What would Walt Disney circa 1950 think of his studio in 2020?

What would Walt Disney circa 1950 think of his studio in 2020?

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>>117408558Why are there so many women and gays working here?

He would be impressed by 3D technology but furious at the abandonment of 2D and cheap toonboom animation. He'd probably like Tangled the most, not really understand Wreck it Ralph, especially the sequel. Might enjoy Zootopia and probably feel nothing for Frozen. Also he'd ask why a fucking jew is running his company and not his great grandson or something.

He'd be pissed about whatt EPCOT turned into and that they've stopped experimenting with 2D outside the shorts but pretty happy with 3D and the sheer scope of how much control they have.

>>117408603>but furious at the abandonment of 2D>tfw pic related was the final death rattle of theatrical 2d animation in the United States

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>>117408558he would fire all POC, jews and women.

>>117408558I wonder if he would be struck enough by the lenghts the 3d technology has come to that he would overlook the flaws of recent projects or it would wear off quick enough for him to be able to criticize it. Since he was fascinated by innovation i imagine he would have something to say about how stale things feels now, and that people blame him for it.

>>117408699I unironically and whole heartedly believe he would be able to get over it pretty quickly. Way before making a decision liek that at least.

He'd probably be pissed that black people have the audacity to be in his buildings. Not only are they allowed in, but they're EMPLOYED by the company?!?? He'd lose his god damn mind. Women not looking and behaving like subservient 50's high heeled housewives? AND THEY CAN VOTE?!?!?!? BLASPHEMY. He'd probably jump right back into frozen stasis.

>>117408699Honestly, that would probably be the best business move, but Walt loved having jews working in accounting.

>>117408640Winnie the Pooh 2011 was actually.

>>117408558He'd go full Miyazaki

>disney hats jews!!!literally hollywood commie propaganda

>>117408742>but Walt loved having jews working in accounting.That's okay, just don't let them have creative control

>>117408558He always pushed the latest technology. If he were alive, CGI would be 40 years further than it is today.

He would be immenselly satisfied with the money the company makes.

>>117408862We are talking about Walt, not Roy.


>>117408912Money was not Walt's number one priority.

>>117408940It was.

>I told you not to let the Jews get the company!

>Are the Jews gone yet?>No sir.>Put me back under.

>>117408738The 19th amendment was ratified in 1920 and you are a fucking moron.

>>117408737The man was still seething over unionists twenty five years after the 1941 animator’s strike, he didn’t let go of things so easily. That being said, I don’t know that we know how much he actually was sexist and anti-Semitic in private, do we?

>>117408940Really? All the little i know about it make the guy seem like grredy and money driven. What do you think he valued more then?

>>117408558He would probably be more pissed off about what the parks became, especially Epcot. The Parks I feel were what he truly wanted his legacy to be, and Epcot didn't even get close to his crazy vision of the place effectively being a new city.He would enjoy the idea of 3D because he wasn't apposed to new technologies, but of everything they've made he would probably enjoy Paperman the most, being confused as to why they hadn't used this format for a feature length movie yet (at least, not by Disney)

>>117408738so ... basically he’d be a modern-day russian?

>>117409018Rightfully so about the parks, they are pretty trash for the most part.

>walt was racist and hated womenWhere did this meme come from? The only people that walt hated were commies.

I don't know. He died just right before the massive social and cultural changes of the late 60s, so who knows what would have happened. The world became a completely different place just a few years later after his death.

>>117408558How would he have handled Bob Iger sueing the kids and schools for playing Lion King?

>>117409049Commies are in charge now and trying to deface their enemies.

>>117408769They would be one big Disney-Ghibli co-produced film which would go full multiple rewrites, take years to make, be the most expensive 2D animated film of all time, and end up being visual nice but just ok in everything else.

>>117409082Nigga, the idea comes from people being uninformed loudmouth retards who say sttupid shit like "commies are i charge" without thinking twice.

>>117408640I feel like Walt would’ve LOVED Princess and the Frog, it probably would’ve been his favorite of post-renaissance Disney.

>>117409129Whatever you say commie.

