The Owl House

>The original pitch for Owl House was darker, yes. My end game is not to continue writing kids cartoons (which are wonderful and rewarding but not my personal jam). I prefer stories for older audiences where things like whimsy and darkness can coexist. I mean hell, look at my personal artwork. Owl House is as kid-friendly as I'll ever be. Season 1 there was a lot of back and forth and compromise to work with what the studio wanted and I'm very proud of what we accomplished in these first 19 episodes! The OH crew is amaaaazing. But it was also an impactful learning experience as to what my creative voice is and what kind of stories I want to tell. That being said I think season 2 hits that intended tone a little closer. Excited to share it someday.Hopes for S2 with this in mind?

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>>117405379Who cares, post Eda/Lilith

>>117405379>Hopes for S2 with this in mind?Cancellation

>>117405379Season 2 does sound promising. Hopefully there will be less shipping fuel this time around though.

I posted this before but I don't think I ever got an answer, so I'll try one more time.I wonder if I should add some dialogue for Lillith. Maybe make her go "Bleeeaggh!" or something.I just feel like that without dialogue, your eyes glaze through the panels too quickly. There needs to be something to slow down the reader's pace and take in each moment.Or I could be wrong. Any suggestions?

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>>117405510nah, this is great as is user, dialogue beforehand would make the final panel less funny

>>117405379hopefully not, I hope this show ends at season 2 cause I and other normal people cant face the autism of this fandom, as well as the show itself which is utterly terrible, no expectations at all for next season as s1 butchered the ending

>>117405415>Dana was asked about her favorite characters several times in the AMA>never once mentioned Luz Luz was a mistake

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>>117405379Hard VoreGuroRyona(cant get actual rape so) Implied Rape/Rape-AnalogTORTUREMutilationGoreA musical numberMore of that F L U I D animationand, finally but not least,/Lesbians/

>>117405651It's pretty often that the main character of a story won't be the author's favorite. Primarily because since the protagonist is a vehicle to help move the story in the right direction, there are limitations to the choices that the character to make. On the other hand, for side-characters, you're free to be more experimental and assign more interesting character traits to them.

>>117405481This, I want to see more focus on story and character development.

>>117405510Already great imo

>>117405651Wasn't Luz a self insert of one of the "writers"?

>>117405811I thought I saw someone say that she was inspired by Dana's former roommate? Also isn't Amity Dana's self insert?

>>117405510less is more, this is fine. Hell the final line alone feels like it gives enough context to anyone who didn't watch the show

>>117405872Oh I might be getting it mixed up, still silly though.

>>117405940It is weird to have your (possible) self insert fall in love with the character that's inspired by your roommate. I had no problem with the Lumity ship before until I figured this out (also until the Lumity shippers got annoying)

>>117405510KEK My fucking sides

>>117405651Maybe because anything involving Luz is too spoilery and she can't reveal it. How can someone not like Luz?

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>>117405379Did she really say this? I don’t remember it in the AMA and I was awake through all of it.Anyways, it seems like the show might step up a bit in season 2 with comments like that, but we will have to wait and see if it was worth the sacrificial lamb that was season 1. I hope it’s a massive improvement, then maybe all the fans can stop pretending the first season was good and we can all agree it was a weak start

>>117405379Well thats great, but every time a creator says this was made by compromise, this other thing is my vision they have to be ready in case their vision is not liked.

>>117405510This is perfect as it isYou actually made Belos more intimidating in two panels than the series did with the entire finale

>>117406192>Did she really say this?Yeah, she added it a couple of hours after the AMA ended. Even said she thinks about it a

>>117406299Wow, that really is her subtle way of saying “yeah the first season sucked lol”

>>117405510>The Emperor is aware of the 4th wall

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>>117406395Yeah, she doesn't exactly sound thrilled about the whole thing, before the AMA I thought we weren't getting the larger picture or something but her tone in the answers makes it sound like she doesn't really care about the show that much. As if she was hired for the job instead of being the damn creator and showrunner, like I'm not seeing the usual dedication or inspiration. I wonder if it's just due to the compromises she had to have with Disney or something else.

>>117406019That is kind of amusing, If I where that friend based on Luz I'll feel she is trying to tell me something by making her self insert fall in love with her.

>>117406171at least with Amity being confirmed lesbian it means Luz is safe from becoming trans in the future

>>117405651>>117406171she mentioned Luz once, as in "I don't dislike Luz, but it's difficult writing a protagonist"

>>117406506>made the bible pitch out of spite>prefers to work on adult animation>wanted to make a dark show for disney, the most kid friendly animation channel Yeah she probably doesn’t care. I bet Lumity is the main reason she keeps doing it, same with the whole crew.

>>117405510>filename10/10. Would kek again.

>>117406612If she had grievances with S1, she had the whole year to get over them, if she's this discontent while making S2 which is supposedly more like she wants, I wouldn't take it as a good sign.

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>>117406612>prefers to work on adult animationDo Dana or Alex ever work and did adult animations? Most of their credits are from family friendly projects they known in working for.

I got the feeling season one was a bit rocky in development. Still decent enough, but there were glaring flaws in getting used to the writing and characters and it showed. Sound like bigger changes are in store for season 2 and I welcome that. Hopefully it demonstrates the show's potential more. Maybe it will be like Gumball or SpongeBob and the writing will get a noticable bump and the writing structure will change a bit. That's what I'm hoping.

