>Uses a wig to hide her secret identityWouldn't it be smarter to use a full face mask?

>Uses a wig to hide her secret identityWouldn't it be smarter to use a full face mask?

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>>117329723>PrimerJust my type.

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>>117329757She has daddy issues, so Hal has a decent shot with her.

Would be. Especially since her deadbeat criminal dad immediately recognized her.


>>117329723>Wouldn't it be smarter to use a full face mask?Yes but then we couldn't see how cute she is.>>117329771Shouldn't you be in a mental health hospital or something?

>>117329723Is alright, she has glasses.

>>117329757I don't get this meme. Is this just because Hal Jordan beats up kids like Ben 10?

It worked pretty well for her

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>>117331370Its because Hal Jordan has a certain preferences.

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>>117331778Is this shit for real?

>>117331894The artwork is.But the top and bottom panels are from different times and issues. The "moments later" is from who-know-where.

>>117331894Not as quick as that imagen implies but yes it hapened. And yes it was awkward both in universe and in real life.

>goggles, wig, random paint splotchesIt's not a terrible as far as disguises go.

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>>117332588Thumbnail always looks like she's half covered in blood.

>>117331894>he doesn't know about Hal's pedo adventures

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>>117332739How many up and coming heroes has Hal casting couched?

>>117329723>Smarteryou're implying that the writers are smart. She's a dumb hero concept that got shitted out because it's "quirky"

>>117332869Superman doesn't wear a mask.

>>117331384chicken bondage shorts

>>117329723>Wouldn't it be smarter to use a full face mask?A full zentai suit would be the best disguise.

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So, uh, just to make sure: she's definitely underage, right? I need to know that right now so I don't do anything I regret.

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>>117333110She's a very thicc 13. I feel like exceptions can be made.

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>>117332721She is. Superhero blood. Also spit, sweat and god knows what else.

>>117333110she's 13, a solid six years over the ideal legal limit

>>117333110She can become any age with her paints.

>>117333110She's adult coded.


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>>117333110>blue greenShe's as old as you want her to be

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>>117332739>aliens all have the same sens eof morals as we doUh.

>>117332721Do you have any idea the sorts of things that Batman has bled out? Or what a urine sample from Superman could be distilled into? Do you any clue what a blood screening of Ra's Ah Ghoul would show? Why is it green? Where does metallic gold come from? Some things are best glossed over.

>>117333208That's not one of her powers.She can have super intelligence, which you could argue is enough to give her the maturity of an adult, but that's sketchy at best.


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>>117333257Shapeshifting doesn't change mental age.

>>117333283And speak english.

>>117333257That's definitely not blue green paint in the picture.

>>117333640Just add Dark Blue. Blue Green so she can shapeshift into an older body and Dark Blue to increase her IQ and age her up mentally.

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>>117333716Int doesn't directly increase maturity, you needs wisdom for that.That's why Shazam counts as an adult.

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>>117333716Sorry pal, the only way you can get away with fucking her is if she uses Salmon or Neon green to make you do it.And even then you're on thin ice.

>>117333925She'd still be smart enough to understand the potential consequences of engaging in sexual activity.

>>117333962I never liked that edit

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>>117333962Doesn't even look like ahegao, more like she's having a seizure.

>>117333968But necessarily more responsible about it. Her crime fighting outfit is shorts and a tanktop so we already know she doesn't make the most responsible decisions.

>>117334493I think it's safe to say she chose the shorts/tanktop as a means to show off her body painting but also because of a lack of any other real alternatives. She didn't have the resources or means to buy or make any sort of armor. And she does end up using a military grade suit that gets given to her. So she's at least responsible enough to use something better when given the option.

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>>117334698At least she has proper footwear and gloves, and the kneepads are a good idea, more non-invulnerable heroes should wear them.

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>>117333640Not acording to Hal Jordan.

>>117332739Anyone has thatpage where Arisia regrets what she did an calls for her mom?

>>117335108Did Hal ever make that claim? He might not have even cared about her mental age tbqh.

>>117335108Actually yes according to Hal, he still saw her as a child in her aged up (and not just shapeshifted) form, and wouldn't date her until after years of convincing.

>>117329757Could she dom him?

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>>117333962fucking based.

>>117333143uh, wuh wuh, red fuh-lag!

>all this overthinking over what you masturbate toSo this is what terminal coomerism looks like

>>117334698I do hate the new suit though. Her body paint designs add a lot of whimsy and personality to her, it's part of what makes her introduction so well done in my opinion, so I hope if/when she comes back DC doesn't ruin that.

>>117336434so she's going to spray her face? or see what crime is happening. chose paint, spray, then cover up?

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>>117336581Yeah the suit has little capsules on a utility belt so I imagine it's so she can quickly pick her 1-3 paints and put them on her face

>>117331957>Not recognizing SpongeBob time cardsGoddamnit user, it's too early for me to feel old

>>117331894>>117331778somebody post the thing of him hitting on supergirl

>>117336434Whimsy and personality have no place in DC. Enjoy seeing her reduced to another generic superhero if she gets an ongoing.I still say the suit is going to be like Mega Man and change color/design after the suit sprays her from inside with the paint.

>>117332588Is better than just some stupid glasses.

>>117336979Maybe but given that she's an artist and did like patterns when she got the chance it would still lose quite a bit imo.

>>117333110Officially 13. But art suggests they just wanted a teen and the executives picked an age to appeal to. Because let's be honest she could be anywhere from 9 to 17 and the story wouldn't change.

>>117333640Her mental age is whatever age the writer is.

>>117333143>Out of the clockOLD HAG

>>117332739>>117335168Because Hal Jordan likes then young and plucky.

