Place your bets, folks. Will it be good or will it be horseshit?

Place your bets, folks. Will it be good or will it be horseshit?

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Never bothered watching the trailer, but I like the artstyle and the bits and pieces I've seen doesn't suggest it's sjw propaganda so I'll at least give it a shot.

>>117384664If the ghost ends up being voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray. I’ll watch the show no matter what.

It's cute and i wanna draw the girl

>>117384664Money is on main protag is lesiban.

It’ll be shit but it has a brown loli and will have some lesbians so Holla Forums and Twitter will massively shill it and ignore good shows like the did with the other Disney brown girl shows

>>117384664Where's the porn?

>>117384795There's a trailer out?

>>117384852no there isn't

>>117384835>nowadays you can just do the bare minimum and insert lesbians to your show and twitter/tumblr will shrill it and ignore just how shit the show actually is.I'm sick of this gay earth.

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Ugly Bastard x loli art

>>117384852Oh, could've sworn I've seen a trailer linked with the title. Guess not.

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>>117384816Draw a megamilk of the girl.Bonuspoints for creativity in the tits department.

>>117384950Not true. LORE and SHIPPING are what sell. The Owl House is simply "okay," but it's the overarching story as well as the shipping fuel that hype people up and make them consider it The Best Cartoon Currently Airing™. Victor and Valentino and other modern cartoons have proven that LGBT rep will only do so much for a show's visibility. It's not a requirement for a show to achieve success. And if you're seriously still bothered by the mere sight of a gay or lesbian character, then you need to grow the hell up. It's not even funny if you're doing this act ironically. This shit is PLAYED OUT.

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>>117384846>>117385063Fuck off

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>>117384950The thing is that kind of stuff is clickbait, it’s like pop musicIt’ll get your show to the top, but only a few of those stand the test of time because it doesn’t make up for a show being bad

>>117385086What is it about dangling a vague promise of lore in front of people and then drip-feeding it to them until the inevitable infodump episode that draws audiences to these shows like moths to a lamp?

>>117384664It will probably be ok. I'm just waited on the lewds.

>>117385191Is she still a thicc Latina dom? Yes? Then I couldn't care less if she's dating another woman in the show. That never stopped people from fapping to Pearl, Enid, or Bivvins, and it sure as hell won't stop me from drooling over Xochi.

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I'm thinking it will be really funny. It's being made by the guys who directed The Penguins of Madagascar which was hilarious as fuck. I have faith in it, everyone involved with it seems to see it as something special too.

>>117385234What is it about people thinking "story progression" is all that matters in the enjoyment of a show? Writers and showrunners have made it clear time and time again that the CHARACTERS are what come before everything else. You have to actually care about the main cast before seeing the trials and tribulations they go through. This is why people threw a fit when SU Future's Sunstone episode premiered, and it's also why episodic comedies are constantly belittled or ignored.

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>>117384664Me on the right.

>>117385368>LOREfags only care about LORE and don't understand what makes something relatable and humanYou are a genius.

>>117385368It especially makes me mad when Amphibia fags do this. Amphibia's filler is hilarious as fuck.

>>117385366The lead character designer is Justin Rodrigues, so I'm hoping The Curse of Molly McGee has some varied and interesting character designs.

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>>117385447This. I love these goofballs and I think the perilous, monstrous world they live in makes for an interesting setting even without a serialized narrative. I'd enjoy The Owl House a whole lot more if the main trio was paired up more often. The cool aesthetic of that show's early development art barely even comes across in the final product.

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Sam King is directing, of course it'll be horse shit.

>>117385563This is all you need to know that the main character will be bi

>>117385563>DuckTales >CLARENCE >"horse shit" pls say sike

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>>117385063>oppai loli

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>>117385536>The cool aesthetic of that show's early development art barely even comes across in the final product. This. The Boiling Isles are BORING

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>>117384664I hope it’s good. Something creative they’re doing is giving a playlist for the show inspiration, haven’t seen done that

>>117385086>And if you're seriously still bothered by the mere sight of a gay or lesbian character, then you need to grow the hell up.But its a cartoon for kids...

