Transformers '84: Secrets and Lies #3 Storytime

Transformers '84: Secrets and Lies #3 Storytime

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>>117383235I think it would have been a good idea to keep them in the same thread, but anyway, thank you OP.

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End>>117383448I haven't read anything from this and didn't want to get spoiled. I've been trying to post and read through the Marvel US and UK stuff as quick as I can though.

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Transformers Galaxies #9 Storytime>>117382795>>117382795>>117382795

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>>117383734Thanks OP. Did you make all of those Marvel Storytimes?

Transformers / Equs # 2 crossover Storytime:>>>/mlp/35817222

>>117383760Yes. I am trying to catch up on reading them before I post more.

>>117384306Alright. Thank you user for the storytimes.

>>117383590Looks like either Guidi or Furman remembered that Star Saber have a smaller guy inside the inner 'bot.

>>117384505Inner Star Saber is cute. CUTE!

Solid stuff.

>>117383445>Scorp and Thunderwing, as well as Magnus and Fort just introduced suddenly to my knowledge>Straxus and frens tenuously allied>Fort and Scorp presumably fighting before they show up in MarvelI'm cumming, if Xaaron shows up I'm literally gonna die

>>117383364naked thunderwing is such a rarity>>117383445interesting, barring mindwipe the rest of the decepticons depicted here all happen to be targetmasters>>117383555>>117383574man, star saber does not fuck around>>117383616oh yeah, in case people forgot springer and his triple changing buddies didn't join the wreckers until magnus went to earth

>>117383712I really appreciate these pages and wish this series gets appreciated enough to keep going>>117384306Pls read UK, they're substantially longer but worth it. There's ongoing storytimes too, unless by Marvel threads the other guy meant UK rather than this series>>117383734Ah, so you were thread, gotcha. I'd join, but there's a lot to catch up on...>>117383734>Xaaron's special ops squadAssumed it was just the remnant/resistant govt's best soldiers? Was thinking of having Xaaron setting up illegal paramilitary fellows, in caution against his political warmongering rival, but I stopped thinking about stories for a while...

>>117383555>>117383574Historic day.

>>117385881>I really appreciate these pages and wish this series gets appreciated enough to keep goingYeah I actually decided to buy it for that reason. I even enjoy and buy idw2 too, for me it would be fucking perfect if both series would go on. It's just a fucking cool idea having both at the same time, a G1 story and IDW2 which is the newest TF that exists. It's also a good idea for making both types of fans read comics, in case that it's either a new fan who isn't into the old stuff or a boomer or whatever.

>>117386122>I actually decided to buy it for that reason.Good boy~>buy idw2Bad bad>both at the same time, a G1 story and IDW2This is also true, wouldn't've minded more spotlight issues, but Marvel is pretty swell. I didn't think RG1 did that well, but I guess there was enough demand for more Furman, so I'm glad>making both types of fans read comics, in case that it's either a new fan who isn't into the old stuff or a boomer or whatever.Idk if they can operate electronics, but I guess there'll be rare weirdos like us or like, saw a literal child browsing Marvel issues with his dad at TFcon, and he's like "that's the one where the Seacons fought Galvatron" and etc, and I was like "h-how do you know this"Top parent, 10/10 would be surprised by child again

>>117383712>Furman forgot his own story that explained Cyclonus and Scourge appearing in Scorponok's army and becoming TargetmastersSomeone needs to remind him about The Legacy of Unicron

>>117385616>man, star saber does not fuck aroundHope that user who was afraid he was going to die loved this issue.

>>117383445>>117383712If Cyclonus and Scourge were around during civil war but were also reformatted from randos by Unicron's in the future, that could only mean one thing:Cyclonus II and Scourge II

>>117386485I thin there are more of us. But thank you user, yes I actually loved it. I wonder if he dies in the next one though. That's the last issue isn't it? Well, this one turned out better than expected so maybe the next one will make me happy too.

>>117384505The Brain of Courage.I suppose 'Face Masters' was unacceptable.

>>117386574>this one turned out better than expectedWhat were you expecting??Because goddamn this is boring.

>>117386429>>117386535I don't get what he or you guys meant..Legacy says they joined Scorp, who was first introduced in Headmasters in UK, but is introduced first here. Maybe Furman means that this wasn't ever addressed in the US series?I sorta got him to mean that for whatever reason, Cucklonus and Lounge were repaired/modified versions of themselves rather than the Seekers (or the Insecticons)My head hurts

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>>117386707That's the point, the first two issues were fucking terrible and this one at least had characters doing something and somewhat of an conclusion so it was bad but still way better than the issues before.Can only dream about what a competent writer would have done. I am fucking tired of Gauge and parents though and wish they would never come back again. I rather see Accelerator and Heretech.

