Did they?

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>>117368495Yes they were cousins

>>117368495>Ben 10Kek

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>>117368495Do they live in the south?

>>117368544Does Hal cuck Ben in this situation? She is underage, after all

>>117368495Have hot incestual sex? Almost certainly.

>>117368677You guys are nasty

>>117368699the show did it, not us

>>117368495who wouldnt?

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No because she’s currently getting LEVINED. Sorry Kevin cucked you losers.

>>117368495Who is the dom

>>117368859Four Arms


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>>117368965>our parentswhat is this implying user

>>117368970Ben and Gwen's parents swing

>>117368970It's just supposed to mean their moms and dads have sex with their spouse.

wouldn't you fuck what's essentially you in a redhead wig?

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Unpopular opnion: i kinda like Julie(at least after she got Ship)

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>>117369090she should have worn ship like this in the show

>>117368495Probably. The sexual tension between the two was pretty high.

>>117369128Well they weren't supposed to be cousins at first according to pop-up trivia

>>117368842Ben is fucking Kevin behind Gwen's back roo.

>>117369128There was no tension thats just standard child cousin shitflinging you stupid autist. Ben treated Gwen more neutrally in Alien Force and UA confirming he doesnt want to fuck her where as its very obvious Kevin wanted to bone her and she wanted to suck off Kevin.

>>117368842Sorry but Dwayne shitty fanfic doesn't hold up to the original kevin

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>>117368544>kills the omniverses most powerful person>jobs to pussyIf Ben had just used a female alien Hal literally could not have won

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>>117369417that first half is backwards

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>>117369586>LolidomI see no issue

>>117369106It would be nice, since with ship she pretty much becomes a technomancer

>>117369561Nut job Kevin was the best.

>>117369586Gwen might be more filled out but she's still young enough to be Hal's type

>>117369730Cooper is already one but the writers hate him>>117369775His debut episode is still the best even though that chase scene was ridiculous

>>117369586You just know

>>117369561Cope Cletus while Gwen is getting her insides split

>>117369586damn she sucked him dry

>>117370031>Shippingfag seethingkek

The question isn't if they did, but which of ben's forms were used in the process.

>>117371190Wildmutt, Ripjaws, and Diamond head.


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>>117371190Aside from people loving the idea of getting double dicked by the same dude, is there a reason why Gwen is primarily depicted as fucking 4Arms? Like, I've seen a few with Wildmutt, and even a sprinkling with GreyMatter being a perverted little spy, but for the most part, she's always fucking 4Arms

>>117371389Same reason why porn of superheroes generally never has them using their powers for anything fun: no imagination.Heck, anything with Fourarms having two dicks is rare in itself. Most of the time it's just one big one.

>>117371461Fair enough. Though I find it interesting that you’ve mostly seen 4arms with 1 big dick, since most of what I’ve seen is him having 2. I wonder if the stuff I’ve seen is just newer

>>117371389For the same reason Fourarms is the most used alien in the show.

>>117371267Fuck aliens and fuck plumber jannies

>>117371657Eh. He might be one that Ben tried to call for a bunch of times, but I don’t think he actually showed up all that often. Usually he got somebody else, just like when he wanted Humongasaur


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They did not

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>>117372025>gwen doesnt want ben to give his heart to anyone but herOr am I misreading this?

>>117372025What does a love heart taste like?

>>117371267Took me a while to remember who is that dude, damn...

>>117372025>*chef's kiss*>>117372104Like salty bags of coins

>>117372025>The dweeb/doofus dynamic is goneWhy?

>>117370087“It’s canon but he’s a shipperfag!!”Keep seething mutt.

>>117372364They tried to stop the lewds by eliminating anything that could be seen as sexual tension.Bless them, they did try.

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>>117372573Nice wordsalad retard but I'm talking about kevin not gwen or ben>>117372582Nah them acting friendly all the time is creepy the os feels more neutral

>>117372582no joke i wouldn't be surprised if gwen's design being bland as fuck and suddenly feminine out of nowhere was to keep people from jacking off to that iteration

>>117368495Kevin should've been like van kleiss In the sequels too bad he got redeemed immediately during the premiere

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>>117368495many times in secret /thread

>>117368495>tfw no ben10 in a FF pseudo anime artstyleInstead we got OP pic and the justice league art for 3/4 of this franchise

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>>117368544Its 4pm Hal,

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>>117368664You answered your own question bud

>>117371657>>117371860Fourarms is actually pretty iconic and i like his simplistic design dunno why people hate on him so much

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>>117375132I don't hate on him. I said he was the most used alien in the show. And the reason is because yes, he's iconic, and he has a good VA.

>>117372364maybe they saw the old dynamic as annoyingidk

>>117373649We'd get a full anime adaptation if Asians were more interested in the franchise.But Britbongs, Mexicans and Indians seem to like it the most outside of Americans

>>117368540Damn right.

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>>117375485>Wanting chinks to make itIt would be /a/ then I'm saying "pseudo" for a reason think of it like ATLA (Korean animators worked on it sure but they didn't write shit)

>>117368842They have one of those ménage-a-trois understandings.

>>117371267Quick rundown?

>>117371925Who’s this cute little girl?

>>117375523that screen grab really says it all doesn't it? Now I can't help but wonder if something actually happened between series

Why was the original RV full of soul?

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>>117375848Well let's just say gwen is more than accustomed to incest, but ben is not

>>117375800A pretty underrated side character

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>>117376197What’s her name? Negative?


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>>117376550unironically how i found out i like cute guys

>>117376550Throw me a bone here user. Him/her whoever. Who is it?

>>117376575Cooper, he got fat in AF then got buff in UA

>>117376567Eh he looks boyish enough the ambiguity comes from his VA

>>117368495>Did they?Of course they did

>>117376597i was a kid back then user

>>117369061>>117376538I hate that shade of hair for teen gwen it even looks brown sometimes

>>117368495It will never stop being funny how the writers consistently failed to portray these two as anything but neighbors with sexual tension. If they really needed an excuse as to why Gwen was going on the trip, they could've just said their families are close. But nah, "cousins". Sure.

>>117376707This is what happens when you change them to being relatives but don't account for them having such great chemistry.

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>>117376707cousins with sexual tension*

Alright someone tell me, am I less weirded out by cousincest because I have no family and can't recognize the weirdness? especially since the few cousins I did have were pretty far removed and may as well have not been blood related?