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>>117334093I want to snuggle her so bad

>>117337803LOL, so wait, how old is she now?

>>117329723>paint is some sciency shitwon't she run out of special paint at some point?

>>117336919I suspected SpongeBob but never watched it and didn't want to make a positive claim.>>117337823You don't get to be a test pilot by being stupid. Hal's poor decisions are the writer's fault. And then they became a meme.(Though many of the Mercury astronauts were infamously randy. More groupies than most rock stars get.)

>>117329723So it's a stealth zentai fetish thread, is it?

>>117338298It's supposed to regenerate. But slowly, so she has to not over-use any particular one.At least the writers thought ahead.There was a Golden Age comic hero called "Catman". His gimmick was that he died in every issue.That was dropped when someone realized he'd be limited to just 9 issues.

>>117338470she's every fetish

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Is Jerkdouglas the artist for this? She looks just like the Stingcheese girl.

Alright faggots, you get to choose 3.

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>>117338090They rebooted continuity and so far they never mentioned she was originally a tween.

>>117338653Are two all colors in her briefcase or she has to mix some of them to get the weird ones like Blue green or Salmon?

>>117333110Does it matter?

>>117337823Om amazed Hal never got cancelled.

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>>117337823It's not Hal's fault he's irresistible.

>>117329723oh I get it, because of the virus!

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>>117340716I feel is less a Hal Jordan thing and more of DC weird choices in writing, like remember that time there was a push to make Mary Marvel some sort of super slut? And she was too a kid in an adults body.

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>>117333640She saw her father shoot a man, that automatically adds 10 years to anyone's mental age.

>>117341239>saw her father shoot a manShe helped her father shoot a cop.

Attached: Primer-076.jpg (1815x2640, 852.84K)

>>117334093Is that pepper spray?

>>117340515Every color is its own separate paint. No mixing required.And she can only have three on her at once. Any more and her body painfully rejects it.

>>117333034this some reddit code?

>>117336097Only if Lavender turns off his ring, which it shouldn't

>>117338090This was after she got amnesia and lost all her memories since aging herself up.

>>117338298They have Wolverines Regenerative healing factor.

>>117343931How would her parents react?

>>117338653If brown works as well as I think,Brown, Black, and Blue Purple.

>>117344143However she wants them too with Salmon.

>>117331778>>117332739IIRC, wasn't there something about her species aging differently that made this a weird way to broach the subject?

>>117344268Her planet circles around the sun twice as fast as earth but in earth years she is 14.

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>>117344259Probably keeps Hal as a sex slave

>>117344059Yeah but that was still short term memory loss she was technically a girl in a woman's body.

>>117341806Yeah, after being yelled at by her obviously and probably abusive father. Doesn't help throughout the whole book he's practically possessive of her. In a Macho Man Miss Elizabeth kinda way (hint: that's not a good thing)

>>117341806Helped her father shoot a cop. Pretty awesomesauce if you ask me

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>>117345049Yeah don't she know all cops are evil? and being arrested is always unfair?

>>117344504Culturally, age of consent is always lower than age of recruitment, so honestly if she's old enough to fight and die on the front lines as a soldier, she should be able to fuck if she wants to.And she REALLY wants to.

>>117345704meant for >>117344524

>>117345704Well, at least Hal can have a roof over his head instead of bumming around

>>117344504She really doesn't have the means to keep Hal controlled, but he tells people she does.

>>117345752>Officer! She raped me!

>>117340629Eh, as long as it's a girl...or...

>>117345771>"Honestly officer, she mind controlled me">"Aren't you like, the willpower guy?"

>>117345818She can be a boy if you want.She can also be really tiny but also stretchy.

>>117345891>She’s very powerful! She rode me all night long! You must believe me!

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>>117345973>Aren't you apart of the Justice League? She's way too green in the hero department to be 'powerful'.

>>117338653Purple, Red Violet and Gold combo

>>117346387>Please! She’s a new female character! You know how it is! I had to be weak! I kept on begging but she wouldn’t stop! She said good cocks don’t speak and made me call her mommy! I swear to the Guardians!

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>>117345924>tiny but super stretchyPrimer can be used as a literal sex sleeve

>>117346426>Tell that to the judge

>>117346927>Oh no!

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>>117346426>"Good cocks don't speak, now call me mommy"I'm getting conflicting orders here.

>>117347463That is how you know he’s lying

>>117345704Here is how the timeline goes:>Arisia is a young plucky green lantern>Has a crush on Hal the man Jordan>Makes her costume skimpy to catch his attention >He says no>Grows a hot body using the ring>He says OK>Fuck and move to the same apartmentHere is the thing if you used alien magic to become and adult because someone told you you aren't mature enough then you aren't mentally mature yet.

>>117329723She looks like Zoe from League.

>2020 and Hal still can’t escape being a pedoPrimer x Hal is cute though I guess

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>>117347571I can't wait for the 'fanart'

>>117347463It's a girl going on a power trip mind breaking fully fledged heroes, it doesn't need to make sense.

Attached: mind crush.jpg (810x1080, 422.09K)

>>117347658Here’s hoping for Ashley domming him

>>117347714I like to think she keeps Hal on a leash

>>117338653I guarantee you that if she continues being a thing there absolutely will be a plot device that lets her use them all at once at some point.

>>117332588It kind of reminds me of Mad Max Fury Road

Attached: maxresdefault (2).jpg (1280x720, 44.17K)

>>117347924The 34th colour, Neon White, all of the powers all of the time

>>117348051Chrome would have been a cool color for more punk Primer

Attached: 1598010387592.png (646x1365, 1.93M)

>>117329723I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed this, but as a DMV native it's grating how the backgrounds in the comic look nothing like DC. I mean, there's a bajillion photographs of the Mall and they couldn't have just used one as a reference?It's unfortunate because otherwise I really like the comic.

