movies

>>117411527m o n e y

>>117411260That scene was poorly done.

>>117411422Chinese martial arts movie set in mythical historic times.

>>117411668is Avatar whitewashed wuxia?

>>117410724At the risk of sounding like a simp for a second, I hate this. That they're taking away the accomplishments of a genuinely decent female character in a sea of shit ones and making her another "the special." Instead of being badass and working hard she just has more juice than most people. That's fucking retarded.

>>117410759Does Disney never hear any feedback about them? Is there some secret group of people that love them, and Disney hangs out with those people?

>>117411017I've heard good things about Cinderella.

>>117411710live action Cinderella was actually really good, the casting was perfection, the costumes were great, the tone was spot on, absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Hey Vegeta, what does the scouter say about Mulan's chi level?

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>>117410724>Though everyone possesses chi— it exists everywhere— Mulan is overflowing with it, and that excess of chi is what makes her special,Are they really tying to seel this shit to China by literally spitting that shit in their face about their traditions?

>>117411680No, it's bluewashed Pocahontas.

>>117411768i meant ATLA obviously

>>117410843Chi doesn't make you a chosen one. You can't be "overflowing with chi" and it can't mean you are going to change the world.

>>117411731>someone hasn’t seen Ever After with Drew Barrymore

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>>117411762China doesn't give a shit about pre-communist China.The chinks are even more soulless than the Americans.

>>117411697You think Disney cares whether the movies are good or not?>Alice in Wonderland: $1.025 billion>Maleficent: $758.5 million>Cinderella: $542.4 m>The Jungle Book: $966.6 million>Alice Through the Looking Glass: $299.5 million>Beauty and the Beast: $1.264 billion>Dumbo: $353.3 million>Aladdin: $1.051 billion>The Lion King: $1.657 billion (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little)>Maleficent 2: $491.7 million

>>117411771Ehh you could claim that it's "inspired" by Wuxia, but it doesn't take place in China, and isn't only the Fire Kingdom supposed to be based on China? I don't even think anyone in ATLA uses swords. Wuxia is different from just a generic kung-fu or fantasy movie.

>>117411859why did Alice in Wonderland do so well when it was probably the worst one of all

>>117410843All Disney had to fucking do was pull out this card and we wouldn’t frustrated by this and we would be triggered by more important stuff like underutilizing Donnie Yen in a goddamn wuxia movie

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>>117411023>>117410944The point is that the Chinese gov supports the idea of Chi but considers ghosts and dragons to be censored material

>>117411900brand, Depp, and Burton

>>117410724>Mulan is now Goku.I refuse to pay to watch that cashgrab

>>117410724>>117410901Honestly "you are born special, you cannot rise above your station just by working hard" sounds like a message China's government would approve of.

So.Who's going to torrent this?

>>11741190040 year old teenagers who wanted to dress like Johnny Depp.

>>117410851This entirely.Faithfulness to source, dragon or no dragons, and everything else is utterly meaningless next to this fuck up. That you don't need to be special to be heroic is a powerful message. That's why the original film is so special. Other good examples are Miyazaki films. A lot are more or less normal people people in unfair situations doing their best. Lately I wonder if "Super Hero" idealization has ruined generations of people. Everyone subconsciously convinced they need special powers to do anything.

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>>117411956We can’t torrent this unless someone takes one for the team and buy the damn thing first

>>117410797>>117411140I'm pretty sure the dragon was excluded, because having a tiny wisecracking dragon sidekick was considered disrespectful to the Chinese perception of dragons. Dragons are considered gods/demigods in Chinese mythology.

>>117411466I know it's a stupid behavior but I kinda envy your friends. I wish I still had that kind of passion for the franchise, but the last two movies just drained all the goodwill I had. At least the next LEGO star wars special seems goofy enough to be just enjoyable in itself

>>117411927Dragon Ball ripped off Journey to the West in the first place so...everything went full circle now I guess.

>>117410724>no dragons >but chiOk

>>117411911See >>117411976 and the Chinese government bans depictions of ghosts in movies due to anti-superstition laws. In other words, so many Chinese people already believe in ghosts that the government doesn't want to legitimize these beliefs by screening movies with ghosts in them.

>>117410901Cultivation bullshit, just as modern anime is being buried in half baked Isekai bullshit, cultivation martial arts manga/manhwa are popular.Soon the isekai will be deluged in villainess reincarnations.

i hate china

This movie would 100% have earned a billion dollars without Corona. No matter how shit these Disney movies are, they always fucking do.

>>117412007That's like saying Walt Disney ripped-off The Brothers Grimm for all his movies.

>7.05/10 on RT (80% positive)>69 on MetacriticBut yeah, let's go with the Polygon writer who tosses out a Star Wars reference in the title.

