Confirmed lesbian

Confirmed lesbian

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Confirmed worst "fan"base on Holla ForumsSeriously how could you have a meltdown based on the word bonehead

>>117410692Too bad her crush's parent would never accept her.

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>>117410692No shit

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Confirmed fit/fat

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>>117410716Was this a boner joke?

>>117410692How long until Holla Forums start to hate the show?

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fuck these threads and fuck the screeching SJW fanbase, and I dont even watch your shit show.Amphibia wins again

>>117410739/co/ has always hated it.

>>117410762then why do i see these multiple of these faggot threads every day

>>117410734Fuck that, I'm still weirded out by her getting off to sweat, the hell bro...

>>117410739/co/ hated the show since day oneIt's a couple of the twitter refugees that of course coincidentally only came after the glom episode

>>117410739We've been hating it since it became harry potter

>>117410778Because the power of lust superceds your hate

Why is she wearing a star of david patch like the nazis made the jews wear.

>>117410809harry potter as a product is far better than toh

>>117410778They have relatively high numbers and love spamming their shit, but everyone else hates them.

>>117410739hating it since the first episode

>>117410778Why do we have Questionable Content threads every day?Why do we have threads complaining about Korra every day?Why do things Holla Forums pretty unanimously likes never get talked about?Hate sustains us.

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Ive been on Holla Forums for years and its really weird seeing every new cartoon come out and people pretending that this time all the fans are actually tourists

>>117410714Can't tell if cursed, or extremely based

>>117410778oh so all the stone toss threads are because Holla Forums loves stone toss?

>>117410692You know, spamming this trash daily will not absolve you from calling Marie a female fag on sixth grade.

>>117410792you confirme a lesbian character that was hammered hard how gay they were, and everyone forget how shit the rest of the show and how disappointing the finale were


So... any ACTUAL new info from the AMA? Or was this the biggest stuff from that?...

>>117410962every question was "is X character gay?"

>>117410692>A lesbian who is attracted to menThere's a problem here

>>117410977...i want to believe this is hyperbole, but deep down i know this is mostly true.

I really hope this fucking show get banned like /mlp/

>>117410977No that's just the one's she answered, she literally answered like maybe 15 questions.

>>117411033What did you expect, that's all the show is about.

>>117411019it wont, mods love this shit, apparently

>>117411033I counted over 50 comments from her in the thread. She started out slow but picked up speed after the halfway point. >>117410962Palismen are made from a special wood and the supply is being interruptedSeason 2 will feature more exploration of the different places on the BI as well as strained parental relationshipsEda and Lilith are in their mid to late 40s, with Lilith being the older one by 2 yearsWitches typically join coven when they graduate at 17/18, but they might join early if they're goodThe blight parents and the blight family will play a bigger part in season 2, she enjoyed writing mr. BlightWillow works out every day

>>117411019This gets said about every new cartoon

>>117410718>works out every dayBoss move.

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>>117411156>Willow works out every daystill a fat pig


>>117411196the problem is multiple threads and all of them about that character being a dyke

>>117411198>>117410718Why she is so fat then?

>>117411196I have never seen someone complaining that about BCG, Amphibia, Mao Mao, Infinity Train, etc.

>>117410692>private picture no one else was going to see is Amity shipping herself with a male character>Hurr she's a dyke, Cumsoom my alphabet sheep!

>>117411209She's bulking

>>117410692why would it matter? it's not like girls can kiss other girls...


>>117411241the author confirmed she is lesbian

>>117411196They really should have done it for atla/lok.

>>117410739>>117410762>>117410792>Holla Forums hated the show since day oneto be honest, people started to massively dislike the show after 5th or 6th episode where the school became more prominent and stayed for good

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>>117411242next season Willow gonna be fit and they will call that character development

>>117411293Dana just trying to make Amity look less like her self insert, likes shes fooling anyone

>>117411235>BCGThis probably because there's no active threads>Mao MaoActually got moved to /trash/ because people bitched about furry spam>Amphibia, ITPeople have frequently mentioned "tribe war" shows getting moved

>>117411232What if she's healthy and everyone else is underfed?

>>117411293Ok, doesn't change she's pandering to her audience who need every part of the faggot rainboe "represented" even if the show already shows otherwise.Literally worse than JK Rowling who at least didn't hint Dumbledore's romantic interest until after she confirmed he buttfucked magic hitler.

