Why did they have to make a fuckable autobot?

Why did they have to make a fuckable autobot?

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>>117267771Why did they have to make a unfuckable user?

>>117267771Because SHUT UP!

Why someone would desing a robot that he can't fuck?

Good question, let's ask Hasbro.

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>>117267771I fail to see a problem with the concept. Machines should be useful.

>>117267771Because I need mommy Arcee to step on me.

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She's just Robo Princess Leia.

Wrong image

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>>117268872with legs from here to YAYA

>>117268872Boco, I swear to whatever god you pray to...

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>Your robo-waifu will never let you fly around in her detachable head.

>>117268964I mean in design. Look at her. She has the hair bun things, but metal.Yet another ripo--ahem, 'homage' to Star Wars they made in the 86 movie.

>>117268994What is the absolute stupidest Transformers toy gimmick? It's probably a toss up between Headmasters, Pretenders, and Powermasters. What honestly were they smoking with any of those?

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>>117269093In concept: Headmasters. Two minds in one body is just asking for problems.In execution: Powermasters. Lose it and your toy is stuck in vehicle mode.

>>117269093Action Masters is the dumbest fucking thing hands down.

>You will never have a combiner made of of various versions of Arcee.

>>117269145>Transformers toy that doesn't transform... Y'know what? Fuck it, that wins. Wow. The fuck does "more alive" even mean? Being on crippling steroids makes you more alive? Sure, Hasbro. Whatever you say.

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>>117269145>>117269267Unless is a statue/model kit this modelled.

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The guy that made TF animated movie had a daughter that liked the series so he fought for a female autobot.

>>117269575i need that for no reason.

>make a (singular)The series was always full of fuckable bots from the very start if you aren't a pleb.

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Arcee is the cutest Milf.

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>>117268891>>117268929>>117269636This guy gets it

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>>117267771Why did IDW have to make her trans? It was completely unnecessary

>>117267771why not?

>>117270754It was more Furman and he didn't do it because of trans stuff but to explain why female looking bots/fembots exist.

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>>117270901They could've made a new character trans than an already existing one and still include that explanation

>>117267771>implying the others arent fuckable

I think there are around 10 bots I would fuck. In my defense the cast is huge and very bot-diverse and I would only husbando one of them.

>>117270901>Because an race of alien robots need an explanation of sex.Why doing that?

>>117270901Those large, round joints

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>>117271231Because it makes no sense using "he" and "she" if they are genderless I guess. It's illogical and always triggered me as a kid.

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>>117268872naked robo princess leia

>>117269267funny, no one seems to mind revoltech's non-transforming transformers.

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>>117272118I fap to kuro kara kuri shit all the time.

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>>117272242action masters was just a concept that failed to deliver (highly poseable, screen accurate robot toys).

>>117267771Why is it in a Gwenpool costume?

How are you aupposed to fuck a robot girl?

>>117272353clank clank clank clank

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>>117267771I got pic related today, should i cum on it

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>>117272353They are literally TRANSformers, just imagine them transforming a hole or dick onto themselves for (you).

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>>117273023you paid for it, might as well get your money's worth (is the maccaddam part that big of a deal to justify it's price?).

>>117273035damn it Prander!

>>117273023Looks like a barbie to me.

>>117272353With a cold glass of fine oil, obviously.

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>>117273062Frankly i dont give a fuck about macadam and dont intend to complete the figure. Its the same price as a regular deluxe so i dont see any issue with it I really should give his parts away to someone

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>>117271231Because a surprising number of people somehow can't just accept that transforming alien metal people also have genders.

>>117273155I would fuck Megatron too.

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>>117267771it's something the Autobots were interested in

>>117272975>>117270498Funny how Rattrap's line "What in the name of my Great Aunt Arcee" was cut from the Japanese dub of the episode (Transmutate), but their aunt/nephew relationship has somehow become very popular in Japanese Transformers media. I wonder how they even found out about such an obscure little line they never got in their language.

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>>117273496>>117273220>>117273023>>117272975 >>117269575>>117269093>>117268803>>117268524>>117267771wait, people like her bot form?i thought people fap to her car form.

>>117273533>unironically being a Functionist

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>>117273496>Vagina bones peeking out from her robo-thongC'mon, Japan. Really?

>>117273275By the way, said dipshit spergs can go fuck themselves. I ain't about to let y'alls inability to accept robot girls get in the way of my waifus, dammit.

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>>117273642They gave Megs a pink dress, of course Japan!

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>>117273023Do it and send us a link. DO IT! DO IT!

>>117273496Because the writer and artist, Sakamoto, is a huge TF nerd that knows obscure tidbits like that.

>>117273729You talk like a twitter woketard. Nobody liked female characters as personalities so Furman just wanted bots being bots without the dumb girl power that would eventually happen. Furman would have prevented us from getting bored by Anode.

>>117273220>>117273023ETA on when we're going to see this thing covered in jizz?

>>117274074>implying men would buy anything as girly as thisI fear like she is being misused as dildo as we speak.

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>>117273859>Furmanfag thinking fembots are badgayass nigga getting the rope tonight.

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>>117267771Why not?

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>>117273533>You treat a car as a beautiful woman.

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Are you a bad enough dude to fuck a shotgun?

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>>117277444i swear there is an exact hentai scene involving a shotgun in the ass.

>Megatron was almost a dragon in The Last Knight>which not only would have been a million times cooler than a damn jet, would also be a badass homage to Beast Wars Transmetal 2 Megatron>Hell, with a red redeco and a new head, they could have released it AS BW MegsI'm legitimately pissed.

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>>117267771Ask floro dery

>>1172775183rd party when?

>>117270754Really? New reader here


>>117277506New Bible black ep 1

>>117267771There is no reason why she shouldn't.

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>>117277518To be fair, that jet mode was AWESOME



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>>117281824The only way ratbat will do new transformers pics.



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>>117269093Pretenders. Makes no sense in universe and the toys are completely lack luster.Only thing of worth are some of the Decepticon monster shell designs.

Someone explain why girls get moist over Starscream od all bots


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>>117282863G1? Not sure. Most of the other Starscream incarnations are a bit more fuckable though. I think it's more like he's just a punching bag for Megs and it just so happens that his form is a bit more slender than the box bots.

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>>117282896With g1 maybe it's some sort of maternal instinct kicking in whenever he gets on megatron's bad side?

Would you Holla Forums?

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>>117282896I could understand Armada Screamer but others? I guess just like with Loki, girls just like lying schemers with chronic backstabbing disorder. Their ideal of a boyfriend.

