How can people not tell that Superman is Clark Kent? He doesn't even try to hide his face with a mask...

How can people not tell that Superman is Clark Kent? He doesn't even try to hide his face with a mask. He just takes off his glasses.

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>>117399488That doesn't make any sense. If he took off his glasses, how would he see?

>>117399488And changes his hair, and his posture and his body language and how he talks and everything not physical

>>117399488Because people don't believe Superman has an alter ego. They think he's some godlike alien who lives at the north pole, and can't fathom the idea that he'd want to pretend to be like us. Besides even if they did, you try describing Superman. He's the most generic white bread looking motherfucker around.

>>117399488Do you also think Zooey Deschanel and Katy Perry are the same person too?

>>117399604They're not?

>>117399488How many people do you think know who Clark Kent is? Nobody cares. They see Superman they think Superman. Guys not hiding his face so obviously Superman is just Superman. People see what they want to see.

>>117399585>Because people don't believe Superman has an alter ego. They think he's some godlike alien who lives at the north pole, and can't fathom the idea that he'd want to pretend to be like us.I like to think of it as, imagine a major movie star took a job at your workplace or enrolled at your school to research for a role, say Brad Pitt. He dresses down, but he's still Brad Pitt. Would you think "Hey, Brad Pitt is working in the next cubicle" or "The new guy in accounting kind of looks like Brad Pitt"? You'd never expect a movie star to be right there next to you. Now instead of a movie star, it's basically a god, so it's even more unthinkable.

How could Clark Kent be superman, he's not even black.

>>117399585Tom cruise did exactly that once and no one caught on

>>117399582In the older comics, he actually used to change his face by super squeezing the muscles in his face or some shit.

>>117399801There's also the legend of Terrence Malick.>In early 2000, during an interview with Le Monde[18] to announce his new production facility in London[19], Poilâne asserted that he had unwittingly employed Malick as an apprentice baker between the years of 1984 to 1992 under the pseudonym of Antoine de Tournesol. When asked during the initial interview why de Tournesol wanted to work for him, Poilâne recalled his only response to be; "Our minds are like dough, our hearts like flame." De Tournesol was a model employee, according to Poilâne, and in his exit interview, the reason given for leaving the company was "hearing yet again the drums [of war.]" Poilâne proceeded to laugh the experience off, stating he was "fond of Antoine's war movie," though he "didn't care for the pacing."[20]

>>117399488Anon, there's thousands of celebrity lookalikes.

>>117399488Why would Superman be Clark Kent?


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>>117400011Silly user, everyone knows Batman is Superman

The curl...

>>117400036>Truth can wayWhat did he mean by this? Did Ed Cation make that?

People see Clark Kent as a soft marshmallow of a man and Bruce Wayne as a rich CEO. They both seem like the last people to devote their lives to helping people and putting themselves in danger. The images of Batman and Superman seem almost inhuman and distant by comparison.

just look around you !

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>>117399488Its the hair part

>>117399995to be fair, Terrence Malik isn't exactly as recognizable a face as Tom Cruise, and he did kind of fall off the face of the Earth after Days of Heaven

>>117399488>hey Clark kind of looks like Superman>that's neat

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>>117401904It really is weird that he made two great movies then just vanished for 20 years, then out of nowhere he came back and kept making great movies.

>>117399488It's simple. Villains know who he is. Think about it as long as Clark Kent is in the public eye he cant be Supes. If someone blows the whistle what's to stop Clark from going full Superman and just spend a week taking out all the world's crime without having to worry about writing stories for the paper or even just keeping up appearances as a mild mannered reporter in general.

>>117400021And even then there are cases of the actual celebrities losing to the lookalikes in a lookalike contest.Dolly Parton lost to drag queens.

>>117401995Why doesn't he just do that in the first place?

>>117401840Out of context is funny

>>117399488They just assume he looks like Superman. I mean doppelgangers exist even in our world

>>117402111There's this guy called Joseph Rosendo who does travel shows and I think he looks EXACTLY like Bill Murray. His voice is completely different though.

>>117402145you got a weird idea of what Bill Murray looks like

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>>117402145Yeah, exactly. >Hey Clark you look a lot like Superman!>Yes haha, I get that a lot

>>117402031Cause he was raised as a normal human for the beginning of his life. Usually his powers emerge around puberty so up until then he was for all he knew human, It was his normal. besides if he went public every two bit villain could find his elderly parents hostage. Wouldn't mind condiment king kidnapping them as leverage to make Supes fight Batman.

