Let's have another wholesome thread. We all need comfy entertainment.

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A week has passed?

>>117387269It's been a little more than a week I think. Not sure exactly though. Either way, nice to see a thread up. Taking arc requests as usual.

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>>117387336Oh, thanks!Can he see the one where Teena worries because she thinks she's fat? I like her interactions with Jonson in that arc.

>>117387387Not sure which one you're referring to, since Johnson isn't in this one.

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>>117387519You'll be fine Stick, don't worry.

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>>117387547Stick's a good friend. A little crass, but a good friend.

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>>117387519>Johnson isn't in this oneI may be thinking of a completely different arc, then. Or maybe Teena worried about it more than once?

>>117387570Dang media is ruining kids' minds.

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>>117387601Shots fired. >>117387585I don't think there's been any other arcs where she really worries about it like in this one.

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>>117387633Kids say the darnedest things. You gotta know when to laugh.

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>>117387633>I don't think there's been any other arcs where she really worries about itI think I misremembered. Well, in any case, this ons is also cute and fun.

>>117387740The cute ones are the best ones.

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>>117387938Yes, the cute ones are the best. Specially when Teena and Jeri act like good sisters.


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>>117388771New art? Very nice.

What's everyone having for dinner tonight?

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>>117389171it's nowhere near dinnertime where i'm at

>>117389308You could still plan for it. What was for lunch?

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>>117389171I have a toothache, so probably steamed fish and potato salad.

>>117389171I don't eat dinner.

>>117389486Why not?

May I request arcs, too?

>>117389495Idk, never have. Not a thing we do in our country I guess.What's the first ever Preteena appearance btw?

>>117390106>What's the first ever Preteena appearance btw?April 23, 2001.

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>>117391053Wrong skinny redhead tomboy. Not that there can be a wrong one.

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>>117389714Anyone can request arcs. That's why I made the episode guide. Also I'm making dinner right now so it'll be a bit before I can post.

>>117391451I wanted to see all arcs where the creepy girls that call Teena "Steve" appear.

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>>117391359Gordo is a lucky guy.

>>117391857For several reasons, yes.

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Alright, just got done with dinner. Made some killer French toast. >>117391496I'll try to dig these up. There's at least three major arcs they appear in, though one is more brief than the others. >>117390106What country are you from user? That's an interesting cultural practice.

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People with multiple kids in general are often cranky.

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>>117393230Spoiler alert, they're both evil.

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>>117393270Jokes on them, Jeri already knows a little.

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>>117393332Oh god! That mom!

>>117393332Yes, turn them against each other.

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>>117393362Jeri, nyet! Do not call the missile silo in Crimea!

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>>117393395Surely this evening will be nice and peaceful..

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>>117393431These kids are monsters!

Attached: pr050919 Twin Sitting 7.gif (900x292, 112.1K)

>>117393470Sick burn but that's not gonna get her back Jeri.

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>>117393501The fear is real. This one is a nice example of Allison's expression work.

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>>117393529Way to make her even more afraid Tess.

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>>117393571Just do it, maybe he'll leave you alone then.

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>>117393597Well that's just morbid and rude.

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>>117392882Man I was just like this as a kid. Loved my clothes, so whenever I outgrew them I just got bigger copies of the same stuff. I wore the same few outfits when I was 12-17, then I stopped

>>117393637Those girls are weird, but if they grow to look like their mom I'll forgive them.

>>117387519What the heck, Jeri wears this?

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>>117394107Sadly they move to Hawai'i and are never seen again. But first, their cameo while Teena has a fight with Stick, sparked by a legitimate question. Shoulda posted this one first, but c'est la vie. >>117394329That was because people were posting far too many threads one after the other.

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>>117394403Obviously it can't be a cage match, as Stick could just slip between the bars.

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>>117394465Classic Stick.

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>>117394553She has a point, normally Teena is fine with Stick's weirdness. Even loves it.

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>>117394593Poor Stick, she's a goof but a lovable one.

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>>117394633That's just impressive.

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>>117394672Rude right off the bat.

