>Ashi, you have Aku's powers!

>Ashi, you have Aku's powers!

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>cue shapeshifting reverse rape

>the exact moment it all went to shit


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That was such an asspull. Until then all her powers were martial-focused, if they had shown her casting a little magic beforehand, maybe she's unable to control it, it would have been more satisfying. Set up and pay off, basic shit

>>117400069Same with Leia using force powers in The Last Jedi. Just another thing on the laundry list of terrible things wrong with that film. Her pulling herself out of the vacuum of space was the WRONG way to introduce the fact that she had wizard powers. If they had just showed her pulling a cup toward her or something before that, it still would have been silly, but it would have been easier to swallow

>>117400055Yeah, I imagine it goes back to the pacing problem I've heard Genndy wanted 20 episodes, but Mike Lazzo only gave him 10. I don't blame Lazzo, how could he have guessed how popular Samurai Jack season 5 would be. I'm sure Mike Lazzo would go back to give Genndy the 20 episodes, and Genndy wishes he could go back and ask for 30 or 40 episodes so they could negotiate it down to the desired 20 episodes.

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>>117400055Went to shit after the first 3 episodes.

>>117400178How do you think Season 5 would be if it was 20 episodes? Would you still have Ashi fade away or have Aku's powers? Would Ashi's redemption take longer?

>>117400066So why was he depressed if he didn't lose Ashi?

>>117400335He wasn't depressed.


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>>117400236ashi dies early on and the white wolf comes back as Jack's companion for the season

>>117400654Sounds a lot like the plot for Primal.

>>117400178Genndy said "mini series" in the special features when wanting to work on Samurai Jack after HT2.I find wanting 20 episodes to be contradicting.

>>117400654Genndy mainly wanted Jack to find love as he said in the special features so that's rueld out. I imagine with more time he would've fleshed out the relationship. Have more episodes of them being chased around by bounty hunters and bonding. Classic formula but now with a permanent companion. Would've loved that considering how easy Jack fell for Ikra and was attracted to Josephine.

>>117400178Is he in the video game?

>>117400178You are giving Mike Lazzo too much credit, holy shit.

This hack shit is what happens when you hang out too much with Adam Sandler, Genndy.


>>117400106Hey dumbass, that wasn't a reveal. we've known Leia could use the force since fucking 1980.


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When did you realize Battle Through Time is based? youtube.com/watch?v=WeQ_pTKNkwU

You fuckers want this, I know it!

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>>117399864Interesting fact: they redubbed this sequence and everything afterwards in the game.

>>117400055It was way sooner. The moment she became his love interest

>even across time, I will find my way back to youDoki doki.

>>117402044What a pointless endeavor

>>117401991I've beaten Aku on normal difficulty earlier this week, playing to do an NG+ on Master of Masters to get the golden ending.Won't pay for it though, fuck you Genndy.

>>117400236I think so, it's suppose to be a Gurren Lagann reference. Genndy likes anime.

How does this ending make any sense? youtube.com/watch?v=UEXa17ah-S0

>>117402344Split timeline stuff, Aku is dead in the present, and died in the future due to the events of the game. The future timeline is still going, but without Aku, and can finally rebuild.

>>117402447Aku created time pockets of the future between time that are not affected by time. So that is my theory.

>>117400178>20 episodesno. the show was already repetitious enough>time to go back in time>oh no i couldnt

Seeing the start of the final level in BTT made me really wish the second half of the season was Jack getting his sword back and then going around gathering all of his friends and followers to mount an all out war on Aku, hell it made me mad that Sam-Moo-Rhai ended up a barkeep and not a fucking elderly afro samurai

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>>117402588That happened in the comic a while back. It was pretty good, way better than how the show ended. If you haven't read it, do yourself a favor and pick it up. Jack realizes he can't go back to the past, so opts (as king Jack) to gather those he has helped over the whole series and it's awesome. His right hand man is the Scotsman, and they're going to take on Aku. It doesn't show them actually doing it, and I wish it did truth be told.