>>117408600he hired women before most other companies did, and for major roles as creators. He was pretty progressive in that regard. Hired a few immigrants as well - just didn't like jews

>>117409010while he was alive was general acknowledgment he wouldn't hire females as animators or anything of that.same for people of color.not sure how much he hated jews, those probably where his least hated minority.

>>117408699>>117408975>>117409574It's a myth that Walt Disney is anti-semitic1.) He worked with tons of Jews in his field and had many in top level positions in his company. By all their accounts he was more than tolerant of them. His head animator during his golden age was a Jew.2.) He made anti-Nazi films before it was mandated by the War Department3.) He donated to Zionist groups during the foundation of Israel4.) He was on the campaign board to elect Barry Goldwater for President, who was a Jewish Republican.5.) There is no real evidence he ever said or did anything anti-semitic. The extent of the findings is he joked around with his Jewish head animator in a Yiddish accent sometimesIronically both SJWs and Incels try to characterize Walt as anti-semitic. The former to tarnish an American icon, the latter to make themselves less ostracized/alone

>>117408558disappointed by how they deal with the parks

>>117408640There would be nothing in Princess and the Frog that Walt would have objected to. He liked southern aesthetics and had movies with black characters

>>117409082>Commies are in charge nowTrump and the Republican senate are commies? I mean ok if you say so.

>>117408738>AND THEY CAN VOTE?!?!?!?He died in 1966

>>117409586This. The worst that you can possibly say about Walt is that he was a bit greedy and didn’t treat his workers right most of the time.

>>117409586He might've held beliefs that are now recognized as being racist/sexist today but yeah everything indicates that by the standards of his day he was decent. Also a Chinese guy was responsible for Bambi's watercolor backgrounds.

>>117409049oh you silly, naïve, disney fan boy I hate to be the one to do this to you but, alas, here isvox.com/2015/7/16/8978351/famous-rejection-letters-disney-animator-women

>holy shit, how much money?>70 billion?>IN ONE YEAR???

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>>117408600lol but too be fair woman did work for snow white.

>>117409752>>117409787Yeah this is all racist and sexist shit but it's "normal" attitudes I'd expect from someone from that time. That doesn't mean if he saw the company today he'd demand they lynch all of the black employees and all the women be moved to filing cabinet duty in fear their uterus become detached and float up into their chest cavities.

>>117408791This. It's all so tiresome. He worked with them all the time and even hired the son of his former rival Max Fleischer to direct 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea as a burying of the hatchet of sorts.

>>117409837he sure wouldn't keep them as directors or executives.

>>117409072He'd beat the hit out of him on a stormy night at a rooftop.If anything, because it's a horrible business and branding decision.

>>117409855And That Would Be A Good Thing!

>>117409783Was billion even a real number back in Walt’s day?

>>117409855How can he fire people from a company he hasn't owned in almost 60 years?

>>117408558Curious to know what he'd think of the parks

>>117408558Lazy, mediocre, trash.

>>117410003He'd be upset that they dropped the ball with Epcot and the lack of trains in the parks. He'd probably be impressed with Pandora on a technical level but find it lacks soul. He'd also wonder what the hell people were smoking when Avatar envisioned and when Disney decided "yes this will definitely be able to compete with fucking Harry Potter".

>>117408791Yup. I was told as a little kid by my jewish neighbors Walt was anti-semetic but never told why(seems to be the case far to often).Come to find out years later it was his commie animators.

>>117409402>just didn't like jewsWas that not just a rumor? It was the film boards who were anti semitic. Walt just associated with them.

>>117410003>>117410065He'd also be fucking irritated with Disney dropping the ball and not getting Harry Potter when they had the chance.

>>117408558Too many commies

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>>117410099Disney tried to get HP but JKR wanted more creative freedom than they were willing to give (she also wanted a Hogwarts Express in the park to carry people into HP land and Disney said no because they didn't have the room for another train). If anything I think he'd be more frustrated with JKR, but yes he would consider the whole thing a mess.

>>117408558Horrified by the number of commies that work there.