They're cute!

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>>117410739/co/ should hate twitter posts more than the show.

>>117411232No cardio

>>117410739Muh animated dykes omg!!!

>>117411309I would say it was around the 3rd episode, 1rst episode was pretty bad, 2nd episode had a positive had a positive reception, but the writting started going down hill from the 3rd episode onwards

>>117411309And guess where they're gonna be now that both sisters have to learn everything again?

>>117411309Most people here (me included) were mostly interested in Eda. The more she was pushed into B-plots, the more Holla Forums went from interested to indiferent to hate it. There was a little spark of hope when Ep.12 got leaked and was actually good, but the show went quickly downhill after that (and Luz became full student in Hexside).

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>>117411352We can agree on that.

>>117411370the show is bad thou

>>117411407At house, 'cause Luz will teach them.

>>117411407I gonna be honest, I dont wanna see any more of Lilith, that retard hurts my head

>>117411360She's for Emperor Belo's pleasure. Made for cuddles at night and for use as a demon onahole.

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>>117411413how the fuck Dana makes a character like, Eda with a backstory that could be sxplored for multiple seasons then kick her to the background in favor of magic monkey face? the show should've been about Eda

>>117411441Just saying, get ready for two more students enrolling next semester.>>117411442Why isn't Lillith a legit villain again?

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>>117411441>step 1 draw circle>step 2 tap circle>done, now you're more powerfull than an armywtf Luz gonna teach them?

>>117411485She was sorry and Belos tells her straight up he lied about curing Eda.

>>117411476>the show should've been about EdaThe show is supposed to be about Eda, at least besides Luz. Eda was meant (and is still meant) to be the deuteragonist of the entire show.

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>>117411476We needed Luz for the exposition. The show would've been a lot harder to follow if it was Eda running around stealing garbage. There's a reason why most fantasies like a child/noob character as a main POV. You get world building without it feeling too much like a huge info dump. With a lot of exposition out of the way, we might get to see more of Eda in the next season.

>>117411523that retard cursed her sister instead of trying again next year, went to the emperor instead of trying to cure Eda herself, since the curse was so easy to use even a kid could do it, then pulled out of her ass a way to heal her she apparently knew for years, she went from teaming up with her sister, to jobbing to hootie twice, to playing magic volleyball with her sister and trowing a tantrum to trying to murder a child, fuck Lilith

>>117411505Mostly how to draw glyphs, since they're not just circles but symbols inside said circles.It will be like teaching kindergarten kids how to draw... Sounds retarded as fuck.

>>117411570the show could've about kid Eda all the way to adult Eda

>>117411597>curse - cured>power - gone>police - dont care about her anymore>Lilith - all good nowyeah, cant wait for Eda next season, where she has nothing going on besides being tought by her retarded apprentice that tought herself magic

>>117411614The pace of something like that would be a lot slower than TOH. Most people wouldn't have the patience for it. The tone would be a lot more sombre without Luz. If that's the sort of thing you're looking for, cartoon probably isn't the place to find it.

>>117411570This show would've been way better if Eda and Luz go around the Boiling Isles doing anything (mostly Eda running some scam shit), and Luz learning glyphs in the process, making every adventure significant and relevant to the story. The show shouldn't be about Luz becoming a witch, but Luz learning magic, her experience in the Boiling Isles, she connecting with the place (since that's a big theme of the show, aparently).Luz shouldn't got into Hexside, that didn't just nullify this entire concept, but even killed Willow and Gus's any degree of relevance. Imagine Willow and Gus teaching Luz what they learn in Hexside. Bam! they became 85% more relevant to Luz's story just like that.i swear this show is wasted potential.

>>117411714good, OH current pace is shit, and competent writter could make that story work independent the media, Eda backstory has all the bits for a good story but they wasted it, thou they would have to rewritte Lilith to make it work better

>>117411735shit, they even Had eda saying out loud how much Luz means to her, because they knew they failed to build that connection

>>117411603Dana did say they will expand more on glyphs and how they work. Luz is shown to be a reasonably talented/skilled artist, probably based on Dana's animator background. Some of the other characters, like Amity and King, are noticeably less skilled/talented. I wonder if they'll explore what happens if the glyphs are drawn badly or incorrectly.

