I feel like this show was one of the last truly normal cartoons before the Pendleton Ward/Rebecca Sugar/Alex Hirsch Era of modern cartoons kicked in.>No calarts/beanmouth shit>Thick outlines>Sports genre>Rock soundtrack>Genuinely feels like an early 2000s cartoon despite being made in 2011>Actual slapstick with characters getting hurt on a daily basis and it’s funny>Zero woke garbage

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>>117409037It's better then it has any right to be, and is superior to Star Vs., Amphibia, and The Owl House by a long shot.

>>117409037That era is over don't burden yourself with its memory

>>117409037It is the only good thing Chris Savino worked on.

>>117409037Yeah, but does it have waifus?

>>117409037My only vivid memory of this show from when I was younger was the piano episode when he somehow manages to steer a piano going 60 mph down a hill by playing his practice piece perfectly


>>117409325Show em then.


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>>117409357I remember everyone fapped to her

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This wage slave was excellent

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>>117409037>>>No calarts/beanmouth shit>>Thick outlines>>Sports genre>>Rock soundtrack>>Genuinely feels like an early 2000s cartoon despite being made in 2011>>Actual slapstick with characters getting hurt on a daily basis and it’s funny>>Zero woke garbageLiterally pic related and yet Holla Forums shits on this relentlessly

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>>117409674>Zero woke garbagenah that's not true it has some woke shit in there. but not like sjw woke shit.

>>117409623>she will eventually turn into a thicc pear like her mom

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>>117409674Wow, it’s almost as if Kick Buttowski was creator driven show and not a shitty shell of it’s former incarnation and it’s not a Sports show either.Besides, the TTG characters aren’t funny, they’re just annoying jackasses.

>>117409037Bland Disney garbage

>>117409674capeshit is never good

>>117409106Agreed, all I don't like is the cliche stupid fat character trait...

>>117409602Eso Brad

>>117409873I remember it being really popular in Mexico

>>117409850t. fatty

>>117409661>the /ss/ netori episodeShit's good


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>>117409037>Pendleton Ward/Rebecca Sugar/Alex Hirsch

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>tfw still call all energy drinks Cheetah Chug

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I loved the shit out of this show. I should give it a rewatch.

>>117409873É o brad

>>117409037The teacher is an underrated waifu

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>>117410122stop posting this gross bitch. she's fucking old

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>>117410173And so is Eda.

>>117409106I'll give you Star Vs. and Owl House since those shows are garbage but the show sucks compared to Amphibia.

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>>117410122>>117410173These 2 comments made my day. Thank you, anons

>>117409037Wait, people actually have love for this show? It looked nice but everything about it from the characters to the very concept itself is the most generic shit imaginable. I can understand a few stock characters in a show but literally every single one of them was a stock character.

>>117410173Why wouldn’t she be a waifu tho?

>>117410196Eda doesn't have Nixon jowels

>>117410492But she’s old douchebag

Kendall is for hugs and smooches

>>117409106Nah, Amphibia is a FAR superior improvement.

>>117410463Oh believe me, it was FAR from a masterpiece and there were A LOT of painfully generic character archetypes (bratty sister/bully brother/alpha bitch/fat comic relief etc) but it’s still kinda nice to appreciate a show that wasn’t a wacky magic fantasy land or boring slice of life cartoon.

>>117409176Wrong>Rocko's Modern Life>Early Ren and Stimpy>Early Dexter's Lab>Early PowerPuff Girls>Hey Arnold>Duckman>Samurai Jack>I am Weasel>Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends>My Life As A Teenage Robot>Flintstones On The Rocks

>>117411096>boring slice of life cartoon.Isn't it basically that with some outdated Xtreme stunts thing thrown in? Seriously, why does this show feel like it came from the mid 2000s?

>>117411177SoL would be some shit like craig of the creek or harvey beaks. This show was far from SoL


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the virgin yeah Brad vs the Chad Eso Brad

>>117409037Reminder the creator stated he purposely adds shota and fetish shit to the show

>>117410122>>117410173I know she's your waifu but goddamn, those jowls.

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>>117409873What a guy

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>>117412604I think she was the first time I came across an artist who nuked their entire online collection of art. The 2nd being Simon. Always liked Galen's tiff art.

>>117409037It was the flash era

>>117414642Better, and also thanks for the laugh.

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>>117414676He apparently had a short lived return on Tumblr about two years ago. His art is cute, but I hate when artists do this shit.

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>>Holla Forums1

>>117409929Ya te tengo!

>>117414660There should've been a 30 minute episode about them

>>117409037Please tell me someone has a mega for this. I've been looking for one for ages.

>>117409176Chris Savino's incredibly flat angles aren't even present herewhy hasn't this or Foe Paws been referenced in TLH?

>No calartsthe fuck are you talking about? this is Calarts as fuck, geometric and simplistic.

>>117409037At least normal cartoons went out with a boom, Kick is one of the manliest protagonists

Mao mao been out

post shannon, the life guard not the gynoid