Sunny Miami thread

Last day of Summer edition

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>>117338265Nah m8, there's still three weeks of summer.

I think people might have coomed themselves enough already due to those Ben 10 Omnibabe threads a couple days ago.

>>117338265sauce for the OP image?

Any brap art yet?

>>117339716Knick Knack

>>117339484Did Holla Forums start this tf fetish shit?

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>>117339716>>117339793I meant the source of the cropped image itself. It doesn't really look like it's from an early 90's CG animation, rendering looks too modern, unless it's a photo of a figurine or something

>>117339917If it is porn, it's likely on Paheal. "knick_knack"

>>117339917Here you go

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for me, it's robo sunny

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>>117339733better yet: giant 2B Sunny diaper hypermess

Friendly reminder that Sunny looks best with a bulge; not a dick and balls, just a smooth round bulge.

>>117340110Like this?

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>>117340110Based as fuck


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>>117340169>>117340124yes but not male

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I will never not be annoyed at how Sunny stuff is always associated with weird TF shit and not just hot psuedomechanical babes.


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>>117340234Based as well

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>>117339906>>117340075>>117340260Just post the sauce already.

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>>117340315hell yes joints and seam lines

>>117340234Maybe she wouldn’t have if she wasn’t such good drone/bimbo TF material

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>>117340323No shades + teeth?

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>>117340360looks like somethin outta the oblongs

>>117340335Is that supposed to be Korra or just some faggot's self-insert?

>>117340393Speaking of which, where there ever any art of sunny Debbie?

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>>117340234I want more Sunny content leaning on the "Early CG from the days when the Money for Nothing video was the height of realistic humans" angle. Have girls from CGI films with detailed hair and cloth simulation just regress into simplistic sphere-tool bimbos at the whim of some horny Duck Amuck-esque animator.

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I just want doll bimbos and flatties having fun and being sexy, not all this overly complicated TF shit.

>>117340693and especially not the troon shit


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>>117340714go girl!


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>>117338265Isn't there a newgroynds artist who is obsessed in drawing her and the artist happens to be a girl too.

Listen, I just want to be jerked off by a sentient doll/figurine in my sleepIs that such a bad thing?

>>117340335Yeah, that's why I'm saying it sucks. I'm here to see a hot plastic chick doing her thing, not literal statues or some unfortunates getting their brains turned into mush. I like bimbo stuff but there it's the same deal, I'm just not into people losing their minds. I suppose it can't be helped, so it's better just to create one's own content, and be content with that.>>117340693Fuckin' this.

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>>117340829Nothing wrong with that.

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>boohoo the TF perverts hijacked my FotM!Dude, if you want to do something else with Sunny then just draw, request or commission whatever you want yourself. It’s a free country.

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>>117340916we're not saying that we want to do our own thing, we're saying that we don't want you to do your own thing.>It’s a free country.Naming the problem does not excuse it.

>>117340916Already said and do all that man, only expressing mild annoyance because it's so prevalent.

>>117340916I want to be sexually harassed by Business Sunny

>>117340766what if such forms walked among us? how would they behave? what would people think of them?

>>117341020I dunno but I love the idea of human girls being super jealous of a sunny strolling on the beach

I like it when Sunnies are small and not human sized.It makes them cuter and sexier.

>>117340943>we're saying that we don't want you to do your own thing.Well that sounds more like a you problem then, cause I like my dolls with bulges.

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I find it really weird what clicks with people. It's weird seeing certain designs just have such an explosive appeal. I never would've guessed an early CGI bimbo would push so many buttons for people.No hate, I get it, I just didn't imagine it would be so pervasive.

It's all fun and games until they start pranking you.

>>117341063me too but I want them to be sunnies, not some faggot coated in plastic in her likeness

>>117341122back to Holla Forums, cunt

>>117341049both big and small is good

>>117340321>vomit fetish

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>>117341141No, I mean actual pranks not gender bend shit.Like them putting laxatives in your drink and hiding the toilet paper, shaving off your eyebrows tying you to the bed Gulliver's Travels style and making you late for an important event.Anything that small and intelligent is going to be extremely mischievous

>>117341212oh fair enough

>>117341212Good that way I won't have to come up with an excuse for shaving my eyebrows

>>117341212>shaving off your eyebrowsFuck no. No one touches my beautiful monobrow.

>>117341212As long as they make up for it by rubbing their bod on my dick, it's ok

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>>117341179Could’ve been worse

>>117338265This is what "Sunny Miami" looks like today!

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>>117341295Shut the fuck up Squilliam>>117341773Trending and relevant

>>117341773silly, she doesn't breath

>>117341020Like normal people, a bit sunnier in disposition, possibly, though I think this'd vary quite heavily as it does with about anyone. The biggest problems for them would be stigma from humans for obvious reasons, or stigma amongst themselves for their lack of endowments or vice-versa.>>117341032Also this. Imagine the reactions normal people'd have to a human-Sunny couple. Shit would be cash.