>>117410739A lesbian in children cartoon how original, brave and stunning

>>117411813That part ruined what could've been the best OH episode for me. "Tell not show" is the worst writing.

>>117411817they did, they just dont work

>>117411856that, Luz being OP, Glyphs doing whatever the caster wants, Lilith and Bellos being massive retards is what made the finale suck

>>117411232She's not focusing on fat burning exercises.

>>117411485>>117411442>>117411597>fuck LilithThe only value she ever had, was being Belos' onahole, but she's not even good at that and had to be replaced by Kikimora

>>117411019If MLP wasn't furry it would never have gotten banned, no matter how many threads it had.

>>117410739>ships herself with a male characterNo shes bi

>>117411735> Imagine Willow and Gus teaching Luz what they learn in would that work? they don't know how to use runes. it would make sense for eda to help luz learn runes, as she knows more about magic, but I can't think of anything they could teach unless you put them into something that potentially doesn't require the bile sack to produce results, like the potions track

>>117412109Dana put no tought in this show magic system

>>117412094then why EQG is not allowed neither?

>>117412174Because it's still part of the universe?

>>117411442Well, too bad, Dana said we will get more of the gilf and goth mommy sister interaction. I for one am thankful.

>>117412109>they don't know how to use runesNor the entire of Hexside... How does that make more sense?

>>117412213youre part of the problem>>117412174>>117412094I think they were banned from Holla Forums first


>>117412257>glyphs are broken>glyphs are incredibly easy to find>only Luz uses themthat makes even less sense

>>117412198but they are cute girls, no furrybait

>>117410739now. im so fucking sick of it now because of this was bad enough being a self insert cringe fest, and now its just pandering to fucking twitter trannies.this show has made me do nothing but fucking seethe for weeks.

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>>117412326The rule was made before your highschool garbage existed, so deal with it.

>>117410692No shit?

>>117410746>Amphibia wins againMatt Braly already confirmed LGBT representation, and it's probably Marcy or Anne being trans. So enjoy your waifu having a penis while we have cute and wholesome yuri.

>>117411196mod are literally fucking trannies that ban you for making fun of faggots.i hate this board now.

>>117412429>and it's probably Marcy or Anne being transSource: my ass

>>117410746>fuck the screeching SJW fanbase>Amphibia wins again>Amphibiahow can be someone THIS delusional?

>>117410734CloseA fingering one.

>>117412383also DCSHG and this show is allowed

>>117412489CloseA moist one.

>>117412174It's fucking bullshit. I just found a great EQG/TOH crossover fanart and can't even post it anywhere since trash thread fell off.

>>117412513You're missing the point on purpose. EqG is still part of the Horse Show franchise. It isn't that hard to understand why EqG isn't allowed here.

>>117412533Amity is an Armpit licker

>>117412292luz is a descendant of an ancient witch who could see the runes

>>117411293Didn't amity make self insert ship art with some dude character from the azura books

>>117412109>>117412257The glyphs are literally a lost form of magic because they evolved to have bile sacs.

The more time moves forward, the more I view this entire show as the epitome of everything wrong with modern Western Animation.

>user says my wife, willow, is fat>literally a fucking cylinder body type>works out everydayShe can beat you up and make me a nice dinner afterwards!

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>>117410739>>117410734She had to rub one out

>>117412644That's not the point. The point is how would going to Hexside even help Luz to leart a kind of magic NOBODY in Hexside even know how it works?

>>117412694Willow soft as a pillow.

>>117412731Oh yeah I agree there's no reason for Luz to stay in Hexside at this point. I said before I don't think Dana planned for her to learn the fire glyph from a fucking sport of all thing but Disney wanted more school episodes so she had to rework it. It would explain how Luz learned the plant glyph between episodes too.

>>117412694She just wears many layers because she has trouble keeping a normal body temperature.

>>117412747she's best girl

>>117412694and all that help she was in the finale

>>117412619Yes, she in fact did that

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>>117412619>>117412838Fantasizing about fictional characters is in a muddled area. It's easy to develop a crush on a character you can project whatever ideals and qualities you find appealing onto even if they're not a gender you're attracted to. Alternatively Amity hasn't realized she's a lesbian yet.

>>117412825>turned the crowed that wanted to watch Eda executed against having Eda executed She's the Guy of ToW, her power is so strong she has to nerf herself otherwise she'll die from her raw power.

