What exactly was the deal with Connie Maheswaran?

What exactly was the deal with Connie Maheswaran?

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bawls or PUFFY?


she will be married into an arranged marriage.

>>117375981The idea that Steven has a girlfriend at all is unbelievable. He's such an effeminate wimp, who wants to be with that?

>>117376092An effeminate wimp with magic powers, dude. Someone's bound to jump on that.

>>117376092its a show with rock lesbians so frankly its all unbelievable

>>117375981Worst character on the show

I like to masturbate to her mom

>>117376092He can play guitar, has magic powers, and Connie is a preteen. He could be way uglier and she'd still be crushing on him

>>117375981Worst girl.Amethyst traumatized a man.Pearl raped someone.The Diamonds lebensraumed entire species out of existence.And despite all this, Connie manages to be worst girl.Think on that.

>>117376092I mean they fight magic monsters and shit, but either way you say that like there aren't girls out there that want to be tops

>>117376092She doesn’t love him. It’s why they moved on

>>117376092>grows up to be a manly chonk>can sing and play guitar>has all kinds of power, magical and otherwise>can turn on the sensitive guy shtick in a heartbeatWowzers, I dunno.

>>117375981She's a curry nigger user. I bet she always stinks

>>117375981Be honest OP, this thread is bait to see if that one user is still around isn't it? We all know the one.

>>117375981She here to make sure Greg gets grandchildren>>117378594He's already here.

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>>117378637Children would be too much commitment for her

>>117375981can you even do that with a butti need photographic or preferably video evidence

>>117378661Stop questioning the anatomy of the ass and just fap like a proper cumbrain.

>>117378682no i can't fap unless it's anatomically correct

>>117376101yeah and connie obviously abuses their relationship and Steven is too big of a retarded simp to realize this.

>>117376092He's the son of the fucking murdercock, the progeny of the dick so good that an eons old head of a galaxy spanning empire was willing to die for it despite coming from a race predominantly made up of either asexuals or dykes. Not only does he have those genetics, he's also inherited a myriad of powers from the woman that sacrifice does herself upon the murdercock altar. The kid can shapeshift, fly, has super strength, and healing spit just to name a few things. Steven would basically be a fucking force of nature in bed. It'd be like staring into the face of God. You'd have to be a moron to say no to that.

>>117378695He leaves at the end. It’s over

>>117378661It's possible if you have a shapely enough ass. Wouldn't be comfortable for the arms or shoulders though if you've got too much going on in the rear though.

>>117378637>He's already here.

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>>117378637So what would their Italian-Indian kids look like?

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>>117378743There wouldn’t be any

>>117378705>overHe has teleport technology being introduced into earth, flight, and super speed. Nothing is over.

>>117378751Shoo. You stopped being funny after the 1st three weeks. Go away.

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>>117378874There’s no point in being with Connie>>117378899It’s the truth

>>117375981They're cute together

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>>117378705the showrunners explicitly state they end up together. Sorry.

>>117378961Word of God is meaningless

>>117378985Which pairing are you autistically attached to that isn't canon?

>>117378716i'm not seeing evidence


>>117379023I just know Connverse didn’t happen

>>117379029Anon I wouldn't even begin to know the search parameters to go on to find you an image. All I can give you is anecdotes based on both an old ex as well as my own questionable actions from before a bad back fucked up my ability to do squats.

Man it would've been nice if Connie was horny, or funny, or fucking anything like her seasons 1-2 self instead of the weird cardboard cutout we got for the rest of the show.

>>117379084so stevinel?

>>117379093Legit thought this was about to go into a Liam Neeson pasta

>>117379059Hmm and here I figured the name DeMayo could have some kind of Italian origin

>>117379143He could very well be a Lapiven fag.

>>117375981Annoying tag along friend

>>117379175Looking at the way Greg burns in the sun? Doubt it. He'd be tan not red as a ruby if he had any Italian in him.

>>117378947Bro, that look she's giving him.

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>>117377779>Guilt tripped Steven because he made a logical choice >Avoided talking to him while he tried to reach out to her >Lion for some odd reason sided with her and left>Becasue of that Steven wasn't able to check up on Lars and The Off Colors for a while >Got mad at Steven screaming " Oh I guess Kevin is your best friend now!?">Everyone dumbed down in the last episode just to make sure she shines

>>117379187>>117379143I don’t need to ship those to recognize Connverse didn’t happen.

>>117375981>What exactly was the deal with Connie Maheswaran?She's the MC's future cock sleeve.It's not complicated OP.