>>117333257>>117336120I'm very glad this is becoming A Thing.

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>>117337692technically, 24 is of the clock if you go by military time

Attached: Now, heres the Thing....jpg (263x259, 41.45K)

>character is a 13 year old girl>let's design her as sexy as possibleHow is this allowed?

Attached: Primer (2).jpg (1500x2306, 850.13K)

I kinda want Primer to be Hal's sidekick now...

>>117348837Does she dress like Arisia?

>>117348837Green is flight. Though there's a number of other greens that don't have anything to do with GL powers Primer being an event/crisis GL Deputy would get messy. Imagine the ring arguments."You can't use any color other than green!""I've got flight powers, a backpack of stun paint to use on rioters, and I already have a criminal record! You're here to stop bullets and to make a boxing glove when you're told to. So behave.""When you end up paint-wrestling the young Catwoman, I'm not going to give you super strength."

>>117348878Well, I think she'd have a green version of her suit or the tank/shorts.>>117348998Green and black would give her flight and kinetic energy control, I'm sure she could bastardize a GLs basic powrset.

>>117348837Yeah, could be cute,

>>117348837Will she rape Hal as he thinks about Carol?

>>117349145White is also allowed I believe

>>117349214He tries to, but ends up screaming Ashley’s name by the end and is left ashamed

>>117349214>>117349244Primer doming Hal would be... yes.

>>117349358Poor Hal’s pelvis

>>117333257Primer finds herself in trouble when she realized the paint causes her to rapidly grow in age every time she uses it.>The mom starts acting passive aggressive around her and the foster dad acts a little to friendly more and more.

>>117349502>Keeps asking if her back hurts, hoping her daughter will want the surgery to decrease her breast size.

>>117348837You just know Primer is gonna team up with a random superhero for more sales, and one day she will team up with Hal. Screencap this.

>>117349747They've already teased that Batman exists in her own book. It's just a matter of time.

>>117349747It's more likely she'll team up with Wonder Woman to start with. Though I can see a Teen Titans crossover working as well

>>117349862I don't think Hal will be the first, I think Hal with be an eventuality.

>>117333257More art when?

Attached: 1598714927376.png (4232x3330, 3.46M)

>>117349358>>117349502the real big brain move is for Ashley to pull an Arisa and lure in Hal with her mature body then wipe off the blue green paint

>>117350245>That spoilerHal only gets harder.

>>117350290Does she blackmail him into being her pet?

What is the upper limit of her strength? She caught a falling plane, how strong is that?

Attached: cutearmpits.jpg (573x873, 381.19K)

>>117350302She has ESP so she can dig up all the dirt she needs

>>117350290yes but he'd be ashamed about it

>>117350361Probably teases him when she finds out about his tastes

>>117348408fucking A.

>>117350379Where's the pastebin story of this?

>>117350645In dreams

>>117348576The right timeline

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>>117348576>>117351067Between her and Miko it's been a banner year for thicc teens.

>>117351139Even hrer final outfit is similar to Miko

>>117350337Probably not too big. The paint probably has a limiter.

>>117351139Thighs thicc enough to crush a mans skull

Attached: primerarmsup.jpg (850x966, 521.34K)

>>117351792No wonder she's a fan favorite already

>>117351741Does it though? The paints were made using meta human DNA so I would imagine the limitations on any power are those that the DNA donor may have had. I'm not sure the military would include any limitations on purpose except maybe a time limit

>>117344487Why would an alien species mature on the same time scale as humans?

>>117352999Why wouldn't they? One of the Guardians, can't remember which, said that alien species in the same space sector tend to evolve along similar lines.

>>117348251At least you're not an airplane pilot.

>>117353050Because it doesn't make sense. What you said makes even less sense. I understand that this sort of bullshit hand waves are common in capeshit, but still, it's stupid.

>>117352999I don't know, but the point is that she is still immature, Her planet might surrund the sun in half the time but her species still age similar to humans, she might be 28 in her planet but 28 for them is still consider being a kid.

>>117352999They don't. She's of age back on her planet, just not by earth standards.

>>117333283even aliens knows its weird to fuck kidspedoshits on death watch

>>117345704Agreed. Pretty much how the US military handles drinking. You may not be allowed to drink since the age is 21 (recruitment starts at 18). But on base you can drink with limits. Same I would think would apply for fucking other aliens as you zip around the sector with a target on your back.

>>117353176The panspermia theory was more-proven when it was discovered that Earth is leaving a trail, a light, hard to detect trail of atmosphere behind it as it orbits. And that means airborne bacteria. Granted, that would mean a spread of things like bread mold, not human building blocks. So yeah, things spread over the course of a few billion years. And that's not counting the "why does the planet of horses suddenly have a small island of centaurs on it?" "Prone to evolve along similar lines"? Similar to the Ancient Astronauts who bring their own beer, maybe.

>>117338653Golden Rod, Indigo and Pink

>>117348576most normies are conditioned in a way that they would look at this an unironically be able to say they find nothing sexual about thisof course they'd be lying, but they'd be lying so hard that they'd convince themselves they're telling the truth but we know better

Attached: nothinpersonnel.jpg (1614x1342, 1.44M)

choose Holla Forums>aPrimer joins the DCU and becomes a prevalent character>bRemains as part of an independent and totally separate Universe that in itself, becomes a big name

>>117338653Black, Chestnut, Neon Green

>>1173545753rd option, Primer joins the DCU and begins a series of team ups where she tries to mimic her partners colour pattern or powerset

>>117331894Oh yes. All of it....