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There should be a sequel about Teena becoming a swole athlete titled ProTeena

>>117394703And thus Stevie was born.

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>>117394751How very progressive of them.

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>>117394795I don't know why she bothered to come back.

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>>117394826That explains the creepiness.

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>>117394844Hey don't knock it till you try it.

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>>117394877And so the tables have turned. It was Teena who was weird all along.

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>>117394907Like the might sun, Stick arrives to shine some light on Teena's life.

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>>117394937You said it Teena.

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Too bad Teena is afraid of dogs.

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>>117394366Drawfags PLEASE

>>117395519I agree.But mostly, Teena trying (and failing) to do what Jeri suggested.

>>117394877I wish those sisters would have shown up one last time before the end of the strip. It's always funny how they annoyed poor Steve.

>>117392882I always hated buying new clothes it was time consuming and required looking at myself.


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>>117395519What, specifically?

>>117395968I just love this one.

I'd like to see more alt art.

What if PreTeena was made into an anime?

>>117395704This is the last arc about them. They're moving away!

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>>117396942This makes me wonder how Teena feels about other states actually. It's a shame we never got something like a Teena's Summer Road Trip movie.

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>>117396982Architect Barbie sounds like a real product to me.

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>>117397008And I thought they were tolerant.

Attached: pr070125 Moving McBrides 4.gif (900x286, 96.26K)

>>117397026Teena's a right mean real estate haggler.

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>>117397059Go on, git! Also they called her Teena instead of Stevie. Guess they finally accepted her.

Attached: pr070127 Moving McBrides 6.gif (900x284, 89.7K)

>>117397098At least they're on the same page.

Attached: pr070129 Moving McBrides 7.gif (900x286, 115.71K)

>>117397167All the neighborhood kids do that to Jeri.

Attached: pr070130 Moving McBrides 8.gif (900x288, 126.8K)

>>117397230I thought they loved Teena, why would they want her to hate them?

Attached: pr070131 Moving McBrides 9.gif (900x286, 104.96K)

>>117397266Aww, poor Stick. You'll always be number 1 on Teena's friend list.

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>>117397296People watching really is the best.

Attached: pr070202 Moving McBrides 11.gif (900x284, 132.32K)

>>117397323I'm sure Jeri will be fine with this.

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>>117397354Poor poor Jeri...

Attached: pr070205 Moving McBrides 13.gif (900x286, 123.76K)

>>117397416It's because she didn't chant the magic words.

Attached: pr070206 Moving McBrides 14.gif (900x286, 132.6K)

>>117397440So it'll be the same, just 16 times louder.

Attached: pr070207 Moving McBrides 15.gif (900x282, 116.45K)

>>117397467Jeri is fickle like that.

Attached: pr070208 Moving McBrides 16.gif (900x282, 105.98K)

>>117397484The looks on Jeri and Johnson's faces are priceless.

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>>117397516Maybe it'll work this time. Probably not though.

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>>117397516Specially Jeri's.

May I request any arc where Teena and Jonson are friendly?

>>117398121Can you be more specific?

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>>117397516>more loli fanserviceBased Barrows.

>>117398238Let's say, the arc with the moustache.

>>117398427Peach Fuzz it is.

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>>117398459Johnson's a savage.

Attached: pr080108 Peach Fuzz 2.gif (900x286, 115.07K)

>>117398473Jeri's getting shot at from all angles today.

Attached: pr080109 Peach Fuzz 3.gif (900x284, 135.42K)

>>117398500I've legit never seen this movie.

Attached: pr080110 Peach Fuzz 4.gif (900x286, 124.42K)

>>117398545Better watch out Johnson, those burns coming full circle for you.

Attached: pr080111 Peach Fuzz 5.gif (900x284, 119.28K)

>>117398568And thus Johnson returns to the boy he once was.

Attached: pr080112 Peach Fuzz 6.gif (900x284, 118.44K)

>>117398473That’s pretty funny.

I said it before, Johnson should have gone after Teena. They're a much better couple.

>>117398545>I've legit never seen this movie.It’s very cute, I highly recommend it

>>117398545Yes, as the other guy said, it's a cute movie. Very, very good movie.

