Infinity Train

What's your wildest theory?

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The train hit a guy on the tracks lmao

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There are no fat people on the train.

>>117397627>train specifically to help you sort out mental issuesit seems like there would be a lot of fatties. whether they stay fat varies

>>117397447>The Numberless PassengerIs it this guy?

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>>117397447>Every denizen is personalized Kek, also probably true

>>117397447>Tulip is AdministratorIs that why One-One treats her better than everyone else? Hell he went against his programing in the turtle car didn't he?

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Denizens solve puzzles?

There probably are Denizens created personally for passengers, but there also certain Denizens that are more aware and have more function than other DenizensCat and mirror world Denizens are aware they are on the train, and that passengers are the ones who "Matter" They are aware of Passengers, and know of the inner workings and purpose of the train. They have lives, purposes and motivationRandall Tuba and the Kick me Toad are aware of the Train and it's rules, but accept it as their reality. They are content living on the train and don't question their purpose. They have thoughts and emotions but probably only so most passengers don't spiral like the Apex did and believe that Denizens are worthless(like how its easy to just mow down citizens in skyrim or GTA)Atticus, Most other denizens we've seen, Alan Dracula? are probably NPC Denizens. Denizens meant to fill cars, they aren't meant to leave their cars, and probably most of them don't even notice or remember passengers. Most probably do the smae exact thing every single day

>>117397447>the glacier is Randal

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>>117397813>>117397627You two probably want to reprogram the train to fatten up the galz, ya fatfags.

>>117397447The wasteland is Bill Cipher's old dimension and backyard.

Jesse was already on the train getting his memories recorded when Tulip entered the mirror car, and Lake was created as Jesse's personalized companion.However Amelia was still in charge, so Lake was made too independent, and sent out into the mirror car Where Tulip was.She was meant to reflect Jesse, a more punk version of him that became a full bully to help him determine what he did wrong, but instead was placed with Tulip, a Nerd, and hated it, forcing her independence.

>>117397447I was the guy pushing the Governmental Cover Up theory a while back.It fits

>>117398573Nah, I just like the idea of the train just hating fatties.

>>117397447The train was built to prevent some devistating future event by correcting (or eliminating if necessary) the humans that would cause it.

>>117398651Wouldn't that create a paradox? If the bad future never happens they have no reason to build the train

>>117398718Don't say that, One-One will have a fit.

>>117398759But if the bad future is prevented, the train is never built, so the bad future occurs, so they build the train to prevent it, but if the bad future is prevented, the train is never built, so the bad future occurs, so they build the train to prevent it, but if the bad future is prevented, the train is never built, so the bad future occurs, so they build the train to prevent it, but if the bad future is prevented, the train is never built, so the bad future occurs, so they build the train to prevent it, but if the bad future is prevented, the train is never built, so the bad future occurs, so they build the train to prevent it, but if the bad future is prevented, the train is never built, so the bad future occurs, so they build the train to prevent it, but if the bad future is prevented, the train is never built, so the bad future occurs, so they build the train to prevent it, but if the bad future is prevented, the train is never built, so the bad future occurs, so they build the train to prevent-BOOOOOOOOOM!~

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>Most cars have no restrooms.

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>>117398854If you don't think Tulip would just pop out of the train than you're mistaken.

>>117398718>>117398814>Assuming that the process of building the train does not cause the devastating future

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>>117397447The train is purgatory for denizens (humans who have died and judged to fall into purgatory and not necessarily humans who died on the train). If you help enough passengers fix their problems and leave the train, you may be reviewed by God's impartial judge (One-One) to be let into heaven. >The closer you were to heaven, the more anthropomorphic your denizen form is. >The more people you fix, the more gifts you are given to fix more people. >It's possible to devolve into a less anthropomorphic or even lose physical being if you mess up for too long. >The Cat started out on a low rung, but has found a way to seemingly cheat the purgatory rewards system and is as close to human as a cat can be>Most nonverbal and passive denizens were unbaptized infants and toddlers initially.

>>117398890Oh god.....what if the train DID cause the bad future?What if kidnapping all these people and seperating them from their families for months at a time and making proving that it actually happened SOMEHOW caused some people to become bitter and paranoid? Who could have seen that coming?I guess...I guess it's the end of the line for the train. We gotta save the future.....although, if w destroy the train, the future is fine, so we have no reason to destroy it, so.....