I had hopes for Season 2, that the original premise would reassert itself after having fucked it up with Hexside and a rushed, ADHD Amity arc, but now I have no hope and little interest.

>>117405379is only been 19 episodes? that cant be right

>>117407792might have felt longer, because there was a mid season hiatus

>>117406610a protagonist is like a paperclip

>>117405481LoLI hope there is even more shipping

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>>117407948So do you actually care about the show or are you only watching for the shipping?

>>117405481if she means more violence and vore scenes then yes

>>117405687imagine if season 2 just has luz getting mutilated in multiple episodes

>>117406412I want to see doomguy fight belos over the titan.

>>117408747It wouldn't be much of a fight

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>>117408747Doomguy would whoop his ass easily.

>>117408747>your too late slayer, your arrival will>ignite crucible>...>...not stop the gore nest.

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>>117408747Doomguy was one of eda's ex


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>>117405651>>117405811>>117406610>Luz is based on Dana's former roommate and coworker>Dana's opinion of Luz the character is based entirely on how she feels about Luz the person at that moment

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So apple blood is a type of wine?

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>>117409301I wouldn't be surprised

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>>117406213Yeah, a surprising number of times creatives aren't as good or clever as they think they are and actually need restrictions (from studio heads, other writers/artists, or whoever else) to make their best work.

>>117406527>Implying there won't be an episode where Amity learns to stop being transphobic and love being pumped full of girl semen


>>117406527glad dana said luz is slightly tomboyish

>>117406506>>117406612That's kinda sad. I mean when Gravity Falls was airing you could tell that it was a passion project for Alex through and through, something he dedicated himself to so much it almost killed him, and even after it ended he wrote a GF comic just because he loved it so much. With how much work goes into just being a showrunner I can't imagine how it must suck to have to do all that for a show you're not even proud of.

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>>117409565Well im glad that we have eda now.


>>117409566Holy shit is that monstrosity supposed to be Amity?


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>>117409339Who does skull hand belong to

>>117409707What is this supposed to mean

>>117409747It's part of a comic showing the progression of their relationship and Amity keeps saying "we're hanging out/dating/getting married it doesn't change anything".

>>117409736The Other Mother from Coraline.


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>>117409565I do wonder what the root cause is, the way I see it, it could be one of the following things>she wanted to do the show, but Disney meddling and kidifying burned her out>she wanted to do the show, but couldn't do her vision justice due to inexperience regardless of Disney>she never wanted to do the show and only did it for money or out of spite or because Alex could make it happenIf we're trust what she says and take everything at face value, option number 1 is the most likely. Maybe she feels like she wasted her idea on something Disney twisted. I'm curious what her original Owl House pitch was like, especially tone wise, I can't really think of an existing animated series that fits the description she gave. It doesn't sound like Avatar tier serious storytelling, nor Rick and Morty tier adult animation, it actually sounds like what we got, except with more gore and dark themes for darkness' sake. It actually sounds like what HxH is, except without the philosophical themes.

>>117409269they're gonna fuck on that couch

I-is this Luz's hairstyle

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>>117406506The fact that during every hiatus of OH, she keeps posting on Twitter how she's going to take a break and focus on more personal art and then posts her horror monsters kind of suggests she's really not into this shit. Good thing Disney is giving all the marketing and focus to a woman who doesn't really want to be there for anything other than the money.

>>117406610>but it's difficult writing a protagonistWhat does that even mean?

I want to cum on goth mama's massive forehead

>>117410142When you have hair that short there's only so many ways you can style it.

Anyone have a mega for it?

>>117409976So what you're saying is she wanted to make an anime.

>>117410239If Disney forced me to neuter my show and I had the misfortune of picking up a massive fandom of the worst rabid twitter types I'd be over it real quick tooShow's decent enough but the fanbase looking to attack anyone they can for doing anything even as slightly edgy as saying "bonehead" must sting when the show itself went through the same kind of thing

>>117410142Tomboy hair yes

>>117410345But she doesn't "have" short hair, it looked like this a couple of months ago, she even posted a drawing of herself with this hairstyle the other day

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>>117409566The amount of time it took is admirable, but it looks off somehow...

>>117410301I think they want to make a protagonist who isn't a mary sue, and depending on who you ask, people think Luz is already one...

>>117405379I am so fucking tired of women trying to be deep and dark. Seeing all the shit SU did to be dark was fucking embarrassing and made me want to fucking take out my anger on someone because it was so obnoxiously stupid. Even just reading how she says this makes it obvious that if she does manage anything it's going to be the same kind of obnoxious bullshit. Just fucking stop already or for the love of god let people fucking realize how shit it is for once in their god damn life.

>>117410495yeah it's sad because kids are always gonna be prone to arguing about stupid bullshit online but now the added angle of taking the moral highground has made it all so much more toxic than ever could have been imagined. it's been talked about in the /u/ thread but it's so fucking annoying seeing these stupid fucking kids/adult-children who grew up in wealthy homes and think they know what the """issues""" are spewing vitriol over ""'insensitive""" remarks and not having a fucking clue about actual issues in the world>Ha, no, i will not draw Luz in a sexy way. Thank you very much>But I will make an animatic about Amity looking at her buttDouble standards

>>117409921>>117409938You know...

