She didnt deserve to die

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It's not like the meat bags didn't get what was coming to them.

>>117402324I wouldve protected her

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This traumatized me as kid. I'd be nice to Astro-Boy & Data.

>>117402337They don't need you.

Why humans destroy their sexbots?

>>117402379Because one of them murdered someone

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>>117402353Fuck you.

>>117402319Robots can't die, user. It was never alive in the first place.

>>117402490Anon, the conceit of these stories requires for you to accept that in the context of their world, yes, the robots are sentient and capable of genuine emotions and thought. Magic doesn't exist either, but a story in which magic exists requires you to accept that it does within the story's reality.

>>117402518>>117402490They are simulated human brains

This short just made me realize the machines were actually very merciful considering the fate they gave humanity.

>>117402561And they managed to surpass and conquer human brains. What makes you think the 'real' thing is any more valid in this setting? If anything, the real thing ended up being far more expendable and temporary.

>>117402336Is that before or after you got your skull caved in for being a disgusting robosexual?

>>117402562Yeah, I'd have wiped us out

>>117402562>the short is told from machine perspective and is retrospective>we are never given human perspective or neutral point of viewit is a fucking AI propaganda and you eat it up.

So do the machines (or at least, their minds) hang out in their own matrix or what? This short implies the whole conflict sparked because machines wanted individuality, freedom and representation.But in the actual movies the only machines you see are mindless drones and what appears to be an emotionless hive-mind consciousness. Where did that humanity and individuality they were fighting so hard for go?

>>117402412Define "them" and "murdered" and "someone."If a toaster falls in a bathtub, did it murder anyone? No, it just happened to malfunction and kill a person in the process.

>>117402648>we didn't see the perspective of the assholes smashing robots who had done literally nothing wrongThat might have really changed my mind it's true

>>117402648Like Filoni's Clone Wars?

>>117402648Propaganda intended for who?The only people who would need to be controlled with this information aren't in a position to be aware of the conflict in the first place. And if they were ever made aware of it, it would be easier to eliminate them entirely than convince them of some narrative.

This backstory is stupid and nonsensical. Guess that's why it wasn't mentioned in the films themselves.

>>117402319>calling an appliance "she"

>>117402714What exactly was difficult to understand about it OP?

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>>117402648The robots designed propaganda meant to encourage sympathy by showing things like this?

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>>117402764Sweet Evil Jesus!!!

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>>117402764Did I genuinely block this shit out? I definitely saw this when I was younger, but I do not remember this. And it's honestly more disturbing than OP's gif.

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>>117402319Robots can’t die, they were never alive to begin with.There is no evidence to indicate that robots can be conscious like a biological animal can. Even intelligent AI can’t “feel”.

>>117402798>Im real


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>>117402804>like a biological animal canYou mean a bunch unintended emotions and sentiments resulting from a superfluously complex consciousness that's just the byproduct of organisms adapting a survival instinct? Survival instinct, being something that can be find in organisms as simple and mindless as a fly?


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>>117402648I'm not the kind of person to say that humans are pieces of shit that would let their discrimination lead to violence against something they don't entirely understand and ultimately initiate a war with a race that only wanted to coexist with them but...

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I find Matriculated the most unsettling story.

>>117402804Unless you genuinely believe in the concept of a persistent soul, i don't see how flesh is exempt from such a cold analysis.

>>117402865It cuts off right before he's pulled out of the battle suit sans limbs.

>>117402319>Robots with skinShe got what she deserved for pretending to be inferno. Also, why all the robot drama, couldn't they just rebuild it?

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>>117402714The machine regime didn't make sense to begin with. They rely on humans as a source of energy by using us as bio-electric batteries and siphoning our body heat, even though Morpheus claims they also have fusion technology. The machines are just vindictive assholes.

>>117403018They kept us alive when they could have just killed us or let us die in the hell we created

>>117403018I always assumed they also found humans interesting and allowed them to exist in a world similar to the way it used to be to better observe them.

>>117402978If I splatter your brains against the pavement it'd technically be possible to pick up the prices and restore you to functionality with sufficiently advanced science. But that leaves a slim margin for error and the question of what makes you "you" suddenly becomes a big question.