>>117386580But Breastforce is acceptable. And you think about it, Overlord is a Nippleforce.

>>117386707>>117386770Well fuck wrong thread! Sorry user I failed you.In THIS case: I actually liked the series so far and this part simply contained a bunch of stuff I liked even more. Most of it is fan shit though, like characters I like a lot appearing again and certain elements of the story. Objectively it's probably more boring, but I have the same reaction with idw2. I get why people consider it boring but there are enough things I am personally fan of to by hyped.

>>117383235Only two weeks between #2 and #3? Fucken yeah.

>>117383543Really wondering how the last issue is going to get the Conehead Seekers back to Cybertron after this.

Ultra Magnus, Straxus, Scorponok, Star Saber, Bludgeon, The Wrekers, Thunderwing... this comic has everything!

>>117383590I never get how Star Saber works. Is he a kind of tiny robot ala Hedamaster?

Things are pretty bad when the main IDW universe stuff makes a Furman book look top tier in comparison

>>117387423>forgetting XaaronI'll cut out you're wicked tongueBut yeah, it has a lot of the neat Marvel-centric favourites. Was kinda worried that Star Saber would bite it, but it's still concerning that he's literally the only guy who hasn't shown up in Marvel...To be fair, Punch only showed up in RG1 once, and that was it. But he's our narrator, so what's going on..? ;_;>worry.jpg>>117386987Can't they just get back to spaceship, or was that still there when the Autobots woke up? Weren't they on Shockwave's ship?

>>117388365Based Xaaronfag. I think we are already three by now. Time to shill and infect others.

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>>117388521>threeI know I'm me, but I didn't know others existed>inb4 it's just me and the >discord fren with the same tastes again>tfw Xaaron's the only one who's even been a vessel of PrimusTime to set up our own church! I always knew this would happen...>Time to shill and infect others.Video Games/Xaaron board when

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>>117388365>Was kinda worried that Star Saber would bite it, but it's still concerning that he's literally the only guy who hasn't shown up in Marvel...If this mini sells well enough for a sequel to be greenlit, they have millions of years of war on Cybertron to explore, so there's no need to kill anyone immediately.

>>117388717>>inb4 it's just me and the >discord fren with the same tastes againSometimes it feels like we are the only tf fags in this cruel world. Maybe we are. I forget a lot so I bet I made 50% of the posts in this thread and just argue with myself.

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>>117386734>Maybe Furman means that this wasn't ever addressed in the US series?He's used these pages to reference other UK stories that weren't reprinted or mentioned in the US series, so it's odd how he'd single this out as something that he says wasn't addressed. It reads like he either forgot, or he really is planning for there to be two Cyclonuses and two Scourges.

>>117388828Do we know anything about cancellation/continuation? Thought/assumed it was just "ok we're just making these few issues".>there's no need to kill anyone immediately.So coma it is, then. Literally everyone that has confirmed appearances have plot armour at best, and "ok a death but we know people can just be repaired back to life after" at worst>>117388865>I bet I made 50% of the posts in this threadUhhh>DESPITE THERE BEING 13 IPS IN THIS THREAD, XAARONFAGS MAKE OVER 50% OF THE POSTS>Sometimes it feels like we are the only tf fags in this cruel worldI'll always be you're fren,>>117388949>used these pages to reference other UK storiesYeah he literally mentioned the Wreckers (who showed up in RG1 anyway?), so yeah it's a bit weird...>he really is planning for there to be two Cyclonuses and two Scourges.H-huh? For what purposeCan't imagine he has twitter, does he have like, a fax number so we can ask

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>>117388949Unrelated to that but I wouldn't complain if it diverged a bit from G1. The problem here is that they aren't planning to make it a long series (yet) so if this is only a sequel then yeah, then it will probably very fitting. But if they would continue it if it has enough sales changes would be appreciated anyway unless they want to tell the exact same story twice. Would be interesting seeing a genuine reboot of the first series.

>>117389116>tfw retelling/reimagining of G1 cartoon/UK but with modern drawings in Marvel aesthetics, and way more comfy side-stories featuring and developing more randos/mooks, and giving Furman and Guidi an infinite budgetI grew up with Beast Wars but I'd really like this ok

>>117383381>chonrichthyesLook at Straxus with his fancy five dollar words.>>117386734Meh. Cyc and Scourge died at some and Unicron recreated them from Megatron's memories. Easy enough.

>>117388998>Can't imagine he has twitter, does he have like, a fax number so we can askTHat would be nice and also funny

>>117389277>Unicron recreated them from Megatron's memoriesI thought only God made water? Er, creates life>>117389684>THat would be nice and also funnyFunny like (You), user!You're so adorable, I'm gonna marry you some day

>>117389883Unicron made Cyclonus and Scourge from Con corpses.

