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Prev: >>117343792 >Provide references for all requested characters and keep them to one image/post.>Keep requests Holla Forums related and keep them concise.>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.>Drawfriends, don't hold back.>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.>No one is entitled to a request delivery.>Don't fight spam with spam.>No begging.>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10 at bump limit.>Have fun!>Collection of Deliveries:the-collection.booru.org/>Drawfriends Gallery List:pastebin.com/kc7zwd8fNSFW deliveries and requests should be posted in>>>/aco/drawthread or >>>/i/619102

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>>117396121Requesting The night Owl having a chainsaw showdown with a character of your choosing

Attached: 94652C39-0219-4AEA-BA04-654806F3E982.jpg (511x288, 11.01K)

Requesting BW from Long Gone Gulch sunbathing in a bikini.

Attached: 95281F2A-2A2F-431D-AFC4-19590FFF683B.jpg (867x888, 106.29K)

Requesting Kipo arm wrestling Steven

Attached: 208A8DF7-FAE9-4C83-B11D-FE007B6B8CC6.jpg (1200x1298, 307.45K)

Requesting Mia in a sports bra working out with dumbbells

Attached: 1596912226718.jpg (1384x806, 248.62K)

Requesting fusions.

Attached: New Fusion.png (1600x1600, 1.17M)

Requesting Shezow wearing that fila cropped hoodie.

Attached: Hoodie.jpg (1230x1146, 197.88K)

Requesting Ricket from Devil's Candy wearing the devil cosplay meme but using her own horns, wings and tail. She's blushing from how skimpy the outfit is and might be holding the fake horns,etc, asking what was the point of this was.

Attached: ricketoutfit.jpg (850x927, 414.6K)

Requesting dakimakura of Ruby

Attached: 1598657475552.png (1171x672, 1.05M)

Requesting Janine Beecham like the bottom ref.

Attached: Jan.jpg (566x972, 164.62K)

>>117396121Requesting Ben Hopkins from hoops do this poster. Be as detailed as possible.

Attached: Apocalypse_Now_poster.jpg (220x333, 98.01K)

Requesting KO dressed like Pope Emeritus the third.

Attached: 6C3B5BE1-26FD-4129-BB94-AD67596D17A7.jpg (750x528, 273.72K)

requesting tmnts mona lisa asleep at a desk dreaming of graduating college.

Attached: mona dreams.jpg (1024x768, 136.4K)

Requesting a Comic of a transformation sequence of Sparkle Cadet (Craig of the Creek) to the style of the transformation sequence of Zoe Orimoto / Orimoto Izumi (Digimon Fronier) transformation sequenceyoutube.com/watch?v=w2dFLIDpS14 youtube.com/watch?v=v7VeobMpzgI

Attached: Cadet.jpg (3692x628, 360.52K)

Requesting BW dressed as A2 from Nier Automata.

Attached: a2.jpg (1920x4244, 3.13M)

Requesting Cluster Jenny wielding a stickbug shaped railgun

Requesting Mr. Venom lounging imperiously with his converted courtesan Venom-Woman.

Attached: newref.jpg (2840x1639, 1.46M)

>>117396649Fuck, forgot the reference

Attached: Cluster Jenny.jpg (472x1083, 134.98K)

Requesting Mrs. Johnson with her hair down wearing the swimsuit on the left.

Attached: 13C3A06E-53CC-4C35-A12B-63AAA8585C6C.jpg (750x364, 262.51K)

Requesting creature fusion

Attached: Monster hexa.jpg (2600x2046, 304.75K)

Requesting this but replacing Prince Gumball in the picture with Marceline instead.

Attached: MarHud.png (1056x1584, 1.09M)

Requesting Bow's brother Woe (from She-Ra) wearing the clothes referenced in the image

Attached: 1598654530613.jpg (1019x4611, 491.56K)

Requesting Marcy Wu from Amphibia in the same pose as Tess Greymane in her Hearthstone card art. Bonus points if she is saying "you have no idea what i'm capable of" (What Tess says when she is played)

Attached: MarcyGreymane.png (2847x1271, 3.34M)

Requesting a fanart between these two interacting.

Attached: Two Character Collide.jpg (1048x1156, 203.83K)

Requesting Kikimora removing her robes like Velma is on the left showing that she has a curvy body underneath. Think like Midna.

Attached: Kiki.png (1740x726, 1.6M)

Requesting Snagglepuss in the El Kabong outfit since he originated in that seriesAlso found this dumb image that made me laugh and it shows the characters so

Attached: el-kabong-and-snagglepuss-alien.jpg (576x576, 110.88K)

Requesting Baby Doll dressed as Jessica Rabbit

Attached: baby doll.jpg (1920x1080, 847.21K)

Requesting any fanart with Tracy from Scott Pilgrim

Attached: 888973F5-E91F-42BE-AF5F-C9C729CFDD42.png (220x220, 79.66K)

Requesting your waifu with this ass size

Attached: 51FF1D60-59C6-426E-BCD0-EF4871F32BE7.jpg (180x320, 7.02K)

for upcoming Halloween, Eda, Lilith, Luz, Amity and the twins doing one of the bottom poses of Michael Jackson's Thriller dance.

