Fiona the human thread

Only talk about Fiona unless it’s a cosplay thing

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It honestly pisses me off that the one young female protagonist who's actually attractive and of age is the one that Holla Forums ignores. Yet every Star, Luz, Anne, or Miko thread is guaranteed a shit-ton of replies. You can't even argue that Fionna is ignored because she's from an older show because Raven, Frankie, and Jenny ALWAYS get attention. This board has the worst taste imaginable.

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>>117356916anne is sacred faggot

>>117355565Adventure Time is cool, and Fionna is HOT!

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>>117355565My humble opinion:The original Fiona and Cake episode where it was revealed that "in canon" she's just a fanfic OC of the Ice King is a huge turning point in the history of cartoons.Up to that point, Natasha's would doodle around the AT staff office, and post up online (right here on Holla Forums in fact). It was a little injoke, these kinds of things happened for years in cartoons but without social media. The decision to make her a part of the show, and to nod to the fact that her origin is from the slightly cringe fanfic/fanart community. Like, it just broke the barrier between audience and creators in a way that hadn't been done before. If's fairly common now to have a fanart character show up in the official show (I think MLP did it, Korra did it, SU is full of it) but I don't think that had ever happened before Fiona and Cake.

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>>117355565Why do the ears stand

>>117357528Don't you think I know that? It's ridiculous that her show has constant never ending threads, most of which spent sexualizing her and her friends when her cute mom is right there

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>>117357763Why not?

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>>117357705>SU is full of fanart characters What? Which ones?

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>>117357864Fionna's buck teeth are so cute!

>>117357873yeah ikr

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>>117356916Of age? Aren't all the characters you listed around the same age?

>>117357819I feel like that would be cold.

>>117359186Not necessarily Fionna. She's a fictional character created by Ice King, who dreamt of marrying his OC waifu. This is the same guy who turned down PB when she became thirteen again. He knows what he wants. Women. While Fionna is implied to be a gender-swapped Finn, she has no canon age and can easily be perceived as a legal adult. Even the AT Wiki realizes that.

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>>117359206Last I checked, that was a Crystal Sword, not an Ice Sword.

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>>117357705You’re right. The episode also caused, or maybe just happened to occur at the same time as, a massive explosion of interest in the show. I remember those times; it felt like the fanbase was growing at light speed.

>>117360114I miss those days... I still remember when that first Fionna & Cake ep leaked

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>>117360114>>117360390I remember thinking that the Fiona and Cake episode was a fake thing that 4chan was trying to trick people into believing.Like, remember the theory that Aang was Amon? Complete with a photoshoped pic that was taken off a screen with a cellpone camera? Until I actually downloaded it and watched it, I couldn't believe it.

>>117360743I wasn't browsing 4chan back in AT's heyday. Were the threads really as magical as some anons claim?

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>>117361239They where just fun. Holla Forums in general was a lot more fun.

>>117361299W-what happened... ?

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>>117362067Yeah I also like cheese

>>117361299I’m sure it was better but I would rather reminisce when I wasn’t on this site altogether


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Fiona for that flame pussy only

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>>117356916>the one young female protagonist who's actually attractive and of age is the one that Holla Forums ignores.Ignores? If it wasn't for Holla Forums, she wouldn't exist in the first place.

>>117363550"Ignores" as in the Present Tense. Look at how dead this thread is.

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>>117355565Did Fiona also get cucked like Finn?

Welp, we managed to get 35 posts before >>117363715 showed up

So did she appear in any of the comics or anything else beside the few episodes she was in?

>>117361239Some were but others had the same problems as threads of today with people trying to start fandom wars between AT and RS and other general trolling. Marceline was spammed on the level of Spindel in the early days.

>>117363848She had her own mini written by Nat.


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>>117363954Is it any good?

>>117364050I only read it once when it came out and it was okay. Ice Queen has a very different origin than Ice King

>>117363926>Marceline was spammed on the level of Spinel in the early days.Ah yes good times

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>>117364193Huh for some reason I thought they would have the same origin story.


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cake is better

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>>117357846>SU is full of fanart characters>What? Which ones?Lars and Sadie originated as OC's from Rebecca's old EEnE fan works>>117359338PB should have stayed 13, undoing it(especially how fast they undid it) was the point where AT began it's decline

>>117364983There was no way that young PB was going to stay. You can’t just throw out an established character and her VA like that. Plus it was a bullshit way of “solving” the problem of Finn’s affection for PB.

>>117363848>>117363954There was also a second mini centered around a Card Wars tournament.

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>>117361239Man, you can't even imagine how based the AT drawthreads were back in the day. We had some of the best drawfags on Holla Forums running about.



>>117357499that album was rennard's best work

>>117365084 I don't think neither AT nor Star vs addressed the fucked up implications of regressing an adult to the age of a child while still retaining their memories, but I feel Star vs made it worse by reiterating in later episodes that Marco was mentally in his 30s and STILL pulling a world-shattering deus ex machina to pair him up with Star in the end. God, that show was a disaster.

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>>117364983>PB should have stayed 13, undoing it(especially how fast they undid it) was the point where AT began it's declineHoly shit THANK YOU. I feel like I'm the only person who felt like this. Its like the creators got gunshy about pairing finn with her and backed off and had to inject all this weird BS in the following seasons

>>117367303I’d be fine with PB ending up with Finn but keeping her de-aged was never going to happen.

>>117367248The flaw in that is PB is actually hundreds of years old and her being "13" didn't really matter in the context of the episode that required her to age up.

>>117367303>>117367616I just wish they had shown that turning 18 again hurt her as much as it did Finn. Would've completely recontextualized so much of her behavior afterward.

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>>117367616>I’d be fine with PB ending up with Finn but keeping her de-aged was never going to happen.don't see why not, worst case they could have just had Hynden Walch go back to voicing her again, not like she can't do a younger voice after all

>>117367672It's pretty obvious that was a retcon>>117367710It's not just that, it's because it's such an asspull>the big problem in Finn and PB's relationship is that she treats him like a little kid>will Finn have to mature and will PB have to realize that she's too condescending?>Nope! She's magically his age now so there's no problem

>>117367780>It's pretty obvious that was a retcon This. I don't think PB, Marceline, or Ice King's centuries-old backstories were a thing during production of the first two seasons. They started out as just wacky characters in vague positions of royalty. The main point was that Finn was too young for an 18-year-old scientist genius and Ice King was a creepy old dude desperate for love or attention.

