"Frozen 2: One For The Books" was released today...

"Frozen 2: One For The Books" was released today, here's the scan:mega.nz/file/fcsDEKAC#C2ypxnudpkEs6t-yI55Lda07U0v53sqtCySdFQknA6ELooks like we got the same content as the French release this time around, only with format differences.This week's "Frozen 2: Dangerous Secrets" teaser was also posted today, although it's just some fun facts about the book itself (pic related).Source: archive.is/b6HSjCome discuss.

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Based Olaf and Mari.

>>117372952>Looks like we got the same content as the French release this time around, only with format differences.This gives me hope for they keeping the two queens line when they release the expanded version of the Bruni book

Don't forget this came out today, too.

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>>117372997lolIt's the first thing OP mentioned

>>117372989>Elsa has literally appeared in only one thing that takes place post-F2 and it was to be a weird hippie in the forest>there are no other references to this "two queens" thing>she didn't show up to the unveiling of her parents' statuesDude it was an error or the author is another bitter fan

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>>117372952>Number of times the word Chocolate is mentioned in the book: 34What did she mean by this?

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>>117372989>when they release the expanded version of the Bruni bookI don't think we have confirmation of this happening.>>117373064>Dude it was an errorThis one is unlikely considering it's been in three books already.

>>117373100This is the full version of the Bruni book, right? Do we learn anything about Elsa in it? Anything at all...?

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>>117373064>there are no other references to this "two queens" thingBruni and Game Night books both mention it. I think there was a third example but I can't remember.

>>117373168How the hell should I know, I'm just calling you out on the two queens thing.

>>117373168>Japanese vs. American box art

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>>117373169It makes me nervous that all the examples have been in the same French books by the same company. It's like having all my fantasy royalty eggs in one basket.Once it's referenced in other products, then I'll start comfortably believing it's true.

>>117373169It's in the Queen Anna book too>Ever since Anna became Queen of Arendelle alongside her sister Elsa, she has spent a lot of time working in her office, at the top of the castle. There are letters to read and many documents to sign.

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>>117373100>I don't think we have confirmation of this happening.I'm hoping we get more release dates soonthey already brought one expanded version of a storybookthey should bring over the rest

>>117373285From the Bruni book:>For some time now, Arendelle has had two rulers: Anna, who rules over the city, and Elsa, responsible for the Enchanted Forest.

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>>117372962keeping this franchise and the threads alive

>>117373344From the Game night book>But what the two queens and their friends love most is when the bell rings at the end of the day. Because it announces the start of a new game night.

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>>117373285>>117373344>>117373449based French I know it's highly unlikely we'll get these same lines in the English version, but still, based French

>>117373286At this point I don't think we'll be seeing those books in the US until next year

>>117373286As of Sept. 1, we now have "medium" versions in English of books #1-3 here, and an "easy" version of #4.But still no straight adaptations of the 64-page detailed books.

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>>117373065Is this from the Frozen Fever novelization? The dialogue reminds me of the FF prequel storybook.

>>117373571Yup, that's exactly where it's from.

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>>117373567They are 64-page long and our ~40 because the format is different, they arrange the pics and text in different form.Pic and text are separated like in these examples:>>117373344>>117373449>>117373285Whereas the English version has text over the pics and they sometimes cram two pics on the same page.

>>117373567I don't think I've read the English version of #2...

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>>117373658>they sometimes cram two pics on the same page.yes, as in this example. the right page has two pics.

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>>117373658As long as all the same story details are there, I think we're getting the better deal then. I like the artwork a lot.

>>117373065>only some of the "chocolate" are referring to food

>>117373065Dammit, I could go for some chocolate right now.

>>117373567Cool, if the schedule holds, then the next expanded books should be the three with the "two queens" detail and we can finally put this to rest.

>>117373702No digital version for that one, sorry.We'll have to a find an actual scan online.Unless some user in the US feels like spending 5 bucks on a physical copy and making the scan themselves

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>>117373702>>117373978It’s because they insisted on making it an activity book with stickers and stuff, so a digital version was never released.Just like “Explore the North” won’t be either

>>117373978I’m dumb, does “scan” mean actually scanned using a printer? Because I don’t have access to a printer, but I do have $5

>>117374035>It’s because they insisted on making it an activity book with stickers and stuffWouldn't be the first time an ebook promises me stickers.

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>>117374098>does “scan” mean actually scanned using a printer?Preferably. But high quality, well-centered, pictures would be equally nice.

>>117374035>Books 1 and 3 in a series are available digitally, but book 2 isn’t because stickersMaddening.>>117374099kek, maybe they’d send you some stickers if you made a fuss about it.

>>117374098That would be best, but at this point I’d settle for well-lit smartphone pictures. I’m not proud. It’s all we’ve got of the French books...

Is Dangerous Secrets getting a digital release?

>>117374254Yes, I have it pre-ordered.Even if there are no Frozen threads by that point, I'll post the download link on the pastebin immediately after it releases.

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>>117374326Nice>Even if there are no Frozen threads by that pointDon't say that, user

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>>117373567>pic6 out of 12 books.I need to know what the other 6 books are about.


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>>117374459It’s strange that they haven’t been added to the site yet. Maybe we really are on the edge of the mythical Forest Elsa wave of merchandise.

Translations.Leave requests if you have them.I'm only posting this one for tonight.Also, in case the user who uploaded the helsa comics wasn't around, I posted the second comic on the previous thread: >>117370139

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>>117375302>piacere's kristannaNow that's rare

>>117375367She has a separate account for that: @piacere_KAThough it's almost completely devoid of content and this is her only comic, which was posted today.

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>>117376304>nightly vago bumpswow, it feels like it's been so long

>>117376334If you have bumps in your vago nightly, you might want to see a doctor.

>watched Frozen 2>only liked the Lieutenant Why the fuck did they give Kristoff a fucking boy band love song with Reindeer providing backup vocals?

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>>117375302I got the Helsa ones, translation user! Thanks!

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>>117376518That was one of the few parts I liked.

>>117376639Its just such a fucking random ass choice for him that completely left field

>>117376334It does, doesn't it? She hasn't been very active lately, aside from that one OFA pic. I hope she's doing alright.>>117376429lol

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>>117377514comfy indeed

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>>117376518Because they cut his song that was actually meaningful, and they promised him another one no matter what

>>117372952Elsa is perfect

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>>117373202>Bruni's BIG "adventure"

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>>117378546Too perfect to be captured in written form. They’ve tried to make books about her, but the pages just catch on fire when they describe her beauty

>>117378577Please don't post this.