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>>117406299>Copy scenes from movies and shows you like! Is Dana encouraging plagiarism?

>>117409747Gus impregnated Amity

>>117410775I think this is killing fandom. It doesn't even feel like it was that long ago that it was sort of popular to ship incest with the Supernatural guys and now everything's gotten worse and more constricting and policed.

>>117410656>people fucking realize how shit it is for once in their god damn life>people saying the OH season 1 was good and that season 2 will be goodno one is realising anything here

>>117410142>qtest Holla Forums showrunner ever?imagine dana staring at you with her orbs

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Luz feels attracted to the twins and not amity CONFIRMEDAmycuck BTFO

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>>117411263Dude your fetish is not going to become popular in these threads, stop trying to make it happen.

>>117411263This is just overuse of blush because all these women boarders/creators grew up on anime where they blush during anything even at a fucking funeral.

>>117411274This is literally the first time I post about it. There's someone else like me? :D

>>117411182I'm definitely worried about down the road if my OC shit ever gets big because by then I'll have already long been "plugged in" to the fanbase so to speak and especially making something primarily for a western english speaking audience makes it hard to avoid the goblins waiting for any sliver of opportunity to use their delusions of moral superiority for mob attacks

>>117411304In other shows? I would say yes. In stvtoe and Steven, they blushed at anything. I have seen a most modest use in owl house; They only use it when it's really a "u/w/u I like u" moment.

>>117411263She doesn't realize yet that Amity will be just as hot in 2 years.

>>117405379All of the writing and pacing problems in season 1 were independent of subject matter. Why should there be any hope that the show would improve with a darker tone?

>>117406506I mean, can you blame her? There is nothing interesting about the show besides Lumity and that's just usual shipping nonsense.

mega where?

>>117411388Amy got her father genetics and shit. She may turn ugly in a few years. Luz better play it safe and choose the twins. Best of both worlds


>>117411154plagiarism is a great self-teaching tool, especially considering everything you see is varying degrees of remixes of remixes

>>117411416Fucking this. Not being dark is not an excuse for a shitty writing. There is nothing deep about TOH.

I love the twins

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>>117411416Writing and pacing improves with experience and reflection, S2 should automatically be better in that regard, keyword: should

>>117411450Actually, if those two kids sitting beside each other in that flashback really were Amity's parents the twins took after the mother for hair colour and father for appearance, while Amity was the other way around.

>>117411108But Amity was the one who gave birth

>>117405651Who were her favorite characters from the show

>>117409781>>117409339Ah yes. The two prime Holla Forumsll/ victims. Enjoying each others hands before their daughters return to molest them.

>>117411593For me, Owl House's flaws are far more fundamental. It's derivative, patronizing, and its priorities so out of step with my own that I can't justify giving it another chance.

>>117411787It was Gus, then

>>117411916My mine problem is that so much can be cut and nothing would be lost. When you cut out the shit, how much are you left with?

>>117411890She says we haven't met any of them yet..

>>117405651>asked about her favorite characters several timesKinda a dick question


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>>117412037I knew he remind me of someone.

>>117412024Well there were 4k questions but she chose to answer those, I thought it was inappropriate too

>>117412134Where's the screencaps of the AMA answers?


>>117409339Could also work with the Thing from Addams family.

>>117405510Despite your addiction to pointy chins, you make some good art from time to time. Sometimes, those time are even funny.

>>117411957So much of the show is an amalgam of other things with no cohesion, these episodes can be aired completely out of order, and any episode can be removed. For a show that's supposed to have character arcs, it's running purely on shipping and shallow catharsis, and its popularity is as impressive as it is depressing.

She also said that we will get more of Lilith with Eda.

Would you?

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>>117412561Lilith would

>>117412607Lilith in raven beast form?

With the way how she feels i would not be surprised if owl house end with only 2 seasons and she quick move on to another project on another network.its clear that owl house is not what she wanted

>>117409921Use magic to turn one of your cells into sperm, put sperm in Amity's vagina wait 9 months TADAA lesbian babies literally

>>117405481She already said the staff furthered the Amity and Luz plot in S2. She also teased at possible things for the twins after they both got stood up on Grom.

>>117405379I've been saying modern shows wish they were anime but keep getting kneecapped by american television standards for years and I'm glad one of them finally admitted it

>>117406412>>117405510>Belos knows they're in a show>Wants the portal to Earth to try and break out of the show

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>>117406019The roommate also works on the show, Luz Batista. I think that makes it less weird, since there's a level of involvement.Despite the hair thing, dunno as I'd call Amity the self-insert.

>>117405510figure it out yourself and drop the shitty calarts style

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>>117405651Luz's witch's wool cape taking possession of her when?

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>>117412607Lilith already hasStill want more of >>117412639 tho.How much does swain charge per flat per character?

>>117412561aw yeah giv me the owlsy

>>117412024>Kinda a dick questionnot really? as a showrunner you should have a favorite character

>>117409976>Punished Dana: A hero denied her show


>>117413155can't read that sig, who's the artist so that I can save the version not for ants?

>>117412561I would sell all guns for her

>>117411304Has Luz blushed anywhere else in the show?


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>>117413155>>117413600>>117405651>Cuck Le Kek fags coming in to ruin yet ANOTHER fucking IPi swear you fags are a straight up virus, if not cancer.

