The Dragon Prince

Remember to ignore elf fag posts.

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>>117405116>elf fagYou rang?

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>>117405116I can only imagine that people who hate Dragon Prince are the ones making threads about it because they only ever turn into dark magic debates and race war advocacy.

>>117405221Because we enjoy the show in spite of that and it's the show's biggest flaw, dumdum.

Claudia is a miracle of the universe>>117405221>>117405230Dark magic is ironically the most interesting part of the show, despite not being properly established.

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>>117405287I doubt anyone except elf fag would disagree with those statements.

I'm literally Aaravos here

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Reminder that Claudia is a big girlFor you

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>>117405116Agreed, fuck elffags and Unicornfags>>117405145Whats his goal?

>>117405221>race war advocacy.killing the knife ears isn't a race war, it's pest control

>>117405447I hope best girl gets some new outfits next season.

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>>117405221Dark magic best magic, and hopefully Claudia will perfect it

How do I get a Rayla gf?

>>117405524Find a scottish chick and cut off her pinkies

>>117405516You and me both user. I love costume changes in cartoons

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>>117405535>ScottishI thought she was irish

>>117405524Search the closest trash bin

>>117405116heard they were getting another seasonhow true are the details?

>>1174056074 more seasons have actually been confirmed so no more worrying about cancellations.

>>117405447>Rayla is fifty yearshow close is knife ear biology to humie biology?like, maybe im wrong but i can't remember a single half something in the entire show

>>117405626four more? hot damn, i tought it was like 10 episodes and a moviebit bold to buy the show in bulk innit?

>>117405516>>117405585I sort of wish Viren had just stayed dead and Claudia became the new villain because she blames Callum and Ezran

>>117405647I think Netflix was blown away by how popular the re-release of Last Airbender was and desperately wanted to cash in on that. The live action adaptation is already falling apart because of Bryke leaving so Dragon Prince is the next closest thing they've got. Also it's woke as fuck so it fits well into the current climate

>>117405765What about ratings?7 seasons dont mean anything if no one is watching

>>117405800Netflix doesn't release ratings so we'll never know. Like the Netflix Witcher show was a wild success and their biggest show ever...according to Netflix.

As I said in the last thread;Every argument against Dark Magic is basically pic related.

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>>117405839Lmao so on point.

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>>117405116Reminder that the unicorn shit, if it even makes it into the show, will be a red herring.As it stands it makes absolutely no goddamn sense except as historical revisionism

Is Claudia actually Shelob?

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>>117406723Delete this heretical imagery immediately

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>>117405221Isn't dark magic and the human-elf war the main conflicts for the series? What else would there be discussion about or do you want all the threads to just be waifu posting?

>>117405839Fucking this, i absolutely hate this "YOU SHOULDN'T PLAY GOD" cliche

The last season was really rushed. I get they were trying to end the arc with the season, but it really spiraled out of control.

>>117408056I legit thought this fucker was a woman until the larva started to speak. My dick is still confused

>>117408231Same. Anyone who pretends it was obvious is a liar.

>>117408231I love is not even just a normal dude voice but a really low deep voice one


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>>117408231>until the larva started to speakI was actually so convinced it was a woman I thought the deep voice was just another fakeout subversion and it was just what the worm itself sounded like.


>>117405589they are basically the same thing, difference is just that one became independent while the other tried to be independent and failed the vote


they better give best boi a girl next season

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>>117410038Some of these are so forced that it completely ruined all the meme

>>117405499Underrated post

>>117405630Fifteen, user.And IIRC most elves live over 100 years, but only the star elves have LOTR tier longevity

I really hope they start introducing more mages. I want to see what each element can do.

>>117405304Something can be evil and intresting at the same, you know.

>>117405499>humaniggers thinking they can do anything to higher beings like elves and dragons

>>117405447holy fuck how tall are actual adults in this show

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>>117405743That would have worked, but I think they want to redeem Claudia by the end, so we need Viren to be alive for that.