>>117411971>Lately I wonder if "Super Hero" idealization has ruined generations of people.I don't know if I'd talk about ruining but I do believe superhero movies show that only already gifted people can be super and that a strong, singular man on the lead is mostly a good thing, and those aren't really good messages in my opinion


Who cares the fights look dope. People find reason to complain about literally anything.

>>117412111>negative reviews are invalid because there are also positive reviewsalso 69 on Metacritic is pretty rough

>>117412119>Guess I was right user

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>>117412111not many films fall below 60 on metacritic, so...

>>117411112what, really? Whyyy

>>117412107They kinda did, when it wasn't Carroll, Hugo or symilar. Most of their catalog is based on public domain (oh the irony) stories

>>117412083See, if they were going to do wuxia that would have been fine. They just would have had to go all in. Like, Mulan's father has been cultivating his yin for 200 years and before he's achieved a lower-tier immortality, he's murdered by the jealous emperor and the scrolls detailing his methods stolen. The last piece of the scroll is Mulan's hair comb, which contains some instructions Mulan is able to follow.She seeks out "Mushu," a semi-legendary local hermit who used to be a famous xia, but stopped cultivating and has become kind of a fat lecher. And so on and so forth. That would be pretty fucking rad.

>>117412083But cultivation bullshit is like the exact opposite? The most popular ones have the main character be born with a small number and then grow to be more powerful, otherwise the chinese revenge fantasy of killing those who were once stronger than you wouldn't work.

>>117412199There's a point where cultivation starts delivering exponential gains and it gets silly. Like Dugu. At that point, "cultivation" just meant "existing."

>>117411017There's a few good ones but most of them are soulless cash grabs that either ape of the original or are just weaker than the original.

>>117412007Well yes. But Journey to the West is really different from Mulan.One is a Buddhist story about a pilgrimage. The other is the story of a (mostly) Chinese warrior >>117412107But they did

>>117411753probably lower than shotgun farmer.

>>117411911The point is nonsense because neither ghosts nor dragons are censored in China. This is just a weird narrative that appeared in the West after Ghostbusters 3 was banned in China, and because the West doesn't understand Neo-Confucianism, they mistakenly attributed that to 'ghosts are banned because ghosts'Meanwhile pic related got a massive release in China and everyone there loved it, and it's filled with spoopy skeleton ghosts.The reason Ghostbusters 3 was banned in China wasn't because it depicted ghosts, but because it depicted ghosts as vermin, and this is disrespectful to the ancestors.And do I really have to explain the non-banned status of DRAGONS in China? For fuck's sake, you can't walk 10 meters down the street without seeing a picture of a dragon somewhere or other. DISNEY chose not to put Mushu in for some reason.

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>>117411880The Earth Kingdom is China, the Fire Nation is Japan.

>>117410724>The 2020 Mulan introduces the concept of chi, or life forceI'm pretty sure that was a pre existing concept

>>117412270Damn, the Chinese really are retards

>>117412222Well of course, every story that bases character growth on literally growing stronger eventually succumbs to power creep bullshit. What that user said was that mulan having ten billion chi was indicative of cultivation tropes, when it's literally the opposite. Like if she already had ten billion chi she wouldn't even need to fucking cultivate because she's already the strongest, cultivation is just the chinese version of a training montage for bullshit spirit power

>>117412199The most popular ones I've seen have been about starting with a small number but an assload of advantages that make up for it. Total sentience from the moment you were conceived, a hyperbolic time chamber in your head that lets you train while you're sleeping at twice the speed, born into a rich family or with knowledge of the future or something similar that gives you a distinctive advantage (and some drama when things don't go EXACTLY according to plan). They usually end up cultivating their qi for several years before other children are even aware of the world around them, become stronger than adults when they're still 8 years old, and get Benefits(tm) heaped upon them by (sometimes their misuse of) a heavily class-favoured system where those who show promise get more and more ridiculous high-powered items and potions foisted upon them and our hero happened to be born into the class that gets most favoured by this (usually the rich, who just preemptively start getting Benefits(tm) earlier because "of course the children of the rich show more promise").Not to say that other cultivation stories don't exist, there are plenty I haven't read, but at least the most popular ones follow this sort of formula.

>>117411085Female sultans also exist. Sultan and sultana do not always mean the same thing except in different gender forms. Given that Aladdin cribs heavily from the Ottoman and Arabic, Jasmine would not only become the sultan, she'd already hold the rank of sultan as a title denoting her station as child of a monarch.