>>117379551They’re not a couple

>>117375981She never got the physical abuse she need to grow as a person and so stagnated as a character.

>>117379551>It's not complicatedApparently it's too much for this guy to handle>>117379580

Jesus Christ, Anti-Connversefag is still at at it?

>>117379651We really shouldn't be surprised anymore at this point.

>>117379333Oh definitely one of those stevidot losers.

>>117379651I've just accepted that he's just part of SU threads at this point

>>117376092It's a fantasy show, user.

>>117378743Jersey Chad Carl and Carla

>>117376092its the ideal male for tumblr what did you expect

>>117376092He literally has Auts...

>>117378697I haven't been this uneasy reading anything before.

>>117379632>>117379651>>117379677>>117379690>>117379748No idea why this is so complicated for others to understand, the show itself showed that Connverse would never happen. That’s why he moves on with his life

>>117378743Go to anywhere around San Fran, San Jose, or Palo Alto. They are full of the mixed kids of Brahman case Indians and secular Ashkenazim parents.

>Connie mentions that their family has to move around a lot>ostensibly, it's cause her dad is a private security guard who works for a lot of beaches>Mom is a doctor, surly making up 90%+ of the family's income>they stop moving around once they get to Beach City, a place constantly under attack from alien threatswhat are the Maheswarans hiding?

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>>117376092He's a superpowered shapeshifting heir to an intergalactic empire who can benchpress an oceanliner. Not to mention he's a moodswing away from turning into pic-related

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>>117380357Peeps must really like race-mixing in those places. Based.

>>117375981Moar thicc connie

>>117376092Just like Deku in MHA. Nerd Artist self inserts and all the women want him for reasons unknown

>>117380746But Sugar based him off her brother

>>117380241They never broke up, she just didn't want to marry him at that moment. Don't know why you're so butthurt over a stupid pairing in an equally stupid show.

>>117380785They did. That’s why he moves on with his life

>>117380463Priyanka used to have to fight to get hours after the debacle at Ocean Town. Beach City's regular tragedies keep both parents so high in demand they never needed to move again.

>>117378908Completely different argument. Point or not, his leaving does not impact his ability to have a relationship with her as it might a normal man.

>>117380850It does. Before he was willing to give up all he was for her, now he’s perfectly fine without her in his life, he’s moved on

>>117380525From what I've seen, just the women do. For the guys, it's more about marrying the best looking women who you are around a lot. The tech industry is absolutely full of asian (south asian and east asian) women, white guys (disproportionately secular-Jewish, but many gentiles too), and asian men. The guys don't seem to have a strong racial preference, but the women will prefer to date and marry a white guy, if they have the chance to get one in the same or higher income bracket as themselves. The somewhat handsome asian guys are the womens' second choice. The leftover asian guys stay single, or their parents import a wife candidate from the homeland.It's kinda bizarre for Priya Maheswaran to be a female Indian Doctor married to an male Indian security guard. Connie's grandparents would be trying to blow up whatever matchmaking service they hired.

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>>117376092The weird kids at my school managed to get girlfriends. Where there's weird steven-like boys, there's girls as well. Think of band kids and drama kids. They're all fucking weird.

>>117381478are you the weird kid?

>>117378345>She stinksThats hot

>>117380241>leaving your family and friends just because a girl broke up with youThat's a low even for Steven.

>>117380775You're literally answering your own question

>>117381770He also had no reason to particularly stay. Many factors were a part of it

>>117376092>Wimp>High charisma>Can probably bench press a building since he almost lifted a giant doomsday device while nerfed>Has an entire race of alien babes who would suck his cock if he so much as insinuated it>Has other super powers>Can fuck her silly

>>117381776I didn’t ask a question

>>117381569No but i'm still a virgin. lol


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>>117378637>She here to make sure Greg gets grandchildren>grandchildrenYeah sure, grandchildren.

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>>117383066He can do better

>>117384360Anon Greg is a harem protag, he needs at least one bottom tier girl.


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>>117384535>>117385490Connie isn’t on the tier list

>>117376092Sounds like somebody's mad that a cartoon character is getting more action than him.

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>>117386227Someone should edit this with the moms since we’ve seen them all now and Steven has mother issues

>>117376092>formulating a rather misguided suggestion of a discerning fact

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>>117386257You really think Steven is the type to be into older mom types?

>>117386539I’m sure he’s got a lot of stuff going on in what turns him on and canonically has mother issues

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I like that even in fan art where Steven is evil he still loves Connie

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>>117386875The level of smug Connie exudes in this picture is unfathomable.

