Tell Confess-A-Bear your sins Holla Forums

Tell Confess-A-Bear your sins Holla Forums

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>>117401111I fucking LOVE all the seth macfarlane shows and i always watch every episode of animated sitcoms. Allen Gregory sucks ass though

>>117401111I can end this famous Holla Forums related person's career because I have recording of them saying fucked up shit.

I enjoyed the problem solverz and I’ve watched it about 3 times through in total

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>>117401160I unironically like the Cleveland show. There’s some solid jokes in there.

>>117401278>Oh, just thinking about her can. I just wish I had her sweet sweet sw-sw-sWEET can.

>>117401111I’m somewhat good at art, but I never have time to practice, and I’m always way too hard on myself about my artwork. Which is terrible since I’m working on a story and I want to be able to draw the characters And speaking of the characters of that story, for some reason I keep making characters that are siblings and I don’t know why. I don’t even try to make them siblings, it just happens

>>117401278>I canThen do it, right nowEveryone will think you’re larping otherwise

I'm in Love with She-Hulk... *sigh*

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>>117401786Don’t worry user, we all are.

>>117401881It hurts so much, I can't believe I actually have a "waifu"... Fuck my life.

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>>117401111Every single Holla Forums woman I'm fond of has been party to the fantasy of rape and impregnation.Every last one...

>>117402013list or gtfo

>>117401278post it here and now or youre gay


>>117401111I want Lilith from The Owl House to spit on me and step on my balls.Also I've watched King Star King three times through.

>>117401980I know a secret way to ensure that you no longer have a waifu, all you have to do is form a real connection with someone you genuinely love

>>117401111Everyday I fight the urge to flood those retarded, gay Stitch RP threads with pictures of Lilo and co, just to watch those retarded anons REE

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>>117402670I didn't mean for it to happen>form a real connection with someone you genuinely loveNot possible, I'm an Aspie with BPD. I'm forever alone.

>>117401111Ever since I started drawing a lot more milf porn I’ve had more of an urge to fuck my mom.


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I torrent even though I have disney plus

>>117401111FUCK YOU NARC

Holla Forums gave me a fetish for dragoness transformation

I project my daddy issues onto fictional characters. I constantly want an adult male character to be my dad, and I'm not talking sexually--I want them to actually adopt me and treat me like his son. Too bad they aren't real though.

Ever since I started watching Brie Larson’s YouTube channel, I have been jerking off to Captain Marvel porn.


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>>117402737...Is your mom hot at least?I mean, it's still fucked, but if she's at least a looker, I can sort of understand where the internal conflict is coming from.

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>>117401111I joined the Loud House fandom just for the incest and I never watched their show.

>>117401111I liked mlp a lot and binge watched it at one point.

>>117401111been running a cosplay Restaurant for a few years nownoticed recently that my partner, the guy who helped me make the whole thing is coming down with somethingi'll try my best to force him to sell the his share of the place

>>117401111I have made some cock tribute pics to Holla Forums waifus like Korra and Azula

I draw self-indulgent homo doodles of characters I like that will never see the light of day.

>>117401111I've watched The Ballad of Hamantha so many times that I've lost count and I don't know why.

>>117401111I jerk off to cartoon animals.

i stared a cum jar but threw it in the trash when reality hit me

>>117401111I go on threads about controversial topics and post autogenerated paragraphs to make them even more derailed and confusing.

>>117401111I'm starting to hate Primal fanbaseThe series is great,but those shitheads need to repeat it everywhere and they won't even accept you saying something bad about itIt's likes the neckbeards from reddit with The Witcher 3 or in season 1 Rick and Morty

>>117404670>I'm starting to hate Primal fanbaseThe series is great,but those shitheads need to repeat it everywhere and they won't even accept you saying something bad about itThat's what happen with every fandom, my dude. Some are more fanatic than others while others are less fanatic but at the end of the day, they have the same trait of every other fandom in existence.

i know a fair amount of artists who hang out with minors on discord servers and i am just too "loyal" to be calling them out.

