Legend Quest is an underrated gem

What's your opinion about it? I rarely see people talk about it on the internet

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>>117396899Also the character design is top tier compared to the movies

>>117396899It's a fun series, but I wish they didn't do a world-hopping adventure immediately. There's a lot of neat Mexican and South American folklore they could've worked with before doing other countries'. Also, making season two into an awkward reboot of the first season was a terrible decision. Apparently it was a Netflix mandate because of the time gap between seasons, but they didn't do that with The Hollow.

>>117396899We talked about the first season. The change from there was a bit too much.

>>117396899the two years of hiatus and the change of designs in season 2 killed the hype

>>117399922I didn't mind the design changes that. It was the complete history reboot that did it for me.

>>117396899Good show, i hope we get a new season

Marce is cute, CUTE!

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>>117397713I think they had world hoping adventures to distinguish itself from the movie series, which takes place entirely in Mexico. >>117404159As long as it is a continuation of the first season instead of another hype killing reboot.

Even the awkward season 2 reboot was still solid.

>>117405841>>117406258Im fine with a second season or a continuation of Masters of Myth

>>117406258I stil want to see Diego's new adventures as Spiritman

>>117397713Personally I like the angle of travelling around the world. It's a very kiddie setting, adventuring on a wide world full of wonders.About the reboot, this is a show made by tacos and despite all their progressive bullshit, Netflix is still an American company so they consider tacos should feel already grateful for airing their show

>>117396899Two years hiatus, change in desing and a complete reboot of what happened in seaso 1 or should I say show one because one show had nothing to do with the other?That killed it.

>Absolutely kino first season>years long gap>second season is a subpar reboot

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>>117396899The only good thing of the show is the porn of Teodora and Marcela.

>>117396899You mssed out man, Holla Forums loved the show when it first aired.And righfully imho, the first season was pretty interesting and made me acyually worried for the characters, wich is saying something for a cartoon.Sadly haven't even finished the second season, it wasn't that bad but the fact it's a reboot made it underwelming to me

>>117396899Man, just remembering how good the first season was, and the several great threads too, makes me feel bad about how... bland the reboot is.

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I imagine the third season is gonna be another reboot but this time worse than what we got

>>117409028Maybe they will make Teodora x Marcela canon


>>117402178I really disliked the new style, it looks like mlp or some other little kid's show

>>117409061Leo x alebrije: electric bugaloo

>>117409028Maybe next season we will see Nando and Xochitl

>>117409028It'll get the TTGo treatment.

"season 2" killed the reboot series

>>117409028>>117409362>Season 1 Leo x Marce>Masters of Myth Leo x TeoNext season could be another reboot but with Leo x Xochitl (like in the movies)Fuck Nando

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Imagine rebooting the series just to change who gets shipped with who.>>117410391>Every season is alternate universe>Eventually S2 Leo uses his powers to open a portal or something>All the Leos see each other>Have to try and see what is different between their dimensions.

>>117410438>Imagine rebooting the series just to change who gets shipped with who.Sounds like Yosuga no Sora, an anime based on a ero-game where the show rebooted itself to the first episode to show how the main protagonist ended up fucking all the girls that appeared even his own sister almost not a hentai

>>117410438>>117409321Everything is possible

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>>117410391I don't know why I like both Teodoras the one from the movie and the one from the show.

>>117410438Leo x Lucoa would be canon

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season 1 teodora is god tier, I hope see her again in season 3

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>>117410676what the fuck is that?

>>117396899at least palcomix made a comic about the show

>>117412431That guy with the fake taxi parody is doing something with Teo too

i wonder how different the other girls from the movies would be if they appear in Legend quest next season?.

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>>117412757Valentina is the only one that Im curious tomboys are a dying bred after all

>>117412317What you want "her" to be

>>117412785>Valentina episode: the group goes to Guanajuato to investigate a leyend who emigrated in the town, on ther way they meet Valentina, who has a certain dislike for the paranormal, to the point of acting racist to them and blame them for bringing the monster to his town, for plot reasons they join forces to stop the beast after more shitalking by Valentina, his hinted in a not subtle way, that just like in the movies the mummies of guanajuato attack the town and she lost his father, because of that and the Brotherhood arrive late to help his town, thats why she hates legends and Paranormal in general, after more shenanigans Leo, Valentina and the group defeat the monster and it's time to say goodbye, she still hate the Paranormal but now thinks Leo and his group are not so bad.

>>117412785Now I want tomboy valentina in the show artstyle

>>117405243i agree

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>>117410391Leo x Teo was already foreshadowed on S1 though

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>>117415961I want to marry Marcela and have magic babies.

>>117410676LET'S FUCKING GOsauce?>>117412317 Perfection

>>117410438I want this to be true just for them to connect with movie Leo and give him back his connection with the supernatural. this also opens the possibility of more Charro Negro as a recurring villain or mimicing Venom/Peter relationship

>>117417829why do you want el charro negro? that guy is bitchmade compared to the literal gods from the show.


>>117419226The gods themselves are kind of lame in both seasons, though. I wouldn't mind lesser stakes if it mean a more personal conflict.

>>117417450Terrible the drawfag is the artist if I remember right

>>117396899Not all of the movies are equal in my opinion, some better than othersLiked the first season alotSecond season/reboot season was meh. Character redesigns were odd

>>117396899'Gem' is probably overselling it, but it was a really solid show (and it doesn't hurt that globe trotting adventures are an under-served cartoon genre).Like other people have already said, the show got a lot of attention when it first aired, but the second season mostly killed any interest. If it was just a worse follow up then people would probably stick around, but a worse follow up that doesn't actually follow up the thing that got everyone interested turned most people away.