Attached: thriller.jpg (759x581, 258.35K)

Requesting Darth Vambre in a Vaderesque outfit doing the Nooo! scream about having her legs covered, or whatever you like with her legs bare.

Attached: 1545419757613.png (1280x1024, 438.23K)

Requesting a recreation scene of this. youtube.com/watch?v=3UIPTFOFlecBut with these characters on the following, instead.Superman as Captain Hero.Betty Boop as Toot Braunstein.Princess Ariel (with legs) as Princess Clara.Link as Xandir.Oney as Spanky Ham.Spongebob Squarepants as Wooldoor Sockbat.

Attached: CO Standoff.jpg (1532x2120, 836.3K)

Requesting Lara from Jorel’s Brother showing off her fat ass

Attached: 44BD5D2E-6F3E-40D9-9EA6-1B79DDF8D602.jpg (1661x1666, 408.72K)

Requesting Fionna and Anne having a sword fight. Something more like a friendly spar than a serious battle.

Attached: IMG_1796.png (1200x1800, 2.38M)

>>117396121Requesting Cassandra Cain showing off the scars on her back

Attached: 1597587365405.jpg (699x933, 74.52K)

requesting human Slappy looking at the viewer and saying" what's that kid? You're my biggest fan? Well I can't leave my biggest fan without an autograph or something" then unhooking her bra and taking it out of her shirt, handing it to the viewer "here don't let me find this on Ebay"

Attached: 1598659093235.png (1406x1842, 482.06K)

Requesting some cute art of Wirt in his disguise from the comics.

Attached: IMG_1833.jpg (600x900, 233.61K)

Requesting Primer dressed as a Green Lantern.

Attached: request.jpg (800x864, 238.17K)

Requesting Eris as a clown spider woman hybrid

Attached: Billy's worst nightmare and a terrible IT reference.jpg (2660x1189, 580.02K)

Requesting fusion

Attached: Fionna pekora jessica.jpg (3680x4544, 1.04M)

Requesting some cute fanart between Johanna and the Bellkeeper

Attached: Don’t ask questions..jpg (1046x1245, 678.77K)

Requesting Thor dressed and redesigned as a cataphract.

Attached: Cataphract Nord.jpg (1018x1137, 1.09M)

requesting this with Swamp Thing, bonus point if you add Abby or John

Attached: nope.jpg (600x460, 53.83K)

>>117396121Requesting the right image with Mrs. Fitzpatrick (Jowls are optional)

Attached: 08DEB7BC-EAD9-431A-BF26-36285AC3A3DC.jpg (729x413, 217.9K)

Requesting Hilda, Johanna, and Twig building a snowman.

Attached: Even cuter shit.jpg (1052x1610, 904.84K)

requesting user and Eda sleeping/cuddling together maybe have her holding his face to her chest

Attached: 1598655656467.png (1111x657, 657.24K)

Requesting Johanna wearing a flower crown.

Attached: Happy Johanna.png (475x848, 510.64K)

Requesting an angry Carnage holding a sign that reads “MvC 4 when?

Attached: 59C560B3-B172-455F-AF8D-4FE0249175A5.jpg (472x649, 53.66K)

Requesting Frida Mofette showing off her muscles.

Attached: Frida.jpg (732x1360, 171.41K)

Requesting your interpretation of a young and surprisingly attractive Ms. Bitters.

Attached: young_bitters.jpg (538x1138, 238.11K)


Requesting something cute with Annie Bartlett from South Park

Attached: 6C8B9F83-03E6-4D1F-81E8-11AB6123549B.jpg (312x472, 21.06K)

Requesting Entrapta, Catra, and Scorpia wearing Majima's special outfits from Yakuza 0

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wow that's the first time in months that the drawthread didn't reached bump limit see Holla Forums better let it die than spam "nice"

>>117396121Requesting the Eds as the Movieverse wreckers.Ed - TopspinEdd - RoadbusterEddy - Leadfoot

Attached: WreckandEd.jpg (3264x1632, 1.78M)

>>117398141That’s right

Requesting Sedusa in the style of Avenger Gorgon from FGO/FGO Babylonia

Attached: Sedusa Gorgon.jpg (2771x1781, 1.16M)

Requesting Red She-Hulk Holli Would similar to the Jessica Rabbit She-Hulks on the right

Attached: Red Holli.jpg (2362x700, 397.72K)

>Requesting:Kim and Ron in a situation similar to the comic on the reference image, with Ron mind controling Kim (it doesn't need to be explicit, preferable if it keeps the situation similar to the one of comic specially the dialouge) with both Kim and Ron using their mission outfit

