What was her problem?

What was her problem?

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she was insane and couldn't into relationships with other people which made her feel lonely

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Aang should've fucked the crazy out of Azula

>>117340154her mom was a narcissist

>>117340218>Zuko should've fucked the crazy out of AzulaFixed

>>117340245so azula inherited the bad sides of her parents and zuko inherited the good ones? or was zuko still semi-bad and had some kind of alucard complex?

>>117340298Zuko just had low testosterone

>>117340298seethe harder roastie jesus fucking christ

>>117340154She doesn't have trustworthy allies who would stand with her to the end.

>>117340479I don't even understand why that post seemed like I was seething or roasting. It was a genuine question and I have only seen the show recently.Azula is obviously insane and I thought it would be neat if her mother actually contributed to that at the genetic level.

>>117340545her mother contributed to it by emotionally abandoning her and refusing to admit she ever did wrong

>>117340521either gender having daddy issues is just an easier thing to work with from a writing perspective

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>>117340615Because nobody ever wants to write mothers as bad people unless they’re not actually related to the child they’re abusing . Mother gothel is as close as you’ll ever get to a mom openly abusing a daughter in children’s cartoons that I can think of anyway

>>117340154Bad hair cut


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>>117340709>>117340617Off topic


>>117340154she was an incel

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>>117340545I don’t think youre supposed to think that she took after Ursa, or if that was what they wanted you to think they did not explain it clearly enough

>>117340154Being too hot

>>117340545nothing genetic but her mother obviously played favorites. Azula picked up on that herself and reached out for attention from her father and emulated him.

Azula becomes the fire lord, she selects 4 of her royal guard every night to undress her and lick, kiss and caress her body until she is horny and ready to fuck, then they each take turns having passionate sex with her, after they all have had a turn they then turn it up and take turns fucking her as hard as they can, sometimes double and triple teaming her, this is the only time you will ever see Azula submissive and the only time she will ever follow your instructions because she is so cock drunk and horny, once she is completely spent and exhausted the Royal guard are instructed to put Azula to bed and 1 of them has to stay the night with her as her bodyguard and just in case she wants morning sex, her handmaidens are instructed to never enter her chamber until the last guard has left.

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>>117340154Zuko only didn’t end up like azula because he was lucky

>>117340741Rape is not cool bro, especially when it's my waifu

>>117340154Netflix attempted to turn her and her friends black. Azula wasn't going to have any of that.

>>117341051sounds accurate actually

>>117340154didn't kill enough traitors and earth peasants

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>>117341051This but it's just Ursa

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>>117341314for real though I'm telling you guys bryke quit because they couldnt risk their fragile reputations by standing by as netflix casted white peoplei bet you there were no problems with the writing or anything (from brykes pov that is) they just quit because they backed themselves into a corner and were obligated to or risk losing their reputations forever


>>117341051I would read this fanfiction, or would like to see it adapted into a comic

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>>117341675Would let this princess sit on my face.

>>117341683I'm sure, but Netflix only casted whites so they could also shoehorn blacks in and get no flak. would have much rather them just stick with hapas and asians.

>>117341051>The Fire Lord needs my cock tonight.The things I gladly do for my nation.

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>>117340298Yeah that's pretty much the mentality, even with the whole red/blue flames thing. Azula for the most part acts like a clone of Ozai in how evil she is. The only time Azula starts to actually clue in that she's wrong is when even Ozai leaves her behind for more power. Just like Zuko she has to learn that Ozai's approval is basically worthless.

>>117341863lets be honest where the hell do you find eskimo actors? katara and sokka are gonna have to be black by necessity. now if they make them subsaharan african black then its worth complaining about.


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She was incapable of trust and had to control people through fear.

>>117341900might have to use South East Asian actors as a stand in.

>>117341928katara and sokka would unironically be better off played by light skinned black people if you want them to actually look like their cartoon counterpartsi am a Holla Forumstard and i don't have a problem with katara and sokka being black as long the fire nation gets to be white

>>117341900They should look to mulattos, but this is netflix, they'll pull out some gorilla and tell you its beautiful

>>117342015what race is the girl who voices moana? she gets fancasted as katara all the time and is perfect. i dont even know what race she is, but she's got the right skin tone/face shape.

the ntflix show ill obviously be shit but do you guys think we will get some quality memes out of it?

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>>117342078From what I've heard, netflix isn't spending much on it, so the bending will probably be ding dong level of hilarious

>>117340154Mommy issues

>>117340617>You sick fuck. She was 14 years old! Barely an adult! You know what they do in prison to guys like you!?

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>>117342157>so the bending will probably be ding dong level of hilariousI cnat wait

>>117342078Dang, Azula got some titties.

>>117340154Mother doted on Zuko, made Azula jealous daddy's girl. She would do anything to please him, even *THAT* . He pushed her to believe that she could get whatever she wanted by force, threat of force, or manipulation. She excelled at all of that, but in the end should couldn't get what she wanted. Daddy, made her firelord but the top title was still his.The only other she could fall back on wasn't there and as much as she blamed her mother, she also realized that her own actions led her to where she was....and she couldn't handle it.

>>117342157of all the rumors going around about why bryke quit this one seems the most obviously fake

>>117342701do i want to know what THAT is?

>>117343627>what THAT ishard work and dedication


>>117340154She's an autistic femcel.