>>117399864>offspring created using a small droplet of Aku has the same fucking abilities as him in his full glory>not just like, shitty bargain bin versions of his powers, the exact same ones with just as much strength>the High Priestess was never told this fact when raising all of those kids with latent Aku powers at any point during their development thoughThis entire part was just utter dogshit

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Ashi should've stay in the future and have everyone mourn losing Jack when he goes back to the past. Then have a scene of a new future where everyone is bullshitting at a museum where Jack's sword is on display to show him defeating Aku didn't delete anyone, but gave them a good future.

>>117399864did jack save all the sister in the game ?

>>117399864I was expecting Ashi to sacrifice herself by getting absorbed by Aku yet influencing him from the inside to TWOH OPEN A PORTAL IN TIME before he completely digests her. Her randomly having that power was pretty stupid for such an important point in the series, but I guess Genndy thought it was funny.

>>117402016How would Aku react to grandkids

>>117404133He sure tried to. Guess it hammers how lost they were and it'll always be hopeless.

>>117404376As much of an asspull it was that "Oh No" Aku did was fuckin' priceless

>>117399864It was a good ending. Jack's salvation literally came from another one of Aku's schemes.

>>117399864>Immediately shapeshifts herself to be several times thicker.

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>>117401891I always love how only the Spartans have any degree of actual success fighting the mini-Akus and the rest are just cannon fodder

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>>117400335YA FUTURE ERASIN'

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>>117400631>#7 Daughter

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>>117400178Genndy wanted a movie, but kept adding ideas and his co-writer suggested he shoot for another season instead

>>117399864Why did they suddenly turn into Speed Racer characters?

>>117403547I had always assumed that Aku didn’t personally have the ability to send anybody into the past, just the future. So this kinda felt like she had powers even better than Aku’s.

>>117399864where the FUCK is the guardian!?!?1!?!!

>>117406923Aku murdered him and Genndy buried him.

>>117406280>7 daughters

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>>117407473isn't the videogame focused on time travel fuckery?,why not bringing him back,I mean he's the strongest fighter Jack ever fought

>>117399864explains why ashi has a hairy penis

>>117403547I mean yeah, Aku and the darkness he sprang from has been shown as pretty cancerous and will spread and grow. Even then she didn't have those powers until Aku turned them on for her, all she did was regain control of herself.

>>117403547The High Priestess was an abusive batshit insane dingbat. She had no sense of real combat tactics

>>117405160The lead in the beard was the former King's son I presumed. Since his father was old in bed in the ending but who knows how further that took place.

>>117400220This without contest, i liked 4 , but it went downhill fast.

>all of Jack's love interests are Akuhow do you feel about this?

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>>117400069Eh, it kinda had to be a last-minute thing. If it happened earlier, the question on everyone's mind would've been "So why hasn't she considered if time travel is one of her powers?"


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>>117400335 I think he still can't age so he probably lost everyone in his life except Ashie and was just thinking about it for a brief moment.

>>117399864it has been say to death, but only the first 3 episodes were good

How did he get away with this?

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>>117409426The weird part is the sexiest one isn't even the one that's an actual woman.

>>117400335thinking about the future they left behind

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You can tell Genndy's mad too with the whole Primal thing shredding animals to bits at every turn.

>>117409666>>117409534>>117409451When Aku had kids with Blossom, he seemed more than happy to keep them.

>>117399864It's been about 3 years now, and I'm still mad, bros.

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>>117409975>Aku had kids with Blossomw-what?

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>>117409666>digitsGive me back my sides

>>117411031>That drawing she made of Jared Shapiro watching Blossom be fucked by AkuBased.

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>>117409926The proper response would be "But I kept the best one for myself'

So if she's named Ashi because she was covered in Ash...y... what were her sisters even named? Dirtbag, Needsabatharella?

>>117409876Genndy is /ourguy/ despite being a jew.

>>117403135This shit sounds a lot better than what we got but they could still do this given that Aku is still alive

>>117411175>that blossom bros...

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>>117403135>>117412285iirc the comic ending isoverblownit's a glorified cliffhanger

>>117399864this is energy bending level of last minute deus ex machina.

>>117400335reflecting on the damn emotional rollercoaster he just went through.

