Just realized Dejah Thoris is better written the less clothes she wears...

Just realized Dejah Thoris is better written the less clothes she wears, which include ERB cause she had no clothes then. Are there other characters that follow this rule?

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>>117399810Let's try posting that again

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>>117399803Black Cat. The peak of her character development occurred when she had an extreme plunging neckline, and she was completely covered when she was flanderized into a gang leader.

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>>117400216The two times Scarlet Witch held a leadership role both coincided with the times she wore skimpy, revealing costumes designed for wardrobe malfunctions, while in her modern 'sensible' costume she's not even an Avenger anymore, and is basically retired.

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>>117402450Good call, Perez was a godsend for Wanda

>>117402496She dressed like this the other time."The more cleavage Black Cat shows, the more heroic she is", and "the less Scarlet Witch wears, the more authority she has" are the best Marvel memes Holla Forums has come up with in years.

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>>117402560I will admit that one of the reasons I made the thread was for Wanda and Black Cat to be brought up. But I also just am reading some early Dynamite Dejah Thoris and I am really into this pulp. Dejah has not been written well for a while. Abnett's current run is ok but not as good as Nelson's

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>>117399803In the books, she wears a mini sundress most of the time but would go bare tits when shit going action pack,

>>117402450>>117402560Wanda needs to strip down her uniform again honestly. I want hard-nose leader Wanda back

Should I dump a bunch of Dejah pics?

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>>117402672I've never read any of the Dynamite Mars books. Any good starting point?>>117403025I'd certainly appreciate it.

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>>117403043Will do, A Princess of Mars is very important without it we don't have Superman or Star Wars.

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>>117403083It's a real shame the movie bombed. I didn't think it was altogether terrible really but it was miss marketed badly. Also I think it might have been better animated.

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>>117403125I love the movie, just the marketing was dogshit.

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In my headcanon she's hot pink.

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>>117403173I'd just really like to see true pulp sci fi make a big come back. Remember they even tried to make a Conan around the same time?

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>>1174032202011 Conan got me back hard into the character.I'm a Conan Scholar now...

Has he ever had a good story where he wasn't in technicolor bondage gear?

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>>117403234I should probably give it a rewatch sometime. I haven't even really thought about it since then till just now. Wasn't Aquaman in it?

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Are some John Carter pics okay?

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>>117403248Yes, He does a good job, moves like Conan in the books.

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I really miss true heroic fantasy

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>>117403262You think He-Man took his chest piece?

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>>117403282That's cool. Maybe this weekend. With respect to Arnie he's probably the chief reason people have such a certain mental picture of what Conan is like which isn't really proper Howard.>>117403293There was perhaps more than a passing influence.

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>>117403306Don't get me wrong 82' is a masterpiece, you can watch it with only the music and know what exactly is going on.

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No open world game...

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>>117403334Oh yeah I love, I actually watched it very recently so please don't think I'm complaining. It's not his fault that nobody fucking reads. I just really wish this stuff got more recognition. Though looking at what happened with the glut of cape shit maybe not. But still I really don't want this to be a forgotten relic.

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Like Arkham/Creed with Hulk jumping.

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>>117403043>I've never read any of the Dynamite Mars books. Any good starting point?Just been dipping my foot in and the 2011 Warlord of Mars is pretty good. I also liked the Dejah/Barbarella crossover that was more recent but not quite as good art

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Man I just want to see more alien or fantasy landscapes. Worlds teaming with unknown awe inspiring vistas and creatures.

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>>117399803I have a similar theory about Carol. The longer her hair is the better she is written. Can any CarolFags back me up on this?

>>117403372I get so burnt-out from Capeshit, But for some odd reason Pulps are always evergreen for me.

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>>117403409Because pulp is pure fantasy. It's one of the reasons why Guardians and even Ragnarok were far better movies despite also being cape shit. They were actually willing to go places that weren't goddamn earth. Earth sucks.

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>>117403393Get into Known Space.

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>>117403424>Kitty with a halo gunI got respect for Niven but that art....

>>117403173it was mediocre IMO, the story just didn't have me that engaged. I'd put it on par with the Conan reboot, and that's not a compliment

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>>117403435I'm just in for the kzinti

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>>117403441I may be being generous because I'm that desperate for non cape fantasy

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>>117403404I'm a carolfag and I'd say you are mostly right, Thompson gave her long hair back, Bendis had her with short hair in CWII. But Bendis also had her in CWI soooo...it's not exact.

