It's my Urkel sleeping bag, isn't it cool?

It's my Urkel sleeping bag, isn't it cool?

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yes but kyle's is cooler

>>117396286God I love old sp, it's never been nearly as good since

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>>117397014I think what I miss the most is the dumbass nonsensical humor, it was the best

>>117397130Same, stuff like this was

>>117397290>Now calm down Skeeter, he aint hurtin nobody

Such a minor joke that i always thought was hilarious. This too

>>117397014Seasons 4 through 6 were the transition point for the series.

>>117397502The episodes in s4 up to the 4th grade one were pretty s1-3 esque, but yeah otherwise than that I agree

>>117397290>>117397487i need to watch old south park again. both of these got a chuckle out of me

>>117397014Shit I forgot they killed off Pip.

>>117397905mecha streisand stomped him

>>117397290>We don't take kindly to folks who don't take kindly around hereThat look on their faces when he realized what he just said.

>>117397930Was there even a reason they decided to kill him off?

>>117397290A personal favorite of

>>117398006he hadn't appeared in an episode in like 10 years and they probably wanted to fuck with people who asked them to bring him back

>>117398006Some have said it’s because he was originally the pushover character that always got abused. But then Butters came along and Matt and Trey made Butters fit that role. So there’s no use to him

>>117397795I think everyone misses it a little, even years

>>117397290>it's just like the million man march, only there actually are a million

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>>117398055It's most likely that, butters (or puffball) was merely a background character at that

>>117397487I still don't know what Cartman thought Rainbows were

>>117397487shit like this is what the show needs.Its easier than ever to forget that the characters are supposed to be friends in 4th grade, and its just not a great dynamic between them anymore.I dont hate nu south park but it really is on its last legs

>>117398799Ring worms

Obligatory Redpost.

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>>117397014As someone who loves South Park, both old and new, I have to admit that I miss old school SP, back when characters like Chef were around and not every episode had some sort of inherent social commentary. Open question for any anons who want to share: What are some of your favorite episodes of the show? I personally love the Black Friday trilogy, Good Times with Weapons, and just about anything where Butters is placed in the spotlight, his episodes are always golden.

>>117402415The one with teaching Barbrady to read along with the jackovasaurs. The part at the end where the frenchmen love how annoying they are always gets me.

This one is so pause is fucking gold

>>117396286>>117397014>>117397290>>117397487>>117398031Why do Matt and Trey hate the older seasons? It had some great stuff in it.

>>117403436Same reason animators dont like it when their pre-CalArts shit starts showing up on the internet. Its a reminder of how good their stuff was before they sold out.

>>117403436Because they're a bunch of Californian Progressive Libtards now and get triggered at anything remotely offensive.

The show was at it's best before the movie. Everything up to and including the movie is fantastic. Nothing else was ever as good.

>>117403436>>117403496>>117403583Reminds me how Seth Macfarlane dislikes the first 3 seasons of Family Guy and prefers the newer stuff, despite them being the best seasons.

>>117403625It also might be the fact that people like Matt, Trey, and Seth were young when they made the first few seasons of South Park and Family Guy, and that they made all of their money around that time. So, for them to feel like them continuing to work on those shows was still worthwhile, to then retroactively shit on the earlier seasons and go "S-See? The newer seasons are just as good as the old ones! We're not just phoning it in!"

>>117396286I miss when this show used to be fun

>>117403436Butthurt that they lost the spark and cant ever make anything that good again

>>117397014God, I miss Damien and Pip.

I miss when Eric Cartman wasn't this reality warping marie sue supernatural being of pure evil.

The Pip episode in season 4 was apparently one of the most hated episodes but I still think it's

>>117403625Of course, Seth is a self-indulgent, ego-maniacal, hedonistic, sexual deviant, with delusions of grandeur, so it makes sense he'd prefer the seasons where he was allowed to indulge in his every sin and self-indulgence.

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>>117404067It's better than the majority of the modern episodes.

>>117404149That's not saying much. I stopped watching around season 12 or 13, I only like a handful of episodes past season 12. Still think season 10 was amazing though despite a lot of old SP fans saying it was also shit.

>>117397014>>117403436>>117403496>>117403583A lot of artists have this weird complex where they only seem capable of seeing the flaws and disappointments in their old work. This happens in nearly every field, illustrators of every kind, bands and musicians often start by aping music they liked to listen to, which is why fans often think their early work is better, since the later work almost always tries too hard to differentiate itself from the music the early work was aping, alienating the fans in the process. Even Gabe Newell came to hate Half-Life 1, despite it being responsible for Valve becoming the success it is today, because he set his expectations for it way too high.Even works people aren't ashamed of often still conjure up the memories of how hard it was for them to do.