>>117387052She’s with Steven forever even in death

>>117380911Wouldn't a security agent in India be in the kshiatri (warrior ) caste ?

>>117387780I guess

>>117386539I have actually no idea what turns steven on he's very asexual in that regard. I think he's more emotionally attracted to stuff than physically

>>117386875>ywn rule a universe spanning imperium with your swordfighting gf by your sideHow does one achieve such based status?

>>117376092He saved her life 3 times within the first 24 hours of meeting her.

>>117378985It was stated in the show.

>>117388851>gfmore of a slave at that point.

>>117390365Slaves don't wear crowns or sit by the throne or engage in fights. She looks more like a consort/knight

>>117390365You say that like it’s a bad thing

>>117379603Should have been raped by Chadven

>>117386735Whatever happened to the guy who made these?

>>117392739I think cancelled

>>117380523I bet they so fucked

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>>117380746I thought literally just the gravity girl wanted him and his plainness is openly acknowledged in universe

i find it incredible that the guy saying connverse wasn't canon when it was shows up in every single thread every time this happens. It's almost astounding

>>117395874I think maybe the stretchy one

>no autistic pajeet gf

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>>117395978SUs very own barneyfag

>>117395978>>117396831They’re not. There is no love there.


>>117396831For real though. Anti-Connserve fag is 1st time I've seen such sperg on 4chan. I've only read about past infamous autists through posts made by other anons who had the fortune to witness that shit 1st hand.I'm kinda honoured I get to see one from the beginning. It's fascinating almost.

It had to have been character assassination. She got pissed she wasn't brought into space to a planet she had zero knowledge if it was oxygenated or had a gravity that wouldn't crush her bones. 100% of the humans that went to Homeworld literally died. After that arc, she contributed zero to the show besides to stand on the sidelines and cheer for steven and accidentally fuse. Got cucked out of every single fight in the end.

>>117379261Daily reminder 100% of the Humans brought to homeworld died.

>>117380746>uraka and toga = allSure user.

>>117388458Giant women.

>>117375981More like "Greg~"

>>117388409That would be a high position in the caste system. So the parents would perceive it as a good one. I'm pretty sure doctors (if they aren't yogis ) are lower on the ladder.

>>117401207Connie didn't.

>>117377779That ain’t Sadie

>>117375981Hanging around Steven gave her a adrenaline high.

>>117378743Basically Stevonnie. Duh.

>>117378899He was never funny to begin with

>>117399787Honestly same

>>117399787They don’t love each other. Deal with if

>>117375981She is the sluttiest whore I've ever seen, nah

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>>117404928Brah what on earth.

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>>117404928>big nose means jew>even when Indianthat's some serious galaxy brain

>>117404928She's Indian you fuck. You'd be better off making a "designated shitting streets" joke.

>>117406121That’s art for you

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>>117376033Neither of her parents have any accent. They’re assimilated.

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>>117376092He's a bit of a fucking dweeb... but he's a dweeb who brings her into a life of magic, monsters, and intergalactic adventure.

>>117408127I love how there is no consensus on who is too good for who here.

>>117408203Mins is Steven, because let’s face it, hybrid cock would realistically have people wanting to try that.

>>117376092Being Gem Jesus is pretty cool

>>117408369More like Constantine I. He created a seemingly functional republic with aristocratic and brute ratio shared power within an absolute monarchy imperialist state.

>>117408635How the fuck did autocorrect get brute ratio out of bureaucracy?

>>117409205Maybe God just doesn’t like you

>>117407562Don’t get it

>>117410694Peridot is an obsessive shipper. She approves of the canon relationships.At least that’s what I get out of it.

>>117411137I guess that works

>>117386875I like how the crown is complete when fused

>>117413351Ah, good detail.

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Steven was built for user cock and vice versa, you cannot tell me otherwise

>>117376092All the replies user proves that Steven is someones anyones desperate wish fufillment for all autistic and virgin fanboys who can never have a girlfriend or capabilities talking to women.Also steven is dead and doesnt exist.

Is there anything Steven did that Connie couldn’t have done better? Other than roll Nat 20 CHA rolls almost every time?

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>>117380746Except Deku is arguably physically attractive unlike Steven. Look at their physiques. Midorya is lean and ripped as hell. Steven is fat.

>>117381865>>Has an entire race of alien babes who would suck his cock if he so much as insinuated itThe alien babes are either lesbians (mainly for their own race) or seemingly have zero interest in sex/romance, especially humans save for Rose and Pearl for that one mystery girl. The only gem I could MAYBE see being into Steven is Spinel and that is a stretch.