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>>117367780>>117367992I remember shortly after Too Young premiered, one of the crew (I think it might've been Ghostshrimp) was asked who ruled the Candy Kingdom before PB turned 18 and he responded something like, "A better question would be, how long has she been 18?"

>>117368149What was AT's first hint that Bubblegum was older than she let on? And Marcy? I know Simon wasn't introduced until "Holly Jolly Secrets," but I can't remember how the other two characters' backstories were revealed.

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>>117368652Marcy was established as 1000 years old in her first appearance in Evicted. The fact that she was alive shortly after the Great Mushroom War is shown in Memory of a Memory.PB being similarly old was not established or even hinted at before The Vault.

>>117368798Hell, Hynden Walch's initial understanding of PB and Marcy's dynamic was that Marceline was basically a Peter Pan figure to Bubblegum when she was a kid and they grew apart when she had to grow up and take responsibilities as a ruler.

>>117369018Yeah, which may be just her headcanon but at least shows that PB was not originally conceived as being centuries-old

>>117367992>This. I don't think PB, Marceline, or Ice King's centuries-old backstories were a thing during production of the first two seasons. They started out as just wacky characters in vague positions of royalty. The main point was that Finn was too young for an 18-year-old scientist genius and Ice King was a creepy old dude desperate for love or attention.maybe for PB and Ice King, but Marceline was established in her first episode as being 1000 years

>>117368798>PB being similarly old was not established or even hinted at before The Vault It was established in "The Vault," but Season 7's "Bonnie and Neddy" elaborated on >>117368652, meaning THAT was the first hint at PB's immortality. The show's main timeline was definitely set in motion by Season 5.

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>>117369205In retrospect yes but it's not clear in context. When I saw that I assumed that it was PB's distant ancestor, not that she emerged out of its intelligent mass or whatever


>>117369248I wish I could spend the rest of my days with my face smothered in Fionna's ass

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>>117369233I thought that was bubblegums parent, like some kinda fungi gum thing that just spits out clones idk, and it spit out PB and her bro and possibly other bubblegum siblings. And that maybe we'd see more bubblegum beings. Didn't quite happen how I expected but I think I was close.

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>>117370151Pretty pink hair


>>117367248Buff Marco

>>117355565I like her buckteeth

>>117356916>a Leni Loud thread gets more traction than one for the absolute perfection that is Fionna the Human Fuck Holla Forums. Seriously.

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>>117363848>>117363954>>117365626There was also a graphic novel last year about her and Cake exploring a dungeon on her birthday while Gumball and Marshall prepare a surprise party.

>>117374558I'd love to eat Fionna's cake and explore her dungeon

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>>117364983>There was no way that young PB was going to stay. You can’t just throw out an established character and her VA like thatWho are Mabel and Dipper? Who is Ash? What is a D&D world where an asshole magician can turn you into a foot and a candy scientist that can easily change her voice if she wanted? And why is it BS?

>>117370151bubbline is retcon cancer

>>117367682They did......sorta?

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>>117375313The title cards on this show were the fucking coolest, and they got even more abstract as time went on

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>>117375096you quoted the wrong guy

>>117375535plus the theme for each title card is pretty good, you can find them on Spotify

>>117355565She's Finn's property to breed and impregnate. I reject your canon and create my own!

>>117375313Maybe they should've done it outside of a title card that's on-screen for less than five seconds.

>>117364983>undoing it(especially how fast they undid it) was the point where AT began it's declinethis, it was an asspull to return to the status quo

>>117355565>OP can't even spell their waifu's name correctly

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>>117375313Of all the things that got dropped in Season 5, this conflict being totally forgotten is my biggest disappointment

>>117359517You didn't watch the rest of the episode then, it's revealed to be an ice queen trap.

>>117380449needed to get the dykes off ground user

>>117382015I know you’re being facetious but that’s no excuse. They could’ve paired PB with whoever they wanted and still had conflict between her and Finn.

>>117382178>facetious You haven't heard of fanfic writers either killing off, demoting, making evil, or straight ignoring characters to make their ships happen?

As a fan who liked most of AT Seasons 5 and onward, would this show be worth a watch?

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>>117382329I dunno

>>117357819Fionna looks DAMN GOOD with a sword!

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>>117383188 >another Jackie thread I can already see it. Anons will flock over there and talk nonstop about some lame 14-year-old from a shitty overrated show, while this one stays dead. Fuck Holla Forums. Fuck all of you.

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>>117363715No, she got herself a threesome

>>117383268But what does that have to do with Fionna

>>117369318I would bury myself in there and never leave

>>117383378It shows that Holla Forums has shit taste in waifus. Fionna trumps out all the overrated ones that anons obsess over.

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>>117383443Raven's better, but Fionna's way up there I'll admit

>>117383431It'd be impossible to pull out of Fionna's juicy peach when hitting it from the back, so becoming her seat and suffocating under its weight would be the only other option.

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>>117376834Oh shit really? I’ll check that out

>>117363848Yes.For one thing, read the comicsSecond>Fionna and Cake Card Wars>Fionna and Cake>2018 FCBD

>tfw PB and Marcy STILL get most of the AT lewds, while Fionna only gets attention on rare occasions How does the only character with curves and figure get sidelined like this all the time?

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>>117383603Fuck I forgot>Party Bash Blues

>>117383511>so becoming her seat and suffocating under its weight would be the only other option.I can think of no better way to goAlso>Implying I wouldn't continue on after death, haunting the shit out of that ass

>>117382329>Season 5 and onwardsyou are cringeBut Summer Camp Island is good yes

>>117383697>cringe The later seasons easily gave us some of AT's best. It may have evolved into a different show, but it was still creative and entertaining in new ways. Lots of cool experimentation (some good, some bad), epic battles, some timeless jokes, comfy aesthetics, heartfelt character revelations, and anything Prismo-related. But fuck that last season. Shit was TRASH

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>>117383994The later seasons also gave us this beauty

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>>117383443But Jackie is pure

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>>117384651She's lame is what she is

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>>117384327Finn transitioned?