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Come watch O Reino do Gelo (European Portuguese Frozen)Streaming this Friday at 8 pm ESTcytu dot be slash r slash frz>how to install tampermonkey for cytubepastebin.com/rEqkN7kw

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I never realized how much of Frozen II was literally a copy-paste of the archetype of the Hero's Journey.>Call to Adventure>Goes "Into the Unknown">The Abyss (where Elsa Dies and is Reborn)>Transformation>Atonement (for the Sins of her Grandfather)

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>>117379597>European PortugueseThat's interesting, I'll be there

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>>117379861>Supernatural Aid in Magic>Threshold Guardian is the Mist>Has Helpers and Mentors in Honeymaren and Nøkk>Faces Various Challenges of No Meaning>Becomes Gift of the Goddess (Herself)Same can be pasted into Anna in a less literal way.

>>117379861Movies have copypasted it forever, some more blatantly than others. There's nothing wrong with it

Rare clip of Mattias acting out a scene from "This Is Us" (audio vers. in link)instagram.com/p/B9FARnxjY7K/

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>>117379597Hype>>117379861Yes, Disney is particularly shameless about using this formula, but it works.The difference in F2 is that Elsa gets rid of her original "helpers" in favor of more marketable ones.>>117380057>Animated characters acting out other roles their VAs have playedThis tickles my brain in a good way.

This week Mari is giving away a necklace.All you have to do is answer a question... Winter or Summer?marimancusi.tumblr.com/post/628155457593344000

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>>117379985>>117380123It's one thing to follow it, but it's like Frozen II followed it too literally. A literal call to adventure, a song about going into the unknown, Elsa going into an abyss, another fucking transformation, etc.

>>117380289Winter is the best. Fuck summer.

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>>117373064It's the only way to keep them from fucking each other.

>>117380367At some point, following it exactly to the letter becomes just another form of subversion.>Haha, you didn't actually expect Elsa to literally fall into a literal abyss, did you?! I'm a genius! Frozen II will live among the classics forever!

>>117379861>AtonementElsa skipped this part. Anna is the one who broke the dam and erased the wrongs of the past.And no, stopping the wave doesn't count. That's just protecting her property.

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Guys, stfu already, and just let this shit movie die.

>>117380433Tell that to Disney, they're the ones who keep releasing new media


>>117380289Joke's on her, I already have one. At $20 from ShopDisney it was probably a ripoff but I don't care.

>>117375302New Shibarou seems to continue the story of Honeymaren and the granny

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>>117380367a big problem in F2 is that every conflict for the characters is external. not a great move especially for a character like Elsa who was interesting because of her inner conflict.

>>117380806>$20 for thisThat's a ripoff alright

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>>117381303Yup. Same can't be said for Elsa's transformation though. Elsa became a different character after that.

Shrelsa OTP

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Well this is a thing now

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>>117382183>it's actually newdid we meme it into reality?


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>>117381303Yes. F1 Elsa is full of self-doubt. F2 Elsa knows she can do anything, and even uses this to justify pushing family away (“I have my powers to protect me, you don’t”).

>>117381359That's really pathetic user. It's like it should be a charm for a bracelet.

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>>117380433The fanbases for the other modern Disney movies I enjoy are dead in the water. I envy these people and their obsession with this dumb ice movie - it continues to drive them.

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Glass Elsa

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Glass Anna

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>>117382183What will the ink fights be like?>Anna trying to solo the Inkweasles>Elsa trying to camp a base but is chaos>Anna pouring ink down her shirt to try to stuff her bra>Elsa trying to adjust the backpack to cover the ink handprints on her butt>Elsa scrubbing the ink of Anna in the bath>Just the two girls happily bathing in a vat of ink goo. "weaselton tears" is written on the side of the bathtub.

>>117384507I don't know anything about Splatoon but I like the art I've seen

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>>117384151>>117384178These are nice but I'm assuming they're like $2000 each


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>>117380057why that show of all things?

>>117384507Inklings typically fight with ink weaponry. They're also made out of ink, so ink powers would be kind of strange.>>117384763Never too late to get into it. If you like Elsa and Anna, you'll probably like the Squid Sisters too, though their relationship is quite unlike that image you've got there.

>>117384017>top left>bottom rightOh my.

>>117385015For what it's worth, Sterling K. Brown (who voices Mattias) acts in that show.

>>117380057>>117385015>>117385177I'm surprised they went as far as acting it out themselves and animating it, kind of strange when it's completely unrelated to the project

>>117378546That's not a perfect Elsa.

>>117385726But this is!

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>>117385806kekAlso never ever

>>117385806Feels like Tangled series.

>>117385661perhaps they were testing a rig. I guess this is the 3D version of the pencil test.


>>117386060There's a bunch of fanarts that aim for that style.

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>>117386089>the pencil testI'm assuming this means something different for animation, and it's not the test I'm thinking of...

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>>117386428Yes, it just means early pencil sketches of scenes/characters. Though I wouldn't mind seeing Elsa or Anna doing the other one.

>>117386337>>117386318>>117385806Disney+ has no reason to exist until we get a Frozen series

>>117386666Be careful what you wish for, Satan.A finger on the monkey paw curls...

>>117386708>Bruni's Forest Adventures!>It's a really badly animated series about the Forest Spirits with no dialogue except maybe a narrator>No Northuldra>No Anna or Elsa>Not even Olaf>No, the narrator isn't Elsa/Olaf

>>117386318When people said they'd like Frozen series to have similar art style I was a bit worried, but that particular fanart doesn't look too different from the 3D Anna. Nice!

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>>117386749>>117386708For all I care, the series can be like a nature documentary on the spirits, watching them go about their day

>>117386666Mandalorian Season 2 just got announced for October 30. I don't think they'd launch a brand new series of their biggest animated property (Frozen) anywhere near that. 2020 may be a bust.

>>117387278>2020 may be a bustWe've gotten a lot, but I just want Anna and Elsa to talk, even once.

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>>117387278>2020 may be a bust.Well, especially considering the... everything.

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>>117375302>>117380983Here you go.Yes, it's a continuation of that story.I imagine at some point she'll compile all the comics she has published since May into a Pixiv album with a cover, as she has done in the past.

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>>117388141I feel bad for Kristoff.How is he supposed to compete with that?

>>117388257Thanks friendIf only all artists could be that considerate, it would make things a lot easier

>>117388257This artist may be literally the only person on earth to draw recurring Northuldra OCs

>>117375302Latest Demonfencer.

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>>117388500No problem.

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>>117388641>Indecent LibertiesI appreciate you taking the time to get the name of the actual criminal offense. Where I am, there’s a much harsher penalty if a parent does it, but sisters aren’t mentioned at all...

>>117388641>Little Elsa poring over case law and statutes about sex crimes on her phoneWhy is that so funny?>>117389115>sisters aren't mentioned at allI suppose it depends if they have a "custodial relationship" or not.

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>>117389158>Awesome! I'm totally going to memorize this law and impress Anna the next time she tries to feel me up!

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>>117389115Yeah but incest is often its own, separate crime, so Anna would still be in big trouble.

>>117385726>>117385772Both are Elsa. Both are perfect. All Elsas are perfect.