>>117402237So, logically speaking, once Clark's parents pass away there would be nothing stopping him from going hog wild and wiping out all the villains, right? Has there ever been a story told like that?

>>117402285well once Clark's parents die, he usually already has Lois and Jimmy to think of as well.

>>117399488Why would a God work at an office?Just be a living God 24/7 and drop into international party cities in your downtime.

>>117399488>He doesn't even try to hide his face with a maskExactly. Superman doesn't hide his face so why do you think he has a secret identity?

>>117399488I like to imagine that everyone knows Clark Kent is Superman, but never bring it up as it would ruin the fun.

>>117402334He probably doesn’t want a rich and lavish lifestyle as it would probably turn him into a villain. The only reason Batman is rich is because he inherited the money from his dead parents.

>>117399488Lack of presence.

>>117402637And he lives like an obnoxious playboy instead of donating his money to noble charities. I get using the money for Batman technology since he's the only one that can fight the supervillains out there. But I don't get using it to be a pompous ass.

>>117402653he does both

Didn't Carvile do this once by walking around town and nobody realized who he was as well?

>people in the synderverse are forced to believe that big hulking nigga in the corner isn't the Man of Steel>that the dude who looks like he could flex and rip out of his suit at any moment couldn't possibly be a superhero because he has on glassesAlright OP I'm a DChad and even I can't explain this.

>>117402756he walked around Times Square with a poster of him up on one of the screens and no one recognized him

>>117402770He doesn't even change his posture or voice or anything as Clark Kent. Cavill was truly poor casting.

>>117399488This is how.

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>>117402785it's not like he spends all that much time as Clark Kent in the movies

>>117399550Doesn't he have super vission? They probably don't even have lenses, just regular glass...

>>117402802Wow. They put a lot more work into explaining that than I would have expected. And not a single poster in this thread mentioned this until you. What's up with that?

>>117402889because super-hypnotism is both a) retarded and b) no longer canon by like two reboots

>>117399488>How can people not tell that Superman is Clark Kent?>Superman never wears gloves, leaves hand- and fingerprints everywhere>somehow no one has ever fingerprinted ClarkEven Joe Kelly's "I ruin photos by vibrating" thing is less troublesome than this glaring one

>>117399550I wonder if he actually has poor eyesight, he does squint a whole lot in the earlier comics

>>117399488OP take your meds. Superman is not Clark Kent. They look nothing alike and act completely different.

>>117402909Yeah but it is an actual explanation put forth by the comics. Besides, Pre-Crisis Superman was known for being incredibly powerful.

>>117402928I appreciate this post

>>117399995The key here is that this kid from Ottawa, Illinois somehow managed a French accent good enough to fool a native for eight years.

>>117402917Why would they? You only need fingerprinting if you've been arrested. I don't think I've ever been fingerprinted.

I always felt like the more they tried to explain it the dumber it got. They can't tell because that's normal. Glasses and a hair cut really do change a lot and Clark isn't exactly a famous guy. Maybe well respected in his field but nobody's gonna put 2 and 2 because nobody's gonna think too.

>>117402963>You only need fingerprinting if you've been arrestedOr you work in any job requiring clearance. Even school teachers have to do this.

>>117402928>he does squint a whole lot in the earlier comics>when contact lenses are invented I'm going to come back and kick your ass

>>117402948there are several actual explanations put forth by the comics. Clark slouches, speaks differently, acts differently, wears ill-fitted suits to hide his body, etc.

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>>117399488>nerd paparazzi is Superchadlmao nice headcanon>>117402031You get Injustice

>>117402637Batman is a tax evading kike

>>117403013He looks actually fat in this one, what's going on here? Like he has a double chin.

Reminder that when Christopher Reeves was playing Superman, he'd frequent a diner near the studio wearing whatever he was using for the day's shot. When he went as Superman, with his clear face and bright outfit, people would pile up on him and ask for autographs. When he went as Clark Kent, people didn't realize he was Christopher Reeves.If it sounds dumb, but it works, it's not dumb.

>>117403050Quitely just drew him differently to exaggerate the difference between Clark and Superman

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>>117403064I was actually just looking at that video of the transition in the movie that makes the rounds every now and then

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>>117399801>>117399995>>117402957>>117401904Reminds me of how when Scarlett Johannsson was filming Under the Skin, all she had to do was put on a fake British accent and nobody recognized her. I guess if you act like nothing's out of the ordinary people will be like "No way is that actually her just driving around in a random van."