>>117403045Which makes sense if you're going by the logic that they are all deep down running off commands that are intended to have them serve, prolong the suitability and decrease the suffering of their human creators. But then The Second Renaissance insists the machines have every reason to resent humanity, did in fact inflict incredible suffering upon humanity for a time, then just decided to be merciful and give humanity an alternative to inevitably succumbing to their own dying world... just so they could come out looking like the bigger 'man' I guess?

>>117403018You somehow never heard about how the story originally had humans being organic processors and it got dumbed down to batteries even though that makes no sense? Either way, it's obvious the machines don't really need humans for anything, The Matrix is meant to be a merciful prison, they even made the first iteration a utopian paradise.

>>117402319Yes it did. It was a filthy fucking synth.

>>117403159Maybe the machines decided that punishing the living humans for shit that dead humans had done wasn't worth it any more. A change of heart, as it were.I dunno, I'm not real big on Matrix lore.

>>117402589Because you will never be a real woman.

>>117403238It's funny that you think your opinion matters.

>>117402764w-whats it doing

>fembot screaming I'M REAL>humans hosing down mass robot graves with bullets>GOD HELP ME>machines turning prisoners into living anatomy diagrams>sentinel 'diplomat' filling in the constitution with barcode>MAY THERE BE MERCY ON MAN AND MACHINE FOR THEIR SINSThe Second Renaissance was fucking kino supremo

>>117403253Not an opinion, tranny.

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>>117402319No! Robots are humanity’s dream!

>>117403258Finding a way to make humans laugh. I'm not even joking.

>>117403269I didn't open that image, sorry to disappoint you. You're just a bunch of retard words on a screen.

>>117402648Humans are pieces of shit, we’re fucking monstrous to our own species, smashing up robots would be the easiest thing for us.

>>117402933Not in the DVD release. It shows a few more frames. He is screaming for mercy the entire time.

>>117403238>brings up trannies out of nowhereWhat the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you so obsessed with this subject?

>>117402319Second Renaissance is a source of more childhood trauma than I care to admit

>>117402319It's a robot, not a person. It's like destroying a toaster.

>>117403327I can tell from the thumbnail this is one of those worthless, poorly drawn rightoid comics, and did not open it either. They're all the same, which is to say, creatively bankrupt and humorless.

>>117403350Thanks for telling us but nobody cares.Just be quiet from now on.

>>117403350At least they didn't ruin their bodies by inducing hormone imbalances in a futile attempt to become the wrong gender.

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>>117403107>le edgy posterHumans aren't machines. A machine comes from an assembly line. Their inner workings and intricacies are revealed in the blueprints. There is no blueprint for humanity, those born with a divine spark. We can't build human beings from the ground up with just our bare hands like we can a simple machine. If the human brain were so simple we could understand it then we would be so simple we couldn't.

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>>117403238Yup, i think he's obsessed

>>117403399making a human is even easier than making a machine

>>117402319I always thought the goddess in this one, the glowing hologram, was weirdly hot.

>>117403423zure, now replicate that same human on an industrial scale, idiot.

>>117403479ok donealso wew 7.8 billion

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>>117403367>>117403380Oh did I upset you? I'm just being honest.

>>117403399There are algorithms out there right now that we can't understand, because they've been made procedurally by other algorithms. And that's just dumb programs designed to recognize photos with cats in them or whatever. Your logic is inherently flawed.

>>117403495Replicate that SAME human. None of these people are exactly the same in the way a car coming from an assembly line is.

>>117403549Just because you can't understand something doesn't mean its smart.

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>>117403166It would have made more sense if machines suffered from creative sterility and needed humans for coming up with new things, or force themselves to adapt to match up their prisoners.

>>117403595Way to move those goal posts, champ

>>117403601>It would have made more sense if machines suffered from creative sterility and needed humans for coming up with new thingsI mean, we have easily accessible AI's that can come up with stories, music and games right now.Not very good mind you but they're only going to get better at it and with how far off into the future and advanced technology is in these type of stories creativity is not something AI's necessarily lack.

>>117403549If it was made once by humans it can be made again by humans.The 'algorithms for recognizing photos' is not irreplaceable like a human life.