>>117385048That’s his mom you motherfucker

>>117384327I liked the Mini-Series of AT. They have their flaws but I liked the fact we got to see Finn's Mom and the elements mini was a blast (I really liked Dragon FP, it looked so cool).

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>>117384781Stop badmouthing her, it's actually making me fucking angry

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>>117385201I agreed.>Mfw there’s little to no porn of Dragon!FP

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>>117384327made for /ss/

>>117385555>tfw there’s little to no porn of Marceline's mom

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>>117385658You're part of the problem. Because of freaks like you, nearly all of the cartoon MILFs I'm into have mostly incest-related r34. Can't a mom be attractive and lewded without resorting to that shit? There are plenty other characters to pair her up with.

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>>117383606PB and Marcy may be the two most popular AT girls among porn artists, but Fionna is undoubtedly the third. Even Flame Princess isn't as popular.

>>117382329can you repeat the question?

>>117386141>Fionna is undoubtedly the third [most popular AT girl] Feels like Huntress Wizard's dethroned her in recent years

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>>117385745>Dem Hips

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>>117386665Heeheeheehaaha Hop Pop you so crazy

Fionna makes my dick hard. Please help me cum, Holla Forums...

>>117384327>>117383443Made for oyakodon

>>117387439No, not really. I'd definitely be up for more Minnie pinups tho

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>>117387542Unf, mommyyy

>>117387542Oh Baby Yes

>>117363848Want links for all the F & C comics?

>>117383994The worst part of season 10 is the fact that Gumbald doesn't feel like an endgame level villain. The season doesn't present him enough as a really big threat and doesn't focus on him enough to show how powerful his army and kingdom really are. If we got to see Gumbaldia grow more and more as the season progressed it would make him more intimidating. We only ever got one episode of real buildup in the penultimate episode. Even though I have problems with it, I don't think the finale was that bad, but the episodes before it made it feel more rushed than it actually was.

>>117383994>the AT finale is going to be two years old tomorrowFucking hell. I still remember how pissed off I was. I fucking hope Finn's episode in Distant Lands is at least good.

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>>117389167But user, don't you love having your expectations subverted?

>>117386037Read it in his voice but this so much. And I thought Nicole had it bad

>>117389210It's note that they were trying to subvert anything, the show had little time to give Gumbald the right amount of Development and buildup because of other episode ideas.>>117389208I bet $100 The Lich is going to come back, why else would the episode description for Together Again be so vague?

>>117389420>Read it in his voice Wasn't my intention, but holy shit my sides

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>>117389543>>117389420>Ah Perry the Platypus! You're just in time for my greatest invention: The Anti-Incestunator! >It will delete all incest porn from the internet and replace it with more vanilla pornographic versions of the pictures and videos! I can even set it to sprinkle in other non-incest related fetishes like bondage or weight gain if I'm feeling like mixing it up a bit!>At long last I will be able to search for all the hot MILFs I want without having to see them seducing their sons! >Sure, I'll have to give up mother and daughter pairings but it is a fair price to pay to finally be rid of /ss/ material in my many many MILF porn folders!>...I-I know this isn't up to my usually brand of evil and quite the opposite it may even appear to be an act of good depending on your perspective of issues like child abuse and pedophilia but for me, personally, this is just something that really irks me, You know Perry?>I'm just so sick of trying to find quality MILF porn without young boys involved, It's ruins my boner Perry, kills the whole wank session.>...>...>...I was going to have this whole song and dance number to explain this but I felt like the theming needed MILFy backup dancers, but then I tried to explain to my dancer contact what I was looking for and she took offence to the request for "curvier girls" and it got kinda messy so... Look I may need some time to smooth things over there so for this one we'll just need to skip the dramatic flare, ok Perry the Platypus?

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>>117390269>>Sure, I'll have to give up mother and daughter pairings but it is a fair price to pay to finally be rid of /ss/ material in my many many MILF porn folders!He's leaving the non-incest /ss/ alone, right?


>>117390269What happened to Vanessa's lips?

>>117390269How would this particular Inator affect Phineas and Ferb's activity for the day?

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>>117390940it's just background art that's not made to be overly detailed. Or its just an animation error

>>117390269This is perfect, user

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>>117391056They were taking pictures with their mom for mothers day but a lot of the photos ended up looking overly suggestive of lewd behavior. The Inator mistook the family photo for incest porn and replaced them with vanilla porn of Linda. It was quite an unveiling when they opened the files back home. Doof made sure to save copies of them.

>>117391213This is perfect

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>>117392182Eda is so cool

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>>117391135Jake is so tubby and funny

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>>117393220ha haha

>>117356916Fiona got consistent threads back in the day when she first showed up and years to comeShe only died down because that's how FOTM work and because she stopped getting episodes, I think what really killed it for some was the crew teasing Fiona coming into the real world but then blue ballsing it like they always did because they're not good writersOh and a lot of fiona art dumping threads turned into fat threads

>>117364787now here's somebody with some taste

>>117355565Only the first two gender-swapped episodes were good. The rest were either bland or boring

>>117383606>How does the only character with curves and figure get sidelined like this all the time?>talking about Fionna and not Jungle Princess who was barely in the show and has one short story to herself in the comics

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>>117382384>>117382408>>117382533>>117382611Can you repeat the question?


>>117394361Jungle Princess would have been a better endgame option for Finn then completely reworking Huntress Wizard.

>>117383994>Some of AT's bestTo California and city hipsters yeah

>>117394361>those days before Loyalty to the King actually aired, when all we had was the title card and her model sheet and the fanart flowed like fucking wineGod, the olden days were wonderful.

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>>117394952Huh? They’re the same: background characters with nice designs and zero personality

>>117394952Huntress Wizard had as much development as Jungle Princess. i.e. nothing. There was nothing to really rework before Flute Spell

>>117392952nice kankles

>>117395441That "unga bunga what is this emotion called love" shit in Flute Spell doesn't really jive with the sarcasm she had in Wizard City.

