Back in 2006, Devil's Due Publishing published a Family Guy comic. It was written by one of the show's writers, Matt Fleckenstein.

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>>117384051It lasted for three issues.

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>>117384051But this looks good


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Reading this made me sad, this show used to be so good and had actual soul and effort


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>>117384051Holy shit i saw this at a comic shop once and could never find it again so i thought i just dream it up.

The writing really does feel like rejected scripts, occasionally it brushes up against something that feels like it could belong in an episode but not often.

>>117386297It feels like early FG ideas, no blood or shock humor whatsoever and Peter is not mean-spirited.

>>117386332Animated sitcoms used to really be something, huh?



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There's some blatant low quality stuff going on here in the art department but this is somehow really enjoyable despite that. I'm pretty cozy.


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>>117384844the shadow robot joke is pretty good


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>>117387111It's as lifeless and stiff as the show itself

>>117387587The early seasons were pretty roughly drawn/animated but they weren't stiff because of it.

>>117387617Back when it had soul

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I know when I'm supposed to laugh, just like show. I don't laugh, but I know when they intend for me to.

>>117384051Is this some vore porn parody?

Weird to think that Family Guy was huge in a period, it had games, comics, toys,T-shirts, references in pop-culture, advertisement, hosting the Emmy Awards, ringtones and what not. All of which happened during it's first few post-cancellation years and not during S1-3. Nowadays, it's kinda there, and you only see people bringing it up to tell you how shitty it became.


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>>117388029I miss days when Quagmire's joke wasn't "make every scene uncomfortable when Brian's there" or "Be an asshole disguised as voice of reason." I'd much rather have GIGGITY GIGGITY GOO back instead of just "Brian's here I'm going to be a dick."


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>>117388055damn dude just hit his dick against the table for the sake of a comedic pelvic thrust

>>117387176Nowadays, that would just be Consuela.


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>>117388112>>117388145>Remembering when Princess Leia was Peter's boss


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>>117388250Nice, they're using the sun room. I always thought it was weird how rare it is. I mean I think they have modern basic angle backgrounds for it already.


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>>117384051You know I'm shocked the first issue kind of felt like something straight out of a episode

I'm pretty sure my grandma got me a trade of this comic when I was a kid, as a present.I'm not sure why, since I never watched Family Guy or read comics.


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>>117388496>underestimated my artistic talentIf the third issue ended with the reveal Peter had drawn every panel it'd both excuse the low quality and be a solid gag.


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>>117388593>>117388637Nu-Family Guy did a similiar joke with Peter working at the suicide hotline, it was

>>117388670new fetish acquired, dog absorbed into car seat


>>117388693There’s the vore!


Where the fuck did OP go


Aww, OP stopped before the Chris scene.

>>117389422Not that.The staring contest.

>>117388069Brian deserves it though.

>>117390113Yeah, for the one episode it happened. After that the "joke" instantly grew stale.


>>117385814This was awful OP. Genuinely horrible. I can't believe you've got a second issue lined up. Can we nominate this to join the storytime of pain roster?

>>117388069>>117390113>>117390148That shit was forced, Quagmire never hated Brian before that specific episode.

>>117390295>Quagmire never hated Brian before that specific episode.Exactly. They got along fine in Bachelorette, they traveled together in the movie, and they hung out together with Peter and the other guys multiple times.

I lost the page but pretend I'm responding to it when I say>back when stewie wasnt gay

I'm kinda glad Quagmire toilet is a thing.

>>117384051Reading this is just sad, why did the show became so fucking shit? Literally nothing redeemable about Nu-FG. Peter would have killed the homeless people and there would be gore and shock humor all over the place if this was made today.

>>117391490Was it the football page?



>>117384070Lois Griffin is so fucking hot Jesus CHRIST

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>>117394478Meg is the superior choice

>>117394910Objectively incorrect.

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>>117384870>>117384844>>117384817>hobo that says randum things*holds up spork*

>>117384051Is Brian made of marshmallow?


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>>117385695>that brick jokepure kino

>>117398930>>117398957>>117398989Yes this was completely necessary


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Thank you OP. Hope you finish the last issue. Pure kino


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>>117384051>Matt FleckensteinWhich episodes did he write? Was he worse than Alec P. Sulkin?


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>> Fleckenstein was a Family Guy assistant / writer with the following credits: The Kiss Seen Around the World(29 August 2001) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) Mr. Saturday Knight (5 September 2001) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) A Fish out of Water (19 September 2001) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) Emission Impossible (8 November 2001) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) To Love and Die in Dixie (15 November 2001) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) Screwed the Pooch (29 November 2001) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother? (6 December 2001) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) Ready, Willing, and Disabled (20 December 2001) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows (17 January 2002) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) From Method to Madness (24 January 2002) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) Stuck Together, Torn Apart (31 January 2002) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) Road to Europe (7 February 2002) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) Family Guy Viewer Mail (14 February 2002) - assistant (Seth MacFarlane) North by North Quahog (1 May 2005) - writing assistant Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High (8 May 2005) - writing assistant Brian Goes Back to College (13 November 2005) - Writer FOX-y Lady (22 March 2009) - Writer


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>>117388593>>117388670>>117396742the bg characters look like American Dad characters, and there is a distinct difference

>>117402634The main difference is that the AD characters have a more pale skin tone, while the FG ones are more pinkish.