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>>117404067The fans were split pretty even on it.Matt and Trey were the ones that hated it.

>>117404067I fucking love that episode. What's wrong with it? Why do Matt and Trey hate it?

>>117397290That last one always get's me>goddammit Skeeter, shut the hell up

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>>117397130Although the newer season aren't nearly as good, I did get a solid chuckle when Kenny went with Butters to Hawaii, and wrote like he lives in the 19th

>>117396286>next season will be during the elections

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>>117402415The one about the Okama (?) game system and the episode where Cartman dresses up as a robot

>>117404149So much This!!!

>>117403436They were young when they made those seasons, as people get older they change.

>>117397014>WendyAh yes, back when Wendy was actually funny...

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>>117405401I still enjoy the show, however one thing I do miss is when Wendy had that adorable high-pitched voice.

>>117405536The voice actress killed herself

who is urkel?


>>117405592Kill yourself zoomer

>>117405592he played best boy on family mattershe is also the voice for old sonic (SATAM ATOSH Sonic Underground)

>>117405316Fun fact "Okama" basically means "flaming faggot" or even "tranny" in Japanese. Trey Parkers a weeb fluent in Japanese so this was obviously on purpose.

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>>117402415The Brest Cancer episode i my favourite. It's a fun school yard episode and Cartman acting so spineless all the time and lengths he takes to get out of the fight are hilarious

>>117404071God he looks rough for someone in his early 20s, he actually looks better now

>>117405567Mar Key is irreplaceable but ahe only sounded like an adult when April Stewart left. But couldn't they modulate her voice to sound more child like? Bebe and Heidi still sound like children, why does Wendy have to sound 40

>>117397905I think I'm the only person who never cared for Pip

>>117403407They squandered Tweek as a forth companion, they just stopped using him after the Mongolian episode and never gave an in show reason

>>11740416410 felt so bleak. That being said, Tssst is a 10/10 episode

>>117405262I really, really really hope they learned their lesson from season 20. Also there's other shit going on in the world, maybe that will be more fun for them to spoof>at least i got rid of all those damn n-

>>117406008The Return of Chef and Go God Go are my favorites on 10. I know a lot of people hate the first one for brutally killing off Chef but the part with the Super Adventure Club gets me every time.I like every single episode on 10 except Stanley's Cup, that shit was awful. That was the only one that felt bleak to me. Was the death knell of South Park imo. Season 11 was half good half garbage.

>>117403583>Matt and Trey>Californian Progressive LibtardsOh buddy...

>>117406168Ya, I know what they were going for in Stanly's cup but it felt like too much, it has to be the most polarizing episode of South Park. It's a lot of people's favourites. I get it but I am not a fan

>>117406292Stanley's Cup felt like them trying to recreate that Simpsons episode with the unlucky guy who complains about Homer getting everything he wants and then dying. But not as well executed.

>>117406231Ever since they settled down and became father's, they've degraded.

>>117396286>isn't it coolI'm prety sure he sai keel

>>117406292It's just not funny (except the part where the Detroit Red Wings beat up the kids that was slightly funny) and felt like a failed attempt at forced edginess. It's like dudes, you're fucking SOUTH PARK why do you have to be that forced. Ironically even though they just made Cartoon Wars making fun of Family Guy the whole episode had the feel of later Family Guy, just without the cutaways.

>>117406331They've seemed to maintain their "conservatives bad - liberals really bad" mentality they've always touted, but now they're facebook boomers about it.

>>117403625Shit taste, imagine thinking that edgy, cruel, random, dragging out jokes for long and having shitty re-used poses is better than the older stuff that actually had more heart and effort put into it with likable characters, better timing for jokes, no forced Emmy-bait episodes and was more expressive and lively.

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>>117406431I don't think the series ever truly recovered after the 2016 election shit. What a complete disaster.

>>117402415Basically anything where they're just acting like dumb kids tends to be good. Even in the newest season I loved the turd burglary episode.

>>117405938April Stewart is her current voice actor. Eliza Schneider was the one who got the closest to Mary Kay but Trey and Matt decided to make her sound more mature for some reason later on. I think her being construction paper Lisa Simpson nowadays is why so many Red/Heidifags exist on this board.