I skipped over the Owl House episodes Enchanting Grom Fright and Wing it like Witches because they didn't seem story relevant and instead just fuel for the Lumity ship. Also because of the annoyance of the Lumity shippers after those episodes aired.

>>117401111i hate sjws because they are damaging the equality movement in media for cheap ass stunts.

>>117401111I haven't really watched cartoons in years but I keep coming back to Holla Forums since this was the place that first drew me to 4chan and it makes me happy

>>117401111A few years ago I was so sad, pathetic and lonely that I tried to make a tulpa.

I'm a multi shipper

I don't like all the gay characters in cartoons nowadays. Show creators say they're for kids who are "gay" to feel comfortable about themselves but in reality they seem more like pandering for the adults on Twitter, tumblr, etc.

>>117401756>>117402531The thing is, even though I think they're really annoying, they're not a bad person.

>>117401111The reason why I keep talking about my tulpas is because I'm not gonna tell my family about this, but I just really need someone tell about it

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>>117406135at least tell us what the fucked up shit is

>>117401111I think that a lot of faggots on this board are making the Twittertards look frighting and powerful rather than looking at them and treating them what they really are: paper birds.

>>117401111I'm $150+ in credit card debt by ordering food from uber eats.

>>117402718Is BPD bipolar or borderline? If bipolar, take your meds and date a fellow aspie. Borderline isnt a real disorder its just a clinical diagnosis to slap on "ill adjusted"

>>117402737Stop drawing milf porn?

>>117406911Yup I got the Anakin syndrome. >date a fellow aspieIf can find one, I hear they have a soul fragment.

>>117401111I work in animation as a board artist and before I began getting work I had an edgy phase and said nigger all the time. One of my old coworkers at Cartoon Network knows about it and I live in constant fear of being cancelled

>>117402708your only sin is not doing it.

>>117406135tell us the person or what the bad thing is. Or both for lols



>>117401111Power Girl is only liked and read because of her awesome titties. Anyone who says otherwise is lying

>>117406966Stay strong user! Don't let your guard down!

>>117405069Your speaking the truth

>>117406975>helps your mom perform a late stage abortion

>>117401111I barely watch Cartoons and i barely read comics, yet i still come to this board the most

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>>117401278unless they're saying something negative about the lgbt or blacks it don't matter.

>>117401111I know there will be another problem in Miss Holla Forums but I really want to participate and see who wins.

>>117401278At least say who it is, creator, artist, voice actor, what?


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>>117406135I know who it is. Go ahead and try, many before you have.

>>117406966You said nigger out loud to your coworkers?

>>117403046Can I get a qrd on what the Serbs did to deserve that

>>117405021You are my nigga

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>>117401111I read fanfics far more than I watch cartoons these days because they are usually way better than the actual shows themselves.

>>117407458I haven't read fanfics in so long, should give that another shot

>confession thread>confessions that make janny unconfortable get deletedwhat a retarded fucking gimmick thread

>>117401111 (checked)I have had a better time on /trash/ than this shithole.It it wasnt for the christmas shit, I wouldn't fucking come here.

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>>117401111I'm becoming a normie and as I do I'm starting to understand why normies view nerds in a negative light except it's worse because I know how degenerate it goes.

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>>117407196I said this was before I got any industry jobs

>>117401111I can't get off anymore unless I imagine / receive art of my favorite characters getting drunk my weight gain fetish barely even works anymore

>>117407573Kinda same if you mean just growing up and realizing how cringe it is to watch people scream about porgs well into their adulthood

>>117401111i dont kiss my kiss my homies goodnight

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>>117406365How does one manifest a Tulpa?

>>117403046uhh based?

