How's Your Webcomic? #680

QUESTION QUESTIONPlease coom in my mouth /hyw/.>/hyw/ CONTACT SHEET - add your webcomic site, contact information,> DRAWING PRACTICE and TUTORIALSctrlpaint.com> STOCK IMAGES and REFERENCEPeople: Design: one notices I deleted the podcast section of this like months ago.> FONTSBlambot: your own:> WEBSITEEasy to use tumblr webcomic theme: and Don'ts for starting a site: (embed)Promoting your comic:> ART and WRITING how creativity works:> Brush PacksCSP:!5xlV2IzJ!bg8BZB-oYaVrmD31S3fJHw

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Help i can't commit to one project.

>>117377252you can do it my dude

Eerily Lovely update!Wind in her hair - chapter is gonna end Q1 next year, oh much to tell, so little time. I'm also thinking how to join inktober without dying like last year>>117377228Cherry a cute

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It's gonna die under 200 posts again

>>117379372We simply cant compete with the constant shitposter

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>>117377252You can.

>>117379610To be honest I only keep posting that because I want people to keep the thread alive out of spite

>>117377218Shit question.

Admiral pizza is your new favorite pizza powered superhero. Better then a mere captain.. He has 2 action packed books and a 3rd is coming VERY SOON. He was also mentioned in PMQ pizza magazine, has a videogame on the playstation 4 made in dreams. An animated series is being produced. You can keep up with the story on TAPAS. wanted to thank you incredible pizza warriors for nearly 500+ views on my tapas this month!! I will never give up, never stop fighting till pizza for all is achieved. For pizza is the right of all sentient life forms.

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Finale still going'm apalled at how slow my work has gotten.

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rate my comic idea>not-littleredridinghood's violent racism towards furries drives society and her friends away from her, she tries to be a better person but gets fed up with it and starts sending yiffers to god.

>>117380470Future Storytime of Pain/10

>>117380470Okay but give it a Warhammer 40K aesthetic.

>>117380574warhammer is elves and orcs and shit in space killing eachother, isnt it? im only really aware of it from seeing threads on /tg/ now and then.

How is my idea for a setting for a capeshit comic? Basically superheroes do exist but they live on another plain of existence, everything around them is still normal except any damage done in battles doesn’t affect any people outside of the plain of existence. The plain is called “the surge” all the heroic energy and the villainous energy. Kind of basic black and white I know but I gotta expand on it, I was thinking that entering into the surge would be kind of like kamen rider esc in transformation. I think a lot of heroes and villains would use the surge as a way to cope with certain aspects of their past and life.

>>117380641Okay but then why would you want to stay on this plane of existence if the cool shit happens on the other side?

>>117380685I think it would seem cool on paper but hell, like some people enter into it on accident and can’t live normal lives due to it.

>>117378374thanks my dude

>>117380703Okay, it wasn't clear if the two dimensions interacted much or if there were drawbacks from crossing over. I think you should give people reason to want to see what happens in the normie zone. Maybe a bit of drama or whatever.

>>117377252I advise you to just do lots of little short stories and one shots. Maybe one of them will lead to a bigger story, and even if not, at least you are making new pages in the meantime instead of stressing about how you don't know which project to focus on.YOU GOT THIS>>117379372Hyw was born to die younghere is the newest Oi update. Star Seal is running

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>>117381643Star Might

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>>117381691>Oi Division runs the deep

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>>117377218>Please coom in my mouth /hyw/.

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>>117380108Right? It’s more of a request

Symptoms include difficulty breathing, fever, and read my Otto's Guardian Giants, since I did the art for page pic related

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>>117382421Dumping a couple future character concepts

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>>117382453Only have a couple more pages for Guardian Giants left to do, and I'll be back on TD:SR

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>>117382520I promise!there is a second half of Guardian Giants, but I'd like to finish Tiger Queen before approaching that. Luckily we have a bit of a backlog, so I can probably do intermittent pages and keep both going simultaneously.