Attached: Request drawing.jpg (3443x2914, 752.71K)

Requesting the left image with Simone

Attached: D7259791-86AF-43BE-8B6A-59E35AAE421C.jpg (736x463, 366.47K)

Requesting a necron (Warhammer 40k) version of One-One (Infinity Train)

Attached: Old_Train.png (915x565, 596.75K)

Requesting Elinor grown up as a punk girl with an outfit inspired by the two examples in pic related, only must Im asking for is that Elinor's hair remains the same

Attached: drawthreadsuggestion.png (733x965, 425.4K)

>>117396121Requesting an older, thicc femboy version of K.O. accidentially sitting his sweaty bubble butt on Enid's face.

Attached: 1583486264707.jpg (1760x1312, 376.66K)



>>117398607Ive been laughing for a minute straight at this and I have no idea why

>>117396121Requesting that photo of the Clawthorne Sisters, but they are posing together like in the bottom image.Optional if their dolphin shorts are also more form-fitting.

Attached: NUG.png (836x1888, 1.74M)

Requesting Supergroom and Superglue from Spirou, in a pose like this, but have it look like they're only in that ridiculous pose because parts of the walls are closing in - villain trap style.

Attached: supergroom and superglue.png (1928x2000, 2.92M)

>>117396121Requesting a human version of Robositter (from ATHF) wearing these clothing on the right. Also, can you have her eyes red or wearing red glasses?

Attached: 6285AE29-84C2-4E7D-8973-B8B7B7FD38F6.png (1079x1089, 986.75K)

>>117396121Requesting Alex from Totally spied as a sexy cavegirl in animal skins and loincloth in the style of Tartakovskys PRIMAL. She should be a little scarred and rough around the edges (unkempt hair etc.) from living in the prehistoric era.This is basically if the time travel episode of the show went to the prehistoric age rather than the middle ages. I already got one request answered for Clover and another for Sam. If some drawfriend would be kind enough to complete the trio and do alex I'd be very happy.

Attached: totally spies alex Primal req.png (1486x994, 1.49M)

Requesting Lake as one of those street performers that pretend to be statues.Bonus points for a passer-by complaining that the paint doesn't look real.

Attached: Lake Street Performer.png (1674x1594, 3.03M)

Requesting Velma partially transformed into a more feminine She-Thing after a botched science experiment, the transformed state similar looking to the image on the left

Attached: Velma She-Thing.jpg (3112x2190, 1.05M)

requesting a character of your choice being caught not playing the Sega Saturn by Segata Sanshiro

Attached: 1598844049140.jpg (468x499, 78.3K)

Requesting Rayla trying to do a high kick but having a wardrobe malfunction like this.

Attached: rip.png (1489x1143, 2.07M)

Requesting Cindy Yamanaka (Wappah OC) shaking her ass.

Attached: 18E997BC-0CA1-48BF-91E6-19E8021B1292.jpg (554x554, 36.57K)

Requesting this meme with Simon and Grace.

Attached: SimonGraceMeme.png (1120x711, 781.16K)

Requesting Pierce Brosnan following your waifu from behind

Attached: A124B545-181D-4CD5-804A-428AEE72A928.jpg (758x1024, 96.05K)

Requesting Willow and Amity like this but with the poses reversed so it's Amity looking like she feels like a dumbass.

Attached: star pupil.jpg (364x439, 88.1K)

Requesting Fang and Spear getting married, based on this Flintstones pic.(With Fang in the dress and Spear in the tux).

Attached: PrimalWedding.png (2516x1633, 3.32M)

Requesting Dale Steinberg The Jewish Cowgirl wearing the sexy Cowgirl costume on the left

Attached: D5D82044-BD82-4E91-ADFE-3B9795E7AD0B.jpg (750x607, 296.05K)

>>117396121requesting Clark and this genderbent version Clara Kent eating sandwiches together or something wholesome

Attached: Clark and Clara.png (1750x1450, 1.99M)

>>117396121I request Ian svenonius kissing character of choice.

Attached: Ian_Svenonius (1).jpg (375x500, 55.32K)

requesting this scene with Jasper as Yujiro and Steven as Hinary or the reverse with Pink Steven as Yujiro

Attached: 1598654926405.png (1122x689, 499.03K)

Requesting a sexy version of Lilith's recruitment poster.

Attached: 2C776.png (1420x768, 1.22M)

Requesting Miss Quantum eating a bag of cheetos while on a coach wearing something cozy.

Attached: D7246B33-8353-41BF-B773-5C54F18934F8.jpg (336x336, 16.47K)

Requesting Velma and Marcie as cuddling playboy bunny gals.

Attached: velma and marcie bunny.png (1951x1698, 3.84M)

Requesting Kelsey wearing Eda’s dress.