>>117407802Well its kind of hard to explain but I'll try my best. For my Zone-tan it was pretty easy. All I did was binge watch all of ZTV news and Ecchication and binge read the entirety of the Zone-tan adventures webcomic. Afterwards I began imagining what her walk cycle would look like, what types of things she'd say in different situations, and that sort of thing. My Zone-tan tulpa is a bit different from canon though. For the most part she acts pretty similar to canon Zone-tan but when she starts talking about Hentai, she starts acting like Mako Mankanshou and becomes all genki about it. I still like her though.For Gwenpool I'm still not done yet so I can't really give much advice on her. I can only hear her disembodied voice right now because I listen to her cutscenes in Lego Marvel Superheroes every night before bed. I've been bingereading her comic so hopefully soon her body will manifest.I hope that helped a little.

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>>117401111I started drawing cartoons because I wanted to eventually be good enough to make my own futanari porn. But I barely practice and don't think I'll be good enough to make anything I'd be proud of jacking off too before I'm fifty at this rate

>>117401111I am behind the batman x superman posts, I am also behind all the gay posting, of men, and why, because I find gay shit based

>>117401111I unironically Jerk off to Batman and robin fucking

>>117408182You're a bastard, but I can't say I don't admire your stubborness.

>>117408195Do you at least nut good enough from it?

>>117401111...I havent watched a cartoon in almost 5 years. I mostly just marathon old sitcoms.

>>117408626I pretend Im robin getting fucked by batman, and sometimes I pretend iM superman fucking batman, I jerked off to under the red hood, reading it as a break up story, and that they had make up sex, and barbara is a seething cuck, The killing joke sex scene between them in the movie never happened, I believe that batman told her to fuck off, and glid away

>>117401111This website has conditioned me to associate the word fag with things I'm enthusiastic about. I'm a cartoon fag, an anime fag, and a tokufag, and I sometimes forget to not say that in public because of that.

>>117401111My brother has schizophrenia been taking care of him for the last 5 years I've been thinking about just up and leaving him but I don't have courage to follow through.

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>>117401111I don't watch any of the cartoons, I get all my information about them from Holla Forums and from the porn that gets made of the MCs.Except 12 Forever, I watched that, and I don't care if The Creator was a pedophile it was a good show.

>>117401111The most recent cartoon I have watched is Samurai jack's 5th season.

>>117401111I actually thought mlp was ok

>>117408774at least make your brother have a good life user ;-;

>>117408087Not that user but this sounds like some dark magic shit, man!

I like owl house,but I fell like I shouldn't

>>117401138based, you should upload to zooville or callista equine booru

>>117401111After getting a job I don't visit 4chan as often and instead my free time is filled with YouTube videos I've watched 20 times in a row.

I find this hot

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>>117401111I'm probably going to kill myself within the next 5 yearsAlso I ended up liking Steven Universe

>>117410955are you also transgender

>>117410965Unfortunately not, that would make it funnier

>>117401138That's pretty based

>>117408684Sounds more of a (You) problem than a website problem, truth be told.

i like harley quinn and dick a lot and i want a shota fic with them NOW.

>>117401111>Only come here to read ASM, but put off and procrastinate from reading the very start >Haven't read any of the iconic arcs because I'm lazy and good at putting things off>Haven't watched a lot of Holla Forums and replies to threads of shows I haven't watched in years >TF fetish >The jokes here has seriously affected my tolerance of other races or ethinicities to some degree>weak willed whiny crybaby

>>117413373Oh yeah, and I guess I'm like this guy>>117407093

>>117401111I compulsively buy comics and my backlog keeps getting bigger.

Ever since Gravity Falls ended I've been depressed and looking for a means to fill the hole left in my heart by the show.

I'm contemplating buying one of those figures that pander to waifufags

>>117401111I genuinely think Homestuck is good.