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>>117408558>Walt Disney is told about Kingdom Hearts>Instantly kills himself

>>117409006>>117409705What's your fucking point? Women back then didn't do ANYTHING that their husband's didn't give them permission for. We have people in office who STILL believe this: snopes.com/fact-check/abby-johnson-household-voting/Disney was mega insecure and didn't like taking orders from anybody. He hated anybody that wasn't a white male, and even those weren't immune to his ire. We all know this.

>>117408600Wait until he realize almost all directive is jew...

>>117408699Make Disney Great AgainNothing wrong with that

>>117410162I'm not disagreeing that Walt was sexist I was pointing out of all the things he'd be shocked by, women being able to vote wouldn't be one of them.

>>117410162My point remains the same. You are a fucking idiot.

>>117408699He had all threes of those working for him

>>117408738You do know that Walt personality spearheaded making SoNg of the South which is based off the Uncle Remus story’s that originated from Africa. Hand selected the first African American to win an Oscar that was by all accounts the min character in a movie who’s sound track was incredibly popular upon release. And used the stereotype of blacks as wise men who give life advice to those who need it.You may hate blacks but Walt sure didn’t.

>>117408558He'd been spinning in his grave over all the gay shit his company pumps out.

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>>117410237Walt wasn't even forced to revise the jew thing btw he just did it after a jewish friend of his pointed it out.

>>117410233>Hand selected the first African American to win an OscarThat was the actress from Gone with the Wind.


>>117409586Once my grandad told me "you can hate people and still pay them to do your shit" Disney know jews were cheap and good animators. Like koreans today or Japan in the 80s...

>>117408945Only as a means to an end so that he could make more projects and cartoons. Roy handled most of the money the company made and was mainly the one to talk to investors.

>>117410162Also, if women didn't do anything their husbands gave them permission to do, do you really think they'd be able to vote now?

>>117409586best post

>>117410237>tries to get a jew elected president>durrr he hated jews guys

>>117410237>>117410284You can think yourself a forward thinker but actually still hold some backward beliefs because they've been ingrained into you by society. The guy wasn't going to klan meetings but it's not wrong to say he was prejudiced on some level.

>point out his antisemitism>"i-it was only directed at commies!"You guys realize a good number of commie sympathizers were indeed Jewish right?

>>117410284I don't know user, people hate reality...For example President Trump create the conditions to have the lower POC unmployement rate ever..."He hate POC!"Trump negotiate with Best Korea and Iran..."He is a warmonger"Trump is good friend with the mexican president..."Mexico hates Trump"And you can do the same with almost all administration

>>117410140Yeah I can see that totally, I hope he'd like immersive themeing even if all the nonIP shit was killed. He'd probably love Paris and DisneySea. F to Orignal Epcot tho, the city that never was

>>117410325He had attitudes common for the era which made fun of minorities. Nazi-tier anti-semitism was a bit of a rarity even in 1930s America and only a few notable people like Ford and Charles Lindbergh were at that level.Just make most Americans as a whole back then, I think he was more tolerant of Jews and woman than blacks and in turn he was more tolerant of blacks than gays. It's how people were back then

>>117410343Trump is not good friends with the Mexican President, they're on very tense terms.I don't think Trump is a racist though so there ya go.

>>117410343ok thread's over

>>117410332The largest movement in America against Israel are pay by NYC jews

>>117410249You right, I got the dates of the two movies confused. James was still the first black male to win an Oscar tho and Hattie was also in SotS so my point still stands.

>>117410332He didn't have anti-semitism, you can't really find a single anti-semitic thing he did besides 1 cartoon gag he later voluntarily revised

>>117410354Sorry kiddo, read this:"Trump nos da trato de amigos y apostamos a no pelear: AMLO"jornada.com.mx/ultimas/2020/07/10/trump-nos-da-trato-de-amigos-y-apostamos-a-no-pelear-amlo-9692.htmlor this"AMLO es mi amigo, un hombre maravilloso: Trump"eluniversal.com.mx/mundo/amlo-es-mi-amigo-un-hombre-maravilloso-trump

You'd think Disney was HP Lovecraft when they talk about him

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Wish this thread was more about how would Walt react to like, the water technology in Moana or the Princess franchise and the one word title trend and less about how he'd totally fire all the minorities.