>>117395662she had three lines of dialogue. It would have been cool to see her have a sarcastic side but besides wizard city she didn't really have any meaningful interactions. Also, Finn getting with another princess would seem kinda played out after PB and FP

G-got anymore Fionna, guys?... I need my Fionna fix...

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>>117394063I agree with this statement

>>117396979Are puffy areolae real? Is it possible for them to push through a tight enough shirt like that?

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>>117397465yeah but they're not that puffy

>>117397465To that degree, probably not. You'd need some sort of soft form fitting latex or such to get that much under definition and tightness.

>>117394361>>117395267>>117394952>>117395365>>117395441It’s amazing how much fanart the AT girls gotten before they were developed into actual characters/disappeared. The AT drawthreads we’re great during its time

>>117397545Yeah, it really is amazing.

>>117393220>ice cream marathon

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>>117394952>Better Nah, I like H.W. more. She's cute and fits the dynamic/theme well. It's just a shame she wasn't more prevalent earlier though cause of personal issues.

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>>117398476What personal issues?

>>117398476I just wish she was prominent in one or two more episodes

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>>117398613There was some issue of HW being made in relation to someone/something one of the staff experienced or something stupid like that. There's a picture floating around in one of the old threads of the interview.

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>>117398613HW's whole thing about relationships stemmed from one of the writers getting all pretentious and retarded about love because a real-life relationship didn't work out or something.

>>117398862>>117398990That's why we didn't get more of her? I feel slightly enraged

>>117399450>>117398990if we're talking about Adam Muto he(and much of the remaining staff by that point) also hated Finn as a protagonist, there's a reason why Finn's competence and relevance cratered in the back half of the show

>>117400296I never got why people thought Finn became irrelevant. After season 5 he's still a large part of the show. Season 6 is largely about him and his dad, season 8 has a shit ton of Finn content, and Finn saves the day in Elements. The only season where I could understand this sentiment is in season 7 and especially in Stakes. One of my main complaints isn't that Finn isn't the focus but that he's incompetent in that mini series. He gets himself in more trouble than he solves and doesn't do too much to advance the plot once the vampires appear. Season 7 also doesn't have a lot of Finn episodes since it has a lot of episodes about side characters.

>>117400469it's less that he becomes outright irrelevant and more that he is no longer the show's focus, even in arcs that are supposed to be oriented around him tend to make other characters more important

>>117400796which arcs in particular so I understand?


reposting an idea from an earlier thread;>an ancient sorcerer queen breaks free of the seal that had held her for millennia>for various magical reasons only other women can harm her>due to this she preemptively kidnaps most of Ooo's powerful(and some not so powerful) women, sealing them inside magical trinkets>a spirit who had helped the hero who had previously defeated the sorcerer queen(possibly have said hero be Zeldron as a continuity nod) appears to Finn and offers an artifact of the previous hero to give Finn the power to defeat the queen>said power being a magical belt and wand that Zeldron had wielded in the past>Finn accepts, and gains the power to fight against the queen and her minions>however it's also turned Finn into a woman>Finn(or rather Fionna) soon discovers that she can use the trinkets that Ooo's women have been trapped in(and the queen was using to empower her more powerful minions) to temporarily gain their power, which also has physical and mental effects while active>Ooo is now under the protection of Magical Warrior Princess Fionna

Attached: tumblr_p31vfzuOvF1vg7byco1_1280.jpg (477x850, 154.37K)

>>117400296I don't think it was outright stated, but I'm pretty sure it was Moynihan.

>>117400296>he(and much of the remaining staff by that point) also hated Finn as a protagonistcan i get a quick rundown on this

>>117403773It was. Source is GunterFan's book. Dude interviewed everyone from the staff about stuff from behind the scenes and unused ideas.

Attached: Moyniham is a cuck.png (627x435, 128.13K)

>>117400296(1/2) >Finn's competence and relevance cratered in the back half of the show Not really. Like >>117400469 said, S6 had a great deal of focus on Finn's daddy issues with Martin, plus it also introduced the Finn Sword and had "Dentist" and "Walnuts & Rain," two exciting episodes that showed off the swordfighting and adventuring skills he still retained. You could tell Tom Herpich loved boarding that boy. Steve Wolfhard, too. S7 started out all over the place, but the back half was almost exclusively Finn-focused and had tons of great episodes centered on him: >Scamps >Crossover >The Hall of Egress >Flute Spell >The Thin Yellow Line >Don't Look >I Am a Sword >Bun Bun >The Music Hole >Preboot >Reboot I can understand feeling discomfort with how he was portrayed in Stakes, but his role throughout that miniseries was to serve as the comic relief against all of Marceline's drama. I personally didn't mind his goofing around since Finn can still be just a silly teen sometimes. Many of his and Jake's scenes were funny. S8 without a doubt had some great Finn focus that covered both his general prowess as well as his emotional trauma, from both the whereabouts of his parents and the rest of human society as well as the whole concept of Fern. Islands and Elements gave him a lot to do, even if LSP ultimately saved the day with a deus ex machina the writers clearly pulled out of their ass. And don't even get me started with "Three Buckets."

Attached: easy breezy.png (303x323, 115.33K)

>>117400296>>117405385(2/2) I didn't like S9 overall since the Gumbald plot felt really weak and underwhelming, but Finn still got "The Wild Hunt," "Son of Rap Bear," "Seventeen," "The First Investigation" especially, "Blenanas," "Temple of Mars," and "Gumbaldia." If that's not Finn focus that presents him in a competent light while also having him deal with lingering Fern trauma, then I don't know what is. BMO's resolution in the finale was kinda lame, but it was still a sweet way to give the entire main cast of the series proper a final send-off. I've also seen a fitting interpretation from other fans that after years of saving others, Finn got to be saved this one final time in return. The episode also marked the bittersweet end of his arc with Fern. I'm very happy with a lot of what latter-day AT did with the character.