>>117402802>This is how.A great explanation for a mild-mannered newspaper reporterExcept that at the time he was a television news anchor for WGBS where the television signal wouldn't work that way

>>117403433Super-hypnotism, I ain't gotta explain shit


>>117399545we can go deeper

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>>117403081>"we keep a spare">Nice, ah, DISGUISE, Superman>proceeds to feed him an excuseBy this point in the story even fucking Jimmy knows.

>>117403484I'm pretty sure Jimmy and Lois are the ONLY ones who know at that point. Even Superman-powered Lex is like "lol no fuckin' way"

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I'm convinced Luthor is too proud to consider his overpowered nemesis just want to live as a common man......or to admit he needs glasses himself.

>>117403519The one thing I want more than anything is one of Morrison's Superman books rewritten where everyone speaks with Morrison's Glaswegian dialect.

>>117403564>Can ye balieve 'e walked smilin' intae custoday

>>117403519>>117403541You deleted your post because you presumably noticed the origin of the falling object but I don't understand what it is that fell, how it fell, and how it ended so far from the thing it fell from, which confusingly says "PLANET TO FINGER LUTHOR" (????).

>>117403698none of that is particularly relevant to the story, also read All-Star Superman, user

>>117403560Surely at least Lex Luthor would be able to figure it out.

>>117404370>my greatest foe is actually this bumbling idiot? That's impossible, no one with his power would CHOOSE to live as a mundane human. It must be a trick, somehow. Curse you, Superman!

>>117404389Yeah but Lex is a genius. He would understand that it's just a disguise so that people don't suspect him.

>>117404403he's a genius, but always lets his ego overcome his intelligence. HE wouldn't choose to live as an ordinary human if he had Superman's powers, so it's absurd to think anyone else would, since he is the smartest man on Earth who is objectively correct about everything.

If you're not looking for it chances are you're not gonna find it.Unless you're obsessively looking for Superman on every person's face then you're probably not gonna notice. Also he changes his posture and body language so much to appear much more meek that when you look at him you're not even gonna wonder if he kinda looks like Superman.

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>>117404436Doesn't he actually get some good investigative journalism done while in his Clark Kent persona? Hard to believe that he accomplishes that while acting meekly.

>>117399691Nah, I would totally recognize Brad Pitt, you should go with C-list actors

>>117401937I wouldn't recognize top right and bottom middle

>>117404465unless you're into sensationalism, you can do investigative journalism while being low profile (it probably works better that way).

>>117404618you probably wouldn't recognize any of those women if you saw them on the street with minimal makeup and regular hair.

>>117402653 >donating his money to noble charitiesI think he does, he's just playing the role of a rich asshole to conceal his identity

>>117404403There was a issue about this back in the 90s, a minor subplot over the previous few issues was the machine Luthor had was doing what we would now call datatrawling to find Superman's identity, and when it came up as Clark Kent he fired the researcher because he couldn't imagine Superman being so humble.

>>117402785If they really wanted to get Cavill to be Superman they should have Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno'd it. Just get some smaller guy to be Clark and Cavill to be Superman.

>>117399691Exactly, my hot dog guy kinda looks like robert de niro, sometimes people say it, and tell him "hey, you look like de niro", even if he looked just like him people would believe Robert de niro sells hot dogs, same with Clark, a lot of people will think he kinda looks like Superman, but no one will believe superman works as a journalist.

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>>117402770>>people in the synderverse are forced to believe that big hulking nigga in the corner isn't the Man of Steel>>117402785>>117405862>>117402820He does in the ultimate cut. But is irrelevant, yes cavill is too pretty, but it doesn't matter. Video extremely In a big city people would believe Cavill is a cringe guy trying to look like Superman

>>117399488If some old lady who lived next door really looked like Elizabeth II, would you think Elizabeth II is your neighbour or would you think that your neighbour looks like Elizabeth II?

>>117399488something i've always wondered about superman, has nobody ever just accidently fallen onto him? you'd think someone getting completely winded from a mild bump would arouse suspicison

Why doesn't Superman wear gloves? He can leave fingerprints in concrete.

>>117399488for me, In the 1970s film, when he is clark kent, his eyes look like they are brown, but when he is superman, his eyes look blue, plus he has that ugly ass face as kent, but superman he looks like a chadt. worlds finest fan

>>117404722>>117404421that's a cop out though

>>117408123Isn't that a little full of yourself to call yourself the "worlds finest"?

>>117408202Worlds finest implies I enjoy batman and superman as friends

>>117403168Hell, Marilyn fucking Monroe could pull it off.

>getting a good look at Superman

>>117408157It's not a cop out, it's literally one of Luthor's defining features, dudes got an ego the size of the planet. Just because you're really smart doesn't mean you can't be stupid sometimes. Luthor's a genius, but he's not as smart as he thinks he is, and he has blind spots just like everybody else.