Alternately, when Scourge and Cyclonus got booted to the past, they killed the originals and took their place.Or something. Time travel in Tramsformers is weird.

>>117390052I still want one time travel to happen but ending up in an older continuity one day. Like the bots warping to Functionistverse in LL instead of THEIR Functionism, but with IDW1/2/3 or whatever and G1 or Animated instead.

>>117390437That almost happened in IDW1.>The "original" Rewind would also have been revealed to have survived his encounter with Overlord. Subsequently, he would have been found by the Galactic Council, and used as part of an experiment to create a weapon that could punch into different dimensions. When it malfunctioned, he would have been thrown through time and space into another dimension, leading to a universe-hopping odyssey to find his way home, seeking out power sources in each new world to recharge the experimental device.One example is him popping up in Marvel UK during 'Target: 2006'. >Despite Smokescreen suggesting they do so, no reason is ever given for why the Autobots do not unleash Omega Supreme on the Decepticons, and Omega does not appear on-panel during the story. Over thirty years later, writer James Roberts intended to provide a retroactive explanation for this goof in his IDW Publishing series Lost Light, which would have revealed that Omega could not be called up to action because he had been knocked offline due to having his energon drained by a dimension-hopping Rewind, who had jumped into the Marvel universe from the 2005 IDW continuity as part of complex ongoing sub-plot. This story never saw the light of day due to the comic ending earlier than planned.

>>117389950>Unicron made Cyclonus and Scourge from Con corpses.There's no reason to assume any of them were dead. The term 'stasis lock' didn't exist until Beast Wars, at least 10 years after the movie, but it's more likely, considering how difficult they are to kill.

>>117390720Theres a theory that they were. Specifically, the fact that they were dead is why they never remember their past lives, whereas Megatron, who clearly is still kicking, remembers being Megatron and everything that happened before.

>>117390615WTF WHY was that Rewind story never used?Everything sounds so fucking cool. I already loved the ideas I heard about it before, like Prowl being guilty of everything and Chromedome finding out about it, but this is even cooler. It feels like such a waste.

>>117390760Neither the comics nor the cartoon ever put enough focus on Cyclonus or Scourge to even ask the question of whether they remember their past lives or not. We don't have an answer because they weren't considered important enough for the question to be addressed.

>>117390813The whole IDW universe had a rushed conclusion. Alot of neat ideas had to be scrapped.

>>117390760>>117390839We need to bring this concept back. I know it's not possible with the modern Cyclonus, but I mean that concept itself. I could imagine something like that happening in idw2 with the Exarchon mytery mindhacking going on and everything. It would be a perfect opportunity to bring back Galvatron as Megatron again.

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>>117390935It's not possible with IDW2 as they already introduced Cyclonus, but whatever happens afterwards, let there be some Cyclonus-like character to fill the IDW Cyclonus role for fans who liked him, maybe also an OC in the IDW Galvatron role of an ancient barbarian warlord, while Galvatron, Scourge and Cyclonus are again future versions of Megatron, Thundercracker and Skywarp or Bombshell, rebuilt by Unicron.

>>117390813>> there ever any plans to bring back Rewind 1, or was Overlords hand obscured in MTMTE 16 just to keep us guessing?[ed note: buckle in]Well, okay, let me have a little drink. =)So let's tie together various questions here. So originally - there's a lot of disclosure you're about to hear - originally Rewind 1 *was* going to come back. Eventually. Rewind 1, we would've learned, would have - because if you remember Rewind 1 couldn't shrink and right back in the first issue we established that he turns into a giant USB stick, essentially. We would've learned that thanks to the intense trauma or panic or fear of being trapped in a slow cell with Overlord, his deep seated defense mechanism/reflex would've meant that he did rediscover the ability to transform and shrink. So he would've shrunk to that size and Overlord would've grabbed him as the ship exploded. So definitely, when the issue was drawn - 16 - the fist was clenched/obscured.And this is where it gets more complicated.

>>117391165So, we would have discovered that Overlord and Rewind were discovered by the Galactic Council. So some of that happened - Overlord was discovered by the Council. Originally the Council would find Overlord *and* Rewind, and they would have used Rewind in an experiment that they'd been working on for years - and there are shades of this in a sense, in the finale - a weapon that would punch its way into parallel universes. And they would've fixed Rewind, and given him a suit of armor necessary to jump from universe to universe. And to do that after the first successful jump to another universe, he would've discovered that it would be very difficult to find the power sources necessary to jump again...a bit like Back to the Future. He wanted to get home, a bit like Quantum Leap - just stealing from all these other sources. So the Council wanted to use Rewind as a weapon - it wouldn't be to jump to universes, it would be a super powerful directed teleportation weapon, but it would've malfunctioned and he would've been pushed in space and time, in the distant distant past in a different universe.So the reason why Rewind 2 survived Slaughterhouse and didn't get cancelled out is because by that point Rewind 1 wasn't in our universe anymore. And so Rewind 1 would've been off-stage having these adventures, fighting his way back to our universe to be reunited with Chromedome, and encountering all sorts of different iterations of Transformers and I guess different Chromedomes, but he wanted the original. Had we had a series 4 or had I enough space in S3 to do the Chromedome/Rewind story I wanted to do, it would've been the return of Rewind 1. The bollocked thing about this and Chromedome and the 2 Rewinds, as you've picked up already, is that if Rewind 1 comes back...then one of the two of them would have to go. One of them is gonna be cancelled out.

