What's your local comic shop like?

What's your local comic shop like?

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>>117409134been in there about ten times to grab some random shit and its only ever been me and the store owner, kind of sad desu

An empty lot right now.


>>117409134Last time I was there was Free comic Book day. The owner seemed pissed off that he can only let in so many people at a time and everyone there only wanted free shit.

>>117409134A lot of white people and the occasional dude who was the store owner along with his wife’s boyfriend. The wife’s boyfriend is cool and chill so I can’t complain

>>117409188>his wife’s boyfriend. The wife’s boyfriend is cool and chill so I can’t complainWhat?

Pretty friendly.They run a monthly Book Club through it and half the employees are actually part of the club too, so I know them on a friendly level and they pretty much all know me by name.For getting stuff they're kind of a local chain (live in a major city) so if they don't have it in store they can either order what you want or check the inventory of 5 other locations over the phone.

>>117409243Like the dude who is in a relationship with the store owner’s wife.

>>117409134Empty and closed. It’s usually run by an okd hippy and stinks of unchanged cat litter. I’m pretty sure he owns the space, though so he’ll be back.

Dead. They closed after many successful years not wanting to deal with increased problems with Diamond Distributors and the grind.

>>117409134It got replaced with a Starbucks last year. And COVID is killing the other ones. Honestly I’m surprised Disney/AT&T or any other big company hasn’t started a chain of “hobby shops” that are set up as a Barnes and Nobel/Starbucks hybrid that has manages, comics, bluerays, arcade machines, pizza etc. I mean if you combined the the anime/comic/video game fags together into one all purpose hobby nerd store with a hip and trendy asthetic I could see it making bank. COVID will probably go on for another or 2 so right now is actually the perfect time to buy up all the abandoned and foreclosed property for such a venture

>>117409134My LCS has a very nice selection and would be a pleasant place to shop, if it wasn't for the owner. He can be helpful and is very knowledgeable, but most of the time he just seems to be very annoyed by having to interrupt the chats with his employees in order to interact with customers. He also chain smokes in the backroom, which smells bad and can't be good for the actual books.

The best.

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>>117409134Closed and dilapidated.

>>117409134Smelly and Marvel dominant.

comics are outdated, they don't move

>>117409134Closed forever

>>117409134Damn. I didn't thought about them. Probably dead as fuck since the business was already on the verge of dying.

my comic shop isn't bad usually a few people in the morning on Wednesdays for comic book day

>>117409171FCBD is trash always.

>>117409134pretty good, its on a popular street in my city, so i generally avoid it on the weekends when casuals go to browse, and early ncbds because the wednesday warriors are annoying as hell

>>117409134Shit, they overprice everything, one time they repriced an item higher in front of my very eyes.

Full of obese women.

There are three comic book stores in my town. They're all very friendly, if a bit quiet.

>>117409134It’s pretty neat. Could have a better selection of trades though, but over all really good. They have another location like 30 minutes away so they have a huge warehouse and they do sales sometimes for back issues by the long box. They also sponsor north Carolina comic con who here /919/ here

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Pretty cool. They’re always getting new stuff, and it’s fun talking about random shit when flipping through boxes. They have a low/mid grade Hulk 181 they just got in, asking 1600 bucks

Being ran by a bunch of fat neckbeard guys and two fat girls who don't give a fuck about their inventory or customers. I've stopped going there months ago after the manager change.

The few times I went there when it wasn't FCBD it was pretty emptyThey had an entire section dedicated to those stupid pop figures and a couple of folding tables set up where people played Magic

Killed by the 'rona.

Still going strong and has a cheap pizza place next door. I bought all my Hellblazer and Swamp Thing stuff from there.

>>117409345>Hobby ShopNot a bad idea actually. Let's partner up and make it real, my dude.

My local closed a couple years ago after the owner passed away. Sad shit. I just went in one day and it was a woman at the desk, asked where he was and she said she was him mum and that he’d lost the battle with cancer or something so she was selling everything on. I didn’t mind buying more than I usually would that day, I felt awful. I still carry his business card around to this day, poor bastard. It wasn’t just about going in for the comics but talking with Simon was great, and he was a big reason why I got into comics. Sold me my first one when I was like 11 (20 now for reference). So I don’t have a local anymore, I just buy from Amazon or go into HMV when I’m in town to see what trades they have.

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>>117411878That's sad story user. At least you still have memories.

>>117411878I wasn’t ready for this feel

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>>117411948>>117411949Yeah it sucks, but the memories were good too. The guy was a good man, he threw these big do’s for kids on Free Comic Book Day which helped get them into the medium. He was the best of us.

>>117411878Never lose that business card.

>>117412017I’m going to pour one out for Simon tonight

>>117412988I won’t don’t worry, it’s a treasure.>>117413364Thanks lads, to Simon Shaw. Not just a comic store guy, but a hero.

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>>117409134I wish I went to this comic shop during the 90s

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>>117409171My store stopped advertising FCBD. it was always just every crackhead in town coming in for free stuff. They still do it, but it's pretty much just for actual customers.

This pandemic probably killed the shitty store closest to me, good riddance

>>117416715The guy told me they we're advertising it, but they had comics. I took them and left. I don't feel bad, my nephew ask me the other day if I could take him to the shop. So I'll make up business by buying him whatever he wants.