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>>117409976Belo's gore throne, and several monster/demon/witchling design maybe she wanted more body horror, not in a gross way but fun?I don't think Dana wanted super gore nest level stuff, but maybe zim level?

>>117411953Or incest

>>117413665You should be grateful a show as sloddy as TOH gets any attention from CHAD la CHAD posters like myself.

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>>117413718your shit is literally the barnie of the east

>>117409921usually they'll have a family member donate sperm

>>117406506>>117406612B-bros....does that mean we're only gonna get 2 seasons? I thought she was hoping for a 3rd season but this makes it sound like she's had quite enough. I want her to move on if she's really sick of it.

>>117413665>>117413718>>117413751Get a room, at least is not another FMA/TOH crossover

Attached: Lego Owl House.png (1920x1080, 761.51K) originally used elixir to curse Eda?

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>>117414078>Lilith roofied her own sister

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>>117414078>Eda's curse is only getting worse because she keeps taking that shit>tfw it really was suppose to only last one time, but Eda has been poisoning herself Elixir dude confirmed end game!

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>>117409921>>117411108Well, the kid is called Zedric for something.

>>117413751>barnie of the east>not Dragon Ball

>>117414078Based Bitchlith

>>117414272That's the looney tunes of the east.

>>117414118deepest lore


>>117411154This just reinforces my intuition that the only reason she got a show was because she slept with Alex

>>117411488I don’t think you know the definition of plagiarism

>>117411154No, a lot of artists and even art professors give this advice to students and beginners in order to understand story boarding.

>>117413684I'm genuinely curious about what she meant with "darker", because it can mean a lot of things. What would the first season of the Owl House look like if she got her way, would it be largely the same with some creepier designs and more tragic outcomes, or would it be a radically different show? Most anons thought Hexside was detracting from the premise of the show and mandated by Disney in order to encourage kids to like school or because it's a popular format (and a similar thing happened with True Tail), but then Dana said she always wanted to do the Grom episode to make up for her own experiences, and that would necessitate the school setting which would mean it was her idea, and I can't imagine how much more grim she could've imagined it. Having a school in the setting is already a far cry from the chaos and despair of Hieronymus Bosch's work that inspired the setting.It's tragic how she probably only went to Disney with the show because Alex had an in, and then Alex moved to Netflix, the only "network" that could've given her free reign. But I guess she wouldn't be making headlines over "Disney's first gay protagonist" then since that's just business as usual at Netflix.

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>>117414421Wouldn't surprise me honestly.

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she swol

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>>117414421you're a brainlet, then. if she was going to fuck her way to the top, she could do a lot better than hirsch

>>117414808you could replace grom with any dance or festival from a plot perspective.

>this is what Dana wanted to

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Kikimora is cute and sexy! Emperor Belos is so lucky to have her as a sex pet.

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>>117414912You underestimate the power of Hirsch. He's gotten people blacklisted from the industry before. He may not have real "power", but he does have a shit load of influence, and that kind of soft power often matters way more than holding an official title.

>>117415014>hirsch got people blacklisted>citation: my ass

>>117414979Go back to fixing your fence, Plague.

>>117414974That's a nice presentation, thanks.

>>117415051luke weber

>>117415051>he hasn't heard of Luke

>>117415081>>117415137give me a quick rundown

>>117414937>Time for the Harvest Festival!>Oh we have those on Earth, do yours also have hay rides and bobbing for apples?>No it's called that because the demon under the town tries to harvest everyone's souls.

>>117415218luke weber is a first class drama llama. while working on steven universe, he draw art of himself dating pearl. and he supposedly threatened someone with an x-acto knife. when it comes to animation there isn't actually a blacklist, it's just that if you acquire enough of a reputation, no one really wants to work with you.>>117415329this would make a really cute halloween episode

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Someone should've asked Dana if Luz was going to call Lilith "Goth Mommy!"


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>>117415716anon stop

>>117415716Big fan of the naked and tied up parts but not so sure on the rest, 6/10

>>117416075>>117415812>>117415790Fuck, I missed it. Anything good?

>>117416087Luz nude about to get burned at the stake.

>>117416087Luz getting WHAT SHE FUCKING DESERVED!

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>>117416176>>117416217>this is the edge Dana wanted to put in her show but Disney wouldn’t let her

>>117413665>ANOTHER fucking IPwhat?

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>>117414866ofc she swoleHow else is she supposed to win her struggle snuggle sessions with Guz or Boscha?

>Holla Forums finally realizing Willow is based and redpilled>after the self inserting fag creator said so

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>>117408633Can't be worse than what we've already gotten.And theres an absolute dearth of cute girls being treated badly in western animation. Could Owl House rekindle the cuntpunting of little girls? I sure hope not. This is going in strange directions.But still man-made.

I feel bad for Dana because now we know that whatever she makes next will in some way be a response to the compromises she had to make with TOH as opposed to being its own organical evolution thing, not to mention she'll have "wasted" ideas on a show that couldn't be what she wanted. Like how Pen moved from Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors to dude weed lmao in order to give weight to his philosophical stances, or Roiland making Solar Opposites to establish himself independent of Harmon.It sucks to only find out what kind of thing you want to make as you're committing yourself to making something else long term. I feel like the best thing that could happen now is for the show to move networks, so that it could address the issues as a conclusive cathartic release instead of Dana carrying them over to her next project.