>>117410990>In the commentary for Infinite Crisis Perez mentions that they specifically did not want to kill off Terra because she had too much baggage>Then this

>>117412352they're merely pretending to fuck with the West

>>117412270Yeah Mushu not being in the film is not China's fault, it's Disney'sand I say that as someone who really, really, fucking hates China

>>117410724Let me guess they removed all the be a man stuff even though that was the entire point of the movie because it wasn't considered retard gender friendly....

>>117411376Because SK is full of pretty hardcore conservative Christians, and despite the memes "just pray the sickness away" is a fringe belief among fundies.

>>117410724>Mulan has more midichloriansWhat the fuck really? Who the fuck signed off on this?

>>117412119>and that a strong, singular man on the lead is mostly a good thing, and those aren't really good messages in my opinionL O N D O NONDON

>>117412155Yes, the more we go on the more I realize Lex was fucking right. The idea of the super hero poisons people. Why try if you weren't born special?

>>117412482ooooh, so they're merely pretending to be retarded.Got it

>>117412419>Female sultans also exist.Name some.>Sultan and sultana do not always mean the same thing except in different gender forms.Why don't you enlighten us, then? What do they mean, and under what circumstances?>Given that Aladdin cribs heavily from the Ottoman and Arabic, Jasmine would not only become the sultan, she'd already hold the rank of sultan as a title denoting her station as child of a monarch.Disney didn't built its empire on sultans or sultanas. They built their empire on princesses. The live action remake made Jasmine a sultan purely for political wokeness reasons. Simple as.

>>117412061Is that why Blizzard censored that zombie race in WoW was because of China?What exactly is the superstition in their populace to enforce that kind of change in Western media?

>>117412554What about Milan?


>>117411369>it was the Sims 4 star wars expansion pack

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>>117412654Fuck em

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>>117411542That's hilarious. It sounds like they wanted to rig a poll so that Star Wars would be the obvious number one vote.Granted, Hotel making in the Sims sounds pretty tight.

>>117410724>People have finally caught on to the "magical negro" cliche>Time to move on to "mystical chinamen"Why does Hollywood see itself as the progressive moral authority again?

>>117412723I bet they already had contracts signed with Disney to get Star Wars in. Not thinking for a second that people might not vote for it.

>>117410744Based PoChads dabbing on Mulancucks.

>>117411668Can you recommend some kino ones?

>>117412610Forsaken got edited in China to remove protruding bones from the model. That one has nothing to do with ghosts either, but because of laws about mutilation and gore.

>>117410724Animated Milan was a very endearing character, we saw her go through military training, suffer, persevere and earn the respect of her captain and fellow soldiers. It wasn’t easy and even with Mushu encouraging her she worked her ass off. This Chi business sounds like a poorly written shortcut.

>>117411369>>Look into it>>It's all Sequel Trilogy stuffI know I shouldn't be surprised anymore, but...

>>117412922Don’t blame yourself user, these decisions were made years ago, Star Wars was supposed to be so popular that it would crush the other contenders in a vote for new content. But here we are.

>>117410724>Disney fucks up another live action adaptationAnd water is wet. The only thing that surprises me about thesefilms is that people still pay to see them

>>117413092Good marketing can work wonders, but streaming releases are uncharted territory and nobody should pay $20 for a movie viewing. It’s interesting that they didn’t hold off like 007 is though, they surely thought China would put this in the $2 billion zone.

Feng Shui is the focus on life energy and ancient Chinese geomancy. Disney failed this concept because Mulan is not motivated by partnership, family, knowledge, wealth, fame, or Career.She's just empowerment for the sake of feeding ego.


>>117411376Depends on if you're trying to break the backs of the old superstitions, I suppose.

>>117411784About a billion Shonen MCs say otherwise

>>117412822what goes in China to make laws about anatomy showcasing itself in the media..?

>>117410724Doesn't that defeat the point of her character?

>>117413224did you knowthat China and Japanare different places

>>117413285Japan is just smaller China

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>>117413371And US is bigger France?

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>>117413228It's not about anatomy. If say, a show had an anatomical model of a skeleton in the background somewhere it wouldn't be a problem. It's about depictions of gore and dismemberment, specifically.General rule of thumb is, if it'd get an R rating for violence in the US, it'd probably get banned.

>>117413433you son of a bitch

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>>117411017Little Mermaid looks like it would be terrible too. Well atleast the actress looks somewhat like a fish.

>>117412595Shajar al-Durr and Raziya al-Din. Some linguistic background first. Arabic does not have a feminine form of sultan. In languages that have sultan as a loanword there are feminine constructs for a female monarch derived from it. Sultana, or sultanah, is one such feminine construct. Within Turkic and Ottoman noble and royal ranks, the title of sultan was given to not just the sultan, but also their mother, chief consort, and children. In fact, within the Ottoman context sultan would denote her as princess as the superlative title for a ruler was padishah. This is further complicated by Western historians and laypeople using the term sultan as a catch-all term and ignoring the variety of titles and their meanings within non-European contexts. tl;dr: Sultana is a foreign linguistic construct whose use should be conditional based on the culture to which it is being applied, not the sex of whoever it is being applied to.