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>>117375302Latest Piacere.This is the last one for now, I don't know if I'll be able to do translations this evening, but leave requests and, at worst, I'll do them tomorrow.1/2

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>>117383634This Elsa is perfect

>>117389832>>117389847I'm liking this Kristanna era for Piacere

>>117388641Geez, Elsa, don't be such a spoilsport. Let your sister show her love for you in her own way.

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>>117389847I was a little confused before realising it was supposed to be a young Kristoff who hasn't even met Anna yet

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>>117390684Anna is so fucking perfect, holy shit.

>>117389832It's ok user, you're allowed to have a life outside Holla Forums, just remember who your Queen is

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>>117383634That pics make me want to release her and hold her

>>117391316>just remember who your Queen isHow could I forget?

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>>117392076Why does the coin from Elsa's reign have her Fifth Spirit hairdo?

>>117392076>>117392104Arencoin crypto-currency when?

>>117392144Anna went back and minted an entirely new set of coins to honor her sister's new role

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>>117392159That’s another level of autism entirely

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>>117392261My German got quite rusty. Is F2 becoming available on D+, or will it be removed?

>>117392076>>117392104are these actual things one can purchase?

>"When We're Together" comes up on my iTunes...Fuck.

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>>117392593No, just some fan mockup sadly

>>117392386It has become available on 24 of Juli so horribly late.

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>>117392703>people are latching onto the "almost" in "I'd go almost any place, if it's any place you are" to justify the separationI don't even know what to say to them.

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>>117392703>the only fucking Elsanna duet in existenceyeah I'd be wrecked too, m8

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>>117392885Dumb Instagram posters think “I’m glad we’re home haha, surely nothing crazy will happen again” means the franchise is done forever

>>117392820What? Where are these idiots? I need to smack them.


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>>117392885>putting us in mortal dangerWait, is that a dig at the canoe? He’s got more snowballs than Anna does, saying that to her face. But of course Elsa just placidly makes another promise she can’t keep and doesn’t engage with the topic in any meaningful way.

>>117393079Elsa probably doesn't even remember it at that point.

>>117393056You know that plot that's often used for kids movies, where the main character is offered a new life, new friends, a new purpose, a chance for adventure, answers to the universe, and just all around awesome new stuff, but then at the end they learn the lesson that their old life, with their real friends and family that love them, is where they truly belong?I think Frozen II is literally the only example of that plot where the main character doesn't learn that lesson and goes "FUCK THAT OLD SHIT, GIMME THE NEW STUFF!" and then the movie ends.

>>117392885>>117393079>Olaf canonically holds a grudge against Elsa, and immediately confronts her about it seconds after she resurrects himHow did I miss that? Olaf, you are the best character. Hold onto your anger. Anna may have instantly forgiven Elsa, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

>>117393173Frozen 2‘s message is “Your past means nothing. Trade up as soon as you can. No regrets.”

>>117384353>>117384981What does Queen Anna's itinerary look like?

>>117392258>implying most of us aren't already well passed this level

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>>117392258>He wouldn't dedicate his computer's processing power to mining Arencoins.For shame, user. What would your Queens think?

Some cards Bandai is selling in Japan

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>>117393673I found it extremely funny they chose to showcase these two together

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>>117393698kekshould have posted this oneit further drives the message home since it also includes Jasmine and Aladdin

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>>117392820Ah "Fuck you" is a good start.

>>117393698>>117393780Bandai is so involved in the anime industry they know their fanbases all too well.

>>117393780I mean, even the covers feature pics of other Disney couples>Belle and Beast>Rapunzel and Eugene>Jasmine and Aladdin>Ariel and EricBut Anna and Elsa is completely platonic, guys!

>>117393698>>117393780>>117393874>>117394145>Frozen 3 opens with an actual, literal, official wedding between Anna and Elsa, and then it's never mentioned again by anyone for the rest of the film.

>>117394206Poor Kristoff.

>>117394247Kristoff won't even show up except at the very end in a brief cameo as a background character.

>>117394382And Anna calls him "Christopher" again.

>>117393780Holy kekThis is the clearest example of “all the same romantic tropes, but with sisters” I’ve ever seen

>>1173934256:00 a.m. Wake up6:01 a.m. Remember that this nightmare is real and that this is my life now6:02 a.m. Try not to cry, cry a lot7:15 a.m. Actually get up7:30 a.m. Eat breakfast alone7:45 a.m. Check on preparations for receiving dignitaries8:00 a.m. Read and sign paperwork left over from the days before9:00 a.m. Wistfully stare at horizon9:30 a.m. Welcome allies to Arendelle10:00 a.m. Meeting with allies begins12:00 p.m. Public speech12:30 p.m. Lunch with castle staff1:30 p.m. Another meeting with neighboring nations3:00 p.m. Daily tour of the village4:15 p.m. Break down sobbing4:30 p.m. Review and sign paperwork from the day's meetings5:00 p.m. Receive subjects with requests for the queen, remind them it's queen Anna now6:15 p.m. Review the day's events, and set itinerary for the next day6:30 p.m. More paperwork7:00 p.m. Dinner with Kristoff and Sven8:00 p.m. Attempt to finish reviewing paperwork9:00 p.m. Scream and cry about how my own sister abandoned me and forced me into a role I never wanted and aren't ready for and how I'm dumb enough to still love her while stabbing pillows9:30 p.m. Masturbate10:00 p.m. Cry myself to sleep

Attached: Queen.png (540x540, 263.38K)

>>117392936Okay, color me dumb, but what was that line supposed to achieve? It felt like an extremely explicit "yeah no more movies kids". I mean, if a third installment is going to emerge, how will the writers undo this? They can't pretend it didn't happen, can they?inb4 they pretend the whole Frozen 2 didn't happen

>>117394729Well, she sounds a lot more productive than Elsa at least

>>117394987I took it as just another Olaf Meta joke. Elsa fully believes that things will stay this way forever, but Olaf, the designated meta character, knows he's in an ongoing franchise and doubts it. At the start of F3 he'll have a cheeky "I knew it was gonna be a regular thing!" and off they go on their new adventure.

>>117394729I want 9:30pm to be canon

>>117394729>Welcome allies to ArendelleAnd if that ally is another Queen, all knowledge of Arendelle will instantly leave Anna's head, and she'll have to desperately write to Elsa for help.

Attached: 1596309838417.jpg (1487x1091, 1.04M)

>>117394997Not of choice. She's lacking helpers and that paperwork just keeps piling up...

>>117395110The sisters are opposites in this way.Elsa could entertain noble guests and rulers, but was awkward when random farmers asked her for help.Anna talks with the common townsfolk daily, but lacks decorum and needs help dealing with fellow royals.Gee, if only they were co-Queens, they could complement each other perfectly and rule together.

>>117395073Makes sense, thanks. I remember this line striking me harder while watching dubbed version, perhaps the translation made it sound a tad too serious.

