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Synopsis of the new episodes.thefutoncritic.com/listings/20200831cartoon24/http://www.thefutoncritic.com/listings/20200831cartoon25/>"#ItsComplicated"When Hal Jordan sees Carol Ferris with a new boyfriend, his ego can't handle the rejection, resulting in the most absurd Lantern battle ever.>"#TheBirdAndTheBee"Meek little Karen Beecher is intimidated by big broody Carter Hall until she discovers Hawkman's tragically romantic destiny and vows to use her vast knowledge of cheesy teen movies to help him reunite with his beloved.

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>>117386185>When Hal Jordan sees Carol Ferris with a new boyfriend, his ego can't handle the rejection

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>Meek little Karen Beecher is intimidated by big broody Carter Hall

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>>117386185>vows to use her vast knowledge of cheesy teen movies to help him reunite with his beloved>help him reunite with his belovedbrosis karen a fucking cuckquean

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>>117386185>When Hal Jordan sees Carol Ferris with a new boyfriend, his ego can't handle the rejection, resulting in the most absurd Lantern battle ever.The cucker Kyle returns

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>>117386451She is his beloved.

>>117386185>scheduled for the end of SeptemberWe're never going to see second season, are we?

>>117386465maybe it will be guy for max douce levels

>>117386581>the whole episode is karen trying to set up carter and getting him to be more brave about admitting his love>karen is actually the one he lovesthat would actually be extremely cute

>>117386451She's probably just one of those people that ship people in real life

>>117386185See that Hal Jordan?! Who's the cuck now?!

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>>117387302>boy bands>teen romance movies>anxiety issuesso she's the the designated fujoshi of the group

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>>117386823I hope it's Guy too. I don't think it makes sense for Carol, but I just want to see him fight Hal.

>>117386185>Karen going full Twilight fangirl on Carter's absurd backstoryDis gonna be gud.

>>117386185So, we'll see Kendra?

>>117386415imagine if it was just 11 minutes of hard pounding.

>>117386185>hal x jess is dead>karen x carter is dead2020 is really a shit

>>117387448Still her. She's guaranteed just pretending in an attempt to make him jealous. He still feels nothing FOR her

>>117389468yes please

>so fucking hot your dick explodes just looking at her

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>>117389537>karen x carter is deadconsider if >>117387008 is truewe can still salvage this karen/carter bros

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>>117387508She's also 14, the very demographic of all those things.

>>117389957Nah, it's likely dead. Best to wait for the show to introduce Mr. Mxyzptlk.

>>117386185>DC Super Hero GirlsIt's about time Best Girl got another appearance. lol

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>>117386185>Hal Jordan sees Carol Ferris with a new boyfriend, his ego can't handle the rejection, resulting in the most absurd Lantern battle ever>new boyfriend>inb4 hal cucks carol by coming out as gay and taking her boyfriend

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>>117390434Now that’s what I call progressive

imaginate carol being double cucked in the of the episode

>>117390434>the new bf is Alan Scott

>>117390434what if the new boyfriend falls for jess too?

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>>117389548*Angry cuck noises*

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>>117386185>Meek little Karen Beecher is intimidated by big broody Carter Hall until she discovers Hawkman's tragically romantic destiny and vows to use her vast knowledge of cheesy teen movies to help him reunite with his beloved.FUCKING CALLED IT!

>>117386465>>117386823If its gonna be a lantern, I would prefer Sinestro

>>117386778Yes it will be, this coming October along with the four last s1 episodes

>>117390894Who's Hawkman's "beloved" be??? Hawkgirl maybe???????

>>117389957Lauren Faust notoriously hates romance and shipping, I don't know what you expected

>>117391808The second season will be interesting as there will be a new showrunner.

>>117391955If by interesting you mean worse, sure

>>117391984She didn't even write most of the episodes

>>117391984anon, faust may have been executive producter for all of season 1but that don't mean shit about her involvement in the showshe only directed episode one and it's four parts, nothing morethe rest of the series may have had some of her influence but never a big rolethe show won't change for s2

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>>117391476pretty much, he will be cucked once again

>>117386185>#TheBirdAndTheBeeI'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS

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>>117391993>>117392032You guys don't know how TV writing works. It's usually everyone in a room pitching lines and ideas and whoever pitched the original episode concept or came up with the most material gets the writing credit. Just because Lauren isn't credited, doesn't mean she "barely did any writing"

>>117394001what i mean is that her writing was considerably scarce since she only did episode 1and if you're correct then it just proves my point that she didn't write general plots and probably only filled in blanks or stuff that isn't really importantand that her being gone for s2 will have minimal changes, considering the staff is staying the same and they already must understand the characters this deep into the show to do any major changesthe one thing i fear for s2 is flanderization though

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>>117394001Ok, Lauren.

What did they mean by this?

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>>117394542>wand going in sink is zee getting plowed>sparkles symbolize she'll be the first one of the group to get preggo in the eggo

Will this episode also reveal Garth mating press Kara every day.

>>117394734>Back off superslut. Fish dork is mine

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I want to feed Kara an enormous plate of spaghetti

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>>117394782imagine karen getting NTR'd

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>>117394909Oh come on, Kara'd love some good Italian. She can't just stuff her face with nothing but burgers all the time... can she?


>>117395509Yeah she'd probably hoover it down.

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>>117386415There is something very freakily erotic about the idea of Carter grabbing Karen by the waist by one hand and slips her onto his dick like a sock on a foot

>>117395612nigga if you can't read what I said literally 4 posts ago, I can't help you

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>>117386185It looks like Karen is going to have a very busy episode, I hope nothing goes wrong.