>>117411976or it could be because the dragon was voiced by Eddie Murphy and the Chinese hate black people.

>>117413447huh, thats interesting, so what be in the Chinese mythos that makes such depictions so taboo? are they uneasy about Halloween too?

>>117413433that would be Canada, actually.

>>117413433>Great Britain

>>117413604Thanks for the info. Still doesn't change Disney's intent, though.

>>117413433US is just a lower INT England

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>>117410724>Mulan's mother isn't played by Ming NaCome on it was such an obvious thing to do.

>>117412173>>117412226I meant that movies or books based on public domain fairy tales written 100+ years ago shouldn’t be considered “rip-offs.” A rip-off is something like Antz and A Bug’s Life.

>>117411017Jungle Book was good. That's all I got.

>>117411017I am the only human that walks this planet that actually likes the Christopher Walken rendition of I Wan'na Be Like Youyoutube.com/watch?v=15rUJuKCM90


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>>117413685Not showing depictions of dismemberment is not a mythos thing. You've got two separate things mixed together, which is 1) the banning of depiction of ghosts in a disrespectful manner, and 2) the banning of depiction of mutilation. The first one comes from mythos, and the second one is secular.>are they uneasy about Halloween too?Not really. Halloween in China is almost purely superficial trappings. It's a day where people get dressed up and go drinking. The Celtic Samhainn roots of the holiday are almost unknown.

>>117412525I think it was more that they didn’t want Mulan to have a love interest, because that was never in the original legend, and people living in China 4,000 years ago wouldn’t have married out of love anyway.

>>117414002now to be fair, a military officer marrying a minor noble wouldn't be that out of the ordinarywe're ignoring Mulan 2

>>117412610Activision-Blizzard kisses China’s ass since China has so many paypigs.

>>117411017jungle book by favreau

>>117411900Whipper snappers will tell you it was Depp but oldfags will know its actually because it came out right after Avatar and everyone had a serious hardon for 3D at the time. We're talking it made Clash of the Titans a massive hit and everyone and their mother was trying to cash in on it, including shoving it into shit like Thor. Alice and Clash both came out right when people wanted more in your face shit and it lit up. Funny enough both Alice and Clash's sequel suffered the same fate of being massive bombs because nobody gave a shit at that point.

>>117412315>>117411880Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation are China at different times, but blended with other Asian cultures.

>>117414191the Fire Nation is quite blatantly Imperial Japan

Sounds like Dragon Ball.

>>117414108>Funny enough both Alice and Clash's sequel suffered the same fate of being massive bombs because nobody gave a shit at that point.And now we wait for the same fate to befall Avatar 2, and laugh at Lightstorm Productions for wasting two billion dollars on three movies that will never see the light of day.

>>117413447>General rule of thumb is, if it'd get an R rating for violence in the US, it'd probably get banned.This. China only allows a certain number of foreign films to be screened every year, and all of them have to be “family friendly.”

>>117414390And nothing involving ghosts or spirits.

>>117414438Please see >>117412270

>>117414438It's already been explained in the thread, more than "ghosts" it seems to be prohibited to show disrespect towards ancestors/dead peopleSo my guess is friendly/helpful ghosts should be ok

>>117414249Was TLA as blatant as that?>This totally not Chinese nation is the good guys and this totally not Japanese nation is the bad guys

>>117414576the Earth Kingdom weren't really the good guys either

>>117410724>Mulan isn't cool because she's brave, determined, compassionate, and has a knack for strategic planning and tactical thinking>she's special because of her bullshit Dragon Ball Z powers

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>>117410724Gosh I hope that's not true.

>>117414477>>117412270Coco was the exception, not the rule. There were multiple articles on the matter, it is Disney plus it glorifies ancestors so it got a pass

>>117413806>implying anybody here has INTEngland’s pretty buggered, we’re just KARPing as the USA right now, foam weapons and all. The amount of intelligent people I know who seem to have gotten some kind of literal brain worms from using Facebook is staggering.