Thought it was the Bunnicula bitch for a second.

>>117386013>Disney Television Animation News You mean that fan-made account that countless people mistook as an official source? Sorry to break it to you, pal, but this playlist means nothing.

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>>117386095>But its a cartoon for kids

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>>117385086I think the thing about victor and valentino is that the gay rep is someone who doesn't really show up that much. Actually, the character had more appearances BEFORE she was turned gay, and after that, she stopped showing up. Almost like they wrote her off the show. If she was the third main character I'm sure it would have made other people interested in it. It is true that overarching stories are what sell, pretty sure V&V would be more popular if it had an actual storyline and it wasn't bootleg gravity falls.

>>117386189I haven't bothered keeping up with the show. Did they really give her less focus in later episodes? Xochi was the main reason I sat through 20+ episodes before ultimately walking away from VaV.

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>>117386248She has shown up in like 2 episodes as cameo and I think that was it. The show shifted its focus of side characters more to the kid characters like Charlene, and recently to that Connie ripoff, who is being shipped with Valentino.I don't know if its because CN didn't want a gay character in this show or because they wanted the show to be more about the kids than the adults but she really has become irrelevant.

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>>117386151nope, its from the actual

>molly mcgee thread>sjws shows up, starts reeeeing about muh diversity and spamming spic shitLike clockwork.

>>117384664It's clearly a HotDiggedyDemon's Brain Dump ripoff. He should sue.

>>117386468Don't you have homework to do, little one?

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>>117386404>kpopWell, this already doesn't bode well.

>>117386506not really

>>117386533Shouldn't you be making your own thread instead of spamming offtopic shit in this one?

>>117386576What posts are off-topic? Most everything here seems fine to me.

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>>117385368Honestly, the main reason I haven't even bothered to check out Amphibia or the Owl House yet is because these types of shows always require you to watch it the instant it comes out, or you'll get spoiled by the fanbase. I already know all the major plot details now just from looking at other people's reactions, and now I have absolutely no reason to care about the lore anymore. Same thing happened in 2015 when I'd stopped watching Gravity Falls for a while (mostly because they'd stopped releasing episodes for a while) and then suddenly, the author of the journals being Stan's brother was spoiled for me. It's like the dog in FMA, everybody knows about it already whether they've watched/read it or not because it's such a huge meme, so the shock value is gone.

>>117386542Yeah, that was shit, but it has some other songs that you wouldn't normally connect with a kid's show. Especially this

>>117386605The posts yammering about a show that isn't Molly McGee, despite this being a Molly McGee thread.

>>117386627well, you might as well start watching Amphibia now, because there haven't been any major plot points revealed yet. But after the s2 finale, you're gonna get spoiled.

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>>117386652But they're still cartoon-related. Just how much do you expect us to say about an obscure show that won't even be coming out for another year? We barely even have any crew art to share at the moment.

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>>117386627It's about the journey, not the destination. Sure, it sucks that you got major plot points and reveals spoiled for you, but that shouldn't deter you from actually seeing HOW these ideas were executed. Since you won't be watching these episodes live with weeks' worth of anticipation like everyone else did in the past, your enjoyment will mostly come from the jokes you like, the developing character dynamics, and whatever cool shots the art department came up with. Do check out Gravity Falls and Amphibia if you can. They're both solid.

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>>117386351Lame. Now I know for SURE that there's no reason for me to ever revisit the show. Thanks for informing me, though.