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>>117341877The Rules state you must wear a mask in certain situations. Law says nothing about breathing.Governor of Florida was/is an idiot.

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not so sure about the pointy glasses, one of the few elements of her design I don't like

Post your Sunny ideas for a possible sketchpreferably involving TF and bulges

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>>117342162no tf but I do want to see a Sunny rubbing her bulge on something, or having it groped hard by someone

>>117342162Sunny getting a wedgie, and her entire pelvis just pops off because her bikini is part of her.

>>117342162Muscle Sunny working out (with inflating bulge)

>TFAs in ‘the fuck’?

>>117342263transformation fetish, hey you asked

>>117342392I wank to that, as well as >>117340260

>>117342591as expected

>>117342162Sunnyfied Death

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>>117342162sunnify these, should be easy enough

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>>117342162Sunny Minerva Mink

>>117342162One of Sunny's balls popping out of her swimsuit to her embarrassment or glee.

They removed her boobs in the re-release.

>>117339484Just because Fall begins in Animal Crossing tomorrow doesn't mean that applies to real life.September 22 is the beginning of Fall, it's still summer until then.Just like how Winter does not begin until more than half-way through December.

>>117343086it's okay she can weld them back on

>>117342162More of Business Sunny >>117340916

>>117343216suggesting this hairstyle for her, more business-like

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>>117342891Don't forget the gas tubes that come out of their mouths.

>>117343359I'd rather

>>117342162You are gay.

>>117343426Hey, c'mon, I was one of the guys complaining but he can still do whatever he'd like.

>>117343440He is gay.

>>117343426shut the fuck up trannie apologistif a dick is all it takes for someone to be a man, then I guess trannies who chop theirs off are really girls, right? faggot


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>>117344572Why does she have heelys

I'm gonna be honest: I find it surprising that I've seen zero Sunnies that smoke, considering it goes well with the bimbo aesthetic and the fact that she's originally from an ASHTRAY

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>>117342162Sunny corona chan

>>117345236make it the good corona-chan though

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>>117338265August is the first month of autumn, anglo scum.

Gonna peace out for the nightKeep the thread alive by posting Sunnies from the Dropbox

>>117345236>>117345299Wouldn't that be Sunny Wuhan then?

>>117345299But that's the shitty one without the qipao.

>Walking home at night>See a group of Sunnies standing near the corner where you need to crossWhat Do?

>>117346242just keep your head down and walk as fast as you can

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>>117340288He just did

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>>117348018Surprisingly less plastic than actual Lara.

>>117348098What u talkin’ bout, user?

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>>117345992utterly based

>>117348148All that sauce is coming right out of her mouth

>>117342162I talked about this in one sunny thread before it got deleted but what about a BW Sunny? Never able to find one for this character.

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>>117348554>He said utterly Hehehhe huhhuhuhehhehe

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Best thread on Holla Forums but bimbo goths make me think of this

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>>117348874So Nazi Jack Black MUST teach the Jews how to rock and roll

>>117342162Give me a Gogo Tomago sunny skating around.

>>117344733That's very true, it seems like the perfect aesthetic for a gal like her.>>117344828Post it, user


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>>117349059Hehhehehhe hehhehehehheh heh hehehhehe

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Alright! I'll admit it! I like big round bimbo tits. Those tits know what they want and they know how to get it.

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black shirt should make a tf comic with knock off sunnies.

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>>117342162if we can get a sunny moon>>117340637, surely we can get a sunny sun?

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>>117342162Tf of the snowman being rehaped into a sunny by disembodied hands

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>>117339484I don't even mind TF stuff, but it just sucks that she stopped being a character of her own for a lot of people, and just became the end result of TF.

>>117340812Yes, >>117339484 but I think she just gets commissioned to draw her a lot. She was also on a podcast where she said she has a fetish for laying eggs.


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>>117351539She also has a vomit fetish

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>>117351500Short set up a precedent for variants with Sunny Atlantis and the piss simple design is an open invitation to keep making more.

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>>117351065God I hate THAT GUY so much.

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>>117340943>we're saying that we don't want you to do your own thing.fascist asshole

>>117352790not a fascist, just saying you're a problem

>>117352156Variants are cool, I mean more the fact that many of the pics aren't really Sunny, or even Sunny variants, but unrelated characters cosplaying.

>>117342162how about Queen Gert and Queen Cloudia from I Hate Fairyland as Sunnies?Queen Cloudia reference;

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>>117340496I genuinely think CG, or more geometric fanart is the best stuff for the character.

>tfw your favorite sunny is that pink one but none of their content is SFW for this boardfeels bad bros

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>>117342162Sunny pressing her breasts against Woody.