Attached: Ashley.jpg (633x565, 216.31K)

>>117352849>DNA donorSo the Paint IS experimental sperm

>>117350695Make them a reality then

>>117337803Who doesn't?

Attached: Z.jpg (266x190, 11.53K)

>>117355576>Hal takes it like a pathetic virginHe may have beaten Ben but he lost to the cock.


>>117355647A man helped worked on that comic tho

>>117354575A so she becomes Hal’s wife

>>117355787Hal would drop her the moment she turned 18

>>117355799Comic book time makes that last a while

>>117332588It's not about the face, it's about the description.

>>11733750413 year old girls do have tits you know

>>117355587Cute underaged boys don't top. Ben's just an aggressive power bottom, which Hal isn't quite prepared to handle...

Attached: c56.png (700x700, 115.48K)

>>117355963Losing to boipucci isn't much better

Attached: he has seen some shit.jpg (452x564, 144.36K)

>>117338653Dark Blue, Gold, Indigo

>>117355799Comic time probably makes that impossible.

The way Primer uses her stretchy powers is unsettling as fuck

Attached: howhorrifying.jpg (760x658, 309.75K)

>>117355787Hal likes them with the boobs of a super model and the mind of a 13 years old.

>>117356186That's what the intelligence paint is for

>>117331778>James OsleyLol never knew Priest wrote this>>117337823She gets bold later on and he turns her down but the sinple fact he keeps reminding himself of her age is because he wants her but knows she's forbidden fruit.It was good that he stopped himelf, I guess he knew that if he didn't Superman and Batman would have killed him.

>>117356186Do people catch him staring at her tits?

>>117356127Can get into some really wild body horror with this.PUT BENNET ON IT STAT

>>117329723well yeah but a lot of superheroes like superman or robin get away with barely having a disguise

>>117348576>>117348408I wish we were still living in 2013 so I could draw some Big Tiddie Primer fanarts without getting my head cut off by random kids on twitter.

Attached: 1570413388522.jpg (1920x2160, 2.68M)

>>117356127I'm not proud of making this.

Attached: Hal and his Mommy.jpg (758x658, 80.16K)

>>117357280You should be, that’s some good work

>>117357280Oh no no no Halbros...

>>117357233You can still do it here! This guy >>117333257 had the courage, follow his lead!

>>117357280Can you do more?

>>117357233You can still do it. I believe in you user.


So why are you guys losing your mind over this book

>>117350337We'll never know. Matter can't take forces superheroes can exert. Remember in All-Star Superman he's being tested against a piston which is exerting six sexzillion tons of pressure. What's it made of? And braced against?The diamond anvils which can squeeze hydrogen into a metal are relatively tissue paper.

Attached: Walt Disney's Donald Duck Adventures 34-07.jpg (969x1403, 545.29K)

>>117358266Some people are pretending to be butthurt about her being overpowered or a mary sue or whatever so they can have a stupid argument, but I think most of us just think she's cute.

>>117358320I think the idea is interesting AND she's cute

>>117358320I exclusively lurk these threads because she is insanely cute. Goddamn.

>>117358266I'm just losing my mind, it has nothing to do with this book per se.

>>117333143>>117333257>>117336120>>117348408Maybe it's because she's already somewhat thick, or maybe it's the white tank top, but for some reason I feel like her having a large bust just naturally suits her design, unrelated to the fact that I'm a pervert.

Attached: sickos.png (152x254, 40.48K)

>>117359678>unrelated to the fact that I'm a pervert.I sure this is totally unrelated


Attached: smug.jpg (248x248, 44.64K)

>>117354575If I had a choice B but if she became popular there's no way they wouldn't add her to the main continuity

So I understand that her power-paints slowly regenerate in their original containers, but is there a time limit for them to remain effective outside of the containers? Or can she just stockpile the paints by pouring them into separate vials on the days she doesn't use them? Also is there any indication that the amount of paint applied affects the strength of the granted super-power?

>>117360554Without checking, I'd assume they go inert after enough time unapplied or out of the container.

>>117338653Red violet, indigo and dark green.

>>117353050but Arisia is from a different sector too

>>117360554>the amount of paint applied affects the strength of the granted super-power?I'm not sure but it would give a reason for the excessive body painting. Which is part of Primers charm.Also, if that were the case she'd need to go fully nude to reach her maximum potential power level

Attached: 1597674203951.jpg (1815x2640, 1.06M)

So what would be the most powerful semen for her to hold in her pussyYou know, when she grows up

>>117360779Which one?

>>117329723God Dammit Bros. I love her so much.

Attached: Primer Colages.png (1129x957, 1.75M)

>>117360238The fact that I can't come up with an example of where I wouldn't think huge breasts were better doesn't mean I'm wrong about it this time.

>>117362086But she's a cocky brat who grew up under a criminal dad who taught her how to do dirty tricks.

>>117362501That doesn't stop her from being extremely attractive.

bigger titties and bit slimmer.

Attached: 1598931535304edit.jpg (1230x1438, 283.07K)

>>117362745>slimmerBoooooo. (Actually I'll admit it does look better your way, but I had to check to make sure)

Attached: 1598988765867 - Copy.jpg (1230x1438, 543.09K)

>>117363042np. i'm hoping someone(s) are posting the big tit edits elsewhere :D

>>117357280Bet she fingers him


>>117358291>What's it made of? And braced against?Space machines built by the super science equivalent of willy wonka.


>>117329946So does Hal


Attached: Selfie Green Lantern.png (563x384, 398.8K)

>>117367806Basted in Based


>>117367806This is gonna go far.