>>117410759>putting classics into the same bag as modern remakesBrainlet retards like (you) belong to facebook

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>>117414777who wants to bet that they're making Shan Yu into some kind of ultra-misogynist instead of him being one of the few people who didn't care Mulan was a girl, just that she was a dangerous opponent

>>117414993Shan Yu doesn't exist, he's been replaced by a witch or something

>>117414816>it glorifies ancestors so it got a passThat's the entire point though. It's not the depiction of ghosts which is banned, it's depictions that disrespects the ghosts (and thus the ancestors) which are banned.The underlying reason for what gets banned and what doesn't is driven by Neo-Confucian mores, but since the West doesn't understand Neo-Confucianism they attribute it to just being [ghosts] or [no ghosts].

>>117411234she was not a peasant in the original, as far as i recall.

>>117415001And there goes literally all my god damn enthusiasm for that movie for fucks sake, you have a villain that's literally PERFECT for a live-action transition and you do away with himWhat's wrong with Disney

>>117410724>they gave her ninja Goku hakiLaughing my farting butt off

>>117414993>>117415001Apparently they replaced him with a dude named Bori Khan.

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>>117415061I imagine it's probably difficult to find a 7 foot Asian actor who looks like he can rip a man in half

>>117414946What? I said >live action Disney movies.

>>117415089ah okay, that's fine, the Huns invading China was kinda stupid to begin with If they're just turning him into a Mongol or Jurchen warlords that's perfectly fine

>>117415016>That's the entire point though. It's not the depiction of ghosts which is banned, it's depictions that disrespects the ghosts (and thus the ancestors) which are banned. You are missing the point, what you said should be right but it is not. They were really close bringing down the banhammer but Disney pushed and pushed and made them reconsider, you can google it and see how Coco is the exception, all because of "feelings"

>>117410724They fucking stole medichlorians

>>117415093and has jaundice

>>117411527that woman has weird taste that always seems to go just enough against the popular zeitgeist. she's always been that way.

>>117411337Enchanted worked cause everyone was charming as hell, it wasn’t a remake, and Disney was having fun with itself. Hell, they got a lot of the modern/Renaissance princess VAs to play characters in the movie Also I wanna bone both cartoon and live action Giselle Heck I feel even Cinderella live action worked fairly well because original Cinderella was from the 40s/50s(?) and they expanded the story.But the soulless LA stuff is when they’re making live action versions of stuff from the freaking 90s

>live actionyuck>>>Holla Forums

>>117411697These do well enough that they make money. Lion King was one of their highest grossing movies ever. It doesn't make sense to me, and I don't understand the type of person that likes them, but there are clearly a lot.

>>117414249It isn’t. It’s easy to see the confusion because the Fire Nation is depicted as more technologically advanced small island nation attacking a continental nation. The buildings, clothing, weapons, armor, and stylings are mostly Chinese with influence from the rest of Asia.


This legitimately pisses me off, because Mulan was such a cool character in the original film. She was kind of unique in that her being capability was expressed not through physical prowess necessarily, but rather her main strength was in that she was a tactician, a strategist. She solved problems through clever planning and quick thinking. This is even nicely demonstrated right at the beginning where she wins that game of checkers she happens to pass by. Making her a generic martial arts master with fucking super special chi powers not only misses the point of the story, but it also diminishes Mulan as a character. Fuck this.

Attached: mulan-gif.gif (500x297, 781.29K)

>>117413882Those movies released at the same time, so unless there was some proven corporate espionage it was just a coincidence or a simple overlap in studio staff. Not everyone is out to get you.

>>117412776The Legend of the Swordsman starring Jet Li and featuring the character Dongfang Bubai, the basis for Tohou Fuhai/Master Asia in G Gundam

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>>117415544supposedly none of the cultures in atla are 1:1 with real world ones to avoid unfortunate implications. even water tribe has chinese names and such.

>>117415678I swear the Air Nomads are at least partially based off The Third Eye.


Who in the ever living fuck thought it was a good idea? Fire them. Get it together Disney.Like theyre remaking thism.youtube.com/watch?v=TVcLIfSC4OEWithout any of those characters or themes and no singing. What the fuck were they thinking? Its not just no one asked for it, it insults the original. You ever hear Madonnas cover of John Lennons Imagine?Theres a reason for that

>>117413526The Little Mermaid will be good if it keeps the book ending

>>117415597yeah, or how she reached the top of the pillar with a specific tactic instead of brute forceMulan is a strategist instead of being a powerhouse.

>>117411680Avatar isn't whitewashed because no one is white

>>117415785You know they wont, and you know they will make it more focused on her trying to throw off the patriarchy of her father and making Ursula a more tragic villain. Wouldn't even be surprised if Triton ends up being the real villain.

>>117415785Whats the book ending?And im hoping for an epic supporting cast

>>117412270>>117414816>>117415016So that's why Coco is okay, but The Forsaken in WoW, as an example previously mentioned in the thread, has to be censored because the Forsaken are presented as morally ambiguous(they want to make a new plague that can kill the rest of the living)? Do I have that right?

