Why is Inspector Gadget ruined forever?

Why is Inspector Gadget ruined forever?

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Not enough Spydra porn.

brown bricks

At least we’ll always have the original French rips...

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moiney crafta

>>117378952it ruined itself with a poochy in S2.

>>117378952It is? Since when?

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>>117378952a certain man with a 10 incher ruined it

>>117379074Yea what the fuck was up with that?

>>117378952I’d struggle to take it seriously too after the movieyoutu.be/8iiYFkvg7OU

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Why is the theme In the Hall of the Mountain King?

>>117379074And the 2nd series added 2 new ones

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>>117379149Always happens when creators run out of ideas.

>>117379105Since apparently >>117379013.

>>117379736I don't get it. What about brown bricks?

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remake it so that it goes a bit more in depth into it's Lupin the III roots.

>>117379936It has something to do with Mike Matei of Cinemassacre and people running a joke into the ground, I don't really know the whole story.

>>117379949Yeah, I remember the Cinemassacre review of a bizarre Inspector Gadget DVD, but so what?

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>>117380083I always thought now whenever you bring it up, the conversation devolves into people spouting "BROWN BRICKS".

youtube.com/watch?v=KJyV0VvNJg4For the uninitiated

>>117379105>gritty cyberpunk reimagining of inspector gadget as a noir cyborg detective I'd watch it.

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Bad movies, and the original series were too focused in Penny, with the supposedly main character being a secondary.


>>117379173Get a job you homo. That movie was pure kino.

>>117378952People say it's Mike Matei but it was really Oney or whoever who kept driving the joke into the ground but people will never admit it.

>>117379432WTF? Why have I never heard of this?

>>117381139That's.. That's kind of the point of the OG show.

>>117382519What joke and what are you talking about?

>>117382588It was already linked.

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>>117378952Everyone has a better computer than Penny now

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>>117385676I see her panties. I like them.Am I going to Hell?

i want her to sit in my face.

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>>117378952Where is his brain? In his head? Impossible. The helicopter comes out of his head. So Where. IS. His. BRAIN?

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>>117387144What part of his body is even human anymore? I think I remember one time he got replaced by a robot and hardly anyone could tell the difference.

>>117387144I think that is the joke of him being a goofus

I'm not usually the type of person who wants edgy reboots of things, but if I could have an edgy reboot of anything Inspector Gadget would be my first choice.

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>>117380083I liked the first movie, the second I didn't like at all.


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>>117389445I was 10 when the first came out, and I liked it, but I doubt I'd like it now. I don't even think I bothered to see the second one, because even at 13 I could tell it wouldn't be good.

>>117390443It was shit. Pretty much everything established in the first movie was thrown out in the sequel.


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>>117380132Brown bricks in mein crap?

>>117387321His entire body is robotic and his brain case is stored in his torso like Krang

>>117379173Jesus you're unsealing my repressed memories right there.How his eyeballs bloated fucking scared me as a kid.I was only 4 but I still regret asking my parents to take me to go see this.

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I still want a Lupin III crossover.

>>117392313What? That's canon?

>>117382567This guy gets it.

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>>117382567youtube.com/channel/UCMAAdRKngZ0cFUjs7RTmfgQGadget Minus Gadget


It's fun searching the show for moments when Penny's animation looks more fluid.

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What's sad is that the animation in Season 2 is top-notch but every fucking episode is shit.The writers just didn't know how to write for Penny.


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>>117379936Would 100% watch this adaption

We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

IG isn't ruined, it's just that they keep trying to fuck with a formula that was already perfect. As has been said they even did it during the original run with Corporal fucking Capeman. A reboot/new version of the show just needs to be the old formula but with "updated" visuals/tech, and in IG's case I'm not even too sure about that because the sort of whimsical almost-clockwork and/or slapstick nature of (most of) his gadgets were part of the charm. Maybe a little less peril fetish bait for Penny because I'm old now and that's weird.CDRR is the same way for me for that matter. The formula was already good. Don't fuck with it. Update the themes, the tech, updating the designs to the current Ducktales style is fine, but that's it

>>117394252Man, I miss when pop-singers would just make original songs/videos for movies.All StarKiss From a RoseHeroall great.