Autobots were already fuckable, you just lacked the creativity and will.

>>117282863It is a mystery.

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>>117285107the old "love changes the bad boy into a gentleman" thing?

>>117284830I like the idea of an ice cream truck transformers.Just not as fetish fuel.Or Skids and Mudflap.

>>117272118The difference there is those Revoltechs exist parallel to all the other TF lines like MPs and WFC and SS. Back in the early 90s Action Masters were THE main Transforneds toy line unless you were European and could buy the classics re-releases of old G1 toys


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>>117286148but people are complaining about the concept of transformers that doesn't transform. I'd point out Takara's own Mega SCF line (slightly more articulated than action masters) but odds are people don't know about it enough to relate.

>>117282863He's the most emotive of the Deceptions. Bitches love emotions

>>117286210You're missing my point. In 1990 your choice of new Transformers were either Action Masters or some leftover Micromasters. Action Masters were the main line for kids while stuff like those Mega SCF and Revoltechs and the like were sold alongside the main toy lines at the time. Not to mention Action Masters sold so poorly Hasbro stopped releasing new TFs in the US for nearly 3 years.

Fuck ArceeFuck WindbladeThere's only room in my heart for one transformer girl

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>>117286514which blackarachnia is that

Holla Forums has given me a girl transformers fetish, damn you

>>117286731It's 3rd Party. Transform Element MM-01 Black Widow


>>117286514Shame about her Melania face

>>117286514Yeah and it’s Vector Prime's lover

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>>117269093Headmasters make no sense lore wise but kinda do as a toy gimmick. It was probably done as a way to incorporate diaclone pilots into figures again while making them less likely to be lost by being an integral part of the figure.

I was recently thinking that I could use some nice Arcee wallpaper for my home.

>>117272975Bloody hoping the nephew and great aunt thing will appear in War for Cybertron Kingdom and in future Beast Wars media.>>117277518This form would fit Beast Megatron more. Just recolor it metallic crimson red and give him intensively glowing golden eyes.

>>117286060More like delusion that they would be excluded from abuse, that they otherwise find hot. They don't want to reform villian. They believe they would be the only one shielded from his villiany for whatever reason.

>>117286043Or something else, who knows.

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>>117281175Nobody ever complains about gems in SU being all "female". Because they are genderless and they are only seen as women and called "she" because they rather resemble human women than human men.Strangely everybody accepts this, but when it's the other way around it's sexism. Furman haters are retarded.

>>117282863I cannot believe I say this but by now I prefer Starscream fangirls over new wave of annoying loud political fangirls that are Drift fanatics.Oldschool Starscream fans were always okay though, it was only those joining because of the Prime cartoon and MtmtE time that were aids.

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Milne/JRo villains are the shit I like the most.

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>>117288198i think you're confused

>>117267771>You should not fuck this robotFUCK YOU , OP. YOU'RE NOT MY DAD

>>117286514Show her butt

>>117273311Look how horny Prowl was to brutalise him, no wonder Megatron beat the shit out of him in his office years later and took pictures with Reflektor.

It makes no sense not being attracted to some of these bots for a lot of reasons.- they have the typical female or male bodytypes which is what matters for people with a sex drive- since they are made of metal their bodytypes are in even better shape, no fat, no wrinkles etc. and the body never ages or changes unless the bot actually wants a new design- rich variety of colors, so unless blue or purple women/men throw you off this is a good thing since you can get a combination of the bodytype and personality you are into AND your favorite color, whatever it might be- tons of extras like antennae, wheels, horns, spikes and so on make every bot more unique and special (nobody is into clones) and there is a high chance there is a perfectly shaped bot somewhere no matter how niche your preferences are- naked humans are kind of boring, most people prefer them with sexy clothes or badass uniforms, but here that hot shit is actually part of the body itself. The bots don't get rid of it and your /fa/ preference is one with the bot you like- huge as fuck cast, which not only provides a shitton of bodytypes but a big variety of personalities with their own specific traits and quirks. Almost impossible to not have at least three bots you relate to or sympathize with a lot- they fight each other all the time (basically naked)- those glowing colorful eyes

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For me, it's Elita 1.

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>>117288198I forgot they were supposed to be "genderless" since they all appeared female and used her/she pronouns all the time. Other than fusions I don't think any gems used they/them pronouns.


>>117286514You just know where the spider jaws ended up in robot mode.

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>>117290812Megatron Origin is underappreciated masterpiece. I wish IDW1 started with this and we would have seen how Megatron and the Cons slowly conquered the citise after Kaon and see how prominent members joined them, early character dynamics etc. and how Zeta rose to power, Prowl machinations and all that stuff, instead we got generic war and Earth shit for the nth time and a terrible ending afterwards.

She's so cute!

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>>117292349Who made her that cute?

>>117292060Origin was one of the first things IDW1 did, but they didn't really address it until fucking MTMTE

>>117293879Yeah it's sad. It was there from the very start due to being a remain of Dreamwave, but they didn't do anything with it. We will never see them conquer the other city states and see those cities ourself or see when/why guys like Overlord joined and all that shit.

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>>117295090Fuck you they are the better friends and waifus.

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>>117292349I love the laser lipstick!

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Reminder to not fist android girls

>>117284830She looks like the common landwhale you see everywhere.


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>>117295316This. The male bots are better.

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>>117278814Why is it always 3p who are our saviors? Why is Hasbro so shit?

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>>117284830I love the tiny normal sized head atop that fatass body.

>>117298065>2016If that were a more recent picture that towel would have a big patreon logo on it.

Radiates Big Sis Energy.

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>>117295090This message brought to you by...

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>>117267771I thought autobots reproduce asexually because of the All-Spark

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>>117299530That's the SFW answer.

>>117299530It needs the Prime dick. A Prime has to stick his dick into the Allspark and then a new spark will pop out.

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>>117268524By the all spark it is good!!!


>>117298537Let's not forget the cyberbabe squad.

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>>117299530I think on the TFwiki it says there are other ways for Transformers to reproduce.

>>117302026>yfw you now remember those old tweets about eggs and male Transformers certain female TF comic artists have made some years ago

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>>117267771Let's talk about fuckable Decepticons.

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>>117303252Wait, how do we know if that's female Hot Rod?