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>>117412838Dana is trying to distance Amity from her so she wont be acused of wanting to fuck a brown loli, any other persong would've been eaten by twitter by now

>>117410739Basedboy tier reaction fucking yuck, there are people on this board right now like this.

>>117412914>Dana is trying to distance Amity from her so she won't be accused of wanting to fuck a brown loliWouldn't making the character gay and having eyes for the brown loli make that solution even worse?

>>117412838So you're telling me being lesbian is a personal option and not something inherent to the person who's lesbian. Noted.

>>117413011as long as people dont call her out on her self insert and it is lesbians, she'll be ok

>>117413020 was for >>117412889

>>117412790Fuck yeah she is. Fuck Lumity.

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>>117410692Is she the Farnesse of Holla Forums?

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Being a homosexual is a choice only women can have. Amity (Dana) choose to be a lesbian whenever it suited her. The only reason why she retconned Amity was because people saw through their Bi!Luz gimmick, they needed a stronger bluepill. I work as a social media analyzer for various firms.

>>117411229It’s been like that ever since the Lumity episode, not that I have a problem like the rest are, but before that, there wasn’t that much TOH threads like this recently.

>>117413125Gay men have no choice but there's literally no such thing as a lesbian. Lesbians are literally not real, lesbians are just women acting like sluts for fun(college "experimenting"), or cause they're ugly, and lasty and most importantly because they haven't been dicked hard enough. Lesbians are just attention seeking female losers that need a dick in their va jay jays, maybe then they'd lighten up and stop being femnazi's. Lesbians are not real.Gay men however are real and don't chose to be gay.

>>117413125Your jelly?

>>117412838dana is such a fucking fat dyke hack

>>117413125>file deleted

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>>117413322Did you just come from stupid town? That's literally what i implied. >>117413328Yeah, i want to have the freedom and privilege of a woman, but won't destroy my healthy mind and body to pretend to be one.

>>117410718Did I miss an episode?

>>117413367i deleted it myself, i forgot how trigger happy the dilaters are on this board.

>>117411156>Willow works out every day

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>>117413383Did you just come from meanie town? I was just adding on to what you said.

>>117413406So you played yourself. Congrats.

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>>117411156you forgot that Dana really wants to do a Venture Bros crossoverAlso Eda has been to Vegas

Confirmed best girl.

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>>117413435choke on a dick

>>117412429The show is about magical amphibians. Trans character will probably be a frog that has the motif of one that changes sex at points in nature.

>>117413435Just an archetype, an empty husk of a character, so generic calling her character is giving her too much benefit. That's right, i'm talking about Amity.

>>117413435Correct. I would have intercourse with her.

Strange kind of lesbian to fantasize about being in a romantic relationship with a fictional male character.

>>117413407She just doesn't brag about her fitness

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>>117412151HmmmmmmmmmmImagine you make a story about a girl wanting to be a witch and learning magic, but didn't put any thought about how that magic would work. one the other hand....

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>>117413507>>117413565Try harder losers

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>>117413544Every character on the show is generic and lacks substance.

>>117411156>Eda and Lilith are in their mid to late 40sWitch genes are based

>>117410692As if that'll actually change anything around here

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>>117413592Yeah, i was actually describing Boscha, but that description fits virtually every character but Eda.

>>117413588Someone wants to fight.

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>>117412838Isn't it theoretically possible that the character is female, just she used a reference that had a male character in that spot?

>>117413663Shit you can jump canyons with tha logical leap

Post obscure waifu's

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>>117410739I thought Amity was bi too, I’m only going by that one second where she drew herself with a guy in her diary.

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>>117413663That’s an weird stretch. Maybe that episode was written by someone else, Dana is mostly in charge of production.

>>117413723Well they didn't say the character was a guy explicitly. I guess it might help to see the storyboards.

>Everyone's talking about amity being gay, which was obvious ever since Grom night.>No ones talking about the fact that Eda's been to Vegas and likely met Stan Pines

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>>117414149Because Eda got phased out.

>>117413592What about Hooty?