>>117403441>>117403455youtube.com/watch?v=C7ZeptdPPrUDon't bring down the thread.

Fuck I'd even take more period earth stuff like First Avenger. Got some nice Rocketeer vibes from that. Just take me some place I can never go instead of dropping a bunch of CGI in places I've been.

>>117403471>Bendis also had her in CWINo, that was Millar.

Is the Burroughs stuff public domain? I feel like it's been long enough from Disney to where we could probably try something with that.

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>>117403455have you tried Arawn? It is balls to the wall and more over the top fantasy than you could ever hope for from american comics

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>>117403501Ya, but Bendis continued it, with the stuff about Carol going after the other Spider woman

>>117403516I have not. Mostly been trying to get by on some occasional anime.

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>>117403516it's not quite Slaine the Horned God, but god damn do I love it

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>>117403524My first job was in a movie theater when this movie came out and I quickly grew resentful of Phil Collins.

>>117403548I really need to read more Eurostuff. Though I am tragically english only.


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>>117403559it is translated in Heavy Metal so you can download the translations, but unfortunately you can only get it in print in french I'm learning french but not good enough to read it but fuck it I bought it anyway cause holy god that art

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>>117403624Who has better comics, the French or the Italians? I wanna learn a third language but I don't know which one is a better time investment.


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>>117403673France had Mobius. I don't speak either language myself but you ain't beating that.

Ah! I dunno how to censor words!

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>>117403679Well THAT'S a thing apparently

If you want nothing but pulp naked babes, Quadrant is the best it gets. There is fantasy and sci fi and the girls always strip because even a thong is too restrictive. The art is amazing too

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>>117403694I found Conan ones too!

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>>117403673if you learn either you are ok cause most BD is printed in both languages. But for the world investment, what will get you further...probably french


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>>117403748>>117403753DEATH TO MING!

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>>117403702I hope I don't get banned for this, but this is the type of comic you get with Quadrant

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>>117403762His daughter though....

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>>117403764I'm glad other countries don't have the stick up there ass.

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>>117403790It's a real crying shame Bruce Campbell is all old and shit.

I have been thinking about getting the Dejah Thoris art books with all the cover art, which includes the nudes. I am not sure the price it worth it, but I love Jusko art

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>>117403624>>117403548>>117403516So what's the basic story here? Can you give me a quick sales pitch?

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>>117403838man what I wouldn't give for an adaptation to commit to her proper attire. Or more hopefully her lack there of. I've suggest Japan take a crack at doing the series before. They wouldn't skimp on the sexy. Though it probably wouldn't be moe enough.

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It's hot on Mars.

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>>117403811woman has 4 sons who end up going to war with each other. It starts with small battles but they all end up with nations that they end up warring at each other with. There is more to it but that is the basic

>>11740390580s Japanese fantasy art was pretty rad

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>>117403846OP is that version, unless you mean something else

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>>117403929They're naked in the books.

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>>117403929He probably means a movie or tv show.

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>>117399803Why don't jannies autodelete this thread?I don't really have any problems with it. But still it makes me wonder. If this, basically softcore porn is allowed.Then why do I get banned for a month, for posting a fully clothed Sandy Cheeks. From Spongebob Squarepants. A currently running cartoon. With the accusation that it's "furry porn"?

being half-naked in all that sand must chafe something awful

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>>117404065>I don't really have any problems with it.Then shut up and fuck off and stop being a bitch you furr fag fuck.

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From a Classic Space opera Magazine

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>>117404075I'm not a furry, but thanks for the hostility. I just want an answer. If Sandy isn't allowed to be posted. Then shouldn't we ban the rest of the female cartoon animals out there?

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Last one.

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>>117404065>cartoonfag with degeneracy doesn't understand the craftmanship of comics.I really wish the boards were separated.

>>117404144I wish we had a pulp board.

>>117404113>Furry poster mad at being bannedall is right with the universe. go to /aco/ and destroy that place more

>>117404158I mean /tg/ usually eats this shit up and we do have /lit/ which I've never really bothered to hang around on. But a dedicated pulp board would be all kinds of rad. Though it always begs the question how do you define "pulp" because sooner rather than later someone's gonna pitch a storm to be let in.

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Loved Lynn Collins in the movie.