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Who is the sluttiest /hyw/ character?

New update some items, boys are leaving, Tak is Tak

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>>117380464Yeah the same thing happened to me toward my finale.Just means you're ramping up the quality.

>>117380470it's weird, if you think about it, little red riding hood is a reverse-furry story. the wolf dresses up as a grandma.


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>>117377218Lacoco Webcomic lolshe is doin a-ok, also here is the seconds most recent comic. i want to do a more serious comic with her in the future.where u can read them (as of now)

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>>117385105and then here IS the newest comic!now that i posted it there isnt really a reason to go to the page and read it. but if you want to see the older ones you can always use that link ig

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>>117381419People can’t go there when they want for the first time but are transported there when they develop powers.

So i had this idea of making a comic but with food, story revolves around how 40% of food worldwide gets thrown away. Fantasized about a scene with decomposed food artb and my wife hated it, therefore its a good idea.

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DOG DAYS: Stewie 20XX - Page 10@sweeneezy

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>>117379610i dont even like comics im just here 2 redpill ppl

>>117383232Your mom.

>>117385128is that what taichi looks like in 03? That looks a LOT better than in 02's epilogue.


>>117388507i dunno anything about digimon lol, i asked my friends about what male characters girls would find hot and he was one of the results

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Latest page is finished. Gettin' worried about our girl Robin here.

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>>117390014unter gleeben glauten globen

>QUESTION QUESTION I have no answers and no coomOnly this comic update

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>>117389262anyone who wouldn't pass them both upon hearing about their epic teamwork is a CUNT of a teacher! a cunt I say!Robin's about to get rrl selfless isn't she>>117390014Whoa, real oldschool euro comic, I dig it. You don't see dimetrodons often enough.

>>117390395new guy's fangy face... so awesome. and I love the word bubble slowly adding punctuation. Also good job redrawing the parts that aren't moving, it helps it feel better.

>>117390395>that slow, horrified realizationSimply brilliant

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How do I make sure people dont figure out my homestuck ripoff is a homestuck ripoff until its too late

>>117390562I mean their teacher is Warwick who fits that description pretty well.Also selfless? Cmaaahn. Look how ominous she looks. No way this is gonna be a fakeout. Promise.

>>117391189Make it actually good and it'll bear zero resemblance.

I have so much stuff to draw dammnit.

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Does anyone here use Scrivener? I'm planning on using it for just about everything, and I've been using it for overall stuff since about 2017, but how does it go for general comic layouts?

>>117392280on a scale of 1 to π, how magic is that amulet

>>117393203Around 5. It's a family heirloom. It collects aura and crystalizes it.

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>>117393589JO crystal, got it.

Finished two pages

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>>117395076whats up with the static filter?

>>117395332You can try to excuse bad art and bad ideas by saying you have a "grungy aesthetic"

>>117395332I thought it looks cool.Should I stop?

>>117395593Yes, i believe you should stop. Unless the nosiey filter is for some plot reason, like we're watching a vhs. I enjoy your expressive artstyle, looking at what you posted now and in the past, i personally think lines around the text boxes would make it much more organic. Thats my two cents!

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>>117395593Yes, you should stop making comics


>>117395925Alright then, I guess I can stop then.

Here is WIP of the latest Admiral pizza page !

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Whoa, who are these guys and why won’t they show up in my comic until way, way in the future?/hyw/, what part of your comic are you excited for but have a long way to reach?

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>>117396390Just remember to turn down the fliter slowly until it disappears so it looks less like you're admitting to making a mistake and major style change

>>117396976Pretty much everything from my next comic but especially this dude.I think he is fun and he is gonna live up the story a 40% after being introduced.