>>117402415Butters Bottom Bitch is a favorite of mine it’s just such a simple great dynamic of this sweet naive kid becoming a pimp.

>>117397014whats with the Japanese and their love of south park?

>>117408314Simple artstyle and cute boys

>>117405401I liked how she was a more active member of the cast back then, she had a lot more personality than she does now>>117408357This, the artstyles is very chibi esque and the kids are perfect shota/loli material

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>>117396286Reminder that Urkel is an ancient vengeful African spirit that transcends space and physics

>>117402415For me it's probably cow days and the meteor shower trilogy>>117403313God I miss barbrady so much, that red haired cop was a shitty replacement

>>117408385At least we got call girl from fbw

>>117402415>not every episode had some sort of inherent social commentary.but every episode has one

>>117409510I guess, but the 'i learned something today' bits were relatively short, compared to how commentaries span entire episodes now. The boys became more and more like mouthpieces for trey & matt than actual kids

>>117409510True, but now it feels like the comedy takes a backseat to the social commentary where in the past it was the other way around.

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I just watched the Coon 2 three parter again.I like hit back in the day when it first aired, but now it feels like a South Park fanfiction by someone who just played Planescape Torment.

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>>117406168Imagine a timeline where Isaac Hayes didn't leave because he was a butthurt scientologist but stayed on the show until the end of his days. They'd probably give Chef a more respectful sendoff.


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>>117396286I miss all the live action photos

>>117409842I thought he had a stroke and scientology took the chance to put words in his mouth

>>117404067The way it follows the book faithfully only to go wildly off the rails in the second half makes it perfect. It just feels like quintessential south park

>>117404027Damien was in the Stick of Truth.

At what point did Butters basically become Boy #5? It seems like he hangs out with the main group a lot more now

What season is the point that starts having constant "episodes about [current event]"?

>>117410154When they stopped killing kenny off every episode and he became the temporary replacement

>>117410154Around the same time they stopped piking on him, Scott Malkinson is the new Butters

>Stick of Truth was the kids LARPing high fantasy with Paper Mario mechanics>Fractured But Whole was kids LARPing super heroes with Live a Live mechanicsWhat can we expect from Game 3?

>>117410978Sci-fi or detectives, or superheroes with villain theme

>>117410978Persona-esque friend simulator.

>>117411026>villain themeHere's my idea: they continue the superhero franchise, but now they have "mindbreak point" that turns them into corrupt villains that embraces their darker side. Kind of like Chaos is the dark side of Butters, and Chaos is still in the game, but now Butters also has "pure side".A bit like imp Tweek who's not like normal Tweek but darker and sluttier version of him.

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>>117411176I didn't know man, chill

>>117411286im sorry its just infuriating when people blame a man who couldn't defend himself

>>117405262Goddamn was this so good I hope the author does a sequel

>>117411381Oh c'mon you can't tell me that and not give a source

>>117409843South Park has the best hentai cropped pics.

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>>117411428Anon use the power of google! good shit user enjoy

I want another episode focused on Kenny's immortality.When did he first go to Ry'leh?

>>117411560Me too user we just have to wait

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>>117411618good thing i only fap to aged up characters then

>>117411560I just want another kenny episode

>>117411473I just finished it and oh my god Kyle, you absolute madman.Top sluts are the fukcing best, God bless the fujos

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>>117405592Played a nerd on family matters back in the 90s, but now has done everything he can to distance himself from that role and the last notable thing he’s done was beat up his girlfriend

>>117410978There's still 3 unused themes from the phone game (Adventure, Scifi, Mystical) so either cowboys and indians, something to do with aliens, or something do to with super best friends/Satan

>>117412162Not them but urkel was one of the few pop culture references I got from the early sp seasons, a lot of celebrity stuff flew over my head since I was only a year old when the series premiered

>>117410978Fun with Weapons characters. Wouldn't hate it if they ape JRPG tropes a bit.

>>117412467>New Kid's farts act as a quick smoke bomb for easy escapes10/10 would buy 10 times

>>117412012based user lets hope for more

>>117410978I'm pretty sure we are getting more superhero stuff for the next game with extra chaos, the ending of the 2nd game was basically a sequel bait with the whole 'give in to chaos' thing at the end.

>>117405262goddamn rapist

>>117405592THAT'S NOOO GOOD!


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>>117396286I miss Pip so fucking much bros

>>117414124Same, I'm a sucker for long-haired shotas

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>>117414374my favorite paring

>>117402415everything with Cartman as the main focus, especially if it is from older season or with Butters

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>>117414124>>117414374what happend with Pip, anyway? did they actually kill him.