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>>117402397Sulkin is the current showrunner and the guy who ruined the show, he's essentially the Paul Tibbitt of Family Guy.


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>>117402397>>117402460He's also worked with Dan "hold her tighter, she's a fighter" Schneider. Make of that what you will.

>>117386332No, actually It looks like family guy in its decline,

>>117388764I actually laughed,

>>117404332It didn't become shit by season 7, only autistic people and pussies dislikes 4-6 for being more edgy, randumb and cruel, despite them having some of the best episodes of the show.

>>117404410Season 5 or 6 was were it started to become garbage, the one with Meg tieing Brian up attempting to rape him, and they have a minute long unfunny joke about the pronunciation of cool whip

>>117400809that guy is fuckin small

>>117384051I can see why it was short lived, it literally the same art style as the TV show. Why buy a comic that you have to read when you can just watch the show and get the same thing? Comics can be a fun way to play with the art style/types of stories you can't otherwise tell on TV


>>117402448>im gonna grab a burger>have it your way, losers

>>117404501How do they compare to the Simpsons comics?

>>117404579Honestly I didn't read a lot of Simpsons comics but it also seems to have the same problem of not going beyond the TV show art style, but at least Simpsons has a huge variety of characters to work with, which Family Guy does not.

>>117385782>lock her in a room and put a block of ice in the window to keep it open and then shoot her from a building across the way, and then when the cops show up they see there's no way anyone could have gotten in and the only clue they have is the puddle of water by the windowStop right there, Stewart Gilligan Griffin.

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>>117404410>>117404475Season 4 was kino. The perfect combination of pre-cancellation and Zombie Family Guy, which results in an extremely quotable interesting mix of fruits.Season 5 was fine.When you get to Season 6, stop watching at the moment where Marge shows up with Quagmire. Which is the very second episode.

>>117404501>>117384051>Even the comic has cutawaysI don't know if that's a good thing or just plain sad.

It's like someone took a real Family Guy episode script and used it for one of those cartoon website comic generator "games"

>>117405017It's Family Guy. They're obligated to do cutaways. Remember when the Family Guy video game has cutaways as minigames?

>>117405587>Remember when the Family Guy video gameno

>>117384369Didn't quagmire rant on Brian because he never serve in a kitchen for the poor?

>>117384339>the comic has cutaways

>>117384209>yeah I'm pretty badass

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>>117384369hehehe... rape...

Surprised they didn't use the fall pose everytime a character was down

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>>117385006Bendis's Best work

Had to believe that this is considered the worst cartoon of the 2010s, what the fuck happened?

>>117384391Good Lord, Glenn. Get a grip.

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>>117384610Damn, can't believe it's already been three whole years

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>>117385006He should have had a golf club at the Sox game.

>>117407373youre expecting way too much

>>117385065This Tom Tucker rant feels very on point.

>>117385814Meg looks extra cute here. I dont know what it is but there is a little je ne sais quoi in the artstyle that make her look more lively

>>117406973Autism mixed with a bit of stir-crazy

>>117404686Reading this realizes that Family Guy barely has any real characters, the only notable ones are the Griffins, Quagmire, Joe and Cleveland. All the others are just one-note gag characters with no real personalites.

>>117406973You really REALLY cant cope with someone putting his opinion on the Internet,in fact your cope is so colossal you're willing to believe that shit smell good to stay contrarian

>>117408169Family Guy writing rely on non-sequitur. One-note character are unavoidable in show like this

>>117408200It's shit, they should focus on storytelling instead

>>117408188Many dislike the show user, it's just that it was awful during that decade and had some of the worst episodes of Western Animation there is.

>>117408277That was the point i was making,it just got lost in the shitposting. I dont know if you're the same user but " Family Guy is the worst cartoon of the 2010s" is a shitposter dogwhistle made by people who let a Youtube reviewer live in their head rent free

I like the show.

>>117408319Probably confusing me with someone else, the decline already started before with S7, but it became worse and worse to the point that it's not even the same show anymore.

hey Peter, I've turned myself into a blueberry. I'm blueberry Lois

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>>117408391Yeah ,i thought you were >>117406973 answering back. Those shitposting thread are hard to navigate

>>117406973well this is from 2006a year after revival

>>117385031wow, not a single comment about someone wanting to fuck the thicc black girl who is clearly an off-duty clown

>>117384447>wearing shoes in bed

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>>117385752>paint her brown and put her in the suburbsholy shit

>>117408675hahahahaha a racist joke i cant believe stewie just said that #desuguy1

>>117408429Holy crap!