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>>117396976okay the fully dressed nautilus is amazing.I have lots of ideas that take ages to get into my stuff, the problem is by the time I get there, the inspiration's gone

>>117397047>danterkissMAI WAIFU

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>>117396976This is awesome as hell loving the little mini pistols

>>117396976>that haikouichthys head manThat’s a pretty rad looking dude>/hyw/, what part of your comic are you excited for but have a long way to reach?The first actual story arc because the first four chapters or so are essentially just small introductions of the main four characters and some filler.

>>117397196I'm glad he has a fan even before he gets to show up.

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one determined rau coming your way

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>>117397823Why is she so determined.

>>117397854Bracing herself for bbc

>>117397854Her sister is about to get a lot of people horribly killed and she feels some responsability.Time to fight.

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>>117397887Silly user, there is no bbc in japan.

>>117397933Please don't remind me

Chapter 2 of To The MiddleMan is out now I'm meeting the standard expectations of the comic making world

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New guardian giants page done!>>117396976>/hyw/, what part of your comic are you excited for but have a long way to reach?The final boss.

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>>117399304what's it about?

>>117400378The premise is based around the idea of a creature called the MiddleMan which, if you manage to find him, will bargain with you. He will take something from you and you'll get anything in return. The story is centered around the journey and ultimately the bargain itself.

>>117400570That sounds promising

Sneak peek at a future mecha. I've been wanting to draw this guy forever. I wanted it to be a surprise, but fuck it.This is Skulltron, piloted by the Pirates of Skulltron.He is a shameless Voltron parody with a heavy dose of Captain Harlock mixed in.The pirates of skulltron arc is chapter 7, so we can see it in action as soon as Tiger Queen is finished.

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>>117401450I forgot to mention, since Voltron is constructed from lions, Skulltron is made out of giant robot Parrots.Pirates, Parrots... im so fucking funny...

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>>117401450love the gatchaman visor. This is way past coolwatch little things like the cannon not being parallel with the arm, but no worries

>>117380306>500 viewsFuck man, that's sad.

>>117402690hey man a win is a win

Merry Hell #52

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>>117403351He's remembering where her head was for blowjobs.

>>117402829500 page views in a month isn't a win, it's charity.

>>117403533post work

>>117403793>>117403533also milestones dude

>>117403351where is this being posted?



>>117403533Your right. Those aren't good numbers. guess ill have to shill and work even harder if admiral pizza is to be the greatest pizza comic of all time. maybe this month ill get 1,000? Still more popular then my youtube channel!

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i just made this, i love bunny suit (o´▽`o)

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>>117403533Y.yeah haha, imagine that.>>117405937Adorable!

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I like this brush! I feel like I can use it to hide my lack of technical skills.

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>>117390395Noice>>117397047That actor nailed his previous role as Sutak, can't wait to see him under your direction again.>>117396976Too many things to be excited for, altough it's always the thrill of the next update.Cool designs btw>>117405289Just checked mine, never got 500 views in a month...I've been close a few times though.Congrats

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>>117407211I reached 500 once and 400 twice, otherwise it swings between 100 and 200 per month. One day I'll get noticed by a popular entity on the Internets.t. draws rabbits

I did this years ago.

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>>117401450>>117401482>Pirates, Parrots... im so fucking funny...I got what you were going for and it’s A+ workThe real question is do they all have beak -cannons? And can they all squawk simultaneously, creating a sonic attack?

>>117403533>>117405289>>117407211>>117407396Getting 500 views a month takes time like everything else in this godforsaken medium. My Inktober lore nuggets got me a big surge but otherwise it’s pretty consistently sluggish. You really need to pump out content to get those eyeballs. I had to post every day last Inktober, the only way I got a paltry 2k views. Subs were a fraction of a fraction of a fraction. Do not worry about views or anything until you’re at a point where you’re Consistently pumping out quality content. It’s a war of attrition.The Admiral is on the up and up. That’s one hell of a trend line. He should be very proud.

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>>117395593I like it, personally I use it myself to fit the style of my comic but do what you think is right.

>>117377218Sadly no new Tom N Artie update this week so enjoy this pic of a synthwave N ARTIE is a webcomic about two best bud mercenaries, stoic unicorn Tom and cartoon wildcard Artie, who travel across different dimensions in search of profit and adventure!