>>117410082In fairness, that one actually does the >normal shit people are insecure about = bad, dumb/weird = goodAngle that the meme was originally about

>>117405839>>117408189Dark magic is not 'playing god'. It's taking something that is not yours, and turning it into power to take more things that are not yours.

>>117411700Are you the God of that universe? You are no arbitrator of rights.

>>117408191Aaron had the whole story, and it was written to be seven seasons long, but at the time Netflix only bought three seasons. He had to rush it to end it on an at least semi-satisfactory note. Now that its popular, Netflix bought the remaining 4 seasons, so I expect good pacing from now on. I guess if Netflix had more faith and bought all seven at the same time, we would have less definitive, but also less rushed ending for the third season.

>>117409444Season 6, episode 2, around the 11 minute mark, but only in the background, hard to notice.

>>117405839>The Fall of Numanor.jpg

>>117410841So far, it looks like the connected books are about their magic. Books Moon, Sky and Sun were full of moon, sky and sun magic, but non of the others. Book 4 is Earth, and I bet my left nut Book 5 is Ocean, so expect a heavy emphasis on these two types for the next two seasons.


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>>117405116Callum x Rayla art forever!

>>117405116Is it possible for half-elves to exist? Also don't elves have a much longer lifespan? Rayla joked about humans having a "sub-century" ife expectancy.

>>117413068staff alluded at first but never gave a straight "yes" yet, also they said elves lives a little more of 100 years but only a few decades tops more of that only the Star elves are the ones that LOTR levels of fuck you long lifespan

>>117413068IIRC they dodged the question when it came up, so at the very least they were considering it at the time

>>117413147Well, if the lesbos can have a child, it's only fair if Rayla and Callum can have one too.


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Do you think they'll give love interests to Claudia and Soren? Except each other of course.

>>117413392Soren will get a buff black guy as a love intrest, and Claudia dies a virgin.

>>117411700nobody tell this guy about hunting animals for sport. he'll foam at the mouth

>>117413567>and Claudia dies a virginTentacle spells are canon

>>117413634Tentacles don't count; if anything they'd be a form of magical sex toy.Has there been any more news on the tabletop RPG for the series setting yet?

>>117413670>fucked by gigantic tentacles>virgincome on now

>ywn smell Claudia's peanut butter breath

>>117413392Soren and Claudia will both cuck Rayla with CallumIt'll be very diverse.

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>>117405116Honestly, even though I like the pairing, it might have been better if they didn't get together. Or at least not this soon.Also it feels weird that Rayla became friends with Callum and Ezran so soon, and now she is living in Katolis. Was she a loner in her home? No mention of friends, just her animal pals at her secret place, and the things she got most exited about showing to Callum were food and her school, also no mention of friends.

>>117413902Better this than 7 seasons of will they, won't they?!

>>117413836It can work, since Callum and Claudia were almost a thing, and Rayla respects Soren now.

>>117413756>Claudia will never give you a PB BJ

>>117413960I know someone who does get them.

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>>117413922>Oh no Rayla and Callum have to separate for the whole season for plot reasons!

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>>117411609How's that eye doing Sol?

>>117414133It will go the Korra route, they will break up, Callum ends up as amonk swearing celebacy, and Rayla will end up with Claudia.

>>117410841I think it was confirmed that next season an earthblood elf called Terry will join the cast, so earth spells are confirmed.

>>117413922>>117414133I'd be happy if the next season was bringing up the tired will they won't they/contrived break up cliches and shitting on them

I couldn't bring myself past episode 1 because of how weirdly they set up the moon elves. >Ah shit there could be moon elves attacking us AT NIGHT! We're totally FUCKED if they show up!If the moon elves are so devastating at night, why the hell haven't they just wiped out the humans on literally any other night before this?

>>117414981Full moon or somethingAlso they did all get killed so maybe just hiding King Birdbrain somewhere would have done the trick

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>>117414981Are you actually retarded? One, they are the height of their power at night of a FULL MOON, and they set their attack up for that day of the month. They are probably slightly more powerful at night, but it's not really much of a boost.Two, wiping out humans was never their goal. And probably just the logisticks of an operation like that would make it impossible, and they are still not invincible.