>>117384369Heh. I smiled.

>>117408675>>117408857hahaha, so based, am I right my fellow racists?

>>117384369>Brett Butler Am I supposed to know who this is?

Attached: 1578332528567.png (206x206, 48.88K)

>>117408982No, 12 year olds aren't supposed to understand references to anything that isn't popular and in their face 2015 and beyond..

>>117385357>Hey, Lois, remember that time we visited Portland.

>>117387587Shallow and pedantic.

>>117388280I can't believe such a classic writer messed this up, so I felt I had to correct this. No thanks are necessary but they are welcomed. I know, can't believe you missed it either.

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>>117409164It insists upon itself.

Reading this was a blast, good job OP. I miss their old personalites though, it's amazing how much they ruined Brian in the modern seasons, he went from best character to worst character.

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>>117409759It is disappointing. It's like they wanted a character to shit on for liking women that everyone in the series relentlessly hates on but didn't want to mess with Quagmire's gags. Or something to that effect, at least.

>>117399682Oh yeah early post 9/11 America really hated Arabs

>>117409759GOOD GRIEF, HE'S NAKED!

>>117384070>>117384098So does he still kill people or is he gay?

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>>117410785Yes.>does he still kill people?I mean, every other Griffin has likely killed somebody else for real or in a cutaway.

>>117410785He gave up kiling Lois after he failed in the Stewie Kills Lois two-parter and slowly became more soft and gay. And honestly, it was for the better, Evil Stewie was just a one-note character while Gay Stewie is much more fleshed out and is more focused on his inventions than killing others.

>>117409266Either of these could be in a Family Guy episode.

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>>117411082I liked this and not just because it was a reference to a good song. It's always nice to see this animation when the episode airs.

>>117384070>It lasted for three sides

>>117408999I'm 31 and I have no idea who the fuck that is

>>117411254Probably because of all the spelling mistakes and terrible quality of the art like the zoomed in stock art of peter having terrible line quality under his normally drawn hand. >>117384391

>>117411363When this was storytimed years ago, someone said they knew one of the artists on the comic, who told him that the editors or license approvers or whatever were telling the artist to dumb down his style more.

>>117411507Interesting to hear. I still think they could have done better to fill in the colors, there's bits around the black outlines that are white, making it seem like a fill bucket in ms paint sort of problem. The style can be dumbed down but it's weird how off the quality is, like not in a shaky linework way, in a lowres upscale kind of way.

>>117411363It looks like DeviantArt-tier, I thought it was a vore comic at first when someone posted the bit where Peter tries to hide Brian.

>>117386963I know enough about Family Guy to know that Chris is into huffing paint; was this made before that was a thing, or is it just an oversight?

>>117412359Even after that episode they don't focus on continuity.


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>>117405017My big issue with it in comic form is it seems like the pacing used in these issues just slows down some of them and kills the jokes.

>>117385146its so bad its kinda good

>>117413095That's your issue... with these issues?

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>>117385146>Stupid Peter. Now how do you go and make that mistake?

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>>117386100>elbows too pointy

>>117398930>>117398957>>117398989Ah, there it is.



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>>117399012>>117398989>>117398957>>117398930>>117398909Lazy, even in comic form

>>117398909>>117398930>>117398957>>117398989>>117399012>can't resist doing overly long "jokes" even in comic formChrist.

>>117396742>>117397305Wtf is going on with Dora

>>117404686Simpsons comics actually switch art styles often, primarily in holiday specials.

>>1174060872 million dollars per episode.

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>>117384051Those were an odd couple of comic books, man. They feel like they were written by a high-schooler who's a big fan of Family Guy and occasionally scrapes up against the sensibility of the show, but he ain't quite got it. That and he traced off model sheets to do 98% of all the drawings in each panel.

>>117410996Though he still intends to do it eventually, and will kill anybody who tries to do it before him. Like Diane Simmons.

>>117384369>"I work down at the soup kitchen, Brian! Never seen you down there! You wanna help? Grab a ladle!"

>>117385065>>117417946I miss her so much, bros...

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>>117418683see diane's erect nipples at 11

>>117384051>Peter you ass--Ahoy


>>117418945I don't get it, who's Tom King?

>>117384278hmm unlike the Simpsons comics, this comic at least captures the voice of the characters.

>>117404686>>117417052>>117419674Anyone here read the Bob's Burgers comics? What are those like?

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>>117420465Lol, I dunno

>>117402565This tickled me.

>>117420465I flipped through one in an airport once. About the same level of quality as the Simpsons comics.


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>>117420947This is edgy humor done right

hehe he he he he he he hehe he he he he he hehe he heheheh and then another he he hehe he

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>>117398609I can't tell if this is in broken english or is written really poetically. It's beautiful.

>>117385187SO basically this is early FG era but when Joe and Meg were already started to be treated like shit, terrific and by that I mean disappointing.