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>>117408761The next Kaiju Dayz short comic is nearing completion and Preytara's animatic is about to be started (thanks to everyone who contributed to help get that rolling!). Currently on the hunt for Pestania's VA so I've got alot of applications to sort through this weekend (around 100 and counting...) And an added treat BIG MAMA IS GONNA BE PLAYABLE IN DAIKAIJU DAIKESSEN!

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>>117408809This is a videogame? Looks way cool.

>>117409580Yeah it's a fan project that's free to play. It's a side scrolling beat em up game.

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>>117409770It looks beautiful, fantastic work.

>>117409786Huh holy shit, I didn't know they had a webcomic for open up slots for people to get in their characters every month. They're doing it till december but the slots are starting to get smaller.

how do i inktober

>>117410439Every day of Inktober, draw and publish something based on the prompts in this list.

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>>117410516is it worth

>>117410593you'll get some more recognition on twitter/instagram from using the hashtags, but I think everyone will mostly avoid Inktober this year because the "creator" got outed for plagiarizing someone else's work

>>117410593No. Just make your own prompt list of spooky shit and draw that instead, that's what I do

>>117410649>>117410661why not a /hyw/ lorefag october

>>117410516those are garbage prompts

>>117410828I actually really like this list, at least for my purposes. It does reuse one word from last year, though, so not perfect. >>117410731This guy knows what’s up.>>117410593Depends. If you’re a small fry, you won’t suddenly strike gold. It’s an opportunity for you to put in 31 days of solid disciplined work. It got me the most subs and views in a month than I have ever gotten otherwise.

It's been on hiatus for a while cos of moving and I'm tossing and turning on whether i should carry on or try something there are only 3 episodes so far

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>>117410968>I actually really like this listthat doesn't mean it isn't garbage. a prompt should inspire creative thought, not remove 75% of the creative process.

I got a full time job so I've been very slowly making my way through the last 2 pages of chapter 5. I still need to draw two characters in the top panel

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>>117405937It does have a certain appeal.>>117406528You clearly have a lot of talent to make up for any missing skill at the moment. Look at the relatively even shapes of those word bubbles.

I haven't been drawing at all really or been finishing up pages for my webcomic since i'm on break, but today I looked at my webcomic and honestly I hate how I layout my pages, like the panels, speech bubbles and so on....It looks boring. So I decided to make this quick rough page to test things out and make things look more interesting on the page even if it just looks a little more interesting. I've been recently looking at things like all these different manga's specifically their pages and they just look good. So I took things from them that I like and keep the same kind of formula I still use to draw my pages. It still needs work but yeah, I will still colour and shade the same way I currently do for my pages too nothing may probably change their. Anyway what does everyone think? What do you like/hate about it? I might make some more in the future to test other things out and also after I get some criticism.

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Started a small anthology thing about my life experiences but after some day dreaming the comic is becoming a conspiracy thriller, which defeats my previous purpose of just telling dumb personal stories.So oddly enough my protagonist went from being a Mary Sue, to a full fledge character that is nothing like me, and now I gotta push the fucker back into Mary Sue territory

>>117411359Looking good

>>117411721>and now I gotta push the fucker back into Mary Sue territoryWhy?

>>117410731Feel free to participate in Hello Birdtober

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>>11740847512k over a year is incredibly poor growth. What are you doing?

>>117405289At least you're trending in the right direction, now you just need to make your work appealing.

>>117411689The poses look definitely dynamic. The layout provides a good level of interest. The composition in the bottom panel works very well. Studying how other people do layouts is always a great place to start. Kind of a lot of chicken scratching everywhere with these roughs, which is a bit excessive.

>>117412573post work

Do you guys ever do filler insert pages?

Attached: insert.jpg (1688x1137, 379.35K)

>>117412809I want to, but I think I'd rather work on making a "lore book"

>>117412888Tell me what that means, user. Like a whole book dedicated to world building?