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>>117302026Does that mean Wheeljack is technically the Dinobots dad?

thread made me look through transformer toy liststurns out most of the ones i had were from "Robots in Disguise", and i'm pretty sure the ones i got were 2nd handprobably the worst series to get 2nd hand because of all the separate parts, but i think i had a pretty much in-tact Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus so that was cool to combine, but pretty sketchy. Could barely do any poses other than a carefully balanced standthe smaller RID toys felt a lot nicer. They used the same stud connections, but since they were smaller and lighter, they could actually hold together.RID megatron (pic) is shit tho. the transformation is basically just falling over.how do the newer combiner wars compare?

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Post Prime: Arcee

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>>117304932Blackarachnia cleans up pretty nicely in G1 style.

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>>117267771what show is this from?the 3d looks nice here.

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>>117313515Is just a render.


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>>117313884That scene where Lockdown pulls out his gun, Shadow Striker pulls out her bigger one and snickers, and Arcee pulls out her gatling gun and snickers.

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>>117315362Archee owo


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>>117315362Her sexiest design in my opinion.It was an incredibly bold design choice for them to go with these insect like designs, but I'm glad they did.

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>>117316773And since Hasbro has been doubling down on those evergreen designs, Transmutate can steal her design in future appearances.

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>A cute decepticon fembot will never develop a secret crush on you after you save her paintjob from a runaway shopping cart.

Am I the only one who thinks the Prime style is unappealing? I can’t get into the lack of noses, lack of lips, and the bayformer-lite spiky metal plating.

>>117317249I hate that they have no noses, needle fingers & megabusters. & Optimus is flanerizerd to just giving Picard speeches. The only thing I kinda got used to is Arcee being a bitch.


>>117317354We also got Jeffrey Combs as Ratchet, though it was kind of a waste to have him in only 1 role.

>>117317249>>117317354Noses are overrated.

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>>117309474You do know there are like a dozen different forms for him, right? I usually had him in hand mode.

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>>117309474Cool bait, he had like 10 modes.

>>117319845Transformers but it's actually Jojo's.

>>117304932I am mad that there is so little art of the gender bend Seekers from Cyberverse. Slipstream is hot as fuck

>>117304932This sexy beast is one of the hottest bots in the franchise.

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>>117323485>AirachnidEssentially what if you take Black Arachnia, but take away from her any redeeming qualities...and additional energon reserves.

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>>117323485Few can handle her.

>>117325325No you can't

>>117284830HOLY SHIT YES

>>117284830Not thicc enough


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>>117326656>doubting a man's will

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>>117267771not even best arcee

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>>117328614Any other mid transformation oddities like this?

>>117330100Tarantulas uses a weird torso model while transforming to help bridge the gap between his modes’ designs. They forgot to immediately switch to his regular model in the first two episodes.

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>>117267771Quintesson automated slave trade

>>117267771Fucking G1 design can't even feasibly transform as a toy.

>>117267771gotta repopulate cybertron somehow

>>117332830considering Paradron Medic's exist...

>>117267771Because sex cells



>>117269575>underboob and g-stringYa know what? Whatever. There are worse fan service statues.

>>117298398She drops smaller transformers off for soccer practice.

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>>117267771Quints knew coomers would pay for them.

>>117329977That's Chromia with a different name, user.

>>117336507Top dollar

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>>117338412She's the bot that brings makeup to sleepovers so that she can give makeovers.


>>117338884Where will they find a ouija board large enough?

That happened.

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>>117339071Remember when Thundercracker raped her

>>117282826Same, Sideswipe. Same.

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>>117339071The actual render is cuter.



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>>117282863Starscream is the Sasuke of Transformers.

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>>117339393>doesn't teleport behind you because he isn't skywarp

>>117339176That's Perceptor.

>>117340787I agree with what he says.

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>>117343872Such a cutie

>>117344768Strategic cuteness, to lure her foes into a false sense of security.

>>117345155She's dangerous.

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>>117267771gurl audience

>>117273533>implying it can't be both

Attached: Mamma Arcee.png (1268x1860, 257.25K)

Attached: 1546034853498.jpg (2048x2048, 553.11K)

Attached: 16845048_p0.jpg (600x600, 157.24K)

Attached: 1546158657794.png (1250x800, 1.7M)

Someone post THAT add-on on a third-party Arcee figure, /toy/fag!

>>117270901Notice me Megatron-sama

>>117348453Kiss her.

>>117277518Man dude this looks cool as shit


Attached: 1533659834421.jpg (1536x2048, 1.73M)

>>117350706Cute retard


>>117329977>Prime>best ArceeYou're delusional.

>>117267771In one continuity the in-universe explanation was that women complained about all the Autobots being male so they built Arcee, but the feminists weren't happy because they thought she was too stereotypical, or something like that.I'm not joking.tfwiki.net/wiki/Prime's_Rib!

>>117352203Wasnt that Furman's run where he said that Transformers had no concept of gender like the fucking autist he is?

>>117352235I don't know or care, I'm just giving an answer to OP's question that hadn't been posted in this thread yet.Furman did do this though, if that's what you're asking.

>>117352311Furman's sole episode of Beast Wars is the one where, out of absolutely nowhere, Rattrap calls Blackarachnia an "emasculating fembot" before she snips the tip off of his tail whip.Furman has ISSUES with women.


Attached: 101473874_1481947801976125_2338769873825315412_n.jpg (578x723, 62.22K)

>>117267771>He thinks they only made oneLet's be honest, you'd have an easier time naming Transformers people don't want to fuck. Even fucking Blot has people who want his nuts and bolts! Fucking Blot!Also, actual page from an officially published comic here. Anyone who tries to say that Windlade is not for sex is lying.

Attached: 1588213147591.jpg (1988x3056, 1.7M)

>>117353284Based Rattrap

>>117352235That’s from Marvel US prior to Furman working for it

>>117354778Or just plain stupid.

>>117267771>Why did they have to make a fuckable autobot?Because it's what anyone would do when given the same task.

Attached: energon_research___frontload_and_rearview_by_munemune_dd5bbkj.png (3300x2550, 2.33M)

>>117356356It makes no sense. Blackarachnia didn't change Silverbolt as all. If anything, HE changed HER.

>>117336704You mean r63 Animated Prowl?

>>117357114Makes you wonder if Silverbolt was really a simp. If anything he was a Chad simp.IT WON THE FUCKING BEAST WARS.

>>117317249I hate it too. I even liked noseless and even faceless characters before but something about the face structure itself and eyes is just unappealing as fuck to me. Also, they made Megatron ugly which is a fucking sin.