Attached: Finn flex.png (586x419, 284.2K)

>>117402901cool idea, good job

>>117405396>I've also seen a fitting interpretation from other fans that after years of saving others, Finn got to be saved this one final time in return. The episode also marked the bittersweet end of his arc with Fern.This does not excuse what the writers did to him in the finale. Sidelining him, not having him fight GOLB and having less importance than anyone else was the most insulting thing Muto and his team did to his character, He lost everything in the end, and his whole deal with Fern was rendered pointless in the end. It's a very poor send-off and one of the worst executions I've ever seen in the show. Also> I'm very happy with a lot of what latter-day AT did with the character.Leave.

Attached: Uy1pyqx.jpg (546x700, 197.86K)

>>117405396> I'm very happy with a lot of what latter-day AT did with the character.You must be a cuck

>>117362067you good my G?

>>117405563>He lost everything in the end His robot arm isn't everything. Grow up.

Attached: SpiderCider Mommy Minerva.png (1351x1458, 435.07K)

>>117406214The fucking treehouse was destroyed, you moron.

>>117396979>dat crotch area covered in juices L-lewd...

Attached: speechless.png (1920x1080, 1.68M)

>>117405563>not having him fight GOLBNot like he was going to be able to do anything but get his ass kicked like everyone else who tried to fight GOLB and his evil minions. Still sucks he didn't get to sing along with everyone else in the final though.

>>117405396>>117405385I never get why some complain finn was sidelined. Objectively he was still shown as the heroic main guy all the way to the end. I think it's just shipping fans that don't follow story or see characters as defined by their actions but instead see "oh he didn't get paired up with my waifu, fucking sidelined"

>>117406615Finn isn't a materialistic guy. He lost his tree house temporarily before and he was pretty chill about having to find a new one. If he'd lost jake or his friends or his newfound human people or his reputation that would be something where you could say they really didn't leave him with shit. But he can easily build a new treehouse and he wasn't exactly sentimentaly tied to any of his treasures. He lost a house he didn't lose his home.

>>117407691>He lost a house he didn't lose his home

Attached: your words = this sandwich.gif (500x279, 807.71K)

>>117407616Are you kidding? He was sidelined because he had absolutely no impact on the events of the finale. They could’ve removed him entirely and little would have changed.

>>117407926Finn does stop PBs war and also saves simon. But ultimately everyone has absolutely no impact on golb except for bmo and his singing. That's the damn point is that this is a giant evil world ending being that no one can beat but he's beaten by the power of song and friendship and then the evil is consumed by betty's wish to protect simon. Love and friendship and music save the day, not any one character with all their powers or skills. You either like that kinda gay cheesy shit or you don't but finn isn't specifically side lined for being ineffectual against glob because every character was ineffectual against glob.Also the story is told from bmos pov so it makes sense that he is the hero, not finn or the lesbians or jake.

>>117407926>fern wouldn’t have been redeemed and would have stayed as the green knight >Gum War would have happened

>>117398476She's a bland plank to stand in for a GF. HWcoomers aren't that smart.

>>117408158Dude absolutely was sidelined if you take his trajectory from the first season to the last. I absolutely cannot stand wannabe intellectualfags coping that he wasn't demoted because they substituted his fighting with baby's first big brain philosophy shit.>>117405385>Finn SwordAnd how did he lose the Finn sword and now compare it to how FP broke up with him.This is a nuATfag. They all should rightfully be castigated and ignored.

>>117408286>Dude absolutely was sidelined if you take his trajectory from the first season to the last. I absolutely cannot stand wannabe intellectualfags coping that he wasn't demoted because they substituted his fighting with baby's first big brain philosophy shit.Except there's many examples of him fighting in the later seasons and he comes out ahead. And in the beginning seasons, especially the first, he doesn't even fight every episode a lot of the episodes are just him exploring and interacting with people with maybe a quick battle or quest. I know cause I'm currently rewatching for no good reason and it's comfy but he really doesn't fight all that much. I don't get why you fags argue he fought a lot more early on compared to later. I think if I were to autistically mark out every little fight in every episode to make a plot chart of fighting across seasons it wouldn't show some sharp decline. Might show a kinda wave flow.And no one is even trying to be intellectual except you. Were talking about the show and what literally happens in it and it doesn't seem you paid it any mind.

>>117408445> intellectual except youConsidering you're cooming all over episodes like The Music Hole, Hall of Egress, Flute Spell and Don't Look, yes you are.And please do, Mr. Waveautist.

>>117408516I'm not the other user I just agreed. Also don't get what's intellectual about liking a cartoon on Holla Forums but I guess compared to staying mad about finn not getting a good enough waifu I can see why you'd feel stupid and insecure.

>>117408184She’s not amazing and perfect for Finn like people enjoy pretending. I just think she’s a breath of fresh air for the series endlessly shitting on Finn for multiple seasons prior and characters having this bizarre loathing of him, since he’s actually somewhat competent in TWH.

>>117408516Imagine not cooming to "The Hall of Egress"

Attached: dude.png (1280x720, 243.89K)

>>117408702>characters having this bizarre loathing of him Why are so many of you anons offended by this harmless sight gag? Maybe don't self-insert so hard next time.

Attached: finn & friends.gif (418x272, 902.23K)

>>117408844Not him but I'm not even mad about that sight gag. Though I didn't find it funny either.However one gag from Stakes that I did laugh hard at was Marceline asking Finn to burn her diary when she thought she was going to die.


Attached: heh.jpg (2208x1242, 297.34K)

You know I just gotta say I love you atbros/fags because after so long it seems everyone who's left to talk about this show are people who in someway have a special place for AT in their heart. That's not to say we blindly love it but have a complex and nuanced appreciation for AT

>>117408782I know right what is he asexual?

>>117409244I love you too. full homo

>>117409551Bro I just got a gf sorry

>>117409713Homies help homies


Attached: joy ang.png (508x1920, 102.18K)

>>117397545The best part is how surreal some of it is.

Attached: Adventure Time F#A#.jpg (1280x1920, 357.09K)

>>117408184>HWcoomers aren't that smart.>HWcoomers aren't >HWcoomers

Attached: 143120null.png (640x671, 542.69K)

>>117410108I remember a comic, don't think it was originally fanart from here but got posted a lot here, of jake turning into a liche and finn having to defeat him. Always made me feel some type of way and I was worried that'd be the endgame back when the liche was the main villain.