>>117399306>>117399772I might have to check it out then sometime. Though my list of "things I need to watch" is kinda out of control right now. On a related note, Teena and Stick go to the movies.

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>>117399919I've been there Teena.

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Attached: now kiss.png (328x323, 133.24K)

>>117399945Stick can be very persuasive.

Attached: pr011114 French Film 3.gif (900x295, 99.55K)

>>117399919They're right, movies are so awful!

>>117399973Teena you study French, you'll probably get extra credit for this.

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>>117400020C'est magnifique! An instant classic for sure. >>117400003Movies aren't awful, GOING to the movies is awful. Teena and Stick will have a blast when Netflix and such come along.

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>>117400049Those parts can be tricky to translate. Anywho, that's it for tonight. Gonna hit the hay. I might give the thread a bump before I pass out, but otherwise I'll see y'all in the morning.

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>>117400049>Movies aren't awfulTrue.>GOING to the movies is awfulNot true. I enjoy very much the movie going experience. So does my wife, and our dates often end with a movie.Used to, anyway... Before the dark times...

>>117400072No sex in a French movie?

>>117400084Fair enough. Everyone's different. I used to like going to the movies. But as I got older I got more introverted and now it's just a hassle.>>117400401The joke is that there was but they were only paying attention to the subtitles, so they didn't notice.

>>117400517I get the joke, I was mocking Teena's mom for even having asked.

>>117399919Oof Stick why are you so Frick in hot..?

>>117400693Stick is freakin' hot?

>>117400668Not all French movies have sex scenes in them.

>>117401165I can't think of a single one I've seen that didn't have sex in it.

>>117401179I remember a few from middle school French class that didn't. Can't remember the names though.

>>117393025>What country are you from user?Chile, the closest thing we have to dinner is "once", which is more akin to tea time really, and I don't do that anymore either lol.

Attached: Once.png (640x480, 790.17K)

>>117395995Jeri (and/or Teena) wearing that.

>>117401494I knew it! Oh, man, I was about to say!Yes, Chileans eat this. I don't, though. My wife and I eat so little, that we usually have enough leftovers from lunch to last uf until hora de once.Which is why we cook with very careful thinking.Why is this comic popular among Chileans, though?

>>117401508>Jeri (and/or Teena) wearing that>and/or>andNever seen two girls wearing the same bathing suit.

>>117401594You jest but I'd like to see that too.

>>117401658> latam's greatest cunnyseursBut why, though? Why is that?



Reminder that Teena and Stick are over 30 now, Stick is hot as all hell and Teena is a mother.

>>117402073>Stick is hot as all hellI doubt it.

>>117403462In the future, she is.

Teena is cute. There, I said it!

Well, I sure hope to see you guys later. Gonna go to bed now, like I should have 8 hours ago...

>>117403959Radical opinion but I'll accept it

>>117394937Stick dropping a truth bomb.

>>117401555>Why is this comic popular among Chileans, though?I like cute things, don't know why it may be popular with chileans overall but I assume my fellow countrymen just have good taste.>>117401850Lol no, I can barely draw a stick figure no pun intended. I do try to color some works of our talented anons though.

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Attached: pr060908 Bad Haircut 17.gif (900x288, 94.71K)

>>117406718Going right up to her and outing himself as a footfag. Bold move my man

Morning everyone. Hope you all slept well.

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Gotta love morning talk shows.

Attached: pr050124 Mornings with Jeri 1.gif (900x292, 133.12K)

>>117409009Dime store implants just sound like a terrible idea.

Attached: pr050125 Mornings with Jeri 2.gif (900x292, 99.42K)

>>117409027She's got a made for tv personality for sure.

Attached: pr050126 Mornings with Jeri 3.gif (900x288, 90.19K)

>>117409053She's a natural!

Attached: pr050127 Mornings with Jeri 4.gif (900x288, 108.04K)

>>117409112Boom, in your face Teena.

Attached: pr050128 Mornings with Jeri 5.gif (900x290, 106.32K)

>>117409127And so ends another bright future for Jeri.