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>>117410445Disney would love all tech...but he would believe "this is souless"

>>117408558>"How did you morons screw up Star Wars? This should have been easy. Just lock the jedi princess in the tower until the prince arrives to vanquish the dragon."

>>117410440Lovecraft wasn't anti-semitic either, he married a jew. Though he was anti-black

>>117410354What are you talking about? Mexico was nervous about Hillary, Trump is an excellent counterpart, both presidents want to "drain the swamp"

>>117410445all 4chan does is obsess over minorities

>>117410503My wife is jewish...and all stereotypes are fucking true

>>117410518I think he would like Coco.

>>117409402Walt was fine with jews, he just made a few jokes every so often at their expense, as did most people in positions of power in the entertainment industry at the time. And he was progressive as hell for the time. A brutal businessman who'd try to exploit as much as he could out of you, but he did it equally to everyone and didn't discriminate. I can respect that.

>>117410540Member when a joke was just a joke?

>>117408558He would [slow heavy metal playing]

>>117410480that would just be towards the writing, but at least he wouldn't mind that some of the stories are based on older tales/legendsI think he would lose his shit at the Disney fitbit and the idea of making ques more fun though

>>117410503No, he was antisemitic, he'd rant about how much he hated jews to his Jewish wife. She'd then remind him of that certain fact and he'd awkwardly apologize

>>117408558Not taking the low hanging fruit of "muh SJWs" he'd probably be supremely disappointed that they all but shuttered their traditional animation department and only do CGI films now.


>>117410598I want to see Walt slapping Hirsch around.

>>117410613Before Niggerman Lovecraft owned a dog called Ashkenazi. It was a mutt.

>>117410630Honestly I think more than a few people who have worked for Disney would gladly engage Walt in some sort of gladiatorial combat.

>>117410445He would probably look at the 2D animation tests for Moana, then the CGI and go "What the FUCK is this bullshit?!">>117410003Probably be pissed at them killing off the Song of the South ride. And the Nu Star Wars "attraction" bleeding money.

>>117410613Gimme a second gotta dig around for some letters his wife wrote>>117410598Don't forget live action became remakes of his cartoons as well

>>117410722Splash Mountain opened in 1989 and was thought of in 83.

>>117410503Lovecraft was a raging racist but in an almost comical sort of way where he believed anyone not an eternal anglo (which he wasn't) was an inferior mutt. The Jewish wife thing sorta mellowed him out and he softened his more insane ideas later in his life.

>>117409586he should have been lynched for consorting with jews

>>117410679I mentioned Hirsch in particular because Dipper is his ego-stroking self insert and it would be funny to see him getting his ass tanned by a Gruncle Stan kind of guy.

>>117409783And animators will work 50+ hours a week their whole careers just to lease a tesla and live in a condo.

>>117410332Yep. Hating communism is quite often just disguised anti-semitism. For instance, people who hated that the Soviet Union got nukes are so quick to forget how bigoted that is, given that it was leaked by conspirators in the Manhattan project, all of whom were Jewish.Julius and Ethel RosenbergDavid GreenglassHarry GoldAnd Morton Sobell all worked to provide the Soviets with information from the Manhattan Project, which in turn helped them get the bomb. If not for their hard work, communism could never have been able to spread across the world so easily, and Cuba, Eastern Europe, Vietnam, Central America and more couldn't be the same situation we're in now, leading to state of the modern world we live in.Remember, jews deserve all the credit in this. Tikkun Olam or whatever the excuse is.