>>117390911I want to know how much changed because of that. Like I wonder how the alt-verse was initially supposed to be or if Adaptus was always supposed to die suddenly thanks to a punch even if it makes 0 sense since it was Pharma's body, if there was more story for Nickel and maybe Deathsaurus too and so on.

>>117391207 I had in mind an entire issue just with the three of them - and believe me, it would have worked out scientifically, there would have been a reason for this - they would have been aware of their situation and they could exercise choice over which one of the two Rewinds is gonna go. By this point, you would've hopefully taken Rewind 2 to your hearts and poor Rewind 1 - yes, we all love Rewind 1 - but Rewind 1 would've spent literally millions of years jumping and jumping to get back to Chromedome.But, here's the other thing - back when Rewind is in a coma in issue 12, and Chromedome speaks to him, we don't know what Chromedome says. But what Chromedome does, is he confesses something. And this ties in with Rewind's alleged allergy to ultraviolet light, and so storyline right back at the beginning...before I wrote issue 1, was that Chromedome was involved in Dominus Ambus' disappearance, and Chromedome was tasked by Prowl with removing from Rewind 1's memories the fate of Dominus Ambus and then removing the precise details of his disappearance from his own memory. When Chromedome and Rewind met at the relinquishment chamber, it was after Chromedome had done that. And Chromedome would have been burdened with this guilt, and he would have confessed this to Rewind when Rewind was in a coma in issue 12.And if you go back to issue 12, you will see that in that panel, Rewind's recording. So even though he's in a coma, he's recording everything...including Chromedome's confession. So while Rewind 1 is universe hopping, at some point he would have accessed this memory - this recording - and discover what Chromedome did, and his motivation for returning to our universe would have gone from a desire to be reunited with his love to a desire to have a reckoning or to take revenge became more complicated than love.

>>117391242And the idea would be that Chromedome, when Rewind 1 came back into our universe, this three way conversation with the two Rewinds and Chromedome would've been very interesting; because what Chromedome did to Rewind 1 he would have also done to Rewind 2, but Rewind 2 would only just be finding out about it. And so, and...what I haven't said about it...the Galactic Council [James says "Functionists" here, but I think he meant GC based on earlier] fashioned this armor to look like Primus, because they reckoned that many Transformers were superstitious, and figured if they could teleport "Primus" into the middle of a battlefield, it would sow discord and confusion, etc. so Rewind 1 looked like Primus. And everything I've just told you was more or less going to happen - I'll come back to that - and when I absolutely definitively had to ditch that storyline was when I came to write the last part of the Mutineer's Trilogy, and that scene in issue 12 where we have the Scavengers interlude, that was originally an interlude set in the Marvel UK Transformers universe - and I wrote this scene - and it was set in the Target: 2006 story. In Target : 2006 for those who don't know, Galvatron travels back in time, fights Megatron, tries to build a weapon to blow up Unicron in 2006. Within that story Omega Supreme is brought up but never shows up and his disappearance is never accounted for. So this 5 page flashback would have utilized original Furman dialogue, and it would appear to be Primus arriving from nowhere, fighting Omega Supreme for "reasons", defeating Omega Supreme, and then hopping out of there, basically using Omega's power to hop him closer - very close, because 1986, although in a parallel universe is getting closer to "our" time. So that would've been that.[Ed note: Roberts pronounces "Omega" like "Amiga" =) "Amiga Supreme", the greatest 80s computer the Autobots possess, I guess...]