Attached: 1549882432148625187.jpg (600x964, 126.71K)

>>117359018I think the RiD 2015 style was an improvement.

I never understood why so many are horny for Drift, I always disliked his look. To me it always felt overdesigned and the red face paint and color scheme he got in late IDW is ugly as shit imo and makes him look like a clown. I wish they would have at least leave that part out.

>>117358209i also came to that same conclusion like a few weeks too. Silverbolt's simping won them the Beast Wars.

>>117359843It's funny how after Drift's creator stopped being involved Drift looked MORE like an OC. Even Windblade would think he overdid it with the facepaint.

>>117360562Yeah, he also always came off as underdeveloped to me, despite having a reason for being named the way he is. His switching between worldviews and lifestyles came off as comedic element about a young, superficial dude rather than actual character development. And his past as Con never impacted his current life in any way. Compare this with basically everybody else. Even the Scavengers dedicated their lives helping suffering (ex)Cons, despite technically not being active Cons anymore and never having cared about the war in the first place. And of course Megatron himself. We have neser seen a single scene in which Drift regretted anything he did IIRC and his religious quirk happened as suddenly as everything else including his romance.

>>117282826I was waiting for someone to post that, but the file name got me.

>>117317751Sure but you still need something to fill that space on your face or else you look retarded

Attached: d4kc8q0.png (700x700, 515.31K)

I unironically think that bots like Zeta and Nova are attractive, not sure if that was the plan. Fucking lawful metal angels with spikes and horns is my ultimative fetish, especially when they are either golden, silver or black and/or white. Masks are another fetish, so that makes it even better.

>>117360983It's up to the design desu.

Attached: ENutOVuUYAAwUzJ.jpg (1200x1200, 138.1K)

>>117361174I kind of agree, but your pic is basically proving what he said.

Attached: 2452222.png (1738x1620, 727.05K)

>>117359843It's mostly fujos who ship him with Rodimus or Ratchet.


Attached: The_Mighty_Shockwave_Those_Bitches.png (179x400, 177.49K)

>>117361431Yeah he seems like one of those shipping victims that aren't liked on their own but only as partner for someone else. I never see fanart of him about anything but him with Rodimus or Ratchet I think. Cyclonus for example is different, people including fujos actually seem to like him in general, even alone.

Attached: tumblr_nzcgp0ujMX1u5lsr3o3_640.png (550x678, 122.35K)

>>117360797>Yeah, he also always came off as underdeveloped to me, despite having a reason for being named the way he is. His switching between worldviews and lifestyles came off as comedic element about a young, superficial dude rather than actual character development.>And his past as Con never impacted his current life in any way. Compare this with basically everybody else. Even the Scavengers dedicated their lives helping suffering (ex)Cons, despite technically not being active Cons anymore and never having cared about the war in the first place. And of course Megatron himself. We have neser seen a single scene in which Drift regretted anything he did IIRC and his religious quirk happened as suddenly as everything else including his romance.Shit, this. It's so strange that through out all Megatron's time on the LL, not once has he talked to Drift about his "redemption" and how he deals with that. Hell, I don't think they even once talked to each other,

Attached: 53679662_p7_master1200.jpg (750x1000, 418.51K)

>>117361628Yeah I am sure they never talked. It's what I mean, Drift always felt a bit alien, as if someone inserted him into the story for the sake of it. It was okay at the start maybe when he came off as just another weirdo of the crew but it got progressively weirder and mroe detached and then he disappeared for ages and only came back to save the day as super samurai with facial paint which made him even more alien.

>>117361278Yep. I was going to post Strongarm, but I'm sure Nickel would have been the better example.

>>117362117Nickel is probably the most extreme case of big discrepancy between look and actual personality in the comics.

Attached: 03053852.png (450x253, 243.5K)

>>117272242Oh shit, is that... Tarn? From the IDW comics? I know that's gonna cost more yens than I ever have hope of owning, but where do you get that?

>>117304932All Decepticons are fuckable if you're not a coward.

>>117362618It's his Kara Kuro Kuri Flame Toys toy. It's huge and has LEDs and is insanely detailed but yeah it's expensive as fuck and I saved a while for it. It even sold out regardless and they are now releasing an re-issue of it so I was lucky since I missed the first one. People LOVE Tarn it seems no matter how expensive it is. Pic related is yet another second party Tarn they make now (a statue, but huge).If you want to see some cool pics by the way: tfsource.com/flame-toys/transformers-tarn/There are cheaper Tarns though but they are 3p. One from Mastermind Creations and a smaller one from Iron Factory. The MMC one is also re-issued now so I do hope that the KKK Tarn and the statue and tons of people buying 3p stuff will wake Hasbro up from their sleep. Would be cool seeing him appear elsewhere too, aside from IDW and Cyberverse I mean.

Attached: SJX024XBDA21.jpg (1080x1512, 311.65K)

>>117362873Megatron would Yamcha'ing you like Sentinel doing it though.

Attached: WCGXgx_mlLA.jpg (736x1144, 155.73K)

>>117362238I hope she someday achieves her dream of getting rid of all organics.

>>117361588Cyclonus isn’t for shipping he’s for decapitating

Attached: F717E9E4-C353-4B83-85AA-7E24D9C8C4CE.jpg (624x383, 337.59K)

That's mean, he suffered enough.

Attached: Ec-uRIVU4AEiQ8A.jpg (1372x2048, 472.07K)

>>117293803alien tentacle perverts

>>117287060>Headmasters make no sense lore-wiseIt makes more sense in the Japanese version, the headmaster is the actual robot and the body is a big mech it pilots.

>>117267771Why not

>>117361628>>117361735They spoke once. And Drift was barely conscious. Basically a two-panel fast-forward of all the conversations they should have had.

Attached: Drift and Megatron.png (901x475, 870.7K)

>>117364123First Aid and Velocity are in awe at such shit dialogue.

>>117364123The Ratchet dialogue was so much stronger, it was one of the first Megatron scenes in IDW that burned into my mind. The other one was when you hear his off-screen monologue saying they have lost the war while he was sitting in jail again and gave up.

Attached: 4636373.png (927x208, 498.08K)

>>117364553That's better, but in hindsight Ratchet sounds a bit too quippy for my tastes.

>>117364553Wait, is he repairing his crotch?

>>117364895He was a bit more sarcastic and certainly a lot grumpier at the start. But he had a lot of great scenes imo. One I will never forget either was when he told Rodimus the leaked list of opposing voters was fake, because he isn't on it. I wish more series had that level of chemistry/character writing. It's such short scenes that tell you so much about the characters.