>>117412636Thank man>Kind of a lot of chicken scratching everywhere with these roughs, which is a bit excessive.Yeah I've had this habit for years, I'm trying to slowly get out of it. I'm gonna work on that.

Oh wow, I guess using McDonalds wifi means I'm not range-banned.I seriously need to buy a real ISP, but using mobile is cheaper... Is there a place where we can discuss webcomics forever?Like on the tapas forums or anything? I lurk this thread whenever it comes up, but I am muted and can't give you guys the replies I wanna give, or answer OP questions... It kinda sucks, but it also keeps me from chatting all night and able to use my free time to draw my webcomic.

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>>117409770holy shit i didnt expect this project to go here!

>>117412749I don't have to measure dicks with you to be right, but if you insist.

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>>117412931In my case, it'd be like an Eyewitness Kids book. Y'know, the ones with knights and dinosaurs and germs and such... Love those information books with great pics!

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>>117413008okay so what are you doing right?

>>117412573I make pages and post pages. That’s about it.

>>117413008>high of 76k>only started in Mayplz tell me your secrets

>>117412809I do pinups like This was originally to put strips that felt like they belonged together on the same pages. This was valid when I primarily redrew old material, now they're just decorations.

>>117413008Ok cool but this isn't really a competition mate

>>117409852>They open up slots for people to get in their characters every, as a backer reward?

>>117413008What's your comic? I'm genuinely interested.Or maybe you wont want to share it because of hate, I understand that.

>>117413148I guess so, they pop up each month in Kaiju fan groups to advertise. Only 110 to get your monster in, you just need to have a good number of references.

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>>117413146That user said:>post workthat’s the universal /ic/ call to fight

>>117413146You're absolutely right, it isn't. I'm trying to tell these guys they need to work on their art and not get distracted by small achievements.>>117413202It's not a competition.

>>117413008tfw when it's Swordsguy

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>>117413473Okay so what are you doing right? Vague criticism is just passive-aggressive

>>117413202>>117413008It's not a webcomic, it's a photoshop


>>117413008>BlingOxxide Presents: GL??

Attached: where_we_are_going.png (700x351, 138.2K)

>>117413473I didn't care about the competition thing, I never said any of that. I sort of agree with you in that I feel a lot of anons get too complacent, me included. I'm just curious as to what kind of work gets so many views so quickly. But it's okay if you don't want to show, nvm.

>>117413587Swordsguy started years ago.>>117413627Denial is the first step.>>117413688How about you post your work and I'll tell you what I would do differently.

>>117413688>what kind of work gets so many views so quickly

Attached: coom to be disappointed.png (436x436, 144.39K)

>>117413745good art doesn't necessarily mean more views dudeeven the best people here don't reach those levels not immediately at least

Speaking of October prompts, here’s another if you’re interested.

Attached: C9A83EB0-39CA-4E56-94F0-5CC1DBB52076.jpg (594x2650, 487K)

>>117413745then are you buying views from the same place Swordsguy buys Reddit upvotes?

>>117412809This amuses me. I should do more things like this.

>>117413760I mean, if anything this shows many of us understand nothing of how to market our work. It's arguably a skill as important as art.

New idea guys tell me what you think.>Blaggbeard da Swagg PirateBreakdown of the prologue episode>Quintavarius Brown is a lazy, ignorant, unemployed, drug-addicted, violent and impulsive convicted criminal superpredator. >But noticing things is racist now so we can't say that.>He's a good boy who went to church every Saturday, was turning his life around by studying to be an doctor-astronaut, and who generally speaking didn't do nothin. >That is, until his poor life choices caught up with him. >One afternoon on his way home from doctor-astronaut school, Quintavarius was approached by a young gentleman who also and equally didn't do nothin. >He demanded the sweetass Jordan 1s Quintavarius was wearing, and when Quintavarius refused, he was shot 2,570 times in broad daylight. The young man didn't even take his shoes.>Lying on the sidewalk in a pool of his own blood, Quintavarius' life of crime flashes before his eyes and he slips into a coma. >But a strong rocking sensation disturbs his infirmed slumber.>Quintavarius awakens to find himself lying on a wood planked floor, in a pool of his own vomit instead and surrounded by a small crowd.>Still dazed, he looks around for a familiar face and finds none, just a bunch of white dudes in strange garb.>"Captain, are you feeling quite alright?"