>>117362086Where's the middle picture from?

>>117368683Hal just can't stop himself. Just look at that post nut face.

>>117369185Just part of being a sex slave

>>117329723>smarterhere is the problem user

>>117367806Hal just can't win!

Attached: 5031.jpg (244x224, 39.87K)

>>117369185Hal really must agree with her name, after all, she's in her Prime(r)

>>117348837>tfw your sidekick doms you in the bedroom

>>117369447That is unreasonably hot.

>>117370247Just the power exchange. Hal leads in public, behind the scenes he’s killed dry for his mistress

>>117370265>No greentext of this scenarioThis kinda hurts.

Lets make this a thing.

Attached: beat down.jpg (651x546, 107.67K)

>>117370689>that sudden gray stripeDid she kick his ass into next year?

>>117370689Blessed. And let’s.

>>117370733Not the first time someone gets bated so hard previous version of them feel the beatdown.

Attached: Futures+End1[1].jpg (1600x1230, 707.14K)

Editfriend, I sumbit this image for Hal Jordonification. If it's not too much trouble to ask, that is.

Attached: primer57.jpg (1795x2015, 1.9M)

>>117370689Who can stop the path of Ash?

>>117370950Team Rocket? Wait, wrong Ash.

>>117369338Are you sure this isn't a win?

>>117371161This>tfw no Primer gf to dom you

>>117371161He lost to the cunny. A loss is still a loss, even if you enjoyed losing.

Attached: 2534.jpg (301x250, 54.43K)

>>117355931And 17 year olds have abusive parents. The childhood experience doesn't really drastically change unless they have a car.

>>117369024It's from gretlusky the Comic's artist instagram page

Attached: 2020-09-01.png (449x694, 407.23K)

>>117371276And Saved!

>>117371240Does she at least give him milkies?

>>117357755>>117357362Thank you for the words of encouragement. They give me hope.Have a lil sketch for now.

Attached: Primer Lil Sketch.png (439x773, 108.73K)

>>117372244Looks good user. Keep up the Dream.

>>117370855If you get me an image where Hal looks like the military dude I'll do it, in the meantime have something wholesome?

Attached: primer hal.png (472x484, 384.6K)

>>117372244Looks nice.

I like her early look, but I still think the tanktop and jeans since it fits her personality and gimmick better

>>117372500I forgot the image

Attached: Primer3-scaled[1].jpg (696x564, 61.49K)

>>117372413Thanks, I'll see what I can turn up

>>117372244Hell yeah.

>>117338653I already told you white, gold and yellow will fit most situations and has the best time management potential for keeping a secret identity.

>>117372500Absolutely. Not a big fan of the official super suit.

Attached: EcG7phqVAAA0MMo.png (375x604, 230.95K)

>>117372244checked and top notch work, keep it up my man

>>117373861she looks like she sold out and is wearing the brand of some art/drawing computer program as a sponsor

>>117372244All big tiddy Primers are a blessing

>>117374352That outfit was designed and given to her by the military. She's probably going to drop it for clashing with her free spirit or just rip the arms and legs off

Attached: Her Lucky Jersey.jpg (370x329, 126.13K)

>>117375477>grossget a load of this fag

>>117377157I'm pretty certain Luke is actually gay. He keeps his locker full of wigs and seems to carry a them around all the time.

Attached: 1342.jpg (727x1044, 421.26K)

>>117377226tl;dr yeah he's probably a closet fagbut what if other characters have superpowers and it works similarly to Primer's but through different items, basically people can access dormant abilities through the use of (specific item + certain color)so Luke has a secret identity too and he accesses his abilities through different colored wigs, or there could be someone who accesses different powers through different colored rings


Attached: 44fryw.png (500x232, 15.47K)

>>117341188>>117340716It's not just DC. Remember when Carol Danvers gave birth to her own rapist lover?

>>117354569>those hips>that ass>13why

>>117377299>there could be someone who accesses different powers through different colored ringsColour coded super power rings sound retarded as fuck. The wigs could work tho, if you dyed them with the same paint that Primers uses.

>>117377385Why not?

>>117377355Shit was weird


Attached: fixed.png (1620x2050, 1M)

>>117373861No-one seem to like the boring flight suit I imagine they will have her drop it after a story or two

>>117377520This still has the same problem of feeling untrue to the characters personality

>>117377520Legit better. But I think she could still stand to lose the leggings

>>117370689Primer vs Ms. Marvel, who wins?

>>117377351You want to throw soiled clothes in a black gay kids face?

>>117377566The other way around idiot

>>117377566Someone needs to teach that kid the joys in life.

>>117377556Primer has potentially reality warping powers that should answer the question

>>117377574Well then you should have been more specific how the fuck was I meant to know that

>>117329723>>117332588tmblr the comic?

Attached: 61d[1].jpg (1200x1882, 491.62K)

>>117377594I would think it's obvious user since we're going gaga over the girl here. Do better math.

>>117377620Primer gives me a more Gwenpool vibe. Also we like Primer here.

>>117377628>Also we like Primer here.No we don't you echo chamber cocksucker.

>>117377620If that's what you are looking for you'll definitely find it in this book but it also dose enough to feel like it's own thing like part of the primers backstory is she watched her father murder a cop it's pretty dark compared to the rest of the book

>>117377620I get a Mary Sue OC donut steel kinda vide from her. But in a likeable way.

Attached: primerdunksonincel.jpg (1815x2640, 741.95K)

>>117377651>No we don'tWho's 'We' user, you don't speak for me. And clearly not for the rest of the posters in here.