>>117364908hot nights at the lost light

I always wonder how aware Hasbro is of the fact that their franchise has a billion porn pics around the net and that there are hordes of people lusting over evil warrior alien robots that actually just toys to them, regardless of gender.I know that everybody involved in the comics knows, and probably even the older cartoon animators, but I am not sure about them. It's even lowkey fascinating. I think there are like two or three characters appearing on more than one page I have not seen lewd fanart or commissions for so far and it's probably because I didn't look hard enough. I know that there are mtmte-only fags drawing pr0n for robotRatbat and he appeared in how many panels? 4? It's like magic.

Attached: DkEmqWaXoAI_Sr5.jpg (2048x1339, 430.5K)

Attached: Eg2jRZ6WkAI4s5M.jpg (2448x3264, 1.11M)

>>117366288Did you see Bumblebee? The amount of robofucking was so blatant there's been discussion that the movie was slightly altered in post-production. Also the film's theme song is a love song.The Honest Trailer is still conspicuously MIA.


Attached: ECwx8N4XUAAgn1E.jpg (992x661, 144.99K)

>>117366340Good job ruining your art with shitty meme filters.

>>117367031but da moooovieeeee aestheticsss

>>117367307It can be cool imo

Attached: EgDEDa-XkAAXWOn.jpg (3000x1625, 388.83K)

>>117297993I'd pay good money for a Nova Prime figure

>>117366288>I know that there are mtmte-only fags drawing pr0n for robotRatbat and he appeared in how many panels? 4?Can you blame them? Look at this adorable motherfucker. He's wearing a bat hoodie!

Attached: Senator_ratbat.jpg (383x300, 29.44K)

>>117367520True, that Primal looks wonderful.

>>117367772The hoodie is fucking cool. He also has that wing bot-cape which is fucking cool because the only thing cooler than bots are bots with capes.

Attached: 359252.jpg (400x400, 69.4K)

>>117367772>>117368587Wait a minute>Hood looks like a bat, even has bat ears>Cape>Gold chest insignia that looks like a Bat

Attached: 1409166612499.jpg (202x260, 66.92K)

>>117367611Me too. He is basically on Tarn's level, designwise. People would like him and buy his stuff simply for the look even many that don't like his actual character or never read the comics.I wish he would get an official toy one day. He has an important historical role so technically it should only be a matter of time till he appears in some cartoon or something like that Devastation teaser, but since he is an ex-ruler you can also ignore him easily if you want to and do it like Siege and just TELL people that there was an evil government ruling the planet many moons ago.

Attached: 0035_3503.jpg (1200x790, 392.68K)

>>117369180Now I cannot unsee this anymore. Guess he was the hero we all needed but didn't get thanks to Soundwave.

Attached: 2561266.jpg (400x540, 67.53K)

>>117369652>Eyes are even obscured in darkness like he's wearing a cowlI swear these guys

>>117369180You forgot the most important feature.Those chiseled abs.

>>117369682Think the designer was Milne wasn't it? Wouldn't put that past him, a few background bots appearing in idw2 were outright based on cartoon characters from other franchises and there were even outright cameos, like Simon's Lagann mecha.

Attached: 3065327.jpg (600x491, 149.62K)

>>117369652>The hero Iacon needs, but wasn't ready for

>>117369721>>117369682Jokerbot when? Or would Pharma with green toupee be enough?

>>117369180Now thinking of it, it is the symbol of the Senate, but Ratbat was the first wearing it or do I forget something? Proteus wore it too but he is an IDW character that came way later. If Ratbat was created together with the symbol (and there is no official explanation for why it looks like wings IIRC) you might be onto something.


Attached: one_flat__the_other_curvy.jpg (1032x700, 328.58K)

>>117371025Weak. Nobody beats Shockwave's boobs.

Attached: 953_0002_2492.jpg (400x750, 127.97K)

>>117371058Oh shit, you're right. Based Shockwaves.

>>117371273Prowl is close second though I think.

Attached: D2mR8IwWoAAUdyF.png (771x900, 570.56K)

>>117371025flat makes you evil

Attached: 7cd8f95555c88ddd8ed7dfaded9e33d4.jpg (650x676, 382.04K)

>>117372722kissy kissy

Attached: 899f144afce2d2431e685e7e033ab55d.jpg (631x800, 108.02K)


Attached: EPgQ-wVWkAElys3[1].png (1128x677, 161.68K)

>>117373922Are these real?

Despite all the fujo nonsense, I miss peak /tfg/

Attached: 1435168803523.jpg (1134x540, 230.41K)

>>117375378How bad was the fujo nonsense?

>>117375682It was a Transformers thing on the internet. Given sufficient time any given Transformers thing will begin to gather either whiny autists or obsessive fujos like a proto-star collecting hydrogen from a surrounding nebula, steadily picking up the pace over time until it hits critical mass and ignites into a glorious, blinding inferno.So basically imagine the level of fujo shit as an exponentially increasing value relative to the time /tfg/ was allowed to be a thing on Holla Forums.

>>117376503It's a wonderful thing most of the time.

>>117369722>there were even outright cameos, like Simon's Lagann mecha.Huh, never saw that before, anyone got images?

>>117375378Chaos Theory was absolute peak storytelling imo. In every regard I mean. It even had the best Optimus and LL feels like a letdown for substituting the Functionist Senate with the 12 idots because they are funnier or something and never proper disclosing the Megatron/Optimus arc. Every flashback was about the development between them turning from a fan and idol over to Orion rebelling thanks to Megs over to them becoming mortal enemies for aeons till they punched each other often enough to need the respective other around. Then MtmtE happened and Megatron sets off to a literal and mental journey that ends with him copying Optimus, or turning back into the guy Optimus copied back then. What was needed was a final verdict or meeting imo in which Optimus gets his former friend "back" and realizes he was the main cause for that. But yeah, we got the 12 key idiots, comedy shenanigans instead of an actually threatening Senate and never saw Orion or senator Shockwave in the alt-verse again to learn what happened with them (other than Orion dying later). And Megs never met the our Orion again before his execution.

>>117377568Right besides the guy that is probably Damus/Glitch.

Attached: 36237373.png (868x400, 809.04K)

>>117353284Projection much?

>>117352235That was what Hasbro wanted. IDW didn't care until they did and made him about face his story and pretended it was his issues and not an editorial mandate. SJWs were eager to believe IDW because trans rights or something and threw Simon under the transforming bus. He's walked away from both IDW and Transformers because of that.