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>>117386867I did finish Gravity Falls, and yeah I'll probably still check out Amphibia sometime soon. It looks neat

>>117386351I bet the mexican audience compained and forced them to cancel the gays

I love cartoons so damn much y'all

>>117387567That makes two of us

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>>117385455cool cool

>>117384664It will be ____ and _____

>>117388766cool and awesome

>>117387192We need more mexican showrunners desu & tbf

>>117384664Oh I love the colour blue

>>117385086>And if you're seriously still bothered by the mere sight of a gay or lesbian character, then you need to grow the hell up.Talk about missing the point. The reason people complain is that producers use gay characters as a marketing tool, often with a self-congratulatory attitude that does more harm than good.When you casually treat gay characters as normal, that's great. But when you praise yourself just for acknowledging that gays exist, then you're reinforcing the idea that gays are NOT normal. That trend isn't about respecting gays, it's about rich corporations condescending to show their "approval" of gays. And a lot of people are sick of that trend.There are some bandwagoners (usually literal children, especially on this site) who think it's about saying no to the gays "just because." But the real momentum against using lesbians for profit is all about the profiteers' hypocrisy.

>>117385594You’re not familiar with Sam King’s influence on DuckTales, I take it? Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon...

>>117391241while I understand the hatred against corporations exploiting queerness for profit, this train of thinking is one that could see ANY gay stories in cartoons as "corporate made" even if its a personal story. Sometimes showrunners put gay stuff in their shows because they want to, and it's not their fault if their company shills it down your throat. Onward was criticized by many because of that lesbian cyclops, but if you watch the actual movie, the character appears in only two scenes and has no relevance to the overall story. The directors obviously didn't put her there just to sell, they put her there because they wanted to and the story never bent itself to show that cyclops lesbian adventures. And this is the case with most cartoons, they make their characters gay because the creators wanted to or had a specific reason, not because the company wanted more money. Craig of the creek has gay and trans characters, at no point does the show force it down your throat, its treated naturally, and yet people hate it anyways just because they have those type of people.And saying "just treat gay relationships casually" doesn't work when the creators want to make gay stories. People are fine with straight relationships being major plot points but get mad once they do the same with lesbians. And even when it's treated casually, like in Craig of the creek, people still get mad. It really is only a problem when it makes the show's overall story worse, like in owl house. In that show the gay shit was cute, but it ultimately made the finale very weak since a very important character was sidelined by the bisexual icon, and her fate had so little setup that the payoff was a bunch of nothing

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>>117385063Mini milk is best

>>117385853boiling isles more like the boring isles lol


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>>117391391What effect did she have on DuckTales? Wasn't she just a storyboard artist, on a script-driven show, no less?

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>>117391965You hush now

>>117391818Anon, are you me? You laid out my same exact thoughts perfectly. And, yes; the team behind The Owl House seemed so hyperfocused on getting Amity to open up to her crush that they forgot about Eda & Luz's mentorship and found family being the show's main focus. Lumity is cute and pure, but it shouldn't have fucked with S1's pacing that immensely.

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>>117384664>expect brown loli talk>get bitching about homos insteadfuck you all

>>117391965Imagine the smell.

>>117392835I'd rather fuck Eda myself.

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>>117391929lol goteem

>>117391965Fucking based.

>>117391818>nd yet people hate it anyways just because they have those type of people.It's because those people are freaks user.

>>117384664Unless the host is voiced by Hilbert Gottfried I'm not interested.

>>117391965I can't believe images exist that are this small.

>>117394324Yeah, me neither

>>117391965He can't keep getting away with it!

>>117384664>Place your bets I'm sorry, but I don't gamble.

>>117394384The only files I've seen that are that big are short text files and game sprites on the fuckin NES.

>>117387192Damn, I didn't watch the show because it's trash but she had such a hot voice in the Latin Spanish dub.

>>117392915They should all had stayed swapped.

>>117395835I honestly would've been fine with that. Eda was still smokin' hot without her original vessel.

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>>117395879Imagine Eda in Luz’s body

>>117396243I'd rather not.

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>>117385853Did anything like this even happened in the show?

>>117396349The closest you get are Episodes 1&4, the two-part finale, and the main title. Turns out The Boiling Isles IS the PG fantasy world Luz always dreamed about. There's little to no horror, and almost every aspect specific to the Demon Realm is just some goofy parody of things found on Earth (see: Penstagram).