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>>117395663What if Carter treats Karen with love and respect, that would make me very hard.

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>>117395687ah shit

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>>117387448Who's the girl on the right?

>>117390493>>117390434Now that's a what i call Fucking bullshit ass lies from lame ass liars like you

>>117396214t. hal

>>117395724>145cm>40kgI didin't realise how small she really was

>>117395834that would definitely give me a heart boner

>>117396337considering diana is 6'2 it really puts into perspective that they're all womanlets

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>>117396214>throwing out imagined scenarios and shitposting>lyingnigga u dumb

>>117396337to be clear the text is just a transplant that was devised for an entirely separate character and set to a picture of Karen afterwardsThough it's probably close

>>117396660Nigga, you bullshitting?!

>>117396255Speak right, shit talker.

>>117386185so karen really is for garth then.

>>117397329Leslie laughs the hardest at newfags.

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>>117394908Part of me really wants Carol's new "boyfriend" to be Aqualad because she forced him

>>117398806damn, gath gets all the chicks

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>>117386185>"#ItsComplicated"please be Kyle is going to be atrocitus or sinestro>"#TheBirdAndTheBee"please be kendra

>>117398806honestly that will be funny

>>117399039I would lose my shit if it ends up being Larfleeze somehow

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Shouldn't we be expecting new episodes for the CN See-It-Firsts?

>>117398806>>117399771>>117399039I hope it's a new character. I love seeing this show's takes on different characters.

>>117386185After this 2, how many more episodes are we missing?Are we going to have an actual season (series?) finale?

damn she thic

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>>117390538He startd fucking the dude she's with.

>page 10 bumpstop

>>117403104There are 52 11-minute episodes in season 149 episode titles have been published44 have officially aired3 have unofficially aired (in Turkey, Australia, and online)There's a low-quality rip of the Turkey episode (Awesome Aunt Antiope)Australia won't share Fantastic Beasts and How to Mind Them because apparently nobody is subscribed to FoxTel Go streaming.The online episode is available online on CNI hope the finale is at least a two-parter and hope against hope it's a three-parter

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>>117403602>The online episode is available online on CNWhat episode is that?

>>117401803>using the edited picbased

>>117390538I mean, you would need the patience of a SAINT to deal with Carol

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Faust pls adapt this shit.

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>>117402395Since at least one of the main girls have to be involved in every episode somehow Im gonna say is player Simon baz, just to see mad jelly Jess.

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>>117404899What is this? I would like to read it.

I see Kyle isn’t over it

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>>117394542ran out of hot dogs

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>>117404636House Pest, scheduled for September 20 on CN but already available online.45 #HousePestmega_nz/file/Nd03jYjY#Yrza52DMVJ2pe6aGEzY7MXDlretYqjQC6elQ9GDcQcE

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>>117398917DC is definitely /ss/. Not even hidding it anymore.

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>>117406720She's 16 and he's 14, it's hardly /ss/ and it's legal pretty much everywhere.

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>>117406801Ok, pedo.

>>117406588Then I'm up to date, thanks user

What if Hal tries to do the same, make Carol jealous by "dating" that lovely chocolate, Jessica Cruz?

>>117406588I can read the whole lying ass title of your image.

>>117399039No way, Sinestro's ehhh.

>>117386185>Hal getting cucked>Shayera showing up

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>>117390434>Carol dates Sinestro just to cuck Hal>Hal ends cucking her AGAINBros that's wild

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>>117408941pretty based if you ask me

>>117408941STFW. ain't no way they would go that low and pathetic.


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If Jess is a pacifist then why does she constantly physically abuse a mentally deficent person Hal?

>>117410588She hates retards. That's the one exception to her pacifist mentality. She'd hit Kara too, if she wouldn't only be hurting her own hand.

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>>117405141Geoff John's Green Lantern, after the sinestro war if i'm not wrong.

>>117410588>>117410699Because she is an insecure girl with a lot of problems (lesbian moms, ecoactivism,pet care) and the only one who she really trust is harold jordan

I was not prepared for this shocking display of skin.

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>>117411150>the only one she really trusts is Hal Jordan

>>117412780imagine if karen doesn't wear anything under her sweater

>>117412780In a goddamn bathroom stall of all places

>>117406588Anybody got Auntie episode in good quality? Vegemites couldnt upload a decent one for their lives.

>>117415439as someone who's in every dcshg threadit simply does not existthe highest quality of that episode with the english dub is like 144pit's an eye sore to watch

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>>117415420>MORE salacious in a place of privacyeh?

>>117415420Actually it was out in public, where anyone could see.

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>>117416359>literally the same size as the mail boxgod she's such a womanlet

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>>117416540what did he mean by this


>>117416406of course, she doesn't want to BEE like any tipe of girl

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>>117416826one of a kind

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Jess is scary, bros. Carol decided to mess with her and now Carol is destined to be a cuck queen forever.

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>>117417740and pam is eternally harassed by her

>>117413579>A-user, what is that thing you have there?

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>>117417406This show is self aware of it's viewers.

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>>117409554Now you're just trying to justify yourself.

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>>117418675extremely >>117401803

>>117416016What if... a SCHOOL bathroom stall?

>>117418807ye? still a place for doing the out of sight stuff

I wonder how they would depict Two-Face.

>>117413579she's so tiny

>>117420340>food fight in caferia tosses some hot soup in a guy's face giving him a (comparatively) mild burn on one side of his face>acts driven comically dramatically evil until it heals like the next day