>>117404144>I really wish the boards were separated.Friend, I've been saying the same thing for years. Nothing would make me happier than being able to actually talk without having to sort through a million cartoon fag fetishes. Fucking /aco/ wasn't up a weak before it became worse than /d/. I have no idea what's wrong with cartoon fags.

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>>117404175Pulp fiction refers to a genre of racy, action-based stories published in cheaply printed magazines from around 1900 to the 1950s, mostly in the United States.Pulp fiction gets its name from the paper it was printed on. Magazines featuring such stories were typically published using cheap, ragged-edged paper made from wood pulp. These magazines were sometimes called pulps.Pulp fiction created a breeding ground for new and exciting genres. Though the heyday of pulp fiction magazines has passed, their eye-catching covers and dramatic, fast-paced, and simple stories have left behind a legacy that can be seen in today’s movies, TV, books, and comics featuring action heroes and over-the-top villains

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>>117404175What is Pulp?Proto-Superhero?

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>>117404209What he said.

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>>117404220In one sense I suppose.

>>117404205I tried at the start to make actual adult comics a thing on /aco/ but they got no traction, it was just a duplicate /d/ board, you can't do Heavy Metal or the like on /aco/ cause it was taken over by /d/

I wonder if we'll ever see a western animated show in this style again. Would be amazing.

>>117404312Without pretending they were all of high quality it really does seem like it's been a long time since we got a real adventure cartoon that didn't have a, for want of a better term, overly "cartoony" aesthetic.

>>117404312Johnny Quest by one who Loves pulp/Adventures Stripsyoutube.com/watch?v=9kBDpI9bc7A

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>>117404345youtube.com/watch?v=HT3cl4GJIDsThere was a time they even gave Conan a cartoon. Twice. It was cleaned up for TV and the kiddies but this theme screams fantasy adventure. Not LOL IM SO WACKY ADVENTURE! 8=O

>>117404312>>117404331>>117404363Captain Scarlet youtube.com/watch?v=-2_ApL9OZKs

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>>117404363>>117404312>>117404331New Captain Scarlet CGI Cartoonyoutube.com/watch?v=j9ZlMmOf6K0

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>came to thread for scantily clad ladies and pulp>all discussion is just whining about anything that isn't pulpSad thread tbqh

>>117404386Good ol puppetry youtube.com/watch?v=XD-9NZsYCQwEven Japan got in on the action. For a more modern Oriental flavor check out Thunderbolt Fantasy. Shit's wild.

>>117404408It's a pretty chill thread.

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How about some Sonja?

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>>117404412youtube.com/watch?v=TtBHWlosYCA. Puppets are great fun Time also models and Suitmation

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>>117404432Steel isn't strong, boy, flesh is stronger!… What is steel compared to the hand that wields it? Look at the strength in your body, the desire in your heart, I gave you this!” ... To answer the riddle, Conan must see that while steel will grow brittle and the flesh will age, it is will and conviction that prevail.

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>>117404450*Anvil of Crom starts playing*

Attached: conan_by_snakebitartstudio_d7vh3j8-fullview.jpg (1024x1583, 407.71K)

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>>117404473DOOM! DOOM!youtube.com/watch?v=rkeoqVP4N9g

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I need to read more Bran Mak Morn.

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Bran is a TROOPER.

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>>117404510Solomon Kane is Great Pulpyoutube.com/watch?v=FlnnTO_JxkE

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>>117404541Kane is something I've always had every intention of reading but just never did and I can't say why. I even read Kull.

Also speaking of Kull remember when he got a movie starting TV's Kevin Sorbo. And this was like 97 so they weren't even chasing a fad. They thought it was a good idea.

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Dynamic and Pulp Art

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>>117404616I got one of Ross's DC art books. Would love to get more. Especially some non cape stuff.

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>>117403220Always wanted to get into conan and I'm reading the Roy Thomas Savage Sword of Conan run and it's greatI miss pulpy stuff.

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>>117399803Goku? The less clothes he has at the end of the fight, the better the story was.

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>>117404751Based Mario.

>>117404564I thought Kull was the anscestor of Conan?

>>117404746Check out the Darkhorse Stuff by Kurt busiek it’s good stuff that issue 0 is a great Final issue on Conan Mortal Life

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>>117404759Fuck off.

>>117404769That's if they're at all really related at all. I forget if they actually are even connected. At any rate it's all just marketing bullshit.

