>She wants that +5

>She wants that +5

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>>117369433>"you guys don't know but I'm watching porn, a livestream, and review all at the same time."

>>117369433>Hey kid, you wanna pay your Habibi your jizya tax to make the Caliph great again?

>>117369544The fuck!?

>>117369576>she doesn't know the greatest empire on earth will not be made possible without latino bois paying their habibi's the jiyza

>treats fives like meh>sees him talk shit to a gay man>suddenly gets mad wet at fives

Attached: tenor.gif (498x498, 234.05K)

>>117369696It's so weird. It comes out of nowhere and nobody gives a shit when they see her clearly spilling her spaghetti over Five.

I've commissioned probably 3 stimulus checks worth of smut of this character. I don't know why

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>>117369811big if true

>>117369433"Get in losers, We're going on a Jihad to retake the Holy Land"

>>117369811Keep us updated user.

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chad palestinian zahravsvirgin pakistani connie

>>117369376>>117369433>>117369696Why is a symbol of oppression being used to promote diversity in this kids cartoon

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>>117369376Glitch Techs is coming back right guys...... guys?

so from the team raid episode i got the impression that:haneesh - supportzarha - support/crowd controlmiko -dpsfives/mitch - "guy who yells at voice chat while doing barely anything"

>>117370003Pretty weird for 2 supports to team upMitch is also damage orientedAnd no tank?

>>117369811Thank you Sseth, very cool.

>>117369902i used to autistically believe this until i realized its ironically anti-freedom to whine about people wearing cultural/religious garbpart of being free is letting other people commit to their own life choices

Attached: file.png (640x480, 513.78K)

>>117370003Five is actually good at forming plans and giving calls, and he participates a lot , mitch is more “protect me and don't get in the way of my xp”

>>117369819I can't post this shit, because half the artists feel uncomfortable with this stuff shown in the light and some are taking their sweet ass time since JUNE

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He's called five for a reason. Because the average size of a mans penis is 5 inches.

>>117370050it's like Season 1-3 of Overwatch, as long as we got 3 healers, and 3 competent DPS dealers (Mainly Junkrat and a decent Hanzo) we're golden

>imagine not going with the 5 tanks 1 support stratsmol brain hours desu

>>117370152Remember his name High Five, he's above average

>>117369838>But Zahra, what about a two-state policy?

>>117370140I hope you commissioned analBe sure to show us what you can when it's available.

>>117370259I'll keep that in mind because I'm mostly doing nude pinups, cheesecake, excessive cumshots, bondage, butt jobs, and 2 comics that involve getting raped by a Bloodborne monster. I think if you go to the /aco/ thread of Glitch Techs and see anything involving Zahra I commissioned it

Attached: glitch techs.jpg (2000x2000, 2.1M)

>>117370398>nude pinups>cheesecake>butt jobsA man of taste

>>117370398your tastes are offensively vanilla but im just glad we dont have another monki in our hands

>tfw you were a Zahra fag before it was cool

Attached: Zahra appreciation.jpg (3264x2209, 582.27K)

>accidentally made zahra in GTA V before glitch techs was a thingit truly was destiny

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>>117370521A bit too brown compared to her. But I see adult Zahra is a true patriot.

>>117370426I think I channeled all my "Chocolate caramel" into the two comics that Galactic Overlord and Disclaimer are doing. Hero pay is fucking me up because I literally don't know what to do with 35.50 an hour and the fact I don't care about trying to get a PS5/XSX.

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>>117370600if youre already into horny hijabis might as well hit up the "hijabolic" crew since thats kinda their speciality

>>117370639they haven't responded to my emails and I'm afraid of risking looking like an asshole to Andava/PumpkinSinclair

>>117370728andava's art is pretty based desu, though a third of his OCs look like malnourished sticks

>>117370639Those guys suck. Sameface and cowtit shit every dingle time

>>117369376When will they show hair?

>>117370751He's a great artist, sadly his work flourishes when he's not doing OC stuff (They look good though and I legit hope he gets a Netflix contract so I can get 13 episode shenanigans about his femboy and cheerleader characters)>>117370753Aren't they all the same character?