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>>117341896She's a warped shadow of Ozai actually. She hooked on to his drive, ruthlessness & malevolence early & used it to protect herself, never developing emotionally outside of the twisted crucible she has made her home.

bros, FET just finished book 4, all left is the epilouge. We're almost back home with Azula. So close now...

>>117345377i thought they are starting the book 4 love route



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>>117345416guess I got ahead of myself seeing .9.0. Its not entirely complete.


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>>117340154Lack of BBC.

>>117340154Needed a kissy

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>>117346683>BBCbig brother's cock

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>>117340218That's Zuko's job Aang is a faggot

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>>117340154Impressionable 14 year old groomed by her father into a war machine that lived to impress him.

>>117340709my azula preg folder grows slightly larger

>imagine being Sokka in this situation>imagine having Azula in your face as she is demeaning you and threatening the life of your girlfriend>imagine being so close to Azula that you can take in the intoxicating scent if her perfume as she gives you this smilehow the FUCK do you not lean in for a smooch?

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>>117340154me not fucking her

>>117346685Why from a frog though?

>>117347896never stickyour dickincrazy

>>117348034boring advice desu

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>>117348034but it's cartoon crazy. that's totally different from irl crazy

>>117348034But I'm crazy, so crazy is all I can get plus that shit's fun

>>117348034unless you're not a pussy

>>117348314>>117348152>>117348144>>117348096go back to work Zuko being the Fire Lord is your full time job now

>>117348868Zukos life is too good

>>117341051Now swap the royal guard with the handmaidens and we're in buisiness

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>>117340154Needed brother’s dick

>>117349730only if the handmaidens are male

>>117349436turns out he was the lucky one all along

>>117340154She had sociopathic tendencies as a child (big red flag being how she cruelly threw rocks at turtleducks), that compounded with her abandonment from her mother who saw her mean and reserved tendency and liked her less than Zuko, and built up with the need to be a competent tool of her father's schemes left her doing whatever it takes to get her way.

>>117347896What if Sokka took that meteor sword he was carrying and stabbed her right then and there, spilling her guts out?

>>117342043polynesian; I think they worked really hard to find a native pacific islander

>>117340154Lack of TLC from Big Bro.

>>117350490The problem with Azula is that she succeeded in killing the Avatar at the peak of his power, conquerer Ba Sing Se with help, put pressure on her friends. She's shown to be a sociopath before the mental breakdown, it's just that Season 3 uses it to handicap her as to prevent Aang or Zuko from fighting her at full power and calculation. It doesn't help her friends casually abandon her, implying she's hurt by the betrayal. The problem boils down to how do we reconcile Azula being a sociopath when her friends and family save for Ozai abandon her?

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>>117340741and when the world needed him most, mrpotatoparty vanished

>>117350614she's 14

>>117350614>she succeeded in killing the Avatar at the peak of his power,fuckin delusional azulafags everyone xDDD

>>117350773Sociopathy is a requirement to be a Lighting Bender. Zuko is just mad his dad best him in Fire MMA

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>>117350745is his job - he doesn't do it for free

>>117350859I dunno. Season 2 Azula was scary. Something happened in Season 3 when she wanted to fuck Sokka raw. Maybe she gets off on Power

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>>117340154Extremely bad mommy and daddy issues.

>>117350490azula never threw rocks at anything and anyway if you want to start condemning kids for being violent you're going to have a lot of kids you need to lock up in prison somewhere

>>117340154How many times are we gonna have this same fucking thread?>”eeeuugghh uhhh what was her problem guhhh guh“>“pffffft.... it’s because, because... pft... it’s because she was HORNY aheughheughheughAll of you are a bunch of retarded faggots

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>>117350971yikescringeand dare i saygay

>>117350745an azula story that ends with a cliffhanger, color me freaking shocked

>>117350868Iroh is a sociopath?

i used to have this really nice webm i found on /gif/ of a girl using a stun gun baton on herself and it reminded me of something azula would probably be in to.sadly i lost the webm.

>>117350614even Ozai abandoned her and that was the last straw

>>117340154Pure evil, plain and simple.

Unironically on the spectrum but blessed by birth to both prestige and power. Crippling loneliness from abandonment issues.

>>117351052Is it this?>>>/gif/17802142

>>117351287that first webm is beyond great


>>117351287yes how the mother fuck did you find this so fast

>>117340154I really think a deep dicking would have solved a lot of her problems.

>>117351343like, the first one in the thread, or the one that user linked to?because the first one in that thread makes me wanna puke

>>117350129Actually, it's a lesbian harem. Get on my level.

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>>117351422people post the same shit over and over on /gif/, just had it on my history.

>>117351521what are you talking about it was great and women aren't people anyway

>>117350129Azula is definitely a clam muncher that will abide a male if her partner wants to bring some fun in.

>>117351669twitter is here

We can rebuild her

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>>117351233what do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a family that abandons her and treats her like trash?

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>>117340218Don’t speak about my wife that way.

is this foreshadowing?

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>>117350542she's wearing blackened steel armor. i'd like to see that limp wristed joker try.

>>117350971>user wouldn't give their heart to their FirelordLook at this peasant. Ew...

If Ozai had succeeded think of the noble Fire nation sap she would have to marry


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>>117352519Now while we might think she might be an eternal femcel because she considers herself too good for anyone, we have to remember how she thirsts after the first Chad she sees on The Beach.

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>>117351529just fuck off already


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>>117340792She's a girl, we call them feminists.

>>117354123the proper term is twitter user

>>117354116Dear god what did that artist do to my waifu?