Classic proto Heroes Unite

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>>117404847You know with the comics industry collapsing in on itself it might be high time non cape books make a come book. Oh who am I kidding as long as they keep whoring out movies nothing will change.youtube.com/watch?v=LKoKET6fTjk

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>>117404864A Parody of the intro of defender slightly funny youtube.com/watch?v=UNYyJX-qws0

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>>117399810Top right has the best milkers, therefore is the best one

>>117403289You shouldn’t. Toxic masculinity is bad.

>>117405057You're a pussy.

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>>117404759>cell saga was peak DB>Goku's clothes (and Goku) were completely atomized at the end of itYou know what, I'll buy it.

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>>117399803>ERBWhat's that?

>>117405127>What's that?READ A FUCKING BOOK!

>>117405187Look up the series we're fucking talking about, retard.

>>117405198You’re Sure a basketful full of spite and Lack of conformation on the Topic Bub

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>>117405127>>117405133>>117405187>>117405198 Edgar Rice Burroughs

>>117404510Are you by any chance, evading bans?

>>117403702thank you based user.

>>117404162>. go to /aco/ and destroy that place moreBut what if I stay here? Specifically in this thread?

>>117405198What was that?

>>117403202>headcanonWhat kind of a sissy-ass FAGGOT WUSS are you? Using words like that? Shut the fuck up you whiny little gayboy. Go back to having tea parties you pathetic fucking excuse for a guy.



>>117404829I think the idea is that he is one of Conans ancient ancestors, and also potentially a past life of Conan.

>>117404864Gail Simone had a good thread on twitter the other day talking about how Dc should publish more than just superheroes and go into their catolauge of like adventure and fantasy characters

>>117406371>good thread on twitter

>the best part of LOEG II is the mars scens that blend John Carter, Gullivar Jones, CS Lewis, and the Martians from HG Wells among others>Moore shits out a horrible ending to the series and then retires>LOEG Mars series never ever

Attached: leagueofextraordinarygentlemen2a.jpg (400x291, 176.76K)

>>117399803Correct me if IM wrong, but doesn’t she go around completely nude in Burroughs original novel?

>>117404864it is actually fun how they seemed to throw a bunch of random characters they had the rights to together

>>117399803Lara Croft

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>>117403537The English market will never get a tenth of the saga. That anime covers the first 5 volumes of the series. There are over 100.It was funny listening to the VAs utterly stop giving a shit, as they realized the project wasn't going anywhere.

Thanks for posting this amazing art.

>>117408246What's this?

>>117408889lmgtfy.com/?q=lara croft wonder woman

>>117409256Quite unsurprisingly there are way more results. Just spill the beans.

>>117403125The movie is OK, and Dejah Thoris was perfect cast.

You do own your very own Dejah right, user?

Attached: dejah-thoris_sideshow-originals_gallery_5d28e565a5148.jpg (1458x1000, 236.64K)

>>117404302To be fair to /aco/, that's entirely the result of shitty policy on the other boards, including this one.

>>117404564>weren't even chasing a fadHercules and Xena were pretty big at the time and had spawned a bunch of knockoffs.

>>117409283>>117409549It's a unoffical piece of art from the artist Stjepan Sejic. He has a few more pages of Lara and Diana togehther but there isn't an actual cohesive comic book about it as far as I know. Try googling lara croft wonder woman stjepan sejic. That yields some results. Or you could check out his twitter twitter.com/stjepansejic?lang=en or deviantart accounts deviantart.com/nebezial/galleryhttps://www.deviantart.com/shiniez

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>Ctrl+F Gamora>0 resultsPost-MCU Gamora is trash.

>>117410363>stjepan sejicCheers user.

>>117403404>I have a similar theory about Carol. The longer her hair is the better she is written.You could argue that the less she wears, the more likeable she is, but it's inconsistent, she wore this during Civil War.

Attached: msmarvel1.jpg (1821x2800, 377.01K)

>>117411491True, but her entire run during that era was about her coming to terms with her flaws and failures as a person.

>>117402672>I will admit that one of the reasons I made the thread was for Wanda and Black Cat to be brought up.Good work, user, we need to make these memes so well-known that Marvel artists are aware of them.>But I also just am reading some early Dynamite Dejah Thoris and I am really into this pulp.Is it best to start with the Warlord of Mars book, or with her solo book?