>>117352203That was what normal people call... a joke. Soibois have no sense of humor and only see it as an attack on women.

>>117375378Me too.

>>117375378>>117375682>>117378851Remember the ultra-fujos who would get triggered if you posted a fembot and would just start mass flooding their shipping art and bad "look we pasted someone's head on an existing meme gif" images?

>>117373922So much storage!

>>117379275It's like they carry a tiny bit of early Tumblr with them wherever they go, and just pitch it like a tent any time they find somewhere that doesn't immediately run them out.If the rest of the pre-Social Media internet was as resilient and cockroach-like as fujos, maybe we wouldn't be in the darkest timeline.


Attached: iu[1].jpg (379x497, 50.22K)

>>117379646This mother fucker got robbed, he deserved to win more then that wasp fucker

IDW are a bunch of cowards for not adding the best Japanese villain to their continuity

Attached: E554FA4A-6F1A-4440-A468-4A585E04BD71.jpg (613x480, 30.11K)

>>117377963>He's walked away from both IDW and Transformers because of that.What the hell this is sad. Why do these people care so much about gender, it's so fucking retarded holy shit. Just enjoy your characters and ignore how dumb the gender concept is for them and just pretend it's some sort of human translation or filter to see the story through because we associate certain types of bots with one of the genders due to superficial similarities.

>>117379646I hope he comes back. I need more orange bots but orange bots are always ignored and I hate this.

Attached: CmNZtOVWkAANbHT.jpg (2048x1536, 458.31K)

>>117380089Burning Justice!

>>117377963So how does he still write comics (Transformers 84)?

>>117379755His name has the word "Violin" in it. Hard to take him seriously as a major antagonist.

>>117380728Just use its alternate name of Violent Chigga

>>117379755I want more JP character in the spotlight anyway. I would lose my shit if Star Saber should become relevant in idw2.

Attached: 43747858965.jpg (1280x905, 351.26K)

Transformers/Equs #2 crossover Storytime>>>/mlp/35817222

>>117380728Most TF names are chuuni LARPer tier though. Technically I wouldn't be able taking an "Optimus", "Zeta" or "Nova Prime" seriously either, I just got used to it.

>>117381326>I would lose my shit if Star Saber should become relevant in idw2.Be careful user, or the monkey paw might curl into a middle finger somewhere in IDW offices.

>>117381326Careful user. The last time IDW used Star Saber he wasn't... right

>>117267771Would you stick your dick inside a motorcycle exhaust?

>>117381409It always does when Sentinel or one of my other dudes appear so I am fully aware of this.Sentinel even appeared in one of the Generations Selects comics this year and lasted for two (2!) whole panels before he was killed and is still alive in idw2 (for now). Star Saber will appear in the 84 comic too and survive for more than 5 pages, I am sure of it. It would be almost as much as in the entire IDW1 run, so there IS some progress. I am cautiously optimistic.

Attached: 4848848.png (781x207, 407.92K)

>>117381545I like Sentinel boomer though. He's fun

>>117381871I liked him too. I mean nothing will ever be cooler than Sentinel in Megatron Origin, but I don't think they are even THAT different. JRo just exaggerated in Titans Return like always when there is a showdown with an antagonist. And aside from the sudden wish for world destruction Sentinel himself was fine in my opinion, it was the story framing him as dumb and killing him in the dumbest possible way that was lowkey annoying.

Attached: 53054350.png (962x839, 1.88M)

>>117381973>it was the story framing him as dumb and killing him in the dumbest possible way that was lowkey annoying.This. So far I like his depiction in IDW2 as a jaded ruler whose really getting sick and tired of the shit going on while also being a little old fashion

>>117382018Yeah exactly. I wish we could see/have seen more of him. I also like it because he is an Autobot but with a different worldview than the main guys. Maybe a bit like Prowl in idw1 but in angry. Though the anger is relatable I think, considering what happens and it seems like he was already stressed by work before anyway (and be the target of attempted terror attacks).

>>117382134Yeah. He's not necessarily angry for the sake of being angry like IDW1. He's more just angry because he's so ridiculously stressed and just fed up with all of it

>>117268524Holy fucking shit. What were they even thinking?Seriously.

Attached: 1557718135358.jpg (925x570, 160.5K)

>>117382165It seems like his co-senators and underlings are also shockingly incompetent, with the exception of Nautica/Road Rage and maybe Hound. They are basically losing because the ages of peace made most of the bots careless and naive, and right now the pacifistic part of the Nominus Edict comes back biting them in the ass. He feels a bit like the WWI veteran that knows things will eventually get bad again but the majority of bots are too young or too bored to care or even actively choose chaos due to being bored, which is, in my opinion, not too different from the problem Megatron has.

>>117377971I'm not saying it wasn't a joke, I'm saying that I wasn't joking about it being a thing that actually happened.

Transformers Galaxies #9 Storytime:>>117382795Transformers '84: Secrets and Lies #3 Storytime:>>117383235

Transformers: Galaxies #9 storytime>>117382795

>>117382258>What were they even thinking?Robutt


>>117270557I prefer his adopted daughter.

Attached: B2C1AC5C-51AB-47E4-8669-98D2ACED9832.jpg (378x515, 98.63K)

>>117381468Besides the execution, I never really got why some are angry of IDW's portrayal of Star Saber as a zealot.He's a Japanese-exclusive character, so it's not as if most of the people here have a emotional connection to the character in the first place. Also, the original Star Saber was another boring Japanese honorable leader archetype. There's already Optimus Prime, Thunder Clash, Dai Atlas, and etc.I take it as an experimental attempt that had potential but fell flat on its face.

>>117384137You’re really going to call the first Supreme Commander that’s a dad boring?

>>117384266Yes, unfortunately. Hence why the writers used him as a guinea pig since the reader base is Western.

Attached: 1527564909889.jpg (566x800, 99.45K)

>>117384137I hate heroes being turned into villains because the writer didn't care on principle.

>>117385364didn't IDW do that with a lot of characters?Autobots would turn out to be shits while Decepticons got redemption arcs?