>>117351013yes, interpersonal aggression dies off in mid 40s in people with ASPD, violent offenders let out at around this age and after rarely if ever reoffend in violent crime

>>117354148but iroh molested june doesnt that count as violent crime

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>>117354092What's wrong user? Can't handle the superiority of the yuri harem?

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>>117342257That’s not Azula that’s my fan character Bazula, who is Azula and Zuko’s long lost older sister aged 23

>>117341900alaska and canada?theres gotta be a drama club at anchorage, theres not just eskimo, theres also Haida and Makahand Korra straight up acts like Rezzed out red trash short of constant shoplifting and drinking

>>117348031He’s saying that right now Zuko looks like a frog to Azula but once she kisses him she will realise the prince he really is

>>117354154yesbut, she was passed, not a lot of violent effort, female sex offenders prey on passed out people and minors

Zuko was lax on the dickings.

>>117354218but iroh is a male sex offender

>>117354262an old decrepit one who cant overpower people

Did she calm down after pumping out Izumi?

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>>117354309Slightly according to Vermilion.

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>>117354320i like that story but i wouldnt have written momzula that way but thats apersonal problem

>>117354464Yeah I dislike how Izumi is already 13 years old or something and Azula never gave a fuck about her.

>>117340154Next level shitty human mother caused her abandonment issues and approval issues. This in turn caused her to seek her fathers approval, but due to her father being a shitty person, not actually caring about her or her brother, and just used them as tools, created a very toxic dependency relationship. He used her, she was happy to get approval even if it meant doing bad things. This mental state of approval caused her to push others down, even her own brother, to give her some sense of purpose and superiority, when deep down she just felt like she was worthless. But you already knew this and yet still made a shitty thread to wank to a cartoon character.

>>117350490toph is actually the antisocial onebeing a sadistic asshole in the fire kingdom isnt outside social norms, its enocouraged

Everyone ITT saying Ursa was a bad mother, you're fucking stupid.Ursa was imperfect and out of her depth in dealing with a child like Azula. She did her best and maybe if she'd had more time and less meddling from Ozai, she could have found a way to be a good mother to Azula, but she had neither.Just because she didn't have modern-era knowledge of abnormal child psychology that would be required to properly raise Azula doesn't mean she was evil.

>>117347896ude, i cant believe zone has not done anything with this scene.or anyone else for that matter

>>117347896i bet she smells like lemons

>>117354543But comics ursa though.

name a better character themeyoutube.com/watch?v=hibCUpImCL8

>>117340298Damn just like me and my sisters. They got all the good and I got all the bad.

>>117354543This is what delusional parents tell themselves after their children becomes a failure?

Well you see, she wanted to fuck her mother.

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>>117354685You mean she wanted to fuck her Father and same with Zuko and his Mother that's Freud for you

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>>117354703Azula was a very masculine girl and would want to fuck her mother however, being Daddy's girl was her backup plan.

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>>117340218You can't fuck the crazy out of anyone. Attempting to do so will only make them MORE crazy.The fact that you even think this is an option shows a gross lack of understanding of both women and fucking.

>>117354619X9, even if it's just erzast Vangelis Love themeyoutube.com/watch?v=naXgzmO6NUI>Lulu...Sweet little thing

>>117355410kek, it really is "not" vangelis

>>117347896haha hard to imagine

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>>117354685>>117354703>>117354720every girl is looking for a man who would be kind of like their father but different in Azula's case since not only she was separated from Zuko around the time both of them would hit puberty and also for the most part never considered him her brother in the first place it is only natural that she felt enormous attraction towards himthis is also why she reacted so strongly to his life choices either being extreamly happy when he chose her or being beyond mad when he didn'tit is also worth notting that Azula's relationship with her father shaped her view of what a male female relationship should look like - that's why she was annyoed when Zuko did not act like her master making it hard for her to fall into her desired position as his servant

>>117356595lol ok guy. She just had abandonment issues. She originally had a disdain for Zuko for being a good for nothing mommas boy, but came around to wanting him back into the fold. She just wanted the family together.

Someone help this autistic child

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>>117356797What help do you need, little one?

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>>117354495Ozai was a decent parent in Holla Forums. He was a jock who wanted his wife to pump out children for the war. Ursa let crazy stick his dick in her.There are far worse fathers like Jonas Venture, Clay Puppington, Ed Wuncler Sr, Gendo Ikari, and Goku. The point is that abusive father's don't work win fiction because they are always used as the go to for arch enemy to build up motivation. Ozai just took abusive parenting and made it an art form.

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>>117340154We have this same damn thread every two or three days. Just stop.

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>>117354664God, Bob, and the Devil answered this: Parents are not evil and they are merely doing what's best by passing off a softer punch while kids don't know any better. Considering that the Gang become terrible parents themselves in Legend of Korra, it seems Ozai did something right

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>>117357002What if I want to talk about ATLA instead of The owl House or Steven Universe or other tranny shit?

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>>117354495>Next level shitty human mother caused her abandonment issues and approval issuesWrong, Ursa just refused to coddle Azula and pat her on the back for being psycho. That's why Azula hates her, and why she ultimately admits that her mother treated her like a monster because she was one.>>117356971Thought you said Rusty Venture at first and was going to respond that Rusty's a better dad before I saw Jonas.Yeah, I think Jonas is probably a worse dad than Ozai.

