Who would win?

And also, which one is best.And also, who would do the best if they all swapped situations.

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>>117392304Us, since we get to enjoy them all.

>>117392304They take turns on Dipper's dipper

>>117392304Anne. She wants it more.

>>117392304In a fight1 Anne2 Tulip3 The gay witch4 Little Dipper

The Train is mostly pretty calm compared to the other three, and out of all of ITs protagonists Tulip did the least fighting.Luz, while the oldest and putting up a bit of a delinquent street, was mostly protected by her Witch Aunt, and the Boiling Isles aren't THAT dangerous, most of the danger is, again, because her guardian is a fugitive.Dipper has some decent feats, especially since he helped stop the world from ending.........but...he pretty much ALWAYS has help, and he relies on the journels too much.Anne literally got teleported into a jungle with no context or memory of what happened, and had to spend a decent bit of time on her own, fighting off giant bugs and surviving in a cave with no one to help her.And even when she DOES get help, she's doing alot of the fighting personally in a dangerous world.Anne wrecks Luz and Tulip hard, the Journal might give her some trouble, but odds are she impales Dipper on a stick and kills the bastard,

>>117392304win at what? what version of these characters are we talkin' bout here.like, is this season 1 dipper or season 2?

>>117392304no one, they'd all become friends

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Anne had to survive in a jungle with no memory of how she got there, no hope in her mind of going home, and no one to comfort here, as she fought off giant bugs, monsters, and slept in a cold cave without shelter, for over a week before finding the town.And even then, she continued to fight alot of crap.None of the others can compare. The train atleast provides some degree of direction and the occaisonal other human.Dipper had his family along his side, along with a comfy bed to sleep in.Luz has a fucking witch protecting her.

>>117392304In terms of going for the others scenarios?I think the Infinity Train would probably eat Luz alive when going about how much of asshole she actually is and that she is really into the Wishfullfillment thing so she would probably go Apex and keep her number on purpose. until she eventually gets a FUCK YOU car, especially since she is prone to bad decisions.Tulip successfully goes home in all scenarios with minimal Wackiness and is the "safest" bet in spite of being a NERD if "Go Home" is the win condition because she is basically a Marche.Anne is a wild card as she has skills, but unlike Tulip is yet to hit her "Win Condition".Dipper would probably get off the train faster then Tulip did Mabel would not and that would drag him down. but overall slower.Basically: Tulip, Anne and Dipper can clear Scenarios, Luz gets wrecked without her witch guardian cause she is a asshole with no sense of selfpreservation.

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>>117392304>Who would win?The one with magic powers, unless it is in the human world where they don't work, in this case it would be Anne.>Which one is bestDipper>Who would do the best if they all swapped situationsDipper

>>117392758You went into heavy detail with some of them (Luz is going to be stuck on the train for a long time) and skimmed over some of them others.

Might fill it out later when my thumbs feel less sore, if anyone else is autistic enough be my guest

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>>117393129I need more information about what was supposed to be there

>>117392403Luz would shitstomp everyone because she actually has op powers

>>117393231>>117393185I was going for "You write what happens to each character if they had to survive in that location."

>>117392414Why would the journals give her trouble in a fight they aren’t gonna do much. This is much more of a fight between Anne and Tulip with the winner cleaning up the other 2. Which Anne will win due to constantly fighting giant bugs and receiving training

>>117392758Dipper has some self steem issues and sibling shit, even without Mabel he wouldnt go very fastLuz isnt that much of an asshole, she just lacks self awareness, but I do agree she'd be the slowest

>>117393129Sure why not?Thoughts?

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>>117393687Luz:>>Eaten by Gremoblin.>>Eaten by Ghom>>Eaten by Giant Mantid.Kek

Phineas and Ferb

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>>117393257Summoning zombies can be an effective weapon

>>117393687Luz gets fucking stomped omg.What's with all the focus on The Blind Eye though?

>>117392304Steven Wins

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I'm a firm believer that Luz can and will beat the shit out of someone after Eda's influence. It would be down to her and Dipper.

>>117393687Luz would get shat on at start of the series, by S1 finale she'd basically destroy all of them except maybe Gravity falls

>>117393876Blind eye is the main roadblock because they are the keepers of normalcy. They will mindwipe anyone trying to alter the status quo

>>117393876Well, considering Bill isn't a problem(unless they find the incantation in a cave and are stupid enough to summon him) and a lot of the other creatures were mostly actively sought, the goal of "Surviving a Summer in Gravity Falls" has other threats. The Blind Eye will actively pursue and mind wipe anyone who gets too acquainted with supernatural stimuli, especially if they make a fuss.Luz is never gonna live long enough to have to worry about that, but both Tulip and Anne are going to have to deal with them if they want to complete the assigned task.

>>117393952Little cringe. Unless you make it just Steven and Dipper which makes it based

>>117393977>>117393967I was under the impression he meant at the start of the series.Luz was carried by Eda most of Season 1 and was a complete idiot at the start of the show. She's screwed in the other worlds without Witch Momma to carry her the initial leg.