>>117394987seemed like just another “we are NEVER doing that again!” line that’s clearly meant for laughs, because we all know that yes they will do it again

>>117395234What could be any more progressive than two queens?

>>117395234The difference is that Anna was always there to help Elsa, but Elsa bolted the instant Anna was old enough to take the throne.

Attached: seeya.jpg (1080x1227, 133.88K)

>>117395312Maybe the reason they’re holding back all the “two queens” merch in English is they’re preparing a marketing blitz for an upcoming short, where we’ll see Arendelle’s very first DOUBLE coronation

>>117395423co-ruling isn't even that uncommon in history. It would have been a nice surprise if they planned that out at all with that whiplash ending.

>>117395423Which also acts as a wedding between said queens for some odd, ancient tradition reason...

>>117395423>>117395841I'm praying the answer is as simple as "Elsa just needed a few weeks/months to herself, and now she's back home where she belongs, ruling together with her sister". The movie still happened, but things are the way they should be. And they can even say they planned it this way in advance. Call it "Elsa's Grand Homecoming" to get Lee to sign off on it, and this could very well be reality.

Attached: queens2.jpg (1200x1200, 268.54K)

>>117395423>>117395841>>117395880>>117395932Don't get your hopes up, anons.

>>117394729>6:01 a.m. Remember that this nightmare is real and that this is my life nowI'm already laughing/crying.

>>117395974As a Frozen fan it's my right to hope for the moon and be crushed when I'm wrong

>>117395312THREE queens.

Attached: EM3vDkCVUAEiaRW.png (529x293, 87.6K)

>>117395352>the instant Anna was old enough to take the throneThat would be on Anna’s 21st birthday, the movie started a few months after that

>>117396104Thus begins Elsa's ruling harem, soon to conquer the world by seducing all of their cute queens.

>>117396145Anna's birthday may have been in like October if the sunset at 5:00 p.m. is anything to go by. Elsa may have ditched the throne like a few weeks or even a few days afterwards.

>>117395352>>117396267No matter the date, the siren voice likely started on Anna’s birthday, since Ahtohallan kindly waited until calling Elsa into the unknown(tm) with the easiest transition possible. It’s a very considerate glacier.

>>117396267No matter the visual inconsistencies, her birthday is on June 21st, like it or not.

>>117393079I mean, if Elsa risks her own life, she's risking Olaf's too. The shit with Nokk and Ahtohallan was literally Elsa putting them both in mortal danger.

>>117396830When you put it that way, Olaf has just as much reason to be angry at Elsa than Anna does, if not more.And neither of them got an apology.

>>117375302Some kind of fantasy AU

Attached: hooreng_fantasy_comic1.png (800x800, 207.08K)

Attached: Aw-Hell-No-Complete-by-frozenfoodpaper.jpg (666x4000, 1.53M)


Attached: hooreng_fantasy_comic2.png (597x582, 520.45K)

>>117396830>>117396856>After the movie, Anna trusts that Elsa is fine and doesn’t feel the need to write her often>But Olaf is now struck by the existential terror that Elsa will die at any moment, killing him too, and writes her every day asking about her safety

Why is Disney allowing this "two queens" thing?

>>117397003Because not even Disney knows what happened in Frozen 2.

>>117397003Why did Disney allow Frozen II?

>>117397003If any of their expanded material crews can crack a good new status quo, they'll go with that moving forward.

>>117396962>The letter at the end of Frozen 2 was actually written by Olaf faking Anna's writing and signature

>>117397003>allowedThe books are approved and published by Disney itself. That's far beyond "allowed".Pic related is what they're allowing others to create.

Attached: EgstzYuVoAAIuMX.jpg (1024x1024, 211.02K)

>>117397018Could it be the them pandering to the Elsanna fans?

>>117397111Lips aren't touching, that means it's still platonic.

>>117397148The japs are doing it, as seen here: >>117393780The French are likely doing it too.I doubt the US will do it, though.

>>117397148They pandered to Elsanna fans at the beginning of Frozen 2 just to twist the knife when they stabbed us all in the back.

>>117397148If it is, it’s some damn shallow “pandering”. They’re still miles apart, a cutesy title won’t fix that.

>>117397154What about tongues?

>>117397070>'I Am With You' is Olaf reminding Elsa that his life is entrinsically tied to hers so that she keeps that in mind any time she rides her murder horse out to that icy death trap in the middle of the ocean

>>117397472>"How's it going, Elsa?">"Good, Olaf! Nokk and I are about to travel into the Death Sea to fight the Fire Demon of Motonui and its army of Terror Sharks.">"Yeah please don't."

Attached: sy_bts.webm (640x360, 2.67M)

>>117397472Naturally, this leads to Elsa crying out "Olaf!" instead of Anna's name the next time she dies, and the AIDF explodes in anger

>>117397528So much work poured into a place so devoid of meaning.

>>117397691I want to know at what point Jen and co. decided "Yes! Show Yourself is now perfect and completely understandable. We can now release the film."

>>117397725Probably when the desperate VFX people told her that if they made any more changes and rendered everything again, they would literally miss the deadline to send the final movie out to theaters, so she had no other choice but to approve itI wouldn’t be surprised if Show Yourself was being messed with down to the very last second

>>117397691It means everything to Elsa. That's enough for me. Regular mortals aren't meant to understand it.

Attached: elsa screams in terror at her giant mother.jpg (640x334, 20.64K)

>>117397804>Jenn, if we change it one more time, the final product will look like THIS!>...Is that bad?

Attached: techyourself.jpg (1920x804, 71.1K)

>>117384981>>117394729>Elsa and Anna masturbate at almost the same time.What did they mean by this?

>>117397528Oh, this is very nice. Thanks for sharing it.

Attached: Eg9MLueU4AApLlo.jpg (2048x1494, 293.29K)

>>117397804kek I know Lee is hapless but they would never render that shit if it wasn't approved.

>>117398064Elsa has an excuse because she’s lonely at night, but Anna lives in a castle with thin walls... and her fiancé...

>>117397528>Overlapping patterns represent the concept of memoryThat's actually a cool detail, but I have no idea if it has real basis in psychology or whatever

Attached: Capture.png (640x360, 147.56K)

>>117398320>Elsa has an excuse because she’s lonely at nightElsa lives among the Northuldra and the forest spirits. Privacy is a thing of the past.

>>117398064It means they're both feeling sexually frustrated at a certain time each night. You may draw any conclusions you want from this.

>>117397319That definitely crosses a line. They may only use tongue when alone.

Attached: MbtI17CYjBI1IE99.webm (590x1280, 2.25M)

>>117398612>In a gross display of cultural appropriation, Elsa and Anna attempt to impress the foreign diplomats by engaging in an African tribal dance.

>>117398612Like alone separately or alone with each other?

>>117398444I don’t think Elsa minds if the spirits watch her

>>117398757How nice of her to entertain them in such a manner.