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>tfw a tf fetishists and Sunny Miami doesn't do anything for you as a transformation jackoff>But the idea of her as a character is far more interesting and untapped potential

>>117342162the Kanker Sisters and Edd getting turned into Sunnies, the Kankers into the standard super busty Sunny model, Edd into a buff male Sunny equivalent* with a huge bulgeKankers can have bulges too if you want*I guess that would be "Sonny" instead, definitely something I'm surprised hasn't really happened yet, you'd think doing a male version of the Sunny concept would be a no brainer

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>>117348254Why is she melting/peeing herself?

>>117349022Here we go.>>117351500Yeah, that was talked about a bit earlier ITT. I'm on the "should be her own person" side but frankly if ever Sunny threads crop up in the future I'd personally avoid talking about it, it just leads to arguing, case in point a few posts above.

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>>117352868I gotchu

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>>117353280wow this one is pretty old but its new to me, bless you user. added to the mooami collection

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post characters you're sad never got Sunnied

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>>117354650Blame the usual fags in denial that have cock on the brain at all times.

>>117354650Is that Sunny Hawaii a real pixar girl or is it just a wishful thinking thing?

>>117339945>Search "knick_knack" and "shy_gal">0 Results

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Get in

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>>117357158>>117352529Would love to get an actual figures out of these

>>117354713>>117354650it's not a cock it's a bulgeit doesn't exist to fuck things, only to be groped and rubbed

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>>117349580>inb4 “A WHOLE DAY FOR ONE CRAPPY STICKMAN SKETCH?”it’s Tuesday and I’m no Picasso, alright

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>>117362386Looks fucking neat, user. Thanks!

bulge could just be a dildo that's stuck in there guys


>>117338265Do sunnys give good hugs?

>>117359570an actual hole >>>>> poopy dick

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What is it about sunny miami and bimbos in general that just feels right

>>117360838This works way too well.

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Attached: 52.png (1100x1500, 254.38K)

Attached: 3606839 - Knick_Knack Snowman Sunny_Miami bleedingpervert.png (2051x1765, 785.79K)

>>117366049>>117366097Anon, blue board.


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Unironically wish this thread was on /aco/ or even /trash/, something where you could post the good shit, just not a blueboard

>>117367447Nobody is stopping you from making one there and crossboard linking it. I'm sure you have a handful to kick a thread off.

>>117367447you can link from the drawthread

>>117367447Pretty sure /aco/ attacks and destroys any Sunny thread that pops up. They usually only endure on /trash/.

>>117340234fucking this

>>117369679There's a sunny drawthread going on?

>>117362386Very nice. It works well for her, already being a low detail stick girl

>>117362637I like to think of it as something completely separate, like a stress ball you can rub and squeeze

>>117369789I think he meant the regular drawthread. They allow OC, but I doubt the guy is posting OC

Saving this thread

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>YWN be gangbanged by SunniesWhy live?


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>>117372677I'd enjoy a neat game or short based on General Sunny and the rest of the knick knacks or toys protecting the store from a robber.


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>>117372740Zoe's art can be pretty cute.


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Holla Forums Sunny thread: >>>Holla Forums523163343

>>117373056That thread is garbage.

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Attached: 1545277880.noonun_sunnysmurfette-noonun.png (810x1550, 227.21K)


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>>117373130At least they have actual porn.


Attached: 802343_lewdicrousart_knick-knack.png (410x541, 78.1K)

Ya couldn't contain in one thread huh? ya had to spread to Holla Forums as well?


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Alright who do I have to fight to get a writefag to do a story about user being constantly groped and molested by Sunnies?


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Are they hard plastic or are they soft and bouncy like rubber?

>>117373653Rubbery but firm, very difficult to damage or hurt in any circumstance.


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Attached: 1545278793.noonun_sunnyzero-noonun.png (400x800, 163.02K)

>>117373665I wish they would rub my firm penis in any circumstance


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>>117373665Would you be able to get a titfuck from a Sunny?Their boobs seem pretty stuck together

>>117373800Depends on who's drawing them. I'd always personally be inclined to say 'yes'.

>>117338265shame there's no such thing as an adult co board where we could post and discuss adult co topic


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>>117374115Alright lads, gotta sleep but if the thread is still here tomorrow I will continue.

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stay alive

I wish sunny miamifags weren't so autistic

>>117375531Don't worry, scrapper found the thread and he's autistic enough to keep it alive all the way to bumplimit all by himself. If he can quit oogling lolis or fucking his dog long enough to hit the post button, that is.

Hello, i'm the fellow who drew this monstrosity >>117340321>>117375798oh.........Anyways, if you got any ideas for me, let me know.

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>>117373558Maybe tomorrow. Give me some more guidlines to keep in mind if I try

>>117375974>ideasA proper madotsuki Sunny.Given your weird fetish, I'm just going to assume you know what "madotsuki" refers to.