>>117397713>Also, making season two into an awkward reboot of the first season was a terrible decision. >Apparently it was a Netflix mandate because of the time gap between seasons, but they didn't do that with The Hollow.Yeah they destroyed any hype for the show with that, it was confusing and I don't like the change in art style (no dark lines).

>>117396899because they fucked up season two

Got the reboot series was such a disaster, why couldn't that have just done season 2

I just want Xochitl in the show

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>>117402178Tsundere Teodora was adorable


teodora te adora

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>>117426748 Keep dreaming

>>117399922What caused the style change?

>>117421221also the big bad don't need to be a retard in order to lose(i know they came up with good reasons to defeat them in Legend quest and Masters of myth)

>>117429548What really makes me mad is the chance of Nando in the show instead of Xochitl

>>117428766Teodora la que te adora

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>>117426748>season 1- leo x marcellia>season 2 - leo x teoseason 3 leo x Xochitl?

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>>117432725Soñar no cuesta nada

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I hated that they changed the style for season 2.Season 1 is basically another season of time squad with a hot ghost girl.Pic related

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>>117429685lack of money.

>>117435113>lack of money.more like lack of interest from netflix

>>117410438>Every season is alternate universe

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>>117432725Leo x Teo is endgame. There was tension since S1


>>117396899Besides Aggretsuko. Is legend quest the straightest show on Netflix? I’m still amazed Agrretsuko so heterosexual and popular.

>>117437345because Agretsuko is Japanese and owned by Sanrio who sure aint going political like any established Jap company, by that we could say most netflix anime then it will fit the bill, the How to Train your Dragon series on Netflix doesnt have such stuff either (perhaps since it was written/animated in another time prior their fall with Voltron and Shera)

>>117437473>we could say most netflix anime then it will fit the billHave you seen japan sinks 2020? It’s probably the best example of anime no longer safe from SJW pandering.

>>117437638>series done by Memeaki Yuusaof course it will be

>>117432725hahaha fuck no

>>117437638>japan sinks 2020Blame the director. But I don't remember any SJW stuff in the show, or are you talking about the Philipines mom and the nip supremacist group? Well, other series have touched this subject.

>>117396899Not quite a gem, but a very solid ride provided one can ride it out to the end. It starts roughly, seemingly expecting us to know the characters, and sends them off on an adventure too quickly. The motivation for the quest itself was kind of hazy. But the characters are strong and it ends strongly.Fewer, tighter episodes and fewer locales would have improved this.

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>>117396899i know you guys really like this and it is a very fun show, but as a mexican i still have bad memories of the movies that came before it, god those were horrible and they are probably even more horrible nowdays with outdated references and slang, i am aware that the characters from the show are basically a comletely different deal than the ones from the movies but god if only you knew how bad things really were

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the long time it took season 2 and its art direction fucked up any chance of taking off

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>>117444281Who is cucking who now bitch!

>>117444925she is doing 4D chess

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>>117428766What? no taco speak here!

>>117444281Why mexicans love cuck their parthners?

>>117396899Underrated? indeed; but the last 2-3 years was a sensation; Now with Netflix isn't getting a easy way with the 2nd season's changes...Also, with the upcoming movie Not this Legend Quest, the movies' franchise one isn't sure its future. youtube.com/watch?v=5kJ052VRIho

>>117445454Who's the artist?

>>117446525never gave us a name, was a drawfag from way back from old threads we had

>>117445454Which website is this from?

>>117396899Mexican girls are really like Theodora?or is only SPIC propaganda?

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>>117447044yeah Teodora is a Mexican girl trope called "chica fresa" which are snobby middle to high class city girls, think basically spic version of California Valley girlen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fresahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wd1tqD-Ywms

>>117441911True, but they improved consistently with each movieLa Leyenda de la Nahuala: unholy shitLa Leyenda de la Llorona: unwatchableLa Leyenda de las Momias de Guanajuato: your eyes don't bleed anymore, Valentina was cuteLa Leyenda del Chupacabras: meh, megane Teo could use some pornLa Leyenda del Charro Negro: 7/10

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>>117447092>spic version of California Valley girlSo sad...Theodora is fucking lovable

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>>117446233Latinos are serial cheaters. Latinas are pretty much resigned

>>117450419As a taco let me tell you something user, my countrymen change once they cross the border. Here women are loyal and men cheat everyday, but in America is the opposite. I believe is something about found a white parthner.

>>117450501That mean latinos are loyal to their white waifus but latinas cheat on their white partners? To be fair, it's very plausible the white husbands ask their wives to sleep with other guys. White men are natural born cucks

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>>117450552>latinos are loyal to their white waifusYep, here is a status symbol, is normal be married and have kids with a brown waifu. But if you suceded and become rich (or hig upperclass) is almost necesary to married with a white women. I know many politicans and entrepenours who make that. "Is not for me, is for the next generation"


>>117450852we call it ''mejorar la raza'' (improving the race)

>>117450852>>117451849Cholos have been marrying white chicks for social ascension since the 16th century, starting with Moctezuma's sons marrying European noblewomen. At this point it's ingrainated in the latino's collective mindset. At the end Leo chose Teodora over Marcela and Las Leyendas was made by Mexicans. Coincidence?

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>>117449037>>117450079Damn! Teo is a tease