>>117391282And it was written, and two things: by this point I was thinking, "I've already got a lot of stuff compressed into the last 12 issues and I don't think I can find room to have Rewind come back and have that special conversation and to give that the attention it deserves". That was one reason. The other reason was that I'd gone really cold on the idea of Chromedome doing that to Rewind. At the beginning - way back, before issue 1 came out, and you're mapping all these stories - it seemed like an interesting thing. It was a memory, it was using Chromedome's abilities against him, and it was high drama. But I didn't like - as those characters came to life and that relationship came to life - I didn't like that to be part of their relationship. And so we've got references in Dark Cybertron, in issue 14, to Prowl knowing something and using it to blackmail him. And I put those things in there thinking "Well, I can pick up on that or I don't have to." And so the end I E-mailed my editor and said, "I don't know how I feel about this anymore" and we decided that, yeah, don't go there.So hopefully that's explained the UV thing, the Prowl blackmail angle, the lost scene from the Mutineer's Trilogy...oh yeah! And at the end of the Functionist Universe, the end of Dissolution, you would have had an epilogue where Rewind 1 [as Primus] attacks the Functionist Council, and is responsible for them merging with Vector Sigma, which would have led to the Crucible events. And it was all tied together, and I sort of loosened some of those ties, but still would've been able to pursue the story if I wanted to.So here we are. Canonically, Chromedome didn't do that to Rewind. Prowl's blackmail is of a different nature - to be determined, that original storyline went. And...yeah. So that's...yeah. So that's a lot of answer.

>>117391282>[Ed note: Roberts pronounces "Omega" like "Amiga" =) "Amiga Supreme", the greatest 80s computer the Autobots possess, I guess...]Does he pronounce it 'Supreme' or "Spreem"?

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>>117391604He's a major Brit, so 'Spreem'.See also: his OCs Shock and Ore.

>>117391165>>117391207>>117391242>>117391282>>117391314I like this way better than everything CD/R related we actually got.1. It's actually Rewind 1 returning, not the clone2. Brutal fight (Overlord) would have actually causes mental response + shitton of Rewind development3. More Galactic Council4. Fucking altvers teleporter5. bizarre as fuck longarc6. God tier hommage/fanservice cameos with older continuities7. the brutal choice between R1 and R28. Reuniting after millions of years of dimension hopping and love turning into rightful hate9. the potential drama because of Dominus (and that Prowl scene finally making sense)10. that PRIMUS reveal and explanation for millennia of Primus sightings, holy shit11. Fixing holes of stories of other universes decades backThis is so cool it even warrants a story on its own. Fuck everything for this never happening.

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>>117391702Theres always fanfics.

>>117391824If this was a fanfic Rewind would be Megatron instead and every visit of another parallel dimension would lead to sexual encounters with bots from respective continuities, including other Megatrons.

>>117391943And when Megatron is out of focus, everyone must talk about how hot he is.

>>117391943>>117392006What are the odds this fic already exists?

>>117392034Rather high.

>>117392006Also he musty be angrier, louder, and have access to a time machine.

>>117392034Megs even lived in a parallelverse in Lost Light and met Orion there so it would almost be surprising if there was nobody thinking this through to the end.





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>>117393309Will any other thread take his place?

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>>117393353What'd he say his name was?

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>>117393581man that lava-bath REALLY did a number on his brain

>>117388365>forgetting XaaronOh shit, I missed him. I like that guy: he has a Doc Doom face.

>>117383353>>117383364>>117383555>>117383574>>117383590Alright, so Bludgeon, Thunderwing and Star Saber are shown with their inner robot form here. And apparently Star Saber has a similar relationship with his battle platform to Optimus and his trailer. Now one question remains: does Ultra Magnus have an inner robot? Will we ever see Magnus naked?

>>117395188Only in Dreamwave.

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>>117388207Galaxies isn't the 'main' book, to be fair, but yeah, comparing the two issues is like night and day, on one side we have all this cool shit going down, it's fanwank as fuck but it's cool fanwank.Then smash-cut to a writer's pet OC with no character traits narrating for three solid issues as she wanders around a monochrome religious commune before having an almost comically brief confrontation with the designated big bad that has all the tension of air being let out of a balloon. To say nothing of the dirty done to said designated big bad.I'd blame the latter on a lack of talent, but honestly everything to do with said OC in that continuity has been a very solid low point (including the mainline issue that introduced the character, which was little more than a sidelining of the plot for an issue to watch Arcee run away from a collapsing building), here's to hoping things pick up again once things are back in the hands of half-decent writers and artists and IDW's upper management stop playing Russian roulette with putting complete random in charge of their TF books.

>>117396520You know, even that piece of crap could have been relatively salvaged had it gotten a good artist.

>>117387963I've watched the whole show and have no idea. Brain Robos seem to be nonentities that give the Brainmasters a stat boost when plugged in, but not once do they transform without it or let em walk around or anything. TFwiki describes the Brains as mini Transtectors, which I can't even wrap my head around

>>117396563Honestly a lot of IDW2 would have been better off if they'd just kept with one of the established artists who's style lent itself to the franchise instead of throwing fanartists at the problem until one stuck. Ruckley is a pretty decent writer even ill-adapted to comics as he is, but so many of the early issues were let down by tron line rectangle art by Random I. Fanartist the 2nd from the wastes of nowhere.I understand trying to create an ' in' for new talent, Christ knows incestuous talent pools are a rampant across the entire entertainment industry, but there's a time and a place for such things, and right at the beginning of a new continuity on the premier book sure as fuck isn't it. This is one of those times where I have to wonder what the Buisnessspawn behind this were thinking, if a random autist like me can see the obvious issues in what they're doing, why can't they?