>>117415191Sounds dumb.

>>117415191They were invisible but they couldnt walk through wallsThe whole operation kind of depended on secrecy they should have scrubbed it the second they were madeThe stakes didnt seem to be that high anyway what with the there not being an active war at the time

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>>117415397Well, they were motivated by revenge, and were ready to suicide if they have to.

>>117415397Also lets take into account that the Queen of the Dragons was willing to send a child soldier on a suicide mission to kill another child in order to get her revengeThen this happened

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>>117415162Lmao at the post and the pic

>>117415851The comic is goodDwarf just got out after serving 3 years for ElfslaughterShould have had a better lawyer

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>>117415583Zubeia ordered an assassination, it was the leader who put the team together, no one forced Rayla to do this. She even volunteered, because she wanted to kill the guy who supposedly made her parents brake their promise.Also what's the problem with your pic related?

>>117415583Wasnt she in a coma or some shit like that through the whole ordeal? It was probably some other angry dragon/elf who sent them

>>117415899>ElfslaughterIs that a crime?

>>117415928She sent them, she entered into coma a few days after the assassins started their mission. I guess she felt that she would die soon, and that was her final wish.

>>117415902the idea that just giving Junior back just fixes everything is kind of lazy and undermines the idea that this is an ongoing multi faceted conflict>>117415928They specifically state they are sending the signal to the Queen>>117415948I guess it is in the Empire

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>>117415984Considering the dragons/elves were content with Harrow's and Ezran's death, and didn't plan further actions, it has some ground that it's enough for tension to get lower. Or at least to pardon Ezran. Of course it only works if this what both sides actually want.

>>117416094>Or at least to pardon EzranHe didnt do anything to them

>>117416094>we elves graciously pardon you for the sin of Living While HumanHope the Knife Ears get whats coming to them

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>>117416152They wanted to kill him ta avange Zym. Now that Zym is alive, there is no reason for any elf to try to kill him.

>>117408261Yeah its a really cool voice, i would expect it from a dragon, not a twink

>>117416184damn, that picture, is that from a specific setting?

I really want to fuck the elves in this show but at the same time I really want to strangle them all to death.

>>117416403Im into that

>>117416403So do both, at the same time.

>>117405630>No halfiesI mean, humans and elves never interact besides fighting. Maybe the archmage that made the box was a halfie and created it as a way to allow humans to learn primal magic

>>117405221It's just that Virenfags have a huge chip on their shoulder.>>117405447>fictional world>has the same month namesI can't be the only one that hates this, right?

>>117414133I mean, to be fair, Callum will probably go on an Avatar road trip, to learn all types of magic, and Gayla might stay with the dragon prince as his body guard. Tough i would much rather have them travelling together as a couple, that would be a breath of fresh air. Meanwhile Ezran does...whatever, and seduces the deviant queen

>>117416473This is just for scale, you don't know what metrics they use in-universe.

>>117415583>Portal to the world of the the fuck is this conected to illusion magic?!

What would you do to this nose?

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I lost a small amount of hope in this show when they introduced the winged, pixie haircut, heterochromia elf in the desert.Though if she dies or gets bodied, Im back on board full force.

>>117416711Moon magic isn't just illusions, it's also about the veil between life and death. Lujane explained that at full moons, at the nexus, they did rituals to open portals to different dimension.Also Aaravos seems to be in one of theese, since the architecture of his prison matches the one in the flashback about the old nexus.

>>117416711I guess Moon covers more than illusion.Same as Callum polymorphing his arms into wings with Sky.

>>117416876Have Claudia fart into it directly.

>>117416960She's hot as hell and the least pretentious elf on the show though. Also completely irrelevant.

>>117416711In the tarot, the moon is usually associated with unperceived dangers and illusions. Also a lot of occult rituals are supposed to happen at night. I suppose world of the dead = occult/dangerous = moon.