>>117414153as important to ... "success" sure, not as important to making good art.

>>117413927>it's photoshop>you buy them>these couldn't possibly be organicIf I was trying to tell you that your page views are low because you're not spending enough money, I would have said so at the beginning. Why can't you even imagine the possibility of being successful without cheating?

>>117415052because the only person we know of that "successful" is unironically a cheater

what's a decent pay rate for background artists? I'm thinking of hiring one to make production of my comic go faster

>>117415052Its hard to take you seriously when you literally wont tell us anything. You wont tell us how you market/shill, you wont post art, and you say it isnt a competition yet all you do is talk down to everyone and post your alleged 70,000 views.Either do something helpful or fuck off.

>>117415269depends on who they are and their skill leveli've heard people paying $50 for entire pages so logically someone just doing backgrounds should be less than that

>>117415269do you work digitally? why not make background illustrations to keep on hand and copy into your comics?

>>117407396Lucky me I'll be adding a -pink- rabbit in the comic soon. It'll surely boost the views, just you wait.>>117407481kek>>117408475Oh I'm getting better at this craft day by day, don't you worry. Views don't keep me awake either, I do this because I have to, not for validation. I'm not really surprised at how constant your visits are, they go hand in hand with your own consistency it seems. I wonder if you don't need more waifus to attract new eyes and eventually corrupt everything.>>117410516I won't make the same mistake as last year but new ones instead. This time i have a better way to make them workaround with my comic

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>>117415269around $80-$110 USD, ballpark number for a good artist.Generally there are a three key factors to know about commissions: >Experience+Knowledge+Creativity = CostA less experienced artist will obviously cost less, and when they believe they have more mileage, the price goes up. Find someone that fits your budget.

I average 500 views per month, even when i dont update for a full month, and I dont shill whatsoever beyond my own twitter account.I think it would be more popular if I shilled more, but it isnt joke a day "so relatable" garbage or boys love, so I dont even know where to go.Doesnt matter, I think i'll hit meme status once I get a cringy enough panel.

Attached: The Phony store.png (1250x1181, 273.79K)

>>117415778>but it isnt joke a day "so relatable" garbage or boys love, so I dont even know where to go.Why is this stuff so widely popular?

>>117416140most people are really stupid

>>117415619I never noticed before the text actually legibly says 'oldster Abraham Simpson'

These are my numbers for Tom N Artie. I don't advertise as much as I should. Before January 2019, I wasn't updating (we take time to build up on pages before release) but I notice a more steady increase after the issue is finished. I will start putting more pages per update on next issue as I think that will help increase views, I have been steadily advertising more on both Twitter and FB. Generally being more engaging lately has been helping more and more.

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>>117416140an entire generation and a half of women have been raised to stay the hell away from evil, dangerous men, but also that they deserve to be the center of attention at all time, so they just crave constant stimulation that makes them tingle but also feel safe

My numbers are generally around 500-600, although last month I went over 1100 for some reason.>>117415619ASOF edits are best edits, kek>>117408809This is a webcomic? Wait, a videogame? Where can I get it?>>117416442Hey, nice!

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am I retarded or not shilling enough? I haven't finished a whole chapter yet, so theres that....

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>>117417237you just keep going, man

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>>117417237just keep going your comic will grow at a steady rate either way this is supposed to be fun. if view counts all that matter then just do porn

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>>117416442>>117417455Now this is podracing. Keep growing.