>>117396620Japan didn't treat them as anything more than a power up. It should be noted that Legends seemed to treat the mini robots as the actual character. When Saber shows up in Legends, it's the little guy so this would mean the little guy is the actual Star Saber, and the rest of the robot is a transtector of a different variety.

I've just read Galaxies.I liked the monologue about choise, but then the issue went nowhere.How the hell Gauge beat Heretech. Is he even dead?

>>117393684Don’t worry, being incased in ice fixed his mind

>>117387423What other important characters haven't appeared? Hot Rod?

>>117398022And Xaaron!

>>117395280>Only in DreamwaveIDW1 had multiple inner robots

Attached: Ambus_Unveiled.jpg (343x516, 104.9K)

>>117399626Who cares about this nerd, we want our Cracker Prime

>>117399626Is Ultra Magnus a Pretender? The Great Pretender?>mfw Japan loves Freddy Mercury, even the songs that are considered shit

>>117398791Xaaron needs a real toy.


>>117402362That sure is a name that wouldn't fly today.

>>117391702>I like this way better than everything CD/R related we actually got.#metoo bud, but for better or for worse (things will turn out fine~), we got a smushy happyish endou>>117391824You're are also right (what's the thingy with people telling you to be quiet..? I missed out..), Roberts literally gave us license to fan-head everything... including the stuff he found to depressing to include, which apparently was the reason for not doing the stuff listed thoughtfully way above>>117394479I miss you and like you, frenPls go out with me>>117395188>>117395280Well it said he was incomplete>>117399626>IDW1 had multiple inner robotsWe serve food here, sirHaha

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finally we got an American take on Star Saber worth a damn.

>>117401361they just made an anime recently with that title and even use Freddie's song for the end credits theme.

>>117383574>>117383590>Star Saber is a heroic swordsbot>Deathsaurus is an asshole who uses his troops as disposable fodderBased Furman giving us the actual SS and Deathsaurus and not Roberts fanfic OCs.

>>117404354it just took about 30 years, though but yes

>>117406275I mean Earth Wars also depicted him as a hero so theirs that

>>117399626Nobody cares about this reject. Where's White Optimus

>>117395280I liked this a lot for the same reason I am gay for Nova.

>>117397512Gauge is also a kid and has beaten adult guardians so it's just Maggs mary sueing her again. And we don't know if he is dead. It's weird. Considering his historical role in idw1 I would wonder if he died before the war even started. It would be such a huge waste.

Attached: 35277727.png (812x932, 2.02M)

>>117408270This issue was hilariously bad. Like something you would expect from DC or Marvel in the 90s.

>>117396772Fanartists are fine I think but they have to look harder sometimes. Malkova got used to drawing comic formats so she is fine now, but why hiring this male sjw (I am not buzzwording, he literally calls himself a sjw in his twitter bio) for #21? Because he really can't drawn them well and action even less than everybody else.WHY did they hire those two guys at the start?? Whitman and Hernandez? It's weird for a franchise with such a huge fucking fandom as this. I alone follow like 50 TF artists that make top tier art. I would ask those first before I go to some randos that might be befriended with some IDW employee. Hell I have never even heard of Whitman and Hernandez before, did they even ever draw fanart at all? Where did they come from?

Attached: EgWhjR2VAAAz71R.jpg (1280x853, 166.72K)

>>117408707Yeah her horsecomic felt exactly the same, a magical horse cooking show with the horse show master and Gauge and a sudden evil Shockwave appearing that wants to eat horses and gets btfo'ed by both of them with a pan as weapon. I am almost sure there must be at least ten episodes or skits from some kids' cartoons from the 90s with this exact content somewhere.

>>117386535>>117386734Things in '84 don't seem to be matching TF UK exactly. In the UK lore there was another Decepticon warlord (Trannis) who led the cons before Straxus. Also, Kup was cruising around space suffering PTSD before Hot Rod and Blurr recruited him into Fort Max's group.

>>117402362>>117409145Holy shit he looks so cool. He reminds me a bit of that Functionism Senator in Origin and Chaos Theory. Imagine Milne drawing him nowadays.>tfw they cut Trannies out from the story because of the name

Attached: 343494949.png (1745x633, 2.09M)

>>117408873That horsecomic felt much better becausea) no narrationb) Casey Coller drawingIt's still crap but those two things makes so much of a difference. Really, Coller is fantastic even on something as dumb as this.

>>117409360>Thanks to Trannis the Cybertronian society is collapsing!