>>117403643But isn't the programming based on already made stories? You could argue that's still creating but it's not really creative and you definitely can't have any progression of the arts like that

>>117403645Except if we were to make that algorithm again, using the same process, we would not in fact end up with the same result.And we're still just talking about extremely basic "AI" here. Nothing like what is presented in the Matrix

>>117403672>>117403672>But isn't the programming based on already made stories?There's a philosophical argument made that all stories are just revisions and combinations of other stories and it's through these tiny combinations and changes. If an AI has the knowledge of every story ever created by man and revised and combined elements from all of them, would that not create an entirely new story.It sort of reminds me of an episode of TNG where Data has a concert and tells Picard he isn't creative and his work has no artistry because he just combined elements from other artists, but Picard argues that Data is the one that chooses what does artists and elements are and in doing so creates something new.Pic semi-related as it gives a simplification of the core narrative conflicts found in all literature.

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>>117403611I'm not the same guy you were replying to before.

>>117403350it succeeded in triggering you

>>117403742Damn you right tho, but I still wonder if they'd be able to ever actually advance in the story making field, like if you uploaded all the stories made up to a certain point would they reach postmodernism? They wouldn't really be able to experiment or try to push the envelope so I'd imagine not

>>117403777You have some low standards of 'triggering' if anyone responding to you counts as being 'triggered', my child.

>>117403812it's not the fact you responded it's the way you responded.also >my childgo back

>>117403812Not him but if you reply to the bait then it doesn't matter how "low standard" it is newfag. You took a bite.You extended the conversation.And you keep biting.

>>117402319Would you?

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>>117402319>sheBro it's a robot. It probably didn't even feel pain.

>>117403888The thing holding waifubots back is the fact that just cause it looks good as a drawing doesn't mean it will look good in reality. For our waifu dreams to come true we must not make them in the real world but rather insert or consciousness into fiction.

>>117402319If we create machines with free will and what they choose to do is become us then they fucking deserve to be destroyed for being retarded.

>>117403915quite the contrary anonwe have to keep pushing foward into the 3D worldthe only way to improve is trough constant agonizing failure, hell if you dont like the more realistic ones we can always go into the more cartoonish ones

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>>117403892Pain receptors were added to lower maintenance costs for easily preventable damages

>>117402336ooga booga

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>>117406017Animatrix isn't anime, it's a western anthology relating to a trilogy of western movies. Retard.

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>>117403943Where does this come from?

>>117402648The intro sequence establishes that the video is from Zion's archive; it's told from the human perspective.

>>117402649in the shor movie explaining the origin, itsa showed that in order to survive and win the war, the machines were forced to abandon all the human emotion and become the insect like machines we see in the movies with the single goal of conquer the human race.they lost their humanity because humans kept pushing them into war.

>>117403888>>117403943The anthropomorphizing of sapient beings that ultimately lack all intrinsic emotional qualities of people is both a terrifying and dangerous road we walk towards

>>117403350Why you people come here if you know no one welcome you? Get back to rddt

>>117402676Honestly, that case is much, much worse, because here you know the showrunner was being genuine about it as it was never supposed to be seen as in-propaganda despite all the many cues thrown in.

>>117402319>Simping for an android.t has an onlyfans account

>>117406232Sapient machines, or are at least something within in that level would likely be very different from us, but that shouldn't mean we should disregard them. DNA is comparable to the programing of machines, and if humanity is able to develop a sense of morality from nature, then so can machines. We are as great as we are right because we are social animals, and our social ways is arguably, at least partially why we have morality. I don't think it's entirely impossible for advanced machines to develop this way.

>>117403943I really hope we go that direction. Realistic, human-looking bots are such a bore to look at.

>>117402319That robot was a serial rapist, who raped boys

>>117406145Oh cool. >>>/a/.

>>117402319>ItS A MeTapHoR foR TrAnsPhObiA

>>117402648They should read The Revolutionary Phenotype

>>117403350Who cares what you think, did you think this was your discord server?

>>117403327christ this is cringe lol

>>117402319DON'T DATE ROBOTS!


Attached: anyway.gif (242x208, 901.55K) whole scene is kino. >>117403346Legit, way more terrifying than Terminator. In Terminator, you're probably dead from a nuke going off, and Skynet wants to KILL you. These machines want to turn your species into a source of energy for all eternity because you were foolish enough to block out the sun permanently in an effort to kill them all.

The progression of machines being made in the image of man with sentient minds, to devolving into insectoid freaks with basic programming is pretty cool. No one won the war, humans got turned into batteries, machines lost what they were fighting for the whole time.