>>117394397>Maybe a little less peril fetish bait for Penny because I'm old now and that's weird.HOW ABOUT NO?

>>117394480Yeah I know, fuck you guys. Whatever.

>>117394024I need. more of this.

>>117394741We all do.

>>117395004Have some?

>>117394397I agree, but that's just not the way that cartoons are done these days. Reboots avoid formula, even if it works, to try to stand out more, and every show runner wants to put their own mark on the series, which usually means redoing and reinterpreting everything. The modern addiction to deepest lore might not work too well either when Gadget isn't really supposed to know what's going on at any point.

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>>117395193If you must have lore, put it somewhere else. Maybe Penny, or M.A.D. or Dr. Claw himself. Hell make a rival evil organization that vies for top dog status against M.A.D. Maybe have the fat and skinny henchmen defect for an episode and find out the other guys have great benefits and dental or something, but Gadget doesn't need a tragic backstory or angst or any of that shit. He's the most powerful cyborg law enforcement officer on the planet and an complete idiot. That's all you need to know.

what's Holla Forums's verdict on the cg IG series? i think it's the most recent incarnation.

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The first season was adventure stories with lots of comedy but the second season was comedies with faux-adventure as the frame for the gags. There are some good results from it although everyone hates Capeman. Often sidelining Penny is kind weird but she was the star for 65 episodes so I don't think it's that big of a deal. Giving her a jacket is a neat little change in character design that lends her a more autumnal feel. Re-creating Gadget's house as as weird and wacky setting was a cool idea they get a lot out of.

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>>117379173>I’d struggle to take it seriously too after the movieContrary to stupid fucking(but fun admittedly) fanart with gritty Cyberpunk Gadget, the show was always meant to be a fun and whimsical cartoon. Its Get Smart with a plucky kid sidekick. That said, the movie suffers from the Batman and robin problem of being too in on the joke.


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I was shocked they included Penny's watch in the Galaxy Gear commercial youtube.com/watch?v=PUymgFwMiso

>>117391900This is a disguise Brain wore in an episode.Makes me want to see more pics of Penny wearing Brain disguises.

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Time for background and one-scene waifus

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>>117397141I thought people were bullshitting when they said they gave Brain Gadget-induced PTSD to the point that he fled the house and had Penny lie and say he died in one of the later cartoons

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>>117397425what in the goddamn fuck is up with her arm

>>117397365He does it for love.

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>>117397525wonky perspective probably

How many other cartoons have their characters drawn with 5 fingers?

Anyone got a screenshot of the giigly nurse from the loony bin? (Pickpocket school episode)

>>117379013I miss [REDACTED] you retards scared him off


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>>117379421It's not. People are idiots.

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>>117398442Okay, weird question but hear me out. Why is her top triangles? She's so flat that it would hold better if connecting fabric at the center. The triangles of the bikini are supposed to be part-support, part showing off for breasts. Or does a bikini have to be that shape by some definition of it?


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>>117398730You might as well ask why little girls who haven't even started to grow breasts yet wear tops with their bathing suit. It's just a cultural artifact, dude.

Nishi Iori Penny.

Man, I miss the Gadget brainstorming for the Holla Forumsco/'s Bizarre Adventure threads.

>>117398788Anime Penny is definitely the best Penny.>>117398442Hey, I made that gif! Cool.

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>>117379397god i wish i had tentacles

>>117379397goddamn monster minds going after dic girls

>>117382567Yes, and even as a kid i found it annoying.


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Anyone watches this show for reasons that aren't Penny?


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I imagine most people are drawn into the show by the theme song and the premise of a cyborg police detective. Upon discovering that Gadget is incompetent and most of his gadgetry is used for comedic shenanigans, our attention is naturally drawn to the show's true main character, the one who is actively solving the show's mysteries, Penny. Even should you become amused with Gadget mucking about, you easily end up caring more about Penny instead.

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>>117378952i never liked Gadget boy.

Penny is cute. There, I said it!