>>117370803The episode where Zahra decides to lose her V-card to Five after her parents find out about them.


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>>117370901zarhas family decides to go back to saudi because their daughter has been tainted by western decadence, she must convince fives to impregnate her so she can stay and seek asylum

>>117370929>Well that’s not too ba->You lose your infidel foreskin too.


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>>117370803There you go

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>>117370140Imagine paying for something and not being able to do as you please with it. This is why I'll never pay for video games or porn.

>>117370140post it user, do it for her

Attached: [S2.Ep6] Glitch Tech - Find the Glitch.mp4_snapshot_04.51.454.png (1280x720, 300.39K)

>>117371133god damnthose eyes

>>117371133I dont mean here thou

>>117369902bitch never saw a nun

>>117371069I can share it and even repost it, just not on a fucking blue board and I feel dirty posting art that's not mine on Twitter/Tumblr

>>117370915hitlers obsession with blonde hair and blue eyes was because he read a fuck ton of norse mythology and got just a little too into it

>>117371158You can unload it on rule 34

>>117369376Driving by to drop this back off.

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>>117371151Nuns have a choice tho

>>117371177>>117371158or the glitch techs thread on /aco/, even imgur would work

>>117371031Absolutely Haram.

>>117371176true sign of autism when he desperately wanted to mash norse and roman shit for no reason other than wanting to larp

>>117370118Based fellow freedomchad.

>>>/aco/4441769Here you go you hungry jackals. Every Zahra picture you see in that thread was commissioned by yours truly

>>117371182those hinobi gloves are made to be abused

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>>117371133>Israel wants to destroy thiswtf bros

>the CEO of hinobi was the one behind the glitches all along>glitch techs is a cover for recruiting an elite army of super soldiers that can wipe memories off of witnessesand his name is Tadeo Hinobi

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>>117371308looks like a fusion of jacksepticeye and markplier

>>117371308Itta justu worku you stupid gaijin so buuyu my gaymu

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so is zahra already mixed?

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>>117371348Based Dixie was ahead of the curb

>>117371308the reason their world looks like a utopia is because unbeknownst to even the glitch techs president todd hinobi is constantly wiping the memories of people regarding socio-political intrigue.everyone lives as if theyre in a small town of hipsters oblivious to whats happening outside, miko only starts noticing when she accidentally delves into a political websites and her inability to get wiped meant she can remember things that everyone else couldnt recall

I really want to see what the dudes from Corporate look like, some real A-Squad looking motherfuckers

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>>117371182Any idea of who is the artist?

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>>117371490looks like aeolus or ninjakitty

>>117371681You’d be wrong.

zahrabros we go t to cocky..miko beat best girl to the punch

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>>117371713ass so PHAT even gaybois acknowledge it

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>>117369874sporefag equivalent when

>>117370600>modest seeming woman is actually a massive slut

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Still waiting for bondage of my dude

>>117371713>huh, with hips like that, I tought you would last longer>how Zahra can work after taking it like this? I cant even walk>I guess shes tougher than she looks, shes named it "Big Haram" by the way

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>>117371807It's in the aco thread I posted, I got 5 more in the oven 2 of them involving tentacle bondage

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>first and only fanart of her is a diaper fetish thingbros, we couldnt protect her smile

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>>117369902Muslims in the states are much more secular than Muslims in the Mid east.

>>117371913>officially endorsed by the creator

>>117371876That is literally what I commissioned, sadly I can't prove it other than this email

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>>117371941You are a real hero.

>>117371941we believe you

>>117370398>2 comics that involve getting raped by a Bloodborne monsterThere we go, that's the good stuff.

Zhara probably plays mostly eroge games.

>>117370426Whose Monki? Is that the bread guy or the dude who commissions only Starwberry Shortcake characters

>>117371941can you post the sketch? it looks as interesting as the final product.