>>117415117The world didn't begin in Y2K my adolescent friend. There are 2000 years before that and some billion pagan irrelevant ones

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>>117415857the prince marries someone else, Ariel gets told to kill him so she can turn back into a mermaid, except she can't, so she dissolves into foam and has to do good deeds for 300 years if she wants to earn an immortal soul and ascend to heaven

>>117415854Triton doesnt need to change at all.He was a loving if not shit father. Prone to king like outbursts. I think they might make him more sympathetic. He reminds me of BotW’s King. Duty over love, and the cold reality of raising a daughter as a princess without a queen. How do you be soft as a king? Yea if they ruin all that poopoo I say. Poopoo

>>117415482mostly parents wanting to keep their kids busy. i'll be very interested to see how covid will impact the sales.

>>117415854>her trying to throw off the patriarchy of her fatherthat was the main theme of the movie, that triton meant well but fucked up>>117415904well, that's not happening

>>117415904They could just change it to her having to be human. That foam thing is biblical levels of harsh. Some pilar of salt shit right there. No...wait...its current year disney. Shell be single because she dont need no man. The lesson will be that the world should bend to you, as a princess.

>>117415717spot on, but also hella gay

>>117415482nostalgiafagging college-attending redditors who want to escape from reality

>>117416002the foam thing is actually a step up from what happens to mermaids when they die, i.e. turn to foam and just stop existing. Ariel actually gets the chance at eternal life.

>>117415945Anyone willingly paying 30 bucks for this should be removed from the gene pool.

>>117411260>For fuck's sakes, remember how everyone was going on about how Rose could have let Jack onto the debris, but the film explicitly showed the debris tip when Jack tried to get on?Try one thing.It fails.Decide to just die rather than try anything else.That scene deserved to be condemned for being stupid.

>>117411260Rose and Jack?>

>>117415126The Xiongnu (Huns) were actually expelled from northern China. That's why they went to Europe, Persia, India and central Asia making way for Turkic peoples populate the areas inhabited by (proper) Aryans before.Mulan just lived after they were defeated, so it would be more logical to set their enemy as the Rouran Khanate.

>>117416122I imagine decision making skills suffer while you are literally freezing to death

>>117415689Air Nomads are based off monks like the Tibetan and Shaolin

>>117410724What's her midichlorian count?

>>117411017Jungle Book was good, Cinderella was passable. And Aladdin was terrible.

>>117410724Chi is just an annoying fucking idea. 1. in any Chinese work (manhua, animation, light novels) Chi inevitably turns into the most boring way for a power system to work2. some idiots legitimately think it exists IRL and real martial artists have to put up with this dimwit brigade.

>>117410724Popular reception of these live action remakes depends entirely on star power, without which they're just mediocre movies.

>>117412766>We are no racist. Some of our productions are about minorities

>>117411900Alice in Wonderland came out at a time when scene chicks and steampunk were still things

>>117416159in real, you will die of freezing long before you get around to drowning if you have the misfortune to fall into the sea.

>>117415598Antz was released first, but it was well-known in the budding computer animation industry that Pixar’s movie about bugs had been in development for years. You must be a zoomer if you didn’t know Antz was meant to be a blatant ripoff to spite Disney.

>>117415093>>117415237Mongolia is full of them. can't walk five feet without being torn in half down the middle.

>>117416122they tested it out in mythbusters, wood could hold Rose but not Jack & Rose

>>117415597>tfw no han brilliant strategist gf then wife

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>>117413604Also Sultan is a religious title referring to a Muslim ruler. The secular equivalent would be malik (king in Arabic).Emir would be the equivalent of prince, while Caliph is the equivalent of the Pope (head of the Muslim religion). Though the Caliph never really had the same importance as the Pope.

>>117416548except you know, for all the times the Caliphs were the rulers of muslim empires

>>117411527>>Grace Randolph supports this movieAll you need to know that it's dogshit

>>117416484Bodies also float

>>117413882>I meant that movies or books based on public domain fairy tales written 100+ years ago shouldn’t be considered “rip-offs.” A rip-off is something like Antz and A Bug’s Life.Jacob Grimm died in 1863, 60 years later Disney started to animate their tales.If we start hastily adapting something written in the 50s, are we making a ripoff?

>>117411859>>The Lion King: $1.657 billion (I think I just threw up in my mouth a little)This is the amazing one. It made all that money but it's since fallen into complete obscurity

>>117411527>Literal who supports this movie>What went wrong bros?You caring.

>>117416694The Grimm brothers were famous for making an anthology of German folk tales, none of those stories could be called their own

>>117415753Notice how in this version everyone improves including Mulan. I bet in the new version only Mulan improves.