Attached: Kelsey wearing Edas Outfit.png (1242x963, 245.43K)

>>117396121Requesting Sailor Moon in tears of joy in front of the DC Big Three after seeing the Snyder Cut trailer.

Attached: WhenHeroesCry.jpg (3264x1916, 1.34M)

Requesting Tendi and Beast Girl swapping outfits.

Attached: Outfit swap references.png (704x1049, 759.52K)

Requesting Femseid cuddling with a little user on a bed.

Attached: AE3516CA-DE99-4428-8256-C9DACD432EC5.jpg (515x596, 28.53K)

Requesting modern Frosta in the costume & pose the original had in the She-Ra coloring book.

Attached: frosta coloring book.png (1614x1464, 1.22M)

Requesting pic on the left with either Slappy or Eda Clawthorne

Attached: sugar grannys.jpg (1920x1080, 846.06K)

Requesting a military-style pinup of G.I. Joe's Dial Tone II.If you can reference the fact that she's with Marine Corps Communications, even better.

Attached: DialTone.png (844x705, 586.62K)

Requesting Scotswoman dressed as Gloria from Pokemon Sword and Shield

Attached: Scottish Pokemon trainer.png (662x562, 178.32K)

Requesting a cute kiss with Lake and Jesse.

Attached: lake jesse kiss.png (1755x1707, 824.39K)

Requesting Mai from Avatar TLA wearing her own custom style BGC Knight Saber power armor

Attached: Knight Saber Mai Request (1).jpg (7492x3848, 3.34M)

>>117396121Requesting your waifu or husbando making the same face like pic related.

Attached: 20200903_025646.jpg (1080x1548, 324.37K)

requesting White Diamond wearing a wedding dress while holding a man in a tuxedo

Attached: 1598660683149.png (907x697, 993.05K)

Anyone wanting draw goth/obscure waifus?:I just want Futura(right) giving Kylie(without her orange chest protector) a headlock noogie like in the reference. That or Kylie doing something that used be very common back in the 90's.

Attached: 1593115138499.png (1134x620, 721.2K)

>>117396121>>117396121Requesting this with your waifu.

Attached: 7XuJl7lW.jpg_medium.jpg (622x890, 90.88K)

>>117401397Suggesting Kylie Griffin from Extreme Ghostbusters

Attached: 5467765567.png (1920x1080, 400.3K)


Attached: aushannon.png (642x638, 329.36K)

Requesting Emma Frost teaching sex Ed + her male students focused on her and what she’s talking about

Attached: B09343BC-22E6-4B2E-8C5F-5EF52DFC0693.jpg (1401x2128, 557.17K)

Katella wearing the bikini in the reference, can be any color

Attached: Katella bikini request.jpg (1339x905, 693.14K)

Requesting Zatanna and her carpenter, Mikey, having swapped outfits.

Attached: Mikey and Zatanna.png (1700x1795, 3.68M)


Attached: yummi vampirina.jpg (1210x1973, 1.14M)

Requesting the image on the top with Iris, Auriana, and Talia. Just make it so Auriana is actually resting her head on top of Talia's ass.

Attached: 205652.jpg (1080x1648, 303.15K)


Attached: a nice back.jpg (1092x1774, 2.1M)

requesting this pic with Ruby and user

Attached: 1598734170665.png (1127x693, 454.11K)

Requesting Kim Pine walking and her dress riding up until her ass is hanging out

Attached: ki.jpg (3199x2243, 1.19M)

Requesting Deadshot placing a bear trap on the floor while holding a sniper rifle or shotgun with one hand/arm.

Attached: Deadshot.jpg (1563x1056, 173.49K)

Requesting Miko Kubota (Glitch Techs) dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog

Attached: Miko_-_Profile.png (417x781, 128.28K)

Requesting Amity with this hairstyle

Attached: untitled (8).png (1103x1000, 958.5K)


Attached: savage axel.jpg (1092x1832, 1.9M)

>>117402743Excellent. Thanks. The trio is complete

requesting the diamonds wearing duct tape bikinis

Attached: Diamonds Duct Tape Bikini.png (4120x1896, 1.52M)

Requesting Jungle Princess being forced to listen to Fionna complain about how she is not popular anymore

Attached: JP and Fionna.jpg (2112x1170, 1.04M)

Requesting April and The Foot Recruit aka Cassandra “Casey” Jones posed like the girls in the bottom pic

Attached: 10773622-1253-4296-8744-6CCFF5ABE043.jpg (1465x1775, 583.21K)

>>117396156>>117396995>>117399065>>117399239 (with a cheeseburger)>>117399758>>117401397Requesting Jessica Cruz for these requests

Attached: 1590093082763.jpg (1400x1949, 872.11K)

Requesting Lonely Pearl posing with elegance for Blue Pearl as she draws her happily.

Attached: imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-iB8bgUwSMs.jpg (6505x2346, 1.2M)

requesting something with the hula gator girls from tmnts coming out of their shells tour. it's up to you.