>>117400291I felt that a lot as a kid. I wanted the main character to be the hero at least once in awhile. It's why I always loved the episode "M.A.D Trap".The whole episode was a ruse to lure Gadget into a foundry full of traps in order to kill him, but he was too dumb to follow the clues that would've led him there. If left alone, the plan probably would've failed on its own.Ironically, it was Penny and Brain interfering and secretly leading him there that fucked him over.In a surprise twist, Gadget for once not only had lightning-fast reflexes to deal with the deathtraps, he's also the one to pull Penny and Brain's asses out of the fire.It's one of the few times I think Gadget deserved the win, even if it was a small one.

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>>117404241"The Amazon" episode was like that when Gadget recognizes Dr. Claw's car and chases after it.

I don't seriously have this interpretation, but...What if Gadget WASN'T an idiot. He acts like a dope because Dr. Claw has complete survalence everywhere he goes. His act is purely misdirection so Penny can save the day.Go back and watch the episodes and see how well that fits.

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>>117404480May work.

>>117379949So like sneedposting and baneposting. Dunno why people think overusing memes to the point of obnoxiousness is funny.

>>117379936mike matei was commissioned to do an ad for Minecraft mobile. He for whatever reason thought it'd be funny to put a poorly drawn inspector gadget alogside him to interact with and it's awkward as hellyoutube.com/watch?v=7TZcW8wmmo4

>>117378952>Inspector Gadgetwas never good

>>117400137Her face is chubby.

>>117405487Delete this

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>>117405523That was based on an episode from an animation studio that drew off model.

>>117389445Wait, was there another movie?


>>117379948I never got this, why people would associate Gadget with Lupin the III? in fact, why not an Ishinomori re-imagine!?

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>>117391900Ah someone posted this!

>>117378952Most of the Gadget series are ok not including that fucking retarded one with his mini me minions the Gadgetinis? Fuck that shit wtf were they thinking?

>>117379027Oh yeh? Is the French guy better than Don Adams? I bet he ain't mon ami

>>117397263Good Idearcartoon-harem-genies-bellydancers.fandom.com/wiki/Harem_Girls_(Inspector_Gadget)?comments_page=1

>>117379105Yeah my niggas remake Gadget into some RoboCop and Eighthman shit right here

>>117404241dear lord the current transfers are FUCKGLY AS HELL!? when we will get a true HD remaster

>>117378952Who was best Gadget? Ferris Bueller or French Stewart?

>>117380436but if the world is cyberpunk, that would make Gadget less special. Unless you want to rip off Ghost in the shell, where every second person is a cyborg, but the protagonist is 99.99% fully robotic

>>117405523Well, time to find chubby body to pair that face.

>>117379397Hmm yes every episode had a fetish thing happen to Penny. It was Totally Spies for the 80s

>>117379074It was retarded giving Scooby-Doo an inbred cousin and it was retarded giving Brain one too

>>117379432it wasn't that bad

>>117380132Jesus that was cringe

>>117380436Already done in the 60s anime with 8th Man

>>117382553It was really bad and forgettable. You probably would've had to catch it on tv like at two in the afternoon on a kids channel randomly in the 2000s

>>117385227Naw her computer book could probably do more than someone with a iPad and Google could do now. She could hack random trucks remember?

>>117391082I think it was just direct to video and most sequels like that can't even reference the previous film cause it's by another studio or whatever

>>117378952I'm pretty sure as a kid that Penny was my first waifu.

>>117378952Didn't Gadget in the later episodes move from France to Canada? Man what a downgrade

>>117379173This is what I hate about 90s adaptations. Why the fuck would you add all these unimportant unfunny supporting side characters of the police station? Just stick to the original characters like Penny, Chief Quimby etc. That scene is fucking cringe with all those others extras cluttering up the movie including Grandma Cop. Did Hollywood producers like hiring random actors for fuck all reason?

>>117387463The problem is with that is Gadget's just really an Interpol inspector he just really goes around the world inspecting for suspicious criminal activities so that really doesn't convey a lot of gritty action.

>>117389735>Inspector gadget animeYou mean Lupin?