>>117357027>Considering that the Gang become terrible parents themselves in Legend of KorrToph is an awful parent, but Aang is only a flawed one. Not great, not terrible. Honestly I never got why people reacted so badly to either, good people are not always perfect parents.

>>117350745>>117351000Is it confirmed that it's not continuing?

>>117357048nobody is playing for it be be finished

>>117357031>>117357045What makes Jonas world is that the audience is shown thru 7 seasons how he manipulated his friends and traumatized his son, which ends with them abandoning him cause they grew out of their sociopathic tendencies.Avatar just sucks because it's still rooted in teen angst and doesn't move past it. This is why Ozai being a shit parents feels hollow

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>>117350971You can have horny threads or you can have Holla Forums threads.Choose wisely.

>>117357027>>117357045>in Legend of Korrait was written by different people who used it mainly to push their political agenda part of which is normal family bad

>>117357076Damn. Did the commissioner just vanish or something?

>>117357210ridiculous, there are plenty of shows which are a full-on attack on the nuclear family (see Bojack Horseman) but LOK is not. Aang just wasn't a perfect parent, but he was an OK one. Toph wasn't even in a nuclear family, she was just thotting around, and as a result her daughters were out of control and hated each other.

You already know what her problem was

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>>117357002Make me.

>>117357096it doesn't feel hollow to mei dont know what show you retards watched maybe you skipped every fucking zuko scene or something

>>117357076>>117357272it wasn't a commission in the first place, it was a comic mpp did because he wanted to, thats why most of his art is of Azula if its not his OCs

I have never watched Avatar I only played 4ET

>>117358214thats pretty based.

i cannot believe viacom still hasn't done anything about 4 elements trainer, how much has that game made off of copyrighted IP at this point, the fucking mad lads

>>117358255why would they? Its not like it's impeding on them in anyway

>>117358371Sure it does it tarnishes the brand

>>117357031>literally forgot about her daughter a few weeks after she ran away in a foreign country Yeah ursas only fault in their relationship was not enough ‘coddling’

>>117356744She can’t have the family back together but she can have lots of dick

>>117340654Kill la Kill

>>117358547Sorry, I can’t read, didn’t see “children’s show”

>>117354320That Izumi?

Bush guy has arrived


>>117358551dangerously based


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>>117358804>it turns out the reason for Aangs frequent visits to the Fire Nation royal pałace weren't firebending lessons...

>>117358875>Ursa is a /ss/ slut and that's why she only cared about ZukoIt all makes sense now...

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>>117358726>>117358764>>117358804>>117358875>>117358905MODS YOU NIGGERS WHY DO YOU HATE PUBES SO MUCH REEEEEEEEEEEEEE


>>117358371I often wonder about the willful ignorance corporations have about fan made games. Like how does Nintendo order a cease and desist on pokemon uranium but not the hundreds of other rom hacks, especially pokemon clover.

>>117350745Vanished?He just posted his monthly Request post on his Fanbox?I do wish he'd continue this comic tho.

>>117359085If they made those fan games anonymously would they even be able to take them down, you know vpns and pseudonyms and all.

>>117357272>>117358078The comic got booted off of Patreon for being too rapey and his Fanbox is for loli stuff so it doesn't fit there either.

>>117358804ok post the sauce. Can't find anything because it's cropped and I looked through all Ursa pics on R34.

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>>117340154I want to sink my empire class battle ship deep in Azula’s royal harbor

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>>117358928mods are thots

>>117359174cropped legoman


Wasnt this the OP pic for a thread that reached bump limit not too long ago? why do jannies suddenly have a problem with it? are they on their period?

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>>117360069They have learned to fear the power of exposed muff

>>117359172do you have a source for that patreon bullshit because im almost certain thats not true

>>117340154Being a woman

>>117360069stupid jenies have no taste

>>117358043Don't you grow bored of talking the same thing over and over again?

>>117358804Why does ursa have to exclude azula from family bonding all the time?

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>>117360709>Jin bouncing on Zuko's dick while ursa feeds him her burger and Azula watchesNice

>>117360709Ursa just loves cucking her daughter because she's insecure about her age

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>>117360586no there are always new things to talk about with azula

>>117360586no one wants to talk about your tranny shit, fag

>>117360193The comic is gone from his Patreon, he even left the tag up as searchable with no posts on it.Even dug up him announcing it on his Patreon discord.He doesn't say why Patreon requested it, but it's pretty obvious that the rape is the reason since Patreon has cracked down on other artists for that.

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>>117354482She has this little responsibility called the Fire Nation.

Not having an emotionally mature little brother to provide her with unconditional love and care. Also youtube.com/watch?v=LRCF1KDfj-8EVERY DAY UNTIL WE GET IT

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>>117340154Sexual frustration- she's too powerful (individually and rank-wise) and intimidating and this scares off the men.

>>117361490even patron jennis suck

>>117356999for you faggots obsessed with fucking age, you seem to be okay with handing out diagnosis' that is outright frowned upon being given to minors

>>117360709jelous Azula is super sexy


>>117362939Patreon is run by gigantic fucking faggots, this has been known for a while.

>>117363238so those retards just let the comic stay up for almost 2 years while it was being updated and then as soon as its finished Patreon decides they have a problem with it? So is that it, Patreon? rape comics for me but not for thee?

Attached: grey.jpg (836x1200, 83.23K)

>>117363273>then as soon as its finished Patreon decides they have a problem with it?I mean, the comic didn't finish.He put it on hold after Patreon had it removed.