>>117377651I like Primer

Attached: 4013.jpg (278x284, 59.89K)

>>117377628>>117377654>>117377660so it is even more tmblr under the hood... thanks.


Attached: kitch.jpg (1514x885, 771.35K)


>>117377728if you think this a rebuttal I'm sorry to inform you - this is even more of a proof.

Attached: tumblr_oe6cdmBsBm1qc54aio1_1280[1].jpg (800x1106, 360.6K)


Attached: primers foster dad.jpg (1152x796, 172.39K)

>>117377787I can get how "not vegan == not tmblr" may be a point, but this is literally 3rd wave feminist idea of a man, perfectly encapsulated in one image. what are you trying to convince me of exactly?

>>117372413This work?

Attached: 469C4752-FFAB-4C66-86BA-49F9B9B813DF.jpg (993x1522, 1.85M)

>>117377728What's even the point? Why even eat vegan shit if you also eat steak?

>>117377879Nothing, I'm just posting the most obvious examples of tumblrtisms present in Primer. I'm not denying them.

Attached: 1597671336382.png (1635x2048, 2.05M)

>>117377884You eat vegan foods so that you can act morally superior to tjose that don't

>>117377884same reason a antitrump person would follow his tweets - for "ironic purposes".

Hal s a nerd. I don't know what Primer see's in him.

Attached: 1340169864506.png (453x432, 462.21K)

>>117378043He’s a good sub

>>117329723>primer >didnt applay an undercoat before splattering herself with paint

>>117378043Strong willpower manifesting can have many advantages

>>117377728The way I understood this was>Wife is vegan>Dude's making dinner>He's making the steak for himself because he can't stand the taste of vegan food, he's still making the vegan food though 'cause his wife is hot and their marriage solid

>>117378073Actually she sprayed the primer aerosol in her face like a retard.

Attached: 1739.jpg (1505x1793, 1.56M)

>>117378117That's what I was thinking too

>>117378043Not Hal.Criminal masquerading as him to steal from guests at swanky party.Hal should only be blamed for the **** he actually does.While he's out cold, Carol takes off the mask, see's he's not handsome and promptly loses interest in him. Talk about shallow!!!

>>117366196Please don't invoke 'science'.I prefer "It's magic so we don't gotta explain shit!"Another example of "if Stark or Richards or Pym would release their stuff, the world would quickly become unrecognizable." Not to mention they'd have more money than Bezos.I sometimes wonder why anyone in DC or Marvel would major in STEM. When Lobachevsky invented non-Euclidian geometry, Gauss claimed _he'd_ done the same years before, but never bothered to publish. What could you hope to accomplish in your entire career than one of these guys with an IQ of 5000 couldn't whip up in an afternoon?

>>117378310"Science" is just world building. It doesn't have to match up with real world physics.

Attached: Very_rare_encounter_plasma_wisp.webm (360x360, 2.11M)


Attached: primer1748.jpg (142x201, 23.25K)

>>117378119This is how you go Prometeus.

>>117377884His hot Asian wife is Vegan. Don't know what >>117377964 & >>117377989 are talking about.

>>117378690Ah okay, seems obvious now.

>>117377660Even though she has some broken powers, she's limited to using 3 and there probably is an actual power limit of what she can do. Her weakness is also getting wet, heh, which washes off the bodypaint.

>>117377950Did she even meet the Justice League?Clickbaiters should die like they lived: Executed in public.

>>117367806Halfags KNEEL to primerchads

>>117377574You want to throw a gay black kid into soiled clothes?


Attached: 1543888228417.jpg (646x595, 61.62K)

>>117337803When even Guy is judging you, that's when you've fucked up.

>>117377882I had to construct a back out of Hal's butt but here it is.

Attached: Hal in trouble.png (1104x1240, 2.1M)

>>117379505I want to smell the lucky shirt dumbass

>>117380965You’re such a Chad, user

>>117329723It worked for Hannah Montana

Attached: images (32).jpg (360x205, 13.44K)

>>117331894Arisia had a ruff childhood

Attached: Green-Lantern-Corp-213-Slave-Of-Star-Sapphire-Arisia-.png (805x1201, 2.4M)

>>1173297232020 update, nobody really scans/traces faces anymore on CCTV. They have algorithm that traces how you move (its impossible to conceal). So they read your weight height gender from motion dynamics of your body, also make some "fingerprint" for it. Then use that to trace people. All that vigilante hero bs, is really outdated. Even 100 years ago making silly mask to hide identity was silly.Yes artistic license, but recently all movies are 90% artistic licence, 10% woke and 0% logic.

>>117380965Some fine work

>>117380410You know you hit bottom of the barrel when Guy is the voice of reason.

Attached: 011[1].jpg (1600x1230, 675.31K)

>>117381269>They have algorithm that traces how you move (its impossible to conceal)

Attached: e02e5ffb5f980cd8262cf7f0ae00a4a9_press-x-to-doubt-memes-memesuper-la-noire-doubt-meme_419-238[1].jpg (800x450, 27.85K)

>>117329757Hal please, not today...

>>117381762Too late. Already in jail

Attached: 4F822DA8-8445-45B1-8623-A3E07FA81247.jpg (1041x1600, 563.4K)

>>117381840Someone edit this to fucked Primer.

>>117381647China has pretty well-developed gait detection systems on their massive network of CCTV cameras for tracking people who don't want to be tracked, so I've no doubt the US intelligence agencies have similar tech available to them. However I really dunno if the point >>117381269 made really applies to superhero vigilantes, since they're typically tracked by the local cops and maybe feds, not the fucking CIA or whoever.

>>117380965Your doing gods work, editfriend.