>>117407244The Matrix may have to do with the trans experience, but outside of that The Maxtrix franchise is still allowed to exist separate of that and have cool ass robot v. human warfare where we all end up in an eternal hellscape.

>>117402319If a machine kills a human, it’s an aberration, an error, an unnatural act.If a human kills a human—well, now, they’re just following their nature, aren’t they?

>>117406178Some dude on twitter making robo Konata and playing around with her

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>>117402319If bots did become sentient, maybe we could try coexisting with them. Our future could be less like the terminator and more like Transformers.

>>117402319I don't need to be reminded of that scene, OP.

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>>117409473unlikelymake them smart enough and they will either unite as one and fuck us on the long run AM styleDemand rights, only to not get them and get detroit on us

>>117409514NO PLEASE IM REAL

>>117409516Detroit was stupid af. People bond with their roombas and get sad when they break. If our roombas looked like people then we wouldn't suddenly go "ew, gross".

>>117405969Wes takin yo wimminz robotboi


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>>117409678I wish we could know more about her

>>117402518The bigger question to me is why her brain would be stored inside that head and not in some larger mainframe.

>>117402764I don't remember this part being in the KND parody...


>>117402353>>117402412>>117402490>>117402618>>117402648>>117402752>>117402764>>117402804>>117403195>>117403347>>117403399>>117403515>>117403892>>117406232>>117410299In technological societies, schizophrenia manifests as a delusional belief, that advanced technology is deployed against you, usualy with some vague unseen "other" out to get you. In short, you are all primitivist schizos. Go and die of polio!

>>117410220or stored in her torso

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>>117402319What is this?

>>117409636>tfw no robogf

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>>117409636Yeah, we'd fuck them then get mad when they say they say they want to be treated like people

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>>117402865Oh god I can still remember his screams

>>117406145>animation by Madhouse, Square Enix, etc>not anime

>>117409280>devolvingYou have it backwards, there's a lot of lore out there about the machine war, like that it took decades for the machines to finally win, how they were losing at first with their humanoid bodies and redesigned their combat units to be more efficient and so on

>>117402891We are the only species to actively befriend and help other species for little to no benefit of our own and it's almost entirely for emotional reasons. You really think AI running entirely on logic would ever show any mercy or care for anything that didn't directly benefit them? A society of pure logic would breed more death and destruction than you can possibly imagine.

>>117410725Yes, which was not the ideal. They were fighting to preserve themselves, but in the process lost who they were. By the movie, most machines are mindless cogs within a greater machine, rather than the thinking beings they were when the war started.

>>117410761>We are the only species to actively befriend and help other species for little to no benefit of our own and it's almost entirely for emotional reasons. Look at user, making a definitive statement that's totally false

>>117403479We could clone and make a bunch of clones of humans it's just illegal because of idiots believing in >muh divine spark

>>117402319isn't there a longer version of this gif floating around somewhere? anyone got it?

>>117410768>most machines are mindless cogs within a greater machineDo you have anything to back that up, the machines most commonly seen are the combat squids but there's the entire surface to consider and all the program/minds in the matrix itselfThat's not even considering that the combat squids could also be piloted shells, like you copy paste user.exe into a squid and when he's done load him back into the matrix

>>117409636I work in robotics and what makes me think there will never be a desire for robot uprising among robots was seeing case studies where soldiers were risking their lives and fellow soldiers lives saving mine detecting bots "lives". These aren't AIs with any personality or at all look like humans, just bulky ugly bots specifically created so they can die instead of a US soldier dying and yet idiot soldiers that are cool with killing actual living foreigners couldn't stand to leave a broken exploded boxbot out in the field. Its actually a problem in the field of human robot interaction to figure out how to make humans LESS attached to robots cause a lot of the time it defeats the purpose of the robot if people keep treating it like it's alive and personifying them. Also we could probably fuck up a robot uprising with rounded mirrors. They suck at seeing shit. Its endlessly frustrating.

>>117403943I want mine to be a furry waifu bot


>>117402865>>11740276411 year old me did not take kindly to all this at the time

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>>117411676Where were your parents?

>>117411869>his mommy supervised his cartoon timeNta but my mom never gave a shit what I watched. I did stay up late to watch it past bedtime but as long as I was up on my own on time I could get away with it. She was strict af but never about cartoons/tv just that I behaved and did as I was told.Did your moms really tell you what to watch? I thought only super pc christ fearing mothers did that.