Attached: hulla gators.jpg (1024x768, 89.59K)

>>117396121Requesting a redraw but with Morticia Smith.

Attached: rq.png (1228x556, 384.07K)

Requesting Wander as a Vietnam American G.I with a helmet saying: “Sylvia Don’t Surf”

Attached: B7705FF1-D79F-4589-B2D9-85189BD27D04.png (340x356, 58.02K)

Requesting Ruby as an army general, possibly valiantly leading soldiers into a metropolitan sort of city.

Attached: Ruby.png (1658x1935, 1.68M)

>>117401860Nice work

Requesting Catwoman as an Italian chef.

Attached: Chef Selina.png (1386x667, 1.81M)

Requesting a stressed Jessica Jones drinking whiskey behind her desk while various Marvel shenanigans go on outside.

Attached: Jessica Jones.png (1139x738, 1.4M)


>>117396242Here ya go

Attached: P_20200903_023223_p~2.jpg (2637x1778, 804.08K)

Requesting X-23 showing off her Blacked lingerie, bonus if Gabby is there wondering what it means.

Attached: X-23 fit pron request.jpg (2868x1982, 1.31M)

Requesting Pidge studying on a bed while wearing stockings.

Attached: Studying Pidge.png (1400x565, 929.86K)

requesting batkek dabbing

Attached: batchad.jpg (1060x1609, 186.22K)

Requesting a parody of this comic cover featuring Harley Quinn and Ten having a cat fight with some clothing damage. Booster Gold can be the chilled guy watching in the background. Bear in mind that Ten should be bigger and more muscular than Harley.

Attached: Catfight Cover.png (1261x700, 1.59M)

Requesting a redraw of the awkward group date scene from Late night! The Genius Bakabon, with Mandy (from Grim Adventures), Steven (from Steven Universe), GAZ (from Invader ZIM), Wander (from Wander Over Younder), Vana (from Sidekick), Darwin (from Gumball), Vendetta (from Making Fiends), and Butters (from South Park) as the worst possible matches

Attached: BadBlindDate.jpg (1280x3071, 554.13K)

Requesting an alternate version of this Liberator comic cover featuring Barbara Gordon and Pamela Isley as eco rights activists.

Attached: Plant Activists Cover.png (948x833, 1.07M)

Requesting Frida wearing some casual clothes

Attached: IMG_20200430_111615.jpg (651x2790, 276.61K)

requesting user sleeping on cursed Eda's stomach

Attached: 1598661771971.png (1109x680, 756.99K)

Requesting a punk version of Spider Gwen doing something heroic or delinquent or maybe both. With a mask that's tight or sheer to show facial piercings.

Attached: Punk SG.png (880x767, 1.21M)

Requesting Supergirl going to a fortune teller asking about her future, following a second panel where the crystal ball shows Power Girl's cleavage and nothing else.

Attached: DUwfcGdVMAEGQVy.jpg (790x1200, 207.03K)

Requesting the image on the right with Goth Velma and Marcie

Attached: Marcie and Velma.jpg (1952x922, 307.78K)

Requesting Raven with a veil mask in black, blue, or dark purple so she can have more of a secret identity. Maybe a full head one for civilian clothes whenever she is sneaking around.

Attached: Veiled Raven.png (834x798, 1.15M)

Requesting fusion of Spider-Bitch and Panda Delgado

Attached: bitch fusion.jpg (683x624, 387.12K)

Requesting a Rosie the Riveter style poster with Red Tornado (Abigail Hunkel)

Attached: 27AC3359-0CC4-46FE-8D39-B55C8145A7D8.jpg (6271x3063, 3.47M)

>>117396121That's a fucking coool picture.

>>117404430I think that's done by Necro

requesting roar cheetara declaring she's cheeta-ra the ever-living!

Attached: cheeta-ra the ever-living.png (720x384, 310.47K)

requesting Slappy either human or normal your choice dressed as Betty Boop and begrudgingly saying "boop-oop-a-doop"

Attached: 1598663607427.png (1105x475, 481.73K)

Requesting Simon as the frog

Attached: simon request.png (5128x3608, 3.66M)


Requesting the right pic with Shezow.Context of you wantyoutu.be/QYF4KdggUxI?t=820

Attached: Dark Queen Shezow.jpg (1956x753, 185.36K)

Requesting this with the Joker and Harley Quinn.

Attached: Egtjuy0XsAA3J1s.jpg (680x383, 50.01K)

Requesting Yoda trying to train Lupin from Lupin's Tales (as "Luke") on Dagobah, but Lupin keeps goofing around, so Yoda gets annoyed. Lightsaber is optional.