>>117410613Found it! chrisperridas.blogspot.com/2008/01/letters-from-sonia-surface.html?m=>>117410767Don't kids remember the really shitty rap about it>>117410779Lovecraft was unique in that he tended to give his views deep thought and actually examined why he was racist. I think there's a letter where he says if a foreign kid was raised in the culture as he there'd be practically no difference intellectually. He never really gave up his views but he realized he was illogical in his beliefs. Lovecraft was an interesting guy

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>>117409586>The extent of the findings is he joked around with his Jewish head animator in a Yiddish accent sometimesThat sounds funny

>>117410445I still wonder how Walt would approve of things like>Pixar and CGI animation in general>the buyouts of Marvel, Star Wars etc.>Kingdom Hearts>the Princess franchise

>>117410911Pretty hypocritical to bitch about jews when he married one. Imo his "anti-semitism" was him lashing out emotionally at his wife and not really rooted


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>>117409586>B-B-BUT MY FAMILY GUY JOKES!!! SETH MACFARLAND SAID....!!Good post user

Honestly I think anyone who says Walt would hate CGI is deluding themselves, but I think he would be disappointed that they've stopped making any 2D movies whatsoever. Also it's not like the company has become overwhelmingly non-white and non-male, he'd probably look at the current ratio of employees and have no problem with it. I think he'd be disappointed in the parks but on a technical level he'd love some parts of them. IDK how he'd feel about Star Wars but I think he'd HATE Pandora and do some chewing out over the potential HP deal falling through.

>>117410873Except the Manhattan Project was also headed by a Jew.

>>117410873Everyone on the Manhattan Project was Jewish so it makes sense the spies would have been too.

>>117411000Actually I think he'd like the Star Wars acquisition but be disappointed in Galaxy's Edge, especially the lack of drones.

>>117410924I mean he's an animator, you needed to be a little funny back then>>117410948He'd probably be delighted by the fact CGI was so new and innovative with Disney at the forefront but be saddened by the loss of 2D. Princesses was partially his doing so he'd probably be a little pleased>Kingdom HeartsHere's a fun fact, Walt met Osamu Tezuka who was a huge fan of Disney's and was inspired by him. They discussed those matters and complimented each other on their works. Walt himself had seen Astroboy and thought it was plenty good fun. They promised to do a collaboration sometime. Unfortunately Disney died before anything could come to fruition >>117410984Can't say anything about his wife but it is amusing. Lovecraft was a complex guy

>>117411000>>117411095Yeee, if you're going to make an alien world you should have a few ayys walking around

>>117411193I think he'd find Avatar too serious for the Disney brand and parks. Star Wars at least has some whimsy to it. People say Disney should try to make walking Na'avi animatronics a thing like Universal does with Transformers but I think I'd be terrified to see one of those things walking around. The one in the river ride is creepy enough.

>>117409783>>117409948>Was billion even a real number back in Walt’s day?Pretty sure was.

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>>117409586huh, the more you know. I heard somewhere and always thought that he had mother issues. any truth to that?

>>117411239Eh, this is the guy who pushed for Fantasia despite every else. Walk around Na'avi seem a little implausible but they've made walk around animatroic dinos so what do I know. Transformers is more doable given they're big and bulky so you can stuff somebody into them but Na'avi are spindly as fuck

>>117411426They could probably do something like the one in the river ride and just have them sitting somewhere.

>>117408558>HOW much money?

>>117411493Oh, like the dino encounters at Universal?


>>117411524Never been but if it's like, only half of the animatronic moves and the other half is conveniently hidden then yeah. But I guess Disney has to ask itself if people will be lining up to take photos with a ten foot blue cat person with long hands.

>>117410233>>117410249No black people were allowed to participate in any Movie awards back then. Hattie McDaniel was the fat black woman in Gone with the Wind who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress but wasn't allowed in the building to accept it. God help the nigger that walked in through the front door too. They'd be swinging from the nearest tree before the curtain rises.


>>117410984>>117410580You can hate something in the abstract but love specific instances of it...Do people really have a hard time grasping that concept?

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>>117411655>Hattie McDaniel was the fat black woman in Gone with the Wind who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress but wasn't allowed in the building to accept it.Wasn't she allowed in after Clark Gable threatened to boycott the show?

>>117411555It could be a thing who knows >>117411748Why the fuck are you (You)ing me retard? I was just stating that something happened nothing more nothing less

>>117411739holy kek

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>>117410228and my fingers smell like your mother's cunt. Tell her to bathe every once in a while, will ya? Can't wash it off.