>>117416801What the fuck did Dana think she could get away with in a Y7 Disnet cartoon, exactly?

>>117416836Maybe the problem was her realizing she's not okay with compromising, after initially assuming she could handle it. Achieving something can change your perspective since you were previously too concerned with just getting it done at any cost in the first place, and when you realize it's achievable you want to do it your way.It certainly is a strange choice of network for a show of this nature, I feel like literally every other option would've given her more freedom.

>>117416801>>117416836>>117417020I believe Disney is responsible for the amount of focus Hexside has gotten at the expense of developing Eda and Luz's relationship. Dana's co-worker was right, kids don't want to watch a show about an old lady.

>>117417050Wasn't it a similar thing with Star Vs? Anons were praising that the Echo Creek school stuff was better than what was made when Nefcy was given free reign in the later two seasons.

>>117417191Never saw Star Vs so I can't attest to that.

>>117417191Yes, as someone who watched star vs almost from the beginning and was in Holla Forums during star vs. golden days, I can attest that the school stuff was not originally praised. People did not like alphonso and ferguson and people had the desire for the show to go into different dimensions instead of staying on earth. We originally thought that the move to mewni wouldve been better for the show. And this was when Nefcy recieved more freedom to do what she wanted. And what she wanted to do was ruin the show with the racism plot and get it out of the school because she hated school. She was bullied to the point of taking an exam to graduate early. Tl;dr Nefcy getting more freedom ruined Star vs. I fear if Dana gets too much freedom, the Owl House could be ruined

>>117410648She kinda is tho>Is a human amateur at magic, still better at it than witches with more experience>Fought and tricked the ““strongest witch on the Boiling Isles””>Most likely an insert of someone Dana knows in real life>The only people who dislike her are designated bitch/evil characters (Boscha, Belos)

Attached: EhBJUw_WAAY6ALp.jpg (1653x2048, 254.92K)

>>117417050Dana wanted to make a prom episode, it’s her fault too

>>117417554Dana wanting to do a prom episodes mean Dana wanted to do A prom episode, not write an episode about Gus and his after school club.

>>117417547it doesn't really fit

>>117405481I hope theres more carpet munching and making the autists here go even more mad

Attached: 20200826_001110.jpg (973x922, 81.69K)

Attached: EhBANjSXkAAWvJf.jpg (1647x2000, 256.78K)

>>117417584if she wanted to do a prom episode then it means she wanted Luz to go to school, and since she was willing to take that step, its her fault we get the generic storylines we got.

Attached: Eg-Om-TXYAE0Rhb.jpg (2000x1200, 246.84K)

>>117417050Do kids even like Owl House?

>>117417713I don't have access to kids so I couldn't tell you

>>117417713Define "kid". 6-13 year olds? Probably not. Tumblr and Twitter teenagers? Most assuredly.

>>117417646I tought it was a meme when anons said there was nothing of worth in this show, I lurk corrected

>first waifu in a long while turned out to be lesbian(Jackie)>my first and only gf turned out to be lesbian later in life>like Amity>she turns out to be lesbianI'm noticing a pattern here..

Attached: 1587160168349.png (854x480, 653.16K)

>>117414808>>117416836I assume the issue isn't wanting the show to be darker,although A show airing on Disney Channel probably has a much shorter leash than Cartoon Network or a streaming service, but just general producer changes to make shows more standardized, 'relatable', and appeal to focus groups. I'm certain that, although the school was in the original script, Luz was never intended to attend Hexside. The ban from school was supposed to stick, but corporate wanted their own Hogwarts to advertise. The mid season hiatus was to rework episodes to fit Luz attending school.

>>117409219Great.. Just don't call them that. Jawohl sound like someone just smashed their head against the keyboard

>>117417823>my first and only gf turned out to be lesbian later in lifeTurn in your man card user you don't deserve it.

So were the alt color Willow and Amity from the first episode just a little background thing or is this actually important. Like is the fake "Lus" who's going to camp the boiling Isle Equivalent to Luz and there are just alt versions of everyone on either side? Or some twist about it being in Luz's head all along

Attached: Pallette Swap.png (1399x747, 1.24M)

>>117417862To be fair, she dated a couple of other guys before finding that out.

>>117417873Dana sort of shot down the doppelganger theory (but it still doesn't rule out some unseen character is writing the letters) in the AMA.

>>117405651>Luz was a mistakebased user based

>>117405481Bruh, shiping is the only good actual good thing left in this show

>>11741771312 - 17 year olds on Twitter certainly do. I couldn’t tell you how the age 6 - 11 crowd feels about it, although that’s the “intended audience.”

Attached: 089DC818-8D92-4B33-AD28-E9ACCA0871B2.jpg (2048x1817, 431.6K)

>>117417973Karen blight is a canon narc mom

>>117417973cant wait for lusamine blight reveal

Attached: EhASV2GXsAYBRHR.jpg (2900x1500, 495.9K)

>>117411231dana is intimidatingly cute, my spaghetti etc etc

>>117417873# 44, Dana be dodgin’

Attached: 192B95DF-DB0F-4428-AD58-E60B68C68484.jpg (2198x4000, 3.57M)

Luz thinks she's being slick with that destroying the portal to earth thing. You know the only reason she did that was so she could spend more time in the boiling isles rather than 2 months. Look how happy she was at the end of the episode filming that video to her mom. Luz trying to pretend like this situation isn't exactly what she wanted. For shame.