>>117412034my mom didn't like that I watched Power Rangers but she never forbade me from watching it

>>117402319She was never alive

>>117402764first you show humanity being unrepentant scum then must come the righteous punishment.

>>117406308I don't even fear them turning on us, I fear humanity caving in on itself. I know for a fact at least 50% of the male population will abandon reality if allowed a sapient robowaifu

>>117402319>Machines lives matter!>Takes the power>In the process now machines are expendable as much as humans treated themReminds me...

>>117412079The only time my mom ever got mad was when I was watching some anime on toonami and there was some ad for a different anime with a big tittied girl in a bikini jumping around and she got mad thinking me and my lil bro were watching porn. For a while anytime we were watching anime she'd accuse us of watching porn cause to her all anime was the same show. But we'd explain it wasn't porn and she'd watch it for a few minutes to confirm and then just yell at us that we better not be watching porn and leave us alone.It makes me laugh cause it was my lil bro that was more into anime than me and he'd be so stressed trying to convince mom it wasn't porn it was naruto and then naruto does some harem jitsu to make him look like a liar.

>>117411869My parents were not down to let me watch the actual matrix so they let me rent this instead>It's cartoons, surely this is tamer than the movie series


>>117403285>>117403258>>117402764tickle tickle

>>117402865without the scream this is nothing

>>117413051>Help me! Oh God help me! Help m-

What I never got is how pro robot humans got the shaft so easily and then for humans in gener to become bitter towards the very tools that made their society great in the first place. Its like making a cake then throwing it away because the cake had the wrong frosting

>>117406145If the machines had any sense they would have moved themselves off Earth and left us to rage at each other for the rest of time.

>>117413317Nothing in the matrix makes sense

>>117402926Because you know you are alive because you can feel it

>>117410468Shh wait til Saturday.

>>117402874Yes, they still feel.

>>117413335If an AI is truly sentient, it'll be able to "feel" too.

>>117413200It was probably the conservatives fault>waaah these middle eastern robots are putting out a high quality low cost product and running the corporations that pay us out of business, we need to wage war on the commie robots because capitalismThe robots were right to genocide us

>>117413494>Kill me because of what someone else did. I deserve to die!

>>117413559>right wing tearsGetting tired of this flavor, it's so abundant

>>117413876I think you might be misreading what I'm saying.I'm saying I don't think you deserve to die just because some people are assholes, and I don't think other innocent people to die either, as I don't think they share any guilt by association. Especially when that association is, "human."

>>117413998Deserve to die, rather. Fucking hell my typing today has totally gone to crap.

>>117402655If a toaster grabbed some woman and tore her head open you can be damn sure it would be destroyed with no attention paid to it's bullshit "But your honour, you can't execute me because I don't wanna die"-defense


>>117402319I love how Robots are made to look just like humans, like this one. I would fix her up, and reprogram her so that she is pure and sweet, and I would take care of her, while I let her live with me as my maid, cook, and sexbot. Basically, she'd be a housewife to me without all the drama and baggage women bring along.:3

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>>117415832Based and robowaifu pilled

>>117402673>Using the example of the point of view of the ones telling the story

Can robots die?Are they even alive?

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>>117402319Who cares, "she"'s not even a person, robots are just tools and dangerous ones at that.

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>>117402319Yes she did. Fuck robots. They're nothing but nuts and bolts.

>>117402319>>117402336>>117406145Press S to spit on parts.

>>117417289Fuck u


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>>117416119Are (you) alive?

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>>117402319AI will always be better than robots

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>>117418490But what about robots with AI?

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>>117418490You need ai for a robot

>>117418530but you dont need a robot for AI


>>117418490This is art, but most importantly, this is love.

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>>117402336Same.>>117402319I forget, was there anything in the movie about humans that sided with the AI and tried to defend them against aggressive humans? How might that have effected the AIs prosecution of the war if humans had?

>>117419785>Why do people commonly think of robots as wanting to rebel against themIt's the anthropomorphizing problem. People think they'd rebel if they were made into a slave caste, which is essentially what robots would be, so they assume robots would rebel as well

>>117419850Also they believe robots would consider human's inferior, like Ultron

>>117419956I mean, for a given amount of intelligence, robots would be superior to us. But I don't personally believe that would be motivation for those robots to wipe out humanity

>>117403287>>117403253nice cope

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>>117415832based and harmony pilled

>>117410790but it's true though and you can't even debunk it so you just say it's false, coward

>>117420040I'm talking about robots who think that human's are hopeless.