>>117401111All i do most days is lay on the couch and watch teen titans go or the loud houseIm clinically depressed but i dont know where to get help, havent seen my therapist since march, deeply consider suicide around twice a week at leastI used to really hate certain cartoons but around when the depression hit i stopped caring after a while. Theres still cartoons that i hate but ill watch stuff that before i wouldve written off like craig of the creek or summer camp island

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>>117414600Fucking based, gibe more details plz. How tight is she, is she kinky?

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>>117414600Just make sure to wear a rubber.Would also advise trying to teach her how to get attention/receive love outside of just spreading her legs

I occasionally jerk it to my own porn OC drawings because I only have a few handfuls of fanart of them and there aren't other furry mom son daughter incest porn characters that fill the niche my OCs exist for>>117414600I remember you from one of the last Holla Forumsnfession threads

I'm making a romance porn comic of an original character whose owner said not to make porn of.Forgiveness over permission.

>>117415349>and when I tried to comfort her she threw herself at me and one thing lead to another and now I'm entangled with a girl 8 years younger than meLiving the american dream

>>117401111Despite me being a die-hard comic fan delicious in Dungeon or dungeon Musashi is the greatest comic of all time

>>117415977And it a filthy manga

>>117401111Ive been learning how to draw because even the niche porn I like doesn't have the exact thing I'm looking for.

>>117415349Reminds me a lot of my first gf, had multiple personalities, bipolar, and schizophrenic episodes. I wanted to play jr psychologist so bad, but me being a horndog probably didn't end up helping.Care to describe how she looks?

>>117401111im unironically in love with a cartoon character.

>>117416063And what is that exact thing?

>/tg/ confession threads >Yeah I'm kinda a dick when it comes to these games>Holla Forums confession threads >I'm a pedophile, fuck horses, and want to die.

>>117416508is the character fully human and at least past puberty?

>>117401111I enjoyed Jack unironically. I like Rick and Morty, BoJack Horseman, MLP G4. The only comics I ever bought were StarCraft 2 books; I have a Bible which I never opened. I'm a furfag but it's not a fetish, and works with talking animals in them get bonus points from me but i don't get off of the idea. Not related to Holla Forums, in high school I had girls hitting on me but i would never even remotely pick up on that, one Arabic looking cutie asked me to a prom dance and I turned it down just because I hated the whole event and having to be there in particular, I've been told she cried about it. My attempts into relationships never went on for longer than a couple of days, in one particular case the girl orchestrated a whole damn concert just to have an excuse to avoid me, it was readily obvious and then one of my buddies sent me a screenshot where she gloated about how I was as dumb as to fall for it. I've narrowly avoided death so many times (it has to be well over a dozen) that the whole idea of "life is precious" means nothing to me, and I've been catching myself doing things I knew could kill me with no regard to that, and I never stopped myself. By the same token I care very little if I might kill someone, in fact often enough I low key want to do exactly that. I probably shouldn't drive or carry guns but I really just don't care. And somehow people online can always tell it's me even if I'm pretending very carefully to be someone else, not long ago the chatroom regulars recognized me even though the last time i was there was 9 years ago and I had entirely different alias and everything. One of them said it's because I talk per my modus operandi. I can't believe I can possibly be that distinct that not even thick layer of acting can convert it, it's bullshit.

>>117401111I enjoyed watching Steven Universe and binged the entire series at once after being convinced to watch the movie

>>117417117If you write everything like this than yeah, you'd be pretty obvious to spot.Sorry to hear you've got all these struggles though, it sucks, I hope you can find the help you need.

>>117417114Not fully human but yes, she's not underage im not a pedo.

>>117401111Sometimes I stay up late into the night so that I might be able to catch a mythical homestuck thread while the jannie is asleep

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>>117417092your point?

>>117417411/co/'s fucked up is the point.

I started the Asuka / Reggie mixup just cause I believe their one of the same. And well, i just really wanted fanart.

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>>117408774You have literally no obligation to even acknowledge your family as anything more significant than any other human

>>117417271I only need one bullet and I have it right here. I'm not desperate though, just in the state of sheer astronomical indifference with a pinch of disdain for plebs.