>>117398444>>117398757>Elsa forces them to watch>Mantains eye contact the entire time

>>117398842>>117398757>>117398823How else do you think she maintains dominance?

>>117398612I love Zepetos

>>117398748Alone separately.The only acceptable form while together would be blowing raspberries or sticking tongue out childishly, neither of which involve touching.

>>117398842While standing and showing no emotion whatsoever, I assume?

>>117398142I’m telling myself this isn’t furry so I can enjoy it

>>117399025Standing and showing just the slightest bit of contempt. So slight you could think of it was a trick of the eye.

>>117399025Hard to get the job done standing up I’d think, but she does have magic...

>>117399060I can't think of a more effective way to let everyone know who's the boss of the Enchanted Forest.

>>117396704There is nothing in primary canon (the features and shorts) that outright state that. It can still be changed. It was a really dumb fan idea to make the sisters's birthdays fall on the solstices.

>>117399760>dumb fan ideaIt was stated by the director/writer herself.twitter.com/alittlejelee/status/506956591724105729?s=20

Attached: Screenshot_2020-09-03-00-54-38-1.png (720x577, 99.98K)

>>117397725I want to know at what point they thought "Show Yourself" was the climax of the movie.

Attached: 1597459457986.png (349x373, 151.74K)

>>117400062well, that's conclusive as hellthanks for the source user

>>117398409>Memory concept are overlapping patterns.Kinda cool the first time you hear it, but makes less and less sense the more I think about it.

>>117398842>Mantains Eye contact with every single witness at the same timeThat's it, Real!Elsa is trapped in Atohallan

Attached: Doppel Elsa.jpg (722x982, 366.24K)


Attached: tumblr_1300214e7aa7ddbd0bf6492981e9a6d7_e2ac5a13_1280.jpg (1280x858, 211.45K)

>>117400083Someone oughta throw together an edit of the entire Show Yourself sequence, complete with Elsa making her way through all the snow memories, following Runeard down into the pit, and freezing solid, crying out "Anna!"... And then immediately cut to the end credits.

Attached: Eg11bImUcAMh78b.jpg (676x518, 86.5K)


If Anna was your sister, would you be able to resist?

Attached: 1577378672231.png (800x800, 784.07K)

>>117401663yeah, for as much as I like to meme about them fucking each other, I'm not actually that much of a degenerate

>>117401663Hahaha no she'd be pregnant so fast

Attached: EA1105.jpg (710x647, 99.92K)

>>117401797is this a jojo reference?

>>117401797hah, nice

Attached: 1497490410631.jpg (1026x647, 169.15K)

>yfw Elsa comes back from a few months in the wild fit as fuck

Attached: 82510826_p0.jpg (1260x1668, 862.84K)

>>117402535I can only picture her coming back malnourished as fuck

>>117402543I doubt someone with Elsa's powers has any trouble finding food, especially with people to help her.


Attached: Anna Nosebleed.png (280x400, 103.04K)

Attached: E673.jpg (700x1000, 134.3K)

Attached: 1590908452801.jpg (850x465, 305.14K)

Attached: Frozen-and-Hobbes.jpg (540x704, 158.82K)

>>117403349Calvin's mom has always been a bitch

Attached: tumblr_pq3e0xcexs1uy6itqo2_r1_1280.jpg (1280x1246, 292.02K)

Attached: tumblr_183e163e596d8b24141f598e8ac4914f_ddd5439f_1280.jpg (1280x1690, 416.99K)

Attached: Anna-Stays-Focused-by-Tonyphan27.jpg (900x1597, 281.34K)

>>117401663What >>117401708 said. Besides, I'm not a cute blonde with autism. >>117402535I'd tell he to go back to the forest and not come back until she's got washboard abs that we can all admire.

>>117403882*I'd tell her

Attached: A475.jpg (2048x2048, 207.25K)

Attached: Frozen-2-Ending-by-Tonyphan27.jpg (1200x1266, 770.27K)


Attached: 1570268852980.jpg (1280x1592, 1.32M)

where the fuck is europe


>>117404693take overI'm a dying insomniac

>>117404663West of Asia

For every picture of loose hair Elsa posted an unborn child dies.

>>117405138Not true. See, here's one. And no one died.

Attached: Elsa1185.jpg (735x731, 58.65K)

>>117401797>Oh? You’re approaching me? Instead of running away you’re coming right to me?>I can’t hug you without getting closer

>>117404593can’t believe this is an official book


>>117405138I’m pretty sure masturbation kills more than just one unborn child

>>117400083Probably at the same time they decided the driving force of the movie would be the voice. Naturally, the climax would be finding out what it is. Unfortunately they never actually answered that question.

>>117405949No it's not.

Attached: Elsa1080.jpg (1280x1368, 575.06K)

Attached: WAKE UP!.webm (1280x536, 1.02M)

>>117406199I woke up to fresh Mego art, it's going to be a good day

Attached: Eg_nx__X0AInVyq.jpg (1029x1920, 172.84K)

>Hello Disney Frozen Adventurers!>Last year, we brought on two incredible Frozen and Frozen 2-themed mobile games to our portfolio: Disney Frozen Adventures and Frozen Free Fall. To honor the players, we have decided to make this page a space where we can talk about both games, as well as all things Frozen! Please help us give a warm welcome to all our Frozen Free Fallers!>We look forward to sharing exciting updates, sweepstakes, fandom and more!>Jam CitySo, they're just combining social media for both Frozen games, I was afraid they were shutting them down for a minute...

Attached: 118361947_312158613384726_5549860104886577941_n.jpg (1080x1080, 282.75K)


>>117406753Ask them if the next chapter will be Elsa's sex dungeon

Attached: tumblr_nqpsa3kEjX1tb8alro3_1280.jpg (1237x1206, 200.06K)

>>117407203It's-a me, Elsa! Woo-hoo!>>117406785The children are fine. Calm down.

Attached: Elsa1033b.jpg (1580x2000, 1.79M)

>>117407203Good to see that Nintendo is copying the Disney Vault idea

Attached: tumblr_d6e401f811f4ba4754d70bc6cf126c38_549a9098_999999999.jpg (1675x2062, 438.77K)


Attached: elsa staring into your soul.jpg (848x1080, 146.6K)

>>117407823Forgive me, my Queen, for I have sinned.

>>117404593Is this official?

>>117407823Seems like she likes what she sees

Attached: AU626.jpg (699x699, 104.52K)

Attached: EWxM6aAWkAAUtRk.jpg (900x1200, 98.79K)


Attached: 1577720510634.jpg (580x773, 55.12K)

>>117408351>National Sisters Day

Attached: OAU068.jpg (1658x1511, 167.02K)

Attached: OAU069.jpg (1721x1605, 125.09K)


Attached: sisters.webm (720x900, 2.83M)

Attached: E674.jpg (1668x1165, 172.12K)

>>117408752>>117408757I like it


Attached: sistersday.webm (640x1136, 2.86M)

>>117408776>I know what you needNeither of them knows what the other one needs, that's where all the conflict comes from

Attached: ENCp34EVAAMVbuu.jpg (2048x2048, 608.71K)

>>117409496To add another wrinkle, both THINK they know. But only Elsa has the power to unilaterally enforce her will on Anna. It’s not a fair fight.