>>117376803incest is gross and really i wouldn’t take part on it, but honestly cousins are kind of fair game (medically speaking) sure it’s weird but if they wanna fuck there’s no considerable risks and isn’t like their kids would be abominations

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>>117376803Cousins are the middle ground between siblings and childhood friends.

>>117376707>>117376756Ben should be asexual its clear his interaction with every female is shit and his relationship with gwen being romantic would be weird


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>>117376850It's pretty common in literally almost every single culture.Theres an etiquette though. I cant quite remember how it goes, but any culture that allows/allowed it FIRMLY goes by brothers son/sisters daughter, or the other way around. I really cant remember but it's only one of those and the other is extremely taboo.I think it's only in the recent modern world that first cousin relationships are taboo. I mean even in the godfather NO ONE batted an eye at that dumb cunt dropping her spaghetti to her cousin. I think it's kind of lightly taboo in other places but highly taboo in america. But my point is it used to be common and sometimes encouraged basically everywhere, as long as you stick to the correct pairing

Name a better alien

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>>117376756>this scene>"""""COUSINS"""""Oh, come ON now! This is just taking the piss. >This is what happens when you change them to being relatives but don't account for them having such great chemistry.Seriously. They just don't act like relatives, they act like, well for lack of better words, vitriolic lovers.

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>>117377231you just reminded me that we're never gonna see Gwen with an omnitrix turning into a slime girl as goop, missed fucking opportunity man.

>>117376582Also he was Chris Pratt once


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>>117377231Take out his anti gravity device and he's useless>>117377250Huh talking about that AU if gwen gets the omnitrix doesn't that mean ben will practice magic?(I'm taking the os canon only)

>>117377677if they didn't intend for the alien mana DNA stuff all the way back then, yeah probably.

Which series has the best tension between them?

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>>117378023original or reboot sadly

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>>117375781Duke was a Forever Knight that played Craft of War with Jimmy Jones, he was murdered by Andreas

>>117378101>>117378171Post the screens of that harem episode where ALL the women in his life show up to play for his love, including his mom and aunt


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What does Ectonurite Pussy feel like?

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>>117378201Theres more than that. The omnitrix girl and mexican girl and a bunch of other bitches were there too

If Ben 10 were remade with each season making him older till he reached adulthood (not quite Ben 10,000 but an early 20's Plumer trained Ben) what would the big finale be? I guess Vilgax is the natural choice (in the manner of the OS version with the sinister voice and Bane mask) but not sure how it would play out.

Should Kevin been more like Jagi from Fist of the North Star?

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>>117378201aren't at least 3 of those chicks married or in a relationship?

>>117376850I saw this documentary once on Youtube about how more than half of British Pakistanis marry their cousins, so a bunch of their kids came out with birth defects. This one family had like three blind kids who couldn’t speak. I’m sure it just somewhat raises the risk of your kids having birth defects, but I feel like parents should be doing whatever possible to minimize any risk to their kids (like not having kids too old).

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>>117378185>They really named the fanboy character after Jimmy Olsen and Rick Jones...Wow


>>117378338Julie is dating a French PhotographerSubdora is dating Exo-SkullRayona is dating RookBen's Mom is married to Ben's Dad

>>117378325post screenshots of rojo holding ben upside down!

For some reason, I always wanted Ben teaming up with a semi-reformed Charmcaster.Villain or not, Hope was cool (at least before they began writting her as a loonie).

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>>117378550Didn’t Ben’s dad never show up in OV?

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>>117378412well of course, if it’s a norm and not an exception things like that are gonna happens but with the average population it’s tiny percentages that get just a little bigger. by example, for someone healthy the chance of having a kid with cystic fibrosis is around 3%, but if you made the baby with a first cousin goes up to 4%. it’s far from a relationship breaking risk

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>>117378598Same user

>>117378598I liked slightly loopy Charmcaster in that episode

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>>117378817I want to peck victoria on the forhead!

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>>117376803Probably. I have a friend who's into sibling incest but he's also an only child so he isn't as weirded out by the idea

>>117379056I'm not INTO incest, but I'm not against it. So it's fine in porn for me. I have siblings and cousins and real incest does not sound nice, but you know when its porn, especially cartoon porn, it's perfectly fine.Some people have trouble distinguishing between fantasy and real life


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>>117368544Hal, we need to have a talk...

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>>117379289her existence just spelled it out for anyone who still had doubts

>>117379208>that comicThe Ben, Charmcaster was the main highlight.

>>117379289I headcanon that Azmuth ships the two of them. I can’t see him liking Kai because she really only likes Ben for his Transformations, and he’s conceited enough to think that the best girl for Ben is one of his own creation

>>117378422>That gand placement...

>>117378843>>117378101Lucy is the moat underrated Ben 10 girl.

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>>117378422Kevin is upset that Julie is invited to cousin movie night but he's never allowed to attend.

>>117368495>>117368540Maybe they've done it using with an alien, to be safe.

With alternate timelines/dimensions I'm sure there's one with Bwen in there, maybe it's the pilot universe where Gwen is Ben's neighbor.Speaking of timeline based romance.Should we continue the Alternate Ben discussion?>Mad Ben and Looma are a sappy lovey dovey couple in contrast to being violent warlords>Bad Bed and Attea are like an evil soap opera>Benzarro chases Jennifer Nocturne like a classic movie monster looking for a bride, Viktoria chases Benzarro like an Imouto, creating a spooky love triangle

>>117379517Considering Eunece's body is a clone from Gwen's...

>>117368495No you pervert

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>>117379508Based user

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>>117378422Is this actually from the show

>>117380984Not a clone - if it were merely a clone, she’d look identical. Eunice wad sampled from Gwen’s genes, but she’s more like her genetic sister, given that all available genes were randomized.Not that it really matters. We’re sitting here discussing the merits of incest, and who knows how aliens feel about it.

>>117378201context? which episode?>the squidgirl from the movieoh yeah

>>117381157Still she looks a lot like a blonde Gwen, and Ben practically fell for her in the spot.

>>117381262And Gwen looks a lot like Ben in a wig for that series. What’s your point?