Attached: pr050129 Mornings with Jeri 6.gif (900x290, 102.59K)

Why is Jeri asking Teena's opinions all of the sudden?

>>117405730>preteen>hungry for sliced fruits

>>117409148That's the thing. Jeri and Teena don't have the stereotypical "mean older sister hates annoying little sister" dynamic. They have plenty of moments where they get along, where Jeri comes down to Teena's level, such as playing with dolls or Teena tries to push her way up to Jeri's, such as getting help with makeup. They're not afraid to admit when they need each other's help sometimes.

Attached: pr010911 Scaredy Cat 1.gif (900x298, 79.66K)

>>117409891Don't declaw your cat, that's mean to the cat.

Attached: pr010912 Scaredy Cat 2.gif (900x297, 103.14K)

>>117409904Learn from the cat Teena. The dog will lose interest if you ignore it.

Attached: pr010913 Scaredy Cat 3.gif (900x301, 99.47K)

>>117394366its probably her last one piece she ever wore since all her swimsuits are now bikinis

>>117409925Jeri makes the situation worse, but immediately regrets it.

Attached: pr010914 Scaredy Cat 4.gif (900x295, 95.73K)

>>117409363If I'd draw doing a heavy workout with sweat running down her body it would not mean she would realistically be into that.

>>117409950See, Jeri's a good big sister to Teena.

Attached: pr010915 Scaredy Cat 5.gif (900x296, 92.5K)

>>117409964>I'd draw herI don't draw during workouts

Did Jeri and Stick ever get along though?

>>117410210She had fun doing "madlibs" with them that one time.

Attached: pr040711 FedLibs.jpg (900x440, 203.2K)

>>117410210And here's a strip where Jeri offers of her own volition to give Stick a pedicure.

Attached: pr030317 Stick's Weirdness 1.gif (900x289, 114.6K)

>>117410452That is pretty impressive.

Attached: pr030318 Stick's Weirdness 2.gif (900x290, 101.13K)

>>117410499Still don't get the appeal of popping zits, but to each their own.

Attached: pr030319 Stick's Weirdness 3.gif (900x288, 102.9K)

>>117410523I had egg salad once. Do not recommend.

Attached: pr030320 Stick's Weirdness 4.gif (900x291, 95.65K)

>>117410549Shhh, don't tell the outsider of your secrets.

Attached: pr030321 Stick's Weirdness 5.gif (900x288, 69.58K)

>>117410574It's gonna be a mouth mural!

Attached: pr030322 Stick's Weirdness 6.gif (900x288, 92K)

>>117409363I can relate, I loved fruit as a kid too and still do.

I saw Teena romancing some random boy, did Stick ever have a boy interested in her?

>>117410711Gordo's friend if I remember correctly

>>117410711Gooose, and she also went on a date with a boy naned Beef. Beef seemed into her.

>>117410711>>117411001>>117411178Stick's had a few romantic encounters over the years. There was Brody (aka "Beef") who she went to the spring dance with. There was Goose, who was more into her than she into him and that was more of a one day thing as we'll see here. And there was Teena's new neighbor Chris, who she had a crush on but was not reciprocated.

Attached: pr061009 Stuck on You 1.gif (900x288, 94.38K)

>>117410607Stick's collar lost it's color in the last panel.

>>117411632I think he's trying to communicate telepathically.

Attached: pr061010 Stuck on You 2.gif (900x290, 102.89K)

>>117411654Dude needs to take a hint.>>117411638There's a bunch of color mishaps like that throughout the run. Sometimes characters swap shirt colors. Or they change from panel to panel. There's even one where Stick's hair is colored orange like Teena's.

Attached: pr061011 Stuck on You 3.gif (900x290, 102.03K)

>>117411701Teena's expression says it all.

Attached: pr061012 Stuck on You 4.gif (900x290, 92.25K)

>>117411726That's not a warning, it's a threat Goose.

Attached: pr061013 Stuck on You 5.gif (900x288, 107K)

>>117411790He didn't even try to persuade her. Fickle I tell ya.