>>117408809Congrats!I am supremely jealous. This game looks cool, I'm gonna check it out.

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>>117415619>I do this because I have to

Attached: 1565920069802.png (480x480, 452.26K)

>>117415552I mostly use real life images for reference for my backgrounds. my problem is that they take too long for me to do when I have other things I have to focus on. I'd prefer if I could give someone else that work load do I could ether increase the page count for each chapter or put out 2 chapters each month instead of 1.

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>>117417538Doubling your performance in two months is really good - what did you do differently here?

oof this is what happens when you havent updated in almost a year

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>>117414469Guys I'm not seeing any feedback.

still taking dumb sketches requests>>117418208damn

Attached: a_story_of_fire_chapter_19.jpg (675x325, 187.83K)

your character has a space suit, right?

Attached: Spacesuit LM.png (255x213, 30.63K)

>>117418496Azu and Decitron team up.

>>117418496Draw lewd oni.

>>117418521Someday he’ll wear it in-comic...

Attached: 7F92ABCD-DA3D-42C9-86B8-B032A833D025.jpg (2048x2048, 710.78K)

>>117416947>>117417570Game is Big Mama is gonna be added next update later this month or next.

Attached: Big Mama - Old.jpg (2552x3508, 1.91M)

>>117418521but of course.although maybe less so "space suit" and more "daft punk fucked an astronaut"

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>>117418208starting posting art more on twitter, abused tagsstarted making friends with other people on smaller art discords (well really just 1) and the most shameless thing i do is when i waste my time playing pokemon showdown i leave a link to my comic.

>>117419030Shameless? I think if someone kicked my ass in pokemon showdown I'd feel obligated to read their comic.

Views are nice. But you know whats even better? The friends we made in this thread. I love all you guys. I promise if im ever envious of your comic or success, i will work to better myself, to take it to the next level! I will bring you up and i will never ever let you down!!

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>>117419283you're full of shit admiral

>>117419095i've probably only gotten 1-2 subscribers from doing it, but i've gotten views most people don't have a tapas account

>>117419335I'm full of pizza motherfucking power!! And i love you too troll guy! You're the inspiration for gruelmaster!!

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>>117419545this is what i'm talking about >i'm so positive i love you>and i'm so not upset i made you into a characterit's a blatantly two faced facade

>>117419335>>117419690Who hurt you user?

New thing for the reading, I think being active on this thread is helping productivity so cheers gangAnd hey, make a fan art request and I’ll draw it for you in gratitude

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>>117419869good one

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>>117419997oh shit pete white

>>117418521they did, once. The little cloud just used a helmet to contain him so he didnt dissipate.

>>117419690More like your super lame attitude i turned into a chracter. I personally don't know you. Because like the gruelmaster your too cowardly to show your work! He brings people down to bring himself up! The gruelmaster is a cheap cheat and he has to pay people to like him! Who cares if your the greatest artist in the world...or greatest anything for that matter if your just a jerk? >>117419934Draw the Admiral and ill put it in my 3rd book!

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>>117419934I relate. Fucking floor mats are heavy.>fan art requestyou just gaave me one, someone else's turn. Can't be a fanart hog.

>>117420341you mistake discretion for cowardice captain. i would never associate my work with this place.

>>117412116Bc i still want to have it be autobiographical, i guess

>>117420542>i would never associate my work with this place.Then why do you visit here?

>>117420622To hurt people, obviously. How else you gonna build yourself up? Friendship and love? Pipe dreams.

>>117420622that's none of your fucking business is it

>>117420341Consider it done! Here’s the sketch for now

Attached: 0F5BA7BB-5818-4578-AAF2-AF83F3BEC61B.jpg (568x640, 54.89K)

>>117420542>>117420622Until proven otherwise, he's most likely the gruelmaster. Or Dobson.

Attached: JUSTABIGOLMEANGRUELMASTER.png (773x739, 258.66K)

The deed is done! This has been a fun experience, would do it again.Back to Tad Danger now.