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>>117417246You know the standard playing card deck predates the Tarot deck?Also there are more combinations to a deck of cards then there are atoms in the universe so every single true shuffle results in a combination of cards that has never existed before and never will again within your lifetime

>>117417017I don't recall this at all>>117417054The wings are still related to the sky though

>>117417306>You know the standard playing card deck predates the Tarot deck?And?? The deck exists now and is fancy, I see no reason why the creators couldn't have used some kinda reasoning like that.

>>117415583>to find out if a dude is dead primal magicians need to perform a ritual and go to the world of the dead>meanwhile dark mages can just use a tracking spell to find out where the nigga is and then just go there to see if hes aliveDark magic wins again, baby

>>117417357Season 2 episode 1.

>he likes Dragons

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>>117417844I remenber most of the speech, but im pretty sure that she only talked about illusions and shit. So far the only magic with control over life and death is dark magic

>>117405447>gf is 6' 1">I'm 5' 10Guess we could cosplay this

Elves you say

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How are they gonna stretch the plot through 4 seasons? When the only big threat is the galaxy elf? Im kinda hoping that the old Dragon king will rise a rebellion against the new alliance and the dragon prince, a civil war is always cool

>>117405447Huh, Callum's above the average for his age. Guy's gonna be tall probably.

>>117418869>How are they gonna stretch the plot through 4 seasons?Seasons 4 and 5 are apparently going to revolve around the orphan queen.

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>>117418950>its going to revolve around the worst character of the fucking seriesthat is a yikes from me

>>117419047Not Aanya, dummy. Harrow's ancestor, the one he wrote about in his letter.

>>117418950For an instant i thought you were talking about the daughter of the lesbos, thank god i was wrong. Still, every story needs a conflict, and its too soon for the purple elf to make a move. I'll cling to my hopes of a dragon civil war>>117419047Pretty sure he didnt mean the loli user, though i agree that she was the fucking worse

>>117405116What about Feanor? He seemed like a cool elf.

>>117419163>tfw no animated Silmarillion adventure show

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>>117411650>Adult are around 6'6"

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>>117419481not even King Obama is that tall

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>>117419163>Rage so hard that your jewelry was stolen that you force your entire race to chase the thief to another continent see the cost of many lives, including your own

>>117419764now this is disappointing

>>117416876Cut it off. No mercy for knife ears.

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>>117405516Sitting up there is dangerous as fuck!

>>117418869I think there's potential for at a season of humans and elves patching things up while Aaravos, Viren, and Claudia are in the background working on their next move.Maybe have Sol Regem press against peace in the wake of what happened to Lux Aurea, dive in a bit into elves being accurately portrayed as assholes, and contrary to a lot of popular fantasy show conflict resolution as a complex process that happens beyond McGuffins.

>>117405287>>117405329>>117405585I'm really surprised there isn't art of an alt time line where Claudia makes contact through the mirror...and gets seduced by Aaravos.

>>117420711for at least a*

>>117416403Then fuck and coke them to death!

>>117416876Pinch between my fingers pull away quickly.I have your nose!


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I feel like the show will suffer from the dragon ball problem aka one of the main characters becoming so powerful that the other main characters become side characters. If Callum starts to unlock all arcanums, and learning their spells, then he'll be by far the most powerful fucker in the land, probably rivaling the dragons. Everyone else will become his sidekicks

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>>117419764What was that fun fact about Viren forgetting about Soren's birthday cause Viren was prepping for Harrow's?


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>>117421306at the very least that could kickstart a conflict humans, elfs and dragons being like "this nigga is getting too powerful for his own good" and drive the plot more than >>117418950which sincerely sounds awful

>>117421306maybe they could have some limits?like hell, we saw how Humans well versed in magic get their bodies messed upmaybe if he keeps shooting thunder the poor sod will lose a finger or half his lifespan

>>117422195>Humans well versed in magic get their bodies messed upThats caused by dark magic, primal magic has no side effects. I can imagine Callum losing the cube 2 seasons from now, to prevent him from getting too many arcanums(at least until the prologue with him being an archmage)