>>117404465It's mild-mannered


These scenes kinda seem to explain it, Clark is interviewing Luthor. His posture is slouching, he stutters and speaks softly. He appears to all as a shy guy who keeps his head down. Even Luthor takes pity on him, calling him a hard working individual who most people would be glad to have, but is nonthing with Superman.Compare it to Superman in the opening scene.'s assertive, confident, speaks loudly, and very take control, completely opposite to anyhing we see in Kent.Posture and Personality make more of a difference then you may guess, and its why so many people can't comprehend that Clark kent and Superman are one in the same. It just appears to be a passing resemblence for most.


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>>117410904Is that an actual exercise people do, running on the treadmill while carrying weights?

>>117410904Try this one, courtesy of Christopher Reeve.> switch from Clark Kent to Superman, and then back again.

>>117402637Batman is also rich because his money just compounds by now. He's like all the billionaires around with so much money that even if they actually tried, they literally are not able to spend everything. Buffet, Bezos, Gates, they put it into philanthropy instead, and they're still obscenely rich.Past a certain point, it doesn't matter what they do, the interest just keeps paying out. The actual wealth is simply a way for them to keep score.

>>117411152I saw a video using grains of rice to represent 100,000 dollars just to show how much a single billion dollars is and man it is an insane amount of money. With his money Bruce can do so much more for the world than he's ever done as Batman.

>>117411092Its possible, and technically you are saving time by doing two exercises at once, but it dosen't serve any actual purpose besides doing those two things and practicing focus. If ya mess up you can hurt yourself pretty hard.>>117411106This one is also a great live action scene. You can see in the posture when he changes persona.

>>117410904He looks like he has greasy hair

>>117411106Reeve is

>>117411191Well, at least it makes more sense than Batman hitting a tire with a hammer. No idea what that was about.

>>117411782that's a real endurance/strength training exercise

>>117411782It's a real thing. But you can blame snyder for confusing fat

>>117404588Tom Cruise once spent a day delivering mail and no one recognized him because he was wearing a fucking baseball cap.

>>117412877Why was he just delivering mail? Just for the hell of it?

>>117413409he was preparing for a role

>>117413438I cannot think of any Tom Cruise roles where that would have been relevant.

>>117413921it was for Collateral, I believe. The point was to be nondescript.

>>117413989Ah. Well in that case it worked out because he did an amazing job in that movie.

>>117412877>>117413409>>117404588> had an entire conversation without revealing himself. If Tom Cruise can do it, so can Clark Kent.

>>117415017What if Tom Cruise IS Superman and we don't know?

>>117399488>Skillful presentation of body language and posturing >Manipulation of self-confidence >Expert control of facial expression Like, I could keep going, but please do your own research and either succeed or screw up

>>117399545>>117403456So Superman is wearing makeup?

>>117399488Imagine working at Burger King and having a coworker that looks exactly like Donald Trump. Would you believe that it actually IS Donald Trump, working at Burger King for some weird reason? No, you'd assume your coworker just happens to look like him.Besides, people know who Superman is. He's this imposing, stern, godlike being who lives in the arctic. Clark Kent is this awkward bumbling doofus who wears glasses and slouches all the time.

>>117415898>Superman>ImposingOpinion discardedEven a villain shouldn’t feel threatened by the Last Son of Krypton. However.. he gets pushed. To frightening levels. >What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way? >”How does it feel to watch your dreams DIE!?!”>For The Man Who Has Everything >”Burn.”

>>117415898>imposing, stern, godlike beingWhy do super fags always project their daddy issues onto the character

>>117415898They -think- they know who Superman is. Ever watch Superman vs. The Elite? The whole story (and the comic it is founded on) is about Superman’s patience and compassion being entirely disregarded, taken for granted, and then the antagonists have a nervous breakdown when he gives the appearance they ask for - without actually becoming murderous or hateful.

>>117399585>Pretend to be an Earthling You really don’t into Superman be do

>>117416437Superman can absolutely be imposing when he has to. It's just not his usual setting, which is friendly/kind/compassionate. He gets more "disappointed" than "stern" too.

>>117416863True, but to characterize him as "this imposing, stern, godlike being" is... well, it's about as dumb as I'd expect from the kind of person who felt it necessary to hamfist Trump into a discussion of Superman, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

>>117399550He doesn't need glasses, they're fake lenses that he initially got to help prevent his heat vision from fucking random shit up in high school as his powers showed up. IIRC Pa Clark made them from some glass from the space craft he arrived in. No bullshit, he'd get uncontrollable eye beams when he'd become aroused.