>>117409663Hey, Anna can sometimes convince Elsa to change her mind after an extended argument if she catches her in the right mood. That’s totally equal to the ability to blast your sister into space the second she disagrees with you.

>page 8 after barely 30 minutesboard is moving fast today

Attached: Eg-rqQCU4AAo0Bg.jpg (1024x784, 120.73K)

>>117409728If anyone goes to space, it should be Elsa, it’s nice and cold up there

>>117409189What does a hug from Elsa feel like?

>>117410272Just put your girlfriend in the fridge for a few hours and then hug her

New Frozen Adventures update. I'm sure everyone has been waiting with bated breath.Last time, the carrots were finally ready to harvest. The next step is to sell them, so Oskar can make some money. Maybe he'll actually pay us for this whole "private commission".

Attached: FA_93.jpg (1136x1920, 756.65K)

>>117410209no idea why, it's kind of strange>>117410646hopefully we finish the chapter this week and can leave Oskar behind

>>117410646>destroy a man's farm>have your royal advisor repair it in exchange for money>tax the royal advisorwhat a well organised scam

>>117410272Try hugging a pine tree on the coldest day of the year.

Attached: OAU070.jpg (2000x1500, 524.95K)

Haru relaunched his patreon, though according to google 5 bucks is a worse deal than 500 yenpatreon.com/xlayers

Attached: EdOVLBdUYAA6_lM.jpg (1366x768, 113.21K)

>>117410272Like the cold side of the pillow

Attached: tumblr_pqi4ykmgBm1sxtgmi_1280.jpg (1280x1598, 361.05K)

>>117411347More convenient for English speakers I guess, though I think all his truly obsessed fans were doing the fanbox already... I guess we'll find out

>>117411213>hamsters, squids, and old memesThis is like internet trail mix

>>117406305Why thank you, Mego...

>>117411382this seems sexual

2-castle bundle 3D puzzle

Attached: Eg_10YfVoAAXroj.jpg (2048x1382, 417.73K)


Attached: Eg_10LHUYAIgcJP.jpg (668x783, 106.78K)


Attached: Eg_10YjVoAA27Ul.jpg (827x611, 142.85K)


Attached: Eg_10I9U4AAxls5.jpg (810x602, 94.79K)

>>117412239>>117412258>>117412281>>117412300I've only built one 3D puzzle with my family, it was a ton of fun. I don't think I could convince them to build a Frozen one, though.

>>117412239>It's actually available in the USAwesome, I might actually get that>>117412430I've done a Notre Dame one with my family and I think they'd like this one too

>>117412067>Hugging/cuddling a pillow is sexualAnon.

>>117412622When it's your sister's pillow and you're behaving like that, it is

>What was that you said about my sister, asshole?!

Attached: 1591564334828.png (500x526, 402.4K)

>>117413116I said she's a deadbeat mom, a terrible queen and an even worse sister.

>>117413116>Did I stutter? I said she's a flat-chested little bitch who abandoned her kingdom.

Attached: Rapunchel.png (994x994, 341.89K)

>>117413181>Oh ok, that's fair.

>>117413174>>117413181>Oh. Well that's fair.

Attached: 1577233464467.jpg (439x522, 14.36K)

>>117413181>S-surely you don't mean such hurtful things. Right, cousin?

Attached: 1578026842098.jpg (423x617, 60.83K)

>>117411382it's the best side of a pillow

>>117413331>Come to Arendelle the next time I'm in town for a diplomatic meeting and we'll talk about it in person. I'd save you a seat, but you can just make your own from ice, so you're not worth the courtesy.

Attached: 1580667059731.png (772x978, 816.63K)

>>117413181Look who’s talking

Elsa is for lewd

Attached: 1597350948014.png (831x1000, 477.59K)

>>117413563Didn't Raps lose her golden hair in Tangled?

Attached: LE013.jpg (595x842, 75.04K)

>>117413968They found a bullshit magical excuse to bring it back for a TV series nobody watched, and then she lost her hair again in the last episode, because continuity.

>>117414059best TTS summary I've ever read

>>117413944indeed she is

Attached: png-transparent-disney-frozen-elsa-and-olaf-illustration-elsa-anna-olaf-rule-34-hans-anna-vertebrate-disney-princess-fictional-character-thumbnail.png (360x369, 26.42K)

Attached: EbwBq5vUEAE1TP9.jpg (1092x1774, 548.63K)

>>117414099Also Coronation Elsa = Best Elsa

Attached: 1597351905418.jpg (600x800, 69.86K)

>>117413563Having piss-colored hair doesn't mean you have to act pissy, Raps.

>>117414139I agree, but with hair down

Attached: rG7evq9KJqufH7QCUFmp103kIm_gdjcauwFKuRu4_-s.jpg (609x914, 41.2K)

>>117413563>Oh snap.

Attached: 1575930713520.png (500x637, 579.23K)

>>117413944Do not lewd the Elsa. Everyone knows that her sister's job.

>>117414172I don't know man. That elegant braided-up style is a big part of that superior Coronation aesthetic.>>117414224Elsa is mine.

>>117414377>Elsa is mine.You can have the autistic half-shark snow queen, but she is a pure autistic half-shark snow queen.

Attached: 1591211436151.jpg (807x802, 280.29K)

>>117413667I see a FIGHTER talking.

>>117414134>when other artists do elongated limbs>“wow how stylistic and aesthetic!”>when I draw elongated limbs> “I’m a hack! I’m a needsLoomis anatomy haaaaaaack!”

>>117414612>Elsa>pureFor now.

>>117410646First thing to sell is the eggs.Olaf stumbles upon one of the great philosophical mysteries of our time.>>117410757Oskar isn't that bad, but I'm eager to move on too.>>117410795Kind of like beating somebody up and then charging them for the hospital bill.

Attached: FA_94.jpg (1136x2560, 948.67K)

>>117414767I'm perfectly ok with Oskar, I just think they should have introduced a new girl to go alongside him, either in the form of Oskar's teenage daughter or maybe Oskar's wife.If I were directing this thing I would mandate every new chapter should have a new girl.

>>117407976Yep, totally official. They later kiss in the book and everything.

Attached: maidsa.jpg (468x960, 52.96K)

>>117414735And forever and ever more.

>>117415034>having a nation's royalty as your servantThe best

Attached: 1541279445320.jpg (501x501, 30.77K)

>>117408926>Spirit Elsa no longer remembers the significance of what she's holding, and throws Sir Jorgenbjorgen on the ground without a second thought.

What music would either sister listen to?

>>117415203Given the setting, classical most likely.