>>117410167Haha SpongeBob is such a funny show, makes me laugh all the time

Attached: Acstlu.png (1050x1529, 442.89K)


>>117410026Them's some long-ass legs

>>117411991yeah ikr

Attached: thicc jake.jpg (500x354, 27.15K)

>>117412974Mmph, look at all that CAKE

Attached: Dammit mom.jpg (278x236, 6.11K)

>>117390269niceBut also fuck you Doof Finn/Minerva is pure

>>117409244My curse is I'm doomed to continue caring about AT even after its long over and wasn't even good towards the end. I just love my boys too much.Imagine if the Finn and Jake Distant Lands thing is good, holy shit. Can you even imagine? I don't think I can at this point.

Attached: D-gW55wWwAEuAJV.jpg (1139x922, 105.23K)

>>117413796what's the definitive way to end Finn and Jake's story in your opinion in Together Again?

>>117413796>and wasn't even good towards the end Not true.

>>117413861Damn I have no idea.The description with them having "the biggest adventure of their lives" sounds both hard to believe (all the shit they've already done, how the fuck are they gonna top that? who cares if they save the world for the 8th time?) and also boring. It would be nice enough seeing them go on one last adventure, but it would also give me a "that's it?" sort of feeling.I feel like there has to be something more character based and meaningful in there for it to be a worthy sendoff but I don't know what the best way to execute that would be. Maybe if they do a good F/J adventure and just have a good last scene with them showing off their bond that would be good enough. I've been trying to keep my expectations low for it since it was announced. >>117413879I respect people's opinions about how the show went, but the last season and finale was very shitty to me. I've tried to find worth from it and there's all of like 3 episodes and scattered scenes I like. I just can't agree man.

Attached: tumblr_na3ohmwUqQ1siv2t8o1_1280.png (1000x800, 306.01K)

>>117413980>the last season and finale was very shitty to me Ah, okay. I take back what I said.

Attached: The Hall of Egress.gif (500x281, 993.99K)

Fiona is a bad character who is only liked by dim-witted coomers.

>>117414129Personally I like enough of the post-season 4 show to be able to say "I like all of Adventure Time" but like I said I think the people here who think it sucks have valid enough reasons to. But even a shill like me can't defend that final stuff.>>117414143Her entire character is "Finn but a girl and sexy so people don't feel gay jacking off to him" no shit bro.

>>117414143>Fiona is a bad character How so? It’s not like any of the other Fionna & Cake characters had much substance, either. That's on the AT Crew for refusing to make anymore meaningful one-off stories in that genderbent universe. "Fionna and Cake and Fionna" still makes me angry from the mere fact that THAT was the send-off for this series of episodes.

Attached: natazilla.png (708x871, 150.35K)

>>117414189Sounds like we're in the same boat then. I love almost all of Adventure Time's entire run, but that last season left a bad taste in my mouth. It wasn't all bad, but it was a weak send-off overall. It doesn't even matter if CN cancelled the show; the crew could've made a more satisfying final season. OK K.O.! did.

Attached: Adam Muto promos.png (1280x3790, 3.03M)

>>117413796I still can't get over the fact that Marceline got the lesbo card and went with Bubblegum instead of getting laid with Finn.

>>117414338They were both too old for him. End of story.

>>117414368marcy is too old for everyone

>>117414368Marcy was somewhere at the end of her teens when she got vamped. Perfect for a slow-burn end-of-series hookup with Finn turning 17 in the final season.

>>117414223They are all terrible. The entire segment is terrible and people only like it for hedonistic reasons.

>>117414338Realistically I don't think Marceline getting with Finn was ever in the cards, but it is a shame their relationship stopped being a thing entirely at one point.

>>117414400I thought the first episode was fun for how it parodied fanfics. Plus the fact that the thing was even Ice King's fanfic the entire time still makes me laugh like 9 years later.Speaking of, I think it did air almost 9 years ago to the day. First dropped like, September 9th or something I think?

>>117414400The first two were good. I get that LSP's fanfic was supposed to be cringy, but it could've been funnier. They didn't do enough with it. "Five Short Tables" was weird and ultimately felt like the characters were wasted on such an artsy anthology concept like that, and "Fionna and Cake and Fionna" was hot garbage. Had the Fionna & Cake episodes remained goofy one-off adventures emphasizing the differences that come with the genderbent universe through the eyes of different characters' perspectives, I would've been more than happy.

Attached: Lyle Partridge.jpg (1152x648, 439.2K)

>>117413980Since they're separated during the beginning of the special my idea is to have them live the lives they've always wanted but have it be bittersweet. >Jake gets to live a quiet life with lady and spends his time with his children and grandkids but gets bored with it. He feels he needs excitement in his life because things are starting to slow down for him since he's now in his 40s in dog years.>Finn lives with the rest of the humans but can't entirely connect with them from living apart from human society all his life. He spends his time helping them settle on Ooo but has to deal with treaties and legal mumbo jumbo and just wants to live his old life of adventure again. His new life forces his friends away and is why he and Jake haven't seen each the end they go on some adventure that makes them reignite their old selves and then something something happy ending,

>>117369318>>117355565>>117356916Musky blonde chicks are the best.

>>117414582That sounds algebraic. I really hope Muto and Nyström came up with something similarly heartfelt that respects the series' past.

Attached: Jake hat.gif (500x402, 2.01M)

>>117414608THICC musky blonde chicks are the best.

Attached: Kara kneel.png (640x640, 588.36K)

>>117414694Thanks! I also had the idea that The Lich would return. I thought it would make the most sense since he always finds a way to come back and is arguably the main villain of the series. If I remember, The Farmworld Lich had his hand cut off which sent a version of it to every universe which would make for an easy way for him to return. Having multiple liches might be kinda obnoxious but it would make for an interesting special. It would also be really cool to have Finn and Jake fight the Lich thought multiple dimensions.

>>117414927I've always thought the finale should've gone full Spider-Man The Animated Series and have Finn teaming up with alternate versions of himself (yes, including Fionna) to defeat the combined forces of the multiplied Lich hands and rid the multiverse of his threat once and for all.