>>117392468But you got one.

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>>117404241Gadget wasn't a complete dummy. Yeah he messes up cause either he forgets which gadget to use or they just don't work properly but when he really has to use them to survive just as the example you posted, he can. Now his naivete and his inability to see thru disguises like MAD agents and Brain is really his shortcomings.

>>117404491Wait is Gadget jerking Mike off, wtf? His right arm is mysteriously covered by Mike hmmm

>>117378952Go go gadget fall in love with a child

More Penny boys

I dunno what the block does, do you?

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>>117407068Its would be a interesting show replace with these three.

>>117407068who's the girl on the left?

>>117407577Jade Chan from the Jackie Chan Adventures or whatever it was called.

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>>117407068>they look like their child selves>but their bodies are clearly adultnice

>>117408225Nah Penny is just an Oppai Loli.

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>>117408320Interesting. Why Penny? That's a mystery.

>>117408739Big Blonde-Girl Titties cliche?

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>>117406602Don Adams

>>117408320I feel like Gwen's only chacter trait in this is that she's a huge slut

>>117409354The artist is known for his porn and Lolis, so that makes sense. Also all three of them are huge sluts.

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>>117408845She need some feature to distinct her body from the other two.

>>117410546She doesn't. Not every character has to have some kind of body specialization.

>>117407707Name of the artist?Is the same that drew original, dark-skinned, big-assed Doremi characters?

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>>117411730Why does she look so good wearing that?

>>117407068>>117408320>>117408845Someone needs to do some fanfiction here. This would draw pure dimes.

>>117413084Agreed, even outside of coomshit this is a decent premise for a crossover

>>117413233Yeah, I would genuinely enjoy it. Would have definltey watched had it came out back when I still actually watched TV.

It didn't return to this type of 2D cel art style, nor did they give us loli Penny.

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>>117409548Eh Penny's not really a slut in this shes just into beastiality, and Jade might be a slut but she at least has the tomboy angle to add a bit more depth to her.

>>117386915This but with Penny.

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>>117413084>>117413233>>117413582The artist had seperated the Porn plotline and SFW plotline and it seems like he had a couple arcs in mind, but like all the rest of these flaky creators it seems like the whole thing has been abandoned save for a couple on off sketches.

>>117407005Dude. Lupin is a theif, Gadget is an investigator. Not the same at all.

>>117413886Imagine the smell

>>117414312I smell slightly burnt eggs with apple juice.


>>117414401>>117414312What the fuck is wrong with you people? What trauma did you endure as a child?

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>>117414550What's wrong with those posters' comments? As for the question, I'm neither of the posters you're quoting, but I didn't have a Penny gf and that was pretty traumatic.

>>117414226I think he implied Zenigata

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>>117394226Eh, from what I've seen, the animation's a step down from Season 1. Something about it just seems cheaper in comparison.

>>117406597Probably never, they might have not been well preserved or no one knows where they actually are.

>>117414226French, animu roots, and a penchant relatively fluid slapstick/physical comedy (for tv anyway.) The fact that he's also bootleg interpol makes it a good fit to go up against Lupin and company.

>>117413846Penny being the straightman (Penny was always a good girl compared to Jade's mischievousness and Gwen's nerd/troublemaker switch) but getting fucked by a dog every night is the funniest joke in that setting but I don't think the author has actually used it. Like with aging them up I think he doesn't want Patreon to quash him for drawing bestiality.

>>117414752I thought it was mastered on video meaning it's impossible to re-master it in bigger quality.

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Attached: 0034.jpg (1904x3130, 1.1M)

Attached: 0035.jpg (1936x3134, 1.03M)

Attached: 0036.jpg (1910x3134, 1.06M)

Attached: 0037.jpg (1932x3140, 900.71K)

>>117414083Is there a source for the SFW stuff?

>>117415221>>117415244>>117415263>>117415279Oh my god, Penny is not just beautiful, she is painfully beautiful.

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>>117415311I want to kiss Penny!

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I ship Penny and Mighty Max. No regrets.

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What if getting manhandled by grown man in her formative years gave Penny a kink for roughhousing?