>>117413547>>117413322>>117412838>>117413020Insert shipping with fictional male characters or even "crushes" on real boys, especially if they're emo prettyboys, is a common and relatable experience for some young lesbians before they figure things out. It's about the emotional yearning for romance, and they pick a boy not out of genuine attraction, but because they're pretty or cool enough to be an acceptable image in their fantasies that are fueled out of a desire to be in love.I don't know about the Boiling Isles, but in real life this also has a lot to do heterosexuality being the norm. They want to imagine being in love, and the image of love is most commonly heterosexual, so that's what they imagine. I assume that the Azura books, being from Earth, probably most strongly feature hetero romance sideplots, and that's what she molds her fantasies after. She also said that Luz is her first big crush. It's usually at that age that someone or something triggers the realization that the feelings for one gender are very different. AKA, Luz made her hormones kick in. It's just like how you start really noticing girls in middle school.

>>117414199Hooty trascends such concepts.

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>>117414216this gonna be all the discussion about the show isnt it?

>>117410909Yeah with you on this one.

>>117410739I gave up after episode 1.

>>117414149When was it said she went to Vegas?She knows so little about Earth she thinks clothes hangers are earrings.

Wait, if there are questions being answered, can't you ask what is up with the drawing of herself with the character?

>>117414149Is this why god gates fags>>117414372She’s long done answering questions. There are plenty of angles in which the issue can be squared away: >>117414216I don’t think they even specified the stray doodle was male.

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>>117414372Good luck in the sea of literal thousands of questions about X character being gay.

>>117414447But this is literally a question about a character being gay.

>>117410692Lesbian or bi

>>117410792>Holla Forums is one person

>>117414285I would really like it to not be, but this appears to be the designated thread for talking about it, and I'd like to clear things up for people who are confused about the self-insert drawing thing. I'm sure that was an intentional choice of the writers - yes this girl self inserted herself with Sasuke, yes she still ended up liking girls, and that's pretty normal. Maybe today with all the lgbt stuff in cartoons it's different, but it's pretty uncommon to find a lesbian that says she consciously crushed on girls/shipped herself with fictional girls before puberty whacked them with the gay.

>>117414520>majority of Holla Forums hates this showis that good enough for you?


>>117414352Dana said so during rebbit AMA. I wouldn't take it more than as a joke.

>>117410739Why do faggots freak out like retards over a characters sexuality?

>>117415111Because>SHE IS JUST LIKE ME

>>117414216>gay character fantasies about the opposite sex>they're just confused and figuring things out>straight character calls another character of the same sex as them attractive>He/She is totally gay, trust me

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>>117412838>forbidden loveIt probably isn't male.

>>117413322Why are faggots so rude about lesbians? Down right assholes. Girls are bi by the way. But at least Amity is 2D.


>>117415346It's astouding how long the alphabet lobby has been allowed to argue the contridictions that they were born gay and can't be changed while similarly arguing sexuality is a spectrum that can change...

>>117414483Lesbian. Luz is bi.

>>117415346This. If I were a lesbian I would fantasize about female characters and being "friends" with them before realizing that they were romantic feelings.

>>117415456>Lesbians fantasize about men in secretBi

>>117415387>Why are faggots so rude about lesbians?because they have poor writting skills

>>117415500Doesn't have a strong footing. Her being confirmed lesbian should have put the debate to rest. Does a blink and you'll miss gag have to be addressed as well?

>>117415603Yeah because it's a sublety to her sexuality. Why do you think Luz's blushes are indications of her sexuality?

>>117414149Dana said Eda didn't enjoy Vegas so not much to talk about there.

>>117415634>Why do you think Luz's blushes are indications of her sexuality?not that user, but thats a common trope to how a character is attracted to someone, not all blushes fall under that category thou

>>117415478>If I were a lesbianbut you are not so you know jack shit about what young lesbians fantasize. Imagine that everyone likes dicks, so you start thinking about dicks too. But no matter how much you try, you can't find dicks attractive, so you start thinking about pussies and this time your own pussy gets moist. See? Every gay person starts in the closet and it takes time to get out of it.

>>117410692Does this make Holla Forums seethe?

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>>117410739isn't amity also bi, she made fanart of her with the villian of azura

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>>117415713So does she start thinking of guys with vaginas?

Why are you all assuming the picture is a guy? The character's gender was never stated and the picture itself isn't exactly a Rembrandt. It could just be a badly drawn bifauxnen.Amity is a lesbian. And you picturefags got BTFO.

>>117415726It's eye rolling. Dyke art made as a fuck you to straights is always cringe.