>>117379412She appeared in two episodes compared to an actual plot relevant character like xylene>>117377847Different crew the os never had such thing as mana,I also think it would be like a yin/yang thing where ben is better with magic and gwen is better with the omnitrix>>117378290Surprising how there's no "big guy" memes about this series with vilgax guess because he turned into darkseid later on>>117378325They missed an opportunity to add that sludgepuppy mother

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>>117377264That still shocks me

>>117380634Species traitors get the rope

>>117380711Go on


>>117369618Someone should post the webm where ben shakes his ass infront of simian

>>117377248holy fuck can't even be happy to see your own cousin and hug them without people thinking you want to fuck, even as a little 11 year old

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>>117383121The general consensus is that Ben Prime has shit taste for getting with Kai, so some anons had the Idea of alternate Ben's getting with different girls and love interests and there were Ideas for interactions between the couples.>Ben 23's Love life is a mystery, but many speculate about it, maybe it's one of Rook's Sisters in a weird Hollywood meets Amish Country style relationship, Maybe he's Fistinas boy toy, who knows?>No Watch Ben dates Julie since there's no hero stuff to get in the way of their relationship>Mad Ben tries eating fruit for the first time>Bad Ben and Attea try out kinky bondage, but it's a ploy to sell the other out to the Plumbers, they both end up getting caught and are arrested, doing a double cross power play like that is super hot and the fuck in their jail cell>Benzarro tries to Woo a terrified Jennifer Nocturne, Viktoria tries to sabotage their "relationship">Nega Ben is Tsundere for Nyancy Chan

>>117384655Isn't ben true future still unkown? Considering all the other ones have been changed due to timetravel i headcanon that he ignores kai during the galactic roadtrip.

Which version of Ben in the Gwen 10 Universe do you like more?>Magic Ben>Gunslinger Plumber Ben

>>117368495they aren't cousins, that was made up so they couldn't be shipped....rule 34

This WEBM seems ripe for an edit

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>>117384404These peoples brains have been decimated by porn

>>117384971Fuckboi Ben

>>117385213But that's every Ben except for Ben 10,000

>>117384971It’s gotta be Magic Ben.Gunslinger Ben works best in the timeline where Max gets the Omnitrix, otherwise as the functioning adult, he’s usually the only one trusted with the sort of heavy weaponry needed to take on the baddies

>>117385281>implying Ben 10k isn’t also a slutTeen Ben is slutty, but no way does he grow out of it. He’s gonna be banging all the alien grandmas in the retirement home when he gets old and grey

>>117384971Plumber ben because i can't even begin to imagine him using spells

>>117368970Ben and Gwen, bastard children of Aerys the Mad

>>117385403He'd either be similar to Gwen, but with a more gung-ho flare, would probably fight like a DBZ character with lots of blasts and beams instead of Gwen's smart constructsHe could use runes, sigils or magic circles to dial in his magic similarly to the Omnitrix.Or he could go full WILD MAGIC

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>>117385641I'm only referring to the original magic not mana constructs in the sequels memorizing spells would not be his thing he'd look good in a plumber outfit though like pic related also give him utility tools like max.

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>>117384404That's around usually when it starts. 11 isnt innocent babby times. Its horny puberty times>pedo!!No I'm not making some kind of fetish or pervert joke. It's real talk. For example I was 11 when I first ejaculated. I've been accosted multiple times and "tempted" (she tried at least) by an 10/11 year old. Got out of THAT shit fast.It's when the hormones first start kicking in and their instincts activate. So while I'm not with him in his assumption, since its obvious ben is just happy shes alive, I'm against your implication that at 11 you can't be hot for cock. They can, and most are

Even if you're alive, if you not fucked your coursing you aren't living.

>>117386097cousin*Fuck autocorrect

>>117386097If you dont steal your father from your mother and mock her for being a cuck, you're not living

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What is the most Kino episode and why is it Big Tick?

>>117386344>Not kevin 11The fight scene at the end made it a 10/10

>>117385868Ben isn’t one for memorizing spells, but he’d definitely come up with new uses on the fly for his powers. He’s the kind of magic user that would see his enemy use a spell or technique early in the episode, and then by the end of that episode, have adapted it for his own use.

Why are all the best shows harem shows?

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>>117386681Other than the charms of bezel that's one way to go around it he'd be like a slow learner oh and him dialing for magic spells takes away the gimmick from gwen10

>>117386759>Omniverse had callbacks to trivia from god knows how longI love that show

>>117386891>mfw remember how much people disliked it when it first airedMuh artstyle

>>117386862Charms of Bezel or a handful of “memorized” spells for when the magic HAS to work right. Riffing spells by the seat of his pants when you want something either really fucking awesome when it goes right or really fucking hilarious when it blows up in his face.I figure Ben would probably have a small arsenal of spells that he remembers. Probably a basic bitch magic missile type spell, a basic shield that sometimes doubles as transportation if they’re going down a mountain or getting dragged over water, and probably some magic grabby tentacles for when somebody is falling to their doom

>>117386862Gwen 10 never had an issue with dialing for her aliens. None of the other Bens did. It was pretty much just Ben Prime

>YWN have pelvis breaking consummation of marriage with LoomaWhy live?

>>117387017Funny because the art for the last two shows was fucking soulless as hell not to mention ov had the best musical score aside from the original series>"The only thing we can do go back to where it all began at the beginning"No moment from UAF surpasses this none

>>117387661The hottest idea from a previous thread is that Looma is a pure maiden that's been saving herself for marriage.Like a beautiful flower.But then you remember that even the most delicate flowers on Khoros are spiky or carnivorous.Which means it evens out out to be regular rough sex, which she treats as gentle loving.

>>117387102No I'm just saying ben shouldn't dial for magic>>117375998Comfy rustbucket

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>>117378140Seems about right. I see a connection.

>>117387082It would be interesting to see what ben would do pre-magic and how gwen would deal with kevin

>>117381149No, it's an edit I made this morning. Here's the original.

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>>117371925>>117376197I wish cooper became a fourth wheel character

No they're not fucking.

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>>117378598My man

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>>117388220Who dials for magic? If anything, Ben would be more akin to Cedric the Sorcerer from Sofia the First. He knows the concepts, but he’s so hyperactive that they go always go wrong because he can’t focus the magic energies

>>117389822I'm just replying to another user idea about ben dialing spells like an omnitrix and honestly that doesn't work

>>117386250I'd only steal my father from my mother so I won't be born and that my mom won't waste her time on him and I don't have to be the one to forcefully end our collective bloodline.