>>117398894Like the Gregory House?

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>>117398611That would mean that Jesse fell in love with a female version of his bully side placed in the body of a nerd

>>117398039was it on the other hand?

>>117399929No, numbers go on the right hand.There has been no left handed numbers seen in the show

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>>117397447>Randall can self replicate with no apparent limiting factor. Therefore there is an infinite amount of theorhetical randall. however the train is also theorhetically infinite. so as the train expands infinitely so does randall into that space.>The train is stationary, the world moves around it. >One-One made a dial up noise in crystal car suggesting he and many of the other machines on the train use acoustic computers or similar sound based data transfer. Amelia and Alrick were versed in phone hacking with whistles which is why Amelia was able to figure out how to hack and control the train so easily.>the train can't be a simulation because the memory download is a physical process. >mirror world doesn't exist. Every single Sliver had the exact same personality as MT and every single instance of chrome car plays out the exact same way, necessitating the need for fleks. Passenger memories being something the train already has access to. >its actually impossible for a null to refuse help to passenger unless helping another passenger>One-One and other train crew aren't holographic sapient Nulls but simply machines with ai. One-One himself working like a chat bot, every single opinion and idea One-One has is based off some one else's input. Hence one-one has no idea what an actual train in is, only seeing it for what Tulip used a train for. If you were alone with one-one for an extended period of time you could Tay ai the fuck out of him. >cars reset after all foreign elements leave, as proven by Hey, Ho, Whoa car. Bugle never existed and was just backstory for Tuba that stayed around because a foreign element (hazel) stayed in the car. >the only way for nulls to keep their memories and not reset is to stay out of their original cars and become foreign elements.

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>Tulip built the TrainYou mean a future Tulip?

>>117397447The train final destination is Silent Hill.

>>117397447/sci/guy here, I had some time to kill at the lab today so I thought it'd be interesting to see if you could come up with a simplified statistical model of The Train's survivability rate and gain some insight as too whether it's doing more harm than good.Define L as the lethal experience rate (odds that an experience on a car will lead to passenger death).Define P as the positive experience rate (odds that a passenger has an experience that reduces their number).Define N as the passenger's starting number.Define C as the number of cars a passenger visits.Define R as the amount that a passenger's number is reduced by in response to a positive experience.Assume the passenger sample size is sufficiently large that the average survivability, , is a function of averages , , and .Furthermore, assume = X, where X is some fraction.We can intuit the average number of cars a passenger visits before getting their number down to zero, then, is: = /(P) = 1/(P X)In which case the survivability rate of the train is: = (1 - L)^ = (1 - L)^(1/(P X))Which, since it's generalized, is easy enough to plug some values in to see possible rates. Suppose, on average, 0.1% of cars are lethal, 5% yield a positive experience, and you knock off about 10% of your number each time. That would imply a survivability rate of 81.86%, with the average passenger having to visit 200 cars to get off.

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>>117400040What if it puts the number on your dominant hand so you're more likely to keep noticing it?

>>117397447the only purpose of the train is self-perpetuation, everyone it abducts will directly or indirectly affect part of the train's creation (ex. maybe a descendant of Tulip's programs One's AI). The purpose of all the therapy shit is to ensure that the person acts the way history says they're supposed to in order for events to eventually play out in the right way to ensure the train is created.

Can one-one feel empathy?

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>>117397447Why chose such a terrible and hard to read font?


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The reason Samantha didn't go back for Simon is because passengers that die just get physically replaced with a clone of the original to retry without any memories. It wouldn't be much of a learning process if you don't get a chance to try again. She was willing to give him up for dead and let him get refabricated, she didn't expect him to survive, and to resent her for it.In fact, that's Season 4, 10 year old Simon and the Cat, and at first we assume it's the past, but up until episode five we get hints not everything is right until Simon and the Cat encounter an older Grace, still unable to let Simon go and stuck on the train, all the Apex kids gone home.

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>>117400620neat>>117400974because schizos are incapable of making anything legible or coherent

>>117400941No he’s a robot

>>117397447Watching scenes from Infinity Train just makes me want an animated adaptation of Roadside Picnic/Mosfilm's Stalker. They have similar vibes but Infinity Train feels less sincere about the ways people behave and interact, how their motivations are developed. The Simon thing seems too hamfisted to have been a satisfying ending; I think creators have trouble leaving things ambiguous in this day and age. I recognize I'm asking for more philosophical meat in a children's cartoon, but I think there might be an audience for a more emotionally and thematically complex story.