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I Love Disney Oh So Much, I Wish For Mickey Mouse To Be My Boyfriend~

>>117384664there will be much cunnyposting and probably some shipping stuff

>>117397037>cunnyposting >shipping stuff Dear god no, those both sound fucking terrible. PLEASE tell me Molly either has a hot mom or older teacher

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>>117397274I apologize for the degeneracy of this board, General.

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>>117398263Oh you're one to talk Mansley, we all know about your Alice complex

>>117392129She's going to bring the fags in

>>117397274>hot mom or older teacher>thinking either of those things will prevent shipping or cunnyposting

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>>117384664>spunky looking generically ethnic female protagonistHas 'shit' written all over it.

>>117398507I'd fill her with spunk

>>117398418Is that it? King is fine then. I like her work, and it's cool to see her moving up the ladder and directing TV episodes now.

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>>117384664Trying to remember where I saw a similar cute style with giant eyes and giant smile... Kitty is not a cat?

>>117398483I know it won't prevent it, but having an actual waifu rather than pedo fuel will bring greater balance to future Molly McGee threads. That way, we won't just have pedos spamming their "waifus" 24/7. This is why Owl House threads are just a little more bearable than Amphibia generals. The mere addition of Eda does wonders for the former’s threads. The Curse of Molly McGee is gonna need some actual waifus rather than just cutesy daughterus to make up the bulk of its r34.

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>>117397274>>117399256>wishing for coom material that panders to him instead of good animation/writingthe absolute city state of coomers

>>117397274Cunny makes a giant appear in my pants, general

>>117385086Ngl her girlfriends pretty cute.

>>117384664The ghost character is probably just making me think this way, but it looks less like one of these lore-heavy, shipping-bait girl-in-a-magical-situation shows and more like the kind of show that's just wacky spooky antics, like Billy and Mandy but probably less cynical.

>>117399384 Buddy, I've been an avid Amphibia fan since episode 1. It took until Season 2 for that show to present the first character I could considered waifu material. I love me some sexy characters in my cartoons, but I'm no cumbrain. I am more than capable of enjoying a show or movie even if there isn't a single fappable character in my eyes. But knowing how so many anons on this board tend to be, a new show with ONLY kid characters would lead to nothing but pedo spam since so many of you guys here resort to lewding ANYTHING on screen regardless of the ages or lack of sex appeal. A waifu in TCoMM would help control some of that pedo spam, while also treating some of us anons with taste to a new waifu to call our own as an added bonus.

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>>117398696Those duck children look very cute

>>117405467Yes. Yes, they do.

>>117385587That does seem to be her main priority. Didn't she date the DuckTales fan who made that 'LGBT' zine? ngl, she creeps me out a lot.

>>117395879Demons never looked so drop-dead gorgeous~

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>>117404773>coomer is a furry tooOh no no no no this keeps getting better and beter

>>117407605>implying there's anything remotely wrong with being a furry

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>>117392795>Edalyn will never give you a little peck on the cheek

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>>117387798what cartoon is that

>>117408904Lol, I dunno

>>117392795>filenameThat doesn't really look like dbarus artstyle.

>>117409303Who do you think drew it then?

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>>117408904It's Pony.One of the funniest cartoons right now.

>>117409530>Pony I thought minimalistic, one-word titles were exclusive to movies. Are TV shows really climbing onto that trend now?

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>>117391241This entire post sounds good and completely falls apart by the simple fact that its gay people putting gay people into their own shows. How a company markets that is irrelevant

>>117409512Dunno, but the linework doesn't look like dbaru at all.

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>>117391818In my opinion, I just find putting something that about sexual and romantic preference in a shows that are by in large for kids is strange. I don't want this to come off as accusing show runners as pedos, but i do think that kids are not really mentally at the point where they can start asking questions and analyzing romance and sexuallity, even if the purpose is for highlighting queer inclusivity at an early age to prevent abuse later on.

>>117410273Always remember that creators create to please themselves first and foremost.