>>117363273Grey is cute

Attached: azula no makeup.jpg (495x750, 76.28K)

>>117363477I thought he finished it and was going to let reader decide what happens nexf

>>117354556Oh lemons huh?Too bad I like limes.

>>117365065Wat dude you haveautism

>>117351529I wonder who would be able to make it in Azula's lesbian harem.

>>117365382What kind of father talks about their daughter that way

>>117365400I only ask who she is seeing.

>>117340154Her mom was irrepressible and would rather have been a peasant. She meanwhile wanted to bread true with her brother.

>>117365418Azula deserves a monogamous heterosexual relationship and five children

>>117365690>Azula deserves a monogamous heterosexual relationship and five childrenwhich is exacly what happened

Attached: fire nation family.jpg (556x772, 465.28K)

>>117365690Only if she wants it. I'm not going to impose my idea of happiness on her.


Attached: Zuzu what are you doing.png (920x578, 17.7K)

>>117366428Where's the diagonal line going from Zuko to Ursa?

>>117366020Lesbians aren’t happy people in my expierence

>>117366512And I have met some who are happy. What's your point?

>>117366467they didnt have any children

I don't get why half of Holla Forums hates azula so much they want her stuck with zuko of all people. what a horrible fate

>>117366683Zukoa nd Azula deserve eachother

>>117347896It was pretty dark how Azula taunted Sokka. Telling him how she called out his name so many times but never came. The implied mindbreaking of Suki still feels like a bit too much. But seeing how Azula had the Dai Li at the time, not unreasonable.

>>117366800it wasn't implied "mind breaking" you fucking faggot

>>117366800>>117366982one of you is talking about good a porn fanfic and the other should read it

>>117340154abusive father and probably some natural sociopathic tendencies

>>117340154she had a Stalin for a dad

Attached: fire lord lore.jpg (500x666, 49.35K)

>>117366683Theres not any better options

>>117368414literally just introduce a character that fits well with her personality

>>117368577that's literally Zuko

>>117368675He's almost completely opposite to her

>>117366669>My headcanon is the correct canon

>>117367678wasn't it tradition in the royal family to kill your father and take his throne?

>>117368739No he definitely is not

>>117360069muff forvever

Attached: 1589681248328.webm (600x900, 249.91K)

>>117366683Zuko is the gorgeous family fuckup that despite being a loser for most of his life is able to ascend to being one the most important and beloved people in the world. He's prime self-insert material. Azula is, conversely, arrogant and a bully to Zuko, so the sort of people who like to self-insert as him are also the sort of people that think "put the femdom girl in her place" is a patrician fetish when it's actually just a step below twerking in terms of a flavorless, normie fetish.

Attached: 1595988237829.png (800x1280, 842.29K)

>>117366683There's nothing wrong with Zuko>>117368739I do not agree. they're both insecure autists prone to freaking out when things don't go their way.

>>117340154Incest lust

>>117370637this psychoanalysis was not necessary. i just think they're hot, and taboos are hot.

>>117340154>>117370637>her hairy muffin is the only bit of imperfection Azula allows herself and she is both proud and ashamed of this little symbol of rebelion against her own perfect img against both what her mother and her father wanted her to be - a good little princess or a flawless tool >Zuzu is the only one to accept and lover her for who she is just like loves her hairy cunt how he isnt disgusted by it how he kisses it with his warm lips and stretches it out with his swollen manhood each time he takes her on the bed that his proodish mother gave him hoping that one day he would grow up to be a perfect prince>part of Azula hates it and knows that its wrong that Zuko that weakling and loser makes her feel like a woman with a place to belong that she has to lower herself to kiss him back make him feel good and tell him how much she loves him that such a failure could be THE man in her life>but ever since the ba sing se each night the princess finds herself sneaking into his bed pretending that she's the one doing him a favour that she wasn't waiting the whole day to feel his touch that once he wraps his arms around her she doesn't want to ever leave>once their bodies meet and melt together the princess closes her eyes pretending that her Zuzu never noticed any of that

Attached: night on fire.png (1280x1280, 935.32K)

>>117372224I can't believe that it took us this long to get to that img

>>117370637But imagine they still get into heated arguments but instead of trying to kill each other they work it out by fucking

>>117372224>>117372996>>117370637>>117370508try thi im sure you will like it >fanfiction.net/s/13677849/1/Flames-of-Regicide

>>117347269>That flash game

Attached: 7a74052556806ee9e3f08e51539.jpg (173x199, 6.3K)

>>117353727>she's 14Now that i think about it is kinda sad her mom wasn't around to teach her about that.


Attached: Forklift.png (617x737, 501.38K)

>>117372224based user spreading love of hairy muffins around

>>117340154daddy issues makes an unpleasant womanmommy issues makes a fucking sociopath

>>117357096Ozai essentially had the Azula upbringing. Azulon favored Iroh creating a time bomb that ended up killing him.

>>117340154Some women suffer from a condition called "perma-period"

>>117347896>>117350924>Something happened in Season 3 when she wanted to fuck Sokka rawi think seeing sokka being determined enough to risk his life to save his girl from prison also messed her up.she knows no guy will ever do that for her crazy ass.

>>117378048She just can't win

Attached: azula.png (863x641, 447.16K)

>>117372224>>117370508>>117360069very nice

>>117372167Your idea of "taboo" is milquetoast and shit.