>>117409607Yeah I was surprised it had no inner monologue, probably because the story was only 10 pages long or something and Gauge retelling her lifestory wouldn't fit into it. I still felt like Casey and Sara weren't very motivated drawing the stories. Compare Coller's art there with literally anything else he did and Sara's 4-pages comic with Cosmos with the first story. Wonder if I am imagining things or if it's just the colorists being meh or if they were simply not motivated as much as usually.

>>117410341We should make a petition to get him back.Trannies > the other two trannies.

>>117410419>subdued G1 cartoon shit with Spike>Cooking show with slapstick and ooc ShockwaveI mean, I can feel the action in here much better than in the Galaxies issue but yeah, that's not the most enticing content.

>>117409145Fren is memoryAlso this is like, recent after the crash aka a few mya before G1 starts I think, so plenty of time for Kup to call it quits, also makes sense for him to rejoin old unit>>117409360Kek

>>117410755Eh, the second story was just nothing for me, not even action and the first was drawn too shittily to work. I actually consider the second Galaxies arc a great example for action. Now thinking about it the Constructicons should have flattened the entire city in the horse comic, just as they did on that colony. I wonder when this had even happened, They killed thousands so it should be a big thing.

>>117408270>Considering his historicalDid he do anything in IDW1? I only remember him from a flashback.Anyway, a cultist fanatic Decepticon is a interesting approximation since the cons have never had one. Assassinating him in a dull comic as Galaxies would be such a shame.

>>117411652Yeah this is why I said historical. It's like Nova or something. Very important and influenced a lot of stuff but always off-screen.The Sixers (as rank, and Heretech in general) only became a thing with Roche's comic and Mtmte, but the latter didn't have the time featuring all of them sadly so we only got Overlord and a bit of Killmaster or Deathmaster or what the fuck the name was.Same with Black Shadow, I hope he will appear here and be more relevant. Considering what a high ranking Con Heretech was it would be weird killing him that early and not even letting him become a Con in the first place. >Anyway, a cultist fanatic Decepticon is a interesting approximation since the cons have never had one.Yeah that too. There was certainly a cult around Megatron, some pseudo-religious hype around him and his ideology would be a cool thing. Bit like the cult behaviors during nazi times.

>>117403148>That sure is a name that wouldn't fly today.You're right. Since they just introduced him in this issue, how do we feel about Deathsaurus maybe taking his role?

>>117411803>The Sixers (as rank, and Heretech in general) only became a thing with Roche's comic and Mtmte, but the latter didn't have the time featuring all of them sadlyLSotW has Shockwave mentioning that Ogrelord isn't the first P6 to goad Megatron. Assuming he wasn't forgiven, who do we know that died? You think Black Shadow, but taking a bribe doesn't sound like goading. Sixshot's a good boy, but those are the only phase-sixers that we know of... But then you rember that Heretech got ununtrium too, was a Warrior Elite, AND got killed by the DJD after his warworld lost power. So we have pieces to think that he got to be a phase sixer, uhuhu

>>117411332Yeah, I mean I understand what you are saying but hitting Shockwave with a tray and a cooking pan had more impact than...freaking Rocket League or whatever that was. I can't even fault Maggs there, it was abysmal.

>>117411652>Anyway, a cultist fanatic Decepticon is a interesting approximation since the cons have never had one.IDW1 wasted him, someone bring him back.

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>>117412371I was just thinking of him yesterday. Unironically think Dreamwave made the best versions of a good bunch of bots.

>>117409145>Things in '84 don't seem to be matching TF UK exactly.Maybe we need to overthink it. If the aftermath of Time Wars is the timeline repairing itself, and Rodimus returning to a future where Galvatron is still alive, a new timeline where maybe Cyclonus and Scourge didn't travel back in time, so now there needs to be an explanation for how they're in the past with the Targetmasters.>Also, Kup was cruising around space suffering PTSD before Hot Rod and Blurr recruited him into Fort Max's group.Hot Rod should be a lot younger, so he shouldn't be around yet at this time.

>>117412108Yeah I think we can safetly assume that he is one, maybe even all of the guys we saw in that one panel with Heretech at Hell's Point. Considering he is a boring machine I wonder if he was doomed to be a miner like Megatron before. In IDW1 or 2.

>>117412287Well yeah that's true. It had more action that this Galaxy arc here. Or felt like more.The thing is that the narration kills any kind of immersion you might have had and action with it. If it was at least narration only it would be less terrible. Like war flashbacks in IDW1 or Ruckley's comic when Megs talked about his past and ideolofy. But there the things talked about were big and important and you at least SAW interesting things, like Exarchon coming to Megs, shootings, the post war angst and so on. Gauge's story doesn't work at all because first of all the things she talks about interest nobody. It's just her daily life and a few thoughs and things cultists have said on that ship. And Gauge as well Accelerator are OCs, you don't care about them, it's the story's job to make you care but instead it acts like we were all already fan of her. What makes it worse is the back and forth between narration and actual dialoge. That way you are always disconnected. You want to read the story as narration but then it gets interrupted by live scenes. You want to immerse into the live scenes and it gets interrupted by narration. I am honestly surprised the author has already done own comics to be honest, because it feels like a serious mistake a children's bookwriter would do that has never once composed a single panel.