>>117378598>>117378817>>117378834Charmcaster was already a lunatic in the os

>>117379208>That artstyleI think i've seen it before....in something not for children

>>117386759Kai is the worst, THE WORST. Fucking red skin furry

>>117378598they'd make a cute couple

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>>117378598Hero x Villainess is always the best, but to be frank i don't think any girl so far would be good as the "definitive one"....except Gwen but they would never go through the incest route

>>117391097Both are obnoxious assholes which is perfect

Why won't they just have the next reboot be where Ben and Gwen aren't cousins?

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>>117391418How could you justify her going with ben then?

>>117391638The question comes up every now and then, but before they get a chance to answer it, shennagains happen each time interrupting things

>>117391638She only has 1 parent who gets pulled into a job during the summer somewhere overseas so they let a close friend/family they know watch over her.

>>117391638Keep them as cousins, but have them from Alabama

>>117391747I guess the appeal comes from them being relatives

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>>117392058Honestly, I could care less if their cousins, it just feels like they would be a cute match to me

>>117392248Based Pajeet supporting disgusting pedo incest because no woman wants him.


>>117392337Your cousin won’t fuck you user. Stop projecting.

>>117392345I was more curious about the Pajeet bit, but I don't actually have cousins

>>117368495>Series takes place in the mid 2000s>Max tennyson was supposed to pilot apollo 11>He's 63Anyone noticed this chronological error?

>>117392395Because only shitskins like this crap and the fact that they got cucked by a cartoon character makes them seethe.

>>117392314>PedoI didn't know gwen was a fake loli

>>117392484Alright, don't quite follow your logic, but I suppose it makes sense

>>117381498who cares how many episodes she appeared in, literally uses Gwen DNA to create a girl Ben devours with his eyes

>>117392815Who cares about eunice?She honestly always struck me as some sort of shitty OC fanfic.

>>117380711>Should we continue the Alternate Ben discussion?some ideas from a couple months ago for alternate Omnitrix Wielder AU's;Bwen>due to an experiment of Doctor Animo's gone horribly wrong Ben and Gwen got permanently fused into a single person, combining and amplifying their best traits, by the present day they've fully mastered using the Omnitrix as well as their magical and Anodite abilitiesOmni Boy & Omni Girl>in this universe two Omnitrixes were made instead of just one, this results in both Ben and Gwen getting one, initially there's a flaw in them that syncs the two together, meaning that if one of them transforms into an alien, the other will as well into the same species(later this flaw gets fixed, eventually the two receive unique upgrades to their specific Omnitrixes), unlike most Omnitrix wielders this version of Ben and Gwen maintain secret identities, wearing a long line of costumes that Gwen has made for the two of themShifter Ben>in this universe the Omnitrix that arrives on Earth is an unfinished and flawed prototype, unable to fully transform Ben into the selected species, instead only partially transforming him into a Human-Alien hybrid, also unlike a standard Omnitrix it's not an instantaneous transformationAmazon Gwen>in this universe when Gwen obtained the Omnitrix her initial ten Alien selection was heavily biased towards physical bruiser types, after a brief incident where her Ben(who in this universe was somewhat on the chubby side at age 10) temporarily had usage of the Omnitrix she had the realization that the user's physical condition had an effect on their alien forms and thus doubled down on an already impressive exercise routine, by the present day she's achieved a downright amazonian physique which reflects even more so on her Aliens(a common running gag would be her in an alien form meeting a member of the same species and her basically being at least twice their size)

>>117392484>>117392314I've seen that type of posting before, You're that one obsessed mentally ill shippingfag calm down schizo.

Attached: 987.jpg (652x596, 31.94K)

>>117393090>Amazon GwenRemove the bit about chubby Ben, and add Gwen being prone to lightly tease Ben about how much stronger she is and it's perfectionAs for AU ideas....Maybe one where instead of the Omnitrix transforming the wearer, the wearer can transform other people (and due to reasons Ben can't transform Max), so him and Gwen have to work together, him picking an alien and sending her out to fight?

>AUTerrible idea as these are only treated as offshoots that don't matter in the slightest it would be more interesting to rewrite the original series as it ended in a pretty anti climatic note and although i love the "monster of the week" formula it should've been given a more centralized plot

>>117393090How about an AU where Ben and Gwen never return to their original bodies after the Charmcaster Bodyswap episode?

>>117393397>Remove the bit about chubby Ben, and add Gwen being prone to lightly tease Ben about how much stronger she is and it's perfectionhe's not grossly fat or anything, just standard 10 year old baby fat chubby, and it's needed for her figuring that part of her powers out, and while yeah there might be some light teasing on Gwen's part I'm thinking it'd be at a minimum>>117393662eh that's a pretty dull one

>>117393090Do you have the one where a busted off retired cop gets the omnitrix?

>>117392058Nah they have good interactions, by far the best ones when compared to Ben's gfs

Trying to think of more AU ideas but the more I think about it the more I realize most of them are lewd and/or shoving Ben into a support role with Gwen taking the lead, though if nothing else I suppose Omnimatrix Gwen and Magical boy Ben's always a good AU>>117393662Might need to go into a bit more detail how it would affect things as it could actually go several different ways, but seeing how each adapt to things could be interesting>>117393694>I'm thinking it'd be at a minimumLame, playful musclegirl bullying is 10/10

>>117386344>>117386507For me its big fat alien wedding

Attached: Big_Fat_Alien_Wedding.png (1920x1080, 1.54M)

>>117368495Anyone else think that the sound design for this show is underrated?>Heatblast flames>Omnitrix time-out beep>Electric currents>Wildmutt roar>Gwens magic>Everytime diamondhead moves or talk

>>117394319It really did have God Tier sound design.You can hear the sound effects and the music without it even being there.