Attached: 1469705595751.jpg (383x455, 18.42K)

>>117418335>eda won't get her natural hair color backLAME.

>>117417973Which Blight child suffers the most?>>117418504No, ballsy (kids don’t like old people) and Dana staying true to uniqueness.

Attached: FBBDC703-15B6-44C9-852A-3F2BFA1BEA59.png (788x788, 478.93K)

>>117414808But a prom episode could be something along the lines of "We're gonna crash the prom but inadvertently save it." Definitely doesn't need the show to be set in a school.


>>117418335Good. SU was enough of a musical.

>>117418544Amity, the twins have each other and illusion magic probably helps them get out of trouble.

Attached: Eg91i9bXsAgXUvp.jpg (947x1000, 74.38K)

>>117417604>Edgelord cartoon/comic that had a good aesthetic/storyline that was neutered/rewritten to appeal to mainstream sensibilities thereby leaving it a shell of itself with mere hints of the greatness it could've beenNah. It tracks.

>>117418180Ah. Domestic fluff. adorable

>>117412919>calarts styleSo when did you give up on putting effort into trolling? Did something happen to you to make you lose interest?

>>117418335Amazing user, nice compilation.

Attached: 1597916492533.jpg (1440x810, 100.52K)

>>117418744I want to munch her chubby elf puss

>>117418335What's 75 asking? The retard white it out

>>117405481Dana said in season two there will be more of what has happened in last few episodes of season one.

>>117413718Both her and Ryuko are shit. I couldn't stand either character.

>>117419067You seriously can’t infer that the obscured word is simply “what”?

>> them that u lied to ushe is bisexual

Attached: Screen Shot 2020-08-13 at 6.03.07 PM.png (1440x900, 1.17M)

>>117418567>Hey, Luz. Prom night tonight at Hexside.>Eeee! Are we going to crash the prom and try to blend in as guests only for crazy hijinks to oust us and be run out only to come back in to save the day from a evil monster or a villain or a self-made catastrophe?>Yes to the first thing, no to everything else. Prom night at hexside means all the staff are tied up hosting leaving only magical traps behind to secure their stuff.>oh no.>And guess who is immune to magical tripwires?>me >You! Oh tonight's haul is going to keep me going for months!Thank god we got what we got instead of an attempted subversion.

>>117419131this edit is too professional. It discomforts me.

>>117419075Yeah, it makes sense since 15 - 19 episodes were the pinacle of season one, of course episode 19 has issues but still it was good one.

>>117413684Gore nest?Is theirs “gore” in TOH?

>>117418335>S2 will have parental conflict >A lot of emotional problems>Amity's mom makes her die her hair to be like ther siblings >Amity isn't close to her parents>the only person Amity's parents have a problem with is Willow, who has two gay parents>tfw there will be an Amity coming out arc that focuses of Amity fighting her parents because she is gayPathetic.

Attached: 1598279643071.jpg (1280x720, 64.2K)

>Amity's first crush was probably Willow

Attached: Understanding_Willow_35 (1).png (1840x1072, 1.9M)

>>117413684"fun" body horror?Like Luz' arm becoming sentient and trying to eat her before she cuts it off with a fine-toothed saw and it crawls away screeching into the woods?Or.Eda being stuck in a half-cursed state that is painful to watch?

>>117405481Well, she basically said this:>"Romantic threads are fun and I love how many people are connecting to that storyline but my personal taste as a storyteller will never allow me to write a full on romance saga."I mean there will be shipping but it won't be the main focus of the show like Star vs.

>>117419434This sounds like something that’s never been done in a cartoon before.

>>117419434>>117419442>the points are connected

>>117419476I sure hope shipping isn't the main focus, that was the part of Star Vs. I hated the most

>This is the face of someone can bench over 100 pounds

Attached: download.jpg (225x224, 7.63K)

>>117419442It says in the AMA that Luz is her first crush.

>>117419640>this is the face of someone who nutted in a corner in the curling rack>>117419649Dana sounds like she didn’t definitively decide whether Luz was her first crush or first BIG crush.

>>117419443Like The frakenboi Sketch>>117414808 Or more non conventional demons.Like eating your own eyeballs guy but cranked up a bit.How about nun like demons like pic related. Just harmless craziness.

Attached: 76AE2CB1-5AE9-4609-AFB9-AE62837D0D44.jpg (1618x2048, 574.97K)

>>117419476Thank god dude

>>117419434>>117419554I don't see any intrinsic value in the series, so if it is popular for being the openly gay Disney cartoon, might as well lean into that and go full gay. Really make The Owl House the devil of the Disney Channel. Lesbians performing witchcraft? Definitely something that would be brought up at the watercooler when speaking about the Disney Channel in modern terms. The Owl House is less thinly veiled as a analogy for homosexuality than Steven Universe ever was. It's bare for a cartoon.Meh, I don't care what happens to the show. It just isn't good. Dana hasn't seen the limitations as springboards.