>>117415500Look, I used to argue she was bi also. But then the AMA happened and so that's that. I can bypass the one time any attraction Amity had to anyone other than Luz was brought up prior to crushing on her.

Dana isn't going to live down the Soothsayer thing. Next time someone please address it because it's sad this is still an argument for autists who need everything spelled out to them.

>>117415806Like all "bisexuals" in cartoons it won't matter anyways. Once they're together Luz will never break up with Amity and if she does it'll be with both going to a new girlfriend.

>>117415713I personally know a lesbian and she never fantasized over a guy. She only fantasized over women and I had a feeling she was gay before she came out.

>>117415800I find it hot because they can't admit they want dick, but they do


>>117415761>isn't amity also bino >>117411293>she made fanart of her with the villian of azurayes>>117412838

>>117411198Never watched but I've been wonderingDo you pronounce it bo-sha, or bos-cha

>>117415761Azura is a fucking blank void for a series that two main characters are massive fans of.

>>117415924Meh the petty spite makes it shit. I've seen that kind of art when Korra/Asami became a thing and it made a lipstick lesbian and brown tomboy unattractive, a feat I once thought impossible.

>>117415889The Soothsayer's gender was never specified, anyway.Honestly, people are making a silly badly drawn picture seem much more important then it actually is.

>>117415994>What is the gender of the character Amity drew herself with in EP12?>The future.

As a lesbian there is nothing less relatable and more cringey than shows like She-Ra and Owl House having these cringey tumblr leads because they're written by cringey tumblr women. Where are the Shegos who continue to be bad, hot bitches without dumbass pining redemption stories

>>117410692>You will never be one of Amity's straight guy friends.>You will never sit in the hallway with Amity and talk about the hottest girls in Hexside

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>>117415500There's no proof she fantasizes about real men, whereas she's shown actual attraction to another girl. Considering all the dumb shit I fantasized about when I was her age I'm not going to take a drawing of her with some anime dude as concrete proof.

>>117412429its gonna be a sex changing frog because they do thatt. jurassic park

>>117410692Okay. As long as it's not the end all, be all of the character.

>> is a general thing, not simply a lesbian thing. And Shego is given sympathetic aspects.

>>117412429I wonder, if they go the lesbian threesome route will the shitposters pivot to saying they never liked Amphibia either?

>>117416153some, but she's nowhere near Catra's level of fucking pathetic

>>117412429I thought it was gonna be Sasha

>>117415346Just because that's dumb behaviour of people who want a character to be gay, doesn't mean that that the former is a real thing that commonly happens and is a totally plausible explanation for a character confirmed to be gay.>>117415478They do /I did that that too. But they also want romance, so since they can't place those "friends" in their explicitly romantic fantasies, they place boys. Before puberty makes genuine attraction impossible to ignore, it's easy to mistake admiration/affection for boys as attraction.

>>117416209>they can't place those "friends" in their explicitly romantic fantasiesIt's probably the autism in me but I remember drawing two women getting married as a kid.But I understand your perspective as well

>>117415478As a young lesbian I wanted to be the cool girls or was just really interested in watching them. I internalized it as a desire to be like them and 'girls are supposed to like girl characters' while not really realizing the boy characters weren't interesting to me beyond I think Danny Phantom who looks mildly feminine anyway

>>117416208Yeah, Sash being bi seems to be the most probable way to go.

>>117416292His name is Danny Fenton, filthy casual.

>>117416399I know. His human form wasn't nearly as cute as his Phantom version. Hence the distinction.

>>117416399Danny Fenturd is Danny Phantom?

>>117412838This is just a normal girl experience even if you're a lesbian. You can't help but to imitate all the stories you read and the cool heroine always gets the hot moody guy.

>>117415413>>117415920It can be both. For many people it's flexible, for others it's not. I know I was having feelings for girls as a kid that in hindsight, was definitely attraction, but before puberty I was able to brush it off as just really wanting to be their friend. I didn't have those feelings for boys. But my heart wanted romance, so I "crushed" on boys, self-insert shipped with boys, etc>>117416267I was kind of homophobic as a kid honestly, I knew about gays and accepted them but I really didn't want to be one. So I was adverse to exploring that angle at all, partly because deep down, I knew

>>117416494>>117412838Lesbians fucking adore Sasuke well into their adult years. Usually not sexually but as a character they're super into him.