Attached: Vilgax_vs_Heatblast.webm (640x480, 2.24M)

>>117391638Have both guardians go with them. Grandpa max for ben, and some grandma for gwen. Grandpa and grandma are friends and decided to take their grandkids on a tour of all the boring shitty places they've always wanted to see.Of course later it turns out grandpa was an plumber action hero and grandma designed his tech or some shit

>>117394692Nah a trio for the entire series is what made the roadtrip feel special and comfy

>>117394443This also reminds me of the musical score in os such a forgotten masterpiece >tfw still looking for the music that plays when ben10k fought Vulkanus in "Ken 10"

>>117394932Nah. In that reality they'd be non characters most of the time

>>117395175>Non charactersShitty decision and i think we should just keep them cousins to keep things simple doesn't matter if people ship bwen it would be non canon at the end.

>>117392914nobody does, user. Why are you confusing what I'm saying? I'm just saying she's canon proof that Ben would fuck Gwen.

>>117395430He didn't know that

>>117395390The prompt was how to handle them not being related but still traveling together. My solution was to add a guardian for gwen. You got mad because for some reason a trio is what you retroactively focused on and liked that, so not being in the forefront would be my solution to that.I'll be honest, max was a shit character and I hated max episodes and honestly if I could, my version of ben 10 wouldn't start at the roadtrip anyway because horny 10 year olds traveling together has been done twice over by now and I'd prefer something different

>>117368544Hal may have won the battle but he lost the war in bed

>>117395585So he didn't know to hide his attraction

>Ultimate Ben>He-Man Vigax and Planet Vilgaxia>Ghost freak isn't scary anymore>The Popcorn episode>The entirety of AF Season 3Really had some fucking low points in UAF

Attached: Worst Ben.png (360x360, 130.37K)

>>117394443Augmented Vilgax best Vilgax, i hate all the other versions of him

>>117391638My personal headcanon for this scenario is that Gwen's "grandpa" had also been a plumber and had been Max's best friend, practically brothers, close enough that each others kids thought of them as uncles and that extended to their grand kids. Grandpa Max would be uncle Max to Gwen.Max takes her on a road trip because she always spent her summers with her grandpa and he recently passed so he takes her along so Gwen wouldn't be lonely.

>>117393361Kys ESL. You’ll never fuck your cousin.

>>117395669The only reason people advocate for them not being cousins is because of shippingfaggotry >I hated max episodesI only started hating him in alien force because he essentially turned into uncle ben for a while and then got sidelined i didn't mind him at all in the os

>>117396042Real people go by age so he would be grandpa max to her regardless. Ben's dad would be her uncle in that equation (and Ben's dad would be "cousins" with Gwen's dad).I've got some first cousins (once removed) and for simplicity, I'm their uncle and not their cousin because they're the kids of my cousins and younger than me>well that's STUPIDIt's also real life. If you force your cousins children to call you cousin, you're an asshole

>>117396084Nice projection spicfag but i didn't say anything about incest did you fuck your sister or something so now you larp as a moralnigger in a korean website?

>>117396397You're overthinking it. I only suggested she call him uncle Max because itd be an easy way to differentiate her relationship to Max from Ben's. Also kids calling and close family friend an uncle or aunt isn't that uncommon.


Attached: Lucy_OS.png (310x439, 159.41K)

>>117395872>Popcorn episodewhat?>>117396028You forgot future vilgax

Attached: Vilgax_future (1).png (1920x1080, 2.68M)

>>117395669>my version of ben 10 wouldn't start at the roadtrip anywayThats actually an interesting suggestion i never even thought of that but if the show had actually begun before the roadtrip then we'd have more length to the story


>>117396666Episode called fools gold

>>117392058Is this an early design of Gwen or something? I've definitely seen this image before

>>117396553No I mean hes WAY too old for that. She would call him grandpa. He would be uncle max to her dad, not herself. To her, daddy's uncle max would just be her grandpa.I get what you're saying, but it's too unrealistic. If you want to show they're not related, it's better to just often bring it up. Like gwen ordering ben around and he tells her to fuck off because he doesnt have to listen to her since they're not related. Or ben being jealous when she goes off with max because hes HIS grandpa. As opposed to gwen nonsensically calling a 70 year old non relative "uncle", she can call him "grandpa" and ben can be a little shit about how they're not related

>>117391638Can we go a bit dark?How about Gwen's parents are dead or got put in some coma, and they set it that Max would be the one to take her in. This could be like a year or a few months ago and Ben wouldn't know that Max took in Gwen until they meet again.

>>117396828>We had a redvsblue episode>tetrax homeworld got restored in a filler>Vilgax gets his ass kicked every once and a while>Fake character development for kevin revolving around his matter mutation>Fucking primusWhy is UAF so bad?Its not just S3 remember max faking his death and D'void?The sequels were garbage from the start

Attached: Voided_(315).png (1920x1080, 1.94M)

>>117397397>red vs blue episodethe fuck?Also yeah I HATE the concept of primus and the codon stream. Even in Ben 10, dna rivers sound retarded

>>117397096Or just great uncle Max. That's a thing too. You're entirely too fixated on this one detail.

>>117397601You're the one pushing the uncle angle. It will never work. He would simply be grandpa to her no matter what you say or how you try to justify it>but grunkle stan!Is a funny name, which is why hes referred to as such. Any other kid would just say grandpa.Deal with it. Your idea is fucking stupid. Let it go

>>117397667>>117397601>>117397096>>117396750>>117396553>>117396397>>117396042Christ take it to wattpad already

>>117397560I'm referring to the episode "simple">primusIts also a pretty pointless and contradictory concept,If the omnitrix can store DNA from beings whose samples don't exist in the codon stream like blitzwolfer Snare-oh and the andromeda aliens then what's the point of that planet?

>>117397667You're also glossing over the fact I said she already had her own granpa she was close to in this scenario. Calling someone completely unrelated to you grandpa is a lot more weird than calling a family friend an uncle.I don't know what world you live in where kids just call all old people grandpa or gramdma regardless of of their relationship to them just because they're old. She could also just call him Mr Max/Tennyson

>>117396415>ESL seething and bumbling over his words Uh oh no mommy sex for you!

Why doesn't anyone ever comment on almost every female in the series having luscious dick sucking lips, especially in Omniverse?God fuck it's too hot.And I'm quite upset they never focus on them in Lewds.Especially Charmcaster, Looma and Attea.I bet Gwen could literally suck the chrome off of Kevin's cock, I think older gwen could easily be fixed just by changing her hair color and eyes a bit, and I have a nerd fetish so Omniverse Gwen does it for me.




Attached: wink.png (300x250, 43.25K)

>>117396635Female naruto?