>>117392304They’d all end up having a foursome with Dipper

>>117393952Kill yourself

>>117394078It was like 18 people at best white memory guns. Not exactly very dangerous or powerful

>>117394081Thats partly because Eda was hilarious bad as a teacher and straight up refused to do any teaching, ignoring the fact that The Boiling Isles is by far the most hostile of all of these settings The moment Luz gets ice magic she becomes dramatically more useful

>>117394078Considering the ddude seems to have intended start of the show, Luz isn't living long enough to worry about them.So the question is whether Tulip and Anne could deal with them or not, because I'm pretty sure "Getting mind fucked to the point you forget your gender" is a loss.Anne could at the very least probably escape a grab, lure them into the woods, and spear them all to death. Assuming she's come this far she's probably gotten the skills she gained in her week in the woods just like she did in Amphibia.Most of the Blindeye are older men who aren't especially agile, and they seem to be bound up in their tradition and rules.Tulip is a bit iffier since she's not as much of a fighter as Anne, I'd say she gets in the same situation Dipper and Robbie did, and gets mind fucked.

>>117394171I can confirm I intended them to be at the start of the journey, the new one replaces the old one, base form start of show, so Luz is fucked.If you wanna do a seperate chart for end of series, like, if they went on this new jounrey after finishing the initial one, do that, although specify which it is

>>117393687Boiling Isles is obscenely dangerous place, by far, far the most dangerous one. Besides the one town, its basically weirdmageddon mode on all the time If they dont get a thing with Eda they are dead in 20 minutes tops, and the thing is that none of the others really have the type of autism to actually get it on going with her except maybe Dipper

>>117393687BI would fucking eat tulip and anne. Dipper has a small shot as described, but without Eda no one survives more than a day in that place

>>117394260Dipper would probably be fine, he'd work with her knowing his track record.I think that first reply guy made a mistake in assuming Tulip and Anne would cooperate with the Witchy Woman though. I might just need to fill out the chart meself to correct that....maybe

>>117393687My favorite joke about the beginning of Amphibia is that they completely skip the whole introduction of the world for the girls. No big sense of wonder or questioning what's real. You just see them stealing the box in the intro, and then they just immediately cut to a week or two later to the point that Anne's already gone feral survivalist mode.

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>>117393687Revised Version, I clearly fucked with with the Boiling Isles

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>>117394508Revised version above, look I was looking for a missing Coffee Cup ok?

>>117393952No fair, Steven has superpowers, of course he would win most of those. Though I hear the Boiling Isles are intense. So maybe he might go psycho.

>>117393216We’ve already confirmed that she only has those powers on the boiling isles. What makes you think the fight would happen there?

>>117394440If Anne trusted an shady guy who thought he was being too obvious with what he was planning then she would definitely trust Eda

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>>117392304>Who would win?In what? A fight, a competition (what kind?), what are you talking about?

>>117394547Then you take Chart Guys chart and make your own attempt, I just wanted to be the first to have a go at it.

>>117394537We could strapolate that she needs background magic to function, in GF there is definitely enough and maybe on Amphibia there could be enoughNot sure on the train though, the workings of it are too weirdLuz and Anne are definitely the most dangerous ones if given time to prepare, Dipper and Tulip are just barely above average smart kids.

>>117393216What can she do? Also Anne has Ultra Instinct. So unless Luz has great defenses, she gets her throat slashed

Luz wins

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>>117394440>>117394611The suckage is real with this lad.JK glad you got the ball rolling. A bit too hard on Luz though IMO.

>>117394630Depends somewhat on set up of the fight. Luz would definitely win on a location shes defending, cause she'd fill it with rune traps.

>>117394673>Needing prepPathetic

>>117394629Powers they only have in their setting shouldn’t count. You can just assume Luz can do magic all of the sudden when we clearly see it doesn’t work when she’s back on earth.

the untrending should fear the high ratings

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>>117394547Eda is a different kind of shady (hootie is also really off puting, Luz just has too much autism), also chances are Eda doesnt like her like at all, and just leaves her out to die

>>117394673>>117394630>>117394629>>117394605Oh, so we're moving on from the "Swapped Scenarios" and onto the FIGHT TO THE DEATH!Nice. Alsi I'll specify neutral terrain, let's say....uh.....Anne Luz and Tulip all get portaled out in the same location, while Dipper just happens to be nearby after his bus broke down.All of them have an entire shows worth of experience and full access to their abilities. No allies...........I BET EVERYTHING ON ANNE

>>117394706See >>117393826

>>117394691Then its boring cause shes just an idiot girl out to die. Lets set the fight on each turf then, on the BI Luz shits on everyone except maybe Anne>>117394685Her power set up depends on traps for stronger attacks so yeah

>>117394733>Owl House beating Gravity Fallsfucking incredible

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>>117394727Anne kills everyone cause she has ultra instinc and all the others are just normal kidsIf Luz has magic then Dipper and Tulip die immediately to collateral damage, but Luz eventually gets shat on close combat when Anne closes the gap if Luz doesnt get prep for traps

>>117394759Well sucks to suck. Guess Anne can just blow her up like that cannibal frog family>>117394773I still say Steven doesn’t work with these settings, he’s too strong. Base humans are already doing great

>>117394727Luz has fucking magic, what does Anne have? A twig?.....Dipper might be a problem considering he has a book full of spells n shit

>>117394643Exodia!? No one's ever been able to summon him!