Attached: 20200820_104134.jpg (1920x1671, 1.11M)

>>117397943Requesting Frida dressed as Red Skullspecfictionshop.com/products/red-skull-1-4-scale-statue-by-xm-studios

Attached: rs10_2000x.jpg (658x994, 57.97K)

Requesting Marie being a bad influence on Double D. At first, pressuring him to steal test answers then escalating into TPing, spraying graffiti, robbing a bank, breaking into a jewellery store, helping her get rid of a body, etc.Can be as many as you choose.

Attached: Marie's Accomplice.png (824x755, 1.05M)

Requesting a full body draw of Professor Archimedes Q. Porter from Disney's Tarzan wearing just a loincloth (like the one he's seen wearing at the end of the movie). Keep it safe.

Attached: Professor Archimedes Q. Porter Request.png (1866x1400, 2.3M)

Requesting your waifu dressed like this

Attached: billy idol 4819b497cfcaf3c38d2b14b0a3be8d15.jpg (800x1043, 93.64K)

Requesting T'ana making Mariner clean her fur out.

Attached: t'ana covered in cheese.jpg (1920x1080, 553.31K)

>>117396121Requesting Mrs. Leading from Flapjack having a Keijo battle with The Tavernkeeper from Over The Garden Wall

Attached: 1598948677071.jpg (2497x1367, 1.61M)

Requesting the Lizard eating bugs

Attached: the lizard fingers.gif (500x375, 381.43K)

Requesting Mariner trying to decide.

Attached: mariners boys.png (1019x562, 646.52K)

Requesting this with a character of your choice

Attached: tormented.jpg (950x1234, 1.2M)

Requesting the left pic with Panda.

Attached: panda bikini pop.jpg (2281x1600, 443.41K)

>>117407222Seconding but with Mavis instead

Attached: 1590956510074.jpg (612x612, 30.88K)

Requesting Wonder woman in this scene pinching Batgirl’s lips shut while shushing her.

Attached: 9FAF3CA4-182D-42BC-B232-599007AA8934.jpg (600x314, 42.49K)

Going by the top image, requesting Eda going back to her Maternal Instinct with Luz like in the bottom image.

Attached: MOMMY TOUCHING.jpg (1364x1708, 300.72K)

>>117371474Someone asked for this so bump loldropbox.com/s/zstjre78a2q6p2r/gravylel.jpg?dl=0

Attached: previewfile_1581520229.png (512x512, 160.98K)

Requesting R63 Miles Morales wearing the outfit on the right

Attached: Spider Req.jpg (1625x1803, 346.18K)

Requesting Sam Sparks from Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs, in a wet raincoat, boots, glasses, and nothing else, based on the right pinup.

Attached: sam sparks.png (1690x1212, 1.72M)

Requesting a cheesecakey "jungle girl"-style comic cover for an older Dora the Explorer (looking and dressed like the design on the right).

Attached: dora the explorer.png (1346x1125, 2.23M)

did anyone finished my request? my power was out from hurricane laura

Attached: Untitledredo.jpg (1920x1080, 533.35K)

Requesting Sgt. Calhoun from Wreck-It Ralph posed with a sci-fi rifle suggestively, similar to this.

Attached: Calhoun.png (975x1590, 1.12M)

Requesting the MILF on the left, dressed like the MILF on the right.

Attached: TARANTULA Bess.jpg (2952x3456, 1.26M)

>>117396121Requesting Leggy Lamb putting Miranda from Wakfu into a full-nelson position.

Attached: adf85d8e9950edaba3b63ad3a5690fbb.png (2496x1268, 1.32M)

Requesting Commander Zom, with her demonstrating Earth beach camouflage like so.

Attached: Zom.png (2000x1589, 3.17M)

Requesting the characters from the Powerpuff Girls, Teen Butch tickling Teen Buttercup in the back, like the special pose on the bottom.

Attached: CB31977D-BC28-4269-92A0-8570F73B1AEF.jpg (1200x1920, 261.41K)

Requesting any of the Full Moon POV shots on the bottom, with Cartoon Network-tan.But like in her regular clothes. Not in her underwear or bottomless.

Attached: ARE YOU CN THIS SHIT.jpg (3200x3984, 1.3M)

Requesting Amity having lewd thoughts about Luz

Attached: Amitys lewd thoughts.jpg (1791x2966, 906.52K)

Requesting the left pic with sexy Madam Mim.

Attached: Mim booty lingerie.png (2334x1500, 3.39M)

>>117396677I'm going to do this, but tell me where it's from.

>>117409499Artist Dustindemon.

Requesting Po arguing with Jack of Blades, possibly shooting at/threatening each other with guns.

Attached: Jack and Po.png (1593x894, 893.34K)

Requesting Lilith Clawthorne wearing the outfit on the right.

Attached: 1599094255407.jpg (1496x848, 203.05K)

>>117396677>>117409499>>117409513And people wonder why spammers just won't go away? It's not from any comic or cartoon. It's OC shit. The artist said so himself.