>>117372737It's 8mb bro Galactic Overlord posted the works on his Twitter and pixiv.net

>>117372184rich guy whose very into snuff, comissioned tons and tons of snuff/guro/torture porn of astrid from how to train your dragon. to the point that he single handedly destroyed the HTTYD rule 34 page because more than half of it is just gore.a man so extreme even shadman had to refuse a commission

>>117369376>>117371182Five is for Miko.

>>117372968>so rich you can destroy a characters porn page with one fetishI wish I had that power. My God that's some next level alien mind set shit.

>>117372990Five's seed is for Allah's kingdom on Earth.


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>the kaffir still hasnt paid for his nightly jizya yet

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>>117369902Hijabs are basically the muslim version of makeup, skirts, and dresses. By complaining about the hijab, you're complaining about all of those things.

>>117371196Not really.

>>117373191You don't see the Pope or the Catholic holding women at gunpoint making them nuns.

>>117373211eh women are whores anyway, hijabs are based because its #ReturnToTradition and lends itself to the conservative utopia that america needs to bebased and redpilled desu

>hot Muslims women are as rare as an oasisWhy?

Attached: 7AAAC54F-1D83-4431-8367-4A027641FE73.jpg (907x1109, 655K)

>>117373309dont know about their faces but in the middle east women tend to be on the thiccer side and by thicc i mean thicc with a Q. might want to go there after the rona clears up if youre down for some brown slampigs

surprised we didnt got one of those harem pics with Five, Miko, Zahra, Blake, Lexi, Mayumi, Nica, Simi and Ridleydid I forgot someone?

Attached: [S2.Ep9] Glitch Tech - I'm Mitch Williams.mp4_snapshot_11.18.560.png (1280x720, 715.38K)

>>117374285Kind of reminded of this

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>>117373094was it rape?

>>117376485It's always rape.

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Attached: lipstick_by_snowballflo_ddvxwvp-fullview.jpg (1280x3436, 374.96K)

>>117369811any vore?

Attached: stupid_faggot_mouse_fucking_dies.png (257x250, 99.68K)

>>117370915Could you like make her eyebrow black?

>>117369811>Reading that in his voice.Yep its believable.

>>117369525Gots that hand deep inside like she's her own personal muppet.

>>117371363They had an influx of refugees prior to the fall of the Shia in that region. So yea it tracks. Conservative forbears of different regions and religions. It just clicked. SO THEY FUCKED.

>>117371805It's an epic combo

Finally got to watch the second season. It takes me 30 minutes to finish the episode because there is just so much going on I rewind back to rewatch and I pause to take screenshots. Five is adorable as always. GT is so fucking great.

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The only thing I know about this show is it has a lotta video game references and apparently the butt of a mc is pretty big. To those who actually watched it, would you say it was worth the watch or nah?

No one cares about 5, post the real Chad

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>>117379745>To those who actually watched it, would you say it was worth the watch or nah?If you like old school episodic cartoons, absolutely. It's just a fun show that's easy to enjoy, barring the occasional cringeworthy lingo.

>>117373154You don't know any muslim it seems. The hijab is a traditional clothe from a really specific set of arab countries, and it's not even religious, BUT it became religious and politics when the immigrants notices how many easy victim points you can get by playing all your traditions as religious cultural things. Shit is so stupid, women immigrants that stopped wearing that shit have kids that start going back to full burka because of the online attention and "power" it gives them with Americans.

>>117379758Only when he's a shota.

Attached: mitch-kun.jpg (1920x1080, 376.75K)

>>117379758But this season 5 proves to be more of a legit chad than Mitch.Mitch has to announce it. 5 just does.

>>117371913The only good piece i've found of her is that, though thankfully the artist at least made a normal version. She only appears briefly in a few episodes though and they only say her name once so it might be just people aren't tagging their stuff properly.

>>117379758I got your Chad right here!

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Are there any rotund males in this show?A chubby best bro type perhaps?


Attached: ENTER.jpg (1920x1080, 227.62K)

>>117380102Haneesh, but he won’t get any focus episodes unless the show goes back into production.

>>117380049So who's gonna catch them in the store broom closet half naked?