>>117415232Ignore the setting, then.

>>117415183That would be the final straw that something horrible has happened to her

Attached: Elsa-Anna-Iduna-06.jpg (600x584, 72.91K)

>>117414734We are our own worst critics.


Attached: Elsa-Anna-Iduna-07.jpg (600x584, 72.29K)

>Multiple comics>Books>Animated shorts>2 Films>Still no fucking last names

Attached: eyes.png (1229x1330, 1.78M)


Attached: Elsa-Anna-Iduna-08.jpg (600x584, 107.04K)

>>117415616There's nothing purer than a mother's love. When's the last time you hugged your moms, not-/frz/? It's honestly been a while.

>>117413563You don't even have powers anymore, bitch.

>>117415667At least Hans got one: Westergaarddisney.fandom.com/wiki/Hans

Attached: tumblr_002a7ca686d4403117bc460ef53f9748_bf704379_500.jpg (500x400, 31.97K)

>>117415616>>117415642>>117415673>filenameI thought this was Anna with two Elsas

>>117415667Obviously it's Of-Arendelle

Attached: isles.jpg (640x286, 22.53K)

>>117415677Normally I would have hugged her when we met up for her birthday, but that didn't happen this year...

Attached: corona.png (800x600, 92.89K)

>>117415842It is.I don't know why user saved it with that name.

>>117415944...Because it's clearly about a mother reacting to Elsa and Anna as they grow up and Elsa and Anna only have one of those?

>>117415944>I don't know why user saved it with that nameWe've had so many instances of retards who are unable to understand these comics, that it no longer surprises me

>>117416039anon, it's one Anna and two Elsas.

>>117416039In the first image Elsa says "I love you Anna" while clinging to adult Anna, and in the second image it's clearly LiG Elsa and Teen Elsa

>>117415842>It's actually Anna with two ElsasI've been bamboozled again. Quick! Someone post a cute picture of Elsa and Anna hugging Iduna!

Attached: anim_post3.webm (640x360, 1.37M)

>>117416086ThisI honestly don't understand how can someone misinterpret that comic

>>117416191>>117416127Sometimes the desire for a happy moment can blind us to the truth

Attached: family hug.jpg (2048x1872, 341.66K)

>>117416161aw man I hate iterating on workflows, guess I'll apply to something else

>>117416066>>117416086You can't see how I would interpret these as:>Image 1>Iduna, young Elsa, young Anna>Especially since Girl 1 says "I love you Anna" and Girl 2 says "I love you too" (as in "I love you Elsa, my sister")>Image 2>The grown girls look pretty clearly like F2 Travel Outfit Elsa and Queen Anna?It's not like the art is very detailed. Nothing about the grown woman in the first two images really says "This is Anna."

>>117416260How different would things be if F2 revealed that their parents were alive after all that time?

>>117416301>clearlyanon, the bangs are not even the same

Attached: Braid.jpg (960x638, 58.52K)

>>117416301I agree that the grown woman doesn't look much like Anna, but once you accept that both little girls are Elsas, it's a process of elimination.They even both have Elsa's hairband in image 1. Anna never wore one of those.

Attached: d061d320ce5402fa4c8ce2dd8a2d5495.jpg (1079x1614, 139.54K)

>>117416301Image 2 is Elsa's iconic braid on the left, and Purple Teen Elsa on the rightOnce you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains must be the truth

Attached: 14c820fccb68720843b40123838c5709.jpg (405x720, 38.94K)

>>117416384Cynical answer: Elsa would find some way to keep them all to herself, and Anna would be completely unaware.Real answer: Maybe Agnarr stays in the forest as penance for hating the Northrulda as a boy, and Iduna returns to Arendelle. Or the other way around, I can't decide.

>>117416563>Elsa would find some way to keep them all to herself, and Anna would be completely unaware.I know it's "in" thing to hate Elsa these days, but I have a hard time believe she'd do something like that. That's low, even for her.

>>117416636>That's low, even for her.>implying Elsa isn't an absolutely perfect paragonPlebeian.

>>117416395Man, the bangs are such a good way to differentiate Anna from Iduna and Elsa.

>>117416636*believing>>117416661Even Christ had his moments of doubt. Elsa is fallible, as we all are.

>>117416384How could they be alive? Hiding inside the waterproof ship compartment? Disguised among the Northuldra? Preserved in magical ice, only unfreezing when their bridge-daughters come near?

>>117416680>tfw you're a character designed in the early 2010s and have sideswept bangs

>>117416786>Preserved in magical ice, only unfreezing when their bridge-daughters come near?I was fully anticipating for this to be the case when I watched F2 for the first time. It seemed like the most predictable thing to do.

>>117416786The spirits use their corpses as puppets to speak.

>>117414172This and OFA Elsa are the best.

>>117416907>Nokk fills their bodies with water>Gale moves their limbs>Bruni makes their eyes blaze with purple fire

>>117417058>Giants try to join but just squish the bodies into mush

>>117416786I don’t think disguising would work since both sides knew everybody who was in the forest

>>117417257>Iduna would be recognised by both the soldiers and the NorthuldraThere’s potential for drama there

Is there any art of Iduna as a maid?

>>117417546Huh, I don't think so, user.

>>117417710Damn. That is a tragedy.Could use some Maiduna.

>>117417735If any of our drawfags ever do requests again, perhaps you could ask them.

>>117417546>there's a very real possibility that Loliduna met Agnarr by working as a maid in the castle

Attached: ENNeXu9UEAAPp8X.jpg (1125x1125, 74.84K)

>>117417827>Anna and Elsa are the daughters of a maidIt's only fair that they be maids as well.

>>117417869>fair that they be maidsWould that make them fair maidens?

>>117418083The best maids are also nice to look at.

>>117417827Since Iduna was described as an “inventor’s apprentice”, I’m picturing a wacky scenario where a machine goes haywire and she has to stop it before it injures Agnarr.

>>117378363They look like they want to put their hands all over each other. Is this normal for a pair of sisters?

>>117380378I can always tell people who never go outside apart by their saying this

>>117418219What did he mean by this?

>>117418219Not him, but I walk to work because I'm a cheap fuck and I much rather do it in winter than summer.Winter is the absolute best, you can warm yourself with as much clothing as you want to fight the cold, but there's only so much you can do to fight heat (In public at least).

>>117414059millions watched it, tranny.

Attached: 1581534436097.png (544x860, 493.11K)

>>117418337Sure thing, user.

>>117418316I'm talking about /out/ thoughI agree that summer heat can be horrid, but winter is too ugly for hiking. At least on this continent.

>>117418219>>117418371Winter outdoors is even better than winter indoors.

Attached: winter anon.jpg (634x218, 57.25K)

>>117418219I can always tell the people too afraid to feel the hair inside their nose freeze by their saying this

Attached: 1589415257885.jpg (1000x1152, 359.09K)

>>117418371Some of the best walks I've had have been in winter, but I didn't try to go up a mountain or anything...I'll go out no matter the temperature, unless my hair starts doing this

Attached: elsahair.gif (270x270, 2.58M)

>>117418449Never have I felt so close to another user, yet so helplessly split apart.Winter is the best.