>>117379866stop being a fuckin fag and just enjoy Zuko fucking his siter

>>117340154>she was crazybut who doesn't want to stick their dick in crazy?

>>117380146Seems like you got the same brain problems that comes with inbreeding

Attached: EWgWwvIUEAEjSlH.png (522x341, 203.58K)

>>117381137I see even North Koreans are into skull shavings and other plastic surgery.

>>117381137Fugly ass bitch looks like she tried carving a face out of saltpeter

>>117381408That's because yellow fever is the biggest meme on this planet.

>>117367678Stalin fought back against German invasion, read a book.

>>117381828what are you talking about you uneducated nigger?

>>117351885shut up zuko

>>117381957Stalin was a man of great mind and highest moral. He had almost unlimiter power over 1/6 of the wourld and still didn't took money and any treasurs for himself or his relaitivs. May bbe he was not so good father, but another person coudn't lead his nation to victory in war for existense.On the otheer hand, Bloody Nikolay was very good father and husband. Ant terribly incompitent ruller, who turn great empier into burning ruins.

>>117340154Not enough cock from Zuko.

>>117373938that was the first avatar porn i ever saw

>>117379866full brother/sister incest is milktoast? what gets you going then, bestiality?

>>117383557incest bestiality

>>117383577ah, a she-ra fan then.

>>117382334sounds like azula is more like stalin and zuko is more like nikolay

Evil waifus become a lot less fun when they're being compared to commies

Attached: 1050555100557.png (678x696, 83.12K)

>>117383681i dont know shit about stalin desu nor do i care, im on Holla Forums for a reason

>>117379866Shut the hell up

>>117382334>>117383661fuckin educate yourselves>youtube com/watch?v=f9FNJcGrBbg

>>117383681smol Azula is cute CUTE

>>117383827you can just post raw youtube links here you nigger. don't green text it or it doesn't embed. good god man

Attached: 1598233130286.jpg (1055x757, 374.7K)

>>117384320It's literally the same retards posting the same images and greentexts because they have no personality of their own.

>>117383681>not wanting to stick your hammer in her sicklekek.

>>117384320>>117384359lol stay mad

>>117383953If they are already willing to unironically kill each other then they should be willing to fuck each other too

Attached: Azula_3.png (1268x1920, 749.02K)

>>117340154She's been saving herself for her brother who wouldn't even hatefuck her even after years of torture she unleashed upon him.

>>117384417years of "torture" lmao give me a break

>>117384417Azula never tased zuko while he was writhing helpless in the ground

>>117383681What about the north korean dictators sister?Actually the person I see Azula has the most in common with in real world politics is Ivanka Trump

>>117384536>just going with the flow of whatever her father wants and carrying out his willI see it

>>117384417>after years of torture she unleashed upon himAzula was mean and teased him a lot but the one tortured by the lack of skinship was herself

Attached: azula is thirsty.jpg (648x486, 110.93K)

>>117384640Its more that her father is senile, she's his favorite child, she has a lot of sway over his decisions, he probably molested her, and a lot of people unironically want her to start a Trump monarchy by running for president in 2024

>>117384320I'm sorry are we not posting enough bestiality porn for you?

Attached: hq78tetadsj51.jpg (820x826, 69.84K)

>>117381408Hi scrapper


Attached: DwkcRaTXcAAujPq.jpg (1080x1080, 100.15K)

>>117385890>why let me be crazy alone while we can be crazy together Zuzu

Attached: pregzula.jpg (680x460, 64.35K)

>>117381137>tfw no gensek azula

>>117383953nice do you have more?

Attached: Azula TyLee Mai modrnAU.jpg (1275x1920, 1.49M)

>>117383953Not him but I got the rest

Attached: azula self motivation 1.jpg (1055x757, 382.73K)


Attached: azula self motivation 2.jpg (1055x757, 373.04K)


Attached: azula self motivation 4.jpg (1055x757, 368.85K)

>>117389384how old?

>>117390817legal in Fire Nation

>>117340154Needed Big White Cock ©

>>117391681how old would that be in human years?

>>117383953>>117389218>>117389384>>117389919>when anons save your shitposts to use them for later

Attached: very nice.png (1599x536, 343.84K)


is it me or have almost all the zucest fics on ff.net been deleted

>>117392766there was a mega purge of M content on ffnet and zucest got hit hard

>>117392873the fact that 99% of the fanfic for atla is zutara shipping makes me really question the logic of using truckloads of fanfic/fanart as validation that something is popular or good

>>117392920>something is popular or goodI was trying to read some of those zutara fancis and they were trash beyond what imagined baka

>>117393476why would you do that

Attached: 1598906650990.jpg (3508x3508, 3.44M)

>>117394312looks like the cover of her mixtape

>>117394312>>117394407>after leaving the mental asylum princess Azula decided to start her own band and become its lead singer>most of her songs are either about the beuty of the fire nation or being lonly but her greatest hits are alays her love songs>those are ususally about something like a queen falling in love with a low born tea servant she met at a party, meeting your love after a long time at the shores of the sea or a pathetic guy you knew form childhood showing up years later as a prince that steals your heart away>critics and fans both agree that when the princess sings about love her voice is like that of a siren and there is no one able to whistand the pull of raw emotions in her voice>which is sligthly puzzling since the princess doesn't have a boyfriend or even any male friends - the only man in her life is her brother the Fire Lord>who is also single>...yeah there are a lot of rumors - some fans go so far as to even openly proclaim the support of what they call a "royal ship">the Royal Palace had no comments

Attached: azuko.jpg (468x644, 97.91K)

>>117395356i always think she should be an actress instead if she's going to switch careers. acting is basically just lying.