>>117415904The Soviet version had this ending.youtube.com/watch?v=pCYkE5ouI88

>>117413958No, there is another...and it's me.

>>117411682Don't worry user, that's not simping. Mulan is worthy of praise, and it sucks that they're turned a great character into another "the special". How can she be an inspiration to anyone if noone can be like her anymore?

>>117415884Please see >>117413974The Forsaken are not ghosts; they don't fall into the first category.The original Forsaken model is a partially decayed zombie with protruding bones on the elbows, knees, and spines. This is banned not because it has anything to do with depiction of ancestors, but because it's gore and mutilation. The Chinese Forsaken model avoids being banned by being altered to a zombie with discolored flesh and small decayed patches but no protruding bones.

Attached: forsaken models.jpg (1280x720, 126.17K)

>>117416159Not to the point where you want to hold hands rather than find something dry to climb on.

>>117416864why? they are making it for china, not for western pigdogs

>>117416484Until they tied the life vest to the door and it could support both of them.

>>117411697Either it makes them money or it gives them a tax write-off, they don't give a shit either way.Also, it's done to maintain their copyrights. Just wait until Pixar's shit comes due, we'll be seeing live action Wall-E and Ratatouille in no time.

>>117411900It came first, so these didn't have a dogshit reputation yet.

>>117416605But their influence didn't extend outside of the regions they didn't control, unlike the Pope's influence.

>>117416694>If we start hastily adapting something written in the 50s, are we making a ripoff?No, that would be an adaptation. A rip-off is a work derivative of another recent work that purports to be entirely original.

>>117415904funny enough in Japan, they managed to separate Disney from Andersen by giving the Disney cartoon a different title

>>117416697It’s because Disney has the market cornered on family-friendly movies. Parents will pay for all their kids to go see these movies regardless of what they are.

>>117416983>live action Wall-E and Ratatouillethis hurts us>>117417018i think the distiction between rip off and adaptation is how much greed went into it.

>>117411017Jungle BookAll the rest looks like CW with a slightly higher budget

>>117410724I don't remember any memorable physical feat in the original movie outside of the Be A Man sequence, she mostly uses her brain. Was that really necessary?

>>117416944Because it's made by Americans not the Chinese. Thus it will conform to US gender standards, just like Black Panther conformed to US race standards.

>>117412083Yeah, essentially it's just no different from the rest of the cultivation bullshit that makes manhwa unreadable.

>>117416944Are movie theaters open there?

>>117414002people in china never married out of lovebugs dont feel love


>>117410724Mushu and Ping really dodge a bullet

>>117411971>some of us are awesome>the rest should just stand back and watch, like insects and scenery.

>>117410724Remind the actress is a cunt.

>>117417949They have some beautiful love poetry in their tonal language, it translates like a telegram in English because so much meaning is from the musical tones of the words.But they never had the concept of romantic or courtly love, most of the world never did. Try not to make your values laws of physics, courtly love is a belly-laugh to whores.

>>117412168too much budget to make a huge talking cobra, so how about a giant parrot instead?

>>117416850Walt Disney didn't have a great imagination. Just a great nostalgia about his midwestern childhood.>>117417018>entirely original.There's nothing entirely original. Every story has been told>>117417065It's more how much it follows the original. If they just use the characters and setting without caring for their laws, then it's a ripoff. Fanfiction goes into that category.

>>117417065>i think the distiction between rip off and adaptation is how much greed went into it.The only true distinction between rip-off/adaptation/homage is how much you liked the end product, they can be more or less blatant but at the end of the day they're basically the same thing

>>117416697Nearly ALL of these movies fall into obscurity the moment they leave the theater because the reality is that no one actually cares about them. These movies are strictly social events, safe trite that anyone can go to as an excuse to leave the house. These dogshit movies wouldn't sell nearly as well without Disney strangling the movie industry as hard as it does, and they certainly won't sell when they're currently being forced onto D+.

>>117418525>There's nothing entirely original. Every story has been toldThe only people who say stupid shit like this are uncreative people who use this as an excuse to plagiarize.

>>117415597It's living proof that modern day writers are hacks that literally can't comprehend making a "strong female character" without turning her into an actual Mary Sue.


>>117411697You can't conflate people who care enough to write something online about something with the overall population of millions who are probably fine consuming a product and then immediately forgetting about it afterwards (or only buy it to keep kids distracted).

>>117410759I don't know, Jungle Book was alright I guess. I think it's the only one I saw, too.

>>117410724So she isn't special for who she is, instead she is special for what she is... wow.