Attached: 1569884126500.gif (250x350, 2.86M)

>>117418664Count me in as another winter fanatic. Our love for Elsa's gift unites us all, no matter where we are.

Attached: elsa_by_muttonfudge_d7z5xni-pre.jpg (800x1000, 36.82K)

>>117418761I wouldn't be living way up here if I didn't love winter

Attached: elsa_by_muttonfudge_d7z5xni.jpg (1000x1250, 548.9K)

but Olaf's favourite season is summer, and Olaf is the best

>>117418857Olaf is a weirdo.Summer shouldn't exist. Every season should be Winter.

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>>117375302>>117396870Here you go.The second pic is not really a continuation of the first one, but they happen in the same setting.Once again, this is an AU that plays with the idea of royalty being linked to magical beasts, specifically of the Lin mythological family.This is the last one for the thread.Thanks to all who submitted requests.1/2

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Attached: C238.002.jpg (597x582, 126K)

>>117418886I agree with you.Olaf is a lovable weirdo, though.

>>117418964>>117418975Are these from the same artist of the other one or is this just the current trend among korean artists?

>>117418964>>117418975I just adore the idea of Elsa and Anna being immortal, mythical creatures

>>117418886But if summer didn't exist we wouldn't have this image:

Attached: Frozen-Comic-04.png (620x458, 511.32K)

>>117419321If sacrifices must be made, so be it.

>>117419321Sweating denotes an inferior climate. Winter is far better than the warmer months.

>>117419423But hot and sweaty can be seen as sexy. Freezing and shivering is usually just a sign that one needs more heat so they don't die from the cold.

>>117419459>But hot and sweaty can be seen as sexyIf you have shit taste.

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>>117419321I love cold but I also love sweaty women.With a sauna, you can have both at once.

>>117419508Now see, this is a good, reasonable compromise that makes sense. Thank you, user.

>>117419193The one I just translated is from @hoorengThe one I translated a few threads ago (Pic related) is from @0912x0315I know I've seen at least one more from another artist, so it looks like it's a little trend.

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>>117419508Solution: Outdoor hot tub on a cold winter night

>ywn snuggle with Elsa in a Soviet-era commieblock in January

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>>117419783>ywn snuggle with Elsa in the snow

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>>117419950>>117419794Zepeto is like an instant Modern AU maker, I love it

>>117420107If there's one thing I couldn't have predicted would be such a prevalent part of Frozen's original content, it's the Zepetos.

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Attached: zepeto.p.elsa.002.jpg (861x719, 91.96K)

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>>117420545I love this new artist

>>117420787They won my heart with this Onion.

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>>117420971I don't think Anna will appreciate this

>>117421016Anna is just a fucking

>>117421016She doesn't mind

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>>117421029a fucking what? user?

>>117421080They got him.

>>117421034Anna would make a better servant than Queen, if we're being honest.


>>117420971Elsa is physically bent backwards from this male specimen like she wants no part of it. I wouldn't either.

>>117421103That's what he gets for criticizing the queen.

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Attached: Kristoff's-Accident-02.jpg (1228x2048, 317.76K)

so, how's everyone doing this fine evening?

>>117421133>she's literally repelled from all men by magnetic force

>>117421161Brainstorming an angst story of immortal Elsa, as one is to do.


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>>117421161I was just watching the latest Bill & Ted movie, it was surprisingly a very good time, not as good as the second one but I think I liked it as much as Excellent Adventure

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>>117421161Seriously considering giving the Mouse $37 to watch Mulan. Somebody tell me why I shouldn't

>>117421235Because if you wait to subscribe until a Frozen series is announced, it will send them a better message.

>>117421235Because the rip will be available on rarbg the day it releases

>>117421161Feeling nostalgic, missing high school. My life was much more structured and social back then.

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Attached: date.png (851x399, 30.4K)

Attached: you-lost-a-life.jpg (252x385, 100.49K)

>>117421550We've just passed a terrible threshold, anons... we've never gone this long without hope before.

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>>117421161Uneventful, cold day. Replaying some old vidya.

Attached: AU443.jpg (1080x1275, 65.8K)

>>117421550It's over...

>>117421550>>117421595>>117421649doompost all you want, many anons warned you months ago not to get your hopes up for a short announcement, due to current world developments.

>>117421666Thanks, Satan.

>>117421666YupSatan is right, if you were dumb enough to hope for a September announcement when Raya was already delayed, you have no one to blame for your despair other than yourselves

>>117421666It’s less hope, and more just a grim acknowledgement that by this point after the first movie, we had a short announcement by now.I expected nothing but it still hurts.

>>117421595>You've just passed a terrible threshold, Elsa.>Anna?>I'm sorry, Elsa. I can't watch you do this.

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>>117421161Doing some last minute editing on WHGW before going to bed. I have to be up early to pre-order something tomorrow.


>>117421550At this point I’m past caring. Frozen II was such a chaotic mess that showed such disregard for the characters that I don’t trust they have the ability to fix anything. Fan stuff will always be better.

>>117421977Canon feeds fanworks. It's never a bad thing to have more of it, no matter how nonsensical it is.Plus it means more outfits.

Attached: 1576455060433.jpg (621x960, 101.69K)

>Elsa forgetting about her magic, but keeping the "fun"kek

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Attached: EA360.jpg (750x700, 419.07K)

>>117422357Angry kek

Attached: 1587497311914.png (1280x888, 467.07K)

Imagine Elsa using Anna as a footrest, both of them in their Coronation dresses.

>>117421550>>117421666I’m giving them until November for the anniversary of the movie. They have to do something then, right? I know production is delayed, but an announcement doesn’t have to be...

>>117422401I'll imagine it in my dreams tonight.

Attached: 1588956610130.jpg (564x783, 84.09K)

>>117422401sounds like a great summary of their relationship

>>117422438Is California still on lockdown?That's important.If it is, and it's still is by November, then don't expect anything, user.They're not going to announce they have a short in production, but it's advancing slowly and bleeding money due to the pandemic. Investors would ask for their heads.

>>117422542Anna belongs under Elsa's foot anyway

>>117422357Goddammit.Wait why are there two Annas?

Attached: Anna-Elsa-laughing.png (800x800, 1012.28K)

>>117422551All I know about California is that it’s currently on fire

>>117422557I couldn't agree more

Attached: elsafoot.jpg (600x868, 34.05K)

>>117418647wow, the little details!

>>117422438No new short, but maybe they'll release an extended cut of F2 or something...

Attached: ETPAzwfUUAgdEK3.jpg (900x1200, 274.54K)

>>117422647Elsa is clearly the more rational and mature of the two. Some time as her foot rest would do Anna some good.