>>117411832lmao what kind of a faggot has sex with a woman

>>117410000the same way he would come back to life and see all those people there standing, I suppose. also once he is alive again all assets return to his possession

>>117411867your dad, for one.

>>117410232not as vice presidents, art directors, top executives, no he had not.

>>117410000Nice quads, br0000.

>>117410534ex-wife.I have backlogs of all the shit you post on line and I am keeping the house

>>117410767He'd probably still be pissed, and be pissed that the movie never came out on home video in the US and only on obsolete formats in other countries. I believe Song of the South was a passion project for him. He always wanted to make a movie based on the Uncle Remus stories, cuz he grew up with them. He also admired James Baskett, and personally picked him as Uncle Remus because he thought his acting was fantastic.

Walt believed in realism. He'd want 3D animation to be as realistic looking as possible.

>>117412030Splash Mountain lasted 30 years, Disney was probably already planning on phasing it out before shit exploded a few months ago. He might be mad about Song of the South but in any hypothetical situation where Walt Disney came back to life he'd be surrounded by the company's lawyers like flies on shit. He wouldn't be allowed to do ANYTHING.

>>117408558He would be ecstatic animated movies can now make billions of dollars, and take that as a sign animated projects should stay in development as long as they need to. He would not care about deadlines to appease shareholders at that point. He also wouldn't greenlight sequels.This is if he didn't immediately die from culture shock and he comfortably got back into the game. I can't pretend the guy was a wizard, but when he had money he liked to push for crazy goals.

>>117408558He would be proud

>>117408558>"Fuck the movies tell me how my theme parks are doing!"

>>117412362>"WE GOT THE TEN FOOT BLUE CAT PEOPLE LAND WALT">"you got the what"

>>117410948>Kingdom HeartsHe’d probably be confused but find it funny. I mean, it pays homage to Disney and its not anything too bad.He’d be mad that Song of the South isn’t jn it yet.

>>117412280>take that as a sign animated projects should stay in development as long as they need to. He would not care about deadlines to appease shareholders at that point. He also wouldn't greenlight sequels.>I can't pretend the guy was a wizard, but when he had money he liked to push for crazy goals.Something insanely impressive as the animation of Sleeping Beauty would be great for an upcoming disney project.youtube.com/watch?v=N6UYITSXjfc

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>>117409586best post ITT

>>117409586The it's still ok to say he was misguided politically by his friends during the Red Scare but that's part wholesome Patriotism and how much McCarthyism influenced the nation.


>>117408558He would probably be disgusted by all the communists and go back to playing with his trains.

>>117408603>He’d probably feel nothing for Frozen.user, he wrote the first story draft for Frozen, but it was wildly different from the final product. He’d probably be confused why the movie was so different.

>>117408558He would force and prefer Caballeros more than Ducktales.

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>>117408558on one side he would be amazed about both, the technologies used to achieve those real-life visuals and the fuckton of money the company is doing.on the other side he would be sad because part of the original spirit was hiring people who loved what they doing and to deliver something magical to people;also he would be mad as fuck because he disliked jews and the company is now full with them on the highest positions

>>117408558He wouldn't care for it and just spend most of his time at the Disney Parks cooking up new ideas based on modern technology probably be mad that got rid of most of his trains. dude really get out of Animation around that time or maybe it was a little later I'm not sure all I do is watch the defunctland.

>>117408558Would be impressed with how soulless and greedy it is

>>117408558What would he think of Epic Mickey?

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>>117416588>top leftPeter Pan's Alligator, Tigger, Goofy, Jaffar, two of the three caballeros>bottom left i mickey and abraham lincoln>last one looks like the bear from song of the southman the game's concept art is extreme as fuck and I kinda love it

>>117416702Same. I really liked how dark it was. Chernabog from Fantasia was supposed to be featured too, according to the art.

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>>117408738Walt started hiring black people into the animation studio in the 50s.

>>117411095>>117411239George himself thought Walt would have loved Star Wars and said that if he was still alive in the 70s, he would have taken Star Wars to Disney first.

>>117416588I think he would have found the Dali-esque qualities intriguing considering Destino.