I just want my Clyde Cartman ep

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Does anyone else think Scott Tenorman Must Die was a stupid episode? It's hailed as one of the best, but Cartman's plan was so convoluted and stupid that it makes the main joke fall on its face. The whole point was to make Cartman look like an evil genius at the end but the only reason his plan worked in the first place was pure luck/plot convenience. Would have been a good episode if they just put more thought into it.

>>117402415A lot of people hate it, but I love Stanley's Cup. I like how absurdly bleak and shit the ending was. The world of warcraft and casa bonita episodes are also personal favorites.

>>117414695>Cartman's plan was so convoluted and stupidthat's the joke, the fact that Cartman made a super planned murder just to get revenge on someone who selled pubic hair to him.

>>117414645Yeah, I believe it was episode "201" where Mecha Streisand stepped on him.

>>117414645in the stick of truth files u see a pip skull so i guess he is dead

>>117414834How did he even a skull if he got crushed

>>117402415the one where cartman was on cheese poof comercial. the Halloween special that kenny was a zombie is nice too

>>117414883It's best not to think too hard when it comes to south park logic

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>> one

>>117414921I wonder what his skull would of even been used for

>>117414124God, I loved that cute little Frenchie.

>>117414992Apparently a weapon according to the files.

>>117415008I'm not french you wanker

>>117415032But you're not Pip. He's dead.

>>117415042That's what he wants you to think.

>>117415032I bet the next thing you're going to say is that Ze Mole wasn't British.

Pip is dead guys

Boo wendy booooooo


When is next season?I wish they stopped doing this 10 episode shit

>>117415123I want to see the cute Frenchie in heaven.

Who's your favorite adult character guys?Mines dr mephesto

>>117414695I do, but only because it ruined Cartman's character for me

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>>117415646Chef probably, but barbrady and the mayor come close as well

>>117415647I think hyper-douche cartman is fine just not all the time. It becomes too much when it's all the time.


>>117415646Gotta be Jimbo

So what do you guys think they will do during the corona virus episode?>everyone wearing masks>the kids being happy they dont have to leave the house and go to skewl>the president thinking its a hoax>kenny might die from it

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>>117415877>episodecalling it now, it'll be a full season long arc

>>117415906Actually you might be rightunless they do that presidential election thing again


>>117396286i don't think ive ever seen a sonic the hedgehog steve urkle picture ever. im a bit disappointed guys.

why all voices change? all use to be higher i liked that more

>>117416216I mean if u go on deviant there's a few pics of sonic urkle

>>117397502There's still a lot of classics in the seasons after 6. But it did lose a certain innocence around that time.

>>117405401Her beating up Cartman and trolling him with the avatar thing was still funny to me.

>>117416227I'll always miss Cartman's s1-3 voice. Trey mentioned he could never do the voice the same way again after Cartman did a General Lee impression in 'The Red Badge of Gayness'.

>>117413034I haven’t even played the game but they could just be jokingly setting up a sequel since literally every Marvel movie ends with a teaser for the next one

>>117416511Really? did he hurt his vocal cords?

I should have never gone zip lining

>>117416637I think he just did the General Cartman-Lee voice so much for that one episode that he forgot how to do the old one properly.

>>117416866what a shame

>>117416866Bullshit. He voices characters like Mophesto and Barbrady who haven't appeared in years

>>117404210I read this in mung's voice

>>117416899It's not because he didn't do Cartman's voice for years, though. It's because he consciously changed the voice he was doing and somehow his brain can't do the normal voice anymore. If he did a whole episode where Mephisto or Barbrady were talking with a weird accent, then they'd be comparable scenarios.


>>117416866That's actually kinda scarySame thing happens with artists they can't draw in the same style after a while

>>117405262>Implying there’s gonna be a season this fallCorona took care of that

>>117412162Wasn’t he in Ducktales recently?

>>117415646Mr. Garrison up until they made him a Trump parody

>>117398799gay bros

>>117402415Major Boobage was a close favorite for a very, very long time>>117404210>A lot of artists have this weird complex where they only seem capable of seeing the flaws and disappointments in their old workI know that Yoshio Sawai was like that when Viz translated Bo-Bobo into English beyond that weird one-shot, which I frankly don't understand

>>117418233>Yoshio Sawai was like that when Viz translated Bo-Bobo into English beyond that weird one-shotWell viz doesn't exactly have the best translators sometimes

>>117415123More people would know this if they didn't ban episode 200 and 201.