>>117349797>They've already teased that Batman exists in her own book. It's just a matter of time.They have already said that Prime is in continuity with the DCU, I expect her to be part of the TT after the relaunch


>>117380965Boy, that would be hard to explain to the League

>>117382990Just say she likes to cuddle but it’s purely platonic

>>117384185Well she does like cudles >>117372413

>>117384373Does she sit on his lap during JL meetings?

>>117372413>the weak should fear the strong

>>117384388with that phat ass, you bet she does.

Attached: PRIMER_1_10edit.jpg (1000x1455, 243.31K)

>>117384883What a Stacy

>>117384883Does he cum his suit?

>>117384883With the plane that close, how does she have time to put on the paints and that wig?

Attached: questionsraised.png (778x816, 148.59K)

>>117384883Is that an edit?

>>117386176It's paint.Ain't gotta explain shit.

>>117386679Fair enough

>>117372244Another one before the Thread ends

Attached: Praimer Lil Sketch 2.png (776x981, 122.41K)


>>117388350Good shit

>>117388350Excellent drawing and excellent thread.

Attached: Hal in Jail.png (818x1240, 1.84M)


>>117388350Any chance you can do one with Hal?

>>117388945If not much to ask can you do something like pic related?

Attached: c59195_6731549.png (1280x720, 394.98K)

>>117377651>we>everyone on 4chan has the same opinion as meSo sorry to disappoint you user, but you're the faggot here

Attached: unicorns.png (1152x796, 1.19M)

Attached: 1599084896285.png (1152x796, 1.3M)

>>117390357>>117390497Should the mother be edited as well?

Attached: OH BABY.png (247x387, 162.37K)


>>117380965Amazing work user.

>>117372244>>117388350Great work user, how do you give it that cut out look?

>>117381269Face scanning is still important. Tests of new algorithms which claim to work with just what shows above your coronavirus mask found they produce results hardly better than random guessing.You can change your gait with pebbles in your shoes. Old actor's trick.One of Lex Luthor's scientists used Superman's height, weight, etc. to peg him as Clark Kent. Luthor dismissed her conclusion and fired her.

Attached: 109f017c531f84d411f2ce3fd03583b5.jpg (432x514, 78.22K)

>>117392581Classic Lex

>>117329723It's probably fine. All white people look the same anyway

>>117393380Not with that posterior.

So I've been thinking about it and I've come to the conclusion that an albino with the power to nullify powers would be the best thematic arch-nemesis for Primer.

Attached: 1452484538388.png (516x589, 334.39K)

>>117394422True but most people wouldn't be able to recognize a 13 year old girl just by staring at her bum, that would be sillyhaha

>>117384883based user!


Ship Primer with other Green Lanterns? Jess?

Attached: 1570847579214.png (1920x1080, 3.19M)

>>117394829Too gay

>>117394452that'd be a good idea if it weren't for the fact that she already has the power to nullify powers >>117338653>28. Lavender: Power Nullification

>>117338653dark blue then choose the other 2

>>117395348I think it would be a contest of who could nullify the others power first. Either that or her arch could be a power thief.

>>117394829Hmmmm. We would have to test it out.

>>117395648What's the name of the DC android that steals powers something like that would be interesting


>>117396348Amazo, but he copies powers not steal them.

>>117329723Death Battle when?

>>117373861It's most likely going to work like Mega Man and change colors/designs as she switches paints, no doubt letting her customize the patterns to keep some of her ability to customize her looks.>>117377531Get used to it, because they need to make her marketable in proper superhero fashion.

>>117396479The problem is we have only seen a small percentage of powers and combos even with the ones we have seen we haven't seen enough feats to compare with other characters like how fast is she compared to the flash how durable compared to superman exettra

>>117329723She's a Conservative, she doesn't believe in face masks.

>>117338653blue greenbrowndark blue

Attached: brap.jpg (836x810, 367.31K)

>>117398193My God, what is she doing?!

>>117338653Chestnut, Silver, and scarlet.First 2 to generate money and preemptively stop distastes, and last one to jack off to fantasies.

>>117398949Making the Brown Paint.The brown paint is "self duplication". Presumably like Billy Numerous or Madrox the Multiple Man.So... she's making little Ashleys?

>>117398949Sucking Hal's lifeforcce, of course.


>>117399942Oh my

>>117396579The wigs are going to play a big role in her costumed identity for sure.

Attached: punkprimer46.jpg (437x402, 122.21K)

>>117396997Booo that joke sucked

Bold choice to show a man reading porn in a kids comic

Attached: 6868.jpg (540x885, 311.6K)

>>117404025i think its saying hes reading a romance novel

>>117404043Porn without pictures is sad but still porn

>>117404043Why would he be reading that while taking a shit on the job who reads while taking a shit at work

>>117404062It took me a minute to understand your post you fucking piece of shit use commas it's not hard.

>>117404060yeah lolita was fucking ace man

>>117404062.....THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH TRYING TO ESCAPE YOUR SHITTY JOB FOR A BRIEF PERIOD OF TIME user Except I don't read porn at work, I read other stuff.

>>117404170You're not a high ranking military official I hope

>>117396348Byrne introduced an alien who apparently stole powers. "Apparently" is the key word. He copied powers and implanted mental suggestions which prevented heroes from using theirs.This was obviously Byrne's way of discarding the Silver Age trope that superpowers were like a charge of static electricity and could be drained and transferred.Superman used logic. His powers came from absorbed solar radiation. Anybody stealing THAT would only wind up riddled with cancers.As I recall it was Clark Kent, wearing Professor Hamilton's force-field belt, who eventually beat the snot out of the alien. Byrne was also scaling back on the "I feel sick and need to lie down" Kent persona. Nowadays, if you need someone who can steal powers, how about a stacked woman with a southern drawl and a white streak in her hair?