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>>117394806Start of series Steven is pretty weak, he could get through the Train, Gravity Falls and MAYBE Amphibia (and thats a 50/50 from me), but Boiling Isles would kill him in a day or twoNo way he gets it going with Eda, she'd fucking hate him

>>117394859Should have posted Marcy

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>>117394888Oh I was going off the Steven in that pic, Future and shit. And I don’t know, Season 1 Steven and Luz are on the same level of annoying to me.

I find it amuzing how Luz is generally seen as the shittiest while Boiling Isles is also widely considered the hardest setting

>>117394918Future Steven is hilariously OP

>>117394918Luz has autism, Steven is just a dumb, ultra good and nice kid. Eda wouldnt like him at all, she'd leave him out to die after an hour

>>117394905I didn't have an appropriately scared/surprised Marcy

>>117394961Yeah, when you’re fucking up a house by screaming, you’re kind of strong>>117394993Makes sense I guess

>>117394857A wooden spear is a humans best weapon, my friend.Anne is channeling the energy of her ancestors

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>>117393231Each of them is the name of the setting. The demon world of OH is named The Boiling Isles

Hidden Final Round: How would they surrive in Bone's The Valley?

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>>117394993I stopped watching Owl House after five minutes, Luz seemed like a nice kid albeit annoying, what does Eda like about her?

>>117394727I'd probably say either Dipper or Luz, since they'd both use ranged attacks.

>>117395031I was about to point out how wrong that was, but then I remembered she spent a couple weeks surviving in the woods on her own in Amphibia and was this close to gutting the others when they found her.

>>117394961I actually think godzilla steven could have split earth in half

>>117393687Luz is a goof but she'd do fine in Gravity Falls. In general that place is more weird than dangerous for newcomers.

>>117395228No, probably just go Godzilla and maybe do some radiation thing

>>117395122Survival in the valley depends entirely on how quickly you can befriend grandma Ben.

>>117395135Witch autism, which Eda took a liking to. Also she has an actitude and a spine, early Steven doesnt reallyEda is sketchy as shit, so of the others only Dipper would try to associate himself with, and hes also the kind of nerdy idiot Eda would like. Anne, Tulip and even Steven would die very quickly on the Boiling Isles

>>117395295He threw the ice cream freezer at the Centipeedle

>>117395270Oddly similar to Boiling Isles+Eda

>>117394806Don’t know the tism red head has imaginary super powers

>>117395450Endless is a real physical place. She’s just strong there because she has control there since it’s mind linked

>>117395295Let's just be glad Mabel isn't involved.She'd annoy Eda, and leave them doomed on the Isles, and extend their stay on the train for a long damn time.

What are the featsies on em for the fight to death?End of show.

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>>117395645Dipper pretty much stayed the same Tulip fought a mech with a metal pipe Anne’s show still isn’t over Not sure about the last one since I don’t watch the owl house

>>117394383The nights were the hardest

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>>117395645>end of showAnon, two of the characters in that pic still have their show ongoing.

>>117395715you know what i mean

>>117395703Some bugs may have raped her without she noticing it.

>>117395703First off, fuck the show for not going into detail on the (days? WEEKS!?!) she spent in a monster invested woods on her own with no memory of how she got there. That's some fucky shit, probably scarred for life, I want some fanfiction.Second, stuff like that makes me want to route for Anne. Luz only lasted as long as she did because of big Witch momma protecting her early on until she pulled an Elsa, Anne was out scrapping for herself

>>117395645Tulip and Dipper die immediatealy, Luz puts up an impressive fight but once Anne fights her on close range she dies fast

>>117395703>>117395843Both Anne and Sasha go the short end of the stick when transported to Amphibia - Anne was in the wilderness for weeks and Sasha was too for however long it took for the toads to find and capture her. Sasha may have even been worse of considering she was chained and imprisoned until Toad Tax which was a good month or so after they got zapped to Amphibia whereas Anne got adopted by the Plantars after her stint in the wild. Marcy was fucking lucky to land in the most advanced city and be able to jump straight into LARPing as a rogue.

>>117396064Dipper I get but why would Tulip go down immediately?

>>117392304Tulip. Everyone else sucks.