>>117419129There are still good modern day writers. They're just busy writing and publishing their own novels I guess, instead of getting wrapped up in blatant corporate cash grabs

>>117410744PO CHADS I KNEEL

>>117410870Good one. I smiled

>>117410724>Women cannot be the equal of men without an overabundance of magical powerBravo, Disney. Lmfao.

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>>117419129I really wish there was a way to make people in general understand that 'strong' in this context refers to agency. Mulan is a strong female character not because she beats everyone up, but because she gets shit done and advances the plot through her actions. >>117419306I guess she just has more C-Cells, and is thus inherently better than everyone else. >you now remember that S-Cells are a thing, because Toriyama is a shit creator and kind of a blithering moron

>>117418375>But they never had the concept of romantic or courtly love, most of the world never did.Based arranged marriage user

this is literally because of atheism

>>117410724>Let's take away the thing that people like about Disney Mulan and make her Rey.

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>>117411023Except right now China is endorsing the chi practice, especially in martial art despite it showed that it doesn't work.

>>117420036You say that, but Rey got the exact same shitty treatment. It was fairly obvious fro the jump that the entire point of her arc was meant to be that she's just some rando fuck who would rise to greatness on her own merits, that she would succeed because of who she is. But nah, gotta make her a goddamn Palpatine to completely undermine all her accomplishments. Thanks, Disney.

>>117420126The star wars saga should never have been about anyone except the skywalkers anyway. It was a mistake from its very conception.


>>117420036Its an actual achievement. They got the one badass female "princess" that is universally loved and ruined it by pulling the same type of shit people hate about the others>>117420126She wouldn't have worked anyway because she was pulling jedi shit without training in the first fucking movie, she didnt earn her power wich is as bad, if not worse, than being a (poorly done) chosen one

>>117410724Wait, this is how you market a franchise to Mexico, not China

>even when it's not a marvel superhero movie it has to be a marvel movie

should I just ignore this and go watch the 2009 chinese Mulan movie instead?is that movie good?

Attached: Mulan.jpg (2013x2978, 722.79K)

>>117421227people seemed to take it as 'good enough', not particularly good

oh well, on to the movie they decide to fuck up.chi indeed, stupid fucks.

Can’t wait to see how much of a mess The Little Mermaid will be

>>117421799maybe she'll be a kind of aquaman

>>117415597So they turned a legitimately strong female character into a generic hollywood "strong" female character.

>>117415785Yeah that would totally save it

>>117422101Yup, she is no longer a normal girl who worked hard to become a warrior, she’s born special now

>>117414053The edited bones model has been ingame for 15+ years, long before Activision came into the picture.

>>117422144I think the male equivalent would be writing James Bond into fighting like Son Goku.

>>117416448It wasn't just well known that Bugs Life was what Pixar had been working on, Jeffery Katzenberg moved from being an exec at Disney to being head of Dreamworks Animation while Bugs Life was in production. Antz started production not long after Katzenberg took over the studio.Antz wasn't just a blatant ripoff to spite Disney, it was a complete burning of all bridges and salting of the earth. Like somehow Shrek wasn't enough of that, even though that came years later.

>>117413958I liked it. It's definitely not the original but it's entertaining in the moment.

>>117410724>Girls can't compete with men naturally and need super powers to do soBased Disney.

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Why the fuck didn't Lion King animate their animals like The Jungle Book did. It looks so sterile and boring.

Okay but did the love interest even exist or was it actually just completely cut from the film, I know they replaced the guy but so far nobody has even mentioned this new dude

>>117415819Except all the writers, actors, producers, fans...

>>117422459That’s not what they refer to when they say whitewashed

>>117422459>actorsExcuse you...

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>>117410851>They've erased any idea that Mulan might be brave, by making her specially gifted to overcome her situation.Is Superman brave?

>>117419054It true though. Fiction writing change overtime by build upon previous work. There isn't a single author who can claim he/she wasn't influence by older work, either intentionally or not.

>>117422599>one token AsianThat's more offensive, honestly.

>>117422654so who’s gonna break it to Dante that he’s white

>>117411155To be fair, life is fucking miserable and I can't begrudge anyone anything that makes them happy, even if it's garbage. Be nice to your friend.

Shame we won't have box office sale since Disney won't publicize sales if it bombs. They'll probably fake it to attract more customers.

>>117422731It's possible this'll hit big in China. The original Mulan bombed in China so that's why they're trying to screw so much with it. Someone else compared it to Kung Fu Panda in this thread-- That's because the Chinese fucking LOVE Kung Fu Panda.They love whimsical shit like chi crap, and they hate things like romance. iirc there was also an issue with Mulan in the original movie acting out due to not fitting in with society. That individualism didn't resonate and in the original story she does what she does solely to protect her dad.