>>117398360Yeah yeah go pretend like your sister wants you Pajeet.

>>117399880Take your meds

>>117397397>D'voidthat was so weird, I mean I thought it was kinda neat at first the idea Dr Animo being a big deal villain when going against people who aren't Ben, but there's just so many odd things they do in that episode that it quickly becomes silly even by UAF standards, kinda has me feeling like they originally intended for a different OS villain to be D'Void and had to use him instead for some reason

Why no Ben 10 Persona crossover?You'd think people would at least splice some of Yosuke's lines into Ben 10 as a joke.

Attached: yosuke.jpg (356x455, 19.45K)

>>117369553i always thought they had a weird relationship in the original series though. if they were siblings the shitflinging would make sense but i literally never saw cousins acting like that.

>>117400134The plumber kids are so worthless

>>117400211does Yosuke english dub VA is him or something like that? dunno I never dare play english dubs on anime material

>>117368495> Elena: "I'll be more like Gwen if that's what you want."What did she mean by this?

>>117375523>Drew is one of Ben Tennyson's (one-sided) love interests. >She is the wife of Doc Saturday >Ignores all the obvious love interests for the MILF.Based.

Attached: [loonyjams] Quid_Pro_Quo_page_01.jpg (575x384, 59.73K)

>>117400438>The plumber kids are so worthlesskinda funny considering the whole reason the first half of UAF is called Alien Force is because the original intention was to focus more on Ben leading a team, and instead we only get a couple of Alien Hybrid kids and they only occasionally get involved

>>117400748 was meant for: >>117378201 and >>117378325's pictures.

>>117400769The highbreed arc went in such a hamfisted way that the crew ran out of ideas and resorted to filler and a "prideful hero arc" for ben i mean what else is there?Bens "maturity" check kevin is redeemed check max is alive check there was nothing else left for them to do which ended up dimissing every side character and at the very least giving them cameos.

>>117400914which is why theme shifting away from the original concept was a bad idea, if it had been a team based show they could have spread things out better

>>117400582Yes, Yuri Lowenthal voices many different characters across Vidya, Anime and Cartoons>Yosuke Hanamura>P3 Protagonist>Sasuke Uchiha>Suzaku from Code Geass>Teen Ben Tennyson, Vilgax in th Reboot>Several Vidya Spider-Mans>Marth and Corrin>An ungodly amount of side and background characters>Lottery Guy in Fallout New Vegas

>>117401026True alternatively you can make subplots and relate them to the current overarching plot instead,With that being said the setup for the highbreed arc was pretty good but it should be revamped>Ben and gwen aren't instantly adults with timeskips>The structure of the forever knights and the plumbers stays mostly the same>Kevin plays the role of an anti hero and get either redeemed or left off (Or just scrub him entirely from the story)>Retcon the anodite ancestry and "Mana" while gwen relies mostly on magic spells (Her aura should remain blue because purple is dogshit in terms of aesthetics) >No romanceThat's barely scratching the surface.

Name a worse omnitrix design

Attached: B10R1_(414).png (1920x1080, 703.94K)

>>117368970oh no. nonononono. doing your cousin is fine but your siblings is a definitive no

>>117401356>Removing stev blum as vilgaxLame

>>117379341How do they look so young at 40?

Attached: women02.jpg (1920x1080, 416.44K)

>>117402647>EuniceThis artstyle is so adorable

>>117402647that one Gwen clone cousinbut who's the chick next to her on the left?

>>117400748To be fair, Ben dropped the flirting the moment Zack said: "Dude, she is my mom!" and realized she had a family.

By the way, didn't Gwen use to have a brother who was never seen or mentioned again after his one single episode?


Attached: Eunice.jpg (253x600, 89.35K)

ListenThey fuck

>>117403143He's one of those characters who are barely remembered according to derrick own words he's removed from existence

Attached: MO_(202).png (1920x1080, 970.83K)

>>117403477he was an obstacle

>>117376953the issue with ben's relationships is the ongoing desire to tie him down as opposed to just being a teenager.

>>117378550theres also a member of the saturday household.

>>117402575constant passionate love making does wonders user

Attached: 801A620A-B17D-420A-A725-DDD246FF62A0.jpg (640x400, 26.92K)

>>117403194Her outfit is pretty damn cute

>>117403477>removed from existenceHad to be done.

fanfiction.net/s/13222717/1/Reminderhttps://www.fanfiction.net/s/13276637/1/Little-Moments-RebootedJust going to leave this here.

>>117404633>knew about little moments>read reminderOh that was a nice little one-sh->there's morepic related

Attached: me on the left.jpg (1000x727, 142.68K)

>>117404633>>117404691So are these shitpost tier fanfics or are they actually good?

>>117404723I'm looking for a good Bwen fanfic, so keep me posted

>>117376707It actually upsets me that Gwen couldn't have been just a close friend of Ben's but had to be a cousin

Attached: 1590948633614.jpg (577x675, 26.87K)

>>117404691Playing the odds and Dancing alone qre the better works of the one who made Reminder

>>117404691Becoming one of the best in the genre. Also shadows59 now has the Courting Disaster which is pretty kino.fanfiction.net/s/13310384/1/Courting-Disaster>>117404723>So are these shitpost tier fanfics or are they actually good?>>117404723>I'm looking for a good Bwen fanfic, so keep me postedThese are actually the top tier in terms of Bwen.

>>117405009>Playing the odds and Dancing alone qre the better works of the one who made ReminderAs much fun as Playing the Odds is, it's still not as good as Reminder. Dancing alone was just okay.Here is the only other Bwen I know of worth reading:fanfiction.net/s/12659279/1/I-Wanted-What-I-Saw-That-Day

>>117405203I like it but it's just too angsty for me I guess

Attached: tbt___bwen__i_look_good_in_your_shirt_by_cheza_belle_db06r5d-fullview.jpg (1024x650, 109.24K)

Attached: hands.png (722x1000, 275.94K)

>>117368568Remember user, only yankies are afraid of fuck their cousins

>>117379279Guy, I know you dont like me, but Hal Raped my Son

Attached: Batman is very sad.jpg (1200x628, 44.19K)

Attached: 1481173762961.jpg (846x1107, 87.99K)

>>117378325wheres Hal?