>>117396157Uh.....>>suuuuuurrrreeThis young girl, who's best attack is swinging a metal pipe, can DEFINITELY take out a girl with ice powers, a kid with a spell book, and a girl who's a feral survivalist with a spear

Which of their parents is going through the most amount of anxiety. (not counting dipper of course)

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>>117396149Luz and Anne are explicitely superhuman. Tulip is just a regular kid

>>117396473Luz's mom the least, she's been fed lies so she thinks shes doing fine in summer camp

>>117396473Well if time on Earth is flowing at the same rate as it is in Amphibia, probably Anne's. She disappeared with her friends randomly and it's been three months - most would immediately thnk they all died somewhere doing something stupid or got trafficked by criminals.

>>117396473The amphibia parents, their kids were just gone and its been months of 0 news

>>117396538I was about to point out, apparently the boiling isles can connect to earth via phone....somehow...., so Luz's mom thinks she's fine.


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>>117396574While the portal is open Luz can connect, this is explicity mentioned in an episode when King was trying to watch cat videosWith the portal captured by Belos though, shes probably completely cut off. But someone has been mailing her mom fake letters anyways

>>117396538Tulip vanished for 5 months after running away. Wouldn't they be more worried?

>>117396627She came back. The Amphibia parents are still floating on no information

>>117396646I kind meant prior to that, but yeah I guess.

>>117396473Does Luz's mom have a hormone disorder? She looks like she never went through puberty.

>>117396473>Luz's mom thinks Luz is fine (But with the portal down that will change, even with letters)>Tulip's mom probably was devastated as train time is 1:1, but Tulip is back now (I expected some crying scene of her and her parents, not sure why that didn't happen)>Anne's mom lost her kid on her birthday, but that's assuming Amphibia time is 1:1 (or any sort of flowing time)Better question is, which one would you fug?

>>117396773Luz's mom looks hormonally challenged so not her

>>117396773Looks like Some Puerto Rican Guy is on the loose again

>>117396773Anne’s mom

So....who does best in a POST SHOW scenario(or Present Show)As in, the new adventure occurs AFTER they've gone through the first one

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>>117396939>DipperPretty much the same, hes still a defenseless kid>TulipAlso the same>LuzRoll overs pretty much any monster in the setting as well as Blind Eye, Gideon might be mildly annoying, but Bill will most likely get the better of her>AnneRolls over the Train and GF, albeit Bill might still get her. Boiling Isles still murders the fuck out of her in 2 days flat

>>117392304I vote for a fifth option, the choices here suck.

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>>117397056Oh and Luz on Amphibia and TrainTrain, she still gets screwed by the cult, but her number is unlikely to get too high. She gets out after a whileAmphibia: murders the fuck out of everything, could get to civilization with ease

>>117397056Gideon was only really a physical threat in his first appearence when he had the amulet.After that he became like a saturday morning cartoon villain for the rest of Season 1, and he ended up winning with plain ole dynamite and legal procedure.(BTW What was the deal with that amulet anyway? They never explain where he got it, it never came up again, his later appearences didn't make a big deal of it, and the entire point of the season finale was to make it clear he never had psychic powers. So what the fuck was up with the amulet?)

>>117396773No one for Tulip's mom? She's cute.

>>117397178Luz stomps him yes. Bill is still a problem, especially with his deals and shit

>>117392304>annerapes them in a fight>dipperbig brain skills>tulipdipper but shittier>luzjobber tier, still stronger than dipper

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>>117397256Bill wouldn't even be a problem unless they summoned him or pissed off Gideon enough.Gideon was only a problem because Mabel was a coward and wouldn't break up herself, and Bill couldn't come through the portal wormhole without Stan opening it, which required Journal 3, which Dipper found(Journal 1 is in Stans Basement and Journal 2 is with Gideon, so again, our new character is unlikely to find them)So Bill and even Gideon are unlikely issues. It's a few of the more set in stone monsters (Summerween Trickster is a big one) and of course the Blind Eye that are the big problems

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>>117397434Both Luz and Anne stomp any monster in GF, and even blind eye wouldnt be much of an issue

Tulip is fucked.So....Dipper, who has a decent set of summons on the journal, most notably zombies, and knows how to throw a punch and fight a good fight thanks to his training with Stan and the Manotaurs, vs Anne, a borderline superhuman girl who is a beast at melee combat and can throw a wooden spear hard enough to pierce flesh, vs Luz, who has access to witch magic, notably ice, and is a fast runner.So........what happens?

>>117397278Luz magicks are the real deal in the latter portion of the season

>>117397980Don't count her out yet. I mean she did fight a mech with a pipe

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>>117398347I'm pretty sure Anne could do that

>>117392304fuck dipper, marry anne, kill green girl. luz looks like a monkey.

>>117392304I think MT would be a better player, Tulip is just a normal kid.>made of metal, strong>fighter, has the willingness to kill>but disagreeable and probably less intelligent

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>>117398794The idea was they were all young teens who got shanghaied into a world of mystery and magic away from their parents.MT breaks the mold.But eh, the thread is middle aged by 4chan standards, so sure.LAKE MT ENTERS THE RING, REPLACING THE VERY VERY DEAD TULIP. HOW DO THEY DO IN THE FIRST SCENARIO SWAP CHALLENGE? THE FIGHT TO THE DEATH?