Attached: 1599063869982.jpg (1502x1478, 161.55K)


Attached: 1598677755889.jpg (960x1180, 523.75K)

>>117417973I hope mom isn't wearing victorian shit on reveal

>>117419769>tfw still writing OwlDa trying to breed Lilith I can't stop procrastinating

Attached: 1595795439813.jpg (640x360, 54.41K)

>>117414808i like the skull school boy

>>117418335>There is no beginning. There is no end. There is only... HootyThis concerns me.


Attached: tumblr_2c7319b45bbe1a45268a3d392c2a9bd6_70c4da70_400.jpg (314x486, 37.27K)

>>117419826Anon breeding owlda when?

>It's an Luz tells her friends all about Minecraft episode

Attached: Luz-Noceda-350x412.jpg (350x412, 28.96K)

>>117417536Sounds like a Mary Sue to me


Attached: never.png (1149x560, 661.83K)

>>117419948After Owlda attempts tongue-fucking Luz


Attached: 15978635022111.jpg (1920x1080, 309.61K)

>>117412323I think people are just looking for their new Steven Universe and latched to this because of its narrative, which is a shame because Amphibia has pieces of narrative and lore in about every episode yet it's not as popular

>>117420075Show is about magic, lad, Owlda is getting a big ol horse cock But there will be tongue fucking as well

Anyone have a link to luz getting burned at the stake? Can't find it.

Attached: f44.jpg (680x676, 61.6K)

>>117420186Find it on Aweopalta’s Twitter.

>>117420137Guess I'll have to make my own fic then.


Attached: 9ko3bv8iorj51.jpg (2289x2289, 381.41K)


Attached: EfYRIU4UwAAfrAL.jpg (1000x1000, 250.66K)

>>117420078Man those sweets look good.


>>117420201Their feet look like cat paws...

f*ck itim getting /fit/ for willow now

Attached: willowthique.jpg (3432x2248, 1.35M)

>>117409234This is why women should not be allowed to do fiction.

>>117420078Oh look. Furries. Another mark against Luz.

>>117420264The more the better. Owlda is a beast of primal instinct and desire.

>>117420697well mittens is pretty catish of a name

Attached: luzmirror.png (1920x1080, 1.67M)

Honestly, I really like him, If he really is a human then I wonder how twisted he is in order to perform magic.

Attached: 69uruhy1gli51.png (1080x1080, 953.23K)

>>117420996bellos sucks thou

>>117419826If you want, I could help you with that,I used to write fanfics after all.Provide a draft and we can work with that.

Attached: 1599063902991.jpg (1502x1478, 148.82K)

>>117420996it's hard to see him as human after how he was talking to luz, but maybe he's like the ultimate race traitor

>>117420307I think I read an xxentation freestyle in there.

>>117421244Yeah, i think the same, when Luz damaged his mask, I got surprised by his growl. Also I wonder by that abandoned house. Why does the portal begin in that house?

>>117414979I dont think belos has a dick

>>117416836I mean, the BI setting is pretty grotesque, all things considered shes not far off from stuff like Courage

>>117417191>>117417535Star vs shined in S2 when it interweaved the earth school shit with mewni, dropping earth entirely was extremely retarded

>>117417823Hi Mako

>>117420078>>117420790People keep calling that “furry”, when it’s clearly kigurumi animal pajamas, which is more a weeb thing.

Attached: 7252F16A-E66A-4948-944D-657C407B3F8B.jpg (2048x1963, 266.55K)

>>117406019I think there's different levels to self inserting as pretty much all artists are "self inserting" with any if their characters at some level. Basing a character off an old look you used to wear isn't necessarily a complete insert.

>>117405379>That being said I think season 2 hits that intended tone a little closer.So even more brave and courageous lesbians. Gotcha.

It's strange to me that she apparently wanted the show to be darker. Between the cute animal sidekick, the yuri, and the token shota, TOH really seemed to be aiming for the mahou shoujo demographic.

>>117405510I laughed

>>117421646Like I said in another post, having LGBT representation in anything nowadays isn't that special since everyone does it now

>>117410656>I am so fucking tired of women trying to be deep and dark. Seeing all the shit SU did to be dark was fucking embarrassing and made me want to fucking take out my anger on someone Seek help incel. Maybe stop watching cartoons you hate

>>117421707All of those things are glaringly stuff to dumb it down. If you take a glance at Danas personal work its pretty obvious this is not really her element, the setting of the Boiling Isles is her all out effort push of her true personal style

>>117421722There is yet to be actual gay boys thoughIts all lesbians

>Lilith's new character arc leaked

Attached: Eg4Mk8ZUYAA85uA.jpg (2172x1695, 281.58K)

>>117411427I like the demons, and magic and kino fight scenes

>>117412323>can be aired out of orderThey really can't considering Amitys quick turn around and Luz s initiation to school

>>117421722I dunno, it is the first disney cartoon to have the main romance be gay. And openly gay at that, not like the last-minute korrasami or pseudo-incest catradora.

Attached: HAROLD.png (579x304, 129.86K)

>>117421802Deadass thought Lilith was popping a tent

>>117421766When I say LGBT representation in anything I mean other forms of media other than cartoons. Also there are gay characters in cartoons too

Attached: 1594528082631.jpg (1200x868, 134.29K)

>>117421707I think she wanted a Disney equivalent to Invader Zim - that show was very dark for a kids show. But, of course, Disney was not going to allow that kind of show.

