Marco was one lucky dude

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also an idiot.

fuck off autistyour waifu is shit and so is the show she came from

>>117406752>a string bikini to go skateboardingUnlikely. Jackie prioritizes comfort over coomers

>>117406752>marco choose an autistic wooden plank over this

>>117406752Jackie has nice body, but she will never have that sincere personality of Star

>>117406803Nah, she is who she is

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>>117406752Would sniff deeply with strong intent to inhale the aroma.

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>>117406752Tell me you WOULDN'T want her as the perfect girlfriend

>>117406898It wasn't Marco's choice. It was the Blood Moon Curse

>>117407705What if it never was the blood moon

>>117407705It trap cross dressing curse.

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Huge emphasis on "was".

>>117408936And now he sucks while Jackie is living quite the fulfilled life

Sorry Jackie I only like fat chicks

>>117406803Girls in santa monica do that all the time. They also roller skate in string bikinis.


>>117409167Post the webm

>>117409260There was an attempt

>>117409733They can't all be heaters

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>>117409967Remember S1 "Marco is a townie and the high school is full of people who are actual from other dimensions" posting?

>>117409967FRECKLED TITS

>>117409981That would have been fun.

>>117409996Much better then what we got.

Why is this thread so dead

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>>117410311Idk, post cute Jackies

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>>117409967Is she more of a Fish-Man Karate person or a Fish-Man Jujutsu kind of person, I wonder?

can she win miss Holla Forums?

>>117410311>it's a thread about a dyke from a shitty showguess why

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>>117410945Not against this cutie

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>>117411064>Holla Forums

>>117411269Literally banned from Holla Forums

>>117411064Ellie/Jackie lesbian porn when

>>117410712Star Vs.'s cuckquean seasons were hilarious to watch Holla Forums flail about, given how many girls are here. Dozens of femanons discovering a humiliating fetish at the same time.

>>117406803It's good that you noticed that.

>>117410945Star and Marco have more depth and dimensionality in personality.>>117409167It's based that you have tastes you stick to.

>>117412506Well duh, they're the main characters

>>117412112wait. There are dozens of girls on Holla Forums?

>>117413601At least 6

>>117407718It explains too much to ignore it and it's canon that it was active until the last episodes

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>>117406752Marco is an effeminate debil who didn't appreciate what he had. I can only hope he suffered as much as possible from Star's and her horsehead friend autism.

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>>117415554>Dad is a total chad>Son is a effeminate nerd>Dad never spend time with his son>Son loses into a world of fantasyI can see why StarVs connect with the latino fanbase. This is basically a dramatization of the first manchild generation on Latin America, born around the mid-to-late 90s with Saint Seiya and DBZ

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>>117415664I get DBZ but Saint Seiya is awful.

>>117415722Fuck off, gringo

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>>117415775Sorry user but I just can't see it. DB is a lot better.

>>117410712Breast envy is so NICE


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I would lick Jakies feet anyday of the week

>>117406752Marco fucked up the relationship so bad that Jackie is now gay and eats carpet.

>>117417359Marco deserves hell

>>117418426I wish I was marco, season 2 version though


>>117418426He's with Star with no means of leaving to other dimensions ever againHe IS in hell

>>117406752>>117406898>>117406803>>117407231Marco got Jackie because it was more than just liking her body, it was deeper than that and that's what turned her on!

>>117406752That's right, I forgot that everyone who liked that show is a pedophile

>>117406796Go back to Steven Universe threads, faggot.

>>117420775Steven Universe had three better endings than your one absolute disaster. Polish my gemstone balls.

>>117420756>Sally Did you even google the word before using it?

>>117420804>one eventful finale >>>>>>> being shit in the mouth three times in a row

>>117421612>three impactful finales >>>>>> one legendary shit in the mouth that could have filled a reservoir

>>117421651>>three impactful finalesIt's SU the most impact your gonna get is a gay song and Steven moping. Both are shit, but Star is less shit because it was good at one point, SU never was to begin with.

I love Jackie's personality

>>117421727>it was good at one pointthat makes it worse ya ninny

>>117421727Mouse shill

>>117406752Any chance Marco took her virginity?

>>117421759Better have been at one point then to never have been so people can mourn you.>>117421762Fuck the Mouse and CN.

>>117421827Marco, being the good Catholic boy he is, only took her butt virginity so they could save themselves up for marriage.

>>117419188except that was a lie

>>117421925She took interest in him because he kept getting up and trying to talk to her despite all the setbacks he faced. She told him when they had their first date.

>>117421902Hopefully he's cut. That shit ain't fun if you're not.

>>117421998>Hopefully he's cut.Mexicans don't cut, that a wyte peepo thing.


>>117417359>eats carpetWhy stop there

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>>117422177You can get shit under your foreskin I imagine

>>117422225I can't believe nothing like this happened. She has a more exotic and ethereal character design than the girl who actually is from another dimension. It's crazy.

>>117422242I've resented my parents for mutilating me without my consent ever since I learned about the palm-versus-back-of-your-hand difference and this is the first silver lining I've seen around my cock in my entire life.

>>117407004She spent a whole season tormenting the boy she loved out of spite and pretending to love another boy.

>>117422066Why do you think I say its no fun? Kek.

>>117411059>dykeCotugno blackmail seasons aren't canon, newfag.

>>117422259>the palm-versus-back-of-your-hand difference?>>117422242Just bathe, you ape.

>>117422259Dude what are you doing with your dick that its rough as your palms?Stop searching medical advice on the internet

>>117422242Wash your dick. >>117422286Sabrina is a boogeyman, it's all Disney and Nefcys fault.

>>117422292>>117422298I thought this was common knowledge, pardon. What I mean is the difference in sensitivity between an uncock cock and a cut cock is apparently comparable to the difference in sensitivity between the palm of your hand and the back of your hand.