>>117398848Luz draws a fire rune on her and she melts

>>117397080>Luz Vs. Tulip Vs. Dipper Vs. Anne Vs. The Heartless in a free-for-all match.>Letting the Heartless fight kids that have no natural defenses against them. That’s cheating and you know it. Makes for REALLY good entertainment though.

Imagine if you had to go through all 4 back to back

>>117392304I think people are probably underestimating Luz because they're sick of her, although her magic is useless unless she has a Power Source to draw from with her glyphs. She's just a regular person if say GF's Weirdness, the train, and frogland don't count as magic sources that can be drawn from so there's no point in talking about her then. But if she can, she can literally blow up giant monsters multiple ways just by having something, anything, to draw her symbols on so she's not defenseless.youtube.com/watch?v=TS-1oaJ2RuI

>>117399700Dipper can also summon some crazy stuff with a bit of time, and Anne takes both speed and melee easily.And if you meant the scenario swap, that was START of series, where Luz’s blissful amusement of a fantasy world would get her killed in GF and Amphibia, and her bad record would get her a long sentence in the train


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>>117392304I don’t know about tulip but Anne out of the 2 is the strongest and more durable by a lot so I say she takes it. 2nd is Luz and something tells me Tulip is stronger than Dipper. If dipper has prep time I can see him taking them all though.


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>>117392304Luz > Dipper > Anne > TulipHow big their asses are

>>117400489Luzs mom meanwhile looks like she never even had puberty

>>117392304dipper harem

>>117396473>>117401060She’s Hispanic so they tend to be short.

>Who would win?Luz, assuming she has the abilities she had in the finale.>Who is best?Tulip, she has a more grounded personality.>Swapped situations.Probably Tulip, she is shown to be resourceful and could probably adapt best...I can't vouch for the last girl, since I haven't had a chance to watch Ampihibia yet.

>>117392304Excluding tulip because she's not Disney, I'm really hoping they poke the idea of a GF/toh/Amphibia Crossover sometime in the near future.

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>>117392304Dipper would fall for Tulip I know that for sure.

>>117401970You think he has that strong of a thing for redheads, eh? Though that does make me wonder if the Infinity Train has ever taken two Passengers on at the same time before.

If it was this Dipper then he might have a fighting chance against them.

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>Anne is not more than half a year older than Dipper>Is at least a head taller, while being female, AND AsianIs Dipper a manlet?

>gets one shotted

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>>117397434>Bill wouldn't even be a problem unless they summoned himThis really depends on the fictional scenario here and whether or not Bill's still got machinations going on, he's been pulling this shit for thousands or millions of years so theoretically could have multiple ways in.Of the three besides Dipper, Tulip is ironically most susceptible to Bill's bullshit over the long term, because "smart" people who have something to offer Bill are the ones he goes after, and then he tells them how smart, logical, innovative, and special they are. Yes Luz would fall for it too because she fell for an even more discount Bill claiming she's the Chosen One, but would Bill even bother with her? He'd want an inventor type to do shit for him.I don't know about Anne, I want to say she'd see through him, but not sure.For other scenarios, I actually think that the other three would do similar to Tulip on the train if it was at the beginning and get through it really quickly later on since like good protagonists they all work through their issues and grow and shit.Of the four Universes, Amphibia's is most Hard Mode, I think. It doesn't care about your "personal progress" in a way that would help pretty adjusted, good hearted kid protagonists. Though part of this is we don't know about how dangerous Belos and other nasty shit in TOH is yet except that everything's always trying to eat you, even the good guys. Still let's say Anne's had it roughest from what we've seen so far by a long shot.


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>>117392304Who do you think is physically strongest/weakest?

>>117395295Anne survived in the far more dangerous Amphibia for quite a while before Sprig found her, I think Anne does finethat's probably the best survival feat of them all put together to be honest

>>117394308Highly doubt it, Boiling Isles is significantly less dangerous than Amphibia. It's just hard to imagine what Anne ends up doing, probably some menial job until she figures out how to get home, since she isn't going to try to be a witch like Luz.

>>117402152>es Luz would fall for it too because she fell for an even more discount Bill claiming she's the Chosen One, but would Bill even bother with her? He'd want an inventor type to do shit for him.Gravity Falls is probably the most complex verse to imagine changes in because you don't just get teleported there, you arrive there by bus. I'd assume, for instance, that a hypothetical Luz would be a Pine and presumably might find a journal like Dipper did, putting her in the line of fire for Bill, and I definitely think Luz would be relatively easy to manipulate. She doesn't have to be personally smart to have something to offer Bill. As to whether that's decisive is hard to say.

>>117394773Is this a comic or?

>>117404536Anne's a varsity athlete and there's reason to believe she might even have gotten superpowers (unclear). I think she's the one who relies by far the most on pure physicality.