Attached: Guardian Giants page 11.png (940x1329, 747.31K)

Anyway! What are you all working on right now at this very minute?

Attached: CAE39280-3200-4DCC-9553-D6C92CB5C837.png (4096x1714, 1.41M)

>>117420942i'm home from work so finishing this >>117411359

>>117420942that sketch is so clean, I'm jealous. I really like the posing in it, too.I'm currently working on character sheets and the script still, I wrote more at work and I'm happy so far.

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Been awhile, but I definitely wanted to reach out, let everyone know the dream and the work is still alive! (Rough drafts)

Attached: 20200903_213635.jpg (1908x2795, 1.02M)

>>117421158I hope all is swell for everyone, checking out some of your strips; you've all been a big inspiration into my own works, and I thank you all for that!

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>>117421191That last panel is a great reaction image, I love it so much.

>>117421158>>117421191I am very excited to start showing the real deal soon enough!

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>Me and my discord buddy were going to make a parody comic about jojo and pokemon mystery dungeon>i fall out of discord>haven't spoken to him in months>all i have is a single, year old, unshaded cover sitting in my folderI feel lost

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>>117421282you could reach out, just keep going, or repurpose the idea. maybe just work on something else for now.

>>117420942pretty crummy commissions.

>>117421220Thanks so much! I look forward to giving my all in the finished pages, now that I have all the time and the place to work em!

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>>117421372hehehe, bubbleguts.>>117421282That's rough, buddy.. i know all about that kinda thing.

I am having a ball with drawing and writing again, this is the feeling I know we all look for with our own works; it's happening, anons, thank goodness!

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Each book i fill up is a building block of confidence surging thru me to draw in the next sheet of paper. Glad to have others with me in the journey!

Attached: 20200903_220148.jpg (1908x3041, 1.02M)

>>117420942Roughs for the first story arc

The worse thing that any of us allow is letting the fear of failure continue to drive off our ambitions. Trust me, we are gonna failure, so might as well be a master of it, and in such, find yourself (which is really the only thing that matters).

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>>117420926Heckin yeah>>117420942I did some drawing!Ill try not to not shit up the thread tomorrow by engaging the troll. Time for Pizza dreams!

Attached: Admiral pizza issue 6 page 31.jpg (1290x1950, 619.51K)

>>117421668I admire you sir, getting those pages done, and living the gimmick! I have a feeling we're gonna run into each other one day, and I hope we can exchange some comic ideas.

>>117421668you handled it quite well, especially for someone who's such a character.

>>117421640I think the best thing really is to fail faster.

>>117421943Best things in life take time, and it is like we aim to fail in the first place, howbeit, the necessity of inevitably being yourself, and continued sacrifice. Now that is something people are most afraid of, that self of truth, may not always be whom you wished, but it is you and only you. And through the works, the pages done; our purposes stained, having self to thank in getting to place.

>>117418661What's THIS? The very first Caera lewds ever? Awesome! Oh wait, Caera got lost! She is blind! Caera, it's not that way! No, the other way!Oh well.>>117418642coming up next

Attached: caera.jpg (1600x1200, 422.34K)

>>117420942Was helping out my friend with his part of a group superhero project we're doing. His character is getting a manga-style issue. I dunno HOW he does it or if this character is that appealing but the villain in it, Barghest, has alot of artists practically competing with eachother to do fanart of her! This is only one of the few we got, hell this isn't even the finished version.

Attached: image_from_ios-2.jpg (597x842, 62.34K)

You know what it is.

Attached: Drak maid and gurk maid.png (940x1329, 445.38K)

>>117421668is that a slime monster? Admiral you really need to look at the way other cartoon artists draw slime. all the scratchy hairy details aren't doing it justice.also the Mooseman getting punched is incomprehensible.

>>117422326There are a lot of saucy situations a blind girl could get into

>>117422534Well I can tell you this is a very appealing design.Also what kind of project is it?