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You think the apex tortured and murdered her after burning the Italy car?

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>>117397447Aw, I was hoping my theory from the other thread would be on there but I guess it was disproven by the author. I was thinking that passengers that die actually go back to the point where they were taken in the real world.

>>117398303She was studying programming. What if she actually does create the train in the future?>>117398854I missed the Tulip peeposting.

>>117402248Yep. They took all of the wine and breadsticks too. >>117402320Imagine a character bypassing 1-1 and finding a way into the Engineer's quarters and then sees Tulip turn around in a business chair doing a slow clap.

>>117400356Season 2 with Jesse and MT was the best seasonProve Me Wrong


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>>117402248Probably plucked her petals one by one.

>>117401289Fuck nen you just came up with something better than Owen will ever do and he can't even use it because it's in here, is obscure and as much as I love it, it is also predictable as fucking Pink Diamond

>>117401680Should an unemphatic machine be in charge of a system designed to be empathetic towards human emotional issues?

>>117401289>the Cat encounter an older Grace, still unable to let Simon goShow Samantha and Grace both working together to help him get his number down and they both watch him leave.

>>117397447The creator originally wanted IT to be about purgatory, but toned it down for a kids show.

My theory is that the denizens aren’t just fancy npcs and that they’re people, same as the passengers. Please don’t argue this post I need this belief to be happy

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>>117403923denizen as in denizen of hell.

>>117404929nulls aren't people

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>>117404929they don't have to be NPCs or peoplethey can be sentient inter-dimensional aliens with similar intelligence and emotions as Earth mammals believe this shit got cut

>>117405044I think the latter still counts them for personhood

>>117404972I want to fuck Simon.

>>117405100You lost your chance Grace. Should've given him that handy before he tried to murder you

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>>117404929I will subscribe to this theory until I die, I don't care if season 4 tries to prove me wrong

>>117397447Passagner emotions are a power source.

>>117398611Messed up if true.

>>117400332>>One-One and other train crew aren't holographic sapient Nulls but simply machines with ai. One-One himself working like a chat bot, every single opinion and idea One-One has is based off some one else's input. Hence one-one has no idea what an actual train in is, only seeing it for what Tulip used a train for. If you were alone with one-one for an extended period of time you could Tay ai the fuck out of him.>The equivalent of a mindless chatbot with demiurge like power is in charge of giving therapy to peopleThis explains so much

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>>117400620That’s actually pretty cool.>>117405169The train is literally powered by emotional catharsis

>>117397447>Simon is going to be recycled as a Denizen>Mirror World is not another dimension>The creator of the train is from Earth in a distant past

>>117398632>listen up trainmonkeys, nothin makes the howlin mad conductor MORE mad than fatties!

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>>117402416>Yep. They took all of the wine and breadsticks too.THOSE BASTARDS!

>>117397447I believe if Simon does turn into a denizen he'll become an evil force of nature and the biggest threat to the train

>>117407337Nigga was just a confused kid, not some elemental evil

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A funny one from a few days ago jokes about how pic related is the mastermind behind the train

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>>117407440That's how they start, they can't choose what they get reincarnated as

>>117398854just piss off the side of the train ya prude

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how long was amelia in charge? the train uses cultural references when designing cars, probably taking them directly from the memories of passengers. what would be the earliest she could have been in charge, given that some of the earliest cultural references in the train includes godzilla and the flintstones car.

>>117400503no dude, haven't you ever seen Baby Genuises? it's like that.

>>117407440I just realized that Simon went full grunge because it is the opposite of his childhood Christopher Robin look

>>117400356I still feel bad for those guys. How many denizens do you think got absolutely merced by The Apex?

>>117407753She entered the car in her mid-20s to early 30s and she looks >60 at Season 1, so she's probably in charge for around 30 years.

>>117407799By now? Several thousands at least considering there seem to be about 30 to 40 kids who need 2 to 3 meals a day and ever growing caloric needs since they're still growing. I predict they raid three to four cars per week to sustain themselves.