>>117394727Full access to their abilities? Anne speedblitzes the shit out of everyone else with her blue eyes dark asian powers.

>>117395645Anne is an survivalist who was able to live on her own in Amphibia for a lot of time. She's also pretty damn athletic, what with her constant physical activity, and also knows how to use a sword very well. Furthermore, she also has her blue eye powers, which at first allowed her to overpower an gigantic mantis (it was way bigger than her), and second basically gave her ultra instinct (she beat an vegetable titan that was bigger than a house)

Right: Everyone but Anne almost certainly snuffs it in Amphibia, I'd give a 30% chance of survival at best just by getting killed early on before they make contact with the Plantars - I reckon the Plantars would take any of them in. So when I write them up I'm mainly going to write what happens after that. Dipper - Boiling IslesDipper actually probably does the best in Boiling Isles out of all of them, including Luz. He's the only one curious enough aside from Luz to figure out the glyphs and I also think he's the only one of the four aside from her who'd want to stay in the Isles. If he can deal with Stan he can probably deal with Eda, though he likely never ends up going to hexside. Only issue is that I doubt he ends up with as many glyphs as Luz got.Infinity TrainDipper's character development took a while but it set in properly, I think assuming he's on the train alone he could probably make it stick before he got killed. AmphibiaAfter the opening period, assuming that his replacements for Anne and Marcy are Mabel and Stan, Dipper probably does fairly reasonably. He wouldn't make as many mistakes as Anne does which is great because he lacks her physical abilities that she uses to compensate for it. I'm guessing Dipper eventually engineers a specific plan to get Mabel/Stan back from Toad Tower, without Sasha the Toads aren't as big a threat (they can't lure the whole group to a banquet for one) The Tower might not get destroyed but I reckon Dipper could get Mabel out of there, and eventually get to Newtopia to meet Stan.Luz:-Gravity FallsLuz's situation isn't hugely different to the Boiling Isles, I do think lacking a sibling like Mabel hurts her a lot, Luz is a bit of a combination of Mabel and Dipper but I think just being one person makes her job a lot harder. Luz probably lasts through the early challenges but I think she'd probably get iced by Gideon.(cont below)

>>117405272-Infinity TrainLuz hasn't really been morally tested to a significant degree, that plus her regular naive nature means that I think Luz really struggles here-AmphibiaLuz is extremely likely to die in the opening week, if she survived that I think she probably teams up with Maddie and starts learning Amphibia curses. I just don't know who her Sasha/Marcy equivalents are. This is a tough road for Luz either way.Tulip-Boiling Isles:Tulip probably just tries to go home, Eda's a dick but I don't think she's such a dick that she'd just strand someone in the BI, even if she didn't like them. If that doesn't happen Tulip probably heads into town and finds some menial job to get a roof over her head.Gravity FallsTulip probably does okay. This is a hard entry, but I think she's broadly smart enough to last throughout the series, just not sure how much she would figure out and whether it would stay on the rails at all.Anne: Boiling Isles: Anne also likely wants to go home. I think this is basically identical to Tulip's entry. Infinity Train: Anne's problem is potentially getting caught in some sort of trap or trick because of her Int 2, but I think if she can avoid just getting instagibbed - Anne's good enough at fighting her way out of trouble - she could probably work out her issues quickly enough to get out of thereGravity Falls: I could see Anne doing pretty well here, but I'm not sure if the change is big enough to really force her to become a stronger person like going to Amphibia was.

>>117396556and it was her little girl's birthday

>>117404536>>117404963Imo it goes like this:The strongest is Anne cause she's an athlete and trained with weapons and shit.Then Luz because she is that type of a girl who would run into the forest just to climb trees.Then Tulip cause she's kinda nerdy and spends most of her time at the computer.Dipper is at that age when girls are stronger then boys.

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>>117407913I wouldn't write off Dipper completely, he was able to jump off a cliff into a giant robot and fight Gideon. He's stronger when he looks when motivated and has the bonus of being extremely intelligent and unlikely to just fuck up.

>>117398347Oh.I haven't seen Infinity Train, but when all you guys talked about how Tulip fought a mech with a pipe, I assumed you meant she used a pipe to fight a mech.Are you telling me that the super advanced robotic mech was the one with the pipe? Or is she piloting that thing?

Would the others even run into Bill?

>>117392304Luz would kick ass easy. She knows witchcraft.Then I say Dipper, cause he's kicked some ass, especially Gideon, and he's crafty. He's not as strong as Luz but he's smart.Then Anne, who is good with a sword but she's kind of stupid. I think Dipper and Luz would outsmart her, based on how Dipper and Luz have tricked their enemies.Then Tulip, she got her ass handed to her on the infinity train. She's smart, but she's just a teenage girl with no special abilities. I think Tulip would do gangbusters in the Boiling Isles and being a witch. She just needs some kind of permanent and long exposure to magic. She didn't get much time on the train. Plus she's a huge nerd. Luz would also have owned Bill Cipher if she went to Gravity Falls.