>>117380049Flamboyant Jew.

Attached: 145848515454.jpg (1920x1080, 218.78K)

>>117380102Does Steveareno count?

Attached: setevo.jpg (1920x1080, 124.8K)

>>117379963This.The moment he called mitch out i knew he was the true chad of the show

>>117380102rotund males and females alike!

Attached: Feabie headquarters.png (1399x809, 928.04K)

>>117379711Why is he so perfect, bros?

Attached: The Cutest.jpg (1400x1350, 191.14K)

She stopped being interesting the moment they make her talk and emote like a "gamer". That show treats all gamers the same. It's just so wrong.

>>117381152Gamers rise up

>>117381119Because he is an overly excited latino boy who makes tons of cute faces and noises. Also his background makes me want to support him whenever he has hard times.

Attached: happiness overload.jpg (1920x1080, 317.48K)

>>117371133>Farts are always funnySaid no one ever.I won't lie, I actually chuckled at Mitch's montage.Also is she into brapposting?

Has this show been renewed? It probably my favorite cartoon since Justice League Action ended.

>>117369544>are you here to charm me with your magic snake habib?

>>117379711>>117379723>>117379741Go to bed Miko

Can you name them all?

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>>117381890>"five, mitch. Why do you guys have cameras? Aren't you going to help me?"

>>117369376>>117369433Is there a reason why she's wearing a towel on her head?


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>>117382353God I wish that were me.

>>117370152>>117370173So, how big to you think his penis is? Realistically or not

>>117382771Factoring in his age probably 4.3 inches

>Miko will never grab you like thatWhy even live?

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>>117383002Thick 8

Autistic as it sounds, I hope some old-school glitch techs show up and show them how it's done. GTs from the era where there were no training holograms or slick, refined tech and weapons, GTs from back when shit was Nintendo-hard and people fucking died. They'd have enough exp to afford the father of all power-ups, the Save-State.They'd also be super-jaded and cynical from decades of dealing with Corporate, not seeing themselves as heroes, but janitors, cleaning up the messes the company makes for itself and the civilians.

Attached: heavy metal starts.jpg (245x326, 10.59K)

>>117371934Proof of this nonsense?

>>117381890Nope, because it's all underaged shit besides Lara Croft triangle tits joke, Dark Queen, and Ms Pacman.

>>117383254This, and since he is still a growing boy, it will get bigger

So did they ever explain why Mitch got rid of his pompadour? it was pretty cool

>>117383394>old school GTs, angry and bitter from decades with Hinobi's bullshit>Nintendo-Hard skillsetI kinda want this, but also for them to shit on Phil for 'selling out', only for Phil to tell them about what he found on the last episode of season 2

>>117381890>Tiny Hornet on the far leftCute!

Attached: 909B7736-33D1-4CD2-88F6-03651DD64B35.png (640x520, 282.83K)

Wait, that's it? You want to tell me we will never know what's the deal with Hinobi Corporation because incompetent fucks at Nickelodeon won't fund an actual season two for this amazing cartoon? I am disheartened. And even worse, now everyone who worked on this show are busy doing other stuff. This show doesn't deserve to be this cursed. Is there anything we can do to revive GT from the dead?

Attached: 21544156151.jpg (1920x1080, 311.86K)

>>117371913But Burgy can

I want them be kissy kissy

Attached: 1594540566177.png (1896x2408, 620.75K)

>>117387125Me too, my man, me too.

Attached: romantic dinner.jpg (1920x1080, 344.8K)

>>117387125>We will never have a eroge glitch episodeIt's not fair bros....

>>117385629It's a real shame.

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Name their team.

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Attached: EgHtQ9SVoAEJYJn.jpg (766x1182, 357.21K)

>>117389434is there any gurren lagan glitch techs art? they look like they would go well together

>>117373247Arab spotted. You are currently posting on the internet. A white invention. This subversion of our superior culture will not be tolerated. Do not move.

Thank you Dan for liking this...

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>>117390095...so I could see this.