A thought, Silver is technopathy. Power rings are just super advanced tech. So Primer can just use the silver paint and cuck any lantern she comes across. Or do power rings have some kinda protection from that?

>>117404513Cyborg Superman did it once. So I guess that means she rapes a powerless Hal

>>117404529Hal was always at her mercy, ring or no ring

>>117399784Like the Shisno?

>>117372532why not the mask and the dyed hair?

>>117377226probably jerks off to green lantern fucking him, or realistically batman

>>117404217Hell no.

>>117384883>Fire, strength, invulnerability. Is she trying to save the plane, or blow it up before the ground can kill it?

>>117406040Primer is pro Jihad Confirmed

>>117405286The problem is the suit, for once her gimmick is covering herself in paint to get powers, even if its a special suit that lets her do that while fully covered it doesn't convey that visually as well as normal clothes with point all over them.Second she is suppose to be a free spirit artist or something like that, the jeans and tanktop convey that better that a grey suit.

>>117331384I never understood this

>>117406791Free spirits have no place in superheroics. Accept that DC demands her conformity if she wants to go anywhere.

>>117406040Probably a Homelander thing

>>117329723Goggles and a wig is air tight as a disguise as far as DC comics go

>>117404025I totally skipped that

>>117408746Remember that Wonder Woman's secret identity (back when DC writers used that sort of thing) was "there's no way that a naval officer could be a pre-industrial weaponless street warrior."


>>117408746Standards aren’t high

>>117329723Is this shit any good or is it just waifu bait?

Attached: 698979116371935322.png (112x89, 18.94K)

>>117412214It’s decent

>>117412214Currently just a one shot graphic novel. I think it has the potential to be something great if it's ever continued. But also, new waifu

>Use dark blue to learn how paints work>begin making more super paints>time skip seven years later have a power for every colour that exists and a few tthat don't>Primer has nearly unlimited godlike power

>>117410404I honestly think a shirt with "I'm not X superhero" written on it, would work as a disguise in the DC universe.

Attached: 523.jpg (600x838, 126.68K)

>want to fap to Primer>cannot because there are no Primer lewdsIs this what being an incel feels like?

we need more panels to edit.

Attached: gretel-lusky-primer-1-65edit.jpg (1200x791, 133.88K)

'a master piece' - zolov

Attached: EbSE9PvXYAAg19yedit.jpg (990x990, 167.25K)

>>117414231Like this?

Attached: 19f4konv.jpg (1200x791, 164.36K)

>>117333110>c-can i fap to a fictional underage chick??? Why you Holla Forumscksuckers are always so autistic?

Attached: 1598910265730.jpg (1500x1142, 588.93K)

>>117412214>>117412542It's a pretty good one shot book considering it's for kids. They're announcing something on the September Fandome event this month, which I believe is on the 12th. & the team said they wanted to do more. So fingers crossed its indeed more Primer.

>>117414793Or like this?

Attached: 2yaubhdt.jpg (1200x791, 163.41K)

>>117415087Is that a bulge I see?

more improvements.

Attached: gretel-lusky-primer-1-66edit.jpg (1200x1745, 274.44K)


>>117414231>>117414793>>117415442Forget Primer, they should call her Jailpaint.

>>117415336Yeah, and the breast are gone too.

>>117415892i like that.

>>117415442A little too subtle

>>117416196better?i didn't want to get too crazy.

Attached: 1599171412700revised.jpg (1200x1745, 273.6K)

>>117416457Thats about right.

>>117416578thanks.i was trying to go for a mal malloy/love randalin but it came out too weird.

>>117416798I don't know what those words mean.

>>117414231This would be a good panel to edit a Hal into.

Attached: primer and foster dad.jpg (731x1023, 401.92K)

>>117416457Any girl that gets shapeshifting powers will use it for this reason

>Cosplay has now been doneAnd so it begins.

Attached: EghENaxVkAEOs7i.jpg (1440x1800, 226.14K)

>>117417449I can see this going Harley Quinn for how easy is for girls to cosplay.

>>117416457Pretty good user, I tried to made my own too.

Attached: primer.jpg (687x713, 182.3K)

For me it's hippy Primer

Attached: hippyprimer.jpg (1458x693, 663.85K)

>>117416457hot damn. nice.>>117414604truly a master piece. nice one user.

>>117415442I'm just gonna say it. That black kid is cute.

>>117417757It's just body paint on a white tank top at its core. Smart strategy if you think about it

>>117418229Ok but what if the paint also turned Primer into a boy while she used it?

Attached: trap primer.jpg (687x1000, 150.67K)

>>117419813Imagine giant Primer standing over you with a massive erection

Attached: Primer-082.jpg (1815x2640, 1.05M)

>>117418407>when you mix some acid with your paints.

>>117418407God that face

>>117419813Should Primeboy be a thing? >Ashley becomes a boy while using the paint, but doesn't care to dress differently so goes around in tight jeans backing a big junk while fighting crime

Attached: primeboy.jpg (687x1000, 164.16K)

>>117420360needs bigger dick bulge


Attached: primerboy giant.jpg (687x1000, 187.23K)


>>117348576you think this is sexy???

>>117421159Thats the idea.

Attached: 1598426596021.jpg (572x185, 54.82K)

There needs to be a Hal edit of this.

Attached: gretel-lusky-yayomg-primer-fun-facts-4.jpg (724x1053, 254.39K)

>>117406791>free spirit artist hero>sells out to government after first chapterChecks out

>>117417449Terrible cosplay, clearly post-puberty


>>117378542The DOTA movie is shaping up great