>>117409909And what does the rule says?> However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.

>>117402743Love that toned belly

Requesting Candace wearing the dress of the T-shirt girs from Simpsons episode.

Attached: 1598685678169.jpg (1208x569, 164.9K)

Requesting this but replaces with Scoop from Bob the Builder

Attached: Scoop Polish Face.png (1149x1605, 898.64K)

>>117409909You didn’t read the rules do ya?

>>117396121Requesting Sailor Moon grabbing Daffy Duck in the throat.

Attached: RabbitSeason.jpg (3264x1632, 1.13M)

Requesting Lapis as in the ref image

Attached: 45266646.png (811x1364, 734.96K)

Requesting Anne Marie dressed as Etna

Attached: all doggos go to heaven.jpg (3832x1840, 1.68M)

Requesting Big Deal dressed like Ichiban from Yakuza: like a dragon

Attached: 0B3172C8-0992-4D74-9AA9-9F5DB25ED3E6.jpg (750x392, 192.77K)

Requesting Candace Flynn (left) showing off her lucky Ducky Momo (bottom-right) underwear (like in the top-right image).

Attached: candaceluckyundiesreq.png (702x650, 343.46K)


Attached: A107B384-DD63-42E9-9DA5-96AEEDB28DE6.png (479x835, 191.55K)

>>117411335no OR but holy shit that's Nice

Requesting the image on the top with Camilia Noceda, Mayumi Kubota, and Anne's Mom.

Attached: 83789809_1.jpg (2752x2952, 1.03M)

>>117410805weren't you literally banned not even 2 threads ago, abusefag?

>>117409934>>117410260How's it still Holla Forums, then? It's not even /coc/.

>>117412261Why tho?

>>117403844OR here, The arms look wonk, but the face and head look fantastic, as well as the hoodie up to the neck, nice detail with the back view. Please keep practice and drawing, you clearly have the skill to draw. Thank you for the art.



Requesting Desna wearing the outfit in the right doing some stretches like the girl on the left

Attached: Desna shorts.jpg (4657x1600, 785K)

Requesting an user holding up a Kill la Kill outfit with human Slappy looking annoyed saying, "Yeah, I ain't wearing that."

Attached: no.jpg (2657x1842, 542.99K)

Requesting the left comic with Luz, Gus and Willow. Optionally have a follow up with her snapping her fingers making her clothes change into a playboy bunny outfit saying What are you talking about? I still got it!

Attached: still incredible.jpg (3654x1079, 632.77K)

any cute requests?

>>117413951Requesting something cute with her

Attached: 781BA541-3CD2-4333-BB5A-D12C64AED6CC.jpg (640x480, 22.25K)

>>117413951Oceane enjoying a glass of wine

Attached: 812166CF-A63A-4FBA-AD7E-AAF23790637C.jpg (465x620, 195.41K)

Requesting the Garfield comic with Shadow Weaver and Catra

Attached: Catra.jpg (1200x1089, 186.25K)

>>117413951Is this cute? >>117406056

>>117396121Requesting Harley as Giorno Giorvanna.

Attached: HarleyGirovanna.jpg (3264x3030, 2.28M)

>>117413951DC's Artemis with this cat.

Attached: Artemis.jpg (3264x1632, 590.55K)

Requesting either Adorabat, Hooty, or Owlbert taking a bath in melted chocolate.

Attached: Chocolate.jpg (1840x1079, 536.71K)

>>117413951Is this cute? >>117401319I meant Kylie is a copy of Futura, just look her haircut. weak must fear the strong

Requesting Blake Belladonna crazily wielding a scalpel or any other surgical tool, while dressed as a surgeon.

Attached: Blake.png (1932x1805, 1.42M)

Requesting a drawing of "The Waifustein/Frankenwaifu Monster", a FotM abomination we cooked up lasted Spooktober

Attached: Waifustein Monster.png (1020x784, 379.29K)

>>117396121Requesting teenage Tommy in the DCSHG style hitting on one of the girls

Attached: Tommy.png (2051x900, 2.31M)

Requesting these two cuties, kissing each other on the mouth.

Attached: life with kurami req.jpg (2048x2512, 882.34K)

>>117413951Simon from Infinity train petting the cat like in pic related

Attached: the cat request.png (4320x1456, 2.63M)

Requesting Iron Man 2020 on top of a mountain of skulls with the text "THE YEAR 2020". It's been a rough/weird year, fellas

Attached: Iron Man 2020.jpg (1186x1089, 313.07K)

>>117413994Also thank you to everyone, maybe another time I do more

Attached: 1.png (992x1398, 1.07M)

requesting Pink Steven and Lion fighting like the Nemean Lion and Hercules

Attached: 1598669369300.png (1078x692, 1.03M)

>>117396121Requesting a supervilain or superhero with the powers of a water brear.