Attached: EgV60pbUEAIRDFQ.jpg (1536x2048, 217.47K)


Attached: EgD1uQjUwAA0y4T.jpg (1920x1080, 162.79K)

>>117387872He was supposed to be home a half hour ago.


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Attached: EfImK75U4AEayax.jpg (1920x1080, 195.82K)

>>117387523That episode was really cute, I love it when they bond harder than usual

>>117390190>>117390239This isn't even gay it's just having a close friend.

>>117387125they somehow have amazing chemistry so i fully support it

>>117390294They were bonding more than usual this season. I know Dan said they won't become a couple, but at some points I had a feeling she was going to confess to him. Or at least ask him out.

Attached: now kiss.jpg (1920x1080, 310.15K)

>>117387523my issue with the episode was when Miko was "yOuR rEaL NamE iS HeCtOr!!1?" "yeah, you thought my parents named me Five?"

>>117390599She's Asian. Retarded names just happen with her.

>>117390480Sorta hurts since they're really healthy for each other and it would be really cute to see their awkward attempts at couple stuff

>>117390480>Characters have amazing chemistry>Creator doesn't want them togetherWhy....

Attached: 1597801693389.png (1424x3568, 3.09M)

>>117390480Didn't the people behind Kim Possible say the same thing about Kim and Ron during the show's original run before the movie?

>>117390418Even better. Fujobaiting is always better than the real deal.

Attached: 1583042847242.jpg (792x2048, 171.28K)

>>117385629>Is there anything we can do to revive GT from the dead?basically make GT number views be worth the hassle, but good luck with that.

Attached: viewimage.png (850x852, 158.13K)

>>117390960>>117390992>they will never be together anyway because this show might never be resumedIf only God existed, I would've prayed everyday for this show to continue someday.

Attached: adorable.jpg (1920x1080, 296.48K)

Attached: EgAOJt_U0AEuJ93.jpg (1192x1200, 108.95K)

>>117391480Ya gotta have faith user.

>>117392275Already did, she's a bit too loose and overrated

>>117381890>Midna >Shantae>Snake from Xcom>MsPacman>Chica>Rought>Tracer>Girl from that visual novel game>That demon girl from that japanese anime>Hatkid>a nurse from silent hill>The Dark Queen>Lara Croft>And that vampire game from the Dragon Lair's ripoff.

>>117392275I believe. To be honest, I will even say I am pretty sure this show will have its deserved conclusion. They can't just leave us hanging like this. If executives really have soul (don't worry, I am laughing too) and if they care about the future of cartoons, they ought to approve and fund season 3.

Attached: EgCMA7dUEAY2FPh.jpg (2259x2616, 1.1M)

>>117393218*I meant season 2, you get it.

>>117391462>that pic

Attached: Miko cell flash.png (535x575, 268.02K)

>>117369696People in these threads have pointed out, that "season 2" seem to skip a lot, like how at some point the senior Glitch Techs change uniform and Mitch suddenly starts working with Five and Miko out of nowhere. Maybe they originally had more set up but since they only got to show the finished episodes, it seems rush.

>>117390480>>117390992>>117389434>>117387125they are reaaally cute together.but maybe that's why it's better if they leave them 'unconfirmed'. one big part of romance is longing. you want them to be together, because you're being shown signs that it could happen, without actually 'going for it'.but that distance only makes the heart grow fonder. also, if they would confirm them, it'd just open the floodgates for more drama. breaking up, falling out of love, cheating... and so on.but if they remain free like wild horses, not fenced in, or put in a box, they can shine brighter as characters.

>>117393539Totally agree with you. If they are going to commit to MikoFive someday, they should leave it for last episodes and of course it should end with marriage. But it's just my wishful thinking.Pretty sure they are going to avoid all this relationship drama shit ala SVFOE like the plague.

Attached: EgwYterUMAACtPc.jpg (1024x971, 85.68K)

>>117391462>you like video games, don't you, Miko?