>>117378422Ben touching that fine redhair´s ass

Given the whole cousin thing Ben/Gwen is surprisingly popular. Far more fan art then I would have thought.

>>117403194Who the fuck is Eunice?

>>117378817Charmcaster is underated.

>>117378412Pakis are inbreead before coming to the UK

>>117406543Eunice, or, as Azmuth originally called her, Unitrix, is a prototype Omnitrix that can absorb and contain DNA of various species it came in contact with. Her form is based on shuffled DNA of Gwen, the first one to touch the drop pod she arrived to Earth in.

Does Gwen still go autist when Ben shows attention to any other girl?


Attached: latest[1].png (864x720, 304.1K)

>>117406846Shut up, Not!JJ.

>>117400587That even a crazy psycho antfarm bitch like her knows what Ben wants.

Which girl has pegged Ben?My money is on Attea.

>>117407564Assuming she used her tongue.

>>117377248This is what decades of non stop porn can do to a person

>>117407564My money is on Looma.

Attached: looma.png (691x681, 499.49K)

>Made a thread on Holla Forums asking about bad sequels that miss the point of the series, used a pic of Ultimate Ben 10K because he does exactly that.>3 day ban despite the thread being more on topic than all the other dogshit spam at the time.

Attached: images[1].jpg (225x225, 5.73K)

>>117407906This.>>117407969What did you expect it's Holla Forums, That place is only good for shitposts and bait threads.

>>117407906ben looks like he's wearing winged eyeliner in that

How could anyone prefer bad boy/good girl cliche, the most abhorrent trope in history of fiction over pure and wholesome cousin love?


>>117408177Pretty much this, why did they turn gwen into a boring character who is fucking a bona fide sociopath that tried to kill her cousin multiple times?

>>117408406They had to stop the incest train somehow so they turned Ben into a cuck.

>>117408069>>117407906>>117407564>>117407672It is obvious that they all run a train on him.>Attea's Tongue>Looma's Tetramandian Sex Toys from the Fred Perry Comic>Charmcaster summons Tentacles>Nyancy Chan give Ben a "Cat Tail">Esther gives him a 360 reach around

>>117406846Whats his name again?

Interesting things were made.

Attached: p1010564.jpg (4000x3000, 3.07M)

That damn smirk.

Attached: hqdefault.jpg (480x360, 19.62K)

>>117408967I love third world knock offs of american ips.

>>117405313>I like it but it's just too angsty for me I guessBut in all seriousness that just adds weight of the scenes for me. Actual emotions and fears in what is normally just glossed over.

Attached: +_64210a6d3e89052c41249ec5c5f565be.jpg (500x705, 113.33K)


Attached: ARMED.png (265x341, 56.19K)


>>117409099Does Looma have 2 vaginas?

>>117409427yes and noThere's only one hole but it's got twice the musclesAlso she's likely to have twins or more.

Attached: 1502759570226.gif (350x263, 2.33M)

>>117409508>Sweet Looma pregnant with hybrid babies>Have to deal with mood swings and cravings, sometimes the mood swings are literal>Shopping for baby clothes and baby armor>Almost hurt your hand feeling the baby bump because they kick like mules

Attached: 1548309969597.png (500x500, 359.28K)

>>117409508>one hole>twice the musclesGo on...

Attached: she-looma-over-you.png (690x757, 725.21K)

>>117409844With male Tetramands being the weaker of the sexes. An exceptional male that manages to defeat a female in single combat gets to marry, and mate with the female.The males usually having two cocks is actually to accommodate the female's sex drive and not the other way around.The hot and tight and power inner walls of a tetramand woman can conquer any male with ease, the two cocks of the male are meant to increase longevity as they asynchronously climax to keep up with the females rigorous milking and pounding.

>>117410090Holy fuck, who knew alien sex biology could be so interesting.

Attached: 9c0.jpg (600x480, 45.45K)

>>117410238Tetramands regularly engage in playful wrestling and grabbing during coitus, it is a regular occurrence that they use oils and special lubricants to make things even more fun, two extra arms make for many more holds and sex positions.

>>117404633>>117405188>reading fanfictionYou guys are actual, dyed-in-the-wool, bonafide turbo fags.

>>117409844>>117409508>>117410090>>117410238>>117410317Without prodigious size or multiple phalluses, a human male would find himself lost in a sea of muscled crimson pleasure, a female tetramand would easily dominate a human male as if he were nothing but a sex toy, light and fragile as they may be, humans do have an ace up their sleeve, stamina and foreplay, their small size allows them a quick refractory period and recovering stamina compared to males of other species, and despite being a relatively young and primitive race, humans have a robust culture in regards to sex and have mastered foreplay, massaging and outer course better than many more advanced races.

>>117410317>>117410586Hot damn, this is some high quality alien sex education right here.

Attached: 6980989018091280.gif (400x214, 902.89K)

>>117410531>You guys are actual, dyed-in-the-wool, bonafide turbo fags.Literally the post above you is talking about Tetramands sex rituals and you think we're the turbo fags? Read one of the stories and come back and say that.

>>117410531Wait till you find out that some of us /write/ fanfiction

>Sex with an Ectonurite

Attached: Embrace the Horror.png (995x1348, 1.1M)

How do Pyronites and Petrosapiens reproduce?

People always go on about Ben 10 interacting with DC, how would he react to and fair in the marvel universe?Would a Skrull try to pose as him?Would Kevin get sucked into mutant politics?

>They actually do the Intergalactic Road Trip>Ben 10 Space One Piece, American Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy or Dudebro Star Trek

>>117410949>writer>doesn't provide proofDon't leave me hanging here

>>117412601Shilling is generally frowned upon. you can find my shit on AO3 under pokebob

>>117412761Thanks, don't worry I won't tell anybody ;)

>>117412761Catnip and Smoothies is a solid 8/10

>>117413186Thanks. Not quite my best stuff, but it’s been a while and I needed to stretch my writing muscles again

>>117413313I await your next piece

I can't believe they did the majin vegeta storyline 3 times

Attached: majin-vegeta.jpg (1280x670, 51.28K)

>>117411068>People always go on about Ben 10 interacting with DCit's because A) Ben 10 and DC are both WB properties, and B) Ben 10 is basically a knockoff of Dial H For HERO

>>117413313Still hoping to see something with Albedo and Elena.