>>117407753IIRC they say like 30-35 years

>>117400332>cars reset after all foreign elements leaveNah. The Theater Car in season 3 is singing a play about empathy that Jessie taught them earlier. Jessie even tries to use the song when dealing with the Family Tree Car.


>>117408245also the frog car used to have water in it and the turtle car had corgis.

What is the car aging process like? Owen stated in the AMA that all cars are eventually recycled after a certain amount of time. Damage caused by passenger doesn't affect this process either. Is there like a huge furnace in the caboose that takes care of these aged out trains? Owen made no mention of what occurs to the denizens inside them.

The train saves people before they die like being out in snow or thinking about klling them self from the sadness. but the tade off is the train copys your mind to add to it self and trys to see if it can fix you. so becameing evil is true freedom from the train

>>117408535Don't ask him what he does with his characters for all he cares they all die horribly the second we don't see them on screen

>>117408698>The train saves people before they dieI don't think that's true unless you're indicating that 10 years old Grace was suicidal and Jesse was suicidal. Neither one of those two were in danger at all. WoG states that the train picks people up who are at a crossroads in life. I think that since the train is purely working on probability, it picks up people who have a 50/50 chance of going down the right path or wrong path. It only picks up people who have a chance at getting better, but only if the individual works to get better.

>>117408794This is canon, you have to accept it

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>>117408961Has anyone edited Lake looking at the lake while Tulip dies in a fiery explosion on said body of water.

>>117409005I want to see a pic of Lake standing on a dying earth as the sun consumes the sky

isn't infinite train like a trope or something? like this show is based on something of a similar concept right? or am i going through some colliding universe mandella bullshit

When a ghom sucks a passenger's soul, they manage to resurrect themselves into the denizen they once were which is why we briefly the ghom that sucked Simon forming a distinct appearance before poofing away.

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>>117400620> 81.86% survival rate> 200 carsThe infinity train doesn't sound all that bad.

>>117408961>>117409065what the fuck

>>117400620Those are some pretty generous estimates

-Randall is all the water-humans are 60% waterMy theory: If you live on the train long enough you become 60% Randall, a more eye catching wording of the theory is: >Amelia is 60% Randall

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>>117405117if someone gets pregnant on the train and gives birth, then gets their number to 0, can the kid come with them ?

>>117409933This is unknown. It's possible that the kid will never get a number and may never get off the train, but I think this would cause a MT/Jesse situation where the mother's problem is the train itself, forcing One-One to make a snap decision.

>>117409102I can see it. Not only karma for Simon "Wheel-All-The-Nulls" Laurent, but also Ghom!Atticus seemed to retain some of his personality while trying to suck out Tulip's soul, causing him to hesitate.

>>117400620>Suppose, on average, 0.1% of cars are lethal1/1000?how many cars have we seen yet in the show?50 ish?i can recall more than one that was lethal

>>117409066there was an adventure time episode with an infinite train but not much else

>>117403923>>117404939>another hell themed showhonestly the train settings is more original and interesting imo

>>117406560Fuck you I laughed.

>>117409662That's deeply unsettling, good shit.

>>117412666The idea even scares Satan. >>117409662Now consider if passengers are 60% Randal, this means that they bring Randal to the real world outside the train when they depart. Our rivers and oceans are now Randal too.

>>117412779It's always been Randal.

>>117412833>It's always been Randal.needs 1-1 and Tulip in the astronaut meme

>>117409316As other have said (>>117409430 , >>117411438) I made some pretty generous estimates.What's more - since C goes is inversely proportional to P and X, and change in either significantly changes it, and since S goes like the power of C it's exponentially more sensitive. Reduce *either* P or X by half, and you double the expected number of cars to 400 and the survivability rate drops to 67%. Halve both and it's an average of 800 cars and survivability drops to 44.9%. Keep both fixed, but increase L to 1-in-100 and the average cars drops back to 200, but survivability drops to 13.4% Etc.Simply put, we have no idea what "typical" rates for those numbers are. Tulip spends 5 months on The Train, Jesse spends a couple of weeks on it, but we have no way of confirming how many cars either of them actually goes through before getting their numbers down to zero, what percent of them resulted in reductions, or even how long a typical amount of time to complete a car is... we've seen some that can be blitzed through in seconds, while cars like The Lucky Cat Car could keep someone stuck for months. It's all just best guesses for now, but at least it gives us a *broad* sense of what a random/arbitrary passenger's odds are going to be if we make some assumptions about those numbers.We can also flip it around and gauge what it would take for a passenger's odds of survival to stay above a certain rate. Take S to be fixed at whatever odds you're comfortable with and solve the relationship between the other variables.Ex. Suppose you find yourself on The Train, and after going through your first hundred cars, you note that four resulted in experiences that got your number down, and you've decreased it by about 10% since you started, you can make a rough estimate that P ~ 0.04 and X ~ 0.025. Based on that you can estimate you probably have around 900 cars to go, and as long as as less than ~1-in-1400 cars are lethal your odds of surviving are better than 50/50