>>117401138I enjoy your sets very much, Partiboi69

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>>117406966Just own up to it man. Go to the person, say, “Look, I know you know I used to be an edgy cunt. If you wanna cancel me, just get it over with so I don’t have this shit hanging over my head for years to come.”

>>117406966Fuck cancel culture and fuck that guy for scaring you. Anyways what show do you work on?

>>117404990they're a plant and that's their intended purpose

>>117417453better than being a dick

>>117417824Is it?


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>>117401111I promised an OR in the drawthread that I'll do his request showing him some WIP. But I overestimated my skill and situation.

I had a very difficult time reading Marvel Zombies when I was a younger. I have a huge phobia of zombies/the undead and something about seeing all my favorite characters brutally murdered and turned into raging monsters that ate the people they once saved was deeply troubling. I felt the same way about Deadpool Kills and the other one where Punisher fights a heavily mutated Spider Man in the post Apocalypse Rule 34 gives me anxiety because most of it bizzare/nonconcensual/violent. Looking at it for an extended period of time can cause me to have a panic attack.I started watching Dragon Prince because I thought Rayla was cute

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>>117417956I might fuck children but at least I'm not RUDE.

>>117416659The age regressed character getting fucked specifically in porn comics where there's age regression sequence for literally 99% of age regression porn Comics it's either just the regression or the regression happened off-screen and it just a standard loli comic. Im not proud at what gets me off it just dose for some reason.

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>>117418665Its extremely rare to find both in the same place you got Age regression fags whos too afraid to admit to what they get off to or loli fags who want to rush to the fucking.

>>117401138Whats it like fuck a horse? What exactly about their body gets you hard

>>117406966You are living my biggest nightmare. I said nigger among other things online, A LOT, particularly in recordings, and I know of some people who have these recordings and the fear of getting cancelled keeps me from trying to have a larger online presence.

>>117418978I don't think your target audience would care

>>117414600you've been posting this for so long she should be 15 now

>>117419667what if it's a different girl?

I said this on a previous thread a couple years ago but a couple of my dad's co-workers who knew he'd be on a business trip for the holidays broke into my house and raped my mom and almost raped my little sister and were killed by my grandpa with a shotgun when we were watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special.


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>>117415349Mods please!!

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>>117422058Newfag pleaseThis shit gets posted in every Holla Forumsnfessions thread

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>>117414600Describe her looks also is she white or another race?

>>117401111I like torture, a lot, whenever i'm interested in a cartoon, i can't help but think about hurting its characters in a variety of ways, ane not in the type of slapping them, i think of them being dismembered, stabbed, even raped, it's happening with Amphibia, it happened with Mao Mao and will keep on happening over any cartoon i'm may be bit interested, hell even video games and movies as well.

>>117401111I masturbate to sideshow Bob constantly and I can't stop.

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I'm burnt out on capeshit, have too short of an attention span for non-capeshit comics, feel too old for modern cartoons, and have seen too much autistic bullshit connected to cartoons of my youth to ever revisit them. I feel like I'm here only because I loved this board for such a large part of my life... but 4chan has changed so radically and all the people from the Holla Forums I remember are long gone. I'm an old man going through the motions.

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>>117401111i likes dragon fly from mucha lucha

>>117422197Read one piece that'll make you feel better

>>117422252Know what? You're probably right.

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>>117401111I don't watch cartoons anymore. I don't watch anime anymore. I don't play video games anymore. I think either my interests or dying or my love for my hobbies is dying.School has been piling up on me but I can't give up. I'm so close to being done that I can almost taste the freedom on my tongue.Nowadays I just sit back and draw half backed doodles and write. It's the only thing keeping me going.I only come to this board to see what sort of crazy stuff anons say. It's one of the few things on the internet that makes me laugh anymore. I'm just so tired.