>>117410273Children are introduced to the concept of romance the moment they become cognizant enough to recognize their parents/aunt/uncles/friends' relatives as a married couple. You can't really shield that, so there's no reason to shy away from it if a childrens' storyteller feels their show needs some romantic tension. And since love is a common theme/moral found in children's entertainment, having characters show affection for one another wouldn't be inappropriate so long as healthy relationships are presented in a clear and positive light. The U.S. is one of the only major countries that still treats sex and romance as being more "inappropriate" than realistic violence. Many European comics and cartoons suitable for children feature that kinda stuff because adults know that growing children can handle that subject matter. I'm not saying kids' cartoons should go full Titeuf, but romance at least can make for some interesting conflict. You do realize children naturally form crushes as early as grade school, don't you? And shipping fictional characters is common among young'uns.

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>>117409589The show is called "It's Pony"

>>117410637So... it's It's Pony?

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>>117410921Aw I love OK K.O.!

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>>117410535>And shipping fictional characters is common among young'unsFujoshis start young.

>>117411986I'm actually not super sure how true this is. It may be common amongst teens, yes, but actual kids? The demographic that the show actually targets? I don't think kids 6 - 11 care all that much about shipping, to be honest.

>>117412019As I said here >>117410381 don't worry too much about the tARgEt DEmoGraPhICs, and remember creators are always trying to please themselves first. THEN, will they worry about tampering their work in order to also appeal to whoever is buying. That is why there are so many "adult" things in cartoons. It's not really there to appeal to parents, that is secondary.

>>117384664Molly a cute

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>>117413426pretty colors


>>117413426Those eyes are in dire need of some fixing.

>>117415327Are they?

>>117415810Try comparing them to the OP. They're completely droplet shaped, which looks superweird.

>>117415963ohh i see now

>>117413426and funny

>>117413426might be one of the first few fanarts of the show

>>117384846Its already been made.

>>117417611It comes from a storyboard artist on the show, so I personally wouldn't even call it fan art.

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Cute loli

i love little girls.


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>>117418577With all the weird grooming accusations lately, I'm starting to truly appreciate people who are just honest about it

>>117418577Um, Pib, I-I would really not be, uh, screaming that at the top of your lungs...


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>>117384664>hyper active brown girl goes on fantasy adventures in a magical worldAnother one of these, Disney? Really?

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>>117419912First off, we don't know if Molly McGee will also be a western isekai. It could just be spooky misadventures in her hometown á la Billy & Mandy. Second, there's more to Amphibia and The Owl House than what their basic premises present. Yes, Disney seems really into greenlighting more cartoons with female leads, but that's a very minimal similarity between them. They're very different shows, and Molly McGee will surely feel even more different since its creators have 20+ years of professional writing experience and didn't come from Gravity Falls.

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>>117419912>>117420038It's more annoying that every single one of these manic tween pixie girls characters in modern Disney TV cartoons is just Mabel. Star, Webby, Anne, Luz... They all talk and act and have personalities EXACTLY like Mabel. They're all just Mabel.Molly looks like she's just gonna be yet another Mabel.

>>117420128Yeah, they're also just like Finn, and Billy, and Flapjack, and Chowder, and Gumball, and Steven, and KO. It's almost like they're all—*GASP*—peppy, quirky protagonists meant to easily befriend (or annoy) other surrounding characters as a means of getting different stories in motion, and as a means of easily attracting the target audience!

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>>117420038>>117420128>>117420388Kids, kids, you're both right! Cartoons do repeat the same archetype of protagonist way too much but that doesn't mean it impedes them from being good characters

>>117420415Don't pretend like Mabel was a good character, user.

>>117420430But... she was.

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>>117420388Don't drag Billy into this, his "quirks" were never once treated as a positive trait

>>117420038I like how shiny her hair is. I hope Mercury Filmworks is doing the animation.

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>>117386184It's a movie about space wizards for kids, get over it!

>>117421023cute mum

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>>117421217I'd lick Johanna from head to toe if I could

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