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>>117412833It's just Randal all the way down.

>>117406560Murphy would make a fitting conductor.

>>117414161That's why the world governments' policy is to ignore/conceal anything concerning the train. How are you going to realistically do anything when Randal is in every living thing and the train is the boss of Randal?

>>117397447Whenever the toad is kicked, it's car doors open, even if it isnt in said car. This means that Terrance taking the carnival job keeps his car functioning and how the flecs escape.

>>117414776Which makes The Toad Car even weirder now - it's just an empty room you get locked in until the doors randomly open long enough for you to get out. It could be a hours or days, you have no idea, and if it happens while you're asleep, or not paying attention you have no idea when the next time it opens could be.That's terrifying.

Ladies and Gentlemen May i request the s3 mega?

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>>117416126search old threads


>>117414687>sparks, I had that dream again>"with tulip?">no, this time it was a metal girl and her mailbox head boyfriend

>>117416505Wouldn’t be the first time they took a sex slave back home

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>>117416651Do-don't do that to lucy user

>>117416651>she lost an eye from a grappling hookPretty fucking heavy. Imagine how fucked that situation must have been.

>>117417096The train is a fucked up place. The kids are probably trained to be emergency medics by necessity.

>>117416651the lamp or the girl?

>>117417594Who looks more like the victim. The beaten and scared spotlight being shoved onto the ground or the happy looking girl doing the shoving.

>>117417096It was actually a harpoon

>>117417836yeah they say that but it looks like its just a magnet (it would have to be a fucking crazy strong magnet to hold humans who are rapidly accelerating but thats the kind of thing cartoons ignore).


>>117417986The train would have strong magnets. Either in one of the cars or as part of the train itself.

Just finished marathoning the last two seasons. Both were pretty good except for Simon's death. Fucker should have been wheeled by his own hubris for maximum pottery, the roach dog came out of fucking nowhere and was an unsatisfying and thematically dissonant way to go.

>>117397447If the Mirror-World only exists for Passengers, how come Tulip's reflection is still gone in the real world?

>>117400040What if a passenger has no right hand?

>>117403923That actually makes sense. I've always thought the train was a form of purgatory.

>>117398413Well the ones that travel from car to car like The Cat probably had to at points

>>117401680YOU TAKE THAT BACK!

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>>117419288>the roach dog came out of fucking nowhereActually it didn't. The ghom is a thematically sound ending if you pay attention. You see him have PTSD over the stuffed ghom in the Cat Chalet Car. His fear of the ghom is akin to his fear of deception, abandonment, and wanting to always be in control. Simon doesn't ever try to address these fears in the show or change his behavior though having had several chances to do so and his denial of the truth is the reason all of his fears have come back to bite him in the end. In the end, everything he tried his hardest to avoid happening---getting ghomed, being alone---ended up happening.

Is S03E09 and E10 not out yet? can't find any torrent for it.

>>117398039That was the guy Lake hitched a ride with. He was on his way to the car that gives out numbers.

>>117420218It's out, I watched it on thewatchcartoononline

>>117419288eh, they had the roach dogs in all seasons so it made sense for us to see what they did eventually

>>117420218there alread a link in this thread but take this one, it was subtitles for all the

>>117411472>>117409066there was also a rick & morty bit about one too. isn't there an old book with like the exact same concept as this show?

>>117401289>Season 4Nah, there's no way it does well enough especially with how slow HBO Max is catching on. This show is as good as done.

>>117422558i dont have any hard data but it seems popular. certainly made a splash here and from what i can tell reddit and twitter are at least aware of it. the cartoon network logo is still on it so its been speculated that they'll re-air it. owen lies.

>>117422558Don't believe Owen's lies - S4 is already in production.