>>117408497I think it's safe to assume that the smarter characters, like Tulip, would be suckered into doing his bidding for him, much like Dipper was, if only because they think they're so much smarter than him. Ironically, Anne is too unga bunga for Bill, and would make it through the Summer with a double digit body count.

>>117408498Unless we take the start of series route, in which case wide eyed Luz gets herself killed in Amphibia and probably even Gravity Falls.Train is doable, just not gonna be fast

>>117408550You make a good point. Luz wandering right into the other three worlds right at the beginning would not end well. I just assumed we were talking about the skills they learned thus far. I think by the end of all this it will end up being Anne, she just needs more practice.

>>117408544Bill only got his chance in the show because Gideon had control of the page with the summon, and hit desperate enough to try it.And even then, watch the scene, he only took the deal because he specifically had interest in Stan Pines.So, 1. They’d have to majorly piss off Gideon, which is unlikely as a pretty specific series of events had to cause that.Or 2. They’d have to find the summon in the cave, which not even Dipper did so it must be hard to get to.But 3. Bilk might not even give a shit if they’re not Pines or someone else on the wheel.

>>117392304>who would win?In a fight, Tulip and Anne are the only ones i genuinely believe would beat the shit out of other children, and tulip is bigger

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>>117394888Steven has a knack of bullshit magic powers coming out of nowhere to help him along. Anywhere you place him, he probably can muddle through. Also, his talk-jitsu

>>117408598That was the original scenario, yes.Luz has the biggest difference between start and end, start of series Luz would get herself killed by naivety and wandering off into danger, Eda kept her alive early on, hence the others agreed getting Edas help was crucial for the others there.End of series Luz would probably do fine, although even then the early woods of Amphibia are risky

>>117408612Anne's genuinely strong though, not only was she already athletic, she's spent the past three months living on an medieval hellhole filled with giant man-eating creatures (such as birds the size of towers), eating nothing but vegetables and protein (bugs), fighting people and things (she knows how to use a sword) and she even has magic blue eye powers that pretty much give her ultra instinct.

>>117408659Yeah, and apparently his Gem is kind of aware, so I guess that could save him from shit

>>117408672Eh, unless I missed something the blue eyes thing is still kinda a theory, yes?

>>117396473It seems that time on the train is time in real life, and Tulip ran away into the snow after a fight, so her mom is probably worried sick and was coming to a conclusion she was dead or something. It’s unclear if amphibia works the same.

>>117408697No? In the first episode of Season 1, her eyes flashed blue again before she went max power and speedblitzed the giant veggie titan.

>>117408709>Season 1I meant 2 shit

>>117398794MT is like the opposite of a protag, the universe conspires to defeat her. It would be a fun matchup. MT would be strong, determined, vicious, and clever...but some inevitable but unfair thing would happen to make her lose because she isn’t supposed to win.

>>117392304Anne would stomp hard and is beyond crafty despite having an intelligence of 2.

>>117408766Maybe she should hook up with Dib Membrane.Not like the parents would be an issue

>>117409183Nah. She can do better

>>117408709I mean has it ever been explained, do we know it’s not an animation quirk or something else

>>117393952add hilda

>>117409200It appeared twice, and in both situations she made use of superhuman physical abilities. youtube.com/watch?v=lb5Ctx85MLgDoes this really look like an animation error? It even had a sound effect. Furthermore, Marcy also used eye powers (except they were green)

>>117392304They will become friends or else...says the Emperor

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Now, I think the real question is.Which one of them have the easiest time convincing their parents it really happened and they aren’t just making shit up or repressing trauma?Like, how does that conversation play out, start the second they get home?

>>117409242It really depends on how they get out of their worlds and whether or not what they got carry over. If Anne can, for example, keep her photos with the frog people, the sword and the medieval armor, then it'd be probably easier to explain.

>>117409238>has a panic attack the moment he hurts someone that's not jasper or aquamarinenothin' personnel kid

>>117409238>>117409442Does he rape them? And does Dipper get raped first?

Who'd win in a straight up fight?

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>>117409288Well, we know for a fact Dipper can take photos, and we know the boiling isles can get phone reception with earth when the portal is open and human trinkets can survive there, so that should be fine, and Owen has stated photos don't work on the Train, so thaty's out......I don't see any reason the Amphibia won't allow photos, the train was designed to.

>>117409469Steven would break down if someone scolded him too harshly. No way he'd be able to do something like that.

>>117409609So Tulip is screwed, and the others have a half decent shot?