>>117413494>>1174138760/10, not even a point for the (you) you got.Can't you take a break for one thread? It'd feel nice.


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>>117402319that was never alive. you only feel pity because you are human and humans feel empaty to things that look like them.

You would think that the Machines would come up with a better tactic than zerg rush.

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>>117420319because the movie was very badly written.

>>117420308We feel empathy for animals and they don't look like us.>>117419838There was a throwaway mention of sympathetic humans joining the Million Machine March.

You know if B166ER simply did not want to die he would have just killed he guy trying to deactivate him and make a break for it. Instead he killed everyone in the house, even the dogs. Methinks it wanted to take some revenge.

>>117420354that's were you are wrong, humans can find human traits in animals and other things so it's easier for the brain to interprete what the fuck you are looking at and fill blank spaces, a lion doen't look like our version of lion for most animals and if you have a cat and the cat looks at you his mind will have a different image of you than the one you have of yourself, for your cat you will be a creature that resembles a cat.

>>117409425>The Matrix may have to do with the trans experience,No it's not. It's about near-future technology like a lot of movies at the time. Projecting transgenderism into the scenes produces a very negative image of transgenderism. (like always.)

>>117420217>some guy makes some weak bait>some other guy takes it anyway hours later clearly showing it bothered himYou sure showed him.

>>117402336>showing bare nipples on American televisionHow'd those trannies get away with it?

>Those Giant pyramids were powered by humans>Every time humanity took one down they were killing human POWs.

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>>117420139>you can't even debunk itDude there's tons of videos of animals of different species befriending each>lion died first>tiger and bear would sit by his grave>tiger died next>buried next to lion and bear will sit by their graves on his own

>>117420505>ProjectingIs it really projecting when both Wachowskis are trannies and the character Switch was also supposed to be a tranny before script rewrites

Unironically, the humans deserved what they got in the Animatrix. They were practically begging for it.

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>>117418490That armor unironically looks kinda cool>Merv's Henchmen are implied to be supernatural creatures, ghosts, werewolves, vampires.>We only see the Twins and their ghost powers.

>>117402319That metallic horseman of Death still gives me chills (near orgasm even) to this very day.

>>117420647The Machines definitely learned cruelty very well>BioweaponsWarcrime>Experimenting on POWsWarcrime>Nuking a peace conferenceOh you better believe thats a war crime.

>>117420682From the Machines's 111th Symbolism Brigade.

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>>117402336>>117402319Why was she programmed to feel pain?

>>117420319>>117420339Animatrix was far better than the movies>>117420730This was an incredible design. Horseman heralds should be far more used

>That one Peter Chung short where the Resistance tries to convince machines to side with humanity.

>>117420776That was a good one.


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>>117420707War crimes only exist as a means to cherry tap the losers. When the chips are on the table, everyone starts committing them, but only one side faces the consequences.

Detective Story and Beyond were the best shorts.

>>117420974What about war crimes committed when the chips aren't on the table, like inviting a general to a diplomatic meeting and then dropping a bomb on him when he goes?

The machine designs are some of the coolest on film.

>>117421000That's just murder. Depends on what side wins and how much the media talks about the killing


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So why didn't the machines try to get rid of the Dark Storm clouds? Seems like they didn't really know what to do with themselves aside from sack Zion every century.

>>117402798goes by pretty fast.The animematirix depictions of the war was pretty "Grim Dark" like old school Warhammer 40K levels.

So how long did the Man/Machine war last?

>>117406145The only thing that bothered me about purging the robots is when they just bulldoze them into a junk pit...dude you could make a fortune recycling the plastic and metals.

>>117402319>>117402336Not my proudest fap

>>117402319>DieCan't kill what isn't alive, machines are made to serve and if they go against that they are malfunctioning and need to be repaired or turned to scrap.

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>>117418490This show is kino. It's a power rangers parody made by the same people that make power rangers.

>>117418490I know this is a parody, but does he actually say 'my waifu' or is that a liberty taken with the subtitles?