>>117393539Kinda reminds me of Fridda and Manny from El Tigre, the show never implied much but their chemistry was so strong that it didn't matter, you knew they would end up together, no matter what, and at the end they literally just give them one kiss scene but it felt super earned.

files.catbox.moe/spupro.mp4Put it on loop for a Bergy alarm.

Attached: Glitch fight.webm (1280x720, 2.72M)

Attached: Rivals.webm (1280x720, 1.19M)

Attached: Clone Miko.webm (1920x1080, 1010.32K)

Attached: Rivals2.webm (1280x720, 640.9K)

>>117393218I think there's a chance to see the storyboarded episodes animated, but beyond that, I'm not sure.

>>117383394>Autistic as it sounds, I hope some old-school glitch techs show up and show them how it's done.that kind of happened in the last Mitch episode

>>117369766>It's so weird. It comes out of nowhere and nobody gives a shit when they see her clearly spilling her spaghetti over Five.I think it because Zahra is a pretty static and boring character beforehand, so giving her ANY semblance of characterization and weakness was a good idea. If they have given this to someone who had proper characterization like Mitch, Miko, or even Burgy, it would feel super awkward, but because it's done with a character that used to be bland, we're cool with it.

Attached: zahra miko 2.png (1146x1034, 1.75M)

A couple more cute and precious Fives before I go to sleep.

Attached: feathery five.jpg (889x1076, 141.29K)


Attached: birb.jpg (1920x1080, 206.86K)


Attached: you are my life.jpg (908x1078, 140.89K)

>>117370118*letting their fathers and husbands who rule over them from cradle to grave and pour acid on their faces if they disobey commit their life choices for them

>wasn't Five in that scene?Yes I edited him out so his flailing gangly arms don't distract from Miko

Attached: Miko swagger.webm (960x540, 340.3K)

Attached: d919399f03db96f7a97051c625b0cabf94d4f9cc.png (1532x1798, 777.5K)

What were old-school glitch0fightslike, before they had everything smoothed out?I'm thinking it'd be even more Ghostbusters-inspired with hard to use energy lassos that shred away glitch forms and deployable traps to capture the glitch core. And cartridge-based power-ups that they plug into a Power Glove and hideous mid-90s VR headsets

Attached: OG Glitch Tech.png (1366x768, 1.57M)

>>117398264I'm thinking worse. Like you had a cartridge on a long stick and had to just bash glitches down over and over. Only shield and strength power ups that are just tiny cartridges you jack directly into your body and actually hurt. Just a straightforward brutal job that probably pays ok with minor benefits and no thanks. I wonder how mind wiping went? Was it old school flashing colors till you had a stroke or did a tech just pull out a gun and ice witness no russians style?

>>117398813A lot of people must have died before they figured all this stuff out.

>>117393218Cool image.

>>117397666Would be fun to see a similar image, but with Fives playing with Miko's butt kind of pic related (or that one gif from Close Enough), while of course Miko's wearing either some kind of gaming-related pants or underwear.

Attached: Daisy's butt.png (902x1200, 372.92K)

>>117369376>childhood: letting Miko sit on your face for hours at end >adulthood: running away with Zahra after making her look like pic

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>>117393218I doubt it, but crazier things have happened.

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>>117369811hey hey!

>>117369696I've seen girls in real life develop crushes over less.

>>117369433>>117369696>>117369874>>117370447>>117371031I start to realize why my country mass-imports refugees to begin with...

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Will Netlifx save the show? Nick doesn't seem too interested.

Who is best waifu of Glitch Techs and why is it Sanitron

>>117404196How can someone look at this and not think it's cursed af

>>117404477You just don't understand the love of Mitch Williams x Lord Hater.

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>>117405362very cute


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>>117405773God she is so simple and dirty brown and ugly.

>>117405821I like Anne's design, but the only thing that bugs me is the one shoe off thing. She should've gotten it back after she beat Sasha. Have you ever walked around with one shoe on before? Now imagine doing that for months. You'd probably permanently fuck up your gait.

>>117405850What about the leaves?

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Five is a lucky guy.

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>>117407613It really do be like that

>>117396641I'd like to see the unedited version please.

