Where did his parents put the stairs?

Where did his parents put the stairs?

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>>117393136The garage

>>117393136They didn't put it anywhere.Ed was just hallucinating do to his midnight snack binging. He was dreaming that his parents were punishing him for being a bad bro to Sarah.What actually happened was, he was sleepwalking, and he just... took the entire thing apart in his sleep. It's gone. Maybe he ate it.

>>117393136Why is that disturbing?It's a bit extreme but it's not like they taped him to the wall and fed him through a straw.

>>117393666It's damn close to that.


>>117393666Sarah basically did. She shoved buttered toast under his locked and guarded (by Jimmy) bedroom door.

>>117393136Into a good cartoon that's beloved worldwide and not just for some suburban Murricans.

>>117393136Because they were renovating them. They just told Ed that as a joke and he took it too seriously.

>>117393724Only America and Japan make good cartoons

Legitimate question, what happened to those two houses?


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>>117393666Look Satan, his parents physically trapped him in the fucking basement so he couldn't leave. If there's a fire or a gas leak, he's fucking dead, something that could be easily avoided if they didn't do something as hard to undo as removing the goddamn stairs.

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>>117394793They even put bars over his window so he couldn't get out that way.

>>117394793>>117394812All the adults in the show have serious issues.

>>117394793I wonder how much of Ed's upbringing Sarah actually had to do, his parents clearly didn't care about him much.

>>117394838And serious arm hair.

>>117393634>Maybe he ate it.If it was anyone else, I'd say that is ridiculous. But this IS Ed.

>>117394793In fairness to Monobrow's parents, I'm not entirely sure a fire or gas explosion could actually kill Ed. The lad is sturdy.

>>117394863Not all of them.

>>117394903His mom is Johnny though. That's dangerous enough.

>>117394855Ed's dad probably doesn't care about the family. Ed mention that "HE WILL JUST SIT THERE AND JUST WATCH TV", or how he will complain that "he just got home from work", had Sarah snitch on him.

>>117394967>She'll tell mom>And mom'll tell dad>And dad will just SIT THERE AND WATCH TV!

>>117394955So Ed's half black?

>>117395097No, it's just his mom is Johnny.

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>>117394967>>117394985Yeah, he doesn't get involved.Ed's mom on the other hand plays favorites with Sarah, which is why she's such an annoying cunt.>>117395132>the one time there are breasts on the show and it's not even the KankersFFFFFUUUUUUUUU-

Can somebody write something?


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>>117396529You didn't write that.

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>>117393136>My parents took 'em down cause I had sex with Sarah.

>>117393136Nowhere. They painted them blue and knew Ed wouldn't think to check if they were actually gone.

>>117393666They removed an entire set of stairs, Satan. Not only should you ask why but how.

>>117393136upstairs, duh.

>>117394855>what am I, his keeper?>yes?>...he's out back

>>117393136They made Ed eat the stairs.


>>117399969I see's may having k cups reaching to her belly than marie

>>117393136Considering how much damage Ed is capable of this is probably the only way to restrain him

>>117394985you don't want dad to get up

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>>117402003with how sturdy Ed is I imagine his dad is Superman levels of powerfulbut only when he decides to actually get up from his chair

>>117393136I wonder what Double D's parents look like.


>>117401827K for Kanker HHAAAA!!!

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>>117404337but really though, all three of the kanker sister should’ve eventually grew Kcups

>>117393666>taped him to the wall and fed him through a straw.Is this a reference to another episode of ed edd n eddy. Because I'm having the weirdest sense that visual was in an episode.

>>117393136Great reactions.>>117396529What is scarier? An angry Ed or and Evil Ron??

>>117393136I feel bad for Ed. his parents treat him like an animal. and sarah makes it worse.


>>117394793Bro. He can smash doors easily

>>117394967His dad isn't in the wrong here. >Get home from work>First thing that happens is your daughter comes bitching to you about some non-serious thing your son did.>Your wife will bitch at you for not punishing Ed despite you just getting home from work and wanting to watch TV for 1-2 hours to decompress.

>>117395199>Ed's mom on the other hand plays favorites with Sarahthe idea of parents playing favorites is fucked up.


>>117393724Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy is one of the greatest cartoons ever created. Shut your gay ass cow mouth.