Attached: 1553483635473.jpg (600x849, 293.85K)

Finished binging through most of the Dejah Thoris comics. Kind of hit or miss. The one from the OP was alright but the fat martian felt like a self insert of someone who really wanted to waifu Dejah Thoris.

Attached: RCO020_1464089668.jpg (1042x1600, 296.19K)

>>117403004>Wanda needs to strip down her uniform again honestly.She can go further, and embrace her rightful authority over the universe, nature and the elements.>I want hard-nose leader Wanda backWant her to be reluctant and embarrassed by the things she has to wear to get people to pay attention to her and do what she tells them, but keep getting into situations where it's important and necessary.

Attached: RCO004_1468726955.jpg (1041x1600, 534.53K)

>>117412135>like a self insert of someone who really wanted to waifu Dejah Thoris.He pretty much was. Which is why it takes place before John Carter comes along and why he dies in the end.

Attached: RCO041_1464090078.jpg (1043x1600, 421.92K)

>>117399803Jeeze, I would hate to be the one guy with the beer keg gut on the planet of the 6 pack nudists.

>>117405490And this is why we can't have nice things.

>>117412997It's not really "headcannon" when it's just your basic imagination.

Dejah Thoris and the Green Men of Mars was a bit edgy. When I think of Dejah Thoris I usually don't think of rape, cannibalism and torture.

Attached: RCO004_1480495489.jpg (1600x1230, 375.29K)

>>117413140>quadruple amputee fetishist makes a comic

>>117412901Yeah, but you'd be rolling in chub chasers.

>>117403506>Is the Burroughs stuff public domain?Internationally. In the United States, his estate owns a shitload of trademarks like "John Carter" and "Tarzan". Dynamite Comics (which loves to use public domain stuff) got sued by the Burroughs Estate over trademarks before they eventually settled and became their "official" comic publisher.

>>117413140No idea why I have a boner for those legless girls but I do

>>117413699You're a sicko

>>117413699probably the dump truck asses

>>117413140That comic was made by someone with very obvious ryona fetish.

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>>117399803The less clothes she wears, the more powerful and evil she is?

Attached: d8jmfrj-a3004d42-ad8b-4c52-b83e-b75f87e391b9.jpg (900x1272, 1.14M)

>>117415116>The less clothes she wears, the more powerful and evil she is?I wish this trope was used more often.

Attached: RCO018_1582367206.jpg (988x1500, 357.57K)

>>117415576Is she actually wearing anything?

>>117416413Darkness. Literally.

Attached: RCO019_1582367206.jpg (988x1500, 409.25K)

>>117415576>Draw her naked and let the colorist sort it out

>>117402672I've read all of the Edgar Rice Burroughs Princess Of Mars books after reading all of the original Tarzan stuff a few years ago but never looked to far into the comics. Are they like the books, or are they sort of an expanded universe, or their own thing?

>>117402731Pretty sure in the books the most anyone would ever wear would be sheathes for swords and other weapons with some jewelry and other fancy things when in a fancy setting. Considering Burroughs other big character he created was the almost exclusively naked Tarzan I'm thinking he had a thing for nudity. Fun books all the same.

Jean Grey of Atlantis was like Marvel were influenced by Dejah Thoris and by The Little Mermaid, which was recent at the time. Unfortunately it only lasted for one issue.

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>>117416701Pretty much everyone wanted to be a statuesque hero back in the day. Now everyone is a whiny little faggot who needs their heroes to be just like them as a way to justify their own awkwardness.

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Attached: 1587329262196.jpg (420x600, 55.03K)

>>117412763Time for her to change to a costume like this

Attached: henry-yu-scarlet-witch-wallpaper-b-small.jpg (1024x724, 250.16K)

>>117419158Or like this

Attached: Scarlet Witch Original Art by MC Wyman.jpg (451x600, 64.04K)

>>117419180Then reaching her final form

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Attached: d62lsdk-045c2ce5-cde7-416d-aca6-c28998d510a0.jpg (900x1386, 1.13M)


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Attached: Quick-Commission-Jean-Grey-by-johnbecaro-jean-grey-40131587-1280-2032.jpg (1280x2032, 727.46K)


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>>117419523>>117419643>>117419745>>117419870>>117419971That's a lot of fan art of a costume that she only wore once.>>117420222The Jean thread yesterday discussed how she needs a new role, away from the X-Men. That role must be the queen of the sea.