Is Luz really based on the creator's crush? What does she think about it and is she an actual lesbian?

>>117416502My mom told me about how her college roommate was a lesbian and she kept trying to kill herself so I thought if I ever was a lesbian I'd try to kill myself because of itNever mind the fact I fell in love at first sight with a beautiful woman on horseback at age six and have never forgotten her

>>117415986>Korra/Asamii mean lumity actually has a proper build up, korsami was a bullshit asspull regardless if it was gay or not

>>117416556at the cost of Amitys character development being rushed, not a good trade

>>117416556Korrasami's ripple effect was both good and bad. Good in that it broke a mold bad in that it created the worst fandom entitlement of all time that resulted in people genuinely expecting barely-there shipping-goggled snippets to result in gay romance. Poor Voltron.

>>117410692Honestly, I'm happy they didn't wait until the series finale to confirm it.

>>117411232Eat Big to Get Big

>>117416502I get really horny with guys but I also get really attached to girls so my sexuality is just confusing. it's safer to call myself straight

>>117416610because they were being very subtle until Dana revealed it

>>117416153So is Sasha Waybright.

>>117416878If you give people enough room to think a female character who is attracted to women is also attracted to men they'll jump on it. It's especially dumb in this case because there are no male options to ship Amity with in normal fandom space, same thing with Luz.

>>117411551They can't make Eda the main character 'cause kids wouldn't be able to relate, also filename

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>>11741718180s shows have adult protagonists all the time with no problem

>>117417236There's a difference between action hero of adult yet vague age and very obvious wine aunt.

>>117416593>barely-there shipping-goggled snippets to result in gay romance. It is more mature and subtle that way.

>>117415387Because they are LARPers while gay men truly have homosexuality.

>>117410783Lmao pussy

>>117410739I hate it but I'll still watch it because I have no standards. Also Eda a cute

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>>11741728414yos tend not to be mature and subtle about their first big crush

>>117410783>her getting off to sweatyeah haha who the fuck would be interested in Luz's sweat... haha...

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>>117414122Why are you coping so hard, Twitterfag?

fuck this gay ass show. it makes me seethe now.

>>117410692Yes...and?Do you want a medal or something? Go charge a machinegun nest and plant our flag in pile of their corpses!

>>117417317I mean i'll probably never watch it but if I were to i'd be for the sole reason of talking about it/shitposting about it on Holla Forums.

>>117416591I ask what really needed to be developed? She thinks on her actions on not being the nicest witch and will continue to do so after the library episode. She and Willow are not friends and only see each other hanging mutually with Luz confirmed. They may patched up a wound to their relationship but will take time to heal.

>>117417371Because I want a tough chick with sour demeanor from her abilities.

>>117416209>>117416292>>117416502>>117416542>>117416709Wow that’s a lot of lesbianons in this board. I wonder what types that makes you guys turn on?

>>117417365I’m gonna need a source on that ass. Is is drawn by Mangamaster?

>>117415966I always thought it was like the pear.

>>117417443Not sure bro. I grabbed it from one of these threads

>>117417412What does Willow have to be mad about anyways? She got to see that Amity's parents threatened to ruin Willow and her family if they kept hanging out. What 10 year old can resist their parents and a threat against their friend by said powerful parents?

>>117417675>What does Willow have to be mad about anyways?years of bullying? Amity parents didnt tell her to do that

>>117412257>nobody at Hexside knows about runesIf nobody, not even the teachers at Hexside, could do runes, how exactly was anybody going to teach her at Hexside?And before you say, "She can just record them performing the spell", I'll point out that Willow and Gus could have taught her their spells and she record them.>>117411735 was right. They were essentially wasted.

>>117415788Why go out of the way to over complicate it a just draw a clear girl? The dude was even drawn taller than her.

2d lesbians are cute.


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>>117420171Dana revealed Amity is the butch in a twist of events.

>>117413742the vorefag of the boiling isles

>>117416081>you'll never hang out with amity and luz>you'll never have to avoid eda's eyes and pray she doesn't notice how awkward you are around her


Just a reminder that while animated lesbians may be cute, real life dykes are the most unpleasant, mentally disturbed and altogether worst people on the planet.

>>117410739i think owl house is a good show

>>117410692Honestly, who didn't see this coming at first sight of her?