>>117416869>Chernabogdamn that would been awesome.btw, is Fantasia still part of Disney canon?

>>117410065>>117409018While he'd be really disappointed about the city idea only resulting in something as crappy as Celebration, there was actually talk of doing a permanent World's Fair type of thing at Disney World while Walt was still alive.

He would produce endless re-releases and new editions of Fantasia


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>>117408558FuriousI don't know if Walt was anti-semetic, but I do think he wasn't crazy about jews.He did have some jews working for the company.Two jewish brothers were the main music guys at Disney.Also he'd be furious with all the gay shit.

>>117417592>he'd be furious with all the gay shitWhat you mean "all" five LGBT characters Disney has right now?

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>>117417637I think user means the damage that Pixar and John Lasseter have done to the Disney company since 1995.

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>>117417724Walt would have murdered Micheal Esnier for letting Toy Story happened and completely change the way animation was made since that.

>>117417637That's 5 too many.

>>117412280>>117412418Tangled might have pushed CG animation like the early animation tests.

Walt would make KH about Sora, Kairi and Riku with Riku as Ansem's apprentice.He'd probably make the Organization Master Xehanort's Apprentices with Vanitas as his right hand. I can see him doing the battle of 1000 Heartless, Sephiroth, and the Final Battle and trim the fat.

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>>117417592Hollywood was a family business town. Walt hailed from the Midwest and just wanted to make Fairy Tales for children and adults.Warner Brothers and Paramount treated their animators like crap. Walt was just strict due to animators going on strike during WWII. Walt won by being the better man.

>>117408945If it were he wouldn't have pushed for making so much overly expensive shit for his entire career.

>>117408558he had the adapative ability of the jews, he would ride whatever helps him make money and get him out of trouble.

>>117420525Cartoons used to be expensive due to being theatrical shorts. The Fleschiers demanded more money to make Superman and Popeye.Looney Tunes and MGM put more stock in lavish sets while trying different things. Walt was crazy because he wanted to make full feature animation. The standard length was 7-20 minutes. Disney is like two hours long.Disney's problem is competing against Hollywood AND animation to be number one.

>>117408558He would he happy that his pedo ring grew.

>>117420564Hollywood crashed around the 50s or 60s when they could not compete with television or musicals. It's never been the same since the 60s-70s and the introduction of ratings killed it more.

>>117420627By all accounts, Walt was more of a manchild due to his strict upbringing. He's like Citizen Kane, a young ambitious man who want to build an empire

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>>117409586It’s a myth that Walt Disney was human1) He spent a large amount of his personal expenses on importing jars of African beetles, which he often are in public.2) He was born with 3 penises the exact size and length of his forearm. When he hatched from his egg his paternal unit mistook his penii for extra legs.3) Walt Disney actually never died. He makes regular appearances at Disneyland and spends most of his immortal life fishing in the Bermuda Triangle. He was the third human to make contact with Cthulu, and drinks with him on Thursdays.4) He secretly invented AIDS in a lab underneath his drawing room. He did this to thin out the “weak” and “usher in a new age of humanity”. 5) He’s my dad

>>117420819Ate* in public Sorry for my grammar my lizard fingers make it hard to type

>>117409744>Also a Chinese guy was responsible for Bambi's watercolor backgrounds.Neat


>>117410779It really is kinda comical how racist he was. Shadow Over Innsmouth, basically a huge screed about the physical and social decay of a society caused by miscegenation and consorting with dark powers was inspired by... Lovecraft discovering he was part Welsh.

He'd probably be asking, "So where's 'Fantasia 2020'? You do remember I intended that to be a series, right?"

>>117408742Imagine not having the masters of money making working for you.

>>117408558the Communists will probably be told to appreciate the wall.

He'd go back to bluevale>>117408791Walt's views on jew things is the congruent to martin luther's.

>>117420627OH thIs times a million fyug

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epic mickey was so fucking metal during the pre-production

>>117422345It really was.

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>>117408558Spoiler alert: He wouldn't care, he'd be glad that Disney is making billions and that he's getting the Lion's share