>>117417241*Pa Kent fuck

>>117399488the best way i heard it explained was something like thisif you go to mcdonalds and see a janitor looking exactly like Barack Obama, and you hear his boss screaming at him and calling him eric you won't think, holy shit Obama is a secret fast food janitoryou'd just think "wow, that's kinda neat" and go on with your day

>>117417241>No bullshit, he'd get uncontrollable eye beams when he'd become aroused.Couldn't that literally kill someone inadvertently? Did that happen?

>>117416437I am relieved to see that he did not use as much punctuation as you thought.

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>>117417640No, he almost lit his school on fire tho

>>117399488>Implying Clark doesn't break the bones in his face and rearrange them to look different as he changes back and forth

There are millions of people in Metropolis. People usually interact with Superman for just a couple of minutes before he flies away. Clark is just a reporter. So for the vast mass of people they wouldn't even think about relating one to another. That would work before the age of smartphone cameras and internet. Imagine, we could have whole forums were people would submit pics of people they think looks like Superman, and eventually someone would Clark's photo. Bang, someone would do some math and start posting that Clark Kent is/totally looks like Superman Also Louis is dumb as fuck. She is likely the civilian who got rescued by him most. How she couldn't do the math by herself early on?

>>117403597I'm thinking DIALECT, not just accentLuthor spitting incomprehensible insults, Suiperment trying to return the cuss whilst Jimmeh Olsin makes wee Hughie look weedy

>>117403698"Daily Planet to finger Luthor" i.e. publish damaging evidence and yes that's why I deleted it

>>117412877Pitt's features are a lot more distinct than Cruise's. Cruise has a professional impersonator who's about 50% matching the voice and mannerisms and 50% general resemblance. And yes, they've met and hit it off. Hilariously Evan has to wear shades or contacts because he has baby blue

>>117420432because she also interacted with Clark the most, and the two couldn't be more different

>>117416720Hey jackass, learn to read. Clark Kent is the real man, but people don't understand that he wants to be normal

it functions as a way to convey to the reader that he's in disguise without actually making it difficult to tell that it's the character if it was your first time reading or hearing about it. not everything in a story is exactly literal

Why wouldn't anyone believe he was Superman when he constantly hangs around Metropolis and even the Daily Globe itself? Is it just way too obvious to believe?

>>117418750I admit my ignorance. This is a case of someone quoting a movie but referencing the book the quote was from. Is a person their mistakes Oh God my life has led to this

>>117409543it's still a cop out

>>117420904>it's not how I would do thingsno one cares

>>117420685>the Daily Globeplease leave now

>>117420962*Planet, brain fart, whatever.

>>117402981He's a fucking journalist, I doubt they do the whole job clearance thing.


>>117412877>>117415017To be entirely fair you can also see he's got a beard here which Tom Cruise never has in the movies so it's not quite accurate to say he just put on a hat and that's it.

>>117421294depends on what he's covering

>>117404465When Byrne wrote him he didn't act as clumsy and was a known journalist who wrote a book and a couple of known articles.It's honestly how I like Clark Kent when it comes to the reporter angle more than the traditional mild-mannered clumsy oaf. As Clark Kent he was always a pretty competent reporter and when he was younger an adventurer but I guess that stuff defeats the whole mild-mannered aspect.

>>117403024Good, taxes are theft

>>117403081Someone should post that image of Jim Gordon going "Batman! Why are you disguised as Bruce Wayne?"


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>why couldn't anyone tell the difference between Arthur Fleck and Joker?

>>117422193This is so stupid that I actually got reminded comics are for kids and retards

>>117422241just gotta vibe with it, my man

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Even in Alan Moore's watchmen would you really suspect that bum with the end is nigh sign would be the bone breaking rorshach? Literally 2 people knew before he was arrested. Jon and fucking Rorshach. Now imagine that but instead of a psycho vigilante it's a benevolent superhuman and instead of a hobo it's a geeky klutz

>>117422346I dunno, I only watched the movie and they didn't show Rorschach's face at all until he got arrested. Apparently Snyder is a hack.

>>117422377He was walking around. He's the dude with the sign that walks through Comedian's blood and he shows up at the funeral and he walks past the diner that Night Owl and Silk spectre are eating at. They don't focus on him except for at the funeral because he's meant to be some random guy that just happens to be reoccuring like the newspaper owner.

>>117411190Hes constantly investing his money into improving Gotham.

>>117422377you should read Watchmen, user