>>117384137Me too. Same problem late Sentinel had that was even mentioned in this thread: SS is alright but he is framed terribly and given 0 chance and screentime to shine.If people don't believe me and want a recent counter example: Ramondelli's own comic has a main robot that is literally DEUS VULT and even talks in Gothic type, but he is likeable and comes off as a good guy deep down who is even genuinely incapable of hurting kids and and actually trusts his team mates, despite that one of them is Whirl in evil. Such characters can work and personally I like them a lot, but SS only ever appeared in a bunch of panels and always only when the story needed a fight, so all he does in IDW1 is just shouting "DIE HERETIC" and that's basically it, which is sad. Look at how fucking evil Megs and Tarn or even Overlord are. And yet they are popular as fuck and were mostly enjoyable to watch.

Attached: 633951e148178ad06d17127b4d76a674.jpg (600x421, 86.08K)

>>117385364>>117385543I hate when they turn villains into heroes. Fucking Autobot Megatron, why?

>>117386444Because it makes more sense than him and Optimus donning capes together for all of five minutes before shooting each other again having learned nothing as the epilogue to a story.

>>117386444I am really divided about this.The central problem is that villains becoming good guys usually lose the spice and uniqueness that made them great to begin with.For Megatron I really loved him at the start, when he was already an Autobot and lowkey depressed but still Megatron. He teased other bots, especially Magnus and Rodimus, he tried to disctract when they talked about his misdeeds and he still felt like lowkey siding with the Cons, which is why everybody suspected him to be a future backstabber. This one was something I like and accept.He became too much of the "nice grandpa" later though, but I think that in generall I am still okay with it, especially since it gave us some kino scenes and his final scene before dying wouldn't have worked if he was still too witty.tl;dr villain->good guy and good guy-> gray guy can both work but the central point is to not be too extreme and to turn them into a whole different character

That Arcee is an attractive appliance. There, I said it.

There are so many current TF threads I am mixing them up so don't get angry when I spoil the 84 issue to everybody because I believe it's the other tab.

Attached: 352525.jpg (485x750, 89.2K)

>>117387657Heh, Sentinel suffering is always amusing.

>>117388498That's mean. He is a good bot. Always, in every series.

Attached: Efm5hemUEAABYa8.jpg (1689x1179, 225.13K)

>>117267771Because they could

>>117388600Nah, as the ridiculous, dumb, and selfish politician he is, he deserves it all. To this point he only need a stupid toupee.

>>117389542Up to this day I even fail to see any serious similarity between him and pr. Dumb or other real politicians. Some people meme'd it I think because they were paranoid back then and everything was either sjw or trump in their eyes but Sentinel is really just a lawful neutral/borderline evil guy who is usually rightfully angry at the people around him imo. Depending on the show he might come off as some adult, a bit more burreaucratic Cartman maybe, traditionalist or radical meritocrat, but that's it. I honestly only dislike the Bay version one I think. Though, I dislike everything that's Bay. I wish they ould have at least make the bots look vaguely similar to their G1 or comic designs, then the movies would at least have some indirect value by making bots more popular. But the Bayfags I know didn't even want to read any comics because the comics looked comiclike. I see I got OT again. What I wanted to say is that I genuinely liked him in Animated, he was even the reason I watched it since I saw some clips of him being a relatable ass or simply being funny.

Attached: 352262.png (793x1124, 303.66K)

>>117389968Sentinel under Roberts in Combiner Wars is a Trump reference, though.

>>117390450No, JRo said he was a reference to twitter rightwingfags. Sentinel even hates women and the world itself, while Trump is a whore and also materialistic. If anything, he felt like a LARPing alt-righter deus vult'er on twitter and that's what JRo said IIRC. He has more similarities with the classic asshole inquisitor monk that feels resentments against everything because he is some autistic asexual reclusive or something that is incapable of enjoying real life and I relate a lot to this.

Attached: Chromia.(Transformers).full.2314774.jpg (600x959, 143.82K)

>tfw we will never get an actually drawn bot cartoon anymore

Attached: Eg76W-3WoAEYnXz.jpg (2560x1387, 304.25K)

Did anybody else feel that Beast Wars did a better job at "Things are fucked and we have to make due." than Voyager?

>>117391897I don't mind the rise of CG Transformers if the CG was actually good

>>117392142Yeah, though for me it's also a bit style related. Siege looked fine, CGwise, but the toy accuracy doesn't work for me and I am also not a fan of too devious designs like in Prime. Think my non-plus-ultra would be them just looking like they do in the comics (no particular comic). So basically upgraded G1 designs but more on the comic/cartoony spectrum rather than real life toys.

>>117392310It's hard. If they make it too toy accurate like Siege it just looks weirdBut if they deviate too much, it just looks offThey need to find an even middle ground that's not exactly toy accurate but close to it, while also looking alien enough to believe that these are robotic aliens and not toysAnd use good CG. Prime was fine in parts but Siege heavily ranged from good to terrible

>>117382258Horny Artists being horny.

>>117393552Nothing wrong with that.

>>117393552Horny is the way.

>>117391897>Rescue Bots Academy, the last drawn Transformers cartoon.

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>>117396302Whirl is so pure

>>117267771>fuckable autobotRatchet was almost one.

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Not related to the topic, but does anyone know where I can watch Rescue Bots Academy S02?

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>>117270268i want megatron to pound me into dust

>>117377865Hey, it's Gurren in that panel

>>117397641thewatchcartoononline.tv/anime/transformers-rescue-bots-academyIt's not all of it, though.

>>117398998Thank you very much!

This Arcee is the cutest.

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>>117400180Not sure about cutest, but she's pretty.

>>117375682Honestly the threads weren't usually too bad, though I wasn't squatting in them and I didn't follow them to the end. It was just kind of weird to realize one day most of the posting population of Transformers was fujos. It's not that surprising, though. Transformers suffered from what a lot of prepubescent male focused media suffered from: you don't want icky girls in your product, so you end up with a lot of male characters. As time goes on, the relationships become deep and complicated. Turns out, girls are super into media involving guys with deep friendships or powerful conflicts with each other than seem to cross between friendly and antagonistic. That they were largely unsexy, rectangular robots is a bit unique, but eventually they solved that problem too. And sometimes chicks are into that anyway.

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>>117401895God knows Megatron is just a bunch of blocks.


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>>117401895does anyone have that gif of Rodimus saying touch the butt

>>117403780Arcee's drunk again.

>>117386712>>117386596But didn't he kill millions of people?

>>117405962>"Of course I have a drinking problem, this glass is fucking empty that's a goddamn problem!"

>>117406013Yup, it’s like trying to justify redeeming Unicron Trilogy Megatron

>>117400180I agree, but what does that pic of a USB drive have to with your post?

>>117406013Yes, but he only did it because those mean old Autobots didn't let him publish his shitty poetry!