>>117405317how is that possible if they’re about the same size

>>117408177Get cucked by Kevin you Pajeet.

Yes, Gwen did fuck Ben's boipussy.



Attached: 8ddc5ebbd81bd607c41177573c4a312af7587b71691b6ac379e8aaa254556f03.jpg (801x757, 241.43K)

>>117416381There really needs to be some stuff about splicing more Yuri quotes into Ben 10.youtube.com/watch?v=yS6J9fdL730

>>117413313>>117414239I cast my vote for Bad Ben and Attea.

>>117413313I second the vote for Bad Ben and Attea being evil together and having hot evil sex.You don't know whether one is going to stab the other in the back or fuck them in the ass.

>>117416825>>117416889Good choice but Looma needs some love too.

>>117417013I think he's already done some Looma stuff before.Obviously everyone needs some love but he did Nyancy Chan and Nega Ben for a previous thread.

>>117408177>>117408406Not gonna lie AF and UA was chock-full of strange decisions. Ben became fucking boring (maturing doesn't turn you into a sarcastic stick in the mud), Gwen lost all of her spunk (again, maturing doesn't make strip you of all interesting personality traits in order to make you more level-headed), and then there's the random choice of pairing up Gwen and Kevin just because they were the only two pairable characters in the main cast.

>>117414239Dug up my old greentext.>Albedo silently worked in the empty room that he used for his lab, fiddling with some kind of device that he hoped would let him return to his Galvan self. Blue and black was all he saw around him. No doors, no windows, just total privacy.>But he knew he wasn't alone at all. This room, the furniture, the equipment, all of it was naught but masses of nanochips. And somewhere within it all was its so-called queen in her continued attempts to cater to his every desire.>He wasn't even sure how she found him. The last thing he remembered was a swarm of what seemed like bugs appearing from nowhere in his run-down apartment, and then he woke up in this room facing her, saying something about how she "mastered the swarm" and wanted to "make him happy in every way".>She was fairly pretty for a human hybrid, but it was her unique biology that fascinated him. The nanochips that composed her were alien and yet man-made, her personality some kind of mix between the one she was and the many she is. It was hard to say where the swarm ended and this "Elena" began.>But she held true to her promise that everything he wanted, she would grant him. Whether it was running out for chili fries to feed his loathsome addiction, producing equipment and furniture to aid his experiments, or dealing with nosy Plumbers, Elena did all he asked... except let him leave this place.>What disgusted him was how she called him Ben, for obvious reasons. It appeared that she like many other females in this galaxy desired Azmuth's golden child for their own hormone-addled reasons, but hers was on another level entirely. Still, her blind obsession proved valuable for Albedo's own goals and so he played along, calling himself "the better Ben" with a better color style.>At least Elena gave him a means to access the extranet so he could keep up with what was happening outside. And admittedly, due to his human biology, there were certain needs that had to be filled...

>>117417431>It was a couple hours later and Albedo was on his extranet-boosted PC, encrypted so hard to keep even Elena from looking up what he was up to. Several windows had various schematics and his own notes, bu he was only half-paying attention to those.>A tiny video playing in the corner ran a juicy xenoporn video that he "acquired". Seeing the sexual depravity should have disgusted him, but instead he watched intently.>Without thinking, his hand went down to his pants to feel his growing organ. God, being human was so disgusting, so why did it feel so good?>From somewhere within the room, Elena watched Albedo jerk off to his video. Not all of her human needs had been consumed by her assimilation, either, but she didn't want just anybody. She wanted Ben... one way or another.>Later, as Albedo slept at his desk, part of the wall bulged inward and separated, reforming into Elena in her Nanite Queen ensemble. She willed the swarm to reshape his desk into a bed so he could sleep comfortably, then laid down next to him without so much as a sound to wake him. Albedo insisted she not imitate her original human self. He privately considered it a reminder of his disgust towards his own predicament. She suspected it was because he found her inhuman visage far more appealing thanks to all those xenoporns.

>Ben and crew find out Albedo's location due to the strange surge of porn commissions featuring women eating, covered in and just generally being around chili-fries.>Some are innocuous but other wander into Wonderbread Territory



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>It's an Attea gives Ben a rimjob episode

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>>117402575really good lotionor physically active life styles, take your pickcloser to 45 since ken is like 15 in OV

>>117368495Awww yeee they did, and they made you. incest baby

>>117403477oh my god ben really did forget him when remaking reality

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>>117420862Kind of badass

I can't wait for Ben X to eventually let this happen

>>117420769he was jealous

>>117375998>Why was the original RV full of soul?Sacrificing orphans to it, was the only way to keep it running.

The question isn't IF Ben fucked Gwen. The question, the real question, is actually two questions:1. When did he FIRST fuck Gwen?2. How long did it go on, and is it still going on?

>>117376803I had hots for my cousin when I was younger. Didn't help she had no problem walking in her underwear around me.

>>117368495I forgot how disgusting they made her

>>117391075You take that back you son of a bitch.

>>117402647Brown girl best girl

Is it normal that I jacked off to Gwen's bikini pics a few times as a teen?

>>117421642How old were you two when she did that? Also is she still hot?

Reminder that the entirety of Alien Force Seasons 1-2 are about fighting incest

>>117422203>the incest posting got so rampant they made 26 episodes about fighting it>>theres still incest posting afterword

>>117422203fighting the PRODUCTS of incest, user. Just keep the clothes hanger on standby as a last resort, if anything.

>>117422049Shit it's been so long. But around 14-15. Typical hormonal teen.She gained some weight after having a kid so she's pudgier now. I wouldn't call her hot anymore but still kinda attractive.

>>117422231>>117422234Imagine the finale of the highbreed arc being released today.There would be endless Holla Forums posting

>>117368495Of course they did

>>117422336I see. I wonder why she liked showing her underwear.

Kevin 11 was a hot monster and Kevin 11000 was too you can't change my mind.

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>>117421526What did you say?

>>117377199I actually really liked the mummy one.

Did he pop a boner to this?

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Why were he and Vilgax so based?

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>>117422592We're there ever any female highbreed shown in AF?

>>1174215531. On their 13th birthday 2. They never stopped. Gwen and Ben 10,000 were secretly fucking in that Ken 10 episode

>>117422682Why? You looking to highBREED?

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>>117395872Still better than Omniverse