>>117409620Too late, he’s gone delusional, doesn’t even recognize anything besides his urges. Think Jason Voorhees but pink

>>117409682If this was any other passenger, you'd probably be right.But Tulip left her reflection behind. That's one hell of an evidence piece, after that her parents probably just agreed with everything she said and tried to slowly process it

>>117392304Dipper could work out on Infinity Train, and probably Wartwood too since he got along with a few other magical animals before.Luz would just be another kid in Gravity Falls, if she got the journal she would use it to indulge her own personal fantasies than solve mysteries around the town. she would be a less heroic Anne in Wartwood, and probably not be able to solve much on the infinity tainAnne would be much more freaked out by the locals in the boiling isles, but not try to shack up with a witch to learn magic. She might just want to go home since no tv or internet would be a deal breaker. she would be a regular kid in Gravity Falls and not care about the mysteries at all

>>117409792>she would be a less heroic Anne in WartwoodShe'd die faster than you can say "Giant Bird", not only is she not as nearly as athletic as Anne, she's way too autistic.

>>117409824Anne was channeling the strength of her ancestors

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>>117409521If they have their minions Amelia but if not Grime probably

>>117409911That would explain how she survived in the jungle for so long.

>>117410050A wooden spear(which she carved for herself by the time the Plantars found her like a week later) and a cave(which she had) is really all a human needs to survive.Granted, they don't have much in the way of mammals to hunt, but still, I assume a giant bug would still be vunerable to the ole throwing spear...probably....Amphibians have atrocious stamina, bugs are a little better, but Anne could reasonably chase down anything she wanted to to exhaustion and kill it.

>>117410046fair enough. It's sorta hard to beat gun

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Can ANY of them prove to their parents they ain't mad as a swan? How does that conversation go?

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>>117409469>And does Dipper get raped first?Of course he does, he’s a male.

>>117410267Maybe Dipper, he seems rational enough.The others are going to the asylum.


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>>117410291I mean, I doubt two gay cops with a tazer can stop EVERYONE. Someones's gonna leak something, especially since "Nevermind all that" only applied to Weirdmaggedeon, and with the Blind Eye gone the supernatural stuff is out in the open.Also what's stopping Tulip from going to ANY mirror and letting the proof speak for itself?

>>117410334Yeah, having no reflection in ANY mirror is going to put some backing behind her statements.Also, unlike Gravity Falls(where the madness is confined to one town and is usually out of the way of tourists) and the other two (where this is the first case of a human crossing) there are probably THOUSANDS, if not MILLIONS of Ex-Passengers on IT's Earth, and some of them would probably come out to tell their story if Tulip's situation got enough publicity, which would surely erase any doubt.

>>117410267Tulip can use her lack of reflection as proofDipper has his sister, grunkle, and entire town behind him Luz knows Magic, just go a magic on somethingAnne's screwed I guess, maybe doctors might find trace mushrooms in her blood

>>117410334Yeah, i forgot about MT, she would be safe, Luz and Anne are fucking screwed tho.>>117410524Glyphs does't work on earth and her track record doesn't help her credibility.

>>117410612Not even MT herself(she's kinda in Arizona and won't be out for a few months after she gets home) but the simple lack of a mirror.

>>117410524Finding strange mushrooms in her blood would probably reduce her credibility.

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>>117410760Nah, the fact some dude bought some some bald metal girl one day will probably prove everything she says.

>>117410856Problem is that's MONTHS later, and in this scenario there's a decent chance Tulip is already on the bus to crazytown by then. Those brain chemistry drugs do things to a person ya know


>>117409521So that's what happened to Karen 2.0 when Plankton threw her out

>>117409521Grime has acid spit and when in shape is ridiculously agile.


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>>117412933I mean...I eat garlic

>>117413659what is your problem?

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>>117413937I liike ze taste

>>117410287Not if Mabel hypnotizes him

>>117415582Hehehe blackmail

If you think about it, Jesse is a male Anne. They're both good natured dorky people with an arc about learning to stand up to bad friends, are on the athletic side of things, and both even have a younger brother voiced by Justin Felbinger.

>>117417147This feels like the start of a trivia catch 22

>>117410524She has the photos with the ultrarealistic frogs, the blue sword and her shoulderpad/chestplate armor combo. That sounds like something that can't be normally acquired

>>117418049Bah, I've seen it all before

>>117418909What, three kids suddenly disappearing for months with zero evidence of what happened and then suddenly returning in full, actually real medieval clothing, carrying weapons, and with photos of ultrareallistic frog creatures?

>>117419743I do wanna know how that conversation would go.Actually yeah, i gotta breathe some light into this fire! SO, How would the conversations go when each of them returned home?(Tulip's circumstances are already known, but let's just assume Luz's mom eventually realize she isn't at camp and label her missing, and let's say Anne is gone for another 3 months, making it 6 total)Like with the parents I mean, initial reactions when they walk in

I'll miss this thread, but she lived a good life

>>117408284tulip had a pipe too

>>117396584enjoying things is okay sometimes, don't be autistic

>>117422081Oh okay, so it was a fair fight.

>>117420387With how Luz is at the start of the series, I refuse to believe that she hasn't tried to run away in search of adventure before. And with that same reasoning, her mother isn't going to believe her when she says she went to another world and learned magic, because the magic doesn't work in the real world. So she gets scolded for trying to run away again.