>>117406271>>Never have a drunk and disorderly Arcee come up to you in a bar.

>>117401895>That they were largely unsexy, rectangular robots is a bit uniqueThey are very cool looking baras and some fujos or women in general prefer them. The majoritymight be into twinks and bishounen but modern media is so over-saturated with that stuff that TF is popular simply for being a niche with male characters that look and behave like men, so I don't even wonder about it. And yeah what you said, Milne, Sakamoto, Sara P-D came and gave the bots some anime-esque style which probably attracted even more people. Also fujos are into fancy men, see how popular Jojo is among them. And thanks to their colors and horns and shit robots are dressed in pretty fancy ways without actually being dressed at all.

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>>117406013Mainly organics, they don't count.But redemption doesn't mean crimes are erased, he was literally executed for them. It just means that he himself has changed. I actually think Megatron is thematized perfectly, it's people like Drift that have wacky framing. He genocided randos together with Turmoil but unlike Megatron it's never mentioned in mtmte and he din't feel bad about it back then.

>>117408110>fang MegatronI wonder just how many kinds of Megatrons has Milne drawn.

>>117409119A lot. He is the guy fans want commissions for the most I think, judging from what I see Milne posting all the time. Unless it's Tarn whom I also see a lot, but I think Megs wins, especially because they ship him with absolutely everyone. I have even seen him with Chromedome which makes zero sense.

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>>117409390He oozes Chad energy.

>>117267771if a transformer has human lips it's worthless

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>>117410340Based and robopilled facemask bro.

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These ships are Aligned, eyyy

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Friendly reminder not to fuck her spark chamber directly. It's just wrong.

>>117412249You can do this with Primes they have the matrix as protection.

>>117412400 protectionSomehow it's less fun if there isn't a risk fo pregnancy.

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>>117410551I wish there were more fanfictions from these two.

>>117414651They spent millions of years trapped in a dead universe devoid of everything expect themselves and their their ship, they must have done and tried everything to get rid of endless boredom. There were fics written for less.

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>>117278819A brief rundown, basically Furman was a head comic writer who REEEE'D hard at the pressure to include female bots (which had already appeared elsewhere), and had a sperg meltdown and the result was "here's your stupid girl bot, she's a tranny FUCK YOU!"

Attached: Transformers IDW - manbots and fembots.png (1985x908, 1.15M)

>>117414804ok that's freaky

>>117414813James Robert needs a classic Roman treatment involving lots of tar.

>>117416194>being this mad over four panels that just tried to make sense of shit that was already in continuity thanks to Furman and othersAs if we needed further proof you culture warrior guys are fucking nuts.

>>117414813I found JRo's solution way better of just making them a subspecies of 'formers that is more common on colonies. I mean considering that sexes aren't a thing in the actual, biologically neccessary sense both males and females are just that anyway, just as there are tank-tier bodies and small bodies and different alt-forms types like flyers who are always crazy or gay or gay and crazy.

>>117416737Yeah it feels like the best-fit solution to the hot mess that things were before. Seems it triggers the MAGA babies, but what doesn't these days?

>>117416789I think it's rather coomers desu. Funny enough, the extreme other side also hates Furman for the very same scene but the reason is worded differently, so in the end most people seem to hate Furman.I am neutral towards this guy. I appreciate his lore and worldbuilding a lot, but I am not a big fan of the way he actually tells the stories. Some work though, but many feel lowkey boring to me regardless of the content.

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>>117416966>I think it's rather coomers desuCould be, but there's a lot of "IDW is infiltrated by the SJW menace!" going around. From upthread it sounds like Furman and friends are leaning into that and pretending IDW made him do it all. (I don't doubt they pressured him to put Arcee in, mind you, she's fucking popular, but I'm 100% sure they didn't say "and make her an insane transsexual who wants to torture some dude for taking his robodick away")

>>117414804Yeah, but they're not pretty boys so fujo's ignore them,

I started watching Cyberverse and I love these female Seekers. I hope they keep them in future stuff

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>>117417347Yeah that wouldn't make sense at all since the people would see this as bad because she didn't want it and it was depicted as horror experiment. Speaking of transtransformers, you know what deals with the same theme but in an actual logical context for bots? Wrong alt-forms or robot bodies for the cold constructed, as seen in TAAO.This would deal with the same problem and people would get the message, but it wouldn't be ridiculous happening with bots. I also think it's an interesting point, since I assume it must be important to them. If you have the spark of Megatron but are put into a body like that of Rung? Speaking of it I am sad we never saw how Megs' real body would have looked like, like in that Starscream scene for SC. I am sure it cannot be better than the one he has, but out of curiosity.

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>>117417425You guys just want to complain about fujos all the time, do you? Anyways, you mean you don't see how many fujos and lesbian robofuckers there are for characters who don't classify as "pretty boys"

>>117417425I don't think it's that. There is a huge fujo crowd who is into femboys and such but Megatron has among the most porn of all bots and you can't get much manlier than Megs. I think Nova would be popular as hell because even those that hate him love his design, designwise he is almost a second Tarn (who is immensely popular among fujos by the way). There are two problems imo: first of all he generally has a lack of screentime, like every Prime besides Optimus. The second reason? He wasn't in the series that were huge and he was weirdly placed. In Dark Cybertron he was just another random crazy guy that was killed in a random way a bunch of panels later and the art was weird as hell, so you won't get interested in him designwise either. And the issues that actually featured him for real were stuff like that RiD Annual 2012. Most people have never read that, especially not the newer fans. I think that Sentinel and Proteus have more art together (as in both of them in the same pic being gay or something) than Nova has in general due to the few scenes they have shared because it happened in MtmtE, which everybody and their grandma has read back then.

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Attached: tfa___red_alert_by_candychameleon_de1ds9d-fullview.jpg (1280x1536, 188.69K)

>>117417528Bro, I- hope you enjoy CV, it's a really cool show imo. It's cool that she appeared in IDW2 too from the start and is even in a high position among the Decepticon faction. So she will probably appear a lot and rather not die or get ignored.>>117417425>Nova Prime>not a pretty boyThough I wouldn't be surprised if most people lusting over him were gay guys.

>>117418358Best Alert

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>>117420351Top qt.

>>117416737BTW the "girls are a subspecies like combiners and minicons, descendant from a specific Prime" thing only applies to ONE (1) text book over in the Aligned stuff. Not even all of Aligned.

>>117420351But why would you make a fembot wear clothing?


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