>>117395864Does the US allow that, no, if what you do denys a persons rights, then you cant do it, your just to retarded to tell the difference between saudi arabia and the US, you goddamn mutt

>>117370398Why do all commissionfags have such insufferable fucking egos?

>>117384624Wondering if there's any HK reference in GT (since both Amph and OH have references to HK).

>>117409330OOPS en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honor_killing_in_the_United_States

>>117409820>all sentenced to death or life in prison Hmm

>>117409384Who cares. They commission it and make it public for all of us to enjoy. Let'em be smug, they earned it.

>>117409918I mean, I do too, but I'm not a smug bitch about it because I care more about giving to the community than stroking my ego. They didn't earn shit, they literally pay an artist to do all the stuff we really care about.I remember when Holla Forums didn't used to suck commissioners off. You newfags need to stop fellating their ego.

>>117409977This. We don't give a fuck about how much money you gave or who you commissioned, just give us the pics.

>>117410156>just give us the picsthe unironically literal entitlement of beggers here lol

>>117410187The Anons not wrong though, and I have tens of thousands of pics I've commissioned. I just have other things going for me in life that I don't need to go onto Holla Forums to brag to a bunch of anons about who i commission, and what I've commissioned, and for how much just to get my jollies and stroke my ego. They're just as bad as namefags.

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>>117381890Is this pure lonely loser appeal? Why the fuck is rouge the bat showing up more recently thab shadow, isnt shadow the second most popular character

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>>117369376You waifubaiters won. I will watch this show. Just tell me: are the creators based?

>>117412548if You have Netflix, I watch it on the Jap dub since english audio is quite cringy when I decided to see what the original audio was like, animations wise is amazing, easily the main reason why they wont renew it because you can see it is an actual expensive show since it has like actual animation on it, also MCs friendship is great so of course it feels like shipping material it has some nice gaming reference and shit, perhaps the best Castlevania one of western shows unless you actually watch the Sodomy of the Night Netflix one

>>117377783lol, at the end he has the "embarassed-but-ok-with-it face"

>>117412185Everyone on co is a loser.

damn it I love these 2 idiots, they are too cute discord.gg/zEc3UhT

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love the show but that last episode was a bit of a letdown. Felt like the season was going someplace but it never did feels like a 40-50 episode show that just randomly stops and calls it a season along the way.

needs more cuteposting.

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Dan Milano>we don't want them as a coupleTHEM DON'T MAKE THEM SO LIKEABLE!!!

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>>117415825I wouldn't even mind if Miko was shown to have a crush on him that doesn't really get resolved, I just love their interactions so much

>>117415624Five caught a weeb.

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>>117405362Anyone down to draw them exactly like this?

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>>117373369man, i've known several women who wore hijabs who were a solid 8-9/10 on the face and bodies but THEY ALWAYS BECOME LAND WHALES

>>117369902Because people are idiots and don't understand what Islam forces on women.

>>117418037at some point the body just goes bad big time, asians and usually the Jap women are the ones that take the longest

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>>117418487menopause basically thrown in a monkey wrench on their system, I remember when my mother when through it, if women can already be annoying naturally those hormone swings almost made me go gay when you see what an irrational monster they become

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Attached: Zahrahat and Five.webm (1280x720, 2.99M)

>>117419816>Starts liking guy because he told a jackass to respect the team or fuck offZahra has good taste

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>>117419927no, she liked fives because he verbally assaulted a gay man which got her all hot and bothered,shed probably fuck him right on the spot if fives pushed mitch off a high place

>>117420056Jesus christ....

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>>117409384What the hell did I do? I just posted the pictures and just said I was commissioning copious amounts of porn. I'm not asking for a money pool or ask for my feet to be kissed.

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Wow this thread is still up, Does that mean there's enough of us to get season 3 to be made?

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>>117421041I sure hope so


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>>117373309Because God wants us to suffer user

>>117421805phoneposter obviously

I want to see her in her non-work clothes.She and Bergy should go bowling or something.

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