>featuring Tara Strong as AshiI knew something was going to shit the moment I saw the credits.

>>117401879>wasn't a reveal>had to show Leia being trained in the follow up movie

>>117409838They were the peak episodes definitely. But not the only good episodes.

>>117409926These are great.

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I'm nominating Ashi for ms Holla Forums this year!

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This thread reminds me of a slightly better time

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>>117409975You sure about that?

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>>117414716very nice

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>>117401891Did some madman actually edit the episode?

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I don't understand why so many people hate this. She has Aku's blood, it's not that far of a stretch for her to have some of his powers too.

>>117401891Unbelievably based

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>"So how did you two meet?">"He killed my sisters"

>>117415289There’s a comic like this somewhere but I don’t have it on me

>>117414909her having the powers is not the issue.her discovering that she has the powers AND mastering them in 10 second at a level enough to allow jack to time travel is what people dont like.it was rushed. wouldnt it have been better if episodes were dedicated to ashi discovering her powers and through adventures with jack, mastered enough to send back jack?

>>117414909Presentation. Season 5 established Ashi as an audience surrogate -- a lost soul saved by Jack's actions, who in turn joins him as a traveling companion and helps him regain his purpose in mending a world ravaged by evil...then, at the eleventh hour, her existence is reduced to a plot device as the world and everyone in it was cast aside for a quick, patched-together ending.She is the most important person to have never existed.

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>>117400335what to do next?

>>117409876I like how that's a hook-nosed Jew alien and the refugee alien looks like a Muslim.

>>117416375Can't find this scene on yidtube, did it get deleted by wokejewkikey?

>>117403547I mean, Aku itself was but a drop of a much bigger menace, it could be argued he didnt even know the full extent of his abilities, and those could be manifested in any way,

Was retconning the ending the most based thing Battle Through Time did? Apparently in the original story board, Ashi was always supposed to live in the ending. The God's reviving her as a reward for defeating the ultimate evil that is Aku. Plus it's fitting for Jack and Ashi to be together in the finale scene under the cherry blossom tree because in Episode 5, Jack showed Ashi this very same tree in Aku's future with all of them destroyed but one. Now they are surrounded by them just as Jack told Ashi to originally imagine. youtube.com/watch?v=YBquOzGLPy8

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>>117416402I have the whole season in HD. The alien is literally a criminal banished from his world.

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>>117416600>The God's reviving her as a reward for defeating the ultimate evil that is Aku.I'm shocked this STILL hasn't happened. The Gods fucking owe Jack

>>117416647I've seen it, redpilled as fuck. Been trying to find it on yidtube but it probably got deleted.

>>117416671Yeah, instead Ashi is alive thanks to Aku creating multiple time pockets based on various points of Aku's future between time, but it doesn't affect the main timeline. Multiple versions of Aku's future still exist. One of those Ashi's got killed, but time pockets for Episodes 8, 9, and 10 still exist where Ashi also lived.

>>117416754>Jack wants to reject modernity and go back to a time when tradition was still a thing. The hook-nosed alien was too obvious, then the refugee alien decimates a village of Europeans.

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>>117416600>Was retconning the ending the most based thing Battle Through Time did?A climatic battle with Aku felt nice. Also, more interaction between Jack and his old allies was a wasted opportunity in Season 5.

>>117399864This would be fine if it wasnt ALL of his powers i.e the time travel one>>117400055Pretty much>>117402134Cope

Will Genndy get cancelled for this obvious antisemitism in the near-future?

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>>117417026He's jewish, their tricks won't work on him.

>>117417026they wish.

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>>117417071Will we ever get a Primal and Samurai Jack crossover? Aku's essence is basically already in Primal.

What was Holla Forums's reaction to the final

>>117415705This I can accept, if it was seeded in better I could see the final results being more enjoyable. >>117415935This seems like a whole lot of projecting.

>>117417104Luckily, I saved a screenshot of the catalog on that day.

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>>117401403I know he fucked up, but he didn't have to let Genndy give us Primal either.