Attached: tardigrade.jpg (1200x627, 68.81K)


requesting tmnts tokka and rahzar at WrestleMania 7 or rahzar made classy.

Attached: tokka rahzar.jpg (1280x1024, 164.33K)

Requesting Mary Jane transform into Red Sonja ala She-Ra' style

Attached: mj red sonja.jpg (1524x1107, 999.32K)

>>117413951I’m already late to the party but eh, I’ll give this a try. Can you do this if you have some time to spare? >>117397406


>>117415699>someone is finally doing the Hilda snowman onebased

Requesting Mojo Jojo as a Proboscis Monkey.

Attached: 1280812.png (1280x556, 700.7K)

Requesting Eda in some pre-Owl House meme attire.

Attached: eda meme attire.jpg (2668x1448, 603.58K)

Requesting June del Toro in shorts like this.

Attached: Juneshorts.png (1822x1532, 2.63M)


Attached: B94EA529-0564-4164-AFF7-5C700CD36945.png (549x998, 214.12K)

>>117416299Wouldn't that just be Hacha Chacha from the film?

>>No.117388605gave it a shot

Attached: Panda.jpg (3000x3000, 1.69M)

>>117417417Weird but serviceable.

requesting this but with Tendi

Attached: tendi 2.png (909x681, 727.64K)

>>117414186>>117417299Fixed a few details

Attached: E279D5D2-100B-4D8A-AAE4-B9445A4A7236.png (549x998, 214.25K)

Requesting Chel sitting with her legs spread like Holli Would is on the left with it vary obvious that she isnt wearing any panties underneath her loincloth. The Chun Li pic is what I mean by vary obvious.

Attached: chel spread legs.jpg (2551x595, 216.94K)


Attached: Snowman.png (1500x1394, 1.2M)

>>117417998this is super cute, nice work user


requesting Vicky from The Fairly OddParents dressed like Cree Lincoln from Codename: Kids Next Door

Attached: request12.png (881x528, 435.03K)

Requesting the right pic with Amity grabbing Luz

Attached: enjoy it.jpg (2444x960, 383.01K)

>>117396121Miko & Ridley from Glitch Techs as Misato & Ritsuko from Evangelion, use either scenes or your own idea's for one that you desire.

Attached: Miko & Ridley_NGE.png (2170x1170, 2.76M)

>>117417998OR here, this is bloody amazing! Do you have a Twitter by any chance?

this isn't a delivery, I just wanted to share this piece of fanart I finished, I'm kinda proud of it.

Attached: beachday mk.png (2424x1400, 3.31M)

Requesting Fusions of Sean Giambrone characters.

Attached: Fusion.png (938x1050, 364.13K)

Requesting Primer shiny and chrome

Attached: PRIMER_CVR_gallery_5ddc1ce9772372.01404261.jpg (1896x1070, 461.01K)

>>117396121Not a request want to ask. Did this picture get made because of all the ghostbuster jokes in the Avengers game?

>>117419915Is that game good? The combat looked like shit in the videos put out

>>117419597Jeff and Yumyulack just make Morty

>>117396310Here ya go

Attached: P_20200903_185453_p~2.jpg (1712x3026, 811.03K)

Requesting John Henry drawn in the Baki style

Attached: steel_driving_man.png (1077x684, 926.88K)

>>117417716Thanks, I assume.

>>117396310Forgot the horns, here is the update, my bad.

Attached: P_20200903_190011_p.jpg (1836x3264, 2.01M)

>>117419973meeeeh. Fun with friends core. I might get it but not on release

>>117396121as manly as possible

Attached: ManlyMuscleMen.jpg (1562x733, 254.68K)

Requesting Movie Jetfire holding the mug.

Attached: JetfireReckoning.jpg (3264x1632, 993.53K)

>>117412748thanks for the critique, it's always welcomed.

>>117420344Figured. I'll wait until I can grab a used copy somewhere

>>117419993Don't start with that crap.

>>117419915Nah, it's a play on the Hulkbuster and Thorbuster armors.

>>117396121requesting our favorite green dorito eating green doritosreference bellowi2.wp.com/mundo-nipo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Doritos-queijo-com-abacate-Foto-Divulgacao-900x600.jpg?fit=900,600&ssl=1

Attached: 1579501602196.png (1000x1000, 190.97K)

>>117419200very nice


Attached: grown up Lara.jpg (1024x2048, 148.37K)

>>117421615Very solid user, thank you!

Requesting Ruby and Sapphire sitting next to user at the bar and flirting with him

Attached: rub sap.jpg (1920x1920, 725.46K)

>>117420343Wings too but thanks a lot, user

>>117417998this is wholesome as fuck, love the perspective too

Requesting Roberta and Sherman from "I've got Batman in my Basement" in this kind of pose but wearing their normal outfits.

Attached: IveGotBatmanInMyBasement.png (1913x1649, 2.76M)

>>117417998That's super kawaii as hell. Great job