>>117420630>That's a lot of fan art of a costume that she only wore once.It's like Rogue's Savage Land outfit, it's sexy, Jean used it only once and it's the sexiest thing she's ever used.>The Jean thread yesterday discussed how she needs a new role, away from the X-Men. That role must be the queen of the seaAnd married to whom? With Namor it is impossible for various reasons.Attuma?, is a villain.But I do agree that she would be a good queen of the sea.

Attached: jean_grey_by_dlimaart_d7dvdnj-fullview.jpg (1024x1500, 152.48K)

>>117420873She's a powerful telepath with a connection to a cosmic space bird that can eat stars, she can fuck around the ocean doing whatever she wants and no one can tell her otherwise.

>>117404864I remember that guy. He protected gay parade from fictional Polish nazis.

>>117399803You know. I miss when guys were almost naked all the time. When did that stop happening?

>>117420873>it's sexy, Jean used it only once and it's the sexiest thing she's ever used.These versions where the shells are much too small make it even better>And married to whom?She can work that out after she takes the throne. Maybe Triton, because X-Men fans still angry about Inhumans would lose their minds.

>>117420873Please say there's cosplay of this

>>117417516One of my favorite things about the Tarzan and Princess of Mars books was how unapologetically masculine their protagonists were and their physiques definitely matched that. They were like the olden idols of legend like Hercules and the like that were meant to inspire men to be like them. Honestly wish I could find more books like them.

Attached: tarzan buscema 2.jpg (1600x1070, 378.95K)

>>117421625Well that's what fantasy used to be all about. We were reading stories about heroic men and woman going on adventures. That demands a certain physic.

Attached: race gun.gif (500x381, 926.07K)

I don't know, guys. I just have a hard time getting my head wrapped around how people have even managed to make fantasy boring. "It's not relatable. It's not realistic." Where did imagination go? We used to dream about being heroes, now we can't get past page 1 if the heroes not already literally me.

Attached: 1587351395749.jpg (1106x1539, 389.14K)

>>117421764>if the heroes not already literally me.That's why John Carter is the only good isekai.

>>117421806That's the crazy part though. Even Isekai anime used to be a million times better. Used to be you'd take some people from our world, drop them in the strange world and give them a quest. Save a princess, stop an evil empire, destroy an unstoppable death ray. Some goal or quest were the normal people had to struggle, fight and grow as humans with actual emotions and arc that left them changed. Now it's just copy pasted reincarnation, track suit wearing gamer NEETs who get cheat powers from literal gods and everything in the world somehow resembles a video game or is loaded with Japanese shit even if it doesn't make sense. And it's all just an excuse to justify their NEETness not do a real stranger in a strange land story.

Attached: Magic Knight Rayearth Ep20 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.20_[2019.10.25_21.01.32].jpg (960x720, 126.72K)

This thread has inspired me anons. What are some good comics in the vein of this thread? I've heard good things about Roy Thomas's Conan comics from the 70s. Ideally stuff that's easy to find or buy.Think I'm going to rewatch the 1982 Conan to start off Labor Day weekend.

>>117421874They did become MMOs instead of just YA fiction.

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Yeah we should have more pulp threads, this was nice.

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>>117403043Current Dejah isnt too bad.

The movie wasn't even bad. It did a great job telling a story that has been copied, parodied, and plagiarized so much.

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Wasn't there a Solomon Kane movie at one point?


Attached: 26230840_2359070407452624_2572054530295283794_n.jpg (828x960, 487.48K)

Attached: dark_horse_reh_slipcase_rough_by_paulrenaud-d5sndjc.jpg (800x568, 268.52K)

Attached: Screenshot_2020-09-03 Ghita of Alizarr Issue #1 - Read Ghita of Alizarr Issue #1 comic online in high quality.jpg (1511x648, 488.72K)

Attached: red_sonja__queen_of_the_frozen_wastes_by_bellechere_d4ibiix-fullview.jpg (900x1200, 249.16K)

>>117413140Clearly you aren't familiar with Issus and the First Born.

>>117403121The classic 'interrupted blowjob' pose.

>>117422611Yep. The books can get pretty edgy too. But they're still great fun.

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>>117403548"I know it's better than working in the fields, but lounging around all day on this hard stone floor is honestly really uncomfortable. Could we have some cushions, great leader?""No."