>>117417134Got a bigger version

>>117417104>>117417134Basically they hated it. Funniest thread is when someone made a Scotsman roast of Samurai Jack erasing him and all of his friends from existence.

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>>117417104traumatic anal devastation

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>>117417203We need a reaction for Battle Through Time now that Ashi lives.

>>117417167Sadly I don't

>>117400674For my part I'm VERY glad we got Primal as a full product. I don't think the wolf could have been quite as compelling as FangNote that I am VERY biased towards the dinomilf

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>>117417174>>117417203My favorite part of it all was the Rick And Morty fiasco>>117417393That's OK

>>117417472>dinomilfoh fuck here come the scalies

>>117404133>>117404406I havent' seen all off Battle Through Time but I had heard/gained the impression that everything Jack encounters there is just a fabrication of the pocket dimension Aku traps him inWe don't see everyone else from the future go through the portal as well so I don't think they would have been around to be displaced like Jack

You niggas don't know shit. The real goddamn thing that needed to be retconned was Jack losing that DOPE ASS BEARD

>>117417218Its the same picture just insert Jack with her and boom

>>117414666Reminder Jack canonically fucked Ashi since she is his wife. Plus the entirety of Episode 8 is a metaphor for two virgins having sex for the first time.

>>117417524Yeah, that Ashi whom could change immediately if Jack tells her to remember the lady bug dies and later is a corpse puppeteer by Aku but then our Ashi destroys her revealing to be Aku's dust essence or whatever.

>>117417655This scene was pretty creepy. Even this version of Ashi is slightly decomposed.

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>>117417655Or once Ashi gives birth to their child it turns out to be a reincarnated Aku.

>>117409426>>117409893Flatly incorrect, the hottest is A HUNNERD AN FIFTY FEETyoutube.com/watch?v=c9JKT1EliYM>>117414714this one got me good

>>117417623If that isn't enough; majority of her dialogue to Jack in Battle Through Time is lewd.>I don't know how long I can hold it open!>so close!>you have to keep going

>>117417746>Fake Ashi is penetrated by Jack's swordBased

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What's Holla Forums's consensus on Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time?

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I finally updated this after a over a year, maybe I’ll finally finish it this year.

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>>117400066don't care if it was retcon. my boy jack deserved it

>>117402344Aku dumped the entire aborted timeline out of time in one last bid to kill Jack. It failed and that aborted timeline still exists.

>>117417203>>117417218I'll make one, but I'll need material.>>117417714This is a start.

>>117417104>that complete and total meltdown when the original intro started playing

>>117400066Does this mean the bad timeline still exists and now there'll be a time without Aku ruining everything?

>>117418243How far does the archive go and if i can find it what date and time did the episode aired

>>117409975>kids you wanted, asked for and purposely crossed into another timeline to find a vessel forvs.>kids created from your gunk without your consent or knowledge whom you are unaware of until they're already all dead save for one who hates you before meeting you irlgee golly i wonder

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>>117418429Desu or fireden will get you way back, but pictures usuall 404 around 2014 or earlier2017 when this aired will be more than fine

>>117417203Someone needs to edit one of these for all the Primal episodes.

>>117401879No shit dude, but she was never full-on wizard. She was never "amazing death-defying act" powerful.

>>117409434Yeah, that's a good point. I forgot that time manipulation was part of Aku's whole entire thing

>>117419625GOD I've been wishing for that since last october

>>117400178>>117402539Remember mike lazzo is a turbo autist that made some of the worst mistakes in television cartoon history that will come back to bite people (the network) in the ass

>>117399864>Farts fire

>>117417104Row row fight the powah

>>117414682Memes aside this is a kick ass design.

>>117401159It's still a single season so "mini-series" applies to 20 eps

>>117404405>>117409451>>117409666You made me smile today.

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>>117414875Watching early season 1 jack get visibly more pissed and exhausted is pretty depressing since he spends so long in the future

>>117414610>clothesYeah... about that

Why didn't aku send himself back

>>117419664It was a simple Force Pull. Not much resistance in space. Be mad at the actual bad things in the movie.


Shouldn't have let up on the ultra violence of the first three episodes

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