>>117418576God I remember that whole debacle like it was yesterday, except it was a decade ago now.God I feel old and I'm not even 25

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>>117418323My point was that apparently Sawai was embarrassed by his old artwork

>>117398006Because Pip was always a symbol of their shared loathing for Great Expectations.

>>117418674Oh I see. Yeah it's weird how almost every manga goes through a character design and/or artstyle change over time, not something I see much in western comics

>>117418736I quite liked that episode, but if they're referring to the book than yeah that was boring af


>>117415646Jimbo and Ned>>117419045>I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO SHUDDUP!

>>117396286>they had to remake that exact shot in HDlol

>>117419063It's coming right for us!!

>>117415877sounds like shit. i bet they’ll do it.

It's to bad the left went mad with power and ruined south park.

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>>117419286Wait what're you talking about?

>>117419286What do you mean? I've met wannabe communists that HATE it for daring to have usually neutral takes on things and being offensive

>>117402415The Losing Edge is the greatest episode that has ever been made.

>>117419097I liked that they digitally remastered all the old episodes, the s1-3 dvds I have are all 480p with 4:3 aspect ratio>>117419496My all-time favorite from s9

>>117419045This fucking shit and the Wild Wacky Action Bike made me piss myself laughing as a kid


>>117419721im surprised mecha streisand didn't make it into the fractured but whole as a boss


It's not as cool as his life sized Antonio Banderas love doll.

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>>117408262>Yes I know what you are saying you don't have to keep askingThe best butters is when his innocent self is just thrown into shit like that.

>>117402415Most of the early seasons are solid. Some stand outs for me are Good Time with Weapons, the Starvin Marvin episodes, Spontaneous Combustion, Mr Hanky episodes. Honestly, just the silly shit is the best to me.I do like some of the later character development for Kenny though. I'd say he's the one thing they vastly improved on.

>>117396286Early episodes, the scene where the aliens are chasing chef and the boys who are driving away to escape, and it shows he aliens are actually chasing them with some piece of crap car and not a spaceship :D funniest shit

>>117420032>the Starvin Marvin episodesOh god the space episode cracked me up so bad

Stan lives in a stable family with sensible but liberal views. As a result, he is righteous in nature, but falls in line when pressured. He is good by nature, but the situation can force him to be evil. (Wieners out.)Kyle comes from an orthodox family and is a staunch defender of the rules that only awakens to true selflessness when he gets desperate and is at the end of his rope. He is good by upbringing but he is only truly good when no one else can be good. (The End of Serialization as we know it)Cartman has a smothering family that condones his behavior and is only good for his own benefit. He only does good when his own safety or reputation is on the line. However, push comes to shove, he will be the one to hold out the longest for the cause. (Make Love Not Warcraft)Butters has an authoritarian family that forces him to be good. He's not an idiot, but he is too sheltered for his own good. He will do good for all of the right reasons, but what counts as good is unknown to him since he does not see the big picture. (Butter's Bottom Bitch)Kenny on the other hand is noted to be good whenever he knows it to be good. His actions will distract from this as he does a lot of stupid shit like Cheesing, fighting for the blowjob, sniffing glue and dressing up as Batman and strangling himself to get an orgasm. But down the line, you notice that the only person he abuses is himself because it distracts from his many horrible deaths. Deep down, because he has had no real parents, he is forced to grow up on his own and is far wiser than all of the boys. This also means that deep down, he knows what is truly good for everyone and will go through hell and high water to protect his true family; his friends. (South Park:Bigger Longer and Uncut.)

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you think they'll ever try to pair bebe with kyle again?

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>>117421431Hope not, the boys should be paired to old men only

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>>117421504>that Phone Destroyer Valentine's event where they have cards with couples as theme

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>loli Wendy will never be canonMy disappointment is immeasurable>>117421431I doubt it, she's been into clyde more>>117421504Mob ojiisan is a shitty fetish and you should feel bad

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>>117421653Wendy is a child.Isn't that loli?

>>117421740I meant she will never look like a cute anime girl in the show.

Anyone remember which episode it was where Stan or Kyle gave an "I learned something today" speech from the bible about how the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, then afterwards the other one comes over and says it was from Star Trek instead. I can't remember and it's been bugging me for years.

>>117421781*I guess loli can be used to describe non anime girls now?

>>117421797Spontaneous combustion, from season 3

>>117421820Thank you, user.

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What season 24 really

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>>117415877What do you mean user? they already did the coronavirus