>>117340154She was raised by a psychopath to be a weapon and her mother thought she was monster. Love was considered a weakness and eventually she lost the ability to control of those closest to her sending her into a downward spiral.

>>117350957> you want to start condemning kids for being violent you're going to have a lot of kids you need to lock up in prison somewhereSounds like a good start. Kids are fucking evil sometimes

Attached: sample_371cb78f2a5dfc738177c647b2c26ad0.jpg (850x1054, 330.07K)

>Has an evil father whos largely in charge of everything >No!! Its the moms fault for favouring the less violent child!

>>117396070the only way to make it better is for them to wear dipers :333

>>117396154nobody ever said ozai was blameless

>>117396199Good suggestion, but No.

Attached: sample_0998c859876dca60c62a9cbe5918e3ac.jpg (850x969, 304.52K)

>>117396070>>117396316UwU what's this

>>117384811Always something to do with incest

>>117396154Ursa is a cunt for pushing Azula away and closer to her father.

>>117396946youtube.com/watch?v=Q0_axTST2aYhave you ever seen this video? i voted for the guy but lets be real.

>>117397050He's just awful with some jokes. I don't think he molested her, that shit can really fuck up a person mentally

>>117397496I bet Ivanka is a fucking fruitcake if you got to know her

>>117394312I would stick my dick so far up her ass that whoever was able to pull me out would be crowned the king of england

>>117340154classic case of simply needing someone to love and care for them.i mean, look at all the angry incels on this site. being alone is horrible.

>>117397514Ivanka seems like the smartest person in the White House and that makes you seethe

Attached: Azula_2.jpg (500x588, 86.77K)


>reading abandoned sparks>Zuko and Azula get btfo my some random fire nation mooksReally?

>>117402807I don't remember that. They btfo those guys and escaped iirc.

>>117403493In the air shipThey don't even put up a fight before they get captured and thrown into the sea

>>117340154mommy issues. 'nuff said

>>117402807>>117403509Yeah, the most annoying part of AB is how underpowered Azuko are here.

>>117403509There were like 20 elite fire benders picked personally by Ozai in that cramped room, they had no chance at all.

>>117405359how about that one nigger in the earth villige

>>117405793yeah that was pretty stupid but the author is a female so what did you expect

We got a glimpse of the issue, when she saw her mother in the mirror and shattered the mirror. She felt rejected by her mother, who she thinks was afraid of her and saw her as a monster, so she's basically lashing out at the world because she never felt loved. She believed her mother rejected her, and her father obviously didn't care about his children.All that said, she seems like a straight up sociopath to me.

>>117402807Just a plot device to get the story going sheesh

>>117406771>she cuts her hair>her "mother" says she always loved her hair>Azula cuts it to spite her motherMommy issues off the charts

>>117406840>>117406771that scene is one of my favourites

Attached: Avatar_The_Last_Airbender_The_Art_of_the_Animated_Series_165.jpg (1280x1707, 293.4K)

>>117406771>Finally get your brother back after he redeems himself>He chooses your enemy over you>All your friends choose your enemy over youIt's really no wonder, everyone in her life she cared about chose someone else. It's not their fault for not picking the lunatic, but it explains how profoundly fucked up her head was in the end.

>>117407954I wish she wore that dress in that scene

>>117408085funny thing is i think it was draw by a woman but they still changed it to something less sexy


>>117408216a drawfag should do something about this

>>117408552I watched a few avatar videos and now my recommendations are nothing but Hello Future Me videosDrives me insane

azula would be a bad dancer

Attached: 1599083565145.webm (576x1024, 2.92M)

>>117408730if you don't want them just click 'not interested' and it'll stop. or you know, just don't click on them and it'll go away over tome as well.

>>117408834She's a princess who excels at everything including dancing, user. Fire bending is practically dancing already.

>>117408866dancing is banned in fire nation

>>117373892>only 2 chaptersgay

Are there any good Azuko fanfics set after ATLA where crazy Azula gets better? All these alternate universes where she never goes full crazy just aren't as satisfying.

Attached: 1595819280108.jpg (593x890, 85.9K)

>>117408990it literally just started

>>117408730>Hello Future Methe pick of shit taste

>>117356971Never watched any Dragon Ball, only seen bits of it. Is Goku really a bad father?

>>117357027Just wanna let you know that you are fucking based for knowing about God, Bod and The Devil.

>>117357027Adversity builds character. Ozai did nothing wrong.

>>117357045Gee, its almost as if the Gaang spent a huge chunk of their formative years without adult supervision and guidance.

>>117376246wouldnt that mean Ozai had the Zuko upbringing and Iroh had the Azula upbringing? The distinction between the two is that their roles are reversed. In the former scenario, the preferred child is the heir. in the latter scenario, the preferred child is the spare. In fact, Ozai's quote "Azula was born lucky, Zuko was lucky to be born" seems like some extreme projection. Iroh was born probably the luckiest motherfucker in history. Ozai didn't even need to exist. I think that extra layer of bitterness is what made the distinction between Azulon, who seemed to just be neutrally sociopathic, and Ozai, who seemed to be actively sadistic.