Attached: pr061014 Stuck on You 6.gif (900x288, 87.6K)

>>117410349Got any others where they break the 4th wall?

>>117412054I remember one where Teena speaks directly at the author, with her bra on the outside. Pretty cute, very wholesome.

>>117412054>>117412486There's a ton of fourth wall breaks throughout the comic's run. This one starts with a self burn at Allison.

Attached: pr031229 New Year New You 1.gif (900x289, 92.63K)

>>117412709Jeri don't pull her punches.

Attached: pr031230 New Year New You 2.gif (900x288, 84.79K)

>>117412737They really aren't that great. New Years is more fun when you're a kid.

Attached: pr031231 New Year New You 3.gif (900x290, 90.46K)

>>117412762She knows her audience.

Attached: pr040101 New Year New You 4.gif (900x288, 103.47K)

>>117412787At least she's trying.

Attached: pr040102 New Year New You 5.gif (900x289, 76.58K)

>>117412816It's what you get for being impatient Teena.

Attached: pr040103 New Year New You 6.gif (900x289, 76.37K)

Cool parent moment.

Attached: pr010722 Real Music.jpg (900x434, 212.68K)

Never ask about when you were little folks. You don't wanna know.

Attached: pr020908 Reckless Parents.jpg (900x424, 203.45K)

>>117413282They definitely are cool.

>>117413282Do teenagers still think old music is lame nowadays?

May I request that short arc where Teena won an award for drawing Jeri naked?

>>117413949I have no idea. I'm sure some like old music and some think it's lame, same as always. >>117413976Yeah sure.

Attached: pr040531 Reclining Nude 1.gif (900x286, 121.49K)

>>117414221Change your names, live in Siberia. It'll be fine.

Attached: pr040601 Reclining Nude 2.gif (900x290, 99.71K)

>>117414246I wish I could paint like Hugh.

Attached: pr040602 Reclining Nude 3.gif (900x290, 111.03K)

>>117414279I'm sure it's tasteful.

Attached: pr040603 Reclining Nude 4.gif (900x288, 122K)

>>117414303These girls need to have a talking to about this sort of thing.

Attached: pr040604 Reclining Nude 5.gif (900x288, 99.25K)

>>117414337Simply fabulous! Clearly Teena takes after her father when it comes to art talent.

Attached: pr040605 Reclining Nude 6.gif (900x288, 132.69K)

>>117412851That's wholesome, amusing and cute.


>>117412851Personally, I think she can do without.

>>117390106What country are you from? Africa?

>>117415144He already said Chile, as am I.And what he meant is, we don't usually cook a dinner, we have a light meal that requires little preparation.

>>117414887>she can do withoutWithout what?Without bra, or without shirt?

>>117394633Why is Gordo such an odd colour

>>117415258As a student of anthropology and culinary arts, I find it to be kind of a fascinating practice. Did some reading about it last night actually. >>117415288The colors vary a bit from strip to strip.

Attached: pr011105 Dinner Time 1.gif (900x292, 92.46K)

>>117415395Who doesn't want kugel? It's delicious.

Attached: pr011106 Dinner Time 2.gif (900x296, 84.59K)

>>117401179Jean de Florette

>>117415460Gelatinous? Were they having lutefisk as well?

Attached: pr011107 Dinner Time 3.gif (900x294, 81.61K)

>>117415496Just say "you've really outdone yourself".

Attached: pr011108 Dinner Time 4.gif (900x297, 95.59K)

>>117415277BothEspecially in Summer

Attached: 1558657015421.png (800x986, 343.47K)

>>117415521That's just because of the dry meatloaf. Stick being there is a total coincidence I'm sure.

Attached: pr011109 Dinner Time 5.gif (900x298, 77.86K)

>>117415569That's some smart thinking Teena. Always be prepared.

Attached: pr011110 Dinner Time 6.gif (900x304, 91.29K)

>>117415526>BothThere's nothing there to see, you may as well draw two pink dots on a board.

>>117415395>student of anthropology and culinary artsThat sounds interesting.What do you think about Teena's choco soup?