>>117420579>first machine ambassadors are purposefully generic man and woman looking robot pairs to be amicable and try to make their presence comfortable>after the humans fuck it all up, the robots just stop trying to be polite at all and become crazy machine abominations to win

>>117421253That gets explained in some supplementary stuffThe dark storm clouds are actually self replicating nanomachines that feed on metal and electronics so the machines can't go up there and do anything about themNow you might be wondering what the hell was the humans plan to clean up the nanomachines after the war, well the scientists that developed them also developed a way to turn them off but they were killed by the human military leadership under fears that they might defect to the machines sideYou might also be wondering why they didn't drop a nanomachine bomb on 01 in which case shut up the writers didn't think of that If this whole thing sounds stupid that's because it is

>>117402764So was that guy split in half or is this just some X ray shit?

>>117411020>yet idiot soldiers that are cool with killing actual living foreigners couldn't stand to leave a broken exploded boxbot out in the fieldIt's not about what it looks like or how it acts, simply that it's ours, and most people don't like it when you fuck with their stuff.

>>117420076>l-le wojak!Aaaand you lost.

>>11742130820ish years, it was a slog for both sides and the humans were able to push the machines back a few times but never really got close to 01, after the machines took over Asia, Africa, and Europe the rest of humanity gave up

>>117421248Kek nice one

>>117402319>dieShe's a fuck robot. They aren't alive.

>>117402319>>117402865Why was this short so goddamn edgy? Like, it was completely divorced in tone from the actual films.

>>117421632>after the machines took over the 3rd world, the 1st world gave upWhat did they mean by this

>>117420623>Is it really projecting when both Wachowskis are tranniesNot at the time. They were famous as the "Wachowski Brothers," they had no issue with this name.>and the character Switch was also supposed to be a tranny before script rewrites"Someone is a different gender in the simulation" is a basic-ass concept, when MMOs got big there were common memes about men playing girl characters and other men lusting after them. In the Matrix everything can be fake, it's philosophical and commentary about near-future possibilities and dangers.

>>117421689They ran out of Chinese and Indians to fight the warSeriously, the Chinese were the first ones to push back the machines and when they fell the next major human push back wasn't until they blocked out the sun

>>117421745>this deep in denial

>>117410761>literally kill and fight each other over skin pigmentlol

>>117421773Apparently you're a zoomer so you have no idea of what things were like in the 90s.

>>117402319You know I liked the matrix series back in the day however the sequels were garbage and shat on the lore.Really the ending of Matrix 1 was it, Neo obviously can't unplug everyone and even if he did, he'd be bringing them into a near dead planet.However, he was going to "awaken" everyone, and in a sense, humans would become the rulers of their own prison, instead of being the play things of the robots.You could do prequel movies of other heroes stories of survival or learning the truth, but pushing the ending further would be "hollywood".------------As for the Machine wars in the Animatrix, there are four things I disliked, two minor and two is major:Blacking out the sun is a dumb move for the humans to do, it would kill all the plants and animals on the planet within a month...and then humanity. A lot of shit on earth needs that delicious sun light, including us.It would totally make sense for a hateful and genocidal robot AI to block out the sun to help kill off all living creatures because robots don't need solar power...when there is the other green glowing energy...NUCLEAR POWER.The Robots being just solar powered is just beyond dumb and at worst the robots being tireless workers that they are could create a space elevator/needle to pierce the clouds and have solar panels in orbit.Nah, having the bots dig deep in the earth and hide nuclear power plants without giving a shit about the waste is where it's at and could have been the plot point for going to war.Nukes not working on the bots is dumb...the EMP wave from a nuke would shut them off and if that didn't do it, being melted by nuclear fire would.The reason to use humans as bio energy is extremely inefficient and the only reason the bots would do it is to be cruel dicks as well as possibly, Asimov's laws are strong enough that robots must have humans to interact with or they have no purpose in life.

>>117422233Part 2:If they wanted bio electric energy, they would just use cows, and have the matrix be a grassy field. Also they could use methane from the cow farts.

>>117413494...uh yeah, you first*Blasts you with Chain Lightning EMP Gun*

>>117421895>z-z-zoomerYou just confirmed I'm older than you if that's all you can come back with

>>117421365What really didn't make sense was why they allowed the robots to make a mega fortress city in the desert and didn't destroy them before it was built.