>>117375974I'm talking more about the inflation and bimbofagsyou're cool I think



>>117375974how about >>117352947?

>>117373016What is going on in that pic?

>>117377985>What is going on in that pic?Sunny Cult initiating a new member and catching an infiltrator(who will probably become another Sunny very shortly)

Has there been a Velma Dinkley Sunny? I’m thinking about drawing one and I wouldn’t mind seeing how other people have drawn her.

>That post apocalyptic Sunny story will never be completed>Sunny Sunil never got drawnsadness

>>117378655There was but it was deviantart tier so if you could redo it that would be great

>>117380564Wait what? Was there a prompt for it?

>>117381829It was pretty much>Sunnies spread like a virus though fucking and pheromones, but discovers that he's immune after getting caught by another survivor that was recently turned.It should be in the archive if you look up "Sunny Sunil"


>>117382999squeak squeak!!

>>117382071That actually sounds like heaven. A world full of sunny miamis

>>117382071Why can't we get the good diseases

>>117383786Only if you're immune

>>117384788As if being a slutty sunny is a bad thing..

>>117386232I prefer the idea of fucking Sunnies to being one personally

>>117386523eh, to each their own. I personally would love to be a yummy sunny, maybe have a bulge hehehee

>>117384788>He wouldn't want to be sunny miamiThis is a win any way you slice it

>>117386523Well of course that's the ideal but there wouldn't be no downsides to being a sunny either

>>117373016>Pentagram done up to resemble a SunnyNice.

>>117345992>it's been almost a year since it got an updatewhy not make a booru that anyone could update?

>>117387908I like that idea because then we don't have to look through all the files and more convenient to look at

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>>117389598>>117391712Neat. More art should emphasize additional aspects of doll anatomy even if they're not explicitly robo sunnies

>>117391880Really just depends on the artist interpretation. Remember she isn't a doll but a cast figure

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Why God? Why did you curse me with this love of bouncy buxom blonde babes?

>>117392945Is it really a curse if you love it so?

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>>117392396>Sunny Vickyhonestly kinda surprised there aren't more Sunny versions of FOP characters, it's a show that would be a good fit for the concept, not too far off from what the show itself would do

>>117393127Imagine Chloe becoming a sunny version of her adult design

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wish theres sfm smut

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>>117373305>that one pic with her starfish popped off revealing fuck holes in her tits

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>>117395167>That Mermaid Jackie Edit of that pic

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>>117395414Give me it, now

>>117396364I can't, I'd get banned

>>117396713That's why it's stupid this thread is on a blue board.

>>117396748but we'd expose the character to more people this way

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>>117395414>>117396713You can post it here >>>/aco/4371881and link it


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>>117398464neat they remembered the hoops, I think someone else tried to do a Sunny Panda a while ago and forgot them even though that's one of Panda's most identifiable traits(like her creator has drawn her hundreds of times and while he's drawn her in different outfits and hairstyles even, he's only drawn her without the hoops like maybe twice)

Someone should draw a Sunny Coomer

>>117400255ok you do it


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>>117400255The 0-faced one.

>>117400179Very nice. Who is this one supposed to be?


>>117403448Some OC


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Fun in the sun

Summertime summertime


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>>117409459I haven't seen this variation

>>117409584That's because he drew both the bikini and leotard versions in that thread, and put the leotard version on imgur when he posted the bikini version.. Can't remember if it was because the thread was at image limit or he was just too lazy to make two posts.

>>117409652Ah. We really should have a booru this is too much to keep track of.


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>>117412801This one looks kinda like Omnibabe

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haunted sunny figure that listens to all your vaporwave album and calls you a bitch

>>117413709>Be at home on the weekend listening to vaporwave on blast with sunny miami relaxing next to you>close your eyes while listening to the album> Open your eyes during the middle of a song>Turn to sunny> She turns to you>She motions for you to turn the song down for a bit because she wants to tell you something> You lower the volume and lean in ear turned to her>She says "bitch" in your ear> Scoff and turn the volume back up


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>>117414202What would Sunny even sound like?

>>117413709>>117414202Those are bold words for someone within hotglue distance

>>117415493I would hope she sounds like a blonde.


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>>117415493>What would Sunny even sound like?something like Malibu Stacy comes to mind;

>>117417008She seems sassier than that though.

>>117417008>>117417133So just an edgier more bluntly blonde valley girl?

>>117417133>>117417898a key part of it would be that her voice sounds fake, like how recorded voices on old toys often sound

>>117418039I thought she was just a figure no voice box

>>117418321she can be anything from a vinyl cast to a robot

>>117418343Isn't she part of an ashtray? I assumed she was porcelain.

>>117418400That's what I thought too


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>>117353280She looks cute. I want to boop her little head too. :3c

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>>117342162mr dink's tf would be very expensive

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