>>117409134My friend took my and my younger brother to his shop years ago. It was probably the first time I've seen nerds in their 30's or 40's talking about comics, comic films, etc. It was a fine experience.Anyone got any good stories?

>>117411868I’m a graphic design, who majored in marketing, so if I had the funds we probably could. Hell though could even have giant tables with build in tablets to play MTG or Hearthstone against people on. The safest place to open a place like up in would be in Texas due to low property values/ taxes and it’s has a concentration of nerds. Like if you opened one of those stores in Austin and went all in covering your bases I could see it blowing up onto a national chain. Sure streaming is the new king but you can’t get that same atmosphere and interaction online and that would be the stores main selling point

>>117415777I went in 99. It was wicked bleak inside, with harsh florescent lights, drop ceilings and cheap looking display cabinets. It reminded me of an old Kmart. I bought all the Captain America Madbomb floppies there, but I never felt compelled to go back. Time Warp in Boulder was better, imo.

>>117417151I used to talk about Kirby comics with the manager of my old shop. I was in there once and he just gave me a copy of pic related.

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>>117409134I live near multiple acclaimed shops and I hate them all

>>117409243anon is having a revenge fantasy against nerds, don't be mean to him, he got here from twitter only two hours ago

Right now it's closed because of the virus but before that>section up front with genesis/snes/ps1/64 games at ridiculous mark ups>cashier counter case filled with mostly Magic and Yugioh cards and assorted other /tg/ stuff >wall behind counter lined with opened figures also at a ridiculous mark up >a few tall shelves mostly filled with trades, owner said floppies didn't sell well and if you wanted them from him you would have to pre order and pre pay>area in the back for game events, mostly Magic and Smash>never ever ever go there on Smash day, you could smell the stench from the parking lot>Owner 350 pounds of hate for all of his clientele, no love for any of the hobbies but his store is the only game in town>other employees, one autist that obsessed over kids cartoons, if you didn't cut him off he would ramble for hours instead of ringing you up >neck beard into 40k, loved his SPESS MUHREENS and if you let him would rant about how much he hates elves and hates japan>fat fujo that would get annoyed if you dared to actually buy something and make her work instead of getting to spend all her time on tumblr and fanfiction.net>thot that would tell everyone she did lewd cosplay and would try to get everyone to support her on patreon or subscribe to her only fansI hope the place dies, it was a cesspool taking advantage of being the only comic shop in town but I get better prices and service just ordering shit online

Cool enough to get an EisnerAlso worked there while in collegeEveryone was chill as fuck

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I work at mine, it's full of Funko pops

>>117409134How much do you think they paid for that mirrors edge advertisement?

Went for free comics recently, it looked slow in there but he said he was doing well. All trades were on sale and he was adding an additional discount to them. So I ended up paying like $50 for a big stack of stuff. And I immediately went home and sold two huge X-men tpbs for about 4 times what I bought them on eBay so that was cool.

>>117409134Shut down forever because of the coof

90% funkos, 5% board games, 4% shirts, 1% comics.

Pretty nice it's in the town square between an ice cream shop and a burger place. Only negative is they also sell records so douchey hipsters from Nashville sometimes are hanging around there.

>>117409134they only hire women for the register and people keep trying to flirt with them

My LCS is pretty standard, except they seem to over order on every single new #1. I remember when the new Iron Man by dan slott came out, they ordered so many that after a month they would literally put it inyo my bag for free while ringing me up. I had to ask them to stop after they getting probably my sixth copy.Other than that and employees who couldn't care less, it's fine. I still like buying comics every week, unlike most of Holla Forums I guess.

>>117409134Don't have one, because I live somewhere in the other 90% of the country that isn't a city.Also don't have any sort of public transit system, no major chain stores (unless you count a single McDonalds) and everything is closed by 10pm (even the McD drive through).

I haven't gone to my local comic shop ever since I learned that buying trades and omnis online is cheaper than buying floppies.

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>>117409134I saw a group of people playing D&D, three of them had collars on. I've never gone back on Fridays.

>>117409134Started carrying Japanese manga and animation books. Thank fuck it warded off all the stinky 40 year olds but it attracted those SJW neon haired shit heads.

Pretty decent. Staff is friendly, store is clean. It's nice not really having anything to complain about.

>>117419759They hot?

My LCS is small, 60% a table top game store, but I do really like it. The owners are friendly, it’s well stocked, and at this point I’ve gotten to know all of the regulars. There’s usually a lot of people there, and they’re doing surprisingly well despite everything. The bad thing though is that it being most of game store, they have basically no back issues, so I have to drive a bit to get to another store that has a good backlog. But yeah there’s a few regulars that make me want to leave the store whenever I see them

>>117409134It's a small coffee shop and they don't have much other than new stuff and shit that they haven't been able to sell since 2018.The good thing is that they get their comics imported from the US. They sell those for twice the price but hey, it's better than nothing.

Nota anymore in my country

>>117409134Dilapidated, overpriced, disorganized shithole in the middle of nowhere with bizarre operating hours. I've only been there 3 times and it was empty every time. The clerk seemed to resent me for being there.

>>117409134it smells of nerd.

Good store. Better than my old one where the owner would always bitch about SJWs and how they suck but if I talked shit about Dan Slott he'd say that I didn't know him and that I'm not allowed to say anything about him until I get a comic published.

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They have an entire wall dedicated to those little figures with the black eyes that are typically associated with soi chuggers I can’t remember the name