>>117414989Going the multiverse route in the special would be a really easy way to include fan service like Fionna. The main issue is that it could get bloated really easily if their not careful

>>117359338Ice King is my favorite. Not only did he create Fionna and Cake with his fanfictions, is a relatively good father figure for Marceline when she was a kid, and can fly with his beard, and have ice powers with the coolest mountain house,but he also rejects pedophilia.Damn Straight.

Attached: e8975a4bd6ec27c7740415081f6f6eb4.jpg (600x969, 101.87K)

>>117414582That could be pretty neat! Would be a cool way to how how Finn and Jake complete each other, kind of like Dungeon but in a more self actualizing way instead of just adventuring way.

Attached: 44325200_p5.png (698x583, 463.95K)

>>117415171Yeah, in my own idea I would've kept the team relatively small, with a couple of roleswaps and what-ifs:>Finn Prime>Fionna>Prince Finn>Finn the Vampire King>Finn who stayed on the islands and grew up to become a Helper>Finn who stayed on the islands and grew up to become a Seeker>Farmworld Finn gets to stay home because he's been through enough alreadyI even envision Helper Finn having his own mini-arc where he starts as basically the team medic and only non-combat-oriented Finn, but awakens to his own inner hero.

>>117414927>>117414989There was one hand that ended up in Finn and Jake's main universe. How did they resolve that again?

Attached: Infinite Hands.png (817x462, 598.05K)

>>117416031They take care of it in this episode.

Attached: Titlecard_S8E27_whispers.png (1280x720, 1.24M)

>>117415438>Prince Finn>Finn the Vampire King Were those from the show?

>>117416090Nope. Just roleswaps inspired by fanart.

Attached: 1487852533805.png (900x1200, 246.25K)

>>117416132What is Prince Finn supposed to be?


Attached: 1538707209845.jpg (845x2208, 419.2K)

>>117416160Ah, that's what I started assuming as soon as I sent the question. Neat.

>>117416065Good episode. I wish Finn and Fern hung out more before Fern tried to lock Finn in a room all his life

>>117416160Damn that's a blast from the past, that artist did so much good shit.

>>117416370Who's the artist? What else did they do?

>> of good Adventure Time stuff as seen here, with this pic being my favorite.

Attached: Adventure Bebop.jpg (1245x896, 381.42K)

>>117409244I get what you mean. Feels like the people taking part in these post-finale AT threads actually watched the whole show, even if some of us have dumb reasons for disliking the later seasons. I've actually been rewatching some episodes thanks to this thread, and holy fuck did I forget how fantastic this show was with its down-to-earth dialogue and its method of setting tone. Very underrated aspect, especially beyond Season 5. I also forgot just how interesting the whole concept of Fern was; an unstable, mirrored version of Finn full of self-doubt. Everybody's been sleeping on "Whispers." What a great episode.

Attached: peppa-peggy.gif (500x279, 1.28M)


Attached: file.png (600x503, 709.16K)


Attached: file.png (900x767, 1.22M)

>>117387439>search this up>type of Japanese riceliterally what did he mean by this?

>>117414694>Muto and Nyström>heartfelt that respects the series' past.

>>117416160What kind of prince Finn would be in this au?

>>117418320its another name for mother-daughter porn

>>117414694>>117418503 Who's Nyström?

>>117418539prince of the grasslands

>>117357499>>117366944Checked and based taste. Love that whole album.

>>117416132Love that axe design.

>>117418565oh, gay

>>117418579One of the lead developers behind Distant Lands.

Attached: BMO end credits.png (1920x1080, 1.28M)


Fionna is for fattening

>>117419407Since Finn has a gut do you think Fionna has one too?

>>117419452It's called her ass

Someone post the picture of Fionna asking if she's one of the boys while wearing a loose shirt and short shorts with a musty ass cameltoe please

Attached: 1569779933269.png (1436x1080, 1.01M)

>>117419517I think I just got cute shit of her hanging with Finn sorry to say :(

Attached: 32656587.jpg (602x425, 95.56K)

>>117419452I actually remember Nat saying that Fionna's so dang curvy because her chub is spread throughout her body instead of concentrated in her gut like Finn's.

Attached: req belly bump.png (810x802, 321.82K)

>>117419084>Hanna was promotedGreat. Now I'm worried about the Finn and Jake episode

Attached: tumblr_inline_p8e5i8i5hQ1t5x7tc_540.png (540x426, 434.58K)

>>117419517This is the first I'm hearing of such a drawing. If anyone here knows what this user is referring to, please PLEASE direct me to said drawing...

Attached: Jordan-Peele.gif (500x281, 212.87K)

>>117419800what's wrong?


>>117362631If they kept FP female and shipped her with Fiona, I'd still back it. I wonder what that would do for Frost & Fire though

>>117356916It's been about 9 years since Fiona & Cake first aired and this board still mentions her regularly. What're you on about, dude?


Attached: the architect.jpg (640x854, 90.89K)

>>117420170Took a while for the thread to get going tho

Attached: bellend08.png (256x560, 77.77K)

>>117419621that one pic by :B where they're both in the treehouse and bandaging eachother's wound has always been one of my favourites

>>117420226adventure time discussion is basically dead on the internet. It's a decade old show that hasn't been around long enough for nostalgia to fully kick in just yet. We're going to have to wait for the rest of the specials to premiere if these threads are going to go anywhere

>>117420355oh isn't that the one where she put Finn's dick in the wrong place? it's a nice pic but that's always what I remember most from it

>>117420490Considering it still has threads semi-regularly both here and on /aco/, I think that's a pretty decent legacy.It's not as hot as it used to be but there's still something there.

>>117420530where can I find this picture?

>>117420490Then explain how Phineas and Ferb threads tend to do pretty well? Even before the new movie came out, they'd remain fairly active and usually hit bump limit. If AT threads aren't being spammed like SU, Star vs, or the current Disney toons and instead pop up every now and then, each one of these threads should do pretty well. 280+ episodes, overarching narrative, its influence on Cartoon Network and modern TV animation as a whole, the new HBO Max specials, etc. are all good talking points. Also Fionna's delicious thicc thighs...