>>117421803You can find most of that in Harry Potter, though. Hell, that's 99.9% likely where most of her inspiration for this show comes from.

>>117421766Kipo and The Hollow have gay boy protagonists, you guys should be watching them if you want more gay boys in cartoons. One of the reasons lesbians are becoming so common is because korrasami, bubbline, and Steven Universe had so many vocal fangirls.

Attached: married2.jpg (500x341, 40.31K)

>>117415602>its nothing Twitter might be making mountains of boneheads but Holla Forums is also a premium source of clickbait gossip

>>117421864Yeah gay dads are whatever, the only gay mc ever is like Adam from the Hollow, you know, the series that just got canceled

>>117409234kinda tryhard

Attached: Eg6rHNPUYAcNhDA.jpg (1012x1200, 307.49K)

>>117421907I'm still hoping there's something really fucked up about Belos underneath his mask and cloak, like he's just a pile of meat held together by steampunk cybernetics.

>>117421802>Eda! Where's my lemonade!? And WHY aren't you in uniform??

>>117406612>I bet Lumity is the main reason she keeps doing it, same with the whole crew.

Attached: fatal.jpg (300x300, 17.87K)

>>117421802First episode of the new seasons plot>Get Lilith to stop being a fucking NEET


Attached: welcome to the gun show.jpg (186x271, 9.68K)

>>117421988his head can do a full 360° without turning around, i have zero doubt he atleast has some eda detachable body part deal going on

Attached: 1598813291016.jpg (604x561, 48.06K)

>>117417795Hate how this is worded

>>117409707Futanari bait anyone?

>>117421988he's just gonna be a human, maybe with a scar on his face or something

>>117405379Just gotta ask is user still interested with Dante/Lilith? >>117376876

Attached: DanteFma1.png (994x1200, 433.53K)

>>117421969I mean if you're only counting the mc then the only lesbians are Reggie (canceled after one season), Adora (last minute reveal, ends up with her abuser), and now Luz (who is actually bisexual and statistically likely to end up leaving Amity for a man).

>>117421766You need to throw your money at it. Look for shows with gay boy side characters and throw your money at that until they make shows with gay boy main characters, then throw your money at that too. I've watched She Ra three times on Netflix so they can have that on their record. I've paid for a bunch of lesbian movies and shows. I'll probably shell out cash for TOH when the full season becomes available online. In the meantime, I'm gonna try and watch the whole season a couple of times on my brother's disney plus account. Gotta work for this shit.

>>117422153Princess Bubblegum, all the gemsI mean sure not full blown THE MC, but they are in like 80% of their seriesGay guys are just reserved for the gay dads who show up in like 2 episodes tops

>>117422147I don't know about the OR, but I am.

>>117420714You know what Owl House is inspiring me to do?Get a mullet.

Attached: 459A1EB4-019F-47B5-8BD9-4668793879EB.jpg (606x792, 49.83K)

>>117422192In that case Voltron and Kipo count too, in Kipo he even outright says he's gay. I don't think cartoon lesbians have ever outright acknowledged their sexuality, it seems to be more fashionable to leave the possibility for threesomes open.

>>117421802When the heck are they going to explain what the chest gems are for?

>>117422221> whiffing them digits

Attached: 037EA035-2EB9-4DAE-BFD0-6E94669C0E12.jpg (4093x2894, 2.77M)

>>117422287Voltron really doesnt count that was glaringly a fan pander, and the show doesnt knowledge it at all besides the last episode wedding with a literal whoBenson in Kipo is cool.

>>117422221do it

Attached: 1598644667603.png (1017x921, 1.04M)

I want Lilith to look at my boner and make fun on it!

>>117422355I found king luz oddly hot

Considering how pure young adult novel Owl House is, I can't imagine their idea of dark is actually that dark. They probably just think there were too many kiddie jokes (which there were) and too many go-nowhere plotlines (which there were).

>>117422147her head and boots are throwing me off, plus im >>117419826Unfortunately i'm the kind of hooter to juggle 50 things and get none done.

Attached: Lilten.png (481x733, 29.47K)

>>117422355I will. If I hate it I’ll go the overgrown pixie cut route; if I hate that, I’ll shave my head. If I hate that, I will laser out every hair follicle permanently. If I hate that, I will wear a hat and shave my eyebrows off.

Attached: 4FBB07E8-209B-4CE5-B27D-129159CCF7C3.jpg (2048x1673, 305.08K)

>>117422399I found eda king oddly hotSomething about that gold teeth and those eye lashes

Attached: Eda_King_-_001.jpg (566x688, 48.8K)

>>117422532bestialityfag out

>>117422399Like a monster boyishgirl if you’re into that.

Attached: B653475D-BFE3-42DE-9C6D-9D49C327E095.jpg (680x493, 63.18K)

>>117419819>Eda and Lilith will never get tipsy off wine and talk about lewd subjects while King and Luz eavesdropWhy live

>>117422454>Tfw i just literally deleted whatever i had written by accident I thought i had Ctr+V'd it...but it had the last copy word...Eda's full fucking name

Attached: 1591799944382.jpg (836x543, 111.01K)

>>117422577This is a travesty. Owlda will never be satisfied now.

>>117422549I kind of liked king luz cause it felt like just a dude, and he was hot