>>117404791My sisters claim my mother does this. At one point she had my school photo on a window sill flanked by candles, and my younger sister angrily claimed my mom made a shine to me.Shit still makes me laugh to this day.

>>117393768ed edd n eddy is canadian i believe

>>117402003>>117402523Is Ed's dad Khorne? it would make sense. The one time we see Ed any kind of angry the output does not match the input at all. He eats a slide because he has a pebble in his shoe, imagine if he had actual targeted rage. Ed's dad is Khorne

>>117394793Ed has serious retard strength, if he wanted he could just break through his fucking wallThe only reason he doesn't is because he fears his family

>>117405175>>117405899The creator of Ed Edd and Eddy has said that the show is based on being Italian. His dad and uncles thought they were better than everyone and foul mouthed. It could be that Ed's dad destroyed the stairs to punish his kid and get his wife off his back. What makes it disturbing is that Eddy's parents are implied to be based and go for rewards and tools of the trade to get him to behave. Ed's dad just want to watch tv instead of nagging wife

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>>117406303>basedYou clearly don't seem to know what that word means.

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>>117407334>You clearly don't seem to know what that word means.You clearly don't seem to know what that word means.

>>117407334Ed Edd and Eddy is the one show where the actors look like the characters>>117407544

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>>117407696Plainly untrue. Sam isn't a femboy.

>>117407544>You clearly don't seem to know what that word means.

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>>117393136Damn how is this shit sill funny?

>>117407861Double D is the smart kid dressed in baggy hip hop clothing with cornrows. Without Eddy, he'd pretty much be a drug dealer

>>117407949It's both very straight yet still very much bizarre.

>>117407949The Eds are using the Discipline Cotton would approve of. It's strict but fair

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>>117407909>>You clearly don't seem to know what that word means.

>>117393666based satan

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>>117393724The show is Canadian lmfao


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>>117408656I was hoping you'd at least post other reaction images.

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>>117393634I love this post.

>>117408444Triplets recognize triplets.

>>117408666Ok satan

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>>117404791It's the reason why I let my own faggot brother choke half to death until he was braindead and in a coma. I'm not even mad or regretful.

>>117404361Okay.Marie still wins with other endowments as well.

>>117404805Weird Al is the fucking best.

>>117408763>I'm not even madSounds like you were at least mad enough about it to let your own faggot brother choke half to death until he was braindead and in a coma.

>>117409477I think he meant about his decision.

>>117408666>>117393666Here you go, you demons. m.youtube.com/watch?v=3iSAi1WE03I

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>>117410704>>117411429>>117412221What did Danny Antonucci mean by this?

>>117412388By what exactly?

>>117412443Oh, you know. The Kankers turning into trashy slobby 50 foot tall ladies that shoot laser beams out of their armpits.

>>117412498Why don't you ask him?

>>117412498Why wouldn't they? They did eat over-irradiated mashed potatoes.

What are the best seasons/episodes of this show? I tried watching some episodes and it was kinda funny but it felt like half the appeal of it is rooted in nostalgia

>>117412699That's a tough question.

>>117412498One word: Canada

>>117412498Okay, but seriously, >>117393986

>>117412531The real world reason, not the in-universe one.

>>117413130ians are weird

>>117412699There's good episodes in all of them, even the later seasons. Watch it all if you can.

>>117404372The only thing I can think of is when Monster Ed stuck a bunch of people to the wall with chewed cereal. Or when Jimmy stuck the Eds to a wall and had people pelt them with rotten food as revenge.



>>117394985That always made me laugh cause that was basically my dad.

>>117393136Their closet, have you never been grounded before

>>117416990Was your mom a cunt like Ed's too?

>>117407949Because it's just absurd enough to be funny but not too much

>>117407696My favorite part of those interviews is how they talk about the little subtle things that made them seem even more like their cartoon counterparts. Like how Ed's VA drove a big junky pickup truck to work, Edd's drove a tidy little hybrid and Eddy's drove a convertible that he drove way too fast around the parking lot

>>117418062How big is the closet?

>>117418584Nah she didn't have too much favoritism besides my oldest brother but generally if one of us was in trouble we were all in trouble. Her punishment style was chores. If we even looked bored we had to deep clean the house and I think she was hardest on my little sister.

>>117393136In the specially designated stair-storage space.


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