>>117413763But Connie is more of a nerd than Steven. Sugar managed to make a healthy loving romance out of two wish-fulfillment fantasies. One being the chosen one that everyone loves and can pacifist run the entire story, the other being the young character brought into a fantastic secret world who becomes a warrior who is better than the rest of the cast. Stevonnie is a complete OC Donut.

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>>117376092women love effeminate men, all the trapfags I know are women

>>117413906Connie isn’t nearly as socially inept as Steven is, and is attractive and athletic. Steven is fat and not good looking. They would not be a thing IRL

>>117413906Okay, that stupid pic made me laugh.Based Kev.

>>117413940>women love effeminate menlmao no, masculine men are the ones who women want mostly

>>117413850He’s lazy because he’s aging. He worked pretty hard throughout his entire life, and is reaping the rewards of all his hard work. He even gets to live in the house he helped build now.

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>>117413943>Attractive Eh..... kind of a butterface

>>117413995For human SU characters I would say Connie is pretty cute in comparison. And even then she is way out of Steven’s league.

>>117413969That's true, however, girls do love effeminate men.There's a reason K-Pop and boy bands are popular.

>>117414001Not particularly. Maybe a 5.

>>117413969explain my trapfag friends, they're actively repulsed by masculine men

>>117414005K-Pop boys are still physically attractive, and their “effeminate” personalities are nothing more than an act.

>>117413943Counterpoint. Plus, Connie became socially skilled. Don’t forget that Connie was Steven’s first friend in his age bracket, but Steven was her first friend in general. Kids who move constantly early on end up with a lot of odd behaviors and neurosis that Connie almost entirely dodged by spending so much time with him and the people she met through him.

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>>117414019They’re traps. They aren’t women.

>>117414019They are discord trannies obviously. You were duped my boy.

>>117414037>>117414050no, they're women who like traps, they themselves aren't traps or trannies

>>117414026Except Connie was friendless due to her and her family moving constantly, not due to her lacking social skills. She was never that much of an oddball.Meanwhile, Steven was pretty much repressed from not having a normal human childhood due to the Gems raising him.

>>117414060>they themselves aren't traps or trannies[X] Doubt

>>117414089I don't know how to tell you people can have friends in real life who have vocal fetishes

>>117414101Women only have fetishes for tall, muscular, handsome and masculine men. Not feminine men. Otherwise they would be lesbians.

>>117376092Some women (and girls) want to dominate a man. They want someone who will do what they're told, be subservient, serve them well, and otherwise be the lesser member of the relationship. Some especially go for the wimp with a good paycheck. They can send him off to work while they do what they want at home. Ostentibly raising kids for a few years and mostly drinking the rest of the time. But no, most people are working these days. So they have an agreeable mook they can order about while at home. This doesn't particularly make them happy in the long run. Not most of them. Because these wimp will lose all responsibility and become grown children, dependent upon the person in the relationship that's wearing the pants. And they're either exhausted of having to be the adult in the relationship, of they feel they could fire their current employee and hire a new and better one.

>>117413984Being a musician and mooching off of otherbshit isnt really a admitable thing. Greg is more a simp than steven is.

>>117414065Steven got along with older kids and adults fine. Connie was hyper-obsessed with a book series to the point it was her only thing to really talk about. She would have probably become normal eventually, but she lost her awkwardness with him. She was the bigger nerd though.

>>117414114Is todoroki a feminine man


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>>117413940In mens eyes, women love masculine men, in womens eyes they want an effeminate man that have mostly ideal masculine traits.

>>117414170>Steven got along with older kids and adults fineThe only kids he got along with were Connie and Petey (and maybe Peridot, as while she is hundreds to thousands of years old, she is basically a child). Everyone else he was friends with were much older than him. Hence why he was so awkward around Connie’s school friends in that Bismuth episode.

>>117414160Greg has a decent enough music career to pay for gas and venues, and had supported himself enough to buy a van and equipment. He stopped working while dating Rose, but started again and put in enough time to buy the place he worked at. Then made enough to pay for the tools and supplies to build a large building.

>>117414182Todoroki isn’t feminine at all lmao. He’s just quiet and stoic. And stoicism is extremely masculine as women find men who are open with their emotions to be unattractive.

>>117414200Kys faggor, she doesnt exist.

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>>117414217True, but Connie was awkward with everyone. They’re both dorks. Connie just had more chances to socialize, and they didn’t dislike Steven even with the awkwardness.

>>117408324Does it count as bestiality?