Attached: images.jpg (259x194, 8.91K)

>>117409029there used to be one called generating lightning but idk what happens to thatand ofc all the fanfics purged from ffnet that are gone now like tears in the rain

>>117409794to add to this, just as Ozai killed Azulon, Zuko (nearly) killed Ozai. (and probably should have, if the story didn't require saving him for Aang.)

>>117341059This basically, the universe and the avatar coming back aligned with Zuko's luck, otherwise Azula stays tyrant but incel and Zuko travels the world for the rest of his life

>>117409903>generating lightningman I havent heard that name in a long time

Attached: Azula is happy.png (760x568, 306.46K)

>>117408552>In Defense of Azula - The Born Lucky Prodigy>10 minutes of a guy trying to sound deep, repeating the same handful of points over and over again in a video at least 4 times as long as it needs to be>he recommends Hello Future Me at the startWhat a joke

Attached: b6a5dbfa9c1c51512f3508561f211e52.png (1013x1007, 435.59K)

>>117410733>not posting the full thing

Attached: team fire nation.png (1280x843, 787.06K)

>>117411265much better than bryan's shitty concept art of the adult gaang

>>117411265At the party, the Chad rejected Azula for acting psychotic. That isn't realistic. IRL, it's usually pretty obvious that girls with mental issues are the easiest to fuck. If I was at a party with these three girls, the acrobat would be intimidating because of how popular she is with the guys. The depressed girl would just be hard to talk to. But as soon as you notice Azula is acting crazy and freaking people out, it's obvious she's the easy one, because she probably needs validation.

>>117411265How did Azula lose her right thumb?


Attached: avatar-the-last-airbender-wallpapers.jpg (1827x1191, 511.69K)

>>117412274>That isn't realisticanon you need to get out more

Attached: Avatar Swear Tier List.png (1064x600, 629.66K)

>>117412381Yes. all three of the guys look like fish people.

>>117412423They really do, and Sokka's design made it to LoK

>>117412381>>117412423>Avatar is secretly part of Lovecraft's Universe.

Attached: images.jpg (184x274, 12.46K)

>>117412517yet another reason to not consider LoK canon.

>>117412572Nothing beyond ATLA is canon. I've more or less made this a rule for any media now.

Attached: azula 28.jpg (3300x5100, 622.73K)

>>117412690That's literally not true. The creators have put their stamp of approval on LoK (which admittedly sucks, but it is part of the world), the comics that take place between the two series, and the Kyoshi novels. All that stuff is canon, especially since the series' creators, writers, and animators have been involved with all of it. The only thing that isn't canon is the upcoming Netflix show, assuming it ever actually happens.

>>117413470I couldn't give less of a shit. Only ATLA is canon.

Attached: 1449215772211.jpg (720x480, 120.68K)

>>117413518Mai could have been such a dope character too bad they turned her into such shit

Attached: Mai cute feet.jpg (1024x725, 124.8K)

>>117414238She's still great, user.

Attached: Azula_6.png (500x525, 238.39K)

>>117414288why is your Azula_6 the same as my Azula_6

Attached: Azula_5.jpg (500x491, 90.69K)

>>117414355Because I probably saved your Azula_6

Attached: azula in Kyoshi outfit.jpg (640x640, 61.95K)

>>117414288>>117414355>azula 6here is mine

Attached: Azula 6.jpg (1280x1707, 129.85K)

>>117414238very cute!

>>117412394what are swear words in the avatar universe? only swear i can remember is monkey feathers

>>117415875They obviously can't show them because it's a kids show. Monkey Feathers is an old-timey, not-actually-offensive one like "hogwash" or "balderdash". Actual ones would be various flavors of slurs directed at one of the nations, or more conventional ones like the good old F-word.

>>117416019>F-wordyou aren't on reddit anymore you nigger faggot

>>117416252whats the F word?

>>117416252>like the good old fuckI don't know it doesn't roll off the tongue the same way as "f-word" in this context.

>>117416252Um actually I'm allowed to hecking swear on most subreddits.

>>117363991This is beautiful

>>117415875Floozy is one I'm a little surprised they got past the censors

>>117416731i like when azula calls ty lee a slut, in a nice way

>>117416821I mean was she wrong?

>>117417249Not wrong at all, all gymnasts are this way

Attached: 907wmb0xfl641~2.jpg (1520x1326, 185.76K)

>>117417249No, Ty Lee is a whore.

>>117413518>>117414238Mai was cut as long as she didn't open her mouth

>>117412394>Aang not with Gyatso

>>117419013he was an Avatar but they didnt grant him the rank of a swear master

>>117413470Iif the tv show is even somewhat decent it will be considered more canon than the cartoon, just like what happened to ASOIAF with Game of Thrones.

>>117420381>ASOIAFwhat's that?


>>117418135Shut the fuck up Ty Lee is an angel.

Attached: f6d.jpg (685x951, 370.99K)

>>117420961I am serious the first book is also called the game of thrones so idk what that acronym is suppoused to mean

>>117421201A Song of Ice and Fire, thats the name of the series that Game of Thrones is the first book of.

>>117413470>>117420381case in point >>117421201 >>117421259

>>117415875"water savages" seems to be their N word.

Azula was the product of a warring culture. She saw the societal norms of what was expected behavior from the top. She comes from the ruling family that set the agenda for the world. Not only that but being a gifted bender had her out classing every peer.

>>117421285nigger I've read the books before Netflix shit show was a thing and I have not watched it

>>117422228how the fuck could you not know the name of the series if you read the books?