Attached: now hold on there.png (300x385, 116.36K)


>>117385449I want to fuck her

>>117420723Doubt it

>>117420631The dick doesn’t look terribly bad but it’s a bit too high.Also, thank you

>>117420723Get better taste, son.

Attached: Queen Moon collage.jpg (3530x2659, 1.44M)

>>117420195I may only dream of being as great a man as The Architect

Attached: 1448275007220.png (1041x1145, 422.1K)

>>117410108It's a good album

>>117420631Man that some nice art!

>>117420818hairdown moon is the cutest

>>117418282Whenever I look at these drawthread art, they just look so official like they’re promo art that the official crew would bring up whenever a new episode is coming

>>117421129In many cases I feel they're better

>>117419634Wait I know this artist but I forgot his name. He used to be one of the drawfags here and other Holla Forums threads

>>117421129Who even started crew promo art? When did that become a thing?

Attached: solo board.jpg (500x800, 136.39K)

>>117421169I used to know him as Henry but I think that was changed at some point.>>117421176Think it was Betty Sucrose herself with the first AT season 2 episode, the Nightosphere one. Or at least I heard someone say it started there once.

>>117421176What >>117421198 said. Follow this thread:

Attached: wittle webecca's vewy fiwst pwomo.jpg (436x500, 89.42K)

>>117421198Right yeah Henry was his name but I wasn’t sure if there’s more to it or if it’s literally just Henry

>>117421270>the very first ep she ever made is a 9/10 at least, probably in the show's top 30 overallImagine if Sugar never left AT, I wonder how much more adventurekino she would have made

>>117421320Would she still let the break up between Finn and FP happen?

>>117421320It really is crazy how much of a natural she was right out the gate. Already writing touching songs and crafting some of the show's best jokes.

Attached: board panels.jpg (1487x904, 91.53K)

>>117421398It depends how much sway she would have if she was still just a storyboarder, but I would imagine not.Has she ever commented on how their relationship went after she left the show? She has about other aspects of AT.

>>117421398I think at the worst it would've at least been amicable and in-character.

>>117421398Probably not, at least certainly not the way it happened in F&F. She may have been only a storyboarder, but it's pretty clear that she had the strongest hand in FP's development. Ditto with Marceline; I doubt she would have been ignored the way she was if Rebecca had stayed on staff.

>>117421423What other aspects has she commented on?

>>117421474I can only think of vague stuff, like her talking about Bubbline and shit. I want to say there were a few more but can't remember right now.

>>117421423>It depends how much sway she would have if she was still just a storyboarder There's no doubt that Sugar would've been promoted to an outline writer and one of the head honchos had she not pitched Steven Universe in some alternate timeline. I know some CotC board artists occasionally help with story outlines as well, so I imagine AT would've done the same.

Attached: comfy home.jpg (1000x787, 224.46K)

>>117421270>I was a junior in high school when this episode came out>I remember having a cute teen crush on Marceline and wishing I could have cool adventures like Finn>Used to watch episodes after track practice and eat PB&J and hot dogs while watching reruns>Didn't know who Sugar or Muto or anyone else expect Pen were>Still had some naive hopes for the futureDamn, Adventure Time posting hits me in the nostalgia.

Attached: 3733f63aa436cff9f46cb29fe3176788.png (701x642, 273.99K)

>>117421541I much preferred that timeline where AT was more consistently good and we didn't had Steven universe until many years later with a more mature and experienced sugar maybe that show too would had been better because as it stands only 1/3 of it's content is of my liking most of that being the movie and future

>>117421717Bro i was so autistic for FP that i burned this in my arm to feel and be closer to her. Now I just tell people I was born with it and chicks dig it

Attached: Screenshot_20200903-223331_Gallery.jpg (1080x494, 268.74K)

>>117422006how old were you?

>>117422075I was the same as finn for a long time so aeound 14

>>117422006haha that's gay as hell man, but the kind of stupid thing young people do. I feel you.

>>117422110Word dude I've never done nothing as dumb before or after, I think lol

>>117422006That’s a win-win. You appeal to the waifu and still get the irl women.

>>117422168Yeah dude I actually recently got a gf and its so nice

>>117422108How many anons here had at least one period in AT's original run where they shared the same age as Finn the human boy?

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>>117414582>Finn and Jake special begins with Jake at a family reunion at his and Lady's house>Jake's kids and grandkids are all there; even Jermaine showed up>Jake tries to enjoy the get together but can't >Jermaine notices this and has a one-on-one talk with Jake outside>Jake explains that he misses Finn and that he wanted him to come. He hasn't heard from Finn in a while and is worried.> He feels that Finn won't ever be a part of his life anymore and that he's bored from his new quiet life. Jake even has started to wonder whether or not he was the best role model for Finn and if he taught Finn everything he needed to know to become a man.>Jake says what hurt the most was that Finn never got his letter for the family reunion>Cut to Finn in the middle of a meeting with several kingdoms and princesses talking about treaties recognizing the new human society. Finn is bored out of his mind and can't focus on the discussion.>Finn is sitting next to a bunch of human higher ups and politicians. They get after Finn for not paying attention and scold him. >Several kingdoms won't recognize the human society (I'm gonna call it human town because I'm lazy) due to being petty and not trusting the humans.>Finn is able to haphazardly end the meeting and have both sides sign the treaty recognizing human town.>The Human politicians thank Finn for his continued service to human town and request that he join them for a celebratory dinner. >Fin feels awkward but reluctantly accepts. continue or no?

>>117422439I believe Finn was 14 at the start of the series? I was 16, so I was just past being the same age. I still identified with him though, since he was close enough in age and I thought he was cool.It blows my mind that I’m closer to Jakes age now than I am to Finn.

>>117414927bit late to reply but this would be great! They should pull a Dexters Lab and have a team of Alterations of F&J fighting Lich alterations. Also, give Fionna a cameo so it's real life AT cannon.

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>>117422439I think I was also 12 when this show started>>117422509>I believe Finn was 14 at the start of the series?Nah he was 12 at the beginning

>>117422494Go ahead

>>117422510>Gentleman Finnunf

>>117422439Finn followed my age from 12 to 16 so to me that was so long and so much of my life and I really felt connected as if he was my brother lmao