>>117414230Oh you poor naive idiot, todoroki is as effeminie as gaara, todoroki is the fujo gay icon of the main three and gets the most yaoi. Hes also portrayed as socially stunted and only has interests in boys who are are as strong as he is. Im pretty sure he was designed to be gor female audiences. Bakugou is more popular than shouto and hes actually more popular to ship with girls than shouto despite being popular with boy shipping as well.

>>117414217I just assumed Steven hated hijabs

>>117414315If Todoroki is “effeminate” then the bar is quite low.

>>117414230Shouto stoism means austism/akwardness to the majority of males user, especially to 4chan. Shouto is portrayed to self reserved and detatched to his class to have a deliberate manly way of stoism. You must mean jotaro kujo.

>>117414241she doesin my head

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>>117414340He really has no manly traits either and basically acts like a satalite to character growing stronger submissively and is all about revolving character around males who he is a bit homo sensitive. Hes never really shown the same emotional interest like say to momo(a girl) thsn he does deku or endeavor or iida.

>>117414230Hes super feminine user, he can only exist for female appeal reasons and his story is the most female catered on drama and less on action.

>>117414278Not according to Pink. Pearl on the other hand?

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>>117414616What about to humans? You’re having sex with an alien

>>117414200based and checked

>>117414683Humans seem to be willfully ignorant of them. Even Ronaldo loses interest in them when they become mundane. Connie’s mother is an outlier for studying them in Future.

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>>117415107Did she take a sperm sample?

>>117413802Okay, three things to say.1. That’s some good editing skills2. Why does Frybo get possessed by the shards once again and where does this takes place seeing that Pearl remembered how Steven defeated Frybo?3. Source?

>>117413859What about Lapis?


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>>117413859She had heart eyes

>>117415180From Amethyst?

>>117415307Yeah, dunno, it was on a Pinterest at the end of a chain of a Google images from “Pink Connie” along with other underwear and naked edits.

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>>117416073The question is if that’s an animation technique for the audience like the stars in the eyes, or if she literally in-universe made her eyes into hearts for a moment as a joke.

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>>117402927Do you know Desi people? Are you some kind of weird security gaurd shill? The idea of an Indian family being okay w/ their daughter doctor marrying a security guard is nuts. Only way it would be more crazy is if he were black, not Indian.

>>117380911>It's kinda bizarre for Priya Maheswaran to be a female Indian Doctor married to an male Indian security guard.She's into degradation, allowing lower class trash to defile her body night after night turns her way the fuck on.

>>117416618No accent=4th generation or more. Don’t forget SU history went differently. Maybe Indian folks settled in parts of the west coast? Or the caste system didn’t begin/continue into the present? Maybe no British colonization causing a conservative wave that never went away.

I’m pretty sure Doug is younger than Priyanka. I’d guess she disregarded her parent’s opinions after completing med school and found herself her own Indian Greg.

>>117416822Both of my wife's parents are from former India nations, making her 1st gen. She sounds like a midwestern white woman, as she was born in Kansas City. I'm curious where you get your perceptions of Desi people.

>>117417122It’s how it works in cities. In New York or Vancouver or whatever you can find a district with people from your own culture, so the accent and old world traditions will linger. It’s why Italian Americans on the east coast still identify as Italian Americans instead of just “white, grandparents weee from Italy”, and why small town Jews may not keep kosher or give a fuck about Israel. We don’t tend to think about flyover country at all, let alone as representing the average person.

>>117416392Definitely both.

>>117417381I'm from New York, and am 1st gen American myself. You can have a regional accent and even a neighborhood one, but you're not keeping an accent from a foreign country here unless your ghettoized like the Jews were. Furthermore, the midwest has growing Desi communities. The cost of living is low and Desis love deals, I'm assuming that's not different in California, which isn't the only place they've settled.

>>117378743Curry Lasagna?

>>117406802OH GAWD!

>>117417515That could be good if done correctly

>>117417515Meh, I would try it


>>117418714Reminder that Aphrodite is not the goddess of beauty. Her son/daughter-in-law Hermaphroditus is.

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>>117397419Legit question, how do you find these threads so quickly? It's honestly awe inspiring just how quickly you show up to these threads.

>>117420213I just happen to come along a thread sometimes. I enjoy SU threads and simply correct people

>>117420250Your new name is Grady user.

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>>117420407Whatever helps you cope. I don’t know why anyone would support that pairing. It’s very toxic

>>11741420010 time hotter.

>>117418714>Doesn’t want to fuck StevenLet me fix that for you

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