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>>117415279>one of the sketches is her tied upIs this Marston all over again?

>>117415362I want to do much more than that.

>>117387463>>117389735>>117406992Just watch Heat Guy J.

>>117415311>>117415362Would you... you know?

>>117415821Penetrate her? Sure.I know in this century it's not the right thing to do, but it should be at least okay to think it.

>>117415870No, dont ruin this thread.

>>117415404I'd rather she dom me.

>>117416271Penny would be a dom. Look how she's really the one that gets the job done throughout the series. You know she'd "wear the pants" in any relationship.

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>>117415221>That face modelShe fucking piss.

>>117416734>pantsHer green pants are cute. I wonder how often she washes them

Attached: Penny friend.png (621x913, 737.8K)

>>117417367Why is Penny such a chick magnet?

Attached: now smell her hair a little.jpg (640x478, 21.76K)

>>117417367I miss this style of animation, so much better than what we have nowadays.

>>117417420not only girls

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>>117417482I wasn't even alive in the 80s (I was born in '91) but man do like that look. If Gadget ever gets another series I hope they go back to that style.

Roman Penny.

Attached: Inspector Gadget S02E17 Gadget's Roma.mp4_snapshot_18.10_[2020.06.11_10.30.51].jpg (720x540, 43.99K)

What would a date with Penny be like?

>>117416833She often looked kind of pissed on certain frames.

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>>117415279Oh good, I was wondering if anyone had these pages.

>>117417474yep, that episode DEFINITIVELY was animated by any japanese studio, in fact, why people keep spergin about that, most of the time the show was animated in Korea, sometimes some scenes done (or reshoot) in japan, but really only Season 2 switch entirely to being all animated in japan.

>>117417367>>117417420Oh god, yes!

>>117391082I always liked 2 specifically for that reason. The first one was too grounded and dull until the last act. 2 tossed everything out and was over the top and goofy, something I expect from Inspector Gadget and had a real Dr Claw. I also remember Gadget using way more of his gadgets in 2 and it having actual color. Granted, I haven't seen since I was 10, but I like what I remember

>>117379173Matthew Broderick's "I owe you a favor" movie.

>>117415306Its mostly unorganized stuff on his deviantart and twitter

>>117417668Guess she be dealing with a lot of bullshit.

>>117417514Perfect for Roman Polansky!

>>117418329It's a shame. I'd love to see a non-rule 34 archive.

>>117418590I want to see a "Roman Polansky did nothing wrong" Mountain Dew can now

What is she looking at?

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>>117419128Or rather, grab grabbed her under the water. And where.

>>117419171>and whereHer butt of course

>>117419128The horrors of war.

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>>117417981Still better than French Stewart.

>>117418329Who’s “he”t. complete ignoramus

>>117419384Penny get some neat art for some reason.

Writers and their barely disguised fetish

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>>117419799It's not enough.

What aboutFem-gadget and male Penny.

>>117419863With this concept >>117407068 they need a thick blanket to cover up their disguised fetish.

>>117420034She had a good amount for reasons,but i understand why there should be more.

>>117419863Why would they hide it? What, were they trying to not have people of all ages watch the show?

>>117414550Calm down it's just a drawing

Penny's famous for getting capture but she was actually pretty stroppy with people who weren't twice her size. She was going to whomp this guy with her computer.

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>>117420460I can't believe Penny fucking killed a guy.

>>117419736Mr Samson

>>117414680I remember as a kid thinking Zenigata must have been made from the same cyborg program as Gadget due to their similar investigator outfits. My mind figured he was like a fucking Terminator and that’s why he relentlessly chased after Lupin.

>>117420666She can't keep getting away with it!

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>>117420890this is canon

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>>117422021In retrospect we should probably be grateful that the wires have never crossed enough for some to have ever drawn lewds of Penny riding Mike's 10 inch dong

>>117422021How come Gadget keeps calling Minecraft as Mein Kamf?

>>117417367>>117417420Damn Penny hooks up with a lot of girlfriends around the world I forgot about that.

>>117421670She two steps ahead of everyone.