>>117402362Marvel OCs had the funkiest names:>Xaaron>Traachon>Kamaandi>Trannis>Boltax>Straxus>JhiaxusAnd then, there are these


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>>117408270>They made Heretech a thick-ass Daddy but even that wasn't enough to help this arc>>117412730Maybe I just have abysmally low standards, but strangely the most disappointing thing to me hasn't been so much the narration or marysue-ing, but the "fight." Or maybe it's along the lines of what you've said, the narration cuts into the action so much that it just doesn't have much impact. I dunno, I'm bummed out.

>>117412939They have ignored him for so long

>>117383235Deus Vult Saber > Boring Shonen Nipp Saber

>>117408270>Gauge is also a kid and has beaten adult guardians so it's just Maggs mary sueing her again.Not only the oddities of a kid defeating one of the supposed most powerful characters, which is bad writing, but the form of she won: did Gauge managed to defeat Heretech hitting him with a rock? I mean, what?

>>117412853Guess they were still trying making them sound alien. Today Tarn would be Xarn or something.>And then, there are these guysDon't forget the literally Arab Quints like Al-Badur or Mara-Al-Utha.

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>>117414674It seems to have been raw Energon and Arcee shot it so it exploded but you couldn't tell from the art.

>>117414671This. I understand the complaints but I need more Deus Vults.Damn everything I was so hyped when these pannels were shown and Roberts cucked me right afterwards.

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>>117414906>XarnTarn's cousin.

>>117414674>>117414986The attack was really the dumbest shit ever. Well wait NO, there is still Skywarp's death in Siege. But yes, it's Siege tier dumb.I mean not only survive the bots almost everything, it was just a small boom. It must have been since Heretech isn't even visibly wrecked, a bunch of cracks that's it. It's especially weird because they could ACTUALLY just throw him into an Energon hole. I mean that's what it was about. Gauge searching an Energon vein and Heretech drilling into it. Just tell him to drill at the wrong place or blow it up yourself or it happens during the fight (making his alt-mode actually relevant) and he stands at the precipice. They might manage to run towards him all three, working together, and Heretech is huge and heavy but together they make it.Maybe make Heretech grab Gauge's leg or something while dangling down and then she yells to him telling him he has already lost and that he only did because it was Primus' will or some shit and he is mind numbed hearing this because he is a crazy, so he doesn't even realize he let her go and falls into the pool. I mean if he comes back they can still make him survive this even if Arcee would shoot that Energon as well. It's warrior bots anyway.

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>>117415860I now want a fanatic Autobotarn being Sentinel's edgy underling that kills Autobots playing with the thought of defecting to the 'Cons. >tfw you want an Autobot DJD nowWhose dick do I have to suck though?

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>>117415981The wiki says he is still alive, but again, that's the wiki. No idea where they got that information.

>>117415981>Gauge tricking Heretech into his own demise>But good I would have loved to see it.>>117417305If he ain't shown greyed out, I don't consider him dead yet. I think.

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>>117417680>If he ain't shown greyed out, I don't consider him dead yet. I think.I didn't think of this. True. I would be pissed if he was anyway since he doesn't even look damaged.

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>>117383574>I have lived to see both Alex Milne and Guido Guidi draw DeathsaurusMaybe this timeline isn't so bad after all.

>>117412425I didn't like Dreamwave Sunstorm, just because they insisted on making him a clone of Starscream for some reason.That was their "explanation" for them looking identical only with a different color, while somehow pretending that other Seekers don't already exist.It was a little bit insulting to Skywarp and Thundercracker.

>>117412730Accelerator in particular was a waste. She looked really cool, and she already showed up in the main book at Brainstorm's funeral.So I figured we'd get a scene where her and Arcee throw down for sure, or maybe even let her kill Greenlight. Or maybe it turns out she actually cared for Gauge, and Gauge would have to choose between her and her original mentors. But something to make us give a shit.Instead? Nope, nothing. Waste of a character.

>>117419247I think they just made him a clone to give him a connection to Starscream and reason to be fixated on finding him, I wouldn't read into it too much, it wasn't implying all the Seekers were clones.

>>117419090And so close to each other too.

>>117410341>>117410594>Now we face hundreds of thousands of years of war against TrannisIt never ends

>>117417216>No autobot symbol facemeh