>>117415837Just to be clear, I didn't study culinary arts in college. I discovered my love for cooking/naking after that. But it's still one of my top passions. Regarding the cookie soup - as some who remember will tell you, I've made it and it's pretty good in my opinion. Posting relevant arc (I've also had pickles for breakfast)

Attached: pr021014 Snacks 1.gif (900x289, 116.64K)

>>117415962Just don't have any cheerios right now and have all the fries you want later.

Attached: pr021015 Snacks 2.gif (900x291, 110.95K)

>>117416004Teena hates cottage cheese.

Attached: pr021016 Snacks 3.gif (900x289, 114.27K)

>>117416025Cookie soup is the bee's knees!

Attached: pr021017 Snacks 4.gif (900x290, 112.13K)

>>117416048That's gotta feel awful. I get popcorn stuck under my tonsils all the time.

Attached: pr021018 Snacks 5.gif (900x290, 103.97K)

>>117416095That's some honest parenting right there.

Attached: pr021019 Snacks 6.gif (900x289, 93.13K)

>>117416048You know, I'm gonna try this one of these days because now I'm curious

>>117416135I highly recommend it. Though I found it works a bit better if you add only half the milk you want at first, then add the rest after cooking to cool it down and get the consistency you want.

Attached: pr020310 Baking Dessert.jpg (900x438, 201.65K)

>>117415526Topless Teena doesn't have much to offer, to be honest.

>>117416048I don't know if I would...

Fun fact, nothing with the word 'preteen' in it has ever been wholesome.

There's a big storm a-brewing over my house!

Attached: pr040718 Lightning Frights.jpg (900x437, 183.62K)

>>117417446Then how come my doctor told me I need more of it in my diet?

>>117417642Carry on

>>117418625It actually seems to have passed/never started. Just one massive thunder clap and that was it. Weird.

Attached: pr070520 Beautiful Day.jpg (900x443, 215.47K)

>>117412787Cute. She forgot we partied all night.Specially in 2004, when we were much younger.

Teena learns a little lesson about makeup.

Attached: pr031117 Makeup 1.gif (900x295, 99.03K)

>>117419646Hey now, pistachio is a great flavor.

Attached: pr031118 Makeup 2.gif (900x290, 108.32K)

>>117419668Well, she's certainly got the playing around part down.

Attached: pr031119 Makeup 3.gif (900x290, 89.76K)

>>117419692Truly fabulous. And yet more great expression work.

Attached: pr031120 Makeup 4.gif (900x290, 89.75K)

>>117419768Teena's got a lot to learn about lipstick still.

Attached: pr031121 Makeup 5.gif (900x289, 85.86K)

>>117419808You'll be ready someday Teena. No worries.

Attached: pr031122 Makeup 6.gif (900x292, 91.05K)

>>117419768That works surprisingly well as a visual gag.

>>117419831I edited this one because Teena's derpy expression in the second panel was bothering me.

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>>117420810You changed almost nothing.

>>117417796I need this doctor's number

>>117395968TLOU2 edit when?

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>>117421127Any doctor will tell you if you're losing muscle mass and your fingernails and hair are becoming fragile, those are symptoms that you need more preteen.

Jeri puts in the maximum effort at school.

Attached: pr030901 A for Effort 1.gif (900x288, 101.55K)

>>117421934Hey, octopuses are pretty smart Teena.

Attached: pr030902 A for Effort 2.gif (900x290, 90.61K)

>>117421952Honestly trade school might be a good choice for Jeri.

Attached: pr030903 A for Effort 3.gif (900x288, 84.97K)

>>117421966Sometimes Jeri's just straight up rude.

Attached: pr030904 A for Effort 4.gif (900x289, 100.43K)

>>117421997Perhaps Jeri has a future career in espionage.

Attached: pr030905 A for Effort 5.gif (900x289, 95.9K)

>>117422020Everyone knows it takes 3 homeworks in a row to totally geekify someone.

Attached: pr030906 A for Effort 6.gif (900x290, 93.65K)

I feel kinda bad for Jeri there.

Seems like we're allowed to have